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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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the southwestern parts of canada a bit further towards the south and we've been seeing some heavy rain here over the past few weeks but it is breaking up a little bit now just a handful of showers there for some of us in hispaniola and across into jamaica some heavy rain for us across parts of mexico looks like the temp and it's a low will be rather wet as we will across the northern parts of honduras that's working pretty soggy particular on monday for the south we've also got some heavy rain here pushing its way northward across argentina foreigners are a should should be dry twenty eight on monday. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes in afghanistan after a taliban suicide bomber uses an ambulance to get through kabul's green zone killing at least ninety five people. a nation divided protesters in honduras clashed with police as the president is sworn in for a second time. syria's eastern ghouta bombed just hours after a fragile cease fire comes into effect. it's not only the financial markets that are booming i'm rob the bride at the biggest market in traditional chinese medicine that's going through them with. the taliban says it was behind a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital that killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty others the explosives were hidden in an ambulance that allowed the bomber to get through security in the city's green zone
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it's the most heavily protected area in couple it was the second successful taliban attack in a week on targets in the city despite high security jennifer glass reports. another day of carnage on the streets of kabul this time the bomb was in an ambulance the driver pretended to be taking someone to a nearby hospital but instead he detonated his device on a crowded street the taliban said it was targeting policemen having lunch but as so often happens here afghan civilians going about their daily lives are among the victims including. line about side the interior ministry's human resources department. i was in my office and we heard the explosion we didn't know what was going on so many people were injured i myself counted at least forty wounded near me everyone was on the ground and i couldn't tell who was dead or who was wounded the street was already heavily guarded with a number of checkpoints protecting government offices embassies a hospital and
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a school the area is usually bustling with people urgency services evacuated offices shops and agencies perceptor blocks can you hear the security vehicles going by. taking away the wounded and the dead there have been casualties here this is a very busy part of town in addition to the high peace council the anti-corruption commission is also down there just down the streets at the u.n. mine agency and this is normally a very very busy part of kabul it's the second attack in the capital in a week taliban fighters battled security forces for more than fifteen hours at the city's intercontinental hotel in a siege that killed twenty five people last saturday security has been stepped up around the city but it wasn't enough. police on the army of afghanistan is a really young it's just seventeen or eighteen years old and they need more training they need more practice they need more experience but the taliban on the other hand they are very devoted to fight those cobbles emergency hospital was
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flooded with patients it's a scene that's been repeated many times the president says the uptick in attacks is because of increased military pressure on armed groups and political pressure on pakistan that may be the case but it's the people here who continue to suffer the most jennifer glass al-jazeera kabul while saturday's attack is just the latest in a wave of violence in afghanistan on december the twenty eighth and i saw a suicide bomber targeted a shia cultural center in kabul killing at least forty one people and as you heard in the report last saturday. one of the capital's most heavily guarded hotels the intercontinental was also telling good the taliban claimed responsibility for the gun buckland siege which lasted sixteen hours and did with twenty five people dead then on wednesday eisel fighters stormed the offices of save the children in the eastern city of jalalabad four people were killed in that attack and the agency announced it would suspend its operations in the country which invites is director
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of the center for political and military analysis at the hudson institute he's joining us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for being with us donald trump has released a statement calling for more decisive action against the taliban in the wake of this attack but what more can be done and by whom that's a very good question since the ministration has taken steps and by the pressure as you know they've relaxed some restrictions on airstrikes they've had u.s. forces working correctly with the afghan security forces beyond training equipping that even in training they're setting up a new special type of special forces training program that so it's not really add that i mean under the previous administration at one point we had one hundred thousand u.s. troops there but i don't think there's any intent to go that level i imagine that this may lead to more pressure on pakistan and perhaps russia china and other
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countries that are close to pakistan to tighten up supply and support for the taliban but you're right it's not there's no clear easy answer to know what you would do next prevent these kind of attacks how much of the violence in afghanistan is done to a difference in understanding the timescales the u.s. and its allies and nato as well for political reasons would quite clearly want this to have a quick solution perhaps in part for political reasons but the taliban seems to be playing a much longer game. that was a criticism of some of the previous administration is that what happened was the u.s. and therefore nato would say that we will start reducing our forces after eighteen months after two years and so on the current administration tried to get around this problem by saying there's no timeline it's going to be conditions based once
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we have a peace agreement or diminish and violence then we'll withdraw but you're still correct in the taliban and the pakistanis and others are calculating well they're going to be there forever given geography whereas at some point the u.s. and western forces will leave what the u.s. in the west has tried to do is just say this point will be so long that it's not you just won't be able to wait us out on an operational level and therefore it's best to sue for peace now or some kind of agreement let's talk briefly about pakistan's role in all of this i mean donald trump has recently criticized pakistan his stance on terrorism despite the fact that the company gets a lot of country gets a lot of u.s. aid pakistan's prime minister has responded by saying his country's committed to the war on terror but why is it does it seem so difficult for the pakistani government to crack down on the groups that appear to be supporting terrorists in afghanistan. well i think you very very correctly there's the
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government of pakistan for the past decade and a half has worked closely with the u.s. and other countries to try and crack down on terrorism that could affect pakistan and largely it's at various times in afghanistan but there appears to be groups within pakistan particularly the security forces that see it and bandage and having the taliban there is an instrument against india or as a hedge against the what we mentioned before a u.s. withdrawal there are others who want to use terrorism against india more directly and therefore but but the effect of that is to encourage other terrorist groups so the problem is they can't we can't just deal with the afghan question and isolation we have to deal with it is a south asia question and now more broadly now that russia and china are more involved which is a virus direct to the center of political and military analysis the hudson institute thank you very much for your time. in here is the inauguration of
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president juan orlando how monday's has been held against a backdrop of protests demonstrators say there were irregularities in vote counting that saw one and us win a second term in november beating opposition leader salvador ness the dollar john hallman has more from the capital. inside the national stadium or to range as president one orlando and monday's was sworn in for his second term. outside things were different. it sums up a nation divided by elections in which there were serious irregularities we are demanding our votes be respected we voted and defeated the narco dictator even with all his resources we defeated him you can see the protesters trying to advance on the national stadium but there is a big line of military police aren't letting them get anywhere near and it's turned into a little bit of a pitched battle with tear gas and stones. numbers were way down from the tens of
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thousands that marks two months ago a sense of futility more than thirty deaths has dampened the spirits of many in his speech the president gave the barest of mentions to the crisis agreeing to look at a letter to reform in the future it's dumb or new thought but is while we're prepared to listen to any off without very is because that is the dialogue that will take us to move three conciliation and the healing of the hungry and family. he preferred to talk about his plans to resolve poverty and a lack of jobs both grew worse during his first term in other areas he has seen progress he has come to agreements with the international monetary fund. he has good terms with the world bank in good terms with the inter-marriage going to be development bank that has been very helpful he's also had success in lowering the sky high merge. right although the security crackdown has also led to alleged
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human rights abuses and reinforced his reputation as an authority tarion leader on the side of an elite ruling class now his biggest challenge is to prove to hondurans that he can govern for all john hoeven now does it a to. the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights says that of the multiple violations of a cease fire in the rebel held area of eastern go to just less than a day after it went into effect the group says syrian government airstrikes killed three people and wounded many others on saturday on friday syria's opposition confirmed it had received an offer from russia for a cease fire deal fighting now appears to have subsided stephanie decker has more from taqiyya near turkey's border with syria. often when things are decided at the negotiating table thousands of kilometers away it's not exactly what transpires on the ground and this is significant because it is the last rebel stronghold in the
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vicinity of the capital damascus but what is most concerning is the situation there for the civilians the u.n. estimates around four hundred thousand people are trapped inside the air at least in which there is a severe lack of food and medicine and the u.n. also says that the issue of malnutrition is one of the worst in the syrian conflict so aid access into eastern for those people will be key and will be something that then could really change and improve the situation for people on the ground and we know within this conflict aid has always been a very difficult thing to negotiate cross lines all sides need to agree so that will be also one of the huge challenges ahead meanwhile the u.n. says its special envoy for syria stuff on de mistura one attend a planned summit on the syrian conflict in the russian coastal city of sochi but syria's opposition says it's boycotting the russian backed talks al-jazeera has called the of the how many days in vienna and she spoke to
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a member of the opposition delegation about that decision. this round in v.n. was meant to be a real test for the commitment to the implementation of u.n. security council resolution two two five four and what the details in it unfortunately this test has been. they failed the test both the regime and those who are supporting that he deemed to continue surviving now based on that is all of the vote that there could be commitment the sit ins could have been made regarding what russia's proposing unfortunately the test was for you where is this going to go i mean how many times are you guys going to attend talks when to invade name geneva or anywhere else and each and every time there's no outcome absolutely you're right but you have to think of the person who was trying to obstruct the political process from the very beginning of the g.m.
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has selected the minute to do solution to be the strategy for just silencing people how about the world quote a political solution and it should u.n. security council resolutions that is somebody who is working against these political attempts of the because of you shouldn't and finding ways and means to obstruct the you on from just doing its job it is a challenge not only to the syrian people it is a challenge to the u.n. it's it's going to the council resolutions this is the problem. plenty more ahead on the news hour including misunderstanding and. a saudi billionaire prince is set free after being detained in riyadh for more than two months and allegations of corruption plus. i'm lauren three on the river everyone it's the land border between turkey and greece but it's all for the new frontline and the european union's attempts to keep refugees out. and in sports grand slam glory at last peter
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is going to have all the details on caroline wozniacki it's a strange and old success. at least fourteen soldiers have been killed at an army camp in mali seventeen others were wounded when the base near timbuktu was targeted the military says it killed the seventeen other and thirty attackers and it's reclaimed control of the base it's the worst incident involving mali security forces in more than a year on a dangerous has more from abuja in nigeria. seventeen million soldiers injured in the tag are receiving treatment in hospitals sources say at least two of the attackers have been killed and i mea colonel however told that at least seventeen of the attackers have been killed there were also according to other sources there were also able to cart away six vehicles arms and ammunitions and then set fire to the rest it cannot move now this attack is one of five or six attacks that happened
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in the last one week in northern mali although the rest have not been officially confirmed by the money in authorities however we're seeing increased cooperation and a new coalition between that made up of the two and more of the two and the al qaeda and the islamic state and other fringe groups operating in northern mali that resulted in an increase in the number of attacks on both civilian and military targets in mali two or three days ago we've seen how a civilian bus carrying passengers run over a mine that killed at least twenty three people in that incident now it looks like the muddy and security forces unable to control the situation and it looks like things are on the military front it could probably lead to a miley asking for forty assistance to help deal with the rising number of attacks in the north of the country probably we may see a situation like the ones we've seen five six seven years ago when the french led
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an international coalition to cheese out al qaida and other affiliated groups in northern mali before things quite in down a little bit in that area a former chief of egypt's anti corruption watchdog has suffered injuries from what his lawyer says is a failed kidnapping attempt pictures on social media show his sham going in now with severe injuries he was an assistant to former presidential candidate sami anon who was arrested last week and barred from running for office the interior ministry says he was injured in a dispute and linked to a car accident. egyptian authorities have extended the detention of al-jazeera journalist mahmud hussain for the eleventh time he'll be held for an extra forty five days without trial it's now been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt hossein is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny he has repeatedly complained of mistreatment while in prison african leaders have gathered in
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ethiopia's capital for the i know summit of the african union dealing with corruption and finding solutions to conflict will be among the main issues in the agenda reports from added sabah they come together from all over the continent in the city that give to the concept of african unity the issue of independent financing for the african union and white out of formal the organization. and tackling corruption in africa will also dominate discussions here but it's tough to be skeptical when we lift time. city and was to say that we girls were is that going to help those who were in this to get this one hundred eighty. degree hours until. the african union will name prison muhammadu buhari of nigeria as its first ever and to corruption champion for the year two thousand and eighteen it's an endorsement seen as a ticket condition for president biharis efforts in the fight against graft in
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nigeria all eyes will likely be on this month the rwandan president paul kagame it will not only tickle last chairman of the a huge general assembly but is also expected to use each year of the home to push through the agenda he developed far more independent a year money has always been a sticking point at the u. . it now wants to hobbits activities bang ruled by its members the self financing scheme requires member states to levy a single point two percent tax on illegitimately imports to finance the union but so far just twenty one of the fifty five member states of implemented it having a predictable financing for our security financing programs and also development programs is a prerequisite which means that we need to create a mindset kind of spirit that the african union can shoulder its own development programs twenty eighteen promises to be even more eventful for the african union
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eighteen of its member states have elections fourteen of them are in conflict imagine for one or have a history of force five the a use chronically understaffed and underfunded department for political office cannot effectively morning to all these contests its official say they will concentrate just on bills requiring more scrutiny but still there are problems but africa now is taking its own problems by its own by its own solutions africa solution to every problem. there will be multiple absentees from the summit this year zimbabwe's robert mugabe among gloss hall said what little some tools veterans of the struggles of previous both of whom have stepped down after almost four decades in. their departure some say is proof of a continent headed in the right direction mohammed at all just the era of the flow
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of refugees and migrants to europe will also be a key topic for african leaders thousands continue to make dangerous journeys across the mediterranean despite efforts to stop them because hock reports from senegal are why people are determined to leave yusuf in the us doesn't want to be here he's tried twice to go to france. and failed both times. now he wants to go again he says he deserves a better life. i'm a father my family depend on me i decided to leave senegal because my degrees and diplomas seemed useless here. as a child he thought he would play professional football in europe instead he went to university and became an i.t. engineer hoping to find work at home but here in senegal he never found a full time job. my parents sold whatever they want to pay for my education
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they've never asked me to pay them back but i know i owed them because they have suffered for me and i'm ready to suffer for them and so is preparing to travel again by road and see to the shores of europe despite joint efforts by police forces and coast guards from both european and african countries the trafficking of migrants and refugees continues. the u.n. estimates the people smuggling trade to be worth more than thirty five billion dollars a year and it's booming. more than three thousand people died last year most of them were african and. there are no official numbers of migrants have actually made it to europe some have drowned in the mediterranean others have died of thirst hunger in the desert and then there are those who have been taken as slaves. he was sold by senegalese traffickers not arabs our own brother has sold us to the arabs my family had to pay fifteen hundred dollars to free me. this is against his
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brother it's illegal eavesdropper who made it to france he paid for us to be freed and sends money back to his family in this zone he explains why so many want to leave africa he says it's the shame of not being able to support your children your parents it's the shame of seeing your loved ones are able to eat. a bed unable to provide for their family that pushes them to leave you. with and i feel like a slave here too and i feel stuck unable to get out of my current situation all i want is to be like my brother to be someone my family can depend on most africans wanting to go to europe legally get their visa application rejected and so yes his family agreed to pay traffickers for his latest trip through morocco to spain it's a journey worth the risks he says whence again he packed his bag ready to go
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because hawk al jazeera the car turkish security forces say they're arresting more refugees and migrants in the land border with northern greece until recently the most popular route had been to cross the a-g. and but a new one takes refugees overland to europe their journey begins in istanbul and western turkey their destination is some of the small villages close to the border with greece from there they have to cross the wide and dangerous river every loss marks the international front here people traffickers then leave them to walk for hours through forests on the greek side as lawrence lee reports from western turkey thousands are willing to risk their lives by making this new journey is tumble isn't well known as a gathering point for refugees yet there is all the evidence you need that a significant smuggling operation is based here. in the central districts of people from all kinds of places. like you know fast so eritrea sri lanka
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pakistan. nobody wants to tell you much about their plans but they do spend a lot of time on their phones all the refugees or try the same thing for the deal is done in the nearby coffee houses smugglers charge up to two thousand dollars and one day turns to night some of those smugglers will tell you just how big the trade is. we do three trips a week there are others working too and there's a trip every day in istanbul there are more than fifty smugglers we take forty fifty sixty people a week it depends on time we took seventy five people in one trip these two who are kurdish and syrian former refugees used to smuggle people across the aegean sea to the greek islands but not anymore this is much better. so a lot of course the waves are too big and we have worked there and it's too dangerous it was difficult at the laundromat is easier the river border is one
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hundred fifty kilometers long this vast nothingness might feel safer to the traffickers than the sea but it's still hugely dangerous on the greek side there are a forested mountains the refugees call the jungle there are wild boar and wolves up there being eaten is a genuine concern. the smugglers drive the refugees to tiny depopulated villages where they hide out in abandoned buildings. that the farmer said the army had captured refugees each of the last two days this man tried it and failed his face hidden as he was still in fear of the smugglers muffy though it's like nothing exist here in total darkness you might be attacked by wild animals in the forest anything you can imagine could happen to you it makes you paranoid we weren't allowed to put any lights on we were following the smuggler we got to the river and they pushed us into a dinghy. even in daytime the wide river valley is treacherous in the winter water
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is everywhere it wasn't difficult to find signs of life discarded belongings and supplies at night time navigating a path through all this even before getting to the much wider river would be terrifying we had already seen images from the greek side of those whose attempts to cross the course and their lives either from drowning or hypothermia and everywhere we drove up and down the river especially the places where greece feels close enough to touch the turkish security forces were there but virtually nobody else well that hill is greece the turkish military say that last year they caught a full fifty thousand people trying to cross the border in places like this as a thousand people a week and it's exactly the same as what the people traffickers told us given that this looks like one of the most important border crossings for refugees in the middle east trying to get into the european union and yet because it's so bleak and
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so remote it seems surpassed everybody by. the turkish security forces didn't reply to our requests to film with them for the state agency released these dramatic pictures of the soldiers at work defeating the darkness and capturing the group trying to escape the european union to likes to see this sort of thing he sees all through all the new frontline in europe's battle against the refugees or ensley al jazeera and the turkey greece border and on sunday you can watch the second of lawrence lee's special reports on the refugees he reports from the everest river northern greece about accusations that greek police are using violence and intimidation to stop refugees from crossing still ahead and al jazeera from armed rebels to political players will join colombia's fox candidates as they launch their campaign for upcoming elections. paris braces for a flood emergency but there could be some good news on the horizon. and coming up
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in sports relief as real madrid return to winning ways peter is going to have that story later on. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there things are turning cooler for us now in the southeastern parts of china so thanks to this weather system here this is bringing in that cool air it's bringing us a lot of snow there on sunday less snow on monday but still plenty of coldness but that shanghai is the maximum three degrees that's cold and for us in hong kong our maximum will only be twelve and that will feel cool for us a bit further towards the south and we've been watching some very heavy downpours across parts of the philippines and that system responsible is here gradually making its way towards the west it has given to some very heavy rains and more still to come but as we head through sunday and into monday the main focus of the
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rain edgy way towards the west in behind it though just be some showers a not quite as many of them elsewhere also some showers as you might expect but across java but what weather here really has been quite active recently more still to come over the next few days but also be plenty of showers for us in sri lanka lots of what weather here that pushing its way towards the west as we head through sunday and into monday some of that cloud maybe one or two showers could just squeeze into parts of southern india further north oh fine dry not too hot for us in new delhi around twenty three still a problem with pollution and further north you can see more in the way of rain and some heavy snow as she is way towards the east. the weather sponsored by cats are always. bad. in your book the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the
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route that has claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary part two people in power at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. me are fluent in world news.
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you're watching all jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the taliban says it was behind a bomb attack in afghanistan's capital that killed at least ninety five people and injured more than one hundred fifty others the explosives were hidden in an ambulance allowing the bomber to get through security and cobbles most heavily protected area. the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights is accusing the syrian government of breaking a cease fire on a rebel held area of eastern ghouta the group says air strikes have killed three people less than twenty four hours after the truce came into effect. kwan orlando how mundus has been sworn in as president of honduras for a second time but the ceremony has been overshadowed by fighting between security forces and opposition protesters they refused to accept the result of november's disputed election with sonia shorter's director of short international consulting
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and it specializes in u.s. latin american relations she's with us now from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time they president now has the backing of the u.s. and canada and mexico and some other countries as well how is that going to affect the authorization is efforts to try to effect change in one to this. well actually i don't see how months to change is going to happen there since the us congress like they us make cynical kind of out already bad they reelected press him calling model on the five man this so in their way i don't see how much it's going to change their fate of. that amount this it's been sealed by the by the support of the us. the one of us has pledged to rein in violent crime and boost the economy and increase jobs now there was a significant hit on the economy in his first four years but he does seem to have
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seen some results in some areas since then do you think that he is in a position to be able to push forward with reforms and changes and actually make the improvements that he wants to make. ok his posse really this there will depend on how much aid will he get from the us. who are there to move forward with his programs are on the other hand the problem right now in honduras is actually did the we should leave the sation they're gone three is divided into those full support. for non this and. this and those who are also here on the other hand we have to take a look because. the economy now elections not just solely in honduras that what happened. last year and today this fourteen but latin america is
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going through many electoral process the next one is in costa rica colombia and mexico and brazil and the problem what with see it right now in latin america is weak institutions these we can see if those shows are allowed this. this i would redeemed to came into power by here hybrid i mean the. there are signs of democracy in science of our thirty thirty some like in on the us right now so when you're short of short international consultants thank you so much future. former fog rebels have launched their campaigning for upcoming elections in colombia with a promise to fight poverty this year's parliamentary and presidential votes will mark the party's election debut office thousands of members have been in the weapons under a twenty six team piste. got as of today
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i am a candidate for president of the republic representing my party the fark and i'm committed to head the government of transition to generate the conditions for the birth of a new colombia a government that will for the first time finally represent the needs of the poor in colombia well as other sounds of i'm here to report from bogota the fog party faces an uphill struggle to convince a skeptical public it's still dark on the southern tip of but as former five gravel now political candidate biden and yet his approach is workers and their long commute into town we're not. good morning i want to invite you to the launch of the fox campaign we are x. fark fighters and we are now in politics for people like you. for decades the ep is this fourth estate there's a rebel commander the military taught he had died in a two thousand and nine with bartley and instead after handing in his weapons under the two thousand and sixteen peace deal he's running for a seat in congress. we've always done politics but obviously in completely
5:37 am
different circumstances and our social base was mainly peasant farmers the city is a different beast but we are learning we are transitioning into what is a novel path for us. for its part is presenting seventy four candidates for diligence looted elections in march their policies focus on the inequality hoping to make inroads into colombia's lower class the fifty percent of the population that rarely votes if you know i might be good to vote for them because they are common people just like us they understand the needs of the humble and the poor. but most colombians remain angry at fox long history of kidnappings in attacks a slim majority rejected the peace deal in a referendum and surveys show little support thirty x. fighters have been killed by groups hoping to destabilize the peace process was however at the former launch of the companion of the working class neighborhood the
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spirit is upbeat with the peace the automatically assigns the far. right regard most of their showing but the party folks their candidates will win way beyond that. analysts say they will have a hard time overcoming people's this trust in a crowded political field general clark has a golden opportunity in the next two legislators to build a party and political discourse yet it will be difficult to translate that into votes i'm sure the fog will be a real event political organization and important debates in congress and grab the attention of the media but they'll probably remain irrelevant in terms of votes for the former rebels these are just the first steps into an unfamiliar stage but whatever happens most colonials hope it will be a win for peace listener and the. one of the world's richest men has been freed in
5:39 am
saudi arabia after being held for two months in allegations of corruption prince all event tell all is the latest high profile detainee to be released on a hoax to reports. just hours before billionaire saudi prince and waleed bin talib was released from the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh he conducted an interview with the reuters news agency from the suite where he'd been confined been tell is one of saudi arabia's most prominent business men and one of the world's richest men but he's been held for more than two months accused of corruption in the interview he described the entire situation as a misunderstanding there no charges ok just some discussions between the government you know i mean but the rest assured that this is. you know protection that we have and we're just in discussion with the government on the various matters and i can't divulge right now because we are in a major discussion with them the mark perry and his likeness was just one of the many objects known as the prince gave
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a tour of where he'd been detained been tellers arrest in the van that was part of what the government called an anti corruption campaign ordered by crown prince mohammed bin. the government says one hundred twenty four billion dollars is expected to be seized for more than two hundred individuals a group that is said to include the owner of the n.b.c. television network as well as several other senior princes observers say the crackdown has allowed been summoned to do far more than simply consolidate power i think there are two things here it's about money because the saudi. government is facing financial difficulties because of the collapse of the oil prices over the past few years. when mr man is having very ambitious economic plan actually three from the kingdom so he needs the cash money in order to carry on with this project but this is not the only issue the other issue in my opinion here is that he's trying to create a popular base of support for him because all these people are in fact corrupt.
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intaglio his farm hold stakes in companies like twitter citi group an apple is estimated to be worth seventeen. billion dollars his release could potentially reassure investors but analysts believe the timing of his interview with reuters as the world economic forum met in davos was no coincidence having someone like prince to allow for example speak out publicly as he did yesterday shows that you know the saudis are trying to use him as somewhat the poster child of liberalism they're trying to appeal to investors saying we realize that what we did and the way we did it with last year we completely undermined business confidence and investor confidence in saudi arabia in time has told reuters he expects to remain in full control of his global investment without being required to give up his assets to the government. there. lebanese workers who lost their jobs when the saudi
5:42 am
construction company collapsed last year are demanding to be paid former employees of salary also haven't received salaries for nearly two years the firm was owned by lebanon's prime minister saad harley workers feel they've become political bargaining chips in a heart of reports from beirut. but a has lost almost everything he returned home to lebanon from saudi arabia after working for the construction company saudi o'shea for twenty two years it was a good life now this attic is his home his children are all he has left but since he was laid off last summer taking care of them is hard mohamed mahmoud in syria are in an orphanage didn't just lose his job he is owed around sixty thousand dollars the company was in financial trouble before it closed down last july tens of thousands of saudi oshie employees didn't receive their salaries for two years
5:43 am
most even some of the sort of even my wife left me because of the situation i've had two heart attacks and i haven't been able to afford to buy medicine for five months when i came back from riyadh i only had twenty dollars in my pocket. the construction company employs more than fifty thousand workers three thousand five hundred of them are lebanese and just like many of them spent their savings they have been holding protests hoping to receive their pay out eventually. we are demanding our rights but i'm not hopeful because this has become a political issue and not a humanitarian one. saudi was established forty years ago by the father of lebanon's prime minister. amassed the family's fortune in saudi arabia before he was assassinated the preferential treatment the company enjoyed ended a few years ago some believe it wasn't because of falling oil prices and reduced saudi government spending.
5:44 am
and. in fact. after. the prime minister with. the saudi government is believed to the company billions of dollars government leaders say the company is indebted to saudi banks. they cannot afford to live. what happens. prime minister the case could affect his popularity months before the parliamentary election but the stakes are much higher than. preparing for water saying to pick at the weekend but there is some good news the
5:45 am
mayor says flooding won't reach the levels experienced in twenty sixteen when two people died riverside was flooded after weeks of rainfall. being submerged in water seeped into cellars. forced the closure of a basement at the louvre museum tourist cruises have stopped operating until the water subsides it's likely. my example of the flood is less significant in terms of the volume of rising water compared to that or twenty sixteen because currently we are at five point seven one meter is and we should peak between five point eight and six meters maximum in the water levels in twenty sixteen six point ten meters so a little less considerable but nevertheless very impacting particularly for economic activity is linked to the river. spain's top court has ruled that catalonia is former leader callus push them all must be physically present in parliament if he's to receive authority to form a new government judges in spain's constitutional court set
5:46 am
a session of catalonia is parliament on tuesday will be suspended if tries to be reelected without being present in the chamber which the mole has been living in exile in brussels since october he is wanted in spain and charges of sedition and rebellion for spearheading catalonia as independence movement. the czech republic's populist president milosevic a man has been reelected for a second term in a vote highlighting deep social divisions zimmerman's campaign was based on an anti immigration platform he narrowly defeated his pro european rival genie draft horse the pro russian incumbent has strong support among poorer rural voters his opponent was largely backed by wealthier people in towns and cities one of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from running in a byelection the government says agnes child cannot be a candidate because her party's political platform violates the city's electoral laws the twenty one year old is
5:47 am
a member of the hong kong group that wants more autonomy from china the decision is seen as the latest move in the government's crackdown against opposition politicians. hackers have stolen five hundred and thirty million dollars from koin check one of asia's leading crypto currency exchange companies it's been described as the biggest hack of its kind the japanese from has since restricted trading and withdrawals of a digital currency known as and it's also considering compensating those who lost money some scientists in the west have long disputed the therapeutic value of traditional chinese medicine but it seems the ancient craft is gaining popularity at home and abroad it's even been hailed by xi jinping this government as the gem of chinese science mcbride reports from the country's biggest traditional medicine market in the city of bosu where business has never been better. it's early in the trading hole is packed. wholesale buyers pick over the samples of the plants animal
5:48 am
parts and minerals that are the basis for traditional chinese medicine. orders placed here set prices across china i saw it you've been a trader for twenty years has only seen those prices go up ya gotta be alive and i've seen tremendous changes over time this ingredient used to sell at sixteen dollars behalf now it's thirty times that at four hundred seventy five dollars janet on the thank hand or treated as a pseudo science by many for its followers and that includes most older chinese it guarantees good health and increasing popularity abroad is not lost on china's leaders looking for soft power cultural exports to support china's growing international status traditional chinese medicine has been given the best type of tonic with support from president xi jinping who's describe it as the gem of
5:49 am
traditional chinese science and the communist party has been pushing for tiny's medicine to be given equal status with western medicine but while many doctors agree that traditional medical principles and beliefs have a value they warn against using ancient remedies that could do more harm than good when we send that if you're taking the medicines used by the ancient chinese they may contain things that are harmful to your health that's different from traditional medical theories. back in the trading halls in bojo such concerns are largely dismissed ancient remedies they say can exist happily alongside modern medicine still the two are complementary you can go to a hospital to get modern treatment but traditional medicine works well in prevention this has become a belief for people. with that belief comes increasing spending power to ensure the market for those potions keeps on booming of the bride al-jazeera bojo
5:50 am
city china. residents living near an erupting volcano in the central philippines are facing a new threat from severe flooding tens of thousands of people have fled their homes because of the possibility of a large eruption now they've been relocated again because of rising floodwaters near mt mound. and coming up in the sports peter is going to tell us about the snowboarders finding the best for just in time for the winter olympics. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important to have a right to publish it beat up a jew cheat to be offensive or provoke it's all about the nice people to step in
5:51 am
this stage to serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for this is you know it's very challenging even in this particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people believe that tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
5:52 am
so for the sports here's peter. thank you very much after two previous defeats in finals caroline wozniacki is a long lost a grand slam singles champion she beat world number one simona halep to win the australian open in melbourne on saturday was an iraqi is the first player from denmark to win tennis grand slam and for good measure she will now move back to the top of the rankings as well helen grace of has the story it will be third time lucky people who ever won the australian open trophy had twice lost in the final of the french open and caroline was the akhi twice in the us final. the world number one ranking was also on the line trying to hold onto it was me actually bidding to wreck laim it for the first time since twenty twelve. as you'd expect from a contest between the world's top two players there was little to separate them on course was an iraqi just edging that type break with temperatures exceeding thirty degrees that looked to have taken it out of the remaining needing
5:53 am
a medical timeouts midway through the second set. but as is her way the twenty six year old who had to save much point since you earlier matches in melbourne king fighting back. and with alex seemingly in control of the decider it was was the ak is time to get some medical attention that jane was also much point down earlier in the tournament again she puts her way back to a winning position. this championship point was fitting of the close and high quality encounter but it was to be was the aqim celebrate the grandson time for the first time being here tonight as grand slam champion assured open champion it's a very special effort here so it's going home with me tonight and i'll be cuddling with her so are. i'm really said i couldn't. when it.
5:54 am
was close again but they get over in the end so sure whether she was fresher and she could give she she had actually more energy and. a third heartbreak for high level but the sweetest of victories her was the akki forty third major and nine years after reaching her first final she finally has her hands on a much longer full grand slam trophy alan grayson how does he. know madrid have won their first away game in la liga since october last year they beat valencia four one on saturday cristiana rinaldo scored twice from the penalty spot with marcello and turn it cruel surrounding off the scoring for rail later on despite the when they stay fourth in the table two points behind valencia and sixteen adrift of leaders barcelona who play on sunday. we could do it and we could do that look at
5:55 am
what was what yes it's a good result i'm very happy but it's not only the result we played very well we had a lot of ball possession in the first half i wanted my players to play the way they did but it's a difficult ground to play at doing very great things in this league they're even above us in the table so we just had to congratulate our players in our squad and go for china's lead her tongue has a one shot lead into the final day of the dubai desert classic the twenty two year old shot an eight under third round of sixty four on saturday hots on his heels though is former wood number one rule the medical royal who was the halfway leader after completing second round earlier on saturday due to falling delays the previous day despite a two drop shot early on the northern irishman caught it before on the round of sixty eight to stay within one of the league's lead. it off so you've got to start by just a couple a couple of those ones missed a short one on four and then and maybe on it so that wasn't no wasn't too good but
5:56 am
to come back with a five under back nine was was good was going to knock that birdie on at the last and stay within one of of lee but. yeah you know you know probably need to play a bit better tomorrow to win but you know i have you know it's two weeks into the season and you know this is you know of give myself a second chance to win a tournament so looking forward it's more. the head of the defense of the snowboard cross a limp dick tired limp young chang next month french german pierre voltaire may just have rediscovered his form at the right time the thirty year old one he's first snowboard cross event of the season in bang so in bulgaria on saturday he also moved to the top of the world cup standings. yesterday was well apparently my day was it's been a while i've been chasing for the day since the beginning of the season and it finally came up so i'm pretty glad about it and now i've just got to carry on that
5:57 am
base and hopefully. it was a good day for france on the slopes in the women's event twenty two year old charlotte bonk triumph for her third world cup when there is just one more weekend of world cup snowboarding before the winter olympics begin. and of the downhill skiing world cup race in germany be up for it found the former head of the olympics the swiss claim these third world cup victory of the season and the team to beat korea he moves forty points clear of five time downhill world cup champion swindle at the top of the standings and over in poland they were successful home nation in the ski jumping world cup team event norway had won the first three contests of the season they still lead the overall standings with four rounds to go ahead of germany and poland in food. at the monte carlo rarely estonia's autarky one the last stage and certainly to close the gap on overall leader sebastian with four stages to come on sunday the gap between the two is now down to thirty three point
5:58 am
five seconds tanaka will have four stages to try and reduce their and then overtake who is a five time winner in monte carlo the frenchman actually led by one minute eighteen point four seconds after the first two stages on saturday and that's all the sport for me will have another update for you again later. jane dutton is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories rob matheson thanks for being with a life and. his ear expose prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life already has influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal eastern not a communist i'm just a wanted his country che wanted international revolution they came a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time
5:59 am
on al-jazeera when the news breaks members of the knesset israel's parliament setting a higher threshold for any future attempt to give up any parts of truce and the story builds. up to date just what president stated in no country that is not the other way and when people need to be heard china has a serious shortage of women and a lot of lonely men al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the model and board winning documentaries and live news on air and online from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators op propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you what it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on
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al-jazeera. our. own the benefit of people. so bad to see the importance of our cars. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. taliban strike in one of kabul's most secure areas killing at least ninety five people in a suicide bombing.


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