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tv   Pencils and Bullets  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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i'm going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here part of life is culture. i'm sam. with a look at the headlines here now does era now that these forty people have been killed or more than one hundred injured in a blast in the afghan capital the taliban has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing using an ambulance near the old interior ministry building jennifer glass has more from kabul. the emergency vehicles they're taking off the dead and
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wounded in this bombing it happened just around the corner at the second checkpoint this is a heavily guarded street the target appears to be the high peace council that's where the gate is that area is also home to the anti corruption agency here as well this is a very very busy part of town normally this road would be jammed with cars in addition to the government offices down that down that street this is a hospital just behind the camera as well is the governor's office the kabul mayor's office and these are all businesses and as you can see security officials still doing their jobs. this is the second major attack in kabul in a week of course last saturday the intercontinental hotel that siege lasted more than fifteen hours and killed twenty two at the security has been tight around the city but still afghan security forces unable to stop this latest car bomb one of the world's richest men billionaire saudi prince charlie been follows been released
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from detention that's according to family sources speaking to reuters news agency he's been held since november along with about two hundred others the defense study professor and risk creagh says saudi arabia's government is using prince tall as an example to investors. having someone like prince to love for example speak out publicly as he did yesterday shows that you know the saudis are trying to use him as somewhat the poster child of liberalism they're trying to appeal to investors overseas saying we realize that what we did and the way we did it with that courage last year we saw completely undermined big business confidence and investor confidence in saudi arabia because let's face it there is a country that says we want to fight corruption and we does just misappropriate or nationalize certain. certain privately owned acids of privately owned company companies and that obviously undermines investor confidence now they're trying to come back and say it's actually all not that bad we came to
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a settlement the problem with all of this is there has not been a due diligence process there has not been a process that follows the rule of law that's seen until now it seems everything that has happened there seems to be absolutely average rary and based on urgent and bullying that's obviously not how you deal with such problems and i think that is the big problem. with this entire affair and now the saudis are trying to pull back saying look actually it's not been that bad a using tell all to say actually we've come to a mutually beneficial agreement in the end of it and it wasn't all that bad but let's be honest you know i mean if people especially billionaires are being added truly detained that has an impact on international business confidence and investor confidence obviously. syrian opposition says it's decided not to take part in russia back talks in such a next week so so not sort of how do you know he was speaking on the last day of un back talks on the syrian conflict they are on the way in vienna but he did say they
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are looking gage with russia if moscow genuinely works towards a solution. iraqi army officials say u.s. military plane is mistakenly fired as a gathering of tribal fighters and civilians west of alarm bar at least seven people were killed and eleven others were wounded the incident came after u.s. backed iraqi forces arrested an eyesore fight to reduce home there's concern over the planned return of some refugees from bangladesh to me and mar government leaders may in mind the answer repatriation centers in iraq and state were open and ready to receive some of them as of tuesday but across the border bangladesh officials say paperwork for the refugees is incomplete thousands of extra police and soldiers have been called in to secure the honduran president's inauguration the opposition is vowing they'll be mass protests and he's called for a general strike it says there were irregularities in the count after november's
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presidential vote which saw land land is reelected. as the headlines the news continues after rewind stay with us here on out to zero. up. up. up. up. up. up up up. their anguish back in two thousand.
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we decided to revisit some of the most important stories and find out how they moved today to two thousand and thirteen and afghanistan. traveled to the remote north of the country to see one of the most dramatic changes to take place in the previous decades under the taliban women. can education but off to two thousand three. able to return to school after the taliban have been toppled from power by u.s. backed afghan forces today's rewind film focuses on. the minority touch. on the border with. a both teams take advantage of the new found opportunity. to explore the future prospects for girls' education in afghanistan and the efforts of
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a minority to educate its children from two thousand. want . more of the plan. at hand magnetic. malegaon we ask why not go away at once and then after that that was that good i learned that i am. but as. they're good then to lend him a stamp. told several well. look
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men that must wait to knock who's down on them when they're too young i'm a little i live. and pete. beach on the other. men. get. along much because i mean i wish my. daughter and childless. said they are seriously. not. yami don't think. that write it down never go read a cause look first the letter ship because that one has a lot. of it is that when dick and me class the good thing yeah madam oh well then you're just someone there's nests and sat there and you're tired so. when you put the food he was
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told impossible. to dad now saw some. blood that's when we're not all out of. bed looked up let our love money good night that a villain. that tired to up to. a lot. over the. course. knelt clear. things have a more. vocal clear. the it there. ok we're going to kill it they're. mad that. it. was done as. it was done as soon. as. the.
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i'm a. young man and the mother and i didn't plan for more so more army was going to have you some who want to google for you people might walk home use your own. dispenser not. now not all but a man who was pointed out there on. who she really has and it was back to the man who was on his back man but i must gather my cat. may have seen it done and yet not the least on the monday night
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a better day. almost going out junk sub with the blood of the last out in the body we are all more upset i love. the judgement of the unit but i get a lot more just playing at worst them to miss out on a sudden death and there's a lot of money. i love not a visit of the sun not the boss elevator pitch of the the mother little time one on on the night clement showed lot of them was an invasion over my limbs i'm a pessimist but. not such as in the study of a team that's mcconnell told i was coming on out of that's out of luck and they know it's not. going to. wash it would have to go would you know gen no a lot of play mother gives over her no hostages of us saudi johnny based on. reasonable
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now yeah it did up to a good deal it on a lot and i got that abuse others are. will the body that tell you i'm good enough for us i would like that good. cause. it was a lot of money that's made of this shit is doesn't it. beyond. that is the key to go beyond. that beyond a get if that was laid. in a for. me . each of you. doesn't. work. for me. it's lotion another step toward the result of the get
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along side other side the side or so much i notice you must have got ladies on with physically i know my. son but nothing. you know i is now forty or so when you. start on the top. because. i still haven't. done anything about other stuff. but the schoolmistress. i see well that's the start of. those. so that. was. her to see her but you're going to are right i am. clues show the lady was. that he. said about
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a steady job the old clothes had to be set aside. because it's. still up. it's a. good thing to. think. that. the. men in the room for the men to look out. for the when i am of age come on let me listen to me on the premium ok some of that little has been seen. and so was the net mother to open up. the old that on your desk in them is going to be all of them at the salon but that i will do the ring with that i'll get that it's going to.
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come up with it on the chin in the last minutes of insulin it's going to hit the. bottom with. a shame that it's in and it's going to get put to me with the some of the taliban on the. palate the minerals to. be solaced. up in the caymans hole but on the mat i just moved in a. number he's done it would be done i'm on a shelf that a. bit. out of luck and best at least with an idea at the. college that i'm going to the about that month on the bus to the end of the. on the make you know.
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if she'll read the note or the. fundamentally my going to get the paxton. two and then get the best done them and. let the kiddo when did your you tickle her for. the seductive hole was at the heart of it though on a scripted. form for the we all know and although i'm the only known to. be on the windows for the definite that i'm quite. proud of them of this image because i'm going to let them the guns that i get. but in the film only i'm told up front. are kind of stand. alone in the memo and people can
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pull pull pull pull. me. to. see.
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sunny side up. now look to our knowledge. was. the first was the man. and i. guess. men wish he was still lurking she. was the man i. love. the way it was yeah and i'm like the. bottom out that is never.
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can bear looking back lol. love. me gave me a. reason to come. with the money with the good name. of what you did. not like. the other me. not the fucking the new little step. now lad can come and go kill. all. that. wargame you hear he's he's old she's all one big. issue you can't. eat.
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something go. back and look good to get the look and the. an adult yes. can tell them all your. job over the last half establishing me a little. good looking good. then they sacked cell phone lab versa yeah i know but i had a moment to. kill my truck to beg you to get back family and some food well gosh unbeknownst to you. as good looking i keep a job not a leader. who just doesn't live it is going to be i was about to commit to the.
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last. to get out. she goes on without stigma and we should get that out kinda like. that of evolution . it was the lemon yellow streak of the day was it was adamant that enough to. give up. to. who he is.
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because of all. the. good bill was a bare bottom up but with that i come to live as if that's where all money and wishes money. is about. to get. my ashes on to doesn't even. give me all of them. some to be a domain empty just like the prison articulate that i don't get to the. good though isn't the cause not amid the myth. the ozzies subclass of it. that is as letting them out of the see that. many of them. alive and that's really been arguing that it is imaginative doesn't leave the key me the money. going out of the. shed into chile that some told
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us all of chile that any. little thing i'm. not allowed up hawken let anybody they say them an apartment they had the pile and they're not just any good i was the odd one out maybe the last but i'm a little. out of that. if . because that is the fault the lot of them the display made that the bomb us and plugged in my limbs was a bad lot of mass and that was i would apply lives that. simple love the sudden he said because at that. he said it's a. mile
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from on my. own there was no need that meaning that i'm. one of the kids on the ladder more like a lot of them i don't lead good luck to those in the got it to the new none when they're given a mug i'm not balls that allows all to do that because malala the border let's let it be the end of the bus was about. me. and. i want to. walk. off that i'll never vomit are all study but don't bother to rock a dozen ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha shit on.
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how. to meet us. in the land. cut. and are. going to. come here government. mortgage. we're not going to do anything. the current tensions between countries along the river nile have their roots in
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a colonial cost egypt point of view not to thank non-agreement physicals a victory for a new political realities on the ground or increasing the sense of uncertainty over cologne as the rhythm out there with the need to do the other and meet. the country's always been a robust kind in feet or the struggle over the nile at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. more than seven decades ago a country was split into three begun with jenin and now the time being
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shouted being myopic all it took was a pan a map and a collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled these seven to had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. i'm sam is a dam in with a look at the headlines now at least sixty three people have been killed and at least one hundred fifty injured in a blast in the afghan capital the taliban says it was behind the suicide car bombing near the old interior ministry building jennifer glass has more from the scene. the emergency vehicles there taking off the dead and wounded in this bombing
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it happened just around the corner at the second checkpoint this is a heavily guarded street the target appears to be the high peace council that's where the gate is that area is also home to the anti corruption agency here as well this is a very very busy part of town normally this road would be jammed with cars in addition to the government offices down there down that street this is a hospital just behind the camera as well is the governor's office the kabul mayor's office and these are all businesses. one of the world's richest men billionaire saudi princella lead been follows been released from detention according to family sources speaking to reuters news agency he's been held in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh since november along with about two hundred others the saudi attorney general says many of already been released after paying settlements of billions of dollars the syrian opposition says it's decided not to take part in
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russia back talks in sochi next week spokesman not at all how to be was speaking on the last day of u.n. back talks in the syrian conflict being held in vienna iraqi army officials say u.s. military plane is mistakenly fired at a gathering of tribal fighters and civilians west of alarm bob province killing at least seven people and wounding eleven others the incident came after us back to iraqi forces arrested an eyesore fighter aussies home. thousands of extra police and soldiers have been called in to secure the honduran president's inauguration the opposition's vying will be mass protests and has called for a general strike it says there are irregularities in the vote count after november's presidential vote which saw one orlando hernandez reelected large crowds are rallying in the albanian capital demanding the government steps down there accusing the prime minister the center left government of being linked to organized crime these are live pictures coming in from tehran.
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those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after rewind stay with us. well in one of the most. remarkable mine in mind that's the thomas song. i want a song which is. what i want to. call the. bottom of. mine got a. good one about the. farm on about how he and. ross i'll tell you all i will ross i want to.
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read it only meant that indeed. they did. not mind. it was for the us i am one of. my own case i only. need it and. you know. you do that. for you.
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you know and. all of them going. to be good honest enough to know we're not all going we'll be. told me that america doesn't meddle in the middle class listening to ingenuity had no idea who came ashore and up was when the. dust clears both the middle of the road going in the local couple's boats and then moving up the lifting up only. depleted on a. top heavy semi the. men began to go to hide when adapting. a picture.
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been told to them next to one that isn't called question when. you have to battle. he's going to hear. how he batted zero zero. zero zero zero you go to the next. oh let's rocks profound there's some good thought of oh yeah yeah. yeah. ok yeah so on the last talk up on our. own kids and let's get. the influence in washington with. the book well how to lose this next.
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to the. i knew next. week. the. vendor in the nation had let it go and it's that little song what do you feel. close to him. he said was that good luck to them in your letter this initial. them up on the news one kilometers that even then i wouldn't give a little love to cook you know of one woman moving little and a little blue. men. mark and meds in the
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room coming to me. so i'm not. tyler does that worry or so i know it doesn't work. for that. meaning would. all lynch alysa and the judge and the outcome would numb up bungled . over them with a limp and besides that the cosmic they're very good with. the mcgrath of about a fifth of one of the bit of the end of the month of the of the. it's japan that open up does. not this open and you have money all commodity members real. men.
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said. to them about it on the on the ottoman that had been but. how much all of. them in the car that it. was in the boy it's just been allowed and the plan isn't a. man or kind of you know like. took when didn't it been popped open. them on the butt of my logic in should be and then he you know what.
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the this or that who. said that when. they knew the way when you are. going in on the story. and they're going to. hold your head in a room you know i mean you know what that. soon he would do that. good i'm going to. kick the can down of them. what the thing with. saddam.
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well there. is that on sunday to win that and then this will bust them and if that end up with that on both of the depiction of horses as we know. that all the highs are all facts thing which the. best professional voted out of on the left looks enjoys a clerk in a car crash when the facts that if ya got a lot of. all of the coke look good for food nonsense or learn mama your good deal will move your dog and gets its. own sick because it does not affect stun the pistons pair of socks. and that is easy for television that with an eye on them when you know that. and that can do once a film came out i got into some little desire for them god look. up when that had
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so much coming at the top and then tightening of the project making slow kong and members that are obvious honest on the faces and up to them and could ease the. plan how them also them took my lunch out of us a lot of that small bore. you can headshot audio george according to the world then one of. these on my way out of the little one month and be in school and someone having been this it plays losing it suddenly it's so cute that's next in the get go and there's a last meal and. so when the right you're in it than in the get was going to been is the man who is accused charitable and set up to plan. xemu com is the. go to bed and i'm going to
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go in there can i try to get there a little nationally to do a little mistake now because i'm going on a sunday and then it's movie you've got to. be from the get get your stuff actually get in the other just a. few us. with . was it was. it was yes. it has. to. come.
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somewhere out of. they. talk much. and there is. a lot of in sound go back. there. and then.
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global. one led us to step away. order to get the work again. and then they. make the case. well you. make them. gallop. and can't find out why so i said if.
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i let go of. it. you eat. meat. that's what i want to him my name donovan in join us on the run call us without that we got hired. and i think you know i don't know
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a person i'm alone in foreclosure market numbers over the last one mike the behind in show law how most in a money. order but on the long run not just a lot of. the fact that i don't sort. of this will add a whole to him. was the london muslim don't live. in new york i'm game film based on. still a home movie i. saw but i'm. joined on. close in on the chinese food with. the best color and turned. to look.
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alone yeah. i'd go to. a good. but. sure sort of longer doesn't. mean. you know it was going to check up on. the folks in the first off i think. well it sure could yeah. i seen them listening in. five minutes long but. i was looking at the world for her to be careful. about how much b.s. i believe how. much fun it will. and the money on. this is. she can fish that's a good thing you're one of them mr anders to dick durbin tire. oh fine as they
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actually. am. saw what i. was a life long about caught up in it's not the one. they jack up. your good luck but it's the one i'm going on like. on a cut into the good old enjoyed i was all that you could have done thought i was alone when i was my height. job another mark cobb. salad. sandwich on
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time. this is a fine man. but it was a famous does this lomas not the mama nugent put. on him is the lip that's made invalid shout out that. solo. on look at the. moon when you get out of us i'm sorry. about that.
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phone little lamb in your nam a small. girl who still believes that gas and pulls that well yes indeed said. frank. better. a const on the tooth and with a negative thought reform. i have been there that was heights addressed in the was i live in the. man birds in beverly.
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hills on. the at. a moving story of to little girls and their hopes for the future but five years on what has become of those dreams of their education and a high at a noria themselves we all still may come elect to return to afghanistan for rewind to find out. what they are now and make them here in some. cave even where you can tell them your kids could punish certain if they last night forgive their federal court care then let it come up somebody here.
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i live in town i don't know. if you want to call him cool attaché came out of that update on as though to change the of showing. off but i'm just seeing good on what i do don't admonish all auto's are what i was. going at alland i don't remember them back live in your. head ken was a person a action. in the name o'connell i ate my book a lot of people. take allen the lot of one like that and then he just does not other than rather than the missing him you know. that ask. him show oh boy one and then good idea what that money.
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cut a lot and then when they get done they still paul o'connell added ambrose in the. idle committee right there you can't there will be just the slack but this banana the semi that give. us the live dead ok my hand that sense man a little bit belong and he sat down by that ok monday said i. had done the deal on the merits and then the doctor was ready the men. folk in the diesel came up in the cell so they could have been. cooked these are one of those left there psylocke i'm glad you are clueless a lesson that adam is
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a theater yes you are. correct and so. on but just. like the plaintiffs decide when they have a dozen or think at the moment or near the same is a sound bite there he says and i have a plus nibble soda. it's . only something that you. clearly don't get. a lot of yelling approvingly. and i was something. i'd gone. that. it was a lot more cya last more i'm out of luck. though so when mixed in with your song in a better you learn top of that the top way or create my
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own i had a negative in the king is a kill list i guess just on the list of those are on and it will be into a concert for that. reason alone and this is a song in that they assume that. so it could be going on to something. at the last man to. see the lead. up to the last of the up to the. after then a shot out of the better for the bus. as an anesthetic. hunter is still very invested in the daughter's husband to get in to cut the crews in to see the. start of all that and then
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the doctor solo that there will be a memory that the. apollo one will not. satisfy. because they're. not just getting. some with us is. a human. join us again next week and do check out the rewind. dot com for more films from
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the series. but it's for joining us. twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood e.c.s. . two decades following the development of her life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k k the joe do you remember me at this time on al-jazeera.
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through trying to review. i do not mean. and if it means going to. hello there recently argentina has had phenomenal amounts of rain and we've still got some very lively showers across south america at the moment on the satellite picture you can see the secular nation here we're still seeing those very heavy downpours that borders the flooding in parts of argentina and you could see over the next couple of days it's going to be over possible livea where we see the wettest of the weather there's also another system galloping up to join that area of wet weather that's here working its way northward say for some of us in the northern parts of argentina again we're going to see a lot of heavy rain in the next few days and those showers push all the way further north into the northeastern parts of brazil looks like fall to later will also catch one or two downpours during the day a bit further towards the north and forests here across the central americas we've got a few showers around jamaica and across has been you know low but most of the wettest weather is towards the west some of the showers here very lively and again the temp
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an inch as looking pretty soggy there during the day on saturday that stretches all the way down through panama and eventually into colombia as well there's also a lot of rain a bit further north as well so let's go and have a look at what's going on there on the satellite picture you can see this area of cloud in the south gradually edging its way eastwards heavy downpours out of this and that system is only sweeping its way slowly eastwards still in the southeast on sunday. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. this is al jazeera.


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