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tv   Lebanon Living On The Blue Line  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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when al-jazeera is eyes it is on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that is incredibly dug. in china has never been this risky. but nothing can stop them in their trucks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the eagle route is their only option and their hope for a better life can eat them into trouble braving tough conditions generally the more they'll put their lives in danger just to earn the mosquito the destroyed when they'll just zero. london with the top stories on al-jazeera
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a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital has killed at least ninety five people and then done more than one hundred fifty of those exposes were hidden in an ambulance allowing the bomber to get through security in the city's greens are the most heavily protected area in kabul the taliban says it carried out the attack and that it was targeting police but most of the dead civilians from kabul jennifer glass reports. another day of carnage on the streets of kabul this time the bomb was in an ambulance the driver pretended to be taking someone to a nearby hospital but instead he detonated his device on a crowded street the taliban said it was targeting policemen having lunch but as so often happens here afghan civilians going about their daily lives are among the victims including people lined up outside the interior ministry's human resources department. i was in my office we heard the explosion we didn't know what was going on so many people were injured i myself counted at least forty wounded near me
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everyone was on the ground and i couldn't tell who was dead or who was wounded the street was already heavily guarded with a number of checkpoints protecting government offices embassies a hospital and a school the area is usually bustling with people margins the services evacuated offices shops and agencies perceptor blocks can you hear the security vehicles going by. taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the street at the u.n. mine agency and this is normally a very very busy part of kabul it's the second attack in the capital in a week taliban fighters battled security forces for more than fifteen hours at the city's intercontinental hotel in a siege that killed twenty five people last saturday security has been stepped up around the city but it wasn't enough. police on the army of afghanistan is. it's really young it's just seventeen or eighteen years old they need more training
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they need more practice more experience but the taliban on the other hand there are very devoted fighters cobbles emergency hospital was flooded with patients it's a scene that's been repeated many times the president says the uptick in attacks is because of increased military pressure on armed groups and political pressure on pakistan that may be the case but it's the people here who continue to suffer the most jennifer glass al-jazeera kabul riot police have fired tear gas some processes in the honduran capital to go. they took to the streets as president while under and as was being sworn in for a second term the opposition led by salvador says there were irregularities in the vote counting one of the world's richest men saudi prince al waleed bin talal has been released from detention and says he'll be cleared of corruption charges he's been held in a hotel in the capital riyadh since november along with about two hundred others as
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part of what the government says is an anti corruption drive mali's army says at least fourteen of its soldiers have been killed in an attack on a camp in timbuktu it says at least seventeen of the attackers were also killed and the army is now back in control of the base it's the worst attack on mali security forces in over a year the syrian observatory for human rights says the bombardment of a damascus suburb is continuing despite a proposed cease fire agreement this video uploaded to social media by the white helmets appears to show the aftermath of strikes in the rebel held and clave of eastern guta. case in germany have broken up a demonstration against the ongoing turkish military operation in the syrian region of a freend more than ten thousand people joined the demonstration in cologne where some
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protesters refused to remove banned flags that show the image of kurdish leader. thousands of people now are brainiac have been taking part in protests against the government in the capital harare they're calling for the resignation of prime minister and the ramos government accusing it of links to organized crime. those were the headlines to stay with us at al-jazeera al-jazeera world is coming up next .
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the eastern mediterranean off the coast of southern lebanon very close to the border with israel. here the sea and the land are matters of contention. parts of a conflict which has lasted nearly four decades. femi how can i even became caught up in this conflict in two thousand and five when her son mohammad fired on went missing while fishing out at sea and he was a victim of the tension between lebanon and israel that has often made this area a battleground of invasion occupation territorial disputes and the un peacekeeping operation dating back to one nine hundred seventy eight's.
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there are thousands here like the knee high and humbugs the human fallout from this part of the wider arab israeli conflict. this is their story i. am. at the sea it is vast it inspires writes has and poets. the scene is deep and full of secrets. but it's also treacherous. because these waters. dangerous sea and many of the. one that took my hand made fire from his mother's arms. out on the not cool to
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see your. feet in the. now is the lebanese coastal town from which these fishermen ply their trade. measure. one or more but none of the one is very. there are the in a month that are not what a young one at that event but that the bad norm but is very. high they. live near them therapy woman on the way that it. had the had was under management i've been all over the deal of money but. whenever we hear my brother was. murdered in. their me.
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south of now is the blue line which has run the length of the lebanon israel border since two thousand. its patrolled by unifil and interim peacekeeping force that has been here for fourteen years. by you. and. said it immediate. around. the. new. a list. of humans would. have been on the. good will hunting. with pleasure.
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but the list of nerves in the dog thank you and the moment for on. the move the bit. on that. we're going to. give your money we give you. diminish the real push back now. by the. long. let me show. and the yeah.
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i want to be a. unified stance for united nations interim force in lebanon. it's reports that since the blue line was established in two thousand there have been repeated violations of it by both sides. the line is disputed by lebannon and the people living here. in. london are among the. given i have about. the only one that does it all. was that about that i've been on what i want to be known or was that i've been on a ton of. in two thousand and six it was all out war here between israel and the lebanese shia armed group hezbollah.
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around one thousand two hundred lebanese were killed mainly civilians as were some one hundred sixty is release mostly soldiers. israeli military posts remain on one side and the human scars still run deep on the other hand he argues in media this land. this land is rich should what it drank from the sweat of the farmers it bloomed with flowers and roses as you know this land is sad because its soil is stained by the blood of its sons and is used to their pain but ghosts dropped cluster bomb amongst its roses and bombs with gaping mouths the devour limbs and dreams. this is moments
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after an antitank missiles hit an israeli military vehicle in the disputed shut off farms region near the border with syria and lebanon israel deployed soldiers in the area and five is salvo of rockets into lebanon and. they are grouped hezbollah which is based in has claimed responsibility for the attack it says it's a response to an israeli attack last week against its fighters in syria. farms in this al-jazeera reports are in a small strip of heavily disputed land at the eastern end of the blue line. bordering on syria and the golan heights which israel has occupied since one nine hundred sixty seven. zero zero zero so to know. these herdsmen are
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from. a border village near the israeli occupied shaba farms. the scene of the fields loved ones and the resistance in the center no no no no i didn't. walk to your love the art of my gosh if i had to make those doted upon me you would notice only a collage a lot of the human element i have. and the whole notion of the little mush of thought and mom. the yemenis don't know how the gunners little human eye fell out of late her lungs. it is a little while how does. one know when i'm in one month back to last out of the line i'm home and. now i don't have. the out of the moles that talk a lot. you don't get it i want to do
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a lot of him across. the two thousand and six war between israel and hezbollah lasted thirty three days. it ended in conclusively but as well as the heavy death toll it devastated towns and villages damaged local infrastructure blighted lives. and left behind unexploded cluster bombs. on fire and that ok. now we're not. them and all are found on a hellfire that has done a valuable thing what are your thoughts on as you. saw fiona headed about that as
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you had been home all about mum home and how not to have gone under lockdown then comes to kill. them almost at all albums and yeah. jani and i've know should do one thing i did don't have the money on the last year that i'm not really i'll slide by think among. the neighbors want to but i think a month will come to la a lot of n.y.u. . what are your interest over the. move a little bit what are those you have magic number. now i should know men are. out about a couple hours and i. would like to know bill you know i'm
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a bit the school being good a bit dumb luck to men last night about a month. while i was in high. oh not about i not about are. wrong they're. all i'm a lot more coming to live on them or god forbid the dispute over the shah farms the area goes back to the one nine hundred sixty seven war when israel invaded the west bank sinai and the golan heights including the farms. israel then invaded southern lebanon in one nine hundred eighty two to combat the palestinian presence when the p.l.o. left beirut for tunisia israel retreated but remained to the south. this conflict officially ended in one nine hundred eighty five hezbollah continued to fight the israeli army and its proxy the south lebanon army until israel's
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eventual withdrawal from lebanon in two thousand when the blue line was drawn. but in may two thousand israel did not pull out of the shaba farms and continues to occupy the area today. oh no no no no no no no. no no no no. no well you know you were up on the. route about the god. give. up on the.
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route to go about. our the god the hour. early. the continued occupation of the shaba farms anger is that of unease as does anything they perceive as territorial encroachments it can spark local protests like the one in in two thousand and ten by local m.p.'s cost them hashim the.
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politician in the south is not. known for him a life of luxury unlike most he's a citizen. he sacrifices his blood and times of crisis like everyone living on this border. near to the shaba farms is another sensitive area but it's enough. this is where the first major incident took place after the establishment of the blue line on the seventh of october two thousand and five months after the israeli withdrawal when hezbollah abducted three israeli soldiers. but qassam hashem maintains the blue line
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has taken away now and that should be on the nipponese side and accuses israel of frequent violations. i left the home with a. clean up on the beat cop. with a. poly or here called the. us about the look of us who will live to. the with the with. me the second. of the year how you feel then was it a mini well it does gear.
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you might have. got the bully. i didn't know what i have or have. had the. mortified to. do little guy he's. been one for the have. you. been a fan. i think of something. else for. a young we can't even remember. all kind of million different ways it has wanted to joliet illinois is only a mature. as with many artificial borders between countries when the un
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established the blue line it ended up cutting through some lebanese villages. people here are happy about what they see as. it's arbitrary division and this is what led to the protest at our best. led by a constant hashim which featured on t.v. . i was the lead in on the other part a liberal or the other babble of my colleagues who were booed off the head because it was an action by the party but. what has it to to live i'll help them other men bought them a waterfall it was a little modest about batman the first school like an image that i love a farce that those shots fell on a little as it was emitted is moving such that it was a must must and has seen and even when the c.n.n. and other half never have why they are going back to it in the volatility so how was it the one in the lab received ziggo.
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be eroded while the idea. their hero of the moment the heavy lean on malala is relative the street fallen. the knowledge. is there at the street. on we're back at them not with your help but way be the living model for you and he. will come around and tell myself my golly what a fall out of a limb in alabama weather i'll go where the. top on. the head of. the water what is this a let. any what some for just obviously. was a food if you are more than you know what i mean. be the left there will be some for a while month are going to file and you know belmont love nobody of.
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the heart of bill has. come for the way you have in a month they were let me have to feed them the subway that wal-mart cut them the fuck with. this lemon softly to cut them a shock with the shock. and their beloved nanny across a massive wall much more our middle was the middle of many. calm while the heart of the. elements unravel at the water the heart of a colossal couple as a how to see how they were funny in the many who s.s.r. most were two months to come of telling. that they see a gate protest led to a tense standoff involving the lebanese military units all peacekeepers and israeli soldiers behind. eventually the israelis remove the lebanese flag from da by sea a deal. or
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no more the closest point is here the intense danger is here the demon is here but the people are not afraid of the demon they still live in build palaces here what the as though they were living in the cradle of jesus maggie. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about
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creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. is not just about reporting it's about telling those the watery stories it's about breaking down the information breaking it down again military airfield streaming into the city go behind the big headlines to go behind government lines and tell the stories of the people actually affected by these events standing up for their rights as workers and as citizens what al-jazeera has the will of journalism to cover the story as best. twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey from birth to adult hood easy yes i see two decades following the development of her life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the
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story of k.k. the girl from wang joe do you remember me at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and it's picked the israeli side with detailed coverage but our german government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others held by paparazzi from around the world three decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. hello i'm citizen with the headlines here on al-jazeera about my attack in
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afghanistan's capital has killed at least ninety five people and then just more than one hundred fifty of those explosives were hidden in an ambulance allowing them to get through security in the city's green zone the most heavily protected area in kabul the taliban says it's carried out the attack jennifer glass was there i can hear the security vehicles going by. taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the street at the u.n. mine agency. riot police in on duracell fired tear gas at protesters on the streets of the capital they were demonstrating against president one orlando and as as he was sworn in for a second term opposition groups say there were irregularities in the vote counts jury members general election one of the world's richest men saudi prince bin tele
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has been released from detention and says he'll be cleared of corruption charges he's been held in a hotel since november along with about two hundred others as part of what the government says is an anti-corruption drive mali's army says at least fourteen of its soldiers have been killed in an attack on a camp in timbuktu it says at least seventeen of the attackers were also killed the army is now back in control of the base it's the worst attack on mali security forces in over a year the syrian observatory for human rights says the bombardment of a damascus suburb is continuing despite a proposed cease fire this video uploaded to social media appears to show the aftermath of airstrikes in the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta. place in germany have broken up a demonstration against the ongoing turkish military operation in the syrian region of our free in more than ten thousand people joined the demonstration in cologne some protesters refused to remove banned flags they show the image of kurdish
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leader abdul. thousands of people in albania have been taking part in protests against the government in the capital to run a calling for the resignation of prime minister and the ramos government accusing it of links to organized crime those are the headlines but al-jazeera well continues next i'll be back in about twenty five minutes. and.
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in two thousand israel withdrew from southern lebanon after eighteen years. the un then established what's called the blue line to confirm that israel had fully withdrawn its patrolled by an interim un peacekeeping force but one that's been in southern lebanon since one nine hundred seventy eight the line is disputed by lebannon. after successive conflicts war damage has had to be
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repaired but the local people also aim to impose their presence on the border area by building sizeable properties here. a little bit of form of government by the. i don't. have on. there that a lot of. what i sell that i haven't been on a mistake i don't. know but i have seen it on the ability on their body to understand not a month. hadn't thought of it are there who are there and give
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a bum on money on the amount of me. when i'm not either but they're doing. this is the village of the d.c. which has witnessed several israel lebanon clashes in recent years. it's also close to an old disused border crossing which the lebanese have now named to mikey. on the fifth. step get him out of it get him out of state. janet get in my head be. any good i'm not i'm.
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not a bit. weird about this widow and that was your wisdom and . i've even. most of the india month. i love all the women in jordan and in the jordan one who was able to lend a sword it will move to they sail on the way of some of them holding. on good wishes. in that idea of honesty of the on. the. part of the most. part of them or that they can and as up to about how to most of the chill for the model with the what the but the on the in can in can or the whole how many i d c village was very badly damaged
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a two thousand and six war between israel and hezbollah. ok. but not another think i'll call him by that will but will the la monica be a little we lost long and well i can. think it's a me is there is some me about that keanu was. let's check. the time i like to still go though it was on the. list. and i'm going to let shed a little bit collini and be. here with you in the my feet. on the bed that show well i can come to lay on the low bed of the manipulative name the house the phone within all of the only witness about within the amount of this not. that i love the i don't like a moment's thought out of the within can move out of the and i'm. out of the cliff
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at that killed it.
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human cost of the two thousand and six more men's communities families and relationships often need to try building with the help of workshops like this one for the women of the border village of fodder mouth.
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shut then how could someone then. he says there's. this in this. video who would show them that. would almost. swim how. can they manage what i meant but. he says he has. a man now we don't know shit. if you know what. come on bill how did win this one and a feather in lookin mud out the. million who did it they share. the rahman mother how to continue my how did i'm not how to fit in your. head as
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myths above and in this when. you buy that there's been a. highly significant i only had a kid my. parents who i'm by no enough somehow the lives. of my money to be. made out of them has hardly what the point i wish to. to have it is a delusional between hate fear and the. metallic hold with the. modern rock and take. i'm still in my head. of his take on bottoming and learn is about a foreign it's the how the. what the vision of the how ninth it does up pets in line and you must believe. there's
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a lot about on me is because of the how did the fall of man in a book called going over the years won't. be because i need the moslem the kind of music with all in. the lead will have been a little man you should feel. his heart as though in constant danger. from the israeli border. you know was on e is famous home and abroad it has seen much danger the liberation of its waters has been a holiday and. i love to have people in the house in the way they need me within
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the whole way my squad. be maybe not so humble not because this is and work. but did it get the better must. see you. he is beneath me i could not to signal with some hope they do as they need to know who would be a we would have gone to begin to kill me. with the next safe much stronger yet the better than what we had then must try yet that but this year and that month. but had they thought i would show them the i meant what i saw my love i had in months behave not as they could not this nor while what the as it up my can of and the man. i've been on the market gotten a bit had made. helen helen my lip now and then by now i did not tell him no no no no no no hey the i did not know to be in
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a home in. the fed now i should not be let it be best convey my man behind him and i thought when i mentioned i did not. remember how to. set and i stood. on the horn you. know mick and the next day you meet the mr and heard with the. mind the whole place no no no not but none of the many if it had been i did not say the how. investors have helped develop tool is it here which the local people view as a positive statement about their ownership of. almost all of these border areas are sensitive projects like it was than your resorts are an important way for the lebanese at this end of the blue line to make
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their continued presence felt. i like it there doesn't it was aiming high not that it's that easy to give up the walk to thank you so much and i'm buried with nothing but the good luck the thank you so much and it will be enough till i get this thank you no man i'm in the must remember the what the fuck the central my put on. here have been my cannon that you're on your own will i feel so lonely old hope you have enough in life. suddenly here. ole go on me best you said any more go i mean you mischievously. and this mob of hot out of shape hearing of danger is one thing but feeling it
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going through you is another. we live danger. the danger here is unbearable. this part of the town of i. was where cross border clashes took place the triggered the two thousand and six war. but with the whole southern. hell america's i'm sick be home. had it well little aside out there let me end it there must. listen adam and i get a service no will buy less at the heart of. how you have america's a lot father and more walk when men can have a month. ahead of election will sit there how dumb was the lead federal city and
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mossad hong god ask every year about my don't matter became a landmark dumbell america's myth i'm a dumb about how byock can live your. home lin didn't have the admin have been long nice to have been who do. walk i don't follow that lane i am no but. that hard. not been. bad head of the most beloved final set decade behind it will be so where did i even live there would be has a memo sad at online the bad and acted must have been none of my luck remember them all walking. have america's and had a. long how to. get along so officer the. man and if you had become of us.
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did a hundred of you little limits on what the. market and that is a. myth of a man in their home. what there is and i've been less kid playing the. good months. or doing it could a man will notice and i've been less now because we are. on one side you had. me a cornfield heck my rock is beheaded month the heck month off her booty. their money and. their been an oilman fool who have been the last thought on them i'm not of. what it was. all my have been on and i've been on. for a while then a song to say. that i'm a dog wouldn't call fact he had. a kid in the last second van and i'm up suffer
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left lick on but do it last. hold on and on my first song i love good on and heard that i'm now to see. him then i love me like one hundred watts on a lot of things not out of my. name. but odd live or black side of a row not a long. unsolved long. time enough now to have a barely thought. out on how do we really live really here what i'm going to load where members of my saw i want you to call buster love machine head believe it in the last three be a man i love i believe many years. in december twenty seventh teen lebanese president michelle on told the u.n. that israel had breached lebanese airspace eleven thousand times since two thousand
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. building here. but were thought ma'am. model for no i want to hone the others on. this has been about to learn some taught us to write in a position of name e.g. howard illustrating you had ten year old girl i mean and. had a lot to hide and for good i be only in her now. you know me even on busier. than my s.d. i was in the way i do close up on. the sort of populous really you i live here my second day there we. look at a lot less likely is that we hear the second your million the only and sub for the her was she. and i was in harlem and so were sort of lascivious will buy on them and them and be able to feel i'm going to have a job done with tilly b.
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i mean hey. joe mission and allen well i'm a stellar minister well i can i go up to bush well as where was that unlucky bomb be i may be a rather poor me you fellow i'll call the head a lot danny abbott said that the sub lobby been in an area where they can have my car let me you know. can associate harm are marked on the law i see. yonder hollaback the most anomalous with babies usually from the same. these green mountains and the hills are dark with the stench of death. all our villages are in the firing line of dark forces but many are suffocated by a forced quiet and resistance as quiet and it to bring safety
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and security and a strange calm to battle off hostile neighbors. our enemy doesn't know the true meaning of tranquility. except through the force of bombs their finger is on the trigger. and both sides are in a state of constant readiness the moment for war is coming our land will remain for those who spilled their blood in them for the sake. this house belongs to a retired lebanese army officer who says former president shimon peres used to stay nearby before the founding of israel in one nine hundred forty eight. barrels of their will to win over a girl of color to the given of all. the.
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good work when the whole lately. up full of. i think of the obvious job you've got but fails at the thought of the. fear of a shabby shrine rule well those of you i would fear where are. you that are you that would have allowed. limoges alexander out here on a ventilator colon to show. a sickening galusha loss of color the other a bit of a little mcconnell but to play acted like i valued member of it i will vote through the young and that however me or something else a measure by one hundred well that is our home and other means of other more talk
11:55 pm
a lot is easy well ok that's kelly yeah for sure i'll call him a jerk if there's a cliff to hammer but the judge will all be with me like a little but he just does the whole like i showed us a loaf when i just. love our that i like a little marvin mahoney but that i shall be no bully the business will be out with valuation because a lot. will bother with most of the bill of furcal most of the civilized. no relish of our selves at the bother of all that i. walk around with a molecular like in company of the can from the basic american the mobile the lack of the culture symbol the mccully the mother. the feel my magic i have a mother
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a was a lie a. brother killed. the job you blame our the mother has to be a hollow a lowell clear that of a little family thoroughfare our way to hitler. this regional border tension shows no sign of abating in fact in december twenty seventh seen it increased when israel and nouns did plan to build a wall along the whole of the blue line. led net us to my sons and loved ones. i wrote my words in the line of fire to remind you that the peace you enjoy flows from the pure blood spilled for this precious homeland to keep it free. i dedicate these
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poems to you to everyone who adores this homeland and the very meaning of freedom and sovereignty it was. the palestine national locust was first founded in the one nine hundred thirty s. but has had to be revived in two thousand and ten all was very important for all to sing in palestine now musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the occupied territories so good for the theme it's like every palestinian living in the us poor felt it was the first time they perform using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra at this time.
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hello there it's very wet for many of us in the northern parts of australia at the moment you see all the cloud there stretching its way across the northern parts it is giving us some very heavy downpours and embedded within that cloud is several areas of low pressure and they could develop into something slightly more sinister if they pop over the sea they could become a cycle so we've got to keep a close eye on that region over the next day or so elsewhere and it's a different problem in the southeast is just incredibly hot head look at that forty two in adelaide very very hot but it doesn't last for too long this cold front sweeps its way across as and on monday the maximum temperature will just be twenty
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seven far more bearable mobin though still in the hot if a now will be up around thirty five every towards new zealand and it's also very warm for many of us here as well not a great deal of cloud showing up on the satellite picture just the old shower perhaps but i think for most of us it will be dry in fine and still warm twenty four there in christchurch and twenty seven in or clint and not a great deal of change really as we head through monday this whole month has been really very warm for us before the towards the north and here we have courts of more in the way of cloud and a few outbreaks of snow that's over the northwestern parts of japan and of the systems rolling its way towards the east away from us there on monday. personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel the line runs through this period their daily struggles and the moment when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they're sure that i wouldn't survive and peaceful
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protesters threw them in the place of the interior means defiance and resistance that at this new time it's means now for knight and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us that's what i think we really do well. this is alger.


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