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of above the tree of dr is news has never the new i think a liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. as witchcraft is sorcery killing spreads across up in new guinea. when east exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific nations darkstar it when used at this time on al-jazeera. a bomb attack in the afghan capital kills ninety five people and then just more than one hundred fifty al this the taliban says police are the targets. i. am citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.
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pretenses take to the streets in honduras says the new president is inaugurated they say he stole the election to misunderstanding and is being clear. one of the richest man in the world saudi prince albert while lead ben tell is released from detention in riyadh and risking their lives to get into europe and al-jazeera special reports on the dangerous new people smuggling route from turkey as attracting thousands of migrants. stuff going to stand where a bomb attack in the capital has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty albus the explosives were hidden in an ambulance allowing the bomber to get through security in the city's green zone the most heavily protected area in kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack and that
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it was targeting police but most of the dead are civilians from kabul jennifer glass reports. another day of carnage on the streets of kabul this time the bomb was in an ambulance the driver pretended to be taking someone to a nearby hospital but instead he detonated his device on a crowded street the taliban said it was targeting policemen having lunch but as so often happens here afghan civilians going about their daily lives are among the victims including people lined up outside the interior ministry's human resources department. i was in my office we heard the explosion we didn't know what was going on so many people were injured i myself counted at least forty wounded near me everyone was on the ground i couldn't tell who was dead or who was wounded the street was already heavily guarded with a number of checkpoints protecting government offices. a hospital and a school the area is usually bustling with people emerge and the services evacuated
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offices shops and agencies perceptor blocks can hear the security vehicles going by . taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the streets at the u.n. mine agency and this is normally a very very busy part of kabul it's the second attack in the capital in a week taliban fighters battled security forces for more than fifteen hours at the city's intercontinental hotel in a siege that killed twenty five people last saturday security has been stepped up around the city but it wasn't enough. the police on the army of afghanistan is. really young it's just seventeen or eighteen years old and they need more training they need more practice more experience but the taliban on the other hand they are very devoted to fight this cobbles emergency hospital was flooded with patients
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it's a scene that's been repeated many times the president says the uptick in attacks is because of increased military pressure on armed groups and political pressure on pakistan that may be the case but it's the people here who continue to suffer the most jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. is a visiting fellow at nottingham university's center for conflict security and terrorism he says this latest attack is intended to remind the world of the taliban's power. and much more importantly. get a message out to the international community will not read standing. over many years by us and our governments although they cannot provide security to the taliban are trying to send out a message that the last two of course to be reckoned with and i suspect she gazed at it coming exactly a week after the attack on the who. is it intended for the forty and so
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generals over a large collection as you know are born leaders and these people are thinking the little leader thinking internationally while there is no military or political office in what we're doing or from raising on this achievement or. right place have fired tear gas on protesters in the honduran capital to help they took to the streets as president while on the anonymous was being sworn in for a second term as they led by solid on the thrower says there were irregularities in the vote counting john homan has more from took a three hour. they still a strong police presence outside of the national stadium where not long ago president one and then this gave his swearing in address for his second term it's
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also five rings of security that were put in place during that swearing in ceremony and that was to keep it by protesters who felt that he'd won the election fraudulently there's been about two months of protest in whole doura since those elections and all those numbers have gone down before there were tens of thousands now today maybe one or two thousand that we witnessed that were protesting the anger really remains now president and this has to make an attempt to unite the country he made the barest mention of dialogue and unity in his inaugural address but he's going to have to come to terms with that he's also going to have to deal with other problems that he did outline plans for him both the child poverty in honduras rose on the his first term unemployment which is also high in the country security which he did actually monies from improve the number of home the sides in
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honduras it was that that made the country. great. to have through a low tone of voice things on certain times and night this divide the country in the next four years that will be in charge one of the world's richest men billionaire saudi prince bin tell out as they released from detention and says he'll be cleared off corruption charges within days is being held in the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh since november along with about two hundred others it's all part of what the government is calling an anti corruption campaign ordered by crown prince mohammed bin solomon had a hoax that reports. just hours before billionaire saudi prince and why he'd been tunneled was released from the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh he conducted an interview with the reuters. news agency from the suite where he's been confined been tile is one of saudi arabia's most prominent business men and one of the world's richest men but he'd been held for more than two months accused of
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corruption in the interview he described the entire situation as a misunderstanding no charges ok just some discussion between the government you know i mean but the rest assured that this is this is a clean operation that we have and we just in discussion with the government on the various measures and i can't divulge right now because we are i mean there is a discussion with them the mark perry and his likeness was just one of the many objects known as the prince gave a tour of where he'd been detained been teller's the rest in the van that was part of what the government called an anti corruption campaign ordered by crown prince mohammed bin. the government says one hundred twenty four billion dollars is expected to be seized from more than two hundred individuals a group that is said to include the owner of the n.b.c. television network as well as several other senior princes observers say the crackdown has allowed been someone to do far more than simply consolidate power i
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think there are two things here it's about money because the saudi. government is facing financial difficulties because of the collapse of the oil prices over the past few years. mr man is having very ambitious economic plan actually to reform the kingdom so he needs the cash money in order to carry on with this project but this is not the only issue the other issue in my opinion here is that he's trying to create a popular base of support for him because all these people are in fact corrupt. entirely his farmhouse stakes in companies like twitter citi group an apple is estimated to be worth seventeen billion dollars his release could potentially reassure investors but analysts believe the timing of his interview with rick. he says as the world economic forum met in davos was no coincidence having someone like prince to love for example speak out publicly as he did yesterday shows that
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you know the saudis are trying to use him as somewhat the poster child of liberalism they're trying to appeal to investors overseas saying we realize that what we did and the way we did it with that last year we completely undermined business confidence and investor confidence in saudi arabia in time has told reuters he expects to remain in full control of his global investment without being required to give up his assets to the government. there. and dismissed employees of the saudi construction company are demanding their salaries it has been almost two years since they were paid which was forced to close last summer was owned by the family of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri and the other reports from beirut the employees have now become a political bargaining chip. but are has lost almost everything he returned home to lebanon from saudi arabia after working for the construction company saudi o'shea for twenty two years it was
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a good life now this attic is his home his children are all he has left but since he was laid off last summer taking care of them is hard mohamed mahmoud in syria are in an orphanage didn't just lose his job he is owed around sixty thousand dollars the company was in financial trouble before it closed down last july tens of thousands of saudi oshie employees didn't receive their salaries for two years most even some of the sort of even my wife left me because of the situation i've had two heart attacks and i haven't been able to afford to buy medicine for five months when i came back from riyadh i only had twenty dollars in my pocket. the construction company employed more than fifty thousand workers three thousand five hundred of them. and many of them spent. they have been holding protests hoping to receive their pay out eventually. we are demanding our rights but i'm not
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hopeful because this has become a political issue and not a humanitarian one. forty years ago by the father of lebanon's prime minister. amassed the family fortune in saudi arabia before he was assassinated the preferential treatment the company enjoyed a few years ago. because of oil prices and reduced saudi government spending. and. government is believed to the company billions of dollars. the company is indebted
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to. what happens. prime minister could affect his popularity months before the election but the stakes are much higher. we've plenty more still to come including wife ounces of albanians are accusing their government of links to organized crime. and defined gravity down under where at the city arts festival where they're asking some long comfortable questions about immigration. hello there the weather is finally beginning to dry up in paris of course we've got flooding around the said unfortunately though the rain is easing instead we're
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seeing the next system begin to work its way in from the northwest that will skate its way mostly to the north of france so we'll see it over parts of the u.k. there working its way through the low countries and then as we head through into sunday lunchtime it will be him making its way through parts of poland heavy snow on that as it hits the cold air still affecting us in the northeastern parts of europe further south fine and dry and that's the way it's going to stay over the next few days madrid they're getting to fourteen degrees you might just catch the odd showers around the southeastern parts of spain but even those begin to clear away as we head through monday and then monday is really much the same in the south it's warm but it's dry in the northeast still unsettled smiled in the west but vala cold still in the northeast across the other side of the mediterranean here it's fine for us in parts of africa but not the northwestern parts here we've got those showers that were affecting us in spain also affecting us in parts of morocco and with what this system over area as well that's working its way towards the west
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it's also joining up and then as we head through monday will see more rain snow over the atlas mountains for about what we will get to seventy. personal stories of lebanese villages on the border with israel. their daily struggles when they go get it would you see forces stop us when we go there are there shoot at us out of the right and peaceful protests here to reason in the place of the interior means defiance and resistance at this new time it means nothing at night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera.
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welcome back reminder of the top stories here and al-jazeera a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital kabul has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty others the taliban is claiming responsibility a place in honduras have fired tear gas at protesters on the streets of the capital angry at president one orlando and as is normal ration the opposition says there were irregularities in the election and one of the richest men saudi prince. has been released from detention in a riyadh hotel and says he'll be cleared of corruption charges. mali's army says at least fourteen of its soldiers have been killed in an attack on a camp in timbuktu it says at least seventeen of the attackers were also killed and the army is now back in control of the base it's the worst attack on the security
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forces in over a. the syrian observatory for human rights says the bombardment of a damascus suburb is continuing despite riposte cease fire agreement this idio loaded to social media by the white helmets appears to show the aftermath of strikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta the volunteer group says at least thirteen people were injured in the overnight strikes on friday a spokesman for syria's opposition confirmed they had received an offer from russia for a cease fire deal while un peace talks in vienna have wrapped up with little progress on the syrian opposition says it will not attend a russian backed summit to be held in sochi next week. in vienna she spoke to a member of the opposition delegation and he explained that position. this round in vienna was meant to be a real test for the commitment to the implementation of us you could go to the
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solution two to five for. the details in it unfortunately this test has been played they failed that test both the regime and those who are supporting that he deemed to continue surviving now based on that is all of the thought that there could be a commitment the citizens could have been made regarding what russia's proposing unfortunately the test was where is this going to go i mean how many times are you guys going to attend talks where the indian name geneva or anywhere else and each and every time there's no outcome absolutely all right but you have to think of the person who is trying to obstruct the political process from the very beginning of the g.m. has selected the military solution to be the strategy for just silencing people however the world of a political solution should un security council resolutions that is somebody who is
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working against these political terms of the political solutions and finding ways and means to obstruct the yuan from just doing its job it is a challenge not only to the syrian people it is a challenge to the un it's it's because the council resolutions this is the problem place in germany have broken up a demonstration against the ongoing turkish military operation in the syrian region of africa in more than ten thousand people joined a demonstration in cologne where some protesters misused to remove banned flags and show the image of kurdish leader abdul the ashen and the images controversial and police fear that displaying our chalons m.e.h. could have caused the protests to turn violent. thousands of people in albania have been taking part in protests against the government in the capital tirana calling for the resignation of prime minister and the ramos center left the government accusing it of links to organized crime under various avni reports from turnaround
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. from the early morning hours people from manual being instead is thought to gathering here in the center of capital tehran and then on to government protest accusing the government of links to the organized crime and calling for his resignation the opposition has been preparing for today's protests for a month blaming the government also for the lack of economic development which according to them is the main the reason why is so many old binion's are leaving the country on the other hand will be a new prime minister who did all the has told for decided not to respond to opposition that allegations political analysts here in tehran are say that there is no evidence that the prime minister is involved in organized crime however they argue that the libyans have many reasons to protest the protest is also considered a test of support for the main opposition democrats who suffered a landslide lost in the last two years parliamentary elections pensions in the
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political scene could make old been years road to european union more difficult albania was granted e.u. candidate status in two thousand and fourteen and hopes to launch negotiations this year however during the today's protests no incidents reported and police security was tight near the main government offices where the rally took place. protesters in the occupied west bank have been demonstrating against the u.s. policy towards palestine they burned effigies of president donald trump and his vice president mike pence in anger over the u.s. decision last year to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital trump announced at the world economic forum on thursday that the u.s. would withdraw aid from palestine if they did not resume negotiations with israel. the top aide to the bar the egyptian presidential candidate some and has reportedly been stabbed and badly beaten in the capital cairo and then was arrested on tuesday for incitement against the military this was shortly after he announced he was
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standing in march's election egypt's interior ministry says he's aid was injured it is related to a car accident the lawyer says it was a failed kidnapper tent and egyptian authorities have extended the detention of al-jazeera is german this man was saying by an extra forty five days without trial it's now been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt is attention has been renewed several times since then the same is accused of broadcasting false news just spread chaos which he strongly denies to his security forces say they're arresting more of more and more refugees and migrants on the land border with northern greece the most popular routes have been crossing the aegean but a new way has emerged the route takes refugees overland to europe from istanbul in western turkey to villages near the border with greece from there the refugees have to cross the wide and dangerous river every us which is the international front
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here traffickers then leave them to walk for hours through forests on the greek side as lawrence live reports from western turkey thousands are willing to risk their lives doing it. is done will isn't well known as a gathering point for refugees yet there is all the evidence you need that a significant smuggling operation is based here. in the central districts of x. arrive people from all kinds of places. like ina fast so eritrea sri lanka pakistan nobody wants to tell you much about their plans but they do spend a lot of time on their phones. all the refugees are tried the same thing how the deal is done in the nearby coffee houses smugglers charge up to two thousand dollars. and one day turns to night some of those smugglers will tell you just how big the trade is. we do three trips a week there are others working too and there's
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a trip every day in istanbul there are more than fifty smugglers we take forty fifty sixty people a week it depends on time we took seventy five people in one trip these two who are kurdish and syrian former refugees used to smuggle people across the aegean sea to the greek islands but not anymore this is much better. so a lot of course the waves are too big in the sea we have worked there and it's too dangerous it was difficult at the laundromat is easier. the river border is one hundred fifty kilometers long this vast nothingness might feel safer to the traffic is than the sea but it's still hugely dangerous on the greek side they're a forest of mountains the refugees call the jungle the wild boar and wolves up there being eaten is a genuine concern. the smugglers drive the refugees to tiny depopulated villages where they hide out in abandoned buildings. in this amulets the farmer
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said the army had captured refugees each of the last two days this man tried it and failed his face hidden as he was still in fear of the smugglers muffy though it's like nothing exist here in total darkness you might be attacked by wild animals in the forest anything you can imagine could happen to you it makes you paranoid we weren't allowed to put any lights on we were following the smuggler we got to the river and they pushed us into a dinghy. even in daytime the wide river valley is treacherous in the winter water is everywhere and wasn't difficult to find signs of life discarded belongings and supplies at night time navigating a path through all this even before getting to the much wider river would be terrifying we had already seen images from the greek side of those whose attempts to cross the course and their lives either from drowning or hypothermia and everywhere we drove up and down the river especially the places where greece feels
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close enough to touch the turkish security forces were there but virtually nobody else well that hill is grace the turkish military say that last year they caught a full fifty thousand people trying to cross the border in places like this as a thousand people a week and it's exactly the same as what the people traffickers told us given that this looks like one of the most important border crossings for refugees in the middle east trying to get into the european union and yet because it's so bleak and so remote the same surpassed everybody by. the turkish security forces didn't replying to our requests to film with them but the state agency released these dramatic pictures of the soldiers at work defeating the darkness and capturing the group trying to escape the european union to likes to see this sort of thing you see is all through all the new front law in europe's battle against the refugees or ensley al-jazeera and the turkey greece border. and you can see the second of
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lawrence's special reports on the refugee crisis on sunday as he reports from the everest river in northern greece all accusations the greek police are using violence and intimidation to stop refugees from crossing flooding of the river seine in paris is getting worse levels are expected to hit a peak by sunday six meters above its normal level it follows weeks of rain with overflowing waters engulfing riverside walkways presidents of the presidents suburb of their nerve fine george are among those worst hit by the floods the new new to an old tradition we're clearing up all the rubbish as you can see there's rubbish everywhere and it brings in rats and so we're doing the cities job because as you can see there's no one from the city or any city representatives or anybody did open the residents handling things clearing the revolution putting them on the side so it's not a dump either for the wood they were just in the philippines forced from their homes by the threat of a volcano eruption and are being hit by flooding heavy rain has fallen in villages
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around the mount mayon volcano in the central philippines which has been spewing lava and ash for the past two weeks rising water has forced the relocation of some of the seventy five thousand evacuees staying in temporary shelters in the low lying areas and other well arts festival in australia is turning the spotlight on the country's immigration policies among the many shows to entertain crowds at the sydney festival is a play which looks at the government's treatment of refugees under thomas reports. on a stage rather than in a court room is a truth and reconciliation commission that australia has never had. the play pool tribunals delves into the dark side of australia's treatment of asylum seekers refugee actors described their experiences of the country's immigration system the actors also confront the treatment i mean did you know sauce
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trail and an aboriginal elder plays the courts magistrate. telling. telling a story. about acknowledging and healing for the audience being there is about sending a signal as well as enjoying the show it does challenge just saw strategists say well. what if what has been happening is unacceptable and yet we have been accepting that tribunals is one of several shows at this year's sydney festival which tackle social issues jurassic plastic features dinosaurs created from thousands of discarded plastic toys it's a comment on out throw away society exhibits with a social message go are the exception rather than the rule for the most part the sydney festival is simply about showcasing great and accessible culture and the city that's hosting it. january in australia is the middle of summer sydney
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at its best often the way that we get out of stick out. here's a photograph of where you live and here's a photograph of where we're living ten year is the water in come down to us. much of the festival takes place outdoors highly sprung is an energetic mix of trampoline in theater and a street arts a park or there's also a karaoke carousel with children and adults encouraged to sing their way around the right it's still culture but a lot less political and written al-jazeera sydney. and there's plenty more news and features a video on our web site just click on al-jazeera dot com. second i will look at the main stories making news here on al-jazeera about my talk in afghanistan's capital has killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty others the explosives were hidden in an ambulance allowing the
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bomber to get through security in the city's green zone the most heavily protected area in kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack jennifer glass is that i can hear the security vehicles going by. taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the street at the u.n. mine agency riot police in honduras have fired tear gas at protesters on the streets of the capital they were demonstrating against president one orlando unarmed as is he was sworn in for a second term opposition groups say there were irregularities in the vote count james embers general election. one of the world's richest men saudi prince al waleed bin talal has been released from detention and says he'll be cleared of corruption charges he's been held in a hotel since november along with about two hundred dollars as part of what the
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government says is an anti corruption drive. mali's army says at least fourteen of its soldiers have been killed in an attack on a camp in timbuktu it says at least seventeen of the attackers were also killed and the army is now back in control of the base it's the worst attack on mali security forces in over a year. the syrian observatory for human rights says they want of a damascus suburb is continuing despite a proposed cease fire this video uploaded to social media is to show the aftermath of airstrikes in the rebel held in place of peace and go to a. base in germany have broken up a demonstration against the ongoing turkish military operation in the syrian regime region of a freend more than ten thousand people joined the demonstration in cologne where some protestors beef used to remove banned flags they show the image of kurdish leader abdullah. thousands of people in albania have been taking part in protests against the government in the capital to around they're calling for the resignation
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of prime minister eddie ramos government accusing it of links to organized crime that's the news for now coming next our weekly look at the world's news media with the listing post. popular how can i use website is facing mounting security checks michelle difficult to speak after receipt of enough money for a high crime. rate down from its forces a war of attrition is on the way for colleagues.


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