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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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any of your companies have a down to five to full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game of change there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he speaks the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time when al jazeera. a rocky start to rush the tent at a peace conference on syria. this
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is. also coming up fighting escalates and gehman as the session his fighters take over much of the southern city of. thousands of opposition supporters rally in nairobi as kenya's shadow president has been officially sworn in after a controversial. times the only moment volley in pennsylvania was some of the u.s. his first steel mills were established one year old do voters feel donald trump has lived up to his promise to make american industry greater. russia's efforts hosting talks on serious political future they have been off to a rocky start in the resort town of sochi as foreign minister was interrupted several times while he read
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a message from president vladimir putin to the delegates oh i oh sorry opposition members. are bombing our people as an important ally of syrian president bashar al assad syria's main opposition groups and the kurds are refusing to attend the talks she would just use for the middle of a new slow you've got the will today we have all conditions to turn the tragic page of syria's history considering all the latest achievements a dialogue between various syrian factions is necessary to reach a political solution with the un backed mediation ok let's get the latest on all of this that the back and forth. in sochi so worry as things stand at this minute and i understand they could change in the next minute but right now the opposition by and large is refusing to participate correct. we have certain opposition groups who are here we have the moscow platform which is
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here represented by a cadre tamil but yes you're right the main bloc opposition representatives. and also the turkish backed opposition forces maybe affiliated to the f.s.a. the free syrian army they have stayed away the s.n.c. decided they were going to come over the weekend the turkish backed opposition forces well they did arrive they arrived overnight at sochi airport and then when they stepped off their plane they saw plastered all around the airport all across the branding for this congress the syrian government flag they didn't like that and so they said they would not leave the airport until all those flags were changed now map kicked off last minute round of negotiations between the turkish and the russian foreign ministries and the outcome of all that is the those representatives
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have gone home but what they've done is delegate their power to the turkish government delegation here and it's the turkish representatives who are now going to be representing that bloc of the opposition ok so as we play just a few minutes ago for our viewers there's still a lot of anger there sorry lavrov was reading a statement and he was interrupted and what this gentleman was saying is you're bombing our people having said that he is right those things are still happening at the same time that russia is trying to host this conference so how much credibility do their attempts at peace have. well russia has basically invited as many people here to sochi as you can it's tried to get a kind of representative sprayed so across the syrian spectrum of political figures
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of cultural figures religious figures and so did invites all of these opposition groups as well the kurdish representatives who were invited well they chose to stay away they weren't welcome by the turks but also they thought that what was going on enough that they should stay away the the difficulty here is that essentially what's the opposition groups i'm to some extent turkey as well feels is that russia even in league with damascus is trying to press you a very moscow damascus centric view of the syrian conflict and this. congress is essentially they suspect a way of circumventing the geneva peace process so what's the united nations step on the restorer and the turkish and the opposition groups whether the here or not are trying to do is make sure that. it's outcomes feed directly into
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geneva and don't try and go around it ok talent's keeping us posted on the goings on at this conference in sochi thank you so on the ground in syria the government and russia are continuing to attack rival held areas of the eastern province and as a result at least fourteen civilians were killed dozens others injured in airstrikes rocket attacks and shelling stephanie decker joins us live from delhi osman on the turkey syria border with the latest on what's happening on the ground so yes stephanie all these talks are happening in sochi that it's about what is happening to people on the ground in syria so give us the latest when it comes to air strikes and such. well this is where we are is where turkey is conducting its operation against the why p.g. what it deems a terrorist organization syria is just behind us we can hear the war in the
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background artillery out going in this is been going on for almost two weeks now and they've taken a strategic mountain just a little further back from here in the fight now seems to be heading out along these areas we saw yesterday buses with soldiers are sort of reinforcing this sort of area where we are in interesting me just now as we rejoice in. two small groups of f.s.a. fighters on the side of the road we try to talk to them but they're turkish commanders didn't want us to do that but it does give you an indication that the f.s.a. is also these are of course the syrian rebels that turkey supports they are inside syria but they're also being taken alongside the turkish border and entering different parts along this border because what turkey says its main operation its main aim at the moment is to push the white p.g. back from its border so that's their focus at the moment and we can tell you from what we've been hearing here that artillery if we've seen jets in the sky it is very much an ongoing operation ok stephanie decker live for us in the turkey syria border stephanie thank you. i say near you many government officials succession us
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forces have taken over most of the southern city of aden as the government's temporary base the troops which are backed by the u.a.e. have taken control of two pro-government military camps in aden islands has escalated in the port city in recent days as a session to try to unseat the government many government is accusing saudi arabia of annoying the action by the u.a.e. link force after nearly three years yemen has been mired in a complicated war between forces loyal to the internationally recognized government of president hadi and who the rebels but in recent days it's become even more complex so a split has emerged in the saudi led coalition that supports hadi backed forces have turned on the president's troops the u.a.e. has thrown its support behind the separatist fight. there's a succession aswat a separate state for southern yemen they say that the region has been neglected and mistreated by the government south and north yemen were separate countries for much
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of the latter half of the twentieth century before uniting in one thousand nine hundred eighteen used to be the capital of south yemen so here is part of a video international committee of the red cross posted online about what's happening on the ground and we are going through. a series. maybe. of the division maybe we send. some should you know this so what we are living. here. we are here to get in touch with talk these are the other maybe using. kids. tell me what you're seeing is this insight we are managing you see with these gates today. as well. as some.
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adam baron is a visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations he joins us now from beirut so adam i just want first your impression of this the latest escalation in what's happening in yemen. i mean this is certainly been a momentous and surprising in some sense three days is. in some sense you know it's not hard to see this coming but the sheer sort of escalation in the way it happened has of many people surprised. for hoddy who is in riyadh but rather his government to be besieged in their theoretical capital city in this way is is something that really throws a lot of assumptions of this conflict into question particularly regarding how they can possibly represent yemen in such a meaningful way in the coming talks. but i think in a lot of ways it's key to remember. the essential fact that this is a city where people are living and this is yet another chapter in the unfortunates
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unfortunately meditating catastrophe that yemen is witnessing that's a really important point to bring it to or you could talk about all these sides but you're right it's people that we're talking about and there are so many side to side loyal to to saudi arabia to the u.a.e. at least get at some point and saudi are also allies it seems like is it that everyone is really lost control of of their people and their militias. i think it's key to remember that even though key or sort of factions in this conflict have their own international factors. they're largely dealing with their own names and i think that's key when we're looking at what's happened and even when we put the current events in the city in the context of the last three years you're dealing with a situation where even though the people who are now associated with the southern transitional council are s.t.c. and the people associated with hadi were allied at one point against the truth is they've always had quite quite different aims and you know the and those around him
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for example the prime minister vice president. have always said that there is to preserve yemen's unity for the southern transitional council for the southern resistance forces and these other factions their aim is to restore the pre nine hundred ninety borders of yemen to restore the independence of the south and it's very hard to see how these two things can really be. moved past how they can be reconciled even if we are dealing with a situation where they have many of the same allies and are both being backs that have been backed by the side of the coalition ok so with such vastly different goals even for people that are technically on the same team how much force can the skit how much more can the spiral out of control. i mean it can certainly get much worse the fact remains that auburn is a heavily armed city at this moment you have a number of different sides of guns and let's face it there are a number of that
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a number of powerful people in and outside yemen that would really benefit from this getting much worse that being said my own sources are telling me about talks are continuing at the moment so there is a potential that this will end in some sort of negotiated settlement obviously with the s.t.c. getting a significant portion if not more than with initially demanded. are these that would be my assumption. but i think you know as as is often the case in yemen when we look towards the coming days no one can really predict where this is going to go and i'm bearing visiting fellow at the european council on foreign relations adam thank you. kenyan police have fired tear gas to disperse thousands of offices and supporters gathering to celebrate an unofficial swearing in. attorney general has warned that challenging the official president will amount to treason opposition supporters have been piling into who national park in nairobi for this ceremony
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claims he won the presidential election in august the electoral commission declared who are now out of the winner of being a challenge the results and the supreme court agreed and nullifying their results because of irregularities so the court ordered a new vote in october which can one day a boycott of that vote citing a lack of electoral reforms catherine soy has more now from nairobi. i have some of the developments in the last few hours a week or so coming occasion of florist's and that is the government i mean the case and body blocking light signals all some of the country's main media stations currently the opposition leaders are having a meeting in imagine meeting to discuss that and on spec of this meringue and we've also seen some preparations going on of the days since some politicians passed through that is an indicator that guy's going to be here at some point for
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this flaring ceremony he's supported have been waiting for him since very oddly the morning we haven't seen any security presence in. since morning and his supporters very passionate about this day they all believe that he won the election on old just ate the election that was invalidated by the supreme court and they say that is the basis to which they want him sworn in as the people's president to lead on al-jazeera. saints and the president wasn't part of this is you making process often a central target of the president the f.b.i. step in the director steps down. and anteing international criticism over their heads or crisis is forcing memoir closer to its traditional ally china economic help.
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hello we still got a few winfrey flurries coming into japan at the moment no surprises there you see the little area cloud was streaming in bringing that sea effect snow let me see want to see showers there wintry flowers across northern parts of the home she was we go on through wednesday sheltered by the mountains tokyo getting up to about seven or eight degrees over the next couple days really not too bad some pleasant crisp sunshine for many christmas and china for so just struggling to get anywhere near freezing and cold enough to into central china at present messina a good little dusting of snow into those central areas there may see a little more to go on through the next few days but i do suspect that things will start to quieten down the plea of blue skies there but you certainly need to gloves along with the shades we'll see temperatures in shanghai around five degrees celsius that cold air still getting into hong kong just eleven degrees here for where to stay thursday warms up
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a touch for getting up to around fourteen celsius should be dry by this stage a little more clout there you notice towards the southwest of china into northern parts of vietnam southern naam could see wanted to say i was as we go on through the next diode see some wet weather there for a time across the philippines don't see bad i mean over thirty celsius i think more persistent rain will be across a good part of indonesia. zero explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro was a few least another come east just to introduce country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face at this time on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera the top story right now. their jets are bombing our people that's the accusation from syrian opposition members who rose to disrupt the russian foreign minister speech in sochi was hosting talks on syria's political future but it's had a rocky start with main opposition groups and the kurds refusing to attend. sessions forces and southern yemen have taken over a pro-government military can and aden it is the latest escalation in violence by the back forces after they tried to take control of the government held city two
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days ago and kenya's opposition says it will swear in its leader raila odinga as an alternative president the attorney general has won the challenging the official president will amount to treason ceremonies being held at a room national park in nairobi. the f.b.i. deputy director entered mccabe has abruptly stepped down weeks before his official retirement date has been criticized by u.s. president donald trump who accused him of favoring his rival hillary clinton at the two thousand sixteen presidential. yes the f.b.i. is still investigating possible ties between russia and trump's campaign alan fischer reports. under mckay has been with the f.b.i. for twenty years but in recent months he's been the target of repeated criticism from president traumatization the deputy director played a role in the investigation in hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server his wife ran for office for the democrats in virginia and received campaign donations from clinton allies for the president that was enough for him to tweet how can the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe the man in charge along with lekan james komi of the
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phony hillary clinton investigation including her thirty three thousand illegally deleted e-mails be given seven hundred thousand dollars for his wife's campaign by clinton puppets during investigation when mckibben it's his intention to retire in march the president tweeted again f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits ninety days to go the white house the night it played any part in his the sitting to leave the f.b.i. i can tell you none of this issue is made bad out of the white house any specifics i would refer you to the f.b.i. but keep briefly ran the f.b.i. after the president fired teams combing the washington post reported the president asked them how he voted in the election to keep told him he didn't vote but his departure will risk questions among other f.b.i. agents this is profoundly disturbing it's yet another chip in the edifice of the separation of politics from the rule of law and the independence of the justice
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department the law enforcement bodies of united states in this instance the f.b.i. intelligence community and frankly american democracy this is been dominating the headlines but washington's attention will soon turn to this president's first state of the union speech later on tuesday but the ramifications of mccabe's abrupt departure may well rumble on alan fischer al-jazeera washington. the ministration has decided not to. russia it says measures taken in august are hurting russia's economy and. government also released a list of one hundred fourteen russian politicians and businessmen who have allegedly gain wealth or power by association with president vladimir putin. as apparently give us first state of the union address on tuesday one of his biggest campaign promises was to bring back the wants thriving steel industry significant job losses in recent years. pennsylvania where support for trump was strong in the two thousand and sixteen election the president has kept his promise. pennsylvania
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hadn't chosen a republican president since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight but thanks in part to support from rural communities where the steel industry still. flipped the state in twenty six days the collapse of the industry was devastating but u.s. steel is clear remains the largest coal plant in the u.s. and. explains that it was to safeguard the plant's future but he voted for driving under every president we've taken a hit republican democrat and the trade agreements both parties have to agree to it i wanted something different was clear when he was campaigning to bring steel back . here because of his stated opposition to trade deals that led to a lot of cheap imported steel and his pledge to investigate whether the u.s. is reliance on steel imports is a threat to u.s. national security but a decision on that may still be several months away the white house is reported to
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be split on the issue at the club and you know disappointment not least because while the white house has a tate's steel imports have soared i thought it would have been done a little summer make a decision but. overseas they know this might be coming and orders dampen even more will are jones didn't vote for trump we're still flatline like donna mean since the election but there you never trust a trump he was willing to retain some hope that hasn't yet been justified i'm not sure that he believes in other than you know money but money for. now for the top that's what i see in. several times over the last year don't trump has touted his job creation skills only for job losses soon to fall or the most infamous example is the carrier factory in indiana kariya will never leave but since then hundreds of workers have quietly been laid off from the plant as jobs moved elsewhere. is the president of the clinton branch of the united steelworkers
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who seems to be his nature. there's still hope in the moment but having been failed by both the democrats and republicans in the post if trump's words turn out to be empty they say it's nothing new but you have to remember one thing we've been promised a lot of things nobody's ever come through with the progress has been pledged to revitalize communities here in the valley with ambitious plans to refashion them as hubs for twenty first century jobs but by pledging to return them to a heyday not seen for seventy years for many here it was worth a try however improbable. the pennsylvania speaker cut along his parliament has postponed the vote for the region's president. and self-imposed exile in brussels is the only candidate that's unclear when the vote will take place spain's prime minister has warned parliament speaker. will face legal
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consequences if it's to be honest elected president. spain in october after his government declared independence in a referendum ruled illegal. on january twenty second we proposed the president because puja moment as a candidate to be sworn in as catalonia as president it wasn't a random decision neither personal one it was the result of the will expressed by a majority from this parliament in order to maintain this will i will not propose any other candidate to be sworn in and i am committed to guarantee his immunity as i would do with all members of the parliament doing their duty as members of catalonia as parliament saudi officials say all those held part of that. as part of that anti-corruption investigation have been released at the ritz carlton hotel in riyadh as a princes senior officials and top this to say had been detained and confined in the luxury hotel which was used as an interrogation center the saudi government launched the purge in early november prince ali and talal one of the kingdom's top
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international business analysts released on saturday i just creates an assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london and he says the purge by muhammad and someone has sent mixed messages to the international community. couple of sides to the story i mean the one thing is did mohammed so mind do this to exercise to basically consolidate power for him so for the sake of having more power and getting rid of people who who might possibly challenge him is it about corruption and then is it about corruption in terms of internally showing people internally in saudi arabia that he's willing to take a hard hand even against big shots or is it about corruption towards the messaging towards the international community telling the international community that he's willing to take whatever is necessary to open up the kingdom and i think that was the dilemma the that he was under because first of all i think the message was internal i think in turn he wanted to show them that the pictures will get arrested and nobody everybody's equal in front of the law although his family is obviously
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a lot more equal than others and obviously towards the international community that showed actually that saudi arabia was willing to do whatever necessary average rarely without following the rule of law to get rid of people and also deprive these people of their private assets that obviously sends the wrong message to investors and business people because it there's some sort of ever trying is there how is there just is and when there is no proper rule of law being followed they have never been any accusations people have never shown up in court they were just detained and ended up in a hotel and a very dubious circumstances in mara's economic prospects with the west start rest . after mounting international criticism over its handling of the renter crisis last week a top u.s. diplomat quit the government's advisory panel after a heated exchange with me on mars later on. well richardson's departure shows how such he appears to be pushing away critics and relying on old allies for support
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scott high level. as the bustle of yangon's city winds down at the end of the day people stream to the riverside to commute to feed the seagulls and to soak in the last bit of light before sunset and when the sun rises in a new day starts a reminder has arrived overnight another cargo ship from myanmar is main trading partner china also a reminder of the dependence on its huge neighbor to the north. something leaders here hoped would lessen when economic sanctions began to soften eight years ago. but with mounting international criticism and pressure over the range of crisis the nation seems to be turning its focus away from new partners in the west i think given. the justified anger on the part of the national community in the un instead of of handling that criticism in dealing with the crisis and are caught in a professional political and moral manner the government has decided to just go
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back to the chinese this new factory on the outskirts of yangon supplies myanmar rubber to tire manufacturers up in china it's about seventy percent of their business they want to expand to the west but this deepening rift between western nations and the government here might force companies like this and the nation to remain reliant on trade with china. myanmar drew harsh comments from the u.s. last week when it announced the government would buy six advanced su thirty fighter jets from russia. and they were and pins are when it was a political prisoner during military rule he says the timing of the fighter deal and closer military ties with russia are related to the range of crisis after what happened in rakhine and the discussions at un security council china russia flatly said that they would support him so this is something that i am on military especially knows that can't count on. analyst david matheson feels that even though
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the two nations are providing for me and more now investments in defense assistance there's a long term problem they do need western dinah's because the chinese and the russians are going to provide health and education and issues they want to sell weapons and they want to extract natural resources. right now most of the people of myanmar are not aware of any negative impact that the range of crisis might bring but some think that there will be a cost if there's further distancing from the international community and that could impede the progress of reform after years of isolation it's got harder al-jazeera yangon. i want to get a minute visit our web site al jazeera dot com is there from all over the world again al-jazeera. the headlines now on al-jazeera. was the russian's efforts to
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host talks on serious political future have had a rocky start in the resort town of sochi its foreign minister was interrupted several times while he read a message from president vladimir putin to the delegates syrian opposition members yelled out at your jets are bombing our people see what you should use for you. today we have all conditions to turn the tragic page of syria's history considering all the latest achievements a dialogue between various syrian factions is necessary to reach a political solution with the u.n. backed mediation on the ground in syria the government and russia are continuing to attack rebel held areas of eastern go to and live province at least fourteen civilians were killed and dozens others injured in airstrikes rocket attacks and shelling a senior you many a government official says a succession us forces have taken over the southern city of aden that is the government's temporary base the troops are backed by the. violence escalated in
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aden in recent days this is such a nice try to unseat the government in any government is accusing saudi arabia of ignoring the actions by u.a.e. linked forces. kenya's opposition says it will swear and its leader as an alternative president attorney general house warned that challenging the official president will amount to treason ceremonies being held at her a national park in nairobi. the f.b.i.'s deputy director andrew mccabe has resigned just weeks before he was due to retire he has been repeatedly criticized by the u.s. government for alleged hit a political bias that is the white house has to dying any involvement in mccabe stepping down the speaker of catalonia parliament has postponed the vote for the region's president purged a man who is in self-imposed exile in brussels he's the only candidate it's unclear when the vote will actually take place a sprains prime minister has warned parliament speaker roger torrent that he will
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face legal consequences if pushed him on as elected the new president. left spain or not tobar after his government declared and dependents in a referendum world illegal by madrid there are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after inside story keep it. african union leaders have been holding a summit in the ethiopian capital corruption conflict and funding for the fifty five member bloc tops the agenda. bring in much stated reforms this is inside story.


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