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when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they're sure that they're out to survive and peaceful protests to reason in a place of danger means defiance and resistance then at the same time it's means not for tonight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera this is the opportunity to understand the very different way where there before we don't leave . this is al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sarah this is the news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes. a bomb attack
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in the afghan capital kills ninety five people in injures more than one hundred fifty others the taliban says police were the target. protesters take to the streets in honduras says the new president is inaugurated if they say he stole the election it was understanding. one of the richest men in the world a saudi prince i will leave been released from the tension in rio. i don't people say that in doha with the latest sports top story remarks caroline wozniacki has won her first ever grand slam title if you're straight you know when she beats mohalla in the final in. a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital has killed at least ninety five people and
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injured more than one hundred fifty others the explosives were hidden in an ambulance and that allowed the bomber to get through security in the city's green zone the most heavily protected area in kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack and that it was targeting police but most of the dead are civilians from kabul jennifer glass reports. another day of carnage on the streets of kabul this time the bomb was in an ambulance the driver pretended to be taking someone to a nearby hospital but instead he detonated his device on a crowded street the taliban said it was targeting policemen having lunch but as so often happens here afghan civilians going about their daily lives are among the victims including people lined up outside the interior ministry's human resources department. i was in my office we heard the explosion we didn't know what was going on so many people were injured i myself counted at least forty wounded near me everyone was on the ground i couldn't tell who was dead or who was wounded the
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street was already heavily guarded with a number of checkpoints protecting government offices embassies a hospital and a school the area is usually bustling with people emergency services evacuated offices shops and agencies perceptor blocks can you hear the security vehicles going by. taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the streets at the u.n. mine agency and this is normally a very very busy part of kabul it's the second attack in the capital in a week taliban fighters battled security forces for more than fifteen hours at the city's intercontinental hotel in a cvs that killed twenty five people last saturday security has been stepped up around the city but it wasn't enough. the police on the army of afghanistan is a really young it's just seventeen or eighteen years old and they need more
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training they need more practice more experience but the taliban on the other hand they're very devoted to fight this cobbles emergency hospital was flooded with patients it's a scene that's been repeated many times the president says the uptick in attacks is because of increased military pressure on armed groups and political pressure on pakistan that may be the case but it's the people here who continue to suffer the most jennifer glass al-jazeera kabul. well saturday's attack is just the latest in a wave of violence on the summer twenty eight an i saw suicide bomber targeted a shia cultural center in kabul killing at least forty one people last saturday one of kabul's most iconic and heavily guarded hotels the intercontinental was also targeted the taliban claimed responsibility for the gun battle and siege which saw twenty five people killed one hundred fifty guests desperately flee including some who used the bed sheets to hang from the building and then on wednesday i saw
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fighters stormed the offices of save the children in the eastern city of jalalabad four people were killed in that attack and the agency announced it would suspend its operations in the country. well for more on this we're joined by i mean bibi a former advisor to myself that's the nato mission in afghanistan sir thank you so much for being with us here on al-jazeera i mean we were just reading there the least of the attacks that we've seen in less than a month so not only are we getting more frequent attacks but the magnitude is also impressive the one that happened earlier today actually was the second biggest since two thousand and one so why do you think we're seeing this wave the spike of attacks now i think there are lots of reasons one of the reasons is that during good winter time when the fighting stops on the front lines then day terrorist attacks into cities goes all in order to keep the country on say for sure that the country's on safe normally if there is some this insurgents take the cities and go
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to you know suicide bombing in that attacking in the cities so that's one reason the other reason is that i think chains of attacks in the past week or month shows that probably the insurgents and those. organizations behind him in the region trying to to stay u.s. new strategy to see whether the u.s. will you know stopped just seeing on twitter for example when prison trump says and no action will come behind it or do will take action but let's just talk about that u.s. strategy because basically in the past few months some trumpet announced extra troops i think three thousand extra troops are sent now i think is a total of fourteen thousand u.s. troops they've also stepped up air strike the air strike campaign so into all of this the kabul government was quite approving saying that that would help with security and what we're seeing is that almost the opposite has happened so has the
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u.s. strategy so far failed i think we it's so soon to say it's failed i think we should . say that too in the in the next year or so the security situation will improve because there. are investing a lot on the you know security. services and also they are supporting the afghan air power so that they are sufficient now i mean capable to defend their territories i think we will see some improvements probably and there from the military side but it depends whether they in the international community namely the u.s. will take action based on the new strategy or not if they take and go behind those safe havens and put the. organizations the intelligence services in the region that are behind these attacks. put them under pressure and push them to stop then we will see changes if not in the security situation of dissent so what you're
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talking about is more of a political solution to go hand in hand with the military as it is true i think it's. the number of the troops is good you know that if you bring some a few more thousands but i think it's not afghanistan's problem will not be resolved through to troop numbers i think it will be solved through the political negotiations on also probably one in one of the interviews journalists and said just yesterday i saw on another channel that he said that in the next few years we'll see some improvements we might not know that there are back channels that we don't know and units you know secret talks with the region that we don't know so we need to wait and see you mentioned mean obviously the political situation has been incredibly complicated well you know for more than fifteen years or since the start of the war is it getting more complicated now with for example the increasing presence of i saw when i read the list of attacks that we've seen in the past months two and one against save the children the charity in jalalabad created by i
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saw specifically that the attacks were by isolette mean how would the u.s. deal with that and you think we're seeing more eisel fighters arriving in afghanistan because of the situation in syria i think i still is not. a threat in afghanistan are still is about a very being responsible for yes but there and under the umbrella of i salute you know regional. players trying to to perpetrate these attacks and then say that r.c. claim that it's not the middle east afghanistan a separate country it's a separate culture that is not lit. to flourish you know taliban has some roots in amongst some parts of the population yes but i think it's not i said it's not a matter of threat for afghanistan i think we should wait and see whether the u.s. is serious the people of afghanistan expect the used to show the resolve i think they know who perpetrates you know these attacks didn't know the roots of these
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attacks didn't know where the planet so didn't need to go in and take action and the security situation in afghanistan we deterred it i'm going to let her be be former advisor to i suffer that's nato mission in afghanistan sir thank you so much for sharing your views with us now riot police have fired tear gas on protesters in the home during the capital to seek out they took to the streets as president one of london on this was being sworn in for a second term the opposition led by salvador nasrallah says there were irregularities in the vote counting while john holeman is in the capital for us so john it's been a few hours now since the inauguration began what can you tell us about the swearing in. well this is the closest that we've been able to get to i was after and you can see that the national stadium there's still a lot of police around that there were five rings of security on the usually no presidents from other countries were in the stadium to witness president one and
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this is inauguration day we were told that they were not invited because of security and despite him president one and this is address he very barely made a mention about the divisions the anger in honduras off to his a lecture electoral victory in november just to really rally and our audience in the electoral victory there was a crash in the system for a day and a half before the crush his rival was winning after that day and a half crushed president and then this emerged victorious so there was strong suspicions of fraud but he barely touched on in his electorate in his inauguration address he preferred to outline his plans going food for tackling poverty unemployment for talking security and so john that obviously the i guess a lot of anger still remains towards what many people see is electro lee irregularities and i guess his legitimacy will always be in question from now on
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but these think even the protesters have kind of moved on and now will be dealing with the future with him as the reelected president. i think you're right in terms of the number of protesters have gone down a lot we were seeing maybe one thousand two thousand people you compare that's two months ago when there were tens of thousands marching in the streets i'm not sure if they if that's because they've come to terms with him and they're willing to move on with him the people that we talked to he still seemed like they would never recognize him as a president by i think a lot of people have realized that that ship has sailed and also moving thirty people have died in the protests now obviously affects people's willingness to turn out and risk their lives now president and this has said as i mentioned briefly who dress that he is willing to dialogue we're aware of a group of powerful businesspeople church members and n.g.o.s shuttling between him and between his political rivals to try and work out some sort of dialogue
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a mediation between them whether that comes down to street level remains to be seen i think it's whether the president and under some sort comes for one and other things for the home during people because the protests were about the electorate laboring hilarity but there's an underlying issues here the fact that there's a huling gap between the ruling elite that mr nunn this is part of and the vast majority of people from durance problems with unemployment in this country a lot of people trying to have a steady job if he can resume the police my surgeon him and john on the final note how much support does the new with the newly reelected president have internationally and especially among its neighbors. it's an interesting one i mean as i mentioned there's no there's no presidents come to the no gration which tells its own story but in terms of for example international lending organizations like
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the world bank who are speaking to someone who's actually involved in the negotiations between the president the opposition yes they said one of the strong points about mr nunn this is that he's he's made some sort of stability in honduras in the eyes of the international world and in the international in the series able to get those funds a guy the united states as well which is really the biggest foreign force to do with tourists they give a lot of money here they've got a military base here they see him as a strong ally in the the war against drugs and the president trumps of ministration didn't rubber stamp this electoral visit victory and that was really seen this is a sign that it was all over for the opposition so he isn't without allies i think it's really internally this sort of problem of legitimacy going through the home and with the latest from honduras and goosing out there thank you. and much more to come on the news hour including of risking their lives to get into europe and
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al-jazeera special reports on the dangerous new people smuggling route that's attracting thousands of migrants also will be in albania where thousands of taking to the streets accusing their governments of links to organized crime and then sports former world number one goal for rory mcilroy he remains in the hunt at his first competitive event since october. but first one of the world's richest men the billionaire saudi prince. has been released from detention and says he will be cleared of corruption charges within days he's been held in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh since november along with about two hundred others it's all part of what the government is calling an anti corruption campaign ordered by the crown prince mohammed bin someone on the hawks reports. just hours before billionaire saudi prince and waleed bin talib was
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released from the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh he conducted an interview with the reuters news agency from the suite where he'd been confined been tile is one of saudi arabia's most prominent business men and one of the world's richest men but he'd been held for more than two months accused of corruption in the interview he described the entire situation as a misunderstanding not charges ok just some discussions with him and we got you know i mean but the rest assured that this is. you know protection that we have and we're just in discussion with the government on the various matters and i can't divulge right now because we are going there to discuss with them the mark perry and his likeness was just one of the many objects known as the prince gave a tour of where he'd been detained been teller's arrest in the van that was part of what the government called an anti corruption campaign ordered by crown prince mohammed bin. the government says one hundred twenty four billion dollars is
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expected to be seized from more than two hundred individuals a group that is said to include the owner of the n.b.c. television network as well as several other senior princes observers say the crackdown has allowed been someone to do far more than simply consolidate power i think there are two things here it's about money because the sorrow the. government is facing financial difficulties because of the collapse of the oil prices over the past few years. mr man is having very ambitious economic plan actually to be from the kingdom so he needs the cash money in order to carry on with this project but this is not the only issue the other issue in my opinion here is that he's trying to create a popular base of support for him because all these people are in fact corrupt. entirely his firm hold stakes in companies like twitter citi group an apple is estimated to be worth seventeen. billion dollars his release could potentially
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reassure investors but analysts believe the timing of his interview with reuters as the world economic forum met in davos was no coincidence having someone like prince to allow for example speak out publicly as he did yesterday shows that you know the saudis are trying to use him as somewhat the poster child of liberalism they're trying to appeal to investors overseas saying we realize that what we did and the way we did it with that bird last year we saw completely undermined big business confidence and investor confidence in saudi arabia entire has told reuters he expects to remain in full control of his global investment without being required to give up his assets to the government. there the syrian observatory for human rights says the bombardment of a damascus suburb is continuing this fight a proposed cease fire agreement this video uploaded to social media by the white helmets appears to show the aftermath of the airstrikes in the rebel held
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neighborhoods and the volunteer group says at least thirteen people were injured in the overnight strikes. israel's prime minister has criticised a polish bill that would make it a crime to suggest poland was involved in nazi atrocities the bill makes it illegal to describe places like it's as polish death camps if it's passed by the senate anyone found guilty could face up to three years in jail poland wants to make clear the camps were set up by the nazis after they invaded israel says they're trying to whitewash the involvement of polish citizens. turkish security forces say they were arresting more and more refugees and migrants on the land the border with northern greece the most popular route had been crossing the sea but a new way of getting there has now emerged the route takes refugees overland to europe from istanbul in western turkey to villages near the border with greece from
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there the refugees have to cross the wide and dangerous river everal switches the international frontier traffickers then leave them to walk for hours through forests on the greek side as lauren sleeve reports now from western turkey thousands are still willing to risk their lives to make their way to europe istanbul isn't well known as a gathering point for refugees yet there is all the evidence you need but a significant smuggling operation is based here. in the central districts of people from all kinds of places. like either fast so eritrea sri lanka pakistan. nobody wants to tell you much about their plans but they do spend a lot of time on the phones. all the refugees are tried the same thing how the deal is done in the nearby coffee houses smugglers charge up to two thousand dollars. and when day turns to night some of those smugglers will tell you just how big the
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traders. we do three trips a week there are others working to the trip every day in istanbul there are more than fifty smugglers we take forty fifty sixty people a week it depends on time we took seventy five people in one trip these two who are kurdish and syrian former refugees used to smuggle people across the aegean sea to the greek islands but not anymore this is much better. story a lot of course the waves are too big in the sea we have worked there and it's too dangerous it was difficult at the laundromat is easier. the river border is one hundred fifty kilometers long this vast nothingness might feel safer to the traffic is than the sea but it's still hugely dangerous on the greek side they're a forest of mountains the refugees call the jungle the wild boar and wolves up there being eaten is a genuine concern. the smugglers drive the refugees to tiny depopulated
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villages where they hide out in abandoned buildings. in this amulets the farmer said the army had captured refugees each of the last two days this man tried it and failed his face hidden as he was still in fear of the smugglers muffy though it's like nothing exists here in total darkness you might be attacked by wild animals in the forest anything you can imagine could happen to you it makes you paranoid we weren't allowed to put any lights on we were following the smuggler we got to the river and they pushed us into a dinghy. even in daytime the wide river valley is treacherous in the winter water is everywhere and wasn't difficult to find signs of life discarded belongings and supplies at night time navigating a path through all this even before getting to the much wider river would be terrifying we had already seen images from the greek side of those whose attempts
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to cross across and their lives either from drowning or hypothermia and everywhere we drove up and down the river especially the places where greece feels close enough to touch the turkish security forces with there but virtually nobody else well that hill is greece the turkish military say that last year they caught a full fifty thousand people trying to cross the border in places like this as a thousand people a week and it's exactly the same as what the people traffickers told us given that this looks like one of the most important border crossings for refugees in the middle east trying to get into the european union and because it's so. bleak and so remote it seems supposed everybody boy. the turkish security forces didn't reply to our requests to film with them but the state agency released these from attic pictures of the soldiers at work defeating the darkness and capturing the group trying to escape the european union to likes to see this sort of thing we see is all through all the new front line in europe's battle against the refugees or
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ensley al jazeera and the turkey greece border. well as we saw in that report many of those making the risky journey to europe started off in africa nicholas hock has been talking to one man in senegal who told him why he's so they're trying to leave his country behind yusuf in the us doesn't want to be here he's tried twice to go to france and failed both times. now he wants to go again he says he deserves a better life. i'm a father my family depend on me i decided to leave senegal because my degrees and diplomas seem useless here. as a child he thought he would play professional football in europe instead he went to university and became an i.t. engineer hoping to find work at home but here in senegal he never found a full time job. my parents sold whatever they want to pay for my
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education they've never asked me to pay them back but i know i owed them because they have suffered for me and i am ready to suffer for them and so is preparing to travel again by road and see to the shores of europe. despite joint efforts by police forces and coast guards from both european and african countries the trafficking of migrants and refugees continues. the u.n. estimates the people smuggling trade to be worth more than thirty five billion dollars a year and it's booming. more than three thousand people died last year most of them were african and. there are no official numbers of migrants have actually made it to europe some have drowned in the mediterranean others have died of thirst hunger in the desert and then there are those who have been taken as slaves. we were sold by senegalese traffickers not arabs our own brothers sold us to the
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arabs my family had to pay fifteen hundred dollars to free me. this is against his brother senegalese rapper who made it to france he paid for us to be freed and sends money back to his family in this zone he explains why so many want to leave africa he says it's the shame of not being able to support your children your parents is the shame of seeing your loved ones are able to eat the shame of lead unable to provide for their family that pushes them to leave. and i feel like a slave here too and i feel stuck unable to get out of my current situation all i want is to be like my brother to be someone my family can depend on most africans wanting to go to europe legally get their visa application rejected and so yes his family agreed to pay traffickers for his latest trip through veronica to spain it's a journey worth the risks he says whence again he packed his bag ready to go
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because hawk al-jazeera the car. and still to come on the news or it was all about donald trump. know much of the. world economic forum was about crypto currencies and. we'll explain what that is after the break also coming up how china's master ivory carvers are managing to pass on their skills. on the trade of elephant and we'll tell you about the. raced into contention for a bold medal at next month's when truman. hello there things have been rather ways for some of us here recently particularly
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over parts of turkey we've had this system with us for the past few days and slowly now it is releasing its hold and edging away towards the east behind it it won't be warm though look at that time career as a maximum just four degrees of force in beirut only around fifteen on sunday that area of cloud and rain though is edging its way eastward turning more and more wintery that makes its way across parts of iran and then eventually across into parts of afghanistan there on monday still giving a very heavy snow in places and that cooler weather is also making its way a bit further south as well the winds here in doha will be quite fresh on sunday a blustery day then with a fair amount of dust at times and twenty one degrees will be our maximum that it could even drop to just twenty is the maximum as we head through monday so a real change for us we've been enjoying around twenty seven or twenty eight the temperatures are still staying around twenty seven or twenty eight though in salalah here there will be fine sunshine down towards the southern parts of africa lots of wet weather here and you can see that area of cloud of rain stretching down into the eastern parts of south africa we see it's
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a fairly sharp showers here recently more still to come this still with us for sunday and on monday still more showers and i think some of those are going to be lively with the odd rumble of thunder to. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel the blue line runs through this period their daily struggles and the moment when we go get word and see forces stop us when we go there they should have. the right and peaceful protests to reason in the place of the interior means defiance and resistance that at this new time it's means no for knight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al-jazeera. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the world they need more finance professionals like ta carroty is still wide awake at meal generation to study finds
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powerful documentaries debates and discussions as prime minister you do need to be critical of all aside any and all sexism challenge your perceptions the contours of this story are shaped by the interests of the countries involved only on al-jazeera . a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty others the taliban is claiming responsibility police in honduras to fire tear gas of protesters on the streets of the capital angry at president. is inauguration the opposition says there were
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irregularities in the election and one of the world's lit richest men the saudi prince albert bin tell all has been released from detention he says he will be cleared of corruption charges. the u.n. peace talks on finding a solution to the war in syria have wrapped up in vienna with little progress once again the syrian opposition says it will not attend the russian backed summit to be held in sochi next week. bill hamid is in vienna she spoke to a member of the opposition delegation and he explained their position. this round in vienna was meant to be a real test for the commitment to the implementation of us are good to go so the solution to two five four and what the details in it unfortunately this test has been plain they failed the test both the regime and those who are supporting that
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he deemed to continue surviving now based on that is all of the thought that there could be commitment decisions could have been made regarding what russia's proposing unfortunately the test was where is this going to go i mean how many times are you guys going to attend talks with the indian name geneva or anywhere else and each and every time there's no outcome absolutely all right but you have to think of the person who is trying to obstruct the political process from the very beginning of the g.m. has selected the military solution to be the strategy for just silencing people however the world of a political solution should un security council resolutions that is somebody who is working against these political attempts of the political solutions and finding ways and means to obstruct the yuan from just doing its job it is
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a challenge not only to the syrian people it is a challenge to the un it's it's because the council resolutions this is the problem it's been hailed as the future of finance and criticize there's a bubble that's about to burst but at the world economic forum's annual meeting in switzerland digital currencies like bitcoin have dominated the agenda everyone wants to know more about the block chain technology on which they are built so the hall has more now from the us. there was something different about the davos prominent this year cryptocurrency said arrived they became household names in two thousand and seventeen now believers say the underlying technology block chain is the future but usual suspects are your before any feel your life or a ripple and so forth there is fraud there are. but i don't think that's the majority of it you're going to build a block train across africa exactly what does that actually mean one person who
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tried to explain it was jamie smith former obama deputy press secretary turned block chain promoter you think about it it's like a train track between you and me the black chain or the rail in the car and tired of it is the digital tokens i'm attaching any assets or anything i'm sending it to you and i do that on that car and that car is a digital token of the most famous what's. that clears that up there this week it felt like the only buzz in town is donald trump but off the hind ves doors the trump name is barely mentioned because here they are party like it's ninety ninety four zero in the one nine hundred ninety four the beginning of the internet yes let's go get em in the fervor that's happening in the world today the market today is in this room that they're buzzing that there's a new thing that the internet is information now we have the internet of money with the internet of value and we can do the internet of law in the smart contracts we
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can do artificial intelligence through this site on the internet a value exchange is going to be bigger than the block chain enthusiastic tend not to underplay its potential we are creating a new financial infrastructure for the world we're going to see pretty much everything that we do as humans be put on this ledger so that we can prove that we're being trustworthy but there are those willing to sound a note of caution now with becoming the. very speculative so just going to take a step back you can read up to do a little. look jane technology's ninety ninety full moment has already seen currencies like bitcoin rise in value by eight hundred percent in twelve months the growth potential of block chain is such that around here the cool core in yesterday's news joho al-jazeera davos for more on this we're joined by june in
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walls a technology reporter for the online news site quartz thanks so much for being here with us now we sort of heard on jonah holes report the explanation of what block chain is just give us your definition of what it is well you can think of a block chain as a way for multiple parties to come to agreement about the contents of a particular ledger or database it's a general term for that ok all right so i mean it was also described this sort of like a train track and and block chain would be the track so whereas i guess the internet transports information the block chain would be what you can think of blocks in as a way to transport value so the bitcoin block chain allows people to transport value in the form of bitcoin transactions ok i mean so we mentioned bitcoin obviously that seems to be the word on everyone's lips and i mean obviously some people in the offices we're hearing they're calling it yesterday's news i'm not quite sure where they're yet but we do think a block chain along the terms of cryptocurrency is what other uses could it have or
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does it have sure it's confusing because you know crypto currencies are the biggest and oldest block chains in use currently but you know companies like i.b.m. and maersk the shipping line they're trying to use block chains to reduce friction in trade finance for example this is a way to reduce cost and allow people to share data more easily and conveniently and apparently amy a lot of the articles also mention that it would make it harder for hackers to get information which as we've seen especially in the past few months has been a huge issue. for a lot of major companies yeah i mean theoretically a block chain because it's decentralized or distributed among multiple parties could improve the security of that data but we don't have very good evidence yet because no big private block chain is really in widespread explain what you mean when you say it's the centralized so i'm guessing you know a big internet company would have a major database how would block chain work that's different so you can think of it
9:38 pm
as for example you know wal-mart nestle indoors some the world's biggest food companies they want to create a block chain system to share data about their food supply chains and so instead of that data residing solely with nestle or dollar wal-mart the collective the maintain this database together so it's a shared database that they all have ownership it was interesting in that report by john a whole if there were people there saying that they were as excited about this says they were about the proper birth of the internet back in the early ninety's i mean do you think it's on that scale i think it's you can make a very good argument that it is so make the argument i think you know in the transportation of value and identity for example the internet was not really set up for that and block chains could be a way to resolve some of those fundamental issues with the original and again dealing security money yes one of those issues ok so it again it's not that it's
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associated with bitcoin necessarily it's just that big question is is the most known aspect though or you know something that block chain is is used for using block chain would ever have that direct interaction with users i mean on you know people can go in and invest in bitcoin and buy so how would it work with block china would we never as users really deal with it directly right well a lot of the use cases that corporations are working on would have use a block chain on the back and so you know banks for example of the australian stock exchange they want to use a block she. into the settlement of equities trading so you as a user you may never actually directly interact with but so but the bank transfer that i would make on my usual way snoozing a block ok so i'd use it without knowing yeah ok well it's thank you so much for explaining it it sounds fascinating and i'm sure we'll be talking about a lot more in the months to come julian wall from courts magazine thank you. now this mr employees of the saudi construction company always share are demanding
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their salaries it's been almost two years since they were paid all share was forced to close last summer and it was owned by the family of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri as in the heart of reports from beirut the employees have now become political bargaining chips. but are has lost almost everything he returned home to lebanon from saudi arabia after working for the construction company saudi oshie for twenty two years it was a good life now this attic is his home his children are all he has left but since he was laid off last summer taking care of them is hard mohamed mahmoud and syria are in an orphanage didn't just lose his job he is owed around sixty thousand dollars the company was in financial trouble before it closed down last july tens of thousands of saudi employees didn't receive their salaries for two years. with
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them and. even my wife left me because of the situation i've had two heart attacks and i haven't been able to afford to buy medicine for five months when i came back from riyadh i only had twenty dollars in my pocket. the construction company employed more than fifty thousand workers three thousand five hundred of them. and just like many of them spent. they have been holding protests hoping to receive their pay out eventually. we are demanding our rights but i'm not hopeful because this has become a political issue and not a humanitarian one. forty years ago by the father of lebanon's prime minister. amassed the fortune in saudi arabia before he was assassinated the preferential treatment the company enjoyed a few years ago it wasn't because of oil prices and reduced saudi government spending.
9:42 pm
and. government is believed to the company billions of dollars government leaders. the company is indebted to. what happens. prime minister could affect his popularity months before the election but the stakes are much higher. thousands of people in albania have been taking part in protests against the government in the capital tirana they're calling for the resignation of prime minister eighty rama's center
9:43 pm
left government think using it of links to organized crime. reports from tehran. from the early morning hours people from. gathering here in the center of capital tehran under government protest accusing the government of links to the organized crime and calling for his resignation the opposition has been preparing for today's protests for a month blaming the government also for the lack of economic development which according to them is the main the reason why so many old binion's are leaving the country on the other hand will be a new prime minister. for decided not to respond to opposition that legations political analysts here in tehran are say that there is no evidence that the prime minister is involved in organized crime. or you know that old binion's have many reasons to protest the protest is also considered a test of support for the main opposition democrats who suffered
9:44 pm
a landslide lost in the last parliamentary elections. the political scene could make old been years road to european union more difficult was granted you candidates stated in two thousand and fourteen and hopes to launch negotiations this year however during today's protest no incidents reported and police security was tight near the main government offices where the rally took place ivory stores across china have been forced to close after a ban on the trade came into force in january that's left many of the country's most skilled carvers with little work but as rock and pride reports now from beijing some have found new ways to use that expertise. leach encourages one of china's master carvers using skills learned over a lifetime working with a material that he says has no equal ivory. is the
9:45 pm
best material to work with not too hard and the not too soft in spite of the ban he is determined to pass on his skills to his apprentices his workshop like others in china is now using mammoth tusk from russia dug out of the ground from animals that died thousands of years ago early human ancestors first learned their carving skills with it. even thirteen thousand years ago humans were using a car so one of their earliest materials were worth with. as the biggest market for ivory in the world china's ban on the trade is seen as vital for the african elephant after years of ivory poaching and smuggling. lease says he never worked with poached ivory and fears his skills may now be lost if carving goes out of
9:46 pm
fashion apprentice li yang is determined to learn the craft regardless. even though i don't make much money my family's support and i really appreciated where i explain to my friends the importance or car wink in chinese culture he's been learning for eight years i do still considered a novice. a basic apprenticeship is ten years it takes at least twenty years to become a professional carver and with more than fifty years experience. reckons he's still learning. some ivory carving techniques have already been lost and it would be very easy to lose their skills altogether and that he says would be not only china's loss but the world's problems pride al-jazeera beijing.
9:47 pm
the struggle to piece together the files kept. secret. and grand slam glory at last. more. straight sets. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems challenging systems and shaping. creative thinkers continents future innovate africa. the goal of the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good leader of the challenge is going to be. men and women to the resources that
9:48 pm
are available but it's al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. in germany a ten million dollar project to reassemble the so-called stasi files has been abandoned because of inadequate equipment that top secret documents were shredded after the fall of the berlin wall they have a change of reports on the sometimes painful stories recovered from some of the
9:49 pm
files it's being called the world's biggest jigsaw puzzle six hundred million bits of paper are now having to be put back together again by hand there is still fifteen thousand bags of them to go through other agents searches now going on to find sophisticated new software to try and cope with the task without a cutting edge computer scanner it will take many decades to finish victims of the secret police might now go to their graves without ever really knowing these missing pages of their own lives insist is at looking into your own stars e-file is something very personal i felt it myself it allowed me to regain some control of my past. the relics of communist rule beyond the iron curtain in berlin can give those include what it was really like to live through those dark years these archives contain some of the names of the collaborators and files that have been
9:50 pm
successfully pieced together men like could not schmuck code named jack colby who spied on fellow border guards all informants had to make a hand-written vow of loyalty i pledge to support the ministry for state to purity in the. service of its great tasks regarding the protection force of occasion of germany with all my power this is a star's expenses receipt showing payment of seven thousand five hundred and garion foreign to an informant here a photograph of an undercover surveillance operation and this a letter of commendation for a senior spy code name schaeffer stationed abroad is reward three hundred german marks and a bronze medal. the stars is whole unshown house and prison in east berlin is now a memorial it's been estimated that nearly one in six of the population of the german democratic republic collaborated with the secret police thousands of lives
9:51 pm
were torn apart by the stars he and nothing can put them back together again but nearly thirty years after the fall of the berlin wall the victims might find some painful comfort in finally finding out the name of the person whose betrayal put them behind bars thomas is now a tour guide in the prison where he spent more than two years in the cells for trying to escape to the west. for many there were situations where people were surprised learning that maybe even their best friend was an informer that happened rather for some people want to know about this but others don't go with what they stole two years from my life or this will have consequences until the very end of it some lives and of a david chaytor al-jazeera eastern berlin kates have for sport now here is peter in doha. thank you very much barbara after two previous defeats in finals
9:52 pm
caroline wozniacki is at long last a grand slam singles champion she beat world number one summer held up in the australian open final on sunday in melbourne was the actually becomes the first day in to win a tennis grand slam and for good measure she will now move back to the top of the rankings as well helen gleason has the story. it will be third time lucky people who ever won the australian open trophy had twice lost in the final of the french open and caroline was the akhi twice in the us final. the world number one ranking was also on the line trying to hold onto it was me i keep getting to wreck laim it for the first time since twenty twelve. as you'd expect from a contest between the world's top three players there was little to separate them on course was an iraqi just edging i think that in a tie breaker with temperatures exceeding thirty degrees that looked to have taken it out of the remaining needing a medical timeouts midway through the second set. but as is her way the twenty six
9:53 pm
year old who had to save much points into early in matches in melbourne came fighting back. and with harlots seemingly in control of the decider it was was the actual time to get some medical attention the dane was also much point down earlier in the tournament again she puts her way back to a winning position. this championship point was fitting of the close on high quality encounter but it was to be was the aqim celebrate the grandson time for the first time being here tonight a grand slam champion assured open champion it's a very special day after here it's going home with me tonight and i'll be cuddling with her so. i'm really said i couldn't. when it.
9:54 pm
was close again but they get over it in the end so it shows whether she was fresh or. and she could give she she had actually more engaging in a third heart break for high level but this week of victories her was the akki forty third major and nine years after reaching her final she finally had their hands on a much longer full grand slam trache a lengthy thing argentina. let's go from tennis to football now and then real madrid have won their first away game in the spanish league since october of last year they beat volunteer three one on saturday christiane i remember those scored twice from the penalty spot with marcello and toni kroos surrounding after scoring for rail late on despite the win though they stay fourth in the table that's two points behind valencia and sixteen adrift of leaders barcelona who play on sunday
9:55 pm
alexa censures made a winning start to ease manchester united career he's new club beat fourth yeovil town in the english f.a. cup fourth round on friday sanchez's debut came after he's moved from arsenal earlier in the week the chilean striker didn't score but he's team are through to the fourth round with that four no victory. no surprise for us for does it very short for three years this show was that for the past three days where it was thrilling with us so amazing edition for us in goal of china's hard song lee will take a one shot lead into the final day of the dubai desert classic the twenty two year old shot and eight under third round of sixty four on saturday hot on his heels though is former world number one rory mcilroy who was the halfway leader after completing his second rounder earlier on saturday due to for delays the previous day despite to drop shots early on the northern irishman carded
9:56 pm
a four under round of sixty eight to stay within one of lee's lead. i think after two you've got to start by just a couple a couple of those ones mr short one and four and then and maybe i'll be on it so that wasn't no wasn't too good but to come back with a five hundred back nine was was good was going to knock that birdie on at the last and stay within one of of lee but. yeah you know you know probably need to play a bit better tomorrow to win but you know it's two weeks into the season and you know this is you know i've got myself a second chance to win tournaments so looking forward to more ben stokes problems away from the cricket pitch haven't put off suitors or at the indian premier league auction england star all rounder was sold for just under two million dollars to the rajah's son royals stokes was named the i.p.l. as most valuable player last season and is currently under investigation in the u.k. he has been charged with a free for an altercation outside
9:57 pm
a nightclub in september and will appear in court next month. there was a big upset in the n.b.a. on friday the toronto raptors who have got the second best record in the east would beaten by western conference struggles the utah jazz donovan mitchell was the jazz the star mandating twenty six points in what was a really tight affair utah where actually trailing with five seconds to go but they were saved by ricky rubio on they close the game up ninety seven ninety three the winter olympics are almost upon us and swiss skier be up for it has claimed victory in the last downhill world cup race before they begin for a claim he's a third world cup victory of the season and the team from his career in germany on saturday he now moves forty points clear of five time down a world cup champion axel moonstone though at the top of the standings. here's one of canada's medal contenders now at the x. games in aspen colorado max perro claimed gold in the main snowboard big a revenge the twenty three year old beating norway's marcus clever learned and
9:58 pm
japan's yukiko door to the title. now that's all the sport for me more game later that has to be one of the scariest sports that the john peter thank you that is it for this news hour at lots more on our website of course so you can just stay in front of your t.v. still suit us and we'll have all of the day's news in just a few minutes and i will see you tomorrow thanks for watching. travel often. by trying to use local forests near prague liberal. talks of owning. land. valleys and scotland's. list venture. discovered. because faraway places close it. says together with cats
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always. the new poll ranks mexico city as the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women custard ges only a drum by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven above the trick of drive as news has never the
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noise of a liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across up and you get. one when used exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations darkstar it when used at this time on al-jazeera. a bomb attack in the afghan capital kills ninety five people and then just more than one hundred fifty al this the taliban says police were the targets.


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