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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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before you go. i don't want to live in a world where everything is designed in california or maybe china. is in my hands of the corporation the only way to be subversive is to be able to control. the cost like a pizza. at this time. this is al-jazeera. of this is the news hour live from london coming up. syrian warplanes
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launch a fierce offensive on the rebel held province of idlib as russia talks to try to end the conflict. ranger girls fall prey to human traffickers but some of the refugees of seoul for the first sixty dollars we have an exclusive report from the camp in bangladesh. on the verge of running dry drought in the south african city of cape town which is a critical stage also. i you know fever outbreak the one in brazil hearing on their life i'm out walking mighty board our investigator for help or already fourteen people have died in the last month. in sport russians will be allowed to compete in next month's winter paralympics russian athletes who can prove a drug free will take part in south korea under a neutral flag. syrian
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warplanes have launched a fierce offensive on the rebel held province of idlib killing at least twenty people women and children are among the dead wanted to say the jets targeted a market and then a hospital full of people wounded in the earlier strike meanwhile a russian brokered cease fire on the edge of the capital damascus seems to have collapsed activists are reporting several troops violations by government forces the c.g. eastern guta at least eight people have died russia has also launched a diplomatic push to end the war hosting a new round of talks in sochi the un is there but the main syrian opposition group has boycotted the meetings saying only recognizes the u.n. sponsored geneva talks the kurds who control almost twenty percent of syrian territory also not attending the focus of a turkish military operation in northern syria ankara says their fight is the terrorists stephanie decker reports from a town killis on the turkish syrian border. there's just been incoming from syria
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into turkey we were actually preparing for a live when we heard a whiz over our heads. and then we saw the smoke landing around five hundred meters from our position well the police have now come to inspect the crater this is a reminder of course that this is an active conflict and there are consequences for these border towns these border cities cholas has had rockets and shells land here before also they hardly on the other side of the border but people that residents that we've spoken to here will tell you that they are concerned they're used to it because i still was here just a couple of years ago along the border and there was this kind of tense situation as well but one gentleman we spoke to yesterday said he was worried and he was already wife and children away you could see people are tense and they want us to move on. rory chalons has more now from the talks in sochi. well the news earlier on monday the another group of opposition figures was going to be staying away from
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sochi really exposes i think the short comings of this congress russia has tried to make this as inclusive as possible inviting people and groups from across the syrian cultural religious and political spectrum so the robot is here there are these there are sunnis and shias alawite various different political platforms including the moscow platform the rest on a platform but there are a few notable exceptions now those are the s.n.c. the syrian that negotiation committee which has said that it will stay away from sochi believing that this is undermining the geneva process the kurdish groups such as the y. p.g. then not here either they are considered to sign on grants or by turkey and of essentially being shut out i don't think they want to come anyway because of what's going on in africa and so this all basically steers towards the moscow and
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damascus perspective on the syrian conflict the upshot of this congress is likely to be the endorsement of the new what they're calling a constitutional committee made up supposedly all of the syrian government on one side and opposition representatives on the other but if the main groups of the opposition are not here then this allows damascus to essentially say that the opposition groups boycotting sochi boycotting this process are saboteurs of peace the big question of course is where the u.n. stands on the of this and whether stefan de mistura will approve of these measures and not allow this to filter in to the geneva process the russians believe that he is on board rafters wait to see whether the u.s. that suggest that is confirmed or not. in bangladesh range of muslims feeling
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neighboring man mobbing in christian a targeted by human traffickers at refugee camps in six cases report out there has been speaking to men who have been involved in smuggling goes out of the country to put on refugee camps our correspondent charles stratford reports. oh my darling daughter she cries. she asks me when we talk oh mother what shall i do now how can i come back to you how would you get me out of india to be with you again. my own accounts and says her daughter years mean was thirteen years old when she was snatched by a man in the refugee camp and smuggled to india. was three years ago no iona and the as mean fled the military crackdown in myanmar in two thousand and twelve. says the trafficker was arrested in india and yes men was rescued the daughter is living at a safe house for other trafficking victims in kolkata myanmar stripped the regime gere
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of citizenship in one thousand nine hundred to be the noyon no or yes mean have pol school so they cannot be reunited my owner says every month she saves a little money to chance her daughter for a few minutes on the phone that is only cold knows the pain i experience every day she says i don't have money to go to india my daughter warns mabel to try and cross into india without a passport. my own story is built on coleman in the ricky refugee camps rights groups say that trafficking gangs have thrived in the range of refugee camps here in bangladesh for years but the recent arrival of more than six hundred fifty thousand new refugees means the situation is getting even worse now we met a traffic and he told us that men come from outside the camps they pay range of families for their daughters promising them work for the girls often never seen again. we sit by the road and the men come to us the man tells me they also
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because if we can get the helpless type of people families are ready to provide goals because they don't have enough food. the man says men often specifically want girls of a certain age he says they pay the families around five thousand talking about sixty dollars for each girl. for the girls around twelve to fourteen years old he says they tell me they have difficulty with their domestic work at home they say they need someone to cook for them the man tells me he has stopped providing the main with goals now and only trafficked a few young women. when the parents come to find me that i have to highlight he explains they want information all that delicious but i have no information. the un's refugee agency is trying to help moyo to be reunited with her daughter but
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he says only the bandwidth they all sorts use to make a decision. leona says yes mean never met her father because he died before she was pulled your freedom she herself may die without ever seeing me again there was. nothing more than my daughter she says it would be so kind if you get your daughter back for years meaning is a piece of my heart. zero problem refute you can. only leak upon is the deputy executive director of unicef and joins me in the studio now thanks very much indeed for coming in so her report there you've just come back from cox's on in bangladesh and you were the refugee camp so do you have a sense of the scale of this problem of child trafficking that's why i've just returned and sadly this story we've just heard isn't particularly unique there are hundreds of families going through similar completely heart wrenching situations
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thousands of families have crossed the border having already experienced really traumatic violence sexual violence in some cases and and abuse and then they're faced with this additional risk we know it's a widespread issue when you have thousands of desperate people who've already been thrown into chaos and lost everything unfortunately they're always criminals ready to exploit that situation take advantage of their vulnerability and unicef job is to try to prevent that as much as possible and to what kind of things can you do as a minister is one of these as you say as we heard there was people are often money on the understanding the child that the child is going to be working rather than being trafficked for for other reasons. how do you put the message out there to do not not expect you know exchange money for your children well it is partly about that information and empowering families community leaders mothers and daughters to better understand the risks to prevent those risks and to be honest it's also about helping them have other means of sustaining themselves when families are in
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a desperate situation they'll turn to desperate measures some children are on their own because their eyes are off until they've been separated from families and others are. in families they're just desperate for any money they can get so we work to spread information to help support those girls but we also make sure that we can work with the bangladeshi government to get cash to families that need it to distribute food and other provisions so that they're not quite so desperate for resources as well and what about the sad aspect of a child's report the person who i mean they can actually be reunited because the child doesn't have a passport so she's in india she's in traffic there she might be in a safe place now but she can still go on about to see her mother are there any measures that can prove that side of the situation one of the biggest problems facing their anger all of their hang refugees is that they they lack identity or documentation they don't have legal identity or citizenship and that puts them extreme risk of this kind of exploitation not having access to police protection to a legal recourse or any kind of services really which is why it's so important that
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ultimately those rights are restored to ridding people all of them including the girls that are vulnerable to trafficking and given us a recent experience in those camps i mean it is are things on the ground there improving or is it still getting worse and you know while there are still people arriving every day that this is very much alive and mergence see we're seeing people arrive into the camp a three day it's now almost seven hundred thousand a rival just since august last year and it's becoming very overcrowded so i would say the situation is becoming worse at the moment is the dry season what we're really worried about is in the weeks to come as the rains begin you have seen yourself this is a muddy overcrowded on the hillsides and it's really quite vulnerable to floods landslides and we're concerned about the conditions deteriorating even more in the weeks to come and we confronted thank you very much indeed for coming to talk just a little prodding from unicef thank you. there's more to come on this hour of news not including. very near where some of the u.s.
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steel mills were established. lived up to its promise to make american industry. refugees sleep rough on the streets of northern greece as growing numbers cross the turkish border. and coming up in sport roger federer celebrates grand slam title number twenty but says he doesn't plan to stop there and he will be hitched in a small. as it was behind an attack on a military academy enough capital kabul eleven soldiers were killed and sixteen all those injured in the gun battle. national defense university four of the attackers were also killed the same site was the target of a suicide bombing in october in which fifteen officers died this comes two days after a suicide bombing also in kabul killed at least one hundred three people afghanistan's
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president declared three days of mourning afghans are blaming the government for failing to improve security. and he's four people being killed in aden after what yemen's government has called an attempted coup by southern separatists the two sides are supported by different countries within the saudi led coalition who jointly fighting the rebels international aid organization oxfam is warning about the escalating violence which is that to the closure of its office in ties. reports . fighting has intensified in the city of guys in central yemen government forces have been fighting who the rebels who are aligned with iran since two thousand and fifteen the saudi led coalition backs the government but fighters and guys say they're exhausted and not getting the help they need they say military aid is being provided on the basis of their alliance with members of the coalition some say the brigades are doing to the u.a.e. give them more supplies that. has. been receiving the required support the city
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would have been liberated by now apart from whatever military gear we have the army and resistance are barely surviving by the coalition and we do not know the reasons . has not been liberated till now due to the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the coalition residents are capable to leave the city not time to receive military and financial support and. aid organizations including the red crescent say their staff are stranded oxfam says it has closed its office. but there isn't the only place there are conflicting interests within the. this is a gym with the airport remains closed for a second day prime minister ahmed bin that has visited his office after his troops took back control of government buildings from southern secessionists. the separatists of mounting the reinforcements from beyond were able to secure some areas but sporadic fighting continues. there is no difference between the these and
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anyone else who rebels against a legitimate government no matter who they are if he's not with the legitimate government then he's rebelling against it and. suited an enemy to the entire country. but it's not as simple because the fighting sides are supported by members of the same coalition saudi arabia backs government forces in the secessionist are allies of the united arab emirates many in a didn't have traditionally supported the idea of a separate state similar to the structure before yemen's unification in one nine hundred ninety and that is the limit the media we want a civilian government a government of law a government made according to the principles of the southern transition council. the internationally recognized government pulled in saudi arabia and united arab emirates to fight the who these but since two thousand and fifteen the gulf regions poorest country has suffered from the world's largest cholera outbreak and almost half the country lives and famine like conditions. and there seems to be no end to
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the fighting and job aid there. gyptian authorities have extended the detention of al jazeera journalists which hussain for the eleventh time he'll be held for an extra forty five days without trial it's not been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt they're saying is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly denied. thousands of union workers from a u.n. agency for palestinian refugees are protesting in gaza against budget cuts it follows the u.s. decision to cut millions of dollars worth of funding to the aid agency imran khan reports from gaza. this was one of the largest demonstrations gaza has seen in recent months the union organizing says thirteen thousand people turned out palestinians are angry that the u.s. is withholding one hundred ten million dollars in funding for the united nations
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relief works agency that agency is responsible for palestinian refugees some one million in gaza alone yeah agency itself is in crisis mode it's introduced austerity measures and warns it only has two months of funding left after that. the palestinians or if you want to fix it there would be no food there would be no colborne there would be a normal status is it would be ignored you kiss in four of these kids which are looking to be as kids in other parts of the war on palestinian in gaza city but on that seas which is a very very serious situation it's some of gaza's most desperate the will be hit hardest people like who saw his see who receives unemployment payments from he supports a family of six those payments are due to come to an end if money isn't found about then log on the show and. stop this project then what kind of going
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how can i feed my children how can they raise them. there is no other choice construction has stopped and we are on the siege there is no option other than without it there is nothing. under or says a humanitarian crisis is coming experts in the business community already warning that the goals of the economy is on the verge of collapse now some seventy percent of gaza live in refugee camps like this and they are the ones that are going to be the most affected that's almost half of the population of gaza imran khan the gaza strip. the united states ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has taken members of the u.n. security council on a tour of washington d.c. one of the highlights are look at the iranian missiles and equipment she unveiled in december as alleged evidence of tehran's of violations of security council resolutions speaking out our diplomatic editor james bass is at the white house so
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what does mr haiti hope to achieve with this tour it's a pretty rare trip this certainly the u.n. security council has been to washington before but never before i don't think of they've been here to be presented with evidence to try and sway them in one of the things they're considering and that's the behavior of iran with regard to the war in yemen the u.s. says that a missile that was far towards riyadh last year was far with the help of the iranians and was in fact missile of iranian origin and ambassador haley has taken the other ambassadors from the security council to a military base on the edge of washington d.c. and showing them the missile remnants i can tell you some other diplomats are skeptical about this they say that there is not a clear chain of custody of these missile fragments which got to the u.s. from saudi arabia and certainly some of the ambassadors on the security council
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want to keep this issue of a rainy and missiles away from the other issue regarding iran which is the iran nuclear deal which is you know president trump is has questioned and is still considering pulling out of james the group understand it having lunch with president trump now and he spoke to reporters ahead of that what did he have to say . yeah he spoke to reporters he mentioned the issue of iran and what was iran was up to in the region he spoke about north korea but i think the most telling comments actually came following the recent attacks in afghanistan and the president making it very clear that this was not the time to talk to the taliban will also discuss what more we can do to defeat the taliban i don't see any talk in taking place i don't think we're prepared to talk right now. oh all different fight over there they're killing people left and right innocent people are being killed
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left and right while those comments are president trump ruling out talking to the taliban let me just tell you what his u.n. ambassador nikki haley said on the seventeenth of january about two weeks ago we think the taliban coming to the table is very important so a complete change from the trumpet ministration we had all previously thought their strategy was to put military pressure on the taliban to force them to the negotiating table to try to get a deal with the taliban now he's ruling all of that out james based thank you very much indeed. president trump is preparing to give his first state of the union address one of his big campaign promises was to bring back steel to the u.s. which has seen a sharp decline and job losses over recent years she has returned to his travel to rural pennsylvania where support for trump was strong in the twenty sixteen election to see if the president has kept his promise and how voters feel he's
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doing. pennsylvania hadn't chosen a republican president since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but thanks in part to support from rural communities where the steel industry still. don't trump flipped the state in twenty six days the collapse of the industry was devastating but u.s. steel's clanton coke plant remains the largest coke plant in the u.s. and at the local union hall john mclaughlin explains that it was to safeguard the plants future that he voted for trump under every president we've taken a hit republican democrat and the trade agreements both parties have to agree to it i wanted something different donald trump was clear when he was campaigning is going to bring steel back. and trump one here because of his stated opposition to trade deals that lead to a lot of cheap imported steel and his pledge to investigate whether the u.s. is reliance on steel imports is a threat to u.s. national security but
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a decision on that speech may still be several months away the white house is reported to be split on the issue at the clinton you know all the disappointments not least because while the white house has a tate's steel imports have soared i thought it would have been done a little summer make a decision but overseas they know this might become an artist dump and even more with jones didn't vote for trump we're still flatline might not mean since the election but then he never trusted trump he was willing to retain some hope that hasn't yet been justified i'm not sure he believes in another then you know money but money. now for the top. several times over the last year don't trump has touted his job creation skills only for job losses soon to fall or the most infamous example is the carrier factory in indiana kariya will never leave but since then hundreds of workers have quietly been laid off from the plant as jobs moved elsewhere. as the president of the clinton branch of the united
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steelworkers who seems to be his nature. there's still hope in the valley but having been failed by both the democrats and republicans in the past if trump's words turn out to be empty they say it's nothing new but you have to remember one thing we've been promised a lot of things nobody has ever come through with the promises. pledged to revitalize communities here in the valley with ambitious plans to refashion them as hubs for twenty first century jobs but by pledging to return them to a heyday not seen for seventy years for many here it was worth a try however improbable. pennsylvania. in brazil more than twenty million people are being vaccinated against yellow fever after an outbreak of the disease at least fifteen people have died in the southeast and state of maine us have us in the last month and a public health emergency has been declared in terms of our reports. this is the
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largest forestry serve in an urban area in the world mighty border in the state of south is where and they live a lot with sun and her son who died of yellow fever a few weeks ago. my oldest son is devastated they were together all the time he's not even coming to our place because he's suffering a lot he was planning to write his kids he left us here. anderson did not want to get a vaccine mated and i lay this says he started having headaches and then his complection turned yellow the doctors didn't know what the problem was until after he died brazil is fighting a yellow fever outbreak that has already claimed dozens of lives at least fourteen of them here in mighty border a massive campaign has now been launched to vaccinate people living in high risk areas against what's considered to be the worst outbreak of the decease since the
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one nine hundred forty s. . leni says yellow fever was four years in their making only certain areas of brazil but things have changed. a few environmental studies noted impacts in forests with the mosquitoes predators such as frogs and dragonflies were extinct the mosquitoes then managed to migrate to this person brazil. and it's not now just in remote areas but also in brazil's major cities this is befehl followthrough and it's been temporarily shut down because of the already found one dead monkey that was not from the so but he lived in the surrounding area infected with yellow fever both mean that the virus is already here and that's why the government has stepped up efforts to vaccinate people living in the area hundreds of other monkeys have already died across brazil in the last year as the virus has spread but is so powerful and video that they are not enough vaccines for everyone
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if i jean could not protect her family in syria but i want it was really busy when i arrived people were queuing for five hours and they told us it was over no more vaccines i have to come next week in my keyboard the other members of anderson's family have been inoculated yellow fever has already left this family shattered the government's priority is to prevent the virus from causing even more deaths. brazil still to come on the news our current volkswagen calls for an immediate inquiry into scientific tests exposing monkeys and humans to toxic fumes. by china's interest in this undersea plateau rich in minerals and gas is a focus of protests in the philippines as a sport find out of the heaviest on the young cricketers who could reach their first world final.
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welcome will start by looking at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia this area of cloud continues to give some significant snowfall across terra and people without enough snow to actually make some snow men but we have problems with this ruction across the city including airports well that area of snow is now beginning to die away almost completely so there's the forecast for choose they still pretty chilly but dry chilly further towards the east but again also largely dry around the eastern side the mediterranean we're looking at bright conditions for beirut their highs of sixteen degrees and staying that way through wednesday heading down into the arabian peninsula smile when it should be in quite a feature just beginning to ease down temperatures are only twenty degrees in doha and sixteen you notice in riyadh on the other side the clinches still pretty warm for mecca temperatures twenty and thirty degrees and sort of order and across the
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rest of the region we're looking generally quite fine now as we head across into southern portions of africa we've got some showers affecting eastern parts of south africa at the moment otherwise most of the sheriff is where you'd expected to be across parts of angola zambia through to zimbabwe mozambique and tanzania also some showers of faith in the eastern side of madagascar the showers across south africa gradually move further towards the east during wednesday. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a feudal east the not a come east a country. the revolution became a point when the relationship came to. revolution to change the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al jazeera
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al jazeera was there when i was doing breaks but it's also good to see what happens next. on the wired budget that we are where model barricaded the seven streets that lead to here the movies now it's been changed people have gone to hear the area the mission of the national army is to search the entire complex and i'll just your stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. from under the top stories. syrian warplanes offensive on the rebel held province
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of as russia host talks to try to end the conflict. one hundred muslims who fled from in ma being targeted by people smugglers in the refugee camps of bangladesh. and eleven soldiers were killed in kabul in an attack on a miniature academy says it's to blame. aid agencies say there's been a surge in homelessness among refugees in northern greece the country's second largest city thessaloniki has apparently run out of space to house new arrivals refugees avoiding the greek islands others to crossing over the land border with turkey though from forced to pass through the everest river currents new reports from the tsunami. many people believe pakistanis or iranians aren't refugees and so they cannot know what's happening in the border province of blocky stand where these people come from they spoke out against tribal leaders there who want independence and they were threatened with death so they ran for it they
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crossed the ever else river from turkey into greece walked for five days and added up sleeping here intestinal nikki for months the men had to take it in turns to stay awake to protect their wife and sister gargamel. i felt like committing suicide i was going mad i thought i should have stayed in my country and let the tribespeople kill me i just wasn't expecting this to toll the bill got frostbite in thick snow on the river border he can no longer bend his fingers. for. any watch from me i can't even go to the total of almost self my brother has to help me there's no way i can work it's really stressful. where they took us to where they've been sleeping we realised we'd been here before in november two thousand and sixteen then it was different people all suffering the same things. that winter turned out to be the coldest for decades water froze in the refugee camps greece's
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lack of preparation was exposed the full year on nothing has changed it's due to the fog that there are fundamentally routes are being violently those people don't have a house don't have access to medical care. they say absolutely nothing the belloc family got shelter three months ago through the norwegian refugee council saima is now pregnant but their only guaranteed accommodation for three months more so they could end up back here again before she gives birth. while the greek authorities and charities try to prioritise families single men have no chance one meal a day provided by young european volunteers working off to nations and that's it there's no doubt the big increase in people crossing the every river into northern greece is simply compounded the homeless problem here in fact the only thing we're told is now completely full there is simply nowhere to put all these people then
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a bit of good news is that the winds are so far hasn't been anything like as cold as it's terrible conditions this time last year but if it does get worse greece could have a full blown crisis on its hands. they showed us where they sleep underneath an abandoned half built concrete block if the police catch them here they can go to jail so they dare not even light a fire. presumably when they sleep they dream of nothing because that is exactly what they have a problem lawrence lee al-jazeera facility. folks are going has called for an immediate inquiry into who ordered scientific tests in which monkeys and humans were exposed to toxic fumes report says the german carmaker commission the studies along with daimler and b.m.w. jerry's government has called the tests on justifiable john mccain is in berlin with latest. reaction to the revelations concerning the tests carried out has been swift and very calm the nature of from right across the political spectrum there
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while there were voices of condemnation of deprecation of what had taken place from social democrats from christian democrats i'm going to merkel spokesman said that she condemned would've taken place the transport minister has talked about the abominable nature of the test that took place the point to make also is that the common factor is concern to distance themselves what they call any form of animal abuse saying that's not what they want to be associated with that's not what they would have intended to do the point also more centrally about emissions in this country and across the european union is very valid here though that germany has been suffering from failing to meet its environmental targets regarding pollution for some time as a meeting taking place in brussels on tuesday and which german ministers and ministers from eight other countries have been called to discuss why it is that their countries are failing to reduce emissions in the way that they have committed themselves to but all of that of the european level does not touch upon the
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national level of shock here in germany at the revelations that have come out regarding the tests that took place the deputy director the f.b.i. is stepping down from his post early and your mccabe is resigning from his role as deputy head of the agency several weeks earlier than his planned retirement date in march mccabe is being criticized in the past by president donald trump so here's tim favoring his rival hillary clinton during the twenty sixteen presidential race . today african union summit has just closed in the ethiopian capital addis ababa representatives from fifty five african nations have been focusing on tackling corruption and conflict cross the continent and as maddow reports seventeen years after it was established the leaders have also been discussing different ways to fund the african union. the african union summit ended without tough warning to those fighting in the conflict in south sudan african union chairman will suffocate mohamad say see it's time to slap sanctions on anyone blocking peace in the country
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. u.n. secretary general antonio terrace well tended the summit promised support for the african union could put the warring parties on religious belief in the use of a this is a tradition in india to those keys to the success of the legalization form illusion to be seen but also to be sure this is an increase in spending and people's lives he felt his character his family's eating it wasn't the only conflict discussed at the summit though the war in libya the fight against boko haram in was tough rekha and conflict in the eastern democratic republic of congo all debated by the you peace and security council on somalia the pan african bodies hoping the u.n. security council listens to its calls for an extension of the monday of its flagship peacekeeping mission has some beyond the sea
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a hasty withdrawal the you feel this could open the door to a takeover of the somali capital mogadishu behind calls pulls out the african union headquarters itself a gift from the tiniest government african leaders this cost the need to do away with the beginning bulls and i think this thing we want to see an african union fully funded by its members and i'll devise the plump up calls on member states to live in zero point two percent on imports to fund the union but sulfide just twenty one of the fifty five member states have implemented it and this is a form is existential for the organization unless we can fund own organization well no right. to ask foreign taxpayers to fund the african union. president paul kagame has taken over the leadership of the huge general assembly he's expected to use easy the hard to push through the agenda he developed for
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a more independent a on the theme of the summit tackling rampant corruption in africa leaders named nigerian president mahmoud abbas hadi a useful and to corruption champion it's a move seen as article condition of his efforts to fight graft in nigeria mohamed atta. at his ababa ethiopia. a south african city of cape town is facing its worst water crisis in a century and protesters say the government is to blame the taps are expected to run dry by april twelfth victoria explains. our anger on the streets of cape town over a water crisis these protesters say the government should have prevented the city is completely mismanaging the water they're not fixing the leaks not to be using the placing of the pipes they already know what the management devices that they know are defective and that but no plan the springs they're not allowing people access to so they are strangling the water supply reservoirs have been full for
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more than three years because the hasn't been enough rain. the city is limiting each household to fifty liters of water a day that's the quicker than to one full blast with eighty people in the house up till now we've managed to bring up with the consumption from one thousand kilometers per month we put all the down now last month it was a key leaders and we are doing a little bit more in order to bring that further down to get it in line with the six p. . will come in on the first buffy bootie from south africa's will to minister says climate change is to blame for the crisis she's urging everyone to cut back that water he says it is therefore important is that our loses leave the plants introducing more to consumption. the agricultural sector has made it commitment to make sure that they explore innovative solutions so that then there is that the
9:42 pm
petition to the realities of limiting scientists say the city has made significant efforts to deal with the crisis the time has been very successful with a water the monitoring program which began in iran about ninety ninety and the remarkable thing about this program is that it has managed to line the dumond on what a despotic group a city was growing economic development and population city officials who already proved who were days there oh the date when taps are expected to run dry that day is now april the twelfth nine days earlier than previously expected it appears that desperate measures to conserve water are having little effect victoria gayton be al-jazeera. in the philippines they have been purchased against a chinese research expedition to an underwater region called ben and rise it's an important arena area in the philippine sea with untapped resources and the un has
9:43 pm
declared that it belongs to the philippines general and again reports. in two thousand and twelve the united nations confirmed that the bene rise is part of the philippines there are tree it's an undersea plateau located on the country's eastern coast it's at the center of the planet's marine biodiversity and its resources are untapped with more than thirteen million hectares believed to be rich in minerals and gas. which travelled to bynum rise a few months ago back then the philippine military boasted of a long term plan to improve its patrols of the area the agriculture ministry also planned to build a reserve that will be a refuge for filipino fishermen the behnam rise was seen as a possible solution to the country's school shortages but that appears to have changed now president rodrigo the third to says china may now lead to exploration in the year he's government says the research is purely scientific but mark time
9:44 pm
experts say to tear it is apparent cozying up to china is alarming we can see that this is all part of. this that we may be history shows bali scene of friended new stars china which you know a social game going overboard because it's just about in every aspect of of national life not china is also long in a dispute with the philippines and other countries over the spratleys group of islands in the south china sea it's incursions in the area have raised tension with other regional countries some fear the same could happen in the bin rise it should be a neutral country that have no vested interests that have no. claim without the exclusive economic zone that's why i said let's follow the a.b.c. rules anyone but china. filipina scientists are demanding transparency from
9:45 pm
detectors government they want the government to release the details of the expedition so the public will know the concessions given to china but the government refuses to address the issue directly we do not have. the right because what we only have in the best part of extended continental shelf is the right to explore and exploit the natural resources found that filipino scientists have been exploring behnam rise for years and want to continue their work or both china has become a powerful player in the region many people we spoke to here say they believe the government stands on the issue may endanger the country's interests and those of its longtime allies doug and al jazeera. still to come when they are.
9:46 pm
crashes less than two weeks. that's just ahead.
9:47 pm
you know going to a remote scottish island is up for sale you know wants to set it on the open market but land ownership in scotland is a sensitive issue a few hundred wealthy people own hof of all private land and the scottish government wants to change that on me phillips reports on an evolver. in
9:48 pm
a distant corner of the british isles i drove through a wild landscape to find an island community that is dying six hundred people lived here on in the nineteenth century now there are only six including the owner has decided to sell it and rebecca whose children are at school on the neighboring island of maui she fears a new owner could force her family to leave a final blow in the long decline of this community my husband grew up here in our whole lives are invested in the. system of to live in years and in belton up her business and our children are very happy at the local scale and i think it would be devastating for us. is littered with empty houses some long abandoned recently far from jobs and services this is a difficult place to survive but the remaining islanders supported by people want
9:49 pm
to buy for believing they can repopulate it make it viable backed by scotland's government which has new powers to change the pattern of land ownership being to change from the present situation where a very large proportion of the very few people. to the benefit of local communities there's an opportunity under the wonderful legislation in scotland for actually to make a difference. grab it with both the old jamie howard use family have lived here for seventy years believes the community underestimate how much investment olva needs better his land agent told us to find a buyer on the open market if we're trying to get investors here we don't want to put barriers in the way we don't want to frighten them by saying if you buy here well the community or somebody else may come in and stop you we want people who are leaving europe with these like it or you don't. we're leaving europe we want to
9:50 pm
encourage investment into this part of the world but donald who runs the little ferry turbo sees the proposed could be ready by out as old as last chance dana let's speak. so we need to get new blood human blood into the typical. olver is just one tiny island but the conflict of interests here between local community and landowner is one that resonates through the highlands and islands and through scotland's history scotland's government zeb's inclined to give the islanders time and money to match the old as price it's a diversion big watch to far beyond barnaby phillips al-jazeera in the scottish highlands and fallacious sports news over to and in doha thank you so much learn more russian power athletes who can prove their drug free will be allowed to take part in the upcoming winter paralympics albeit as neutrals the international paralympic committee announcing the concession earlier on this monday means around
9:51 pm
thirty five russian neutrals will compete that's half the number that were such in four years ago russia was banned from all paralympic events in twenty six days after evidence of state sponsored doping was revealed we often said during our deliberations last saturday can we look in the eyes of the athletes all of them and say that we are doing everything that we can to guarantee a level playing field and yes so yes so we are not rewarding russia but we are allowing athletes that we believe are clean to compete under a neutral flag our sports correspondent says the i.p.c.c. shift in position was expected. well from the noises we've been hearing from the international paralympic committee over the last few weeks this was the most likely course of action and what it does is it brings them in line with the international olympic committee and have been neutral at least remember the paralympic bosses
9:52 pm
took a much tougher stance over rio and they said there will not be any russian compared to there and they haven't just done this to fall back in line with the i.o.c. they're very much made it clear it's their own decision that they are really optimistic actually about how things are now going with the russians some of the language is no longer are the russians corrupted and compromised they've got greater confidence things are much better but what happened is that the russians have not progress in time to have their entire scene there and it does actually feel a bit better all around to have the olympic bosses in the power limping bosses in line to go. there being as there was possible as they can be with russian athletes who they perceive to be clean before the paralympics we have the winter olympics coming up and some of the athletes all being shown chang have been fine tuning their skills the x. games in aspen the annual extreme sports event is the final stop for most competitors before they head to south korea when he's made
9:53 pm
a big stainless japanese teenager i only her on i twenty four see the olympic silver medalist scoring an almost perfect ninety nine to win the snowboard halfpipe title that event marred somewhat by a serious injury for olympic gold medalist yuri potlatch goff also known as i pod the swiss crashing heavily there during his second run broke his nose and still doubts as to whether or not he will be able to compete at the olympics. david beckham is officially the owner of a soccer team in the united states beckons analysts franchise will be based in miami and will kick off its first game in twenty twenty second pay twenty five million dollars for the rights to a new team back in twenty four for a new stadium has now been found in the former england caps and says as well. buying in established players building an academy to develop local talent is central to the project. when you bring homegrown talented kids into a team like this that's when
9:54 pm
a community is built and that's when people become proud to be supporters of a team because you see young kids from the ages of eleven twelve thirteen go from being young players young talented players into full grown professionals and then they go and represent their country and that's when we're going to sit back and say job done one of the former united teammates phil neville has again apologized for historical sexist tweets which emerged in the wake of his appointment as england's women's coach the former united and everson player has also defended his ability to take on the role neville has no experience of women's football and has only taken full charge of a whole new game during his coaching career so far. when you talk about the group of players i'll be coaching in three weeks time you talk about elite players the best in europe the best in the world well actually looking at the candidates that that went to this job i'm probably the best candidate because i've worked at leat level former world number one golfer jason day is targeting
9:55 pm
a return to the top of the rankings after winning his first tournament in almost two years it's pines earlier on he beat alex norrin in a playoff but it started on sunday the pair played five holes before it got too dark to continue or play regime did front of empty stands on monday and the australian sent the winning parts to just thirty minutes they struggle for forming twenty seventeen after his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. yard seats is special because i work very hard in the offseason to try and get back to this position that i know i didn't realize you you know i had a chance this week are obviously going back to earlier this week. i never thought i was going to actually play because of my back but you know just very thankful for my whole team. you know we just had to stay patient you know we sleep my goal is always try and get back to number one so this is a good start in our direction tiger woods finished down in twenty third place is
9:56 pm
the first time in three years he's finished in the top twenty five of any competitive events only his second events on the p.g.a. tour since twenty fifty. a day after winning his twentieth grand slam title roger federer has announced his intention to return to melbourne to defend his australian open crown next year federer won the season's opening grand slam for a sixth time with a five set victory over christ his marin church on sunday at thirty six federal says he'll continue to manage his workload carefully this year he's in discussions to next compete in dubai at the end of february but also take some time to enjoy his lights his fiction. it's just a lot you know it's a lot trying to take it in last year it was more straightforward you know it was just this believe going to believe it happened. there i was waking up with a trophy but i don't know this year seems more surreal i can't believe i was able to defend my title you know after all this after all these years i could do it
9:57 pm
again. afghanistan's young cricketers have missed out on some of place at the under nineteen well cup final after wins over pakistan sri lanka and hosts new zealand that same were unable to repeat the heroics in the semifinal against australia three time champions winning by six wickets not denies afghanistan a place in the first ever world. market i was just poor let's get back to lauren in london. thanks and now human beings have been around for a long time but it could be a quarter of a million years longer than anybody thought this partial jawbone discovered in israel is the oldest ever found outside the african continent by a long way and face of completely reset the entire time scale of human evolution the common notion a word that modern humans evolved in africa somewhere between two hundred to two hundred fifty thousand years ago and left africa some of the around one hundred
9:58 pm
thousand years ago now we know that more than humans have already left africa roughly around two hundred thousand years ago implying that the biological history of our own feature is very long and should be pushed back to roughly around half a million years ago. and that's it for me. will be here in a minute with another full round of the day's news. at the scene for us where there online what is a very new site in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not
9:59 pm
because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. journey through memories scarred by sri lanka's civil. division. and still run. as a once exiled tamil gorilla struggles to comprehend how things went so wrong. demons in paradise a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. training start slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out
10:00 pm
a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and this side like this and like that i already left a dirty things like soccer because i bring. these ladies are tough and they take their training very seriously. don't you feel a little more considered the more energetic the female alive. syrian warplanes mountain a major attack on rebel territory killing at least twenty people as russian brokered peace talks stopped but without the opposition.


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