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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that news is forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture we have your zip data we know the products and from buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat you believe that any of your companies have adana five the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. fighting in the southern yemeni city of aden as the prime minister accuses secessionists of staging a coup. hello
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i'm adrian finnegan this is al jazeera life and also coming up turkish backed forces fight for strategic mountain in northern syria. one of hong kong's most prominent activists is barred from standing for election. corruption and conflict high on the agenda as african union leaders hold their annual summit. yemen's prime minister is accusing separatists of staging a coup this after several people were killed in fighting between armed groups in the city of aden been reports of heavy gunfire in the southern port city separatists allied with the united arab emirates but all of this with the saudi backed government of president a bribe a month so hadi groups want control of yemen's southern region let's speak to some a humdinger who's
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a middle east analyst who joins us now live from london skype yemen's prime minister that accusing separatists of staging a coup what's your impression of what's going on in a can of why what are you hearing. i think that. oh. i think you get a little. more over the situation at the moment there is no real time you know and fighting between. all of them and i'm thinking. maybe. he does know who. the woman that you want to know and then. none of them. and they know they don't want to so they've been waiting for this opportunity to. run the government and they can only. be in my office and you move i don't even.
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know where. you might. find. a case of the u.a.e. is which supports the separatists is fighting alongside saudi arabia in this coalition against the who things in the north of the country where this what's going on in a leave that coalition. i think you really. want to believe me don't you want your. loved. ones were found to be want to make sure that we're going to even consideration you know what i'm looking for the only person. on the ballot in the. fight in. iraq. so the review from day one had never really been undervalued my pal i'd be willing to bet my not to believe me when. i'm training. i'm going to.
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do when do you get home and they don't know the current president on the right so it could the u.a.e. apply pressure to the separatists and put a stop to what's going on. and could saudi arabia pressure the u.a.e. to do so i don't think. the pressure and the arab spring. we can i think you are going to want to pressure. on. i think. i learned about. four thousand people so who the. represents and sounds today much. older than you were just going around in the media remembering. the coming out party go by what you can. not necessarily in this region. so much always you know. there's
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no reasonable question there are many so where in your opinion is this going sammy and what are its regional implications. i think that none of the. problems really are going to happen no parent. morrow morning when tired and i don't wake. up from a slight risk. even then becoming aware of the change in you know when to call back i mean number one in your honor yes your honor what you have been so proud of the money some of you have very important country in yemen. you are there you even are now living. in the region. and your ready and all of you will know we have who do you. think you will know that you have it's own you have your own lives on the. enormous you're really an asian
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i think we didn't want to separate yet and based on current situation it could change but i don't think we're going to live in your mind you're not in yemen. i mean really good to talk to many thanks. in london the battle for free in northern syria is intensifying turkish backed forces are fighting the kurdish wiping gene for a strategic mountain for syria turkey border turkey is accusing the white p.g. of firing shells into its territory on saturday three civilians were killed in killis in cross border fire meanwhile turkey's military says that it's killed daily five hundred kurdish y p g fighters in the past week in northern syria it says the fighters whom it calls terrorists have been neutralized in the campaign to take out free tickets military is trying to drive out kurdish fighters from the border area let's go live now to that border area in killis on the turkish syria border is al
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jazeera as stephanie deca president has been talking about the strategic importance of the hills that we can see behind you there stephanie. yes he mentioned that had spoken to a commander on the ground that hopefully he was going to take a mountain that it would be taken very soon you mentioned strategic yes it is because it is that close to the turkish border now we are in chemist's that you mentioned we've been seeing relentless rocket fire out going towards a mountain there's been artillery and there's been a heavy presence of jets in the sky throughout the period that we've been here all morning we've seen airstrikes as well behind us heavy smoke and also just briefly because of the location where and i'll get to zoom in you'll also see in the distance those tents those are camps for the internally displaced in side syria we went into syria just a couple of days ago and millions of people remain you know in camps in very difficult conditions in the winter adrian with nowhere to go and again this war
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simply changes its course so yes this front now which is sort of the eastern north eastern front of a very active today there was more to very outgoing now as we were talking we drove up along the western front which is usually very active as well in terms of outgoing artillery that was relatively quiet so it seems to be all happening here today i know it's a lot for the south from where you are but i know you're across watch what's happening the eastern ghouta just outside damascus where a russia brokered cease fire has been in place since saturday the reports of violations that cease fire. yes three people killed yesterday and today five according to activists we can that we've spoken to just seeing if you will can you get that zoom or maybe no there's outgoing behind us i don't think our camera will be able to get it quite accurately but yes going back to. that cease fire according to activists airstrikes and artillery both yesterday
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and today the problem with this agent is you have various groups and two of those have been subscribed to the cease fire one of those is a group that russia considers a terrorist organization. led by the group. it is in the store front so when we talk about cease fires it's all very relative when it comes to the ground just briefly the concern here is for the civilians inside this besieged area as part of the ceasefire we also heard that they were going to try and get humanitarian aid into eastern we know that you can say that but the practicality and the logistics of getting aid cross-line into areas like this getting all sides to agree is incredibly difficult none of that has happened so again you know it shows why sometimes are quite cynical when they're talking about talks or cease fires because what politicians agree on at the negotiating table in nice hotels thousands of kilometers away doesn't really translate to the conflict on the ground right stuff many thanks indeed out there stephanie decker reporting live from kill is. one of
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hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from running in a byelection the government says the child cannot be a candidate because her party's political platform violates the city's electoral law the twenty one year old is a member of a hong kong group that wants more autonomy from china the decision is seen as the latest move in the government's crackdown against opposition politicians. in hong kong. many people here say they are angry and confused by the government's decision to bar. the government says agnes cha is not eligible to run in these elections because of her party's political stance they advocate self-determination and more autonomy for hong kong but until now all of those papers were in order she in fact gave up her british passport to stand in these elections so many are saying that this decision is unexpected and has no basis the goal experts say that this is decision could set
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a precedent perhaps in the future barring candidates from of the elections based on some high level officials decision or perhaps opinion that they can do that history or their political party. manifesto is not suitable for joseph chang is a professor of political political science at the city university of hong kong he says that many others are following in agnes childs footsteps. the movement has been fairly well prepared for this kind of action and in fact alternative candidates have been people so we are looking to worst securing the three out of four seats to be elected in a coming by your action on march eleventh and it is generally believed that peace end of the hong kong people the hope of these candidates to win in the coming value
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but the whole idea is that our people are very very worried that any tax and balances mechanisms that remains are being seriously eroded and that the rule of law in home in the territory which is very very much cherished has been damaged has been and these seriously tell and leaders from fifty five african union nations are meeting in ethiopia for the in the organizations annual summit and the fight against corruption is taking center stage nigeria's president muhammadu buhari is being put in charge of the blocks first of anti corruption drive they also discussed conflicts and their goal to end all wars across the continent by twenty twenty but there are challenges thirteen of the eighteen a you member states due to hold elections this year either in conflict emerging from one or have a history of electoral strife a bloc will also tackle how to pay for its projects it wants to be able to finance
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itself completely but now most of its money comes from foreign donors al-jazeera is mohammed atta is in ethiopia's capital. a governing office to fly for leaders majority of them coming from. widespread corruption and discussing my thoughts seems. so many people are skeptical whether they can deal with option. other seems. like they have not come to understand there is some. use in prison. until i can a man who has taken. something that many see. loses a lot of money on the feeling here is that one dollar loss to ease one
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dollar less full funding education and health care and all the needs of the peoples of the continent and that it's time to not only talk about it but also go a step farther than deal with it's whether they can do it in the show tom still up in the. u.s. president donald trump has called for decisive action against the taliban after it claimed responsibility for saturday's suicide bomb attack in afghanistan at least one hundred three people were killed in kabul more than two hundred thirty others were injured by explosives that were hidden inside an ambulance the boma managed to get through security in the city's most heavily protected area jennifer plus reports from couple. prison ashraf ghani has declared several days of mourning here in afghanistan you can see the national flag flying at half staff as all the flags will be across the country it is to allow at the afghan people to mourn with those killed and injured in that massive bomb attack here in kabul on saturday afternoon
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the u.s. president has joined the chorus of condemnations from around afghanistan and around the world saying that the united states remains committed to supporting a stable afghanistan and calling on countries to take decisive action against those who support the taliban really a veiled remark to pakistan which the united states and afghanistan accuses of supporting the taliban a charge that islam abroad denies the united states has already stopped hundreds of millions of dollars of aid to pakistan because it's of alleged support of armed groups also in this put six men on the u.s. terror list including a number of pakistani citizens because of their alleged support of the taliban and the question here is what more can be done already airstrikes have more than doubled in two thousand and seventeen against the taliban thousands more u.s. troops have come in to support the afghan national security forces president ashraf
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ghani was meeting with the commander of u.s. forces actually of central command general just a votel he was here in kabul when that attack happened on saturday he reaffirmed the u.s. support for the afghan national security forces and they are out in full force. cross the afghan capital today checking cars checking people looking for anyone suspicious as the funerals get underway a weather update thanks to you and i was there and then live pictures from moscow as anti-government protesters gather in the city hall police shut down an opposition t.v. station. and boom time in china i will tell you why prices for chinese medicine are going through the roof.
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welcome back as we look at the weather across asia across more northern areas we've got a frontal system which is pushing across japan bringing with it some rain indeed in places or some snow so there's the forecast through monday snow showers coming in across the sea of japan on to the western side of honshu tokyo probably offering to party staying largely dry northern parts of japan really cold mana six says the mix and you see the cold air over towards a little bit or in mongolia beijing that just above freezing the cold air is going along way south of had snow in shanghai and temperatures struggling just two degrees that will become slightly warmer as we head through tuesday but five is still below average for this time of the year the cold air extends a long way say affair with hong kong seeing a high of just eleven degrees the cold air pushing in across northern parts of vietnam twelve as a mix some in hanoi and some dresses well it probably won't be a very nice at all same really goes for choose taken those temperatures below what the should be want to get across into laos and through towards me amar then you get some more typical weather conditions yangon's thirty two degrees have to use you see at this time of the year heading into southeastern parts of asia the really
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heavy rain across the philippines is clearing away otherwise some showers for java and bali please move up through the malay pinchers looking largely dry and fine for both singapore and kuala lumpur the fine across much of thailand thirty two the high in bangkok. personal stories of lebanese villagers on the border with israel the blue line runs through this period their daily struggles when we go get emergency forces stop us when we go there they shoot at us. and peaceful protests during the manipulation of the interior means the fines and resistance and piecemeal time gets means nothing at night and freedom life on the edge of cross border tension lebannon living on the blue line at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again the main news this hour on al-jazeera yemen's prime minister is accusing separatists of staging a coup in the city of aden this after several people were killed in fighting between armed groups in the area separatists allied with the united arab emirates but at odds with the saudi backed government of president up trouble once a hearty. the battle for freedom in northern syria is intensifying turkish backed forces are fighting the kurdish why p.g. for a strategic mounted on the syria turkey border turkey's military says that it's killed nearly five hundred kurdish fighters in the past week in northern syria one of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says that agnes chow cannot be a candidate in the byelection because her party's political platform violates the
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territories electoral laws child's party wants more autonomy from china. in honduras the inauguration of president hollande hondas has been marred by protests demonstrators say there were irregularities in vote counting that sohan does win a second term in november john holeman reports from to go seek help. inside the national stadium or to rangers president juan orlando and monday's was sworn in for his second term. and outside things were different. it sums up a nation divided by elections in which there were serious irregularities we are demanding our votes be respected we voted and defeated the narco dictator even with all his resources we defeated him you can see the protesters trying to advance on the national stadium but there is a big line of military police aren't letting them get anywhere near and it's turned
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into a little bit of a pitched battle with tear gas and stones. numbers were way down from the tens of thousands that marks two months ago a sense of futility more than thirty deaths has dampened the spirits of many in his speech the president gave the barest of mentions to the crisis agreeing to look at the letter to reform in the future it's dumb or new thought but is what we are prepared to listen to any off without areas because that is the dialogue that will take us to will drink conciliation and the healing of the hundred human family. he preferred to talk about his plans to resolve poverty and a lack of jobs both grew worse during his first term in other areas he has seen progress he has come to agreements with the international monetary fund. and good terms with the world bank in good terms with the intermarriage going but
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development bank that has been very helpful he's also had success in lowering the sky high murder rate although the security crackdown has also led to alleged human rights abuses and reinforce his reputation as a north or a tarion leader on the side of an elite ruling class now his biggest challenge is to prove to hondurans that he can govern for all. john hoeven. in russia police have raided the moscow office of opposition leader alexina valmy ahead of nationwide anti-government protests the rally says police shut down the live feed of his opposition t.v. station police say that they were looking for a bomb of only call for demonstrations after he was barred from running in march his presidential election his candidacy was rejected last month over his conviction for financial crime which he says is politically motivated have only made this statement shortly after his t.v. station was shut down. i'm not ready to make peace with this eighteen year old
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regime and i don't want to be prolonged for another six years i just want to go to the street myself to get to the protests whether i get detained or not and i can tell my children when i was there. i've got a moscow and a serious worry chalons is that these protests have just got on the way rory how sizeable are they. well they've just got under way here in moscow of course this is a vast country so across the country across the time zones people have been protesting since early hours of the morning moscow time and there have been arrests taking place over the last few hours a monitoring group o.b.d. employees says that about ninety people have been detained across the country so far here in moscow to say things are a fairly peaceful at the moment about two hundred or so protesters outside. metro station here on a skier street now this leads down to the kremlin in that direction and has called
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for people to keep walking up and down this street down to the kremlin and back again the police to surrounding the entrance and exit to the metro station behind me perhaps they're waiting for a self nobody knows where he is since is studio was raided earlier on in the day he's essentially in hiding he wasn't at his his apartment when the police turned up there this morning he made that message that you just played and he is intending to come down to these demonstrations i imagine when he does turn up he'll be pounced on by police very swiftly ultimately is any of this going to make any difference to the presidential elections. well i don't think there are many people who are betting against putin winning the elections in march he can get control of the electoral system is so tightly that it's very difficult to imagine any other candidate standing a chance no valley has basically made his message about discrediting the elections
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in general turning this into a kind of boycotts basically saying that these these elections are. so tightly managed that they are illegitimate and he wants his supporters to stay away from the ballot boxes when it comes down to it in march of two thousand and eighteen and that's what he. these is the weak points of the crimmins legitimacy he thinks that if he can drive down turned out to the elections then the kremlin is going to feel very uneasy about. putin's right really to take to take office again. and he might have a point in that the kremlin has been reported to be worrying that if if it turns out pulls much below from a sixty percent something around there then they're going to be slightly worried about how they can justify the continued putin rule for another six years many thanks for a challenge live in moscow the finance chairman of the u.s.
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republican national committee has resigned of allegations of harassment and sexual assault several women told the wall street journal that steve wynn made unwanted advances and pressured them to perform sex acts when denies the allegations calling them preposterous the casino tycoon led fundraising efforts during donald trump's first year in office style and estabrook reports now from washington. well steve wynn said that he was stepping down as finance chairman of the republican national committee because he didn't want to be a distraction to president trump or the party when it is a billionaire casino owner who is the latest person to get swept up in the sexual harassment scandal that has been sweeping the u.s. . and actually president romney has been rivals at one point in the casino business when the president trump only can see you know in atlantic city but they were friendly and he was tapped by the president to come on as the finance chairman when
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the president took office last year but he said that he could not stay on again because he didn't want to be a distraction going into these highly contentious midterm elections coming up in the fall he most recently held fund raising events at the president's mar a lago retreat in florida and had also had a recent fund raising event in new york city but because the republican party had been so critical of the democrats for their close relationship with harvey weinstein when staying on his spine announced chairman just really wasn't possible and so that had a lot to do with him stepping down spain's top courses ruled that catalonia is formally to congress push to mount must attend parliament if he wants to get permission to form a new government the judges said the tuesday's session of the catalan parliament will be suspended if pushed most is reelected without being in the chamber he's
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been living in exile in brussels since. he's wanted on charges of sedition and rebellion for leading the succession referendum in october. because of stolen five hundred thirty million dollars from clean check one of asia's leading crypto currency exchange companies it's the largest ever digital currency hack of its kind the japanese for since restricted trading and with drools of the digital currency as an. some scientists in the west have long disputed the therapeutic value of traditional chinese medicine but it seems that it's growing in popularity both at home and abroad. bride reports now from the country's biggest traditional medicine market in the city of bojo where business has never been better. it's early and the trading hall is packed. wholesale buyers pick over the samples of the plants animal parts of minerals that are the basis for traditional chinese medicine. orders
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placed here set prices across china. so it you've been a trader for twenty years has only seen those prices go up ya gotta be a while and i've seen tremendous changes over time you see green used to sell at sixteen dollars behalf now it's thirty times that at four hundred seventy five dollars can it on the thank hand or treated as a pseudo science by many for its followers and that includes most older chinese it guarantees good health and increasing popularity abroad is not lost on china's leaders looking for soft power cultural exports to support china's growing international status traditional chinese medicine has been given the best type of tonic with support from president xi jinping who's describe it as the gem of traditional chinese science and the communist party has been pushing for tiny's medicine to be given equal status with western medicine but while many doctors
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agree that traditional medical principles and beliefs have a value they warn against using ancient remedies that could do more harm than good when we send that if you're taking the medicines used by the ancient chinese they may contain things that are harmful to your health that's different from traditional medical theories. back in the trading halls in bojo such concerns are largely. mist ancient remedies they say can exist happily alongside modern medicine still due to our complimentary you can go to a hospital to get modern treatment but traditional medicine works well in prevention this has become a belief for people. with that belief comes increasing spending power to ensure the market for those potions keeps on booming the bride al-jazeera bojo city china.
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good to have you with the safety and for the good here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera yemen's prime minister is accusing separatists of staging a coup in the city of aden this after several people were killed in fighting between armed groups in the area separatist allied with the united arab emirates have been at odds with the saudi backed government of president a drop of months or hardee the group's won control of yemen's southern region the battle for affray in a northern syria is intensifying turkish backed forces are fighting the kurdish y p g for a strategic mountain on the syria turkey border he is accusing the white p.g. of firing shells into its territory turkey's military says that its killed nearly five hundred kurdish y p g fighters in the past week in northern syria one of hong kong's most prominent pro-democracy activists has been barred from standing for election the government says that agnes child cannot be a candidate in the byelection because her party's political platform violates the
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territories electoral laws charles pass he wants more autonomy from china. police in russia have raided the moscow office of the opposition leader alexina valmy ahead of nationwide antigovernment protests the man he says the police shut down the live feed of his opposition t.v. station police say they were looking for a bomb of and he called for demonstrations of he was barred from running in march his presidential election his candidacy was rejected last month week due to a conviction for a financial crime that he says was politically motivated. i'm not ready to make peace with this eighteen year old regime and i don't want to be prolonged for another six years except that if i just want to go to the street myself to get to the protests whether i get detained or not and i can tell my children what i was they are corruption and conflict is set to top the agenda at a meeting of the african union leaders from the fifty five member nations gathering for the annual summit in ethiopia's capital addis ababa the finance chairman of the
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us republican national committee has resigned over allegations of harassment and sexual assault several women told the wall street journal that steve women made unwanted advances and pressured them to perform sex acts when denies the allegations. there's the headlines we'll have more news for you here on out is era of the inside story next. and donald trump says america first it's not mean america alone business leaders at the world economic forum in davos but can a man who's promoted protectionist policies and scrap trade deals convince the world the u.s. is open for business and this is inside story.


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