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every. news has never been. but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife. provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha fully back to ball welcome to the news great who's in control of aid in southern
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secessionist by the united arab emirates say they've taken control of the yet many port city after two days of intense fighting against forces supported by saudi arabia will explore where this all leads a country already devastated by a three year civil conflict also on the grid a mock inauguration in kenya opposition leader right now an officially sways him selfe into office in a final push to challenge or rule kenya election thousands of his supporters have taken to the streets to celebrate but what legitimacy does this give it will have a live report from nairobi and is the one moment in the year when the u.s. president is a short of a television audience the state of the union address donald trump will deliver his for us in just a few hours but at least while democratic politicians have said they will not be in the capitol to hear his speech we'll take a look at what's expected. and the anti-corruption operation appears to be wanting down in saudi arabia the government says it's taken back more than one hundred
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billion dollars in settlements. but what else is required to tackle corruption in the kingdom i mean it's a pole connect with us he's in the house between his beard it when he when it was great live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us yemen has been at war for nearly three years now and every day brings a new front in the conflict that has killed thousands and displaced millions of people now secessionist forces in the south say they have taken control of the port city of aden that's where the government of president of the rubble months or hadi has been based since being pushed out a little some by hoofy rebels the reuters news agency says the forces which are backed by the u.s. have confined government leaders to the presidential palace the takeover comes after two days of fighting yemen's government is accusing saudi arabia of ignoring the actions of the u.a.e.
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link's forces now let's take a closer look at the important players in this conflict in yemen first they are the southern secessionist who are allied with the united arab emirates they want yemen south to split from the rest of the country as it was before the one nine hundred ninety s. they're increasingly at odds with groups loyal to president hadi whose government is backed by saudi arabia then they are the shia who the rebel supported by iran have been fighting the saudi led coalition since twenty fifteen and are in control of much of the north of yemen al qaida is another key player the armed group has been present in yemen for decades and has seen a resurgence in c. twenty eleven uprising against the late president of yemen abdullah salim let's bring in. yemen extensively for us and is keeping a close eye on the situation there right now as we've seen the house from a very complicated complex battlefield in yemen with several several different doctors let's begin with what's happening in aden right now you've got forces
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backed by the u.a.e. saying they're in. until of aden they fought against forces backed by thousand arabia but the u.a.e. and saudi arabia is supposed to be part of the same coalition in yemen so what's happening here and now significant a moment is this it could be that the saudis and the embassies are colliding over who should have biggest say in south yemen although the you know the saudi arabia remains the biggest regional player in the area but what we see on the ground is a totally different reality which is basically forces loyal to the united arab emirates taking control of many areas in the south. and now in the key city of. these cities which is the south transitional council sessions group which wants to set up an independent state in the south laws lead backed by by the u.a.e. financially and military now has the opposite why are is the u.a.e. supporting them after one of our viewers on facebook site here why would the u.a.e. support these forces against the other side it could be for different reasons first
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of all you talking about a very strategic area. the gulf of aden the burble manned very strategic passes rules for miller time shipment and saudi arabia the u.a.e. has been beefing up its presence in many seaports there to clean either of them in a more color and also in sokoto for them that was considered the grip on very strategic areas number two it could be they have been saying in the past that the reason why they are in the south is because they want to fight against the islam which is a conservative group they accuse of being destabilizing the region so you have different motives. explain their presence so different motives we'll look at the wider implications for the rest of the conflict in yemen because there's also a conflict against the rebels going on right now but before we get into that let's take a look at the events of the past forty eight hours in yemen here's a report by osama bin jabot. the seat of power for yemen's government is
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no longer under its control this is the sudden port city of aden we're secessionist say they are now in charge fighters from the sudden transitional council have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to cease fire has not but the government of president obama's who had the is based out of saudi arabia and the man he appointed as governor of aden now heads the separatist movement secessionists had given how the no that made him to change his government and when the deadline expired on sunday thousands of their supporters took to the streets of aden. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school these sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang in power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the south of accuse the government in the north of discrimination since united in one thousand nine hundred the situation has
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worsened since the war against the who these began three years ago. we aspire to form a state the coalition must consider our cause if not they will be the losers as we were store our country and our state not only on us they are here today holding our ground you'll remain in the streets we will topple the field government we will topple bin and his government as they've humiliated our people the people. the saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed with the rebels who control much of the north including the capital and the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south where you a partner saudi arabia backs an internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south but despite that the saudis insist the coalition has and splinted. the position of the u.a.e. remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen
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crisis the foreign ministers' meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate goal but instead of liberating and uniting yemen the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up some of the job he'd held as their. so how is this development in aden with these forces backed by the u.a.e. saying that they're now in can show is this a game changer for the wider conflict in yemen the war against the healthy rebels that the saudi led coalition is fighting how does this change the situation it could be a game changer for different reasons first of all in one thousand in two thousand and fifteen with the saudis intervened militarily in yemen the most in this coalition for the sake of preserving a united yemen this is no longer the case because the moment falls into the hands of the session is the can is if you go to war and say would like to start procedures for the independent south yemen republic if this happens you will end up
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having to humans this is number one number two it raises questions about whether the u.a.e. and saudi arabia of the same page about the future of yemen what you have now is the hurt is consolidating the grip of power in the north and now the session is in the south today officially has completely lost control over the south of yemen who remains in exile in saudi arabia his government is in massive control in the area however this could pave the way for more groups more tribesmen more laws to step in particular groups affiliated with myself and a.q. a.p. which is the most powerful of the group as you know sort of ring perhaps alysa villains in yemen indeed indeed we're talking about thousands of people have been killed over the last few years half a million people affected by by cholera of a related disease a famine is really a nice mess in somalia for humanitarian groups operating now in yemen and this latest development is done they're going to compound. problems for many people operating in yemen i know interesting to see how the situation develops thank you
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very much for joining us on the news great and an excellent al-jazeera world documentary to recommend to you that explores yemen's turbulent history the current crisis the political and sectarian divisions that dominate yemen today go back hundreds of years and you can find out more about the root causes of the conflict there. watching this film yemen the north south divide just click on the documentaries tab on al-jazeera dot com and then click on al-jazeera world and we've been getting a lot of comments on this story today on the news great our top story a comment here by iraq why who says the u.a.e. backed saudi backed us but there is no genuine to many agenda to protect the country as we've said loss of players involved in this conflict thank you for your comments and you can keep them coming by to us on social media don't forget to use the hashtag a.j. news great and all the other ways to get in touch with us on the bottom right of your screen right now including our whatsapp number of seven for five a one triple one for nine on two other world news now the u.s.
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president is set to give the state of the union address on tuesday his first but what is the state of the union well the address is mandated by the us constitution which says that presidential from time to time give to the congress information of the state of the union now besides inauguration the state of the union is the only occasion in which members of all three branches of the government gather together in a formal joint event for more than one hundred years it was a written report but became in national address upon the invention of radio and television the president's cabinet as well as the u.s. supreme court attends the address but the u.s. also has a designated survivor this means usually one cabinet level official does not attend the event in case a catastrophe happens at the actual address that have been some memorable lines from past presidents when they gave the state of the union address let's hear a couple of experts. north korea's a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction while starving its
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citizens states like the and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. and i believe we can. and i believe we must that's what the people who sent us here expect of us. with their votes they've determined that governing will now be a shared responsibility between parks new laws will only pass with support from democrats and republicans we have a fair work together or not of a now the politics surrounding the state of the union will also be on display when president speaks later female democratic lawmakers are expected to wear black in solidarity with the me too movement which drew attention to the allegations of sexual assault and house meant among hollywood elite and within the political arena in the u.s. it's estimated twelve members of congress are expected to boycott the speech for
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various reasons including president tom stance on immigration the majority of those boycotting minorities were for more on this let's now bring in our own call to the news great he has written several books on the state of the union he's also director of debate at the university of michigan he joins us live from ann arbor in michigan thank you very much for your time the state of the union of course has traditionally been a moment when the u.s. president invokes national togetherness unity reaches across partisan lines and so on what tony you expecting from president trump's various address today yes i'm expecting that same exact tone and he gave an address to a joint session of congress last february in was give a very optimistic and forward looking speech and i expect that same thing tonight for him to extend an olive branch to the democratic party in talk about things like infrastructure spending for the opioid fighting the demick and things like that
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they can really try to get bipartisan support ahead of our midterm elections in november do you think this could be a pivot point perhaps for trump's presidency. it comes at a very crucial time as scandal surrounds him all around right now it's a very important speech and given the size of the audience that we're about forty or fifty million people to watch tonight he doesn't have very many opportunities to do this and so i think a lot of people will be looking to the content of tonight's speech and we face a potential another government shutdown coming up early next month and there's the dhaka immigration deal has to be done by march and so there's a lot of deadlines that really put a sense of urgency for tonight's speech in and also with the upcoming of eber elections and so it'll be very important and very widely watched you and president trump did say yesterday that he would deliver a big and important state of the union address now for many people around the world . the address the state of the union is when we see the president parade war heroes
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when we see him basking in saddening ovations and so on these rituals but explain to our viewers around the world aren't why this moment matters why the state of the union is important is it more about show rather than substance or is it the other way round perhaps. i think it's a combination of both the speech is important as you mentioned in the introduction that it's mandated by the constitution for the president to give an update of what's going on the first part of the speech will probably be talking about accomplishments from president trump's first term in office the recently packs task of legislation the appointment of many conservative justices to the supreme court but it's also important to be forward looking and talk about what you want to do in the next agenda for a year and to get things passed in congress because you have both an audience at home in the immediate audience of those in attendance of the house chamber who are needed to vote to support that legislation and so you want to do both of those
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things and really instill confidence in your agenda in ability to manage especially when so many things are going around surrounding this administration currently aaron kollie i know you've written about a book about this which to you is an a-list memorable state of the union address in the last fifty years in the u.s. . yeah there have been a few i think bill clinton in one thousand nine hundred sixty gave a very memorable address and kind of the the quote of the era of big government is over it was important because it was a pivot for him he had really got shellacked in the last midterm elections and had lost the democrats lost control over both the house and senate and he used that speech as an opportunity to pivot to the center and support legislation that would have support of the opposition republican party at that time he embraced things like welfare reform and the chip technology to control objectionable content in media and it was a very successful speech but it was also in the midst of
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a scandal white house whitewater scandal that was looking into his finances it is dealings when he was governor of arkansas and he was able to erase all of that surrounding scandal the administration and deliver a speech that was very moderate middle of the road and very successful and that that was received very positively by the public and it increased his polling and enabled his reelection in one thousand nine hundred six and i think that president trump is wants to emulate that model of bill clinton because it was so successful and calvery good to talk to you about this thank you so much for joining us on the news great. author of the sage of the union a's memorable addresses of the last fifty is joining us there from ann arbor in michigan and much more on what to expect from donald trump's for a state of the union address on al jazeera dot com my white house correspondent will be leading our coverage on the state of the union address has this report up looking at what the president will be looking to highlight in the speech as he tries to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings. now to kenya where
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opposition leader has taken an unofficial oath in a ceremony held in protest over last year's election is calling himself the people spread as a tent and says a victory in the twenty seven thousand vote was stolen from him thousands of his supporters gathered in nairobi's pock the attorney general of kenya has warned that challenging president kenyatta amounts to treason while claims he won the presidential election last august the electoral commission declared kenyatta the winner of that vote a challenger results and the supreme court agreed with him not to find the result over what he called irregularities the court ordered a new vote over which kenyatta won odinga boycotted that vote citing a lack of intellectual reforms let's bring in our correspondent catherine soy who is in nairobi catherine we saw quite unusual scenes earlier today in kenya talk us through what happened and what the reactions have been to what raila odinga did.
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it has been quite a day for you the police for weeks had been saying that they will not allow anyone to go to who park for this ceremony telling people that you go to who park at your own peril then suddenly today a police force is withdrawn from who park people are allowed to gather thousands of people go to but on the same breath the police the government through their communication thore this is the government communication body shuts down live transmission of some of the country's main media stations to prevent them from beaming live this event to thousands of people who are watching from home and then you know riaa loading in the afternoon arrives in the swearing in doesn't take more than fifteen minutes but it was also disappointing somewhat for many
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people that we talked to who park who said that they are disappointed because the other main correlation partners three main quality partners did not show up including colognes almost who is. a deputy was supposed to be sworn in alongside royal odinga so people disappointed about that they said the presence of those partners would have shown just how united the opposition needs but other people we talked to say doesn't matter rollo dinger showed up he swore on the bible to protect and of the people the country as a people's president then again questions about what does this mean it's going to be interesting to see what he's going to do after today and what does this change in fact i mean since boycotting the rerun election. strategy catherine has been to challenge kenyatta's legitimacy by by seeking to establish a power of government structures has it been effective at all and what's going to
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happen after today. and absolutely i mean right has been using this and you know for the last few weeks they have been calling for dialogue the opposition leaders have been saying that they want to sit down with the president they want to have a dialogue they want to discuss the issues that are. grieving them they want to discuss you know electoral reforms and of the issues he says that the president has been reluctant to have this this kind of. diplomatic community religious leaders have also been pushing for dialogue so that doesn't seem to be happening so right now wants to use this so-called a people's assembly this is a forum that that has been established that is that is established by the opposition the forum to run within county government to help push for the if the electoral reforms to help push and address some of the issues that are affecting the country so he's going to use that and i think that's why the government is very jittery because these county these people the families within the counties are you
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know can be a very powerful tool to advance the opposition agenda thank you very much for that catherine so i live for is say nairobi kenya let's bring in our social media producer and much of this controversy in kenya andrew has also been playing out on line that's certainly true and today catherine mention kenya's government allegedly shut down some media outlets ahead of rye loading the. official oath taking some kenyans ended up tweeting out images like this from their television screens with a transmission interruption notice no kenyan viewer saw the sun katie n.k. t.v. and citizen television those are three of the most viewed channels in kenya and according to the kenya's editors guild the president summoned several heads of the media industry last friday and quote threatened to shut down and revoke the licenses of any media house that would broadcast live in planned purported swearing in of nasa leaders chairman further said this brazen threat is intended to
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intimidate the media from performing its. rightful role of informing the public on matters affecting them now there are conflicting reports about this meeting the vice chairman of the institute institution denied that the president made that threat in the first place while kenya's communications authority confirmed that the meeting took place but didn't quite say what was discussed either way many journalists and citizens have been active today condemning this shutdown the journalists the chariot guy throw from the daily nation paper says that kenyan media should have resisted media freedom he says is an inalienable right that cannot be abridged by the state house he says media houses complying with illegal orders against live coverage of hashtags royalist swearing in will be willing participants in their own castration however can still watch the blog channels online all of them and up streaming their broadcasts on facebook live or on their websites now president who can get his relationship with the press has been a bit touchy in the past he's referred to some media outlets as meat wrappers who
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are useless and accuse them of supporting terrorism several times some of his policies have also raised eyebrows like last year he threatened to monitor social media ahead of the elections and proposed a bill that barred media from reporting on security related stories now it will keep seeing how this plays out on social media media fully before i go in the last few hours has actually updated his twitter bio describing himself as the president of the republic of kenya so if you're there if you're in kenya let us know what you think you can connect with us using the hash tag as a newsgroup or tweet me directly i'm at. and and you know we spoke to right now just a few months ago shortly after he withdrew from the presidential rerun he told us about his reasons for quitting the race what his strategy was going to be his vision for kenya as well there are two interviews on that page the first one is with the deputy president of kenya and the second one if you scroll down you'll see is the interview with kenya's long running opposition leader right now if you've
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missed an interview on t.v. you can watch it online at al-jazeera dot com. now russia's that has to host talks on syria's future have had a rocky start on foreign minister sergey lavrov was interrupted while he read a message from president vladimir putin on stage in sochi today. the syrian opposition members yelled at him saying jets are bombing ah people moscow is an important on eye of the syrian president bashar assad syria's main opposition groups and the kurds have refused to attend the talks in sochi well it's certainly been a day of uncertainty for those talks some members of the opposition even refused to leave the airport after seeing serious national flag in the terminal and they said they would not take part in the talks until the bombardment of civilians had stopped the meeting has been taking place in russia's black sea resort of sochi iran which supports president bashar assad and turkey which backs the opposition
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sent their delegates to the talks the syrian government is represented by the ruling party officials and it's on eyes trade unions elders and tribal leaders the u.n. special envoy for syria stefan de mistura is also attending the opposition delegation consists mostly of members of the two movements tolerated by the government and as you can you heard a small section of that opposition group being who are in sochi are also refusing to participate the main opposition group which is the syrian negotiations committee and the kurdish groups have boycotted the talks as we mentioned the u.s. and the european union also have not sent their representatives to sochi let's bring in a correspondent for a challenge who joins us from sochi in russia quite a great deal of confusion confusion earlier today in sochi rory as to whether or not these talks were going to go on or not talk us through what happened first behind the scenes and also in front of the cameras.
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you know will we were watching the screens from the media room which broadcast the central hole and all the delegates sitting around waiting for the opening session to begin and they were sitting there for an hour before the screens eventually went blank and that's when we knew that there was something that was going on that was perhaps going to throw a spanner in the works and that was related to the group of opposition figures the you just mentioned the ones who came to sorties airport overnight from turkey turkish backed opposition figures and as you said came out of the plane and saw all these government flags all over the place and thought this was an offensive gesture basically threatened to turn around and go back home again they did that but what they did was hand over authority to turkish government representatives to come to
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the talks and represent their interests but that shows you really i think the kind of problems that this sort of conferences had and that's been. a situation going back weeks months we've had various opposition figures dropping out of the last few days but it's also taking a long time to get this whole process set up in the first place russia wanted to make it as inclusive as it possibly could but the very complexity of the syrian conflict means that you have all of these different opposition groups with competing interests and mistrust between them and that gets played out to on the various platforms of syria negotiations thank you for that really really challenge for us in a sochi russia well for more on the expectations at that conference in sochi let's bring in batches live matches off to the news great he's a former russian diplomat and the current chairman of the russian friendship society with arab countries he is live from moscow very good to have you on the
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program russia says it's bringing all sections of the syrian. conflict together but as we've heard the main opposition group ngs are not there the kurds who control almost twenty percent of the territory in syria right now are not their world powers like france and britain are also not in sochi so what's the point of this process what's the point of having a meeting a peace meeting on syria when the main opposition groups are not that for the first time during this syrian conflict we see all representative all politico that friends get together in sochi to discuss the future of syria the future of their country i think that with all due shanghai not all then we've heard and seen they're not all there some of them have chosen not to attend that's right that means. that means that they have
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different political views some well some a some one were shouted against the russia against the lower of somebody who are supporting him that means that all kind of political columnists get gather it in the one hall and not discuss and watching. i think it's one thousand seven hundred eleven representative game beliefs and show and discuss between themselves not only from from the rostrum only i'll also in the other places outside the hall i think that demarche that we watched him talk ish supported group something about twenty person who. arrived to airport and demanded door. to put down.
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syrian official flag it is not. because as you can flick it is a flag and the official state i hear you it is let me just ask united nation let me just ask you this you say talking is important but while sochi is happening what's also happening right now on the ground in syria is that civilians have been bombed in it lead russian jets along with syrian jets are bombing civilian areas in places like italy they're targeting civilians so again what's the point of sochi when the war is only intensifying on the ground does you know russia's participation right now and what's happening the killing of civilians does it not make this whole entire process objectionable. well the war against terrorism continued in syria against noosa and now we were just
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before such confidence quite a lot of forces connected to his attorneys to groups. works in it not only in. part but also a. good time because. they are provoking syrian army and cheat and i marry respond to say they have. got it and you say listen. targeted but as we've seen and heard from various reports on the ground civilians are also bearing the brunt of russia's campaign. well wait if not for the first time hearing one russia is beginning bumbling. terroristic network they are russia is but a syrian army blamed that they are killing our hospitals children old woman and so on i think it is proposed and the stick. method i
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don't seem that russia aimed at serial positions because they destroyed as according to our official report of minister of defense at night correction of vision and they struck all assam concentration of military and. military ok goals and destroyed this one but they. don't make any problems for syria for civil population i am sure ok thank you so much for sharing your views with us fascist solve a former russian diplomat joining us from moscow we want to take you now live to washington d.c. where the u.s. secretary of state regularly said his as speaking right now at the u.s. qatar strategic meeting which is also attended by federal qatari.
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officials including the defense minister of qatar. let's listen in to what rex tillerson is saying right now the president has made this matter priority and the outcome we achieved will ensure a level playing field in the global aviation market. i'm also pleased to announce that the u.s. and country governments will sign a memorandum of understanding there creates a framework for the united states to provide technical assistance and trying to the country government on combating human trafficking this him oh you also provides for the creation of a bilateral government working group to discuss labor practices in qatar through our continued cooperation we hope to partner with qatar to build institutions capacity to eliminate human trafficking an area in which qatar has already made significant strides with respect to counterterrorism following president trumps
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challenge to all of our gulf partners during the riyadh summit last year qatar has made significant progress to improve efforts to combat terrorism as a result of the memorandum of understanding our countries signed in july the united states and qatar have increased information sharing on terrorist and terrorist financier's we have participated in counterterrorism technical training and taken steps to improve aviation security we look forward to building on this foundation and implementing next steps we will also discuss other critical regional security issues including the ongoing battle to defeat isis dash the gulf dispute the situation in syria iraq and afghanistan and iraq role in the region. as the gulf dispute nears the eight month mark the united states remains as concerned today as we were at its outset this dispute has had direct negative
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consequences economically and militarily for those involved as well as the united states we are concerned by the rhetoric and propaganda employed in the region playing out daily in air mainstream and social media is critical that all parties minimize rhetoric exercise restraint to avoid further escalation and work toward a resolution a united g.c.c. bolsters our effectiveness on many fronts particularly on counter terror countering terrorism defeating isis and countering the spread of iran malign influence the united states and qatar will be signing three documents today outlining our cooperation in the important bilateral in regional areas mentioned including three at this ceremony and the first is a memorandum of understanding that establishes the convention for this us qatar strategic dialogue on an annual basis going forward so that we can continue to
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build on the close partnership between our two countries the second document is a joint declaration outlining the united states cooperation with qatar on matters of shared regional and security interest the third document is a memorandum of understanding that creates a framework for the cooperation between the united states and qatar to combat human trafficking i look forward to the outcomes of today's inaugural u.s. cultures age of dialogue and our continued collaboration over the years to come and without i'd welcome remarks from former stopped on. thank you mr secretary good morning friend secretary third of sunday a friend secretary mattis your excellence is a member of the two delegations off the u.s. start egypt dialogue ladies and gentlemen i'm delighted to express on behalf of the
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thirty that a geisha and a lot of deepest gratitude for the warm welcome this year we we are celebrating the forty fifth anniversary of the u.s. cup at alliance i want to walk today represents a major storm in a historically deep and continuous relationship between thought and united states and defense can all make education and political unions holding this immensely significant fair session of strategic dialogue come as an expression and a celebration of the enduring and the close affiliation between our two countries. and greece and the recent january phone call between the presidents of you nice this donald trump and his highness the emir of qatar they're there they have emphasized their mutual determination to strengthen the bilateral relations a number of major agreements will be signed today covering defense trade investment
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and energy or area where the top is committed to investing in america's economy thought is already investing want one hundred billion dollars and the u.s. economy including ten billion dollars earmarked for infrastructure. and us private sector have devoted substantial resources to the other u.s. companies doing business and i thought within construction energy and set of says and dusty other companies autumn vesting and the u.s. financial services health care and technology technology markets. from butt out of hosting six prominent u.s. universities in our education city to a cutoff of investment in the n.g. gold impasse in texas our countries have shared interests interests that translate into job opportunities for the american and thought that if people to make all these investments afloat ish regional security is essential so today we would also
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discuss the range of security issues including shared threats and further that a question a tease of regional cooperation this joint endeavor to take place despite the difficult circumstances that couple currently faces as a part of a larger regional crisis taking place in the middle east the state of qatar and and the speed have been illegally and unjustifiably blockaded this blockade the stops the joint efforts and providing the stability is for the stability for that egypt let me express my profound gratitude for the effort of the president trump there if the u.s. congress and secretary of state arson and mathis and then which are in taking just position on the illegal activities of the blockading states throughout this gulf crisis we look forward to our continued cooperation on regional security to deliver
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a long lasting peace and security for the middle east in addition to security both countries are committing to improving labor standards and joining forces to stop all of forms of human trafficking. and us are committed to delivering justice to our citizens and in closing i reiterate my appreciation for your efforts to ensure that this first round of the slippage of the dialogue will be held successfully we look forward to hosting the second round in doha next year our mutual goal is to define a strategic balance between our two countries and go forward together to yield the greatest mutual benefit thank you qatar as foreign minister mohammad bin abdul rahman funny speaking there at the opening of the u.s. qatar strategic dialogue the first one in washington d.c. a meeting attended as you can see on those pictures by the qatari defense minister
6:42 pm
as well as the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and the defense secretary james mattis this happening as the gulf diplomatic crisis is now into its seven month it was in june twenty seven thousand when saudi arabia u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut diplomatic and trade ties with qatar which led to a blockade of this country and that is likely to feature high on the agenda of discussion say between american and qatari officials less ring in panicle head in washington d.c. following the story for us patty what are the main highlights so far from what we've heard they've agreed on a number of things i imagine. they haven't actually i was in the room to hear it all and you really think you had to wait till the end to really get to the heart of the matter when they were signing some of the agreements the person who is really not exactly what it was said that it was a declaration that the u.s. would work with cutter to bring work together against threats to cutters
6:43 pm
territorial integrity sending a message i think to three people this entire series of talks talking to president donald trump the leaders of the united arab emirates and saudi arabia basically saying u.s. establishment the secretary of state the secretary of defense they want to see the g.c.c. crisis end and there were a couple of interesting things there you heard the qatari foreign minister talk about the amount of investment that is going into the united states and indicated you know it's flourishing even though we're facing this blockade seeming to indicate hinted that it could be more if the blockade was ended who's he's speaking to their president trump we know that he sees most things through the filter of business remember he went to saudi arabia and he was very excited to announce more than three hundred billion dollars worth of investment in the united states and it's believed there he gave sort of a nod to this blockade only to find out later that it wasn't even close to that amount the white house has not been able to back up those figures with actual
6:44 pm
amounts a lot of the money that they announce had already been decided on under the obama administration and there was nowhere close to what they said it was going to be but still we see that qatar is now saying they are going to invest of two hundred billion dollars they're also investing at that critical air base in qatar and it was interesting i think we've seen u.s. officials try not to talk about the impact on u.s. military readiness but we saw secretary of state rex tillerson go there he said this is impacting the u.s. economically and militarily and that is a key base for the u.s. in the fight against the islamic state of iraq in the levant so sending the message that america cares about this and the crisis needs to be resolved political gain at the state department in washington thank you very much for that patty. well being on in town j.b.s. government say this recovered billions of dollars in illicit money in an anti-corruption investigation after detaining dozens of the country's richest man in a hotel. media producers back what's the latest on this and well in november the saudi
6:45 pm
government began a sweeping anti-corruption crackdown arresting some of the most well known men in the kingdom and they were accused of things like money laundering bribery and extortion of officials now this move some said was part of crown prince mohammed bin salmond's efforts to consolidate power now the crackdown is winding down three hundred and eighty one men were summoned or detained over the course of a three month long investigation that includes relatives of the crown prince senior government officials and billionaire businessmen the attorney general says one hundred six billion dollars has now been recovered in real estate cash companies and other assets now some of the biggest names in the region were included perhaps the most notable this man right here prince a lead bin tell all he's a billionaire businessman with stakes and companies like twitter citi group and twenty first century fox is also the nephew of king solomon and owns the investment firm kingdom holdings who stocks soared after news of his release now this info
6:46 pm
graphic on our website gives you a sense of some of the more notable figures who've been detained or dismissed from their positions on grounds of fighting corruption it includes the head of the national guard the head of the navy the economy minister another big one here is walid abraham he was released a few days ago on friday after eighty three days of detention now he's the former of the founder rather of the middle east broadcasting company or n.b.c. that's a media giant with television stations and radio channels which span the entire arab world in north africa and we hear that he will be keeping his position his position rather according to the reuters news agency as for the ritz carlton hotel where the men were detained for months these self-styled retreat for those who simply desire the royal treatment is now. taking bookings again for valentine's day for february fourteenth onward for about six hundred fifty bucks a night now it's interesting as traitors to this website two weeks ago that's what gave us all an indication that the crackdown might be wrapping up so as the ritz
6:47 pm
reopens in some high profile detainees or former detainees go back to work the government says that it will continue to tackle embezzlement the misuse of funds and people who exploit influence across the kingdom the saudi national anti-corruption commission also known as has so that there was a surge in complaints last year as saudis sense in more than ten thousand complaints to their commission many of them on the website or through their mobile so let us know what you think of the anti-corruption campaign you can tweet us your views using the hash tag a news grid or message me directly. andrew thank you very much and have a saudi crown prince as you heard has been pushing to modernize the kingdom announcing initiatives like women getting the right to drive and lifting the ban on women going to the cinema but the rights group amnesty international say saudi arabia needs to deal with systematic human rights violations if they're serious about progress amnesty made the observations at the world economic forum in davos adding that for the kingdom to fulfill its ambitions it must stop cracking down on
6:48 pm
activists journalists academics and dissidents while sam aidid is the head of middle east campaigns at amnesty international she joins us now via skype from beirut in lebanon thank you very much for your time some a saudi arabia's crown prince has involved on a path to reform his country says he's going to modernize it give women more rights and so on have you seen any improvement at all is the human rights situation in saudi arabia worse or better today under this new crown prince. well as you rightly said that saudi arabia has for many months now promoted itself as a reformer and champion of change however the facts on the ground suggest otherwise despite saudi arabia is p.r. narrative of reform and change we've seen in human rights abuses have only continued and in some cases intensified under the leadership of crown prince's hundred and so man we've seen right spread crackdown on human rights activists
6:49 pm
dissidents and he's full defenders using counter-terrorism measures to crack down on their activities. through counting the expansion of counter-terrorism measures and through the use of specialized human life criminal court in saudi arabia human rights defenders have been science and amnesty and the us and shared concerns over this warring patent of the charity arrests and detention of activists that has really been on the rise since. rise crown prince mohammed and so. and so for us if we really want to see real reform and real change in saudi arabia needs to go beyond cosmetic changes and really stop its crackdown on human rights defenders i know you've been calling on
6:50 pm
this has been calling for the release of these prisoners political prisoners notably the activist are you getting are you being successful at getting your message across across to the saudi government to to this new crown prince and the people who are ruling with him. well we've been documenting for many years these practices of detaining peaceful activists like the other we and his lawyers and human rights defenders is part of a civil society in saudi arabia unfortunately we have yet to see any changes all positive responses from the saudi arabian oil thirty's and so we really urge them to take up this opportunity of change and reform to start cracking down on those who really don't reform it and want to see positive developments in the kingdom thank you very much for speaking to us some idea of amnesty international joining us on the news great from beirut thank you for your time thank you happy to will be
6:51 pm
here in a moment to look at the top sports trends and why a decision on this major league baseball team logo has created so much online debate to stay with.
6:52 pm
the us. i let's find out people are talking about it more here speak a high or had folly it's about one team logo and a decision by major league baseball to ditch it what you can see here is chief wahoo and for more than half a century he has appeared on the jerseys and caps of the cleveland indians but on monday the league announced that the native american caricature would no longer
6:53 pm
feature from twenty nineteen after the indians owners agreed it was no longer appropriate but the term chief wahoo generated some seventy thousand tweets on monday as people in the united states reacted to this news major league baseball delivered the news on their own twitter account and collected over eight hundred likes of just luck really that much for an account with eight million followers but what is interesting is that the cleveland indians themselves their own twitter account made no mention of this at all their facebook account did though but the most liked comment was very critical of the decision to say i had a lot of respect for the team owners until this day i'm so sorry to see you bowed to the whims of social justice warriors now those opposed to this decision on twitter have been using the hash tag keep the chief this person says it's an embarrassing bow to political correctness but they have been numerous online
6:54 pm
campaigns and protest rallies over recent years against the indians and they led in part by the american indian movement of ohio but the use of north american names and logos is a debate much bigger than just the cleveland indians and chief wahoo. the washington redskins in the n.f.l. have been the target of protests for several years last year a big online campaign stance against the edmonton eskimos who play in the canadian football league while the chicago blackhawks named after a native american chief has also been questioned only we spoke to the native american journalist and activist simon moyer smith who sees ditching the chief wahoo logo is not enough the league put pressure on the team to drop its chief wahoo logo from its uniforms in while it's playing but the team itself is still selling the merchandise with the image they're going to continue to
6:55 pm
do that they haven't changed the name. they haven't issued an apology to natives in ohio and across the nation for creating a hostile environment for natives in that state so they're just reacting to pressure from the elite they didn't do this because they have a crisis of conscience it's a caricature of indigenous peoples it's a dehumanization of indigenous peoples and it's ubiquitous here in the united states you have the cleveland indians you have the washington football team which is named. for a slur that means dead indians you have the kansas city chiefs you have the chicago blackhawks that humanization in the united states continues and i think that for the rest of the world they need to understand that racism against native. pretty probable here it has been something that has divided opinion and someone else who divides opinion is twenty five year old australian tennis player bernard tomic who has never been too far away from controversy in his korea until now now tommy to
6:56 pm
reach the wimbledon quarter finals back in twenty eleven and he has also been ranked inside the world's top twenty seventeen is his highest so far but he did pull out of the recent australian open in controversial fashion take a look at this. bernie where is your career now. i just can't money of it or do i count my millions. we could you know you go do what i did you go make thirteen fourteen yeah thirteen or fourteen million would be very nice actually after that interview tomic signed up for an australian reality t.v. show called i'm a celebrity get me out of here and now he has quit that too off to just three days another player him self is citing depression and the network well that broadcast the show they're being criticized for now deleting the tweet that read tomic quitting something sounds familiar here we can't play to take note of that hash tag tomic walks now he has suffered abuse and ridicule from other quarters as well a sports betting company had suggested tomic has lost this one in straight sets all
6:57 pm
to love but the side of the conversation using the hash tag tomic walks has sainted on the lack of empathy shown towards someone with a mental health condition one of us saying that it's a worry it doesn't seem to be anyone in tomic school organizing the professional help he clearly needs ok let's go to something a little cheerier now in a viral clip finish well this is a lost cause victory of note this was a high school basketball game in illinois in the united states one team thought they had the win wrapped up with this free throw with virtually no time left on the truck the house first. done by fifteen year old played peaches on the bow sixty evanston township high winning forty five forty four. and how are those celebrations you can get in touch with me on twitter i'm at peter underscore statement you can use that hash tag a.j.
6:58 pm
news good as well most sports for me in the eighteen hundred g.m.t. hour but for now i'm going to hand you back to funny. there are thank you so much for that that will do it for today's news read remember to keep in touch with us on social media at all times all the different ways to get in touch with us right here don't forget to use the hash tag eight jaitley his grades will be back here at studio fourteen at fifteen hundred g.m.t. to model one face from me for the back to one hole to thank you for watching i think.
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