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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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it's updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how life influenced the course of history was the human revolution coming in a way feel castro is a feudal east another commie mr castro wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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you're watching the al-jazeera news online from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a russian backed syria peace talks are delayed by several hours as some opposition groups stay away from the opening ceremony. also finding escalates in the southern port city of aden in yemen the session is fighters taking over a military base linked to the president. of opposition supporters rally in nairobi years of kenya's a shadow president is on officially sworn in after a controversial vote. no war anonymity the south korean government cracks down on the trade of digital currencies. the company on the news are we start in russia where there are efforts to host talks on syria's political future have had a rocky start in the resort town. sochi the meeting was delayed by several hours
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the main opposition groups on the kurds have boycotted the meeting a small section of the opposition groups who are inside she are also refusing to participate they mounted a sit in at the airport after apparently taking offense being by the presence of official syrian slangs in the terminal building where the meeting was finally opened by russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov. today we have all conditions to turn the tragic page of syria's history considering all the latest achievements a dialogue between various syrian factions is necessary to reach a political solution with the u.s. backed mediation. well on the ground in syria the government is continuing to attack the rebel held on plave of eastern guta at least six people have been killed and dozens injured in the fighting nearly four hundred thousand people have been living under a government siege for nearly five years well we'll be talking to stephanie deck in
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a moment to use in the last man on the turkey syria border first let's go to rory chalons in sochi and of course. one of the main things was of course speech from. he had some pretty poignant things to say what was said in addition to what we've just heard. or heard from two people in the opening remarks the opening ceremony we heard from a syrian government representative to basically had a strong message his message was hands off syria foreign involvement foreign interference should stop he made a thanks to the what he called the glorious syrian army for its military victories and then said long live syria then after that we heard from sergey lavrov who read a message from the mir putin he was saying that basically russia continues to take
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steps towards the peaceful resolution of the syrian conflict thanks to the past on a process which russia iran and turkey have joint sponsored zones of deescalation that this is set up these have all helped bring the level of violence down in syria and that itself has been created essentially to pursue the object is of u.n. council resolution twenty two fifty four and the thanks the various parties here gratitude to turkey iran and of the united nations itself and of course a great deal of confusion about which of the opposition groups we're going to attend we're not going to attend or we're just going to boycott and now we're getting news about certain opposition groups wanting turkey to represent them in sochi what seems to be going on. that's right well i mean of course we over the last few days we've had various opposition groups saying that they would not be taking part of the syrian negotiations committee announced that
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over the weekend there were more opposition figures that dropped out yesterday and overnight last night we had this scenario where a turkish baths delegation of the opposition arrived at the airport in sochi saw government flags plastered all over the place to took offense of that and said they would not leave the airport until those flags were taken away now that. basically meant there had to be some very last minute negotiations involving with turkish foreign ministry and the russian foreign ministry and we understand involving the the u.n. representative stefan de mistura who was waiting to see what the outcome of this this process would be well what we understand is that the opposition figures of turned around and have headed home and essentially given the turkish government representatives here the job of representing them so that's what's been happening for them you just touched on judgment is pivotal in all of these talks not stuff
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and of a story the u.n. representative who's been involved in geneva talks has sort of overseeded attended a starter ones as well for our international viewers so very confusing to hear about sochi at the start of in geneva it all leads really to geneva doesn't it. well yes that's that's what everyone says on the surface of course the opposition figures who decided to stay away from sochi say that they have concerns about this whole platform of the syrian peace negotiations because they say it's a distraction from geneva they want everything to be concentrated on geneva itself and all these arrests saatchi all these other platforms are basically a way for damascus iran and more. go to enforce their agendas on on what's going on and the staff and the restorer has come here basically to make sure that this is
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a process that doesn't try to veer away from geneva doesn't try to rere away from the resolution twenty two fifty four but directly channels into it and that's what the opposition that's what turkey and that's what certain demister are are trying to achieve by coming here well for the moment they're rotary we'll leave it and come back to you through the day as we get more news out of that conference let's cross over to stephanie decker who's at dulles model the turkey syria border of course they can talk as much as they want stephanie but the harsh reality is that the bombardment continues certainly with the turkish offensive and kurdish groups continue to defend their positions just bring us up to speed on what's been happening over the last twelve hours. well we've been hearing some artillery in the distance we are at the turkey syria border you can probably see there is a war that turkey built to divide the border how close syria is in many of these
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places there is of course the watchtowers a heavy military presence the fighting is ongoing so what we saw over the last twenty four hours or so was a reinforcement of buses with soldiers yesterday at the end of the day driving along these roads because of course not only is there the eastern front which is inside syria turkey together with the free syrian army forces have also been going in across the border into syria along various parts of this northern and western borders that turkey has with after having said all that we have managed to speak to some people inside sources who will tell us that the situation for the civilians is incredibly difficult because what they say of random shelling into border towns particularly the areas of rajkot engine that is which is sort of further down this section so incredibly difficult situation for them aid very difficult to get into the the kurdish red crescent operating there we've seen some pictures hard to verify but some of them are certainly incredibly difficult not sure if you picked
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that up but that was outgoing as well so it is it's an active frontline in turkey very much adamant that it is going to continue until it's pushed the white p.g. which they have coursed call the terrorist organization away from its borders for the moment stuff and leave it on the course i join you through the day thanks a lot crossover now to something not the director of the levant institute for strategic interest joins me now from the lebanese capital beirut good to have you with us on the program certainly what is the point of having a meeting with fifteen hundred delegates according to the russians from a cross-section of syrian society when it's not the main opposition groups that are fighting in syria. i mean yes because the main objective of the conference for russia to. diplomatically it has been investing and realizing. military side and but i mean
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was fixing like objectivity first of all to get syrian legitimacy for this confidence then international legitimacy the third object there was to move to words in the settlement but none of these objectives were met first of all in terms of seeing that they shipped him a seat that are important to groups important stakeholders was a big cloud on the field that were not present that kurds whatever we think of the kurds whatever it is the problem with. who are not present control like fifteen percent of the territory seven s. and c. which is most important and most of it but is that the groups this syrian negotiation committee also who were present at the geneva talks. meeting in terms of international presence and the fact that the americans
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who are who have an important game were not present as well for fear that this will get a. talks i mean deprive this event from their national. was looking forward however. to what are may be the only woman of. confidence because it gives kind of fuel and backing for this conference mr not let me just get in there because we sort of lost but we can still hear you quite clearly. we've got you back again technically that's great how important is it that obviously what we're seeing is that the gender is be. very much by russia syria. iran even turkey to a certain extent and it doesn't quite does reflect really the ground realities for the opposition because no matter what they do their voice is not being heard they're not being negotiated with because we're seeing intense bombing and attacks
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of opposition areas even deescalation zones which really don't amount to anything how much is that is influencing the way that russia is pushing forward pushing ahead to try and get a resolution yes yes russia. is running against time because it knows very well that the more this situation drags the more their military operation will continue on the ground the more. the military. or the military sides are weakened so it's taking a risk by this is why it's trying moscow is trying to achieve a settlement whether it's not putting enough pressure on the syrian regime to give in the objective was to come up with a new constitution up to now with this union the regime is not in phase with moscow
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position the syrian regime doesn't want to talk about in your constitution all it sees talking about is an amendment of the constitution as you mentioned there are people in sochi talking about being on the ground. in the south of. that bad continues and continued very fiercely over the moon we'll have to leave it there are some in other thank you very much for your insight from beirut in lebanon . now the session is forces in southern yemen of taking over a pro-government military camp in a known try to target the presidential palace is the latest escalation in violence by the u.s. backed forces after they tried to take control of the government held city two days ago pro-government troops have been deployed from the city to dailor in aden in response the yemeni government is accusing the saudi arabia of ignoring the action of the u.a.e. linked forces now for nearly three years yemen has been mired in
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a complicated war between forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of president and who the rebels but in recent days it's become even more complex a split has emerged in the saudi led coalition that supports had the u.a.e. backed forces have turned on the president's troops the u.a.e. has thrown it support behind separatists fighters the secessionists or to separate state for southern yemen they say that the region has been neglected and mistreated by the government south and north yemen are separate countries for much of the latter half of the twentieth century before they united in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in used to be the capital of south yemen. no at least thirty six people have been killed in the port city of aden in yemen during the past two days after heavy fighting with southern secessionists trying to stage a coup here's part of the video the international committee of the red cross posted
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online about what's happening on the ground. and we are going through it quite a bit. but. tell me we have very little in our civilization maybe you. should you know this so what we are living with us here. to get in touch with are these are the other and maybe people missing. kids. help yes yes. we are managing the scene with these gets to the other must. be done as well unfortunately this is somebody bites the same. well to african our kenyan police have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of opposition supporters gathering to celebrate an unofficial swearing in
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of. now the attorney general has warned that challenging the official president will amount to treason opposition supporters have been filling the who route national park as you can see these live pictures coming from nairobi now writing their claims he won the presidential election in august but the electoral commission declared who are coming after the winner challenged the results on the supreme court agreed nullifying the results over those irregularities because ordered a fresh vote in october last year which can be up to one. boycotted the vote science and a lack of electoral reforms catherine soy is our correspondent in the capital nairobi and we already knew was going to be a very tense situation how would you describe it now at the moment catherine. catherine if you can hear me we news always beginning to be a very tense situation how would you describe it now quite noisy behind you.
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i can barely hear you sahil i think something has happened to the sound like asking about today's event and i thought that intro into talking about this yes it was by . some people just feet in the sense that there was one thing important to us she seemed bored and us she was while and i have so much to development in the last few hours we still. coming in oh sorry see that's the government i mean the kitchen body blocking the lyceum noise of some of the country's main media stations currently the opposition leaders are having a meeting at imagine some meeting to discuss that and that was back of the swearing in we've also seen some preparations going on of the days we've seen some politicians pass through that is an indicator that rylan do. guys going to be here
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at some point for the swearing in ceremony he supported have been waiting for him since very early in the morning well we haven't seen any security presence even a little part since morning and his supporters very passionate about this day they all believe that he won the election on all just eight election that was invalidated by the supreme court and they say that is the basis to which they want him sworn in as the people's president but also on the many questions about also you know a lot of people are asking now what kind of only eat basic obviously eat takes an oath as a president and president of the republic of china that is going to be problematic because it's going to i mount to seize on and what is these people's president if that's all he's going to take with these people's president. going to swear him in some little bit of our broadcast to mess up our political one third thing and also
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you would think what is going to happen i think two days out what steps easily. we solicit you follow events very noisy events there in nairobi with you catherine throughout the day for the moment thank you. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour somalia's government says it's come up with a long term plan to tackle drought and famine we have a report from mogadishu. plus what's expected from the president trying to see past his second state of the union address in the coming hours and in sports a sixty year old baseball team logo is to go to. explain why he spoke. to the americas not where the f.b.i. deputy director under became president he stepped down weeks before his official time and date he'd been criticized by u.s.
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president donald trump who accused him of favoring his right. well hillary clinton in the twenty sixteen presidential race now the f.b.i. still investigating a possible ties between russia and trump's campaign alan fischer as more. andrew mackay has been with the f.b.i. for twenty years but in recent months he's been the target of repeated criticism from president bush and the deputy director played a role in the investigation in hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server his wife ran for office for the democrats in virginia and received campaign donations from clinton allies for the president that was enough for him to tweet how can the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe the man in charge along with lekan james komi of the phony hillary clinton investigation including her thirty three thousand illegally deleted e-mails be given seven hundred thousand dollars for his wife's campaign by clinton puppets during investigation when mckibben knows his intention to retire in march the president tweeted again f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits
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ninety days to go the white house the night it played any part in his the sitting to leave the f.b.i. i can tell you none of this issue is made bad out of the white house any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. briefly ran the f.b.i. after the president fired james comey the washington post reported the president asked him how he voted in the election to keep told him he didn't vote but his departure will risk questions among other f.b.i. agents this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i. intelligence community and frankly american democracy this is been dominating the headlines but washington's attention will soon turn to this president's first state of the union speech on tuesday but the ramifications of mccabe's abrupt departure may well rumble on alan fischer al-jazeera washington. the trumpet ministration has
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decided not to impose new sanctions on russia he says measures taken in august are hurting russia's economy enough government also released a list of one hundred fourteen russian politicians on business and who have allegedly gained well full power by association with president vladimir putin russia has called the list unprecedented and says it could damage the images of everyone named in it. i'm told from will give his state of the union address to congress later on tuesday kicking off his second year in office the us president to show to mention immigration republicans and democrats can't agree on a policy which hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants to live in the u.s. many of them live in fear of deportation as rob randall's reports now from los angeles. in l.a. it's busy korea town neighborhood people are following the immigration debate with a sense of dread right now they're just you know more anxiety and fear show years
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and was brought without authorization to the u.s. by her parents when she was just five years old so she has qualified for a doctor but she resents the trumpet ministrations offer of a deal for dreamers in return for drastic cuts in legal immigration a massive border wall stepped up deportations and the end of policies allowing illegal immigrants to sponsor their family members to settle in the u.s. it's really frustrating and appalling that we're being used as bargaining chips i wouldn't like to throw anyone else under the bus and it's really unfortunate that they're continuing to further attack or immigrant community like us koreatown like immigrant communities all over the u.s. would be hit hard by president donald trump's proposals according to the u.s. census bureau the number of new immigrants coming to the u.s. from aid. countries has exceeded the number of immigrants from mexico for the past
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five years labor activist can't long trumps comments have inflamed racial anger toward immigrants i do think that the trump rhetoric is not only offensive to immigrants to communities of color but it is also a distortion of who we are as a society and who we are as a people and i do think that it is highly politically motivated to motivate a base of people who believe that somehow immigrants pose a threat to our lifestyle. alexandra's heads the career town immigrants workers alliance if the thief humanizing california that is trying to divide the people where we keep people together we need to know i'm sure where that our multi-racial community is multi-racial i think we can thrive and we cannot do that with racist
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immigration policy in koreatown fear for family the community and the nation's future rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. now the speaker catalonians parliament has spoken the vote for the region's president moore who is in self-imposed exile in brussels is the only candidate it's unclear when the vote will take place spain's prime minister has warned parliament speaker russia to iraq that he'll face legal consequences if peter moore is elected the new president which will less spain tobar. the united nations is warning that humanitarian aid is increasingly critical for people living in conflict areas somalia is particularly vulnerable to food shortages after years of war and drought but now the government says it has a plan to improve food security for me to miller has more from mogadishu. ameena
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and her family left their home in chile about three hundred kilometers away to find food and security in mogadishu a severe drought last year meant they could not grow any crops and they feared for their lives as rival plans for but do you want there is nobody left in my religious except very old people it was too much fighting and we had to leave because there was no food at the peak of last year's dropped more than three million people were in need of urgent humanitarian assistance the united nations says that numbers dropped to but only by half a million the humanitarian needs are still very high and we are. still seeing the tradition levels that are amongst the highest in the world so that very much warrants a continued attention at the same time the progress that we've made shows that we have a much more effective response mechanism in place as compared to twenty eleven when quarter of a million people died. three hundred thousand children under the age of five are
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malnourished while the effects of the drought in parts of southern somalia including the capital mogadishu have eased more cisterns is now needed in the north with has been low rainfall and the u.n. says two point seven million people will be in crisis between now and june since the famine in twenty eleven billions of dollars have been spent on emergency relief but the government says it can no longer rely solely on foreign aid and must wind long term solutions through conflict drought and the displacement of people they've been through all national institutions to tackle these challenges but now the government says it's come up with a plan. last year the government open to the department to deal with humanitarian and disaster management and it's planning long term investment for development in rural areas usually the worst hit by drought we have the longest.
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caused as well as we have two rivers we have for. granted like so much earlier. it is something that could have been awarded very long but because of a lot of an institution is in its details and they don't even know what i do know it all up to now and that is why we have seen these droughts keep coming back. more funding to produce food including in the agricultural and fisheries sic does hopes to break the impact of drought and the cycle of suffering but somalia's government says it will take time for me or al jazeera mogadishu. full of a few moments we'll have the weather with everton but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news of what's false colombia to suspend peace talks with the rebels. also the capital documents that reveal how a see the australian business of trying to stop asylum seekers from getting but visas and sport david beckham is officially back in football tatiana will have
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those details later. denise pink sky by the time my heart. or is the sun sets in the city of angels. well over the past week or so we've seen temperatures in parts of new zealand getting well up into the thirty's that will change as we go on into the weekend this area cloud here that is tropical cycling fay here that is making its way towards the ceiling that will bring very heavy rain it will bring some damaging winds in as well so that's something to look forward to for the weekend if we can say that all the parts of australia have also seen some very heavy rain recently vast amounts of rainfall just around the top and darwin hundred forty one millimeters of rain in the past twenty four hours have a look at the last five days we have seen a staggering but it's almost seven hundred millimeters of rain in january is the
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wettest month but normally we would expect to see something nearer three hundred eighty six millimeters of rain coming down so that really has been vast rainfall coming in across sierra the rain never really to far away as we go on through the next few days some rain too into western australia down to the southeast take a little change of scene here last week we were getting up around the forty degree mark for adelaide out also for melbourne seventeen celsius the top temperature here or wednesday afternoon i keiko's up a little bit as we go on into thursday but just struggling to get up into the low twenty's stage museum still getting into the upper twenty's but that will change as we go through the weekend. the winter sponsored by the time release. the child has never been this risky. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the illegal route is their only
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option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions generally the more they'll put their lives in danger just her and the risking of the destroyed one al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every your.
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welcome back to the al-jazeera news arabs a whole robin a reminder of our top stories i your jets a bombing all people that see accusation from syrian opposition members who rose to disrupt the russian foreign minister speech in song change moscow is hosting talks on syria's political future but it's had a rocky start with main opposition group some the kurds refusing to attend. also kenya's opposition says it will swear in its leader loading as an alternative president the attorney general has warned that challenging the official president will amount to treason the ceremony is being held in a little national park in nairobi and secessionist forces in southern yemen have taken over a pro-government military camp in aden it's the latest escalation in violence by
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the u.a.e. backed forces after they tried to take control of the government held city two days ago. saadi fishel say all those held as part of an anti corruption investigation have been released from the ritz carlton hotel in the capital riyadh dozens of princes senior officials and top businessmen have been detained and confined in the luxury hotel which was used as an interrogation center the saudi government launched the perjured early november prince of the believe in one of the kingdom's top international business men was released on saturday. address creek as an assistant professor of the defense studies department at king's college in london he says the purge by mohammed the mixed messages to the international community. a couple of sides of the story i mean the one thing is did my mentor mind do this to exercise to basically consolidate power for himself for the sake of having more power and getting rid of people who who might possibly challenge him is it about
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corruption and then is it about corruption in terms of internally showing people internally in saudi arabia that he's willing to take a hard hand even against big shots or is it about corruption towards the messaging towards the international community telling the international community that he's willing to take whatever is necessary to open up the kingdom and i think there is that was the dilemma that he was under because first of all i think the message was internal i think in turn he wanted to show them that the big shows will get arrested and nobody everybody's equal in front of the law although his family is obviously a lot more equal than others and obviously towards the international community that showed actually that saudi arabia was willing to do whatever necessary albatros really without following the rule of law to get rid of people and also deprive these people of their private assets that obviously sends the wrong message to investors and business people because if there's some sort of ever trying is there
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how is there just is and when there is no proper rule of law being followed they have never been any accusations people have never shown up in court they were just detained and ended up in a hotel and the very dubious circumstances where the qatari defense with the gulf state is not looking for war despite saying it was ambushed overnight at the start of the g.c.c. crisis four arab states led by saudi arabia sever diplomatic and trade ties with kat on june the fifth speaking in washington carver didn't have it. praise the u.s. for its help when the blockade began. to for the blue. we lost or only. border with with. we find our thoughts and the axis. so there. really was. to. bridge.
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to. go to and to bring city food and medicine. we figured out to get. from washington d.c. . the minister of defense from qatar speaking here at the heritage foundation because it is a republican leaning think tank it is influential in washington whose mission here to highlight just how much cutter adds to the u.s. economy talking about the c. seventeen transport planes the fighter jets the helicopters and the army equipment and also early warning systems that cutters purchased over the last few decades from the united states and now it's in here that they're going to improve that very important u.s. base in qatar they're going to be adding two hundred housing units he said so that service members can bring their families and their children to go to school on the base all of this leading up to district dialogue happening at the state department with the u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense and the ministers from the foreign
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minister minister of defense commerce and energy we expect that they're going to be announcing deals business deals involving ports energy infrastructure and also cyber security really trying to highlight the relationship that qatar has with the u.s. obviously they're frustrated that the blockade continues pushing the u.s. to do what president trump said he would do which was sit down and negotiate a settlement. colombia's government has suspended peace talks with the rebels after a series of bombings over the weekend seven law enforcement officers were killed during the attacks on police stations in three cities president. blame the armed group for the attacks on the reports from bachata. three bombs attacks in less than twenty four hours was interpreted as a clear message from the un about its faith in the peace process in colombia in the aftermath the country's president juan manuel santos had his own. my patience on
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the patience of the colombian people has its limits so i have taken the decision to suspend the start of the fifth cycle of negotiations which was shared world for the coming days until we see coherence between the words and its actions. talks between the government and the active rebel group in colombia have been going for more than a year last october they agreed on a ceasefire but the rebels launched a new offensive when it expired earlier this month they targeted oil pipelines and security forces the bloodiest of the weekend attacks took place in the coastal city of. where five officers were killed. president santos flew there to inspect the aftermath under increasing pressure to win the peace talks for good in the eyes of the taxi indicate the group's leadership is divided over the way forward. as an organization where different tendencies converge on are expressed both politically
1:39 pm
and militarily they also have an historical issue with timing they're unable to understand when it's the right moment for doing or not doing something this attack happened at the worst possible time public opinion not only rejected them but also closed the political space government had to continue negotiation says it's willing to take part in another ceasefire but its attacks will continue until the moment it's agreed upon the truth is that unlike the successful talks with five gravels who signed the peace deal with the government a year ago the negotiations with seem increasingly bound for failure leaving the dream of a politically at peace in its stead troth i listen to them. as a senior analyst at the international crisis group he says that doesn't always consider how the actions will be perceived on a national level. the un is divided on the issue of peace and so
1:40 pm
those within the eleven who are against the peace talks since the end of a cease fire about three weeks ago have been carrying out these different tax of the country including the ones on this last weekend while another part of the ellen is in favor of peace talks and hasn't been carrying out violence so what santos is essentially saying to the l.n. is until you stop carrying out violence as a whole we cannot continue these peace talks the difficulty there is not only the division within the l.n. but the fact that the eland is not very good at measuring the consequences on a national level of their actions i think that also played a role in the attacks these weekend this weekend the and simply did not expect such a reaction to these attacks even though it was easily foreseeable nonetheless what will happen in the yelling is that it's negotiating team will have to send messages to the rest of the organization to the rest of the leadership and hope that that leadership can apply
1:41 pm
a bit more pressure on the anti peace process to stop the violence and allow the peace talks to continue but again that is a very difficult scenario because the end eyepiece fronts within the u.n. essentially have a veto in this situation and if they don't want peace negotiations to continue they know they can just continue to carry out violent attacks now the european union has suffered ministers from mind polluting member states of quality standards france germany and britain those being threatened with court action if they don't make changes pollution is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths across europe every year and that's got to innovate as tackling the issue as dominant came reports now from the german city of to god. nestling in a natural bowl of the neck of valley should guard is renowned as the cradle of the automobile several famous manufacturers have important bases here but there in lies the problem because with the car comes pollution which often lingers in the air
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because of the local topography to combat it the city has pollution meters set up in many locations gauging the amount of nitrogen dioxide and minute particles of fine dust in the air a sophisticated alarm system warns people in the levels are too high but local authorities say more needs to be done the federal level needs to spend more money for the for the local level at the moment we have what they call is for programs a quick start program which is a one billion euros which is not that they're that few money but regarding looking to the cities in germany which are ninety cities we have the problem one billion euro is not that much money and given that so far in january the fine dust alarm has been triggered seven times other local solutions are being explored such as the find dust eater it uses three applications to filter out particulates and fine dust and although it's currently
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a prototype the project manager is optimistic we exactly in stuttgart might be able to on the one hand equip chorused that means everything that has to do with internal transport or public transportation with act find us the traditional systems or with a brick dust particle for the problem for a city like short got is that although many of the measures it is taking or it has plans to take do reduce some of the emissions right now they're only really scratching at the surface of a problem and this is a problem right across germany. one environmental organization in berlin says the problem is so entrenched in germany that it's taking nineteen cities to court across we hope. to also get the federal level moved when this. see that citizens get more and more and the pressure about fulfilling their local target so to speak to. yet to protect the health of their citizens but in recent months germany's motor manufacturers have been committed to cutting emissions of
1:44 pm
nitrogen dioxide by a third but the current coalition government and the likely next one have admitted they must perspire own reaching pollution prevention targets the issue of air pollution is a developing danger in the eyes of the european commission but at the local level for people in stuttgart it's an ever present one dominant cane al-jazeera in the neck of valley elite cover that documents in australia have revealed that a top minister tried to stop hundreds of refugees from starting a new and permanent life in the country the papers reveal that in twenty thirteen the venue immigration minister scott morrison asked of the national security agency to slow down checks on nearly seven hundred asylum seekers he wanted them to miss the deadline for a permanent protection visa. while starting on tuesday south korea's government is banning anonymous financial trading this means traders can make cryptocurrency deposits only for bank accounts set up under their names kathy novak explains.
1:45 pm
park young uk hasn't worked since he quit his job at a pub in july he hopes to find a new role through a government employment program in the meantime he's trying his luck trading digital currencies. i've been living off my savings i have expenses but knowing comes so i thought big going could be a way to earn some money with a. park could only invest about five hundred dollars but was happy to make one hundred dollar profit when prices surged came to one's company specializes in block chain the technology underpinning crypto currencies he says they're attractive for many who find it hard to keep up with the rising cost of living and bank interest rates are low and there are limited to opportunities for investment so the new crypto currency is appeared along in on time to return on investment it's estimated more than two million south koreans own cryptocurrency. south korea accounts for
1:46 pm
ten percent of global trade but south korea's economy accounts for less than two percent of the global economy so the market is overheated by about five fold at times demand has driven prices on local exchanges higher than those overseas a markup known as the kimchi premium. a phenomenon that can be described as a craze a culture tantamount to gambling has been promoting justice minister parkside and he has made a similar comparisons to gambling which is generally illegal here for south korean citizens earlier this month he said his ministry was preparing legislation to ban crypto currency trading. global prices tumbled after the comments then the president's office clarified that a band was just one measure being considered the government says new regulations banning anonymous trading are designed to prevent crimes such as money laundering
1:47 pm
and tax evasion it's also concerned about security no. korea is suspected of being behind hacks targeting south korean exchanges but many investors aren't happy park young says the government is trying to go back in time and more than two hundred thousand people have signed an online petition against a major cryptocurrency crackdown kathy novak al jazeera saw. well more and more people are adopting crypto currencies as a method of payment these are digital currencies backed by a network of computer ledgers called block chain dozens of crypto currency have been launched in recent years including bit coin everything like to coin and report and the ability to trade anonymously without banking or governmental oversight has been a major incentive for users but coin is by far the most popular and currently sits at about eleven thousand dollars a korean but in december it reached an all time high of more than nineteen thousand
1:48 pm
dollars now the governments have started to accept virtual currencies as part of financial life in the digital digital age japan even allows an artificial methods of payment and the world's largest derivative exchange operator c.m.e. group now offers bitcoin futures david bell is executive director of the cyberspace law and policy center at the university of new south wales he says governments are worried about not being able to monitor those trading with cryptocurrency is. it's quite difficult it's usually bitcoin which is one of the main and the most successful charities of this time started off as a crypto anarchist libertarian anti government gesture a sort of a currency that wasn't controlled it wasn't centralized didn't have a central bank and so it's very attractive to how lots of it was very different
1:49 pm
reasons on the other hand those sort of characteristics are are absolutely. red rag to a bull to governments in terms of a challenge to their capacity to raise taxes to. track unauthorized transactions and so all right around the world what you're having is a bit of confusion on the part of governments and we've seen that in korea as well south korea the government at one stage appearing to be so pushing for a straight out ban on trading then backing off then it seems to be back on again and other governments have the same sort of thing they're sort of tantalized by the possibilities because you know there are a lot of opportunities based on the block chain technology but on the same time they could the possibility that it will escape them that people will effectively be able to do anonymous trades is very worrying so that that's at the heart of the quest to identify the try it is.
1:50 pm
super bowl of.
1:51 pm
thanks very much to how a logo used by a major league baseball team since nine hundred forty eight will be no more by next year at the request of the league the cleveland indians will get rid of the chief wahoo image that's said to be offensive and racist chief wahoo is a caricature of a native american that's the page on the team uniform and cabs major league baseball says that team owners agreed with their view that the logo is no longer appropriate for on field use fighting
1:52 pm
a goal of diversity and inclusion while the debate over native american names and logos has been part of north american sport for several years now there have been protests for years in the n.f.l. urging to washington redskins name to be changed in the canadian football league of it has been an online movement against the edmonton eskimos name while the chicago blackhawks named after a native american chief has also been questioned in the end n.h.l. well earlier we spoke to native american journalist and activist simon moya smith hey says the cleveland indians ownership need to do more to convince doubt of their intentions in ditching the chief wahoo logo all sincere. the league put pressure on the team to drop its chief wahoo logo from its uniforms in while it's playing but the team itself is still selling the merchandise with the image they're going to continue to do that they haven't changed the name they haven't issued an apology to
1:53 pm
natives in ohio and across the nation for creating a hostile environment for natives in that state so they're just reacting to the pressure from the leak they didn't do this because they had a crisis of conscience it's a caricature of indigenous peoples it's a dehumanization of indigenous peoples and it's ubiquitous here in the united states you have the cleveland indians you have the washington football team which is named for a slur that means dead indians you have the kansas city chiefs you have the chicago blackhawks that humanization in the united states continues and i think that for the rest of the world they need to understand that racism against natives. pretty probable here. well it's taken four years and a number of setbacks before my england simple captain david beckham is finally launched his own major league soccer team in miami he's the league's fast a former player to become an iron or the m.l.s. franchise remains a named at this point and will kick off its first game in twenty twenty second paid twenty five million dollars for the rights to
1:54 pm
a new team back in twenty fourteen land for a new stadium has now been found and back and says as well as buying in established players building an academy to develop local talent is central to the project. when you bring homegrown talented kids into a team like this that's when a community is built and that's when people become proud to be supporters of the team because you see young kids from the ages of eleven twelve thirteen go from being young players young talented players into four grown professionals and then they go and represent their countries and that's when we're going to sit back and say job done the defending super bowl champions the new england patriots have arrived in minneapolis had a super bowl fifty two on sunday but before that thousands of fans turned out to cheer the patriots at a sendoff rally in massachusetts. tom brady called the crowd fired up ahead of that
1:55 pm
game and i tell. this is thank you guys for your support all year it's been a credible journey we've got one more to go. it's going to be fun it's going to be a lot are we're playing a great team but i'll tell you what we've got a locker room full of guys that are ready for the challenge. and i know we obviously can't bring the you out of minnesota with us. but you guys are with this we know that you know that we all know that patriot nation stronger than ever we are we're more go we're going to go out there to do whatever you guys are so we got . we love you patriots. gulf now and jason day the quest to reclaim the number one spot in the rankings been helped with the win a tory pines on monday if the first tournament win in almost two years they beat
1:56 pm
alex norrin in a playoff that started on sunday that have played five holes before i got to talk to continue. when play was deemed in front of empty stands on monday yesterday and from the winning pot off to just tain minutes they struggled for form in two thousand and seventeen off to his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer on this high coast and the play of championship in may twenty fifty. seats is special because i worked very hard in the off season to try and get back to this position that i know i didn't realize it was you know i had a chance this week obviously going back to earlier this week. i never thought i was going to actually play because of my back but you know just very thankful for my whole team. you know we just had to stay patient you know we sleep my goal is always try and get back to number one so this is a good start in the right direction thomas has been singing the praises of korean unity ahead of next week's winter olympic games the international olympic committee
1:57 pm
president arrived in host of venue pyong chang on tuesday the north and south korea team for walk under a unification flag at the opening ceremony and back with happy to hear of a bath a potty among the joint women's hockey team. that is the olympic spirit. making friends and celebrating together so this is another great signal of the olympic spirit to go into korea. a rematch state has been set for mexican boxing style is going to take a loft can on canelo alvarez. think of them i or may the face for the world middleweight title the fastball between the two rivals in las vegas last september and in a controversial draw called off can with particularly unhappy with the result the cause that fighter is unbeaten in thirty eight fights alvarez's record stands at
1:58 pm
forty nine wins two jewels and to feed from fifty to fight. that is both and i want to file as fact team thanks so much to see and of course you can follow all of our stories by logging onto our website at al jazeera dot com news views reviews all updated twenty four hours a day that's news service on the news hour we'll be back with more in a few minutes with richelle until and from tatyana be on the team thanks for your time but your company.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. we have here as if data we know the product the from everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat you believe that any of your companies have
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adana fight the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game left changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time on al-jazeera. was. a rocky start to rush the tent at a peace conference on syria.


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