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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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and us banks love to make loans to some friends why because behind the sovereign millions of taxpayers we can see reaction to the liberalisation just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be up to already is in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went off to my interest then i would look for a strong back if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we are heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. another attack in the afghan capital gunmen target
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a military academy and pub or at least her soldiers have been killed. and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana also ahead. of the. taken from their families human traffickers target a henge of refugee girls and. russian opposition leader alexina vali is religious talk to being detained during protests against the upcoming presidential election and calls for an immediate ceasefire and yemen's port city of aden after the session a scenes government building. two soldiers have been killed and ten others wounded in an attack on the a military academy and of capital cup. all the presidential spokesman says the
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gunman did not manage to get inside the marshal fahim national defense university three attackers have been killed one has been arrested the assault is continuing at a police battalion next to the academy. well it comes just two days after a suicide bomb bombing also in kabul that killed at least one hundred and three people hundreds of people gathered for funerals and waited to hear from their loved ones outside hospitals and morgues the afghan president has declared three days of mourning not just for the bombing but for two other deadly attacks in the past week one that cobbles intercontinental hotel and the other on the save the children compound in jalalabad the afghans blame the government for failing to improve security let's get more on all of this now we're joined by abilify he need a lecturer in international trade at university he's joining us live from kabul very good to have you with us on al-jazeera firstly what are you hearing about this
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attack and the academy and the police battalion next to it. good morning thank you for having me. as you have been updated. about five attackers which. attacked two minutes. institutions one being the. academy military academy and the other it is a national army you need very close to the academy. and the latest on the attack essays that. the two attackers have been killed one have been arrested in life and the other is hiding and two. members of the national army have been killed and ten more injured and you know that the attack on saturday. by taleban took the lives of more than one hundred eighty three
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injured. two hundred fifty five mystifying family as we've been reporting there was a previous attack of the same of the train academy and at the top of last year in which fifteen officers were killed just in the past week as you mentioned we've had one of the deadliest attacks in kabul all for the intercontinental hotel attack the save the children and why are we seeing some of the many attacks and i've got on the phone at a time you know. when. we generally fuel attacks. yes you are right that we have been accustomed to. that in the winter we see less attacks by the taliban and their allies basically the main county group based in pakistan and on several occasions there is this branch of. ice as in afghanistan we have seen less attacks in the winter but more attacks in
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this string and some up but in this winter and also a couple of winters in the past two years we have seen that the taliban and its allies have maintained that level of attacks have increased of it all. and so much i think this comes. as a response to the aggressive strategy folate but the government of afghanistan and also by. a response to the us that sanctioned six members of the taliban and i look at. how can a group. this is a response they are attacking in every way that they are trying to show that they are going to tax it billions they can attack military institutions they can attack the capital or the provence its ambassador seating and that they even thought that attacking places like the military academy and a continental hotel which have been previously attacks such as this government
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strategy of being more aggressive working when the attacks on just continuing but then creasing. well this we cannot say if this strategy of the government is working or not because we have not seen the results we have just seen more attacks in mobile that said. this is a showing that meeting said the strategy is working for surely that means that the government is failing to protect afghans. yes yes this is showcasing a failure this is this is another video from the intelligence that is from the national police on the national army. this is a by the government and this issue is the strength of the taliban and the other terrorist groups so what should the government be doing that. when the
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government of the government of afghanistan and its allies have done a lot they have tried on several occasions to bring the taliban and the other terrorist groups on the negotiating table but. they are being sponsored by states or by neighboring states which have their own. strategies their own goals in our country. and those state sponsors of. groups they are also being pressured by the international community and the u.s. especially so their show that they are not being pressured and they are still strong and can do whatever they want can attack wherever they want mystify me it is very good to get your insights here analysis on the joining us live from kabul thank you. thank you for having me. but i want to move on to other news now
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that enjoyed persecution military crackdowns and a harrowing journey out of myanmar now rights groups say one hundred refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at camps and bond with their situations getting worse because hundreds of thousands of new refugees have arrived since the most recent crackdown began in august from quote the refugee camp in southern bong the child stress that has this exclusive report. oh my darling daughter she cries. she asks me when we talk oh mother what shall i do now how can i come back to you how will you get me out of india to be with you again my own a consul and says her daughter yasmeen was thirteen years old when she was snatched by a man in the refugee camp and smuggled to india. was three years ago no iona and the as mean fled a military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and twelve. says the traffic was
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arrested in india and yasmin was rescued her daughter is living at a safe house for other trafficking victims in kolkata meon maastricht their hinge of citizenship in one thousand nine hundred to be to noyon no or yes mean have possible so they cannot be reunited my own ases every month she saves a little money to chat to the daughter for a few minutes on the phone. only gold knows the pain i experience every day she says i don't have money to go to india my daughter warns me to try and cross into india without a passport. my own story is built on coleman in the ricky refugio camps rights groups say that trafficking gangs have thrived in the range of refugee camps here in bangladesh for years but the recent arrival of more than six hundred fifty thousand new refugees means the situation is getting even worse and we met a traffic and he told us that men come from outside the camps they pay range of
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families for their daughters promising them work for the girls often never seen again. we sit by the road in the men come to us the man tells me they also because if we can get the helpless type of people families are ready to provide girls because they don't have enough food. the man says men often the specifically want girls of a certain age he says they pay the families around five thousand talking about sixty dollars for each go. for the girls around twelve to fourteen years old he says they tell me they have difficulty with their domestic work at their homes they say they need someone to cook for them. the man tells me he has stopped providing the men with girls now and only trafficked a few young women. when the parents come to find me that i have to highlight he explains they want information all that delicious but i have no information.
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the un's refugee agency is trying to help noyon to be reunited with her daughter but he says only the bangladesh all sorts he's to make a decision. leona says yes mean never met her father because he died before she was bored she is afraid she herself may die without ever seeing me again there was. nothing more like daughter she says it would be so kind if you get my daughter back well i guess meaning is a piece where. al-jazeera refugee camp. to yemen now with a prime minister has a q. separatist backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup after they took over the government's headquarters in the city of aden at least ten people have been killed one hundred others wounded. reports.
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yemen's prime minister says secessionists have staged a coup in the port city of aden. that's where the government had been based for the last few years there are reports of several people being killed in fighting between pro-government forces and separatists. this mobile phone footage appears to show people arriving in the city thousands of protesters have been gathering against the internationally recognized and saudi backed government the demonstrators are backed by the united arab emirates which is supposed to be saudi arabia's ally in yemen. not necessarily in that situation when you're. really upset that you have very important country. you're. in the region. and you really.
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know that you're its own you have your own eyes on them. and the more. you're in your country i think. the conflict in today's yemen is complicated the country used to be divided would be north and south yemen until unification in one nine hundred ninety but the difference is never really went away since the fight with the hoodies began in two thousand and fifteen the secessionists have fought for control over here in seaports of aden last week southern forces led by the man appointed by president of the rebel months who are highly as the governor of aden announced to overthrow hardy's government and i don't know general rules to be rejected the deployment of northern forces to the south there have been calls since last sunday so it's been about a week for people to go down to the streets to protest and. transitional council has been calling on had the head of government to dissolve and
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for a new government to be appointed and they are calling for independence as well as we've seen on the ground the clashes are continuing and the situation is. very quickly now the future of president hadi is in question he has been based in saudi arabia along with this prime minister haven't been that other who struggled to control southern yemen despite support from saudi arabia. women's elected government was pushed out of the capital sanaa in the north and now it doesn't seem to have a place in the south as well as some of the jarvey the others there. now corruption reportedly costs africa fifty billion dollars a year it is the main focus of this year's african union summit and as alva the man in charge of the anti corruption drive is nigerian president hummable heidi he says it's affecting development across the continent the harm of that though has more from the ethiopian capital most of the day was spent on discussing is on financial
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reform of the african union african you know wants to see itself moral cost and independently finance whites on them as it was a scheme in which it wants its member states to live in zero point two percent on imports and that money will be used to finance the programs and activities of the organization one president. to come over the leadership of the african union general assembly the highest position making them and they are high hopes as is the man who drafted the you will reform plan it must act now to save africa from permanent provision. scare is essential. we must created a single continental market. into bridge our infrastructure. and infuse our economies with chicken knowledge. the theme of this year's summit
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is how to tackle corruption in africa it's a huge problem according to the african union fifty billion dollars are lost by the african continent every year through corrupt depths now president obama two part of nigeria a man who many praise for his and to corruption crusade in nigeria one of the most corrupt african countries has been appointed the champion of the african union and to corruption complain for the year two thousand and thirteen the continent has made significant strides hootin in police legal and safe room without. new to really their. own free venting and converting corruption. however there are different of the. frameworks have not had the desired sixes in. this. expected to tumble
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tension on the second day of the summit on monday to the issue of conflicts in africa on how to. conflict in africa the. white twenty two and the fight against the flight against al-shabaab in somalia the conflict is solved sudan the peace process in the central african republic and also the democratic republic of congo all on the agenda. still ahead on the bulletin board tell you why this the striking at the school and security concerns for u.s. military operations plus. music from a strong response on. how music is helping build bridges between cuba and the united states.
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hello there we've had some very wintry weather over parts of the middle east recently fact this area of cloud has brought a fair amount of snow over parts of iraq and iran these pictures a firm tear on showing just how much snow that we've seen so very decent amount there and that wintry weather is only slowly edging its way towards the east so here it is then during the day on monday could bring us some snow there in kabul but if the temperatures manage to make it up to six degrees slightly to turn very slushy meanwhile towards the west staying cool for us in toronto maximum only three degrees for beirut will be struggling to get to around fifty or sixty degrees over the next day i'll say here in doha the temperatures have also dropped we're getting no higher than around twenty or twenty one over the next few days and there's also . this area of cloud with us is generally just thin high cloud but it is hiding the sunshine it a bit making things feel a bit cooler than they actually are as is the wind that's making things feel a bit cooler as well further south the salon
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a fine and dry force here temperatures around twenty eight degrees down towards the southern parts of africa we've plenty of what weather here but it's not affecting us important cape town twenty eight degrees will be our maximum is that the wetter weather is a bit further towards the north it stretching all the way across towards madagascar really just wait for some of us here. as witchcraft and sorcery killing spreads across papa new guinea. exposes shocking human rights abuses. of the specific missions darkstar when used at this time i now do zero on the problem with. the rich and famous discussed making the world a better place but who are afoot to open up. the link between seafood. to the cost at this time on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories two soldiers have been killed and ten others wounded an attack near a military academy in the golf fans capital kabul three attackers. were killed and one has been arrested the assault is continuing at a police battalion next to the academy rights groups are warning that human trafficking gags are targeting. camps and beyond that the situation is getting worse because hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in recent months to escape a military crackdown in myanmar and yemen's prime minister is accusing separatist backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup after they took over the
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government's headquarters in the port city of aden please ten people have been killed one hundred others wounded in fighting between southern separatists and yemen's government. the syrian observatory for human rights says turkish air strikes near a flee and have killed eight members of the same family meanwhile turkey's has taken control of a key mountain in northern syria as a steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the region it's accuse the could just. the wife using the mountain to fire shells across the border into the turkish town of kelis stephanie deca has more. on. the battle for intensified. the constant roar of jets and artillery targeting this important high point along the turkish border. explosions echoed over the border town of killis drawing a crowd. a strange fascination watching. but for some it's
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a little too close to home. even though we are hearing killis we've become used to the school has happened before when i was on the other side of the border still moved to another area for safety. turkey's offensive against the wipe the kurdish group it considers a terrorist organization is very visible here. is also stirred nationalist fervor. was shut up. and this is what that operation looks like inside syria turkey is backing free syrian army fighters and at the moment the main focus is pushing back from the border was the kurdish fighters say turkey's offensive has caused civilian casualties turkey says it only targets y p g positions. but as is often the case in
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war facts can be hard to come to a turkey's leaders stress that this is only the beginning and they intend to clear the y. p.g. from its entire border area all the way to iraq but the y p g in that area further east is supported by the united states and there are american bases and military personnel on the ground their relations between ankara and washington are already tense and just another example of how complicated syria's war has become. on the turkish syrian border. russian opposition leader alexina volly has been released from custody without charge after he was arrested during an anti-government rally in moscow and more than two hundred fifty others were also detained for taking part in protests calling for a boycott of the presidential election and march or challenge reports from moscow. i know you were yeltsin does it's become a familiar routine for novelli demonstration days while supporters in moscow and st
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petersburg slept in russia's eastern time zones they were already protesting hands being arrested this footage is from the siberian city of came out of a. and in the capitol police moved against the opposition leaders offices this time temporarily shutting down his internet t.v. channel claiming a presenter had a bomb from a secret location alexina valmy released a message of defiance. i want to go to the rally with they detain me only not i want to make my position clear and one day i will tell my children and my grandchildren yes i was out there to say i disagree and all the bad things that happened to me happened while i was actively protesting this is what matters to me amongst then as protesters started to gather in central moscow novelli surfaced and his demonstration and a game of cat and mouse with the police reached its inevitable conclusion its
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bundled into a police van with his supporters chanting shame i lexan of ali says that his arrest doesn't matter it's old but the people who have turned out here in moscow and all around the country are protesting for their own futures i was many in the young crowds you find the rallies have been born and grown up in putin's russia and they're planning to boycott what they see as rigged elections in my. elections is unfair. and other candidates are bipeds off with them in my opinion i haven't got my candidate because i'm the one they was concealed from the election so if you have only been allowed to run in the elections you are going to the little shit was brought to bear on a few here if any really think they'll be able to prevent what you may putin winning and not by a landslide election victory but as darkness fell on
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a cold moscow they kept their chance of protest ringing into the gloom chalons al-jazeera moscow. for those moderate president has declared victory in the general election. secured another for. six year term winning more than sixty percent of the vote his main rival took just twelve percent the president is credited with balancing a delicate relationship with without antagonizing neighboring russia. now u.s. soldiers who use fitness tracking devices may be accidentally revealing the location of top secret military bases the security issues been spotted in interactive online maps that show where people are using the tracker is done a stroke explains. well fitness tracking devices have become very popular around the world in fact about twenty seven million people globally have these things including people in the u.s. military well it's starting to become a concern now for the u.s. military because this global heat map that went online last fall lets anybody go
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onto the internet and see where people that have these tracking devices are located and if you look at this map you see it places like the united states in north america and in europe are lit up because a lot of people in those areas of course have them but also now you can see areas where potentially u.s. military personnel have them the pentagon a few years ago gave out about twenty five hundred of these devices to some personnel in an effort to fight obesity so now there is concern that people can go onto this map and they can zoom in and they can see places where a military personnel are active places like the c. hill region of africa and an area south of mosul in iraq now the pentagon is taking a look at this it issued a statement late this evening saying that the d.o.d. is taking this very seriously it's reviewing the situation to see if training and
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policy should be developed in order to keep personnel safe so this device that was given out to the military in an effort to keep them fit now could potentially be a security risk. now relations between the u.s. and cuba have to tear asia since donald trump took office has put limits on trade and made it harder for americans to visit the island but some musicians have this determined to show that the two countries can get along judy galliano reports from havana. sharing a stage comes naturally to these cuban and u.s. musicians. best known pianist this playing alongside american jazz legend. the saxophone player is among the u.s. artists who headline this years have been a jazz festival. musicians turned cultural ambassadors at a time of renewed hostilities between their governments it's now more important
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than ever music is a common language connects this two countries again the politics of the politics but the art form is a common language and that will help strengthen perhaps some of the other areas the broader international relationship and that relationship has deteriorated significantly since its high point two years ago today the state department is actively advising americans to stay away from cuba but not all of them are listening even under tighter travel restrictions reimposed by the trumpet ministration and then president of number of americans visited and performed at this year's just festival here and have an hour and when asked why they're here they generally gave the same basic answer music trumps tropfest current time constraint. this cuban pianist couldn't agree more playing for a tour of american jazz lovers had respect. overtures can have just as much power
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as diplomatic. ties with cuban music and culture is an explosion it's fire and that is what we transmit to the audiences beyond all the problems that exist i try to express what i am not as a musician but as a culture. and the cultural efforts extend beyond music this statue of cuban independence year of was a gift from new york's bronx of the arts to the people of cuba veiling attended by architects and other artists from both countries hope to have the start of other joint projects that's always been the artists and their cultural organizations that have really kept the conversation going they were responsible for. or initiating the conversation and open the doors for relationship building and greater connections between cuba and the united states' role castro attended the inaugural ceremony in what is expected to be one of his last public events as cuban president
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perhaps not of support to those trying to get the relationship with the u.s. back on track. galliano al jazeera have ana. and i have chronic and the headlines on to say i have two soldiers have been killed and ten others wounded an attack me a military academy in afghanistan's capital kabul a presidential spokesman says the gunman did not manage to get inside the mosque national defense university three attackers were killed a month being arrested up the family of the lecture at an international trade it would ion university and he explains why i saw stepping up attacks against afghan security forces i think this comes. as a response to the aggressive strategy followed by the government of afghanistan and also by. a response to the u.s.
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that sanctioned six members of the taliban and look at. any group. this is a response they are attacking in every way that they're trying to show that they're going to tax the billions they can attack military institutions they can attack the capital or the provinces. rights groups are warning that human trafficking gangs are targeting one hundred refugees that camps in bangladesh the situation's getting worse because hundreds of thousands of refugees have arrived in recent months to escape the military crackdown in myanmar. yemen's prime minister is accusing separate is backed by the united arab emirates of an attempted coup of fighters have taken of the government's headquarters in aden at least ten people have been killed and one hundred others have been wounded and battles between southern secessionists and yemen's government. the syrian observatory for human rights says turkish air strikes me a free and have killed eight members of the same family meanwhile turkey says it's
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taken control of a mountain in northern syria as it steps up its offensive against kurdish fighters in the region. russia's opposition leader has been released after being arrested at an anti-government rally in moscow more than two hundred fifty others across the country were detained. as the headlines on al-jazeera east is coming up next. rewind returns with new updates on the best of documentaries. and the moving story of two young turk mean girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of taliban occupation. five years on what has become of their dream. rewind pencils and bullets at this time on al-jazeera.


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