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especially for a good thing this is kind of all the right wing assault on our freedom to last questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targets of students teachers activists for their cause writes it's me slowly but it's limited that's the number of people on the street see the protest has reached our doorstep sort of in which as a weird legs all attempts to contradict something and it's. this is really an attack on a group itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. syrian opposition members refused to leave sochi airport ahead of russian backed talks.
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i'm richelle carey this is our sara life and also coming up. so you can see the president wasn't part of this is making process often essential target of the president the f.b.i.'s deputy director steps down. colombia suspends peace talks with the island rebels after a series of bomb attacks. and no more anonymity the south korean government cracks down on trade digital currencies. russia back talks aimed at finding a solution to the syrian war are getting underway in sochi they appear to have run into more problems some opposition members who arrived in the black sea resort are refusing to leave the airport ahead of the meeting they say they are offended by
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the presence of official syrian flags in the terminal building about sixteen hundred syrian politicians rebels and members of civil society have been invited to the black sea resort town live pictures of this happening there moscow says it's bringing all sections of the conflict together but the main opposition groups and the kurds they are boycotting those talks world powers like britain and france are also staying away. and that meeting comes at a time when russian jets along with the syrian government are pounding parts of rebel held live province hospitals and markets have been targeted over the past few days dozens of civilians including women and children have been killed there shimmy is director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver thanks russian efforts for peace are undermined by its actions on the ground. there is ongoing bombing of civilian targets in providence some of those bombing raids against civilian targets are done by russian aircraft and so at the same time that
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russia is you know bombing syrian civilians in syria it's trying to preside over a peace process and you know the entire process is objectionable simply on those grounds one of the biggest backers of the assad regime is now trying to i think fundamentally consolidate its military gains on the ground by going through this exercise hoping to give democratic and constitutional legitimacy to its war gains on the ground so i think there's strong grounds for riposte being syrian. opposition participation in a peace process that clearly isn't geared toward establishing a lasting peace saudi officials say all detainees held as part of an anti-corruption investigation had been released dozens of princes senior officials and top business plan work detained and confined in riyadh the ritz carlton hotel
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the saudi government launched the purchase early in november and have only been to law one of the kingdom's top international business that was released on saturday. the us has lifted its ban on refugees from eleven countries it deemed high risk but says tougher checks will still be enforced as president donald trump implemented the ban in october as part of his revised immigration policy applicants from the unnamed countries will still face tougher so-called risk based assessments to be accepted. trappin astray she decided not to impose new sanctions on russia that says measures taken in august are hurting russia's economy anough jobs government also released a list of one hundred fourteen russian politicians and businessmen who have allegedly gain wealth or power by association with president vladimir putin the list was required by law to punish russia for allegedly meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe has abruptly stepped down weeks before his official
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retirement date u.s. president has repeatedly criticized accusing him of favoring his rival hillary clinton during the two thousand and sixteen presidential race departure comes as the f.b.i. continues its investigation and possible ties between russia and donald trump campaign alan fischer reports. under mckay has been with the f.b.i. for twenty years but in recent months he's been the target of repeated criticism from president the deputy director played a role in the investigation in hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server his wife ran for office for the democrats in virginia and received campaign donations from clinton allies for the president that was enough for him to tweet how can the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe the man in charge along with lekan james kumi of the phony hillary clinton investigation including her thirty three thousand illegally deleted e-mails be given seven hundred thousand dollars for his wife's campaign by clinton puppets during investigation. well mckibben it's his intention to retire in
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march the president tweeted again f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits ninety days to go the white house the night it played any part in his the sitting to leave the f.b.i. i can tell you none of this issue is made bad out of the white house any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. but keep briefly ran the f.b.i. after the president fired teams combing the washington post reported the president asked them how he voted in the election to keep told him he didn't vote but his departure will risk questions among other f.b.i. agents this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i. intelligence community and frankly american democracy this is been dominating the headlines but washington's attention will soon turn to this president's first state
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of the union speech lito in tuesday but the ramifications of mccabe's abrupt departure may well rumble on alan fischer washington's. give his second state of the union address to congress later on tuesday kicking off his second year in office president will lay out his agenda to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings the white house as described his speech as incredible can really help but of course in washington d.c. . donald trump isn't known for modesty most people expect him to spend much of his state of the union address highlighting what he boasts as evidence of success from his first year in office passing a one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill drops another employment and driving the historic gains in the stock market get that off the field right now out of the spiral trump is known for his off the cuff remarks but the u.s.
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president displayed none of that last year in his first address to congress and most expect the u.s. president will appear as what's been dubbed teleprompter trump veering little from prepared remarks his aim to sound presidential much as he did last week in davos switzerland it has never been a better time to hire to build to invest and to grow in the united states no issue is more divisive at the moment been immigration trump wants twenty five billion to build his wall along the southern border with mexico something he will request on tuesday but there's pressure on him to protect the children of illegal immigrants as well the issue is so contentious it recently shut down the government . as celebrities like pop star cash use their star status to shine a light on sexual harassment and unequal treatment of women it's unlikely trump will acknowledge the hash tag me to movement even as his poll numbers continue to
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be low amongst women trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by least at. yes nineteen women another president might you know make some reference to the need to move he will not for obvious reasons but i guess and i think that's a mistake in fact some democratic lawmakers are boycotting the address for that very reason at this forum analysts agreed he should play up republican accomplishments particularly when it comes to foreign policy i think you're going to see the president take quite a bit of credit for protests in iran i think you're going to see the president rightly take credit for what has happened with isis in particular it's unlikely donald trump will mention in his speech the accusations of collusion or russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election that continue to trouble the trump white house can really help at al-jazeera washington
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a country defense minister says the gulf state is not looking for war despite saying it was ambushed overnight at the start of the g.c.c. crisis four arab states led by saudi arabia severed to fanatic and trade ties of qatar on june fifth speaking in washington and mohamed praised the u.s. for its help when the blockade began out of the blue bin. we lost only you know. with the with the saudis we find out almost since without any axis and. so the c. seventeen is really a disputed us we have to initiate. elbridge and go out to two key to go to a month to bring all the necessary foods and medicine until we figure out how we're going to get all those fluids. atika has the latest from washington d.c.
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. the minister of defense from qatar speaking here at the heritage foundation because it is a republican leaning think tank it is influential in washington whose mission here to highlight just how much cutter adds to the u.s. economy talking about the c. seventeen transport planes the fighter jets the helicopters and the army equipment and also early warning systems that cutters purchased over the last few decades from the united states and then seen here that they're going to improve that very important u.s. base in qatar they're going to be adding two hundred housing units he said so that service members can bring their families and their children can go to school on the base all of this leading up to district he did dialogue happening at the state department with the u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense and the ministers from qatar for the foreign minister minister of defense commerce and energy we expect that they're going to be announcing deals business deals involving ports energy infrastructure and also cyber security really trying to highlight the relationship that qatar has
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with the u.s. obviously they're frustrated that the blockade continues pushing the u.s. to do what the president said he would do which was sit down and negotiate a settlement. still ahead on al-jazeera and sport why a baseball team in the u.s. a strong its longtime logo. the one. hello there the majority of the wet weather every year is in the north of the moment it gradually is working its way down into the eastern parts of europe as well but it's this region where we're seeing most of the wintry weather on tuesday and some of it will be very heavy the system though gradually begins to break up as we head into wednesday so less intense snowstorms here but instead we've got another weather system that's working its way in from the atlantic heavy rain out of this and snow where it's hitting that cold air over scandinavia still mild in
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the west that we're looking at eleven degrees as a maximum in paris nine in london further south is largely fine and dry sixteen is the maximum in athens but towards the southwest we've had rather more active weather over parts of southern spain in fact for some of us a month ago the winds have been so strong that they have brought down some trees now the storm responsible for this one here and it's crashing now tracking its way towards the west still going to bring us some lines the weather as we head through the next few days strong winds then over parts of morocco on choose day on the southern parts of spain just about into portugal as well seventeen the maximum in revenge but in the rain gets going once more as we head into wednesday so heavy downpours this time on the border of algeria and morocco some snow over the atlas mountains as well and it certainly won't be warmer about alltop temperature fifteen . the in.
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parliamentary. watching al-jazeera these are the top stories right now russian backed talks aimed at finding a solution to the syrian war in sochi appear to have run into more problems
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opposition members who have arrived in the black sea resort are refusing to leave the airport ahead of the meeting and say they're offended by the presence of official syrian flags in the terminal building f.b.i. director andrew mccabe has resigned just weeks before he was due to retire he's been repeatedly criticized the u.s. president for alleged political bias white house is denying any involvement with mccabe stepping down and the saudi government says all detainees held as part of an anti corruption investigation have been released dozens of princes senior officials and top business men were detained and confined in riyadh luxury ritz carlton hotel the government launched the purge in early november. so scott back to our top story now the syrian peace talks let's get the latest now from henri chalons who is live in sochi so it. really explain to us what is going on with the opposition and i realize it's a very broad term there are various groups that make up the opposition some think
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one way some think another what's going on. absolutely you're right and that's always been the problem with the syrian peace process or at least one of the main problems is how to get all these different and disparate opposition groups in the same place to have a dialogue and what we understand of course we know that over the weekend the syrian negotiations committee after much humming and hawing decided that they did not want to come here to sochi saying that this was a distraction from the geneva peace process but then we understand also that there were late nights kfar fals in the airports in sochi last night with the turkish backed opposition delegation deciding that they didn't want to go after they'd arrived on the plane decided that they didn't want to leave the airport because of syrian government flags straight all around the place they're all over the branding for this congress and we also know that there are various kurdish
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groups who are staying away turkey feels are not welcome but also they don't want to take part in sochi because of what's going on in africa and so again like in processes like a stand and even some part of the geneva negotiations we're seeing the difficulty of getting everyone around the table to talk well so having said that what is russia hoping to achieve what do they think they can possibly achieve when it's even this difficult just to get everybody in the same room. well i think the main thing the russia wants to get out of this conference at least . with regards to the specifics of the syrian peace process is to select members of a constitutional commission representing the broad spectrum of the syrian conflict so the government on one side and as much of the opposition as are willing to take
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part and it's on the other and this supposedly is going to be feeding into the geneva process the the ultimate goal of everything here to come up with a political solution for the war but going through the you know the show jewel of what's of what's going to be taking place here as such is interesting to see things like the middle east vector of russia's foreign policy one of the the items and economic aspects of the ties between russia and the countries of the middle east so certainly seems that russia is taking the opportunity and once it's got everyone here to do a little bit of salesmanship and promote russia's interests in the middle east and that's one of the concerns that the opposition figures and and perhaps even turkey has about sochi that russia's agenda russia's agenda is is is the primacy here and i think what they want to do is to try and limit that agenda as much as they can the opposition groups like the s.n.c. and turkey as well as saying that it will happily go along with what's decided as
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long as it hears to what the u.n. has already established and as long as this is a track leading directly into geneva and not some kind of like separate effort to sidestep the geneva process ok originality press in sochi will check back in roy thank you. colombia's government has suspended peace talks with the l n rebels after a series of bombings over the weekend seven law enforcement officers were killed during the attacks on police stations and three cities present one law center says blame the armed group for the attacks. reports of. three bombs attacks in less than twenty four hours was interpreted as a clear message from the un about its faith in the peace process in colombia in the aftermath of the country's president juan manuel santos had his own. my patience on the patience of the colombian people has its limits so i have taken the decision to
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suspend the start of the fifth cycle of negotiations which was shared world for the coming days until we see coherence between the words and its actions. talks between the government then the active rebel group in colombia have been going for more than a year last october they agreed on a ceasefire but the rebels launched a new offensive when it expired earlier this month they targeted oil pipelines and security forces the bloodiest of the week in attacks took place in the coastal city of. where five officers were killed. president santos flew there to inspect the aftermath under increasing pressure to win the peace talks for good in the eyes of the taxi indicate the group's leadership is divided over the way forward. as an organization where different tendencies converge on are expressed both politically and militarily they also have an historical issue with timing they're unable to understand when it's the right moment for doing or not doing something this attack
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happened at the worst possible time public opinion not only rejected them but also closed the political space government had to continue negotiation the year lynn says it's willing to take part in another ceasefire but its attacks will continue until the moment it's agreed upon the truth is that unlike the successful talks with five gravels who signed the peace deal with the government a year ago the negotiations with a year len seem increasingly bound for failure leaving the dream completely at peace in its stead troth i listen to them. johnson is a senior analyst at the international crisis group says the land doesn't always consider how their actions will be perceived on a national level. the illin is divided on the issue of peace and so those within the yellen who are against the peace talks since the end of a cease fire about three weeks ago have been carrying out these different tax of
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the country including the ones this last weekend while another part of the ellen is in favor of peace talks and hasn't been carrying out violence so what santo's is essential is saying to the eleven is until you stop carrying out violence as a whole we cannot continue these peace talks the difficulty there is not only the division within the l.n. but the fact that the eland is not very good at measuring the consequences on a national level of their actions i think that also played a role in the attacks these weekend this weekend the on simply did not expect such a reaction to these attacks even though it was easily foresee it nonetheless what will happen in the yelling is that it's negotiating team will have to send messages to the rest of the organization to the rest of the leadership and hope that that leadership can apply a bit more pressure on the anti peace process to stop the violence and allow the peace talks to continue but again that is
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a very difficult scenario because the anti peace fronts within the u.n. essentially have a veto in this situation and if they don't want peace negotiations to continue they know they can just continue to carry out violent attacks starting on tuesday south korea's government as banning anonymous trading that means traders can make cryptocurrency deposits all life from bank account set up under their real names i think have ak explains. park young uk hasn't worked since he quit his job at a pub in july he hopes to find a new role through a government employment program in the meantime he's trying his luck trading digital currencies. i've been living off my savings i have expenses but knowing comes so i thought big going could be a way to earn some money with a. park could only invest about five hundred dollars but was happy to make one hundred dollar profit when prices surged came to one's company specializes in block
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chain the technology underpinning crypto currencies he says they're attractive for many who find it hard to keep up with the rising cost of living. bank interest rates are low and there are limited to opportunities for investment so the new crypto currency is appeared along in on time to return on investment it's estimated more than two million south koreans own cryptocurrency. south korea accounts for ten percent of global trade but south korea's economy accounts for less than two percent of the global economy so the market is overheated by about five fold at times demand has driven prices on local exchanges higher than those overseas a markup known as the kimchi premium. has a phenomenon that can be described as a craze a culture tantamount to gambling has been promoting the justice minister parks and he has made a similar comparisons to gambling which is generally illegal here for south korean
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citizens earlier this month he said his ministry was preparing legislation to ban crypto currency trading. global prices tumbled after the comments then the president's office clarified that a band was just one measure being considered the government says new regulations banning anonymous trading are designed to prevent crimes such as money laundering and tax evasion it's also concerned about security north korea is. suspected of being behind hacks targeting south korean exchanges but many investors aren't happy park young says the government is trying to go back in time and more than two hundred thousand people have signed an online petition against a major cryptocurrency crackdown kathy novak al jazeera soul david vaile is the executive director of the cyberspace law and policy center at the university of new south wales and he joins us via skype from sydney appreciate your time very much so
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south korean government why why do they seem to be taking the lead and trying to regulate this for currency industry. well it seems as if there is a particular passion because of the opportunities that were to see during the bubble period because one in particular but some of the other coins as well and before the change of the new year you had what seemed to be just an absolute. rock up to the stars in terms of the prices that it got up to close to us twenty thousand dollars and for the reasons in your story i think for and for other reasons people in korea thought that this was a particularly good way to bypass the stagnant investment in other markets but the problem is that bitcoin nobody knows really what it is it's not necessarily a currency you can't pay taxes in it it's not necessarily in essence it's not
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really backed by other currency gold real estate bonds anything solid it's closer to a sort of a i suppose a gambling token it's that even then it's not really exactly gambling as well but it's probably closest to that and so they were talking about a ponzi scheme this is that sort of financial rip off where the people going in paying money to pay out the people already in a keeps working until the music stops and then all of a sudden the whole thing's collaterals the lock suckers are the ones that pay ok so if governments are going to start regulating it whether they're doing it kicking and screaming or whatever the case does this in some way legitimize it. well it's quite difficult it's a big calling which is one of the main and the most successful terence's of this time it started off as a crypto anarchist libertarian anti government gesture a sort of
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a currency that wasn't controlled it wasn't centralized didn't have a central bank and so it's very attractive to a whole lot of people so the different reasons on the other hand those sort of characteristics are absolutely a red rag to a bull to governments in terms of a challenge to their capacity to raise taxes to. attract unauthorised transactions and so already around the world what you're having is a bit of confusion on the part of governments and we've seen that in korea as well so korea the government at one stage appearing to be so pushing for a straight out ban on trading then backing off then it seems to be back on again and other governments have the same sort of thing they're sort of tantalized by the possibilities because you know there are a lot of opportunities on the block chain to acknowledge each but on the same time they are the possibility that it will escape them that people will effectively be
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able to do anonymous trades is very worrying so that that's at the heart of the quest to identify the child is all right governments are going to have to deal with it one way or another that's for sure david vaile joining us from sydney thank you . american baseball team the cleveland indians has decided to get rid of a controversial logo from their uniforms they follow image has been criticized as offensive and racist by the native american community and also other groups she father who is a caricature of a native american at first appeared on the indians uniforms and nineteen forty eight major league baseball says it will be removed next year and if american journalists and activists simon why a smith says cleveland's owners need to do more to convince doubters their intentions are sincere. the league put pressure on the team to drop its chief wahoo local from its uniforms in while it's playing but the team itself is still selling the merchandise with the image they're going to continue to do
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that they haven't changed the name they haven't issued an apology to natives in ohio and across the nation for creating a hostile environment for natives in that state so they're just reacting to pressure from the elite they didn't do this because they have a crisis of conscience it's a caricature of indigenous peoples it's a dehumanization of indigenous peoples and it's ubiquitous here in the united states you have the cleveland indians you have the washington football team which is named. for a slur that means dead indians you have the kansas city chiefs you have the chicago blackhawks the humanization in the united states continues and i think that for the rest of the world they need to understand that racism against natives pretty probable here. take out the headlines on al-jazeera russian back talks aimed at finding a solution to this syrian war getting underway in sochi their parent have run into
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more problems some opposition members who have arrived in the black sea resort are refusing to leave the airport ahead of the meeting and say they are offended by the presence of official syrian flags in the terminal building and about sixteen hundred syrian politicians rebels and members of civil society have been invited to this resort town for these talks these are live pictures there osca says it's bringing all sections of the conflict together but again the main opposition groups and the kurds are boycotting the talks. saudi officials say all detainees held as part of an anti corruption investigation had been released dozens of princes senior officials and top business men were detained and confined in riyadh luxury carlton hotel saudi government launched the purge in early november. until all one in the kingdom's top international businessman was released on saturday. the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe has resigned just weeks before he was due to retire
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he's been repeatedly criticized by the u.s. president for alleged political bias the f.b.i. is currently investigating possible links between russia and election campaign the white house though is denying any involvement in mccabe stepping down and as we said saudi officials did say that everyone has been released from the ritz carlton we'll continue to follow that story for you and the top administration has decided not to impose new sanctions on russia it says measures taken in august are hurting russia's economy and nothe trumps government also released a list of one hundred fourteen russian politicians and businessmen who have allegedly gained wealth or power by association with russian president vladimir putin now that list is actually required by law to punish russia for allegedly meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election. year long peace talks between the colombian government and rebels have
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been called off after a series of bombings over the weekend president juan manuel santos has blamed the marxist rebels for the attacks on police stations and three cities for development comes eighteen months after the president secured a deal with clumpy is much larger fark guerrilla group. those are the headlines the news continues keep it here on al-jazeera and sad story next. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera african union leaders have been holding a summit in the ethiopian capital corruption conflict and funding for the fifty five member bloc tops the agenda but can the air bring in much dated reforms this is inside store.


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