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revolution changed the course of latin american politics che guevara and fidel castro face to face at this time on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's what that gives us and gives us the ability to identify the people when they get inside the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. the russian backed syrian talks had a snag in sochi opposition members refused to leave the airport for the negotiations.
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i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up live pictures from nairobi were supporters of opposition leader right looting are said to witness and take a symbolic oh as kenya's so-called people's president. leaked documents show a top australian immigration minister went against policy and tried to keep hundreds of refugees from settling in the country plus. the president wasn't part of this is you making process often a central target of the president deputy director steps down. syrian president bashar al assad's key backer russia is holding talks aimed at a political solution to the civil war about sixteen hundred syrian business and politicians rebels and members of civil society have been invited to the black sea resort town moscow says it's bringing all sections of the conflict together however
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the main opposition groups and the kurds they are boycotting the talks world powers like france and britain are also staying away a small section of the opposition groups who are in sochi are refusing to leave the airport they say they are offended by the presence of official syrian flags in the terminal building more now on our top story let's continue discussing this go to rory chalons who is live in sochi so war as we just said there's a small segment of the opposition that won't leave the airport there are other opposition members that simply refuse. where do things stand with the opposition and they seem to not only be on different pages they seem to change their minds often as well. it's been one of the perennial problems with the whole syrian peace process hasn't it that with such disparate groups of opposition and also with the various negotiation platforms themselves us
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donna sort she geneva etc getting all of these groups to come together in one place and all agree that they have an interest in being there well that's always difficult and it is difficult here again in sochi so as you said the the the syrian negotiations committee decided over the weekend that it didn't want to come here to sochi it believes that russia is pushing a damascus and moscow agenda here and that this is a sideshow to geneva peace process that's why it didn't want to come then we had yesterday another group of opposition figures dropping out because of what they called the massacres going on in the countryside and we understand that late last night there was a forceful down at the airport here with distressed turkish officials running around trying to persuade a group of turkish backed opposition delegates to to leave the airports they
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apparently didn't want to get out of the airport buildings because they had seen syrian government flags plastered all over the branding for this such a conference and that upset them so yeah we have a an issue with with with opposition representation here there are opposition platforms opposition groups but the main blocks of opposition figures haven't come so the significant groups that are part of the opposition are not there and back there's also still bombing going on with all of that happening what is russia hoping to achieve with these talks. well the the main or the headline that is likely to come out of this conference is the agreement to form some sort of constitutional rights commission. and this is supposedly going to be a mix of syrian government representatives on one hand stretching across the the
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opposition spectrum on the other but of course as i've just said there are various opposition people who have decided they don't want to be a part of the. conference and presumably are staying out of this commission as well now the belief amongst the opposition has always been that this such a conference and probably this commission as well is essentially representing moscow interests representing damascus interests and they along with turkey have been saying over the last few hours and days that perhaps they would agree with the proposals that this commission comes up with as long as it is limited and as long as it's focused on maintaining direction towards geneva because it's of course geneva this u.n. . curated process that is going to ultimately give many belief
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the final peace settlement for syria and turkey and the the syrian opposition groups do not want anything to deviate from that ok or a challenge for us in sochi right thank you. there has shimmy is director at the center for middle east studies at university of denver thanks russian efforts for peace are undermined by its actions on the ground. there is ongoing bombing of civilian targets in providence some of those bombing raids against civilian targets are done by russian aircraft and so at the same time that russia is you know bombing syrian civilians in syria it's trying to preside over a peace process and you know the the entire process is objectionable simply on those grounds one of the biggest backers of the assad regime is now trying to i think fundamentally consolidate its military gains on the ground by going through
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this exercise hoping to give democratic and constitutional legitimacy to its war gains on the ground so i think there's strong grounds for riposte seeing syrian. opposition participation in a peace process that clearly isn't geared toward establishing a lasting peace so while those talks are under way on the ground the syrian government is continuing to attack little hell areas outside the capital damascus to besiege rebel enclave in eastern good as again at the target at least six people have been killed dozens and hurt and shelling and rocket attacks only four hundred thousand civilians have been living under a government siege for nearly five years now. kenya's opposition says it will swear and its leader raul as an alternative president the attorney general has warned that challenging the official president will amount to trees that someone is being held to her own national park and nairobi some live pictures of this event that the
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attorney general has warned that challenging the president as he said will amount to treason catherine so is live in the capital nairobi so catherine there is some uncertainty about what this actually is whether it was actually going to happen and what is going to be sworn in as what so we know about this and that the world is showing a lot of. well having a coming from different parts. is very on the boat on the island the boat are being asked to come from different parts of the country people who are very passionate they've been chanting for ra a load to the something many believe he won the election on the moon that's a lesson that was validated by the sea org ride i was with a lot of mars it was hot this thing that has been postponed twice before has also been i got a lot of questions for all over egypt as the diplomats from the os team soon
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embraced you saying this was the sights of which i was the only she got. to see a lot of them still have it it was a certain. amount of that move and so we are expecting right now again that's. one of the life was equally awful was watching the swearing going to watch kind of old equally to see how it was interesting to see it is going to take the old president of the canyon which obviously is going to have them i think the amounts to a little bit of waiting to see what's kind of the fog. and also you wouldn't want to see the big. you get exactly i mean catherine what is the endgame what is the opposition hoping to achieve or are they trying to push for some dialogue or are they trying to just push for
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a presence what what is the end game here. the that's right the question was have a lot of people have been asking really shown a lot want then want out of the sorry sequence and. you asked the question why loading dock and the opposition i supply isn't how big the state is that the city say again no way of putting what i shall. was it to see done that to address some of the grievances of. these babysitting swearing on that oh gosh day and action which is bombing because he said that one that. was invalidated by the supreme court opt out of the teacher was not him that was created by the sunday. he also is saying that one student. to unfold somebody of the forum that has been induced by several thousands of for
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a different state holds. on to say i. am god is supposed to basically zero four and after reforms that i'm at issues affecting the country so riled the gun would still. be sure the election forms to put more pressure on the government while pressure on presidents who are looking out and i guess that's why the government is so busy but it's not just about. what happens next in this people the somebody is potentially a very powerful platform to push the all of the opposition and most of the people even those people's assembly already pledging that legions to. ok catherine sawyer live for us in nairobi catherine thank you. the u.s. has lifted its ban on refugees from eleven countries at dame high risk but says tougher checks will still be enforced u.s. president donald trump implemented the ban in october as part of his revised
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immigration policy applicants from the and then countries will still face tougher so-called risk based assessments to be accepted. look cabinet documents in australia have revealed that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new impermanent life in the country the papers revealed that in two thousand and thirteen a that immigration minister scott morrison asked the national security agency agency to slow down checks on nearly seven hundred asylum seekers he wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent protection enter thomas has more from sydney. what this document reveals is the government bending over backwards to the naleo life in australia to any refugee who'd come by boat since july twenty thirty eight any refugee who comes to australia that way is automatically sent to either no rw or papua new guinea and told that will never be resettled in australia they don't tell you about twenty thirty when this was written the government was dealing with a backlog thousands of refugees who arrived before that july twenty thirty change
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in policy and the government according to this was looking for ways to slow down their applications as refugees so that they would miss certain deadlines and therefore be ineligible to apply for permanent resettlement only temporary visas or one way these documents suggest the government was trying to do that but some of those refugees was to slow down a final security check it was putting pressure on the security agencies to miss a deadline so those refugees would only be allowed to apply for temporary protection and not a permanent settlement here well today the government doesn't deny the authenticity of this but they say that it is an old document that was found on the back of somebody's drawer and they say that back then as now the government was doing everything it could to deter people from getting on boats to come to australia because they say but that save people drowning at sea and they say this document their policies on nothing to be ashamed of so add on al-jazeera the battle against
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air pollution across europe which kills hundreds of thousands of people there every year plus. i you know alan bring people in bring the new england. invest. we're already fourteen people have died in the last month. from flowing on in winds to an enchanting desert breeze. the river levels to remain high across northern parts of france i'm afraid there is more rain in the forecast the most weather will continue to tumble in from the atlantic mild but the weather has to be said you can see this weather system here just running right across paris incidentally and we have got more right in the full cost for paris and the river levels are starting to recede thankfully but as we
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will see more right as we go on through the next few days you can see at the moment it is generally dry across those northern parts of france i speak go on through choose day we are going to see bits and pieces of rain coming in across the northwest of france easing down across the central areas north of that nine celsius there with london ten degrees there for paris elsewhere is like the father driving some wintry weather there into that is decide if you have so for western russia we can expect some snow for a time a similar picture here on wednesday but take a look at where the stay in france crosses northern areas we could well see some heavy busts of right and that really is the last thing we need eleven degrees celsius in paris for will cease because the somewhat weather to into the north of iraq a little area clouds swirling away here just around the northwest of africa it will make its way further east which as we go through where to stay it temperatures and rip at sixteen. the women sponsored by qatar use.
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the scene for us when they're on line which is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. they're watching al-jazeera the top stories right now syrian president bashar al assad's key backer russia is hosting talks at
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a political solution to solve the civil war about sixteen hundred syrian businessmen politicians rebels and members of civil society have been invited to the black sea resort town in sochi but the main opposition groups and the kurds are boycotting the talks. kenya's opposition says it will swear in its leader raul as an alternative president tourney journal has warned that challenging the official president will amount to treason for live pictures of nairobi this ceremony's being held at a home national park. leaked cabinet documents and have revealed that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new and permanent life in the country the papers reveal that in two thousand and thirteen the then emigration minister scott morrison asked the national security agency to slow down checks on early seven hundred asylum seekers you wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent part. section. deputy director andrew mccabe has abruptly stepped down
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weeks before his official retirement eight u.s. president has repeatedly criticized. favoring his rival hillary clinton to two thousand and sixteen presidential race departure comes as the f.b.i. continues its investigation into possible ties between russia and donald trump's campaign alan fischer reports. under mccabe has been with the f.b.i. for twenty years but in recent months he's been the target of repeated criticism from president bush and the deputy director played a role in the investigation in hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server his wife ran for office for the democrats in virginia and received campaign donations from clinton allies for the president that was enough for him to tweet how can the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe the man in charge along with leaking james komi of the phony hillary clinton investigation including her thirty three thousand illegally deleted e-mails be given seven hundred thousand dollars for his wife's campaign by clinton puppets during investigation. when mckibben age his intention to retire in march the president tweeted again f.b.i.
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deputy director andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits ninety days to go the white house the night it played any part in his the sitting to leave the f.b.i. i can tell you none of this issue is made bad out of the white house any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. but keep briefly ran the f.b.i. after the president fired james comey the washington post reported the president asked him how he voted in the election to keep told him he didn't vote but his departure will risk questions among other f.b.i. agents this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i. intelligence community and frankly american democracy this is been dominating the headlines but washington's attention will soon turn to this president's first state of the union speech on tuesday but the ramifications of mccabe's abrupt departure
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may well rumble on alan fischer al-jazeera washington. defense minister says the call status not looking for a war despite saying it was ambushed overnight at the start of the g.c.c. crisis for arab states led by saudi arabia sever diplomatic and trade ties of qatar on june fifth taking in washington kelli and mohammed ality have praised the u.s. for its help and the blockade again out of the blue bin. we lost only you know. with the with the saudis we find out over since without and the axis in the air so this is seventeen's really a risk you the us we have to initiate. and bridge. when you go from zero to two to. go to a month to bring gold in this city food and medicine until we figure out how we're
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going to get all this from. gyptian authorities have extended the detention of al jazeera journalists not move to same for the eleventh time he'll be held for an extra forty five days without trial and it's now been more than a year since he was arrested and jailed in egypt the same is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny in mars' economic prospects with the west are at risk following melting international criticism over its handling of the ranter crisis last week a top u.s. diplomat quit the government's advisory panel after a heated exchange with manned mars later on sounds of shame over troops and departure shows how it appears to be fishing away critics and relying on all the allies for support live reports. as the bustle of yangon's city winds down at the end of the day people stream to the riverside to commute to feed the seagulls and to soak in the last bit of light before sunset. and when the sun
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rises in a new day starts a reminder has arrived overnight another cargo ship from myanmar is main trading partner china also a reminder of the dependence on its huge neighbor to the north. something leaders here hoped would lessen when economic sanctions began to soften eight years ago but with mounting international criticism and pressure over the range of crisis the nation seems to be turning its focus away from new partners in the west i think given. the justified anger on the part of the international community and the u.n. instead of of handling that criticism in dealing with the crisis and we're caught in a professional political and moral man a governess decided to just go back to the chinese this new factory on the outskirts of yangon supplies myanmar rubber to tire manufacturers up in china it's about seventy percent of their business they want to expand to the west but this
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deepening rift between western nations and the government here might force companies like this and the nation to remain reliant on trade with china. myanmar drew harsh comments from the u.s. last week when it announced the government would buy six advanced su thirty fighter jets from russia. and they were and pins are when it was a political prisoner during military rule he says the timing of the fighter deal and closer military ties with russia are related to the range of crisis after what happened in iraq hein and the discussions at un security council china russia flatly said that they would support him so this is something that i am on that issue especially knows that can't count on. analyst david matheson feels that even though the two nations are providing for me and more now investments in defense assistance there's a long term problem they do need western dinah's because the chinese and the russians are going to provide health and education and issues they want to sell
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weapons and they want to extract. natural resources. right now most of the people of myanmar are not aware of any negative impact that the range of crisis might bring but some think that there will be a cost if there's further distancing from the international community and that could impede the progress of reform after years of isolation it's got harder al-jazeera yangon. more than twenty million people and brazil are being vaccinated against yellow fever a public health emergency has been declared after at least fifteen people die from the disease last month traceable reports. this is the largest forestry serve in an urban area in the world. in the state of south is where an early the locust son and her son died of yellow fever a few weeks ago so i'm not really much my oldest son is devastated they were together all the time he's not even coming to our place because he's suffering
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a lot he was planning to write his kids he left us here. anderson did not want to get vaccinated and early this says he started having headaches and then his complection turned yellow the doctors didn't know what the problem was until after he died brazil is fighting a yellow fever outbreak that has already claimed dozens of lives at least fourteen of them here in my keyboard a massive campaigns now being launched to vaccinate people living in high risk areas against what's considered to be the worst outbreak of the decease since the one nine hundred forty s. . leni says yellow fever was four years in their making only certain areas of brazil but things have changed. a few environmental studies noted impacts in forests with the mosquitoes predators such as frogs and dragonflies were extinct the mosquitoes then managed to migrate to this person brazil. and it's not
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now just in remote areas but also in brazil's major cities this is befehl follow through and it's been temporarily shut down because of a forty pound one that monkey that was not from the sioux but lived in the surrounding area infected with yellow fever means that the virus is already here and that's why the government have stepped up efforts to vaccinate people living in the area. hundreds of other monkeys have already died across brazil in the last year as the virus has spread but is so powerful and video that jenny there are not enough vaccines for everyone if i could not protect her family i see it but i don't it was really busy when i arrived people were queuing for five hours and they told us it was over no more vaccines have to come next week. the other members of fandor since family have been inoculated yellow fever has already left this family shattered the government's priority is to prevent the virus from causing even more
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deaths i will. put out brazil. chile's president has signed laws expanding protective parkland by almost forty percent at follows what's believed to be the largest donation of private land to a country as a result new parks have been created and several others expanded ensuring the protection of vast parts of the patagonia region it's estimated that an area the size of switzerland will now be safeguarded from development. european union has seven ministers from nine polluting member states over air quality standards france germany and britain are among those being threatened with court action if they don't make urgent changes air pollution is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths across europe every year and that's got innovators tackling the issue is dominant came reports from the german city a cigar. nestling in a natural bowl of the neck of valley should guard is renowned as the cradle of the automobile several famous manufacturers have important bases here but there in lies
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the problem because with the car comes pollution which often lingers in the air because of the local topography to combat it the city has pollution meters set up in many locations gauging the amount of nitrogen dioxide and minute particles of fine dust in the air a sophisticated alarm system warns people when the levels are too high but local authorities say more needs to be done the federal level needs to spend more money for the for the local level at the moment we have what they call is for programs quickstart program which is a one billion euros which is not that that few money but regarding are looking to the cities in germany which are ninety cities so we have the problem one billion euro is not that much money and given that so far in january the fine dust alarm has been triggered seven times other local solutions are being explored
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such as the fine dust eater it uses three applications to filter out particulates and fine dust and although it's currently a prototype the project manager is optimistic exactly in stuttgart might be able to on the one hand equipped chorused that means everything that has to do with internal transport a proper transportation with act to find us filtration systems or with a brick dust particle for the problem for a city like short got is that although many of the measures it is taking or it has plans to take do reduce some of the emissions right now they're only really scratching at the surface of a problem and this is a problem right across germany. one environmental organization in berlin says the problem is so entrenched in germany that it's taking nineteen cities to court we hope. to also get the federal level moved when they see that citizens get more and more and the pressure about fulfilling their local target so to speak to
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yet to protect the health of their citizens. in recent months germany's most of manufacturers have been committed to cutting emissions of not you didn't dioxide bias but the current coalition government and the likely next one admitted they must dispose reaching pollution prevention targets the issue of their pollution is a developing danger in the eyes of the european commission but at the local level the people in stuttgart it's an ever present dominant cane al-jazeera in the neck of ali lava and molten rock are spewing from the mayon volcano in the philippines more than eighty thousand villagers from the surrounding area have been forced to hide in schools turned into emergency shelters authorities say villages in the danger zone should be turned into a permanent no man's land to avoid future evacuations.
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says al jazeera and these are the top stories talks hosted by russia on the syrian war have been delayed about sixteen hundred syrian businessmen politicians rebels and members of civil society were invited to the black sea resort town of sochi also says it's bringing all sections of the conflict together but the main opposition groups and the kurds are boycotting the talks and will powers like france and britain are also staying away a small section of the opposition groups who are in sochi are refusing to leave the airport they say they're offended by the presence of official syrian flags in the terminal building. kenya's opposition says it will swear in leader to as an alternative president live pictures of this event the attorney general has warned though that challenging the official president will amount to treason ceremonies being held at a hood national park in nairobi. saudi officials say all detainees held as part of an anti-corruption investigation have been released from the ritz carlton hotel
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dozens of princes senior officials and top businessmen have been detained and confined in the luxury hotel which was used as an interrogation center a saudi government launched the purge in early november late cabmen documents and australia have revealed that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new and permanent life in the country paper surveilled that in two thousand and thirteen the then immigration minister scott morrison asked the national security agency to slow down checks on nearly seven hundred asylum seekers if you wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent protection be set. the f.b.i. stephanie director andrew mccabe has resigned just weeks before he was due to retire he's been repeatedly criticised by the us president for alleged political bias the f.b.i. is currently investigating possible links between russia and trump's election campaign the white house is denying any involvement in the case of stepping down an attack on a military checkpoint in southeastern yemen has killed at least fifteen people
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belonging to u.a.e. backed horses and happened east of the city of a talk and shabab province which is to say the attackers fired at the checkpoint before detonating a car bomb as are your headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the stream is next. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a jewel in the stream today a new bollywood film has people talking about the cost of the songs but most importantly about the message the importance of mental health and hygiene by bringing the story of one indian innovator to the big screen the film's producer director and kos they are removing stigma around periods not all superheroes wake
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