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never get this risky. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty. is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions gambling you. know put their lives in danger just a third of the mosquito to destroy will just your own. life. the. russians phones have told us on the war in syria wrap up in sochi ending a day of heckling and an opposition protest at the airport.
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hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up southern secessionist by the united arab emirates say they've taken control of the yemeni city of aden. kenya's opposition leader a rider agenda is sworn in as the people's president in a mock inauguration ceremony. and we look at the innovative way one german city is tackling the europe wide problem of pollution. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have just wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the conference final statement said that elections should be held to allow syrians to. own future but there have been no formal agreements with the
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talks punctuated with disagreements interruptions and delays the event was boycotted by the leadership of the syrian opposition the us britain and france one either they support a separate un mediated process which itself is fail to get anyway some delegates had called the russian foreign minister when he read a statement from president vladimir putin they accused moscow of killing civilians and some opposition delegates refused even to leave sochi airport for the talks because syrian government flags were displayed at the terminal. the syrian opposition delegation came to participate in a sort she conference from ankara with hopes to push the peace process forward and achieve serious political transition that will bring syria from tyranny to democracy and achieve freedom and dignity in a peaceful country but we were surprised to see that none of the promises were kept leaving the brutal bombardment stopped nor were the syrian regime flags and slogans
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removed from the conference by those and we have seen a lack of diplomatic manners from the host country. let's cross live to al-jazeera is roy chalons who's in sochi and reports here having heard from stefana mr and the russian foreign minister that they've agreed to create a sort of committee chair look at a new constitution for syria what else have you been hearing warry. well it was a day that started chaotically have to say with the whole lack of farfel in the airport in sochi the start of the congress was delayed for two hours because there was a real danger of this whole thing forming apart and it ended fairly chaotic liers well with huge number of people on the stage stephan de mistura tried to bring a little order back to proceedings what he said was that the delegates and he was addressing everyone in the in the audience there to the delegates delegates and
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worked hard you've agreed on twelve principles that all syrians should be able to support those principles of things like new elections and maintaining the kind of efficiency of the army and the security services and representation of for all and and that sort of thing he says you've agreed to form a committee to draft constitutional reform he is that now going to be looking at that draft committee that proposal and he says i shall consult widely as that's how these things work and i will say soon how i intend to proceed that's what you want i will take this and try and work it into the geneva constitutional process it will be a delicate exercise and i will proceed with care because of course as stefan de mistura is very well aware there are a large number of people who should be involved in this process who have decided for whatever reason to stay away opposition groups like the the syrian negotiations committee like the group of turkish backed opposition members who came to sorties
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airport and then went home again and they have stayed out of this process and stephan de mistura will be well aware of that and no. that this is a is is a system which is going to feel on balance unless it tries to work those people back into it. our thanks very much roy chalons bring us all the latest from the russian black sea resort of sochi. right so we want to move to yemen now a succession is forces say they have taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the saudi backed government of president. hadi has been basin's twenty fourteen when it was pushed out of the capital by to see rebels and watch as news agency says the forces which a backed by the u.a.e. have confined the government of president hadi to the presidential palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition some
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a binge of aid has the latest. the seat of power for yemen's government is no longer under its control this is the sudden port city of aden where secessionist said they are now in charge fighters from the southern transitional council have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to cease fire has not worked the government of president who had the is based out of saudi arabia and the man he appointed as governor of aden now heads the separatist movement secessionist said given how the reply no the made him to change his government and when the deadline expired on sunday thousands of their supporters took to the streets of aden this you know that. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school these sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang in power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the south of accuse the government
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in the north of discrimination since united in one thousand nine hundred the situation has worsened since the war against the who these began three years ago. we aspire to form a state the coalition must consider our cause if not they will be the losers as we were store our country and our state not only on us on the one we are here today holding our ground you'll remain in the streets we will topple the failed government we will topple bin and his government as they've humiliated our people the people. the saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed with the rebels who control much of the north including the capital. of the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south where you a partner saudi arabia backs the internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south but despite that the saudis insist the coalition hasn't splinted. the head to head the position of the u.a.e.
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remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen crisis the foreign ministers meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate goal but instead of liberating and uniting yemen the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up some of the job al jazeera. and al jazeera has covered the conflict in yemen extensively and has more now on the significance of these latest developments in the south of the country. this is a turning point in yemen because now the session is controlling more areas with aiden. b. and how the moat they're moving one step towards declaring the south and their control we have massive support militarily and financially from the united arab emirates and this is going to further help them expand their influence also means
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that presence of double muscle who. was based in saudi arabia is losing control over the city its government is besieged city of aden. it seems that is just a matter of days before the internationally recognized government will lose complete control over yemen what does it mean for yemen and for the region definitely more instability more violence and more fighting tribesman walls i sell and a q a p will definitely try to step in and take advantage of this situation aden the gulf of aden and babel mend all of a crossroads of some of the busiest sea lanes in the world some of the most. busiest shipping routes for world trade and this is something which is going to raise concern by for the international community particular for the e.u. and the united states or of america also more instability is bad news for saudi arabia which which set in two thousand and fifteen when it interfered militarily in
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yemen but its goal is to maintain a unified yemen today it's no longer the case. again opposition movement has been declared a criminal by the government following the symbolic swearing in of leader raul or in denver. the staged inauguration was an act of protest by adding the supporters who say he is kenya's legitimate leader they say her kenyatta's presidential election was neither free nor fat kenya she was sworn in himself in december after he won a rerun of all guess original vote katherine sawyer was at the ceremony in nairobi . well today was a bit anticlimactic for many many supporters of the opposition north of coalition who came to witness the symbolic swearing in of raw a dinner and he did show up but many people who are disappointed say that they are unhappy that the three other main leaders of the coalition did not show up
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including colossal most your carollo dingell's deputy and was supposed to be sworn in alongside. so we've been hearing reports that some of the security detail was withdrawn perhaps that's why they did not come but then also there are other people who are saying that way doesn't matter right loading that came he swore by the bible he was sworn in and one of those people here is why there are thank you for joining us just tell us what you feel right now well. i'm not really disappointed because raila shoot out i came here because of regular and he has been sworn in we're going to get the next move you give us the next direction many of us are really fed up with the state of affairs in this country this is our evolution someone like me i'm a forty year old with no job not being i was born in the lobby of been suffering all along and we cannot anymore so
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a lot of hoax tags on riah loading then he says he's going to use the so called people of the symbol in a forum of different stakeholders religious leaders politicians women and youth groups and so forth and this forum basically has been established with the aim counting governments and has been endorsed by a dozen or so counties in the country in this forum basically supposed to push for electoral reforms and supposed to address and talk about some of the issues that are affecting the country i think that's why the government is so jittery about this because it's not just about the election this people's assembly is can potentially be a very powerful platform to advise. agenda of the opposition and a lot of people within those already pledging that. al-jazeera still ahead donald trump gets ready to deliver his state of the union address but can he rally a deeply divided nation. and hope for those caught up in years of war and drought
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in somalia with plans to get rid of famine for good. hello and welcome to international weather forecasts for starting europe we've had some heavy snow across eastern parts of the region but our snow clearing right away so drier weather for a time but only a brief response time is there moscow minus one that's going to change we've got another frontal system moving in across the baltic across more western parts of europe some snow on the north and age and then as you move through into thursday that system will again be pushing into wards of parts of russia and ahead of it the cold air is there minus eight for moscow as a high and some heavy snowfall is likely also after a bit of a respite we've got more snow coming but for the alpine region so again that is
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going to add to the problems there we've got cold air coming down behind that frontal system mike so seven there for london fine conditions the most part across more southern parts of europe with iberia clinches seen highs of thirteen we've had a low pressure system giving some disturbed weather across southeastern parts of iberia last a day or so but still there across morocco giving some rain with some snow or higher elevations in the atlas mountains and also quite a bit of dust as well be left in the though that low pressure gradually fills we'll still see fairly strong winds at times further so for much of west africa weather conditions are dry and fine should be a nice day in accra in ghana with a high here of thirty. the palestine national locust was first founded in the one nine hundred thirty s. but has had to be revived in twenty time all was very important for me to sing in palestine no musicians from all over the world come together to perform in the
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occupied territories of the flick of a promise to me a living in the us poor felt it was the first time to perform using their identity al-jazeera world hears music as a force for unity the diaspora orchestra this time. welcome back without jazeera our top stories this hour russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the conference final statement said that elections should be held to allow syrians to decide their own future. secession his forces say they've taken control
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of yemen southern port city of aden they've reportedly confined the government of president months or hardy to the presidential palace. and the kenyan opposition movement has been declared a criminal group by the government following the symbolic swearing in of leader of riot. or now donald trump will give his state of the union address to congress later on she is day kicking off his second year in office the u.s. president will lay out his agenda as he seeks to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings the white house has described his speech as incredible can really help get reports from washington. donald trump isn't known for modesty most people expect him to spend much of his state of the union address highlighting what he boasts as evidence of success from his first year in office passing a one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill drops another employee bit and
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driving the historic gains in the stock market. of the field right now out to start. trouble is known for his off the cuff remarks but the u.s. president displayed none of that last year in his first address to congress and most expect the u.s. president will appear as what's been dubbed teleprompter trope veering little from prepared remarks his am to sound presidential much as he did last week in davos switzerland it has never been a better time to hire to build to invest and to grow in the united states no issue is more divisive at the moment been immigration trump wants twenty five billion to build his wall along the southern border with mexico something you'll request on tuesday but there's pressure on him to protect the children of illegal immigrants as well the issue is so contentious it recently shut down the government . as celebrities like pop star cash use their star
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status to shine a light on sexual harassment and unequal treatment of women it's unlikely trump will acknowledge the hash tag me to movement even as his poll numbers continue to be low amongst women trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least nineteen women another president. you know makes some reference to the need to move he will not for obvious reasons but i guess and i think that's a mistake in fact some democratic lawmakers are boycotting the address for that very reason at this forum analysts agreed he. should play up republican accomplishments particularly when it comes to foreign policy i think you're going to see the president take quite a bit of credit for protests in iran i think you're going to see the president right we take credit for what has happened with isis in particular it's unlikely donald trump will mention in his speech the accusations of collusion or russian
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interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election that continue to trouble the trump white house can't really help that al-jazeera washington. in jordan joins us now and so tell us more about what president needs to do in his address. well there is some real discussion here in washington mario about how conciliatory the president will be during his first official state of the union address there are those who was say that the president has a responsibility to talk about issues involving gender and involving race given the political climate in this country when it comes to issues of things such as sexual harassment as well as racial profiling and racial abuse there are some particularly on the democratic side who are concerned that the president won't be able to say enough to convince their political base that he is very much in favor of an
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inclusive united states for their part there are those who are part of the conservative wing of the republican party who want to see the president issue a very tough message on immigration not just so called illegal immigration but immigration in all its forms they want to a kind of basically stop letting people in policy from the u.s. president but it's unlikely he would offer that given that he has been long in a does beat with congressional republicans and democrats over the shape of how to deal with the dreamers those. young people who were brought to this country with immigration papers as very young children but who for all intents and purposes have lived their lives as americans so there is pressure on the president coming from both sides of the political aisle tonight as you say everyone's going to be listening very closely for what trump has to say on his immigration agenda that's
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absolutely key here and what are the expectations in terms of his message being consistent because obviously he's kind of different from the proposed legislation at times. well there are some who say well tongue in cheek that if the president sticks to what's on the teleprompter then probably people can work with whatever policy he puts forward but it's the question of whether he in fact gives any more detail something that typically is not done during the state of the union a belt his vision for reforming the immigration problem there are suggestions that even if they stop all immigration right now as an example for those related to people already living in the united states that it would take decades to clear the backlog so there's going to be a real appetite for any sort of detail to not just break the log jam but to actually try to reform the process in
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a way that actually is more efficient for all those concerned thanks very much in jordan in washington. in catalonia a pro secession rallies taking place on the day that the regional parliament a plan to propose ousted leader carlist pushed him on to as its president but the parliamentary vote was suspended and the central government has warned of a possible extension of direct rule from madrid neve barker explains from bustling . you know you've got another large scale demonstration here in barcelona in support of atlanta independence it comes on the day in which the castle and parliament dominated by those who favor of independence fully suspended the session the would have formally recognize its new leader as carlos approachable the only problem is the colors put him on his own self-imposed exile in brussels if you don't attempt to come back here to barcelona he runs the very very real risk of being jailed possibly for thirty years on charges of the belly and sedition for
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declaring independence for catalonia at the end of october saying that though the constitutional court on saturday said that if he doesn't come here to barcelona for his own investiture in person then they would suspend the session completely there is also the possibility the parliament could hold a symbolic session of the room with the possibility of putting on appearing via live or video link up for a speech to be read by somebody else on his behalf but then they run the very real risk of there being a continuation of direct rule over how to load by central government in madrid but the people here have made it very very clear where their loyalty lies with this man recognize him as carlos put him on. united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea the situation made west by international sanctions have been put in place because of
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north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs last week the u.s. announced new sanctions on several can i say shins and people and on six north korean ships. the united nations says humanitarian aid is still vital in somalia despite announcing a decline in the risk of famine weeks and rainy season is improve the situation but the east african nation is still vulnerable after years of war and drought and as for me to measure a portion the capital markets issue the government is now starting a long term fits security plan. ameena and a family left their home in julep about three hundred kilometers away to find food and security in mogadishu a severe drought last year meant they could not grow any crops and they feared for their lives as rival plans for it but there is nobody left in my religion very young people it was too much fighting and we had to leave because there was no food
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at the peak of last year's drop to reveal three million people were in need of urgent humanitarian assistance the united nations says that numbers drafted but only by half a million the unitary needs are still very high and we are still seeing the tradition levels that arse amongst the highest in the world so that very much once a continued attention at the same time the progress that we've made shows dance we have a much more effective response mechanism in place as compared to twenty eleven when quarter of a million people died. three hundred thousand children under the age of five are malnourished while the effects of the drought in parts of southern somalia including the capital mogadishu have eased more assistance is now needed in the north with has been low rainfall and the u.n. says two point seven million people will be in crisis between now and june since the famine in twenty eleven billions of dollars have been spent on emergency relief
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but the government says it can only longer rely solely on foreign aid and must wind long term solutions through conflict drought and the displacement of people they'll be in through all new. institutions to tackle these challenges but now the government says it's come up with a plan. last year the government open to the department to deal with humanitarian and disaster management and its planning long term investment for development in rural areas usually the worst hit by drought we have the longest. caused as well as we have two rivers we have. to live so malia. is something that could have been avoided very long time but because of a lot of innocent two since two thousand since one thousand. and that is why we have seen these droughts keep coming back move funding to produce food including in
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the agricultural and fisheries sic does hopes to break the impact of drought and the cycle of suffering but somalia's government says it will take time for me to millar al-jazeera mogadishu. france's river saying remands remains well above its normal levels causing flooding in and around paris locals had to use boats to get around the town of santa george in the southeastern suburbs river peak on monday morning five metres above its normal levels over the past two months france has had its heaviest rainfall for fifty years. the european union has warned nine of its member countries that they face legal action if they don't take action of air pollution france germany and britain are among those being told that they must reduce their emissions but as dominic cain reports from the german city of state guard efforts are being made to find new ways of cleaning up
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europe's. nestling in a natural bowl of the neck of valley should guard is renowned as the cradle of the automobile several famous manufacturers have important bases here but there in lies the problem because with the car comes pollution which often lingers in the air because of the local topography to combat it the city has pollution meters set up in many locations gauging the amount of nitrogen dioxide and minute particles of fine dust in the air a sophisticated alarm system warns people in the levels are too high but local authorities say more needs to be done the federal level needs to spend more money for the for the local level at the moment we have what they call is for programs a quick start program which is a one billion euros which is not that that few money but regarding are looking to the cities in germany which are ninety cities so we have the problem
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one billion euro is not that much money and given that so far in january the fine dust alarm has been triggered seven times other local solutions are being explored such as the find dust eater it uses three applications to filter out particulates and fine dust and although it's currently a prototype the project manager is optimistic we exactly in stuttgart might be able to on the one hand equipped cars that means everything that has to do with internal transport of public transportation with find us for traditional systems or with a brick dust particle for the problem for a city like short got is that although many of the measures it is taking or it has plans to take do reduce some of the emissions right now they're only really scratching at the surface of a problem and this is a problem right across germany. one environmental organization in berlin says the problem is so entrenched in germany that it's taking nineteen cities to court because we hope. to also get the federal level. when they see that
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citizens get more and more and the pressure about fulfilling their local target so to speak to yet to protect the health of their citizens but in recent months germany's motor manufacturers have been committed to cutting emissions of nitrogen dioxide by a third but the current coalition government and the likely next one have admitted they must perspire own reaching pollution prevention targets the issue of air pollution is a developing danger in the eyes of the european commission but at the local level for people in stuttgart it's an ever present one dominant cane al-jazeera in the neck of valley and if you want to get more on that story and everything else we're covering this is wanita go. but look at the top stories for you now russian sponsored talks aimed at finding
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a political solution to the war in syria have wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the final statement said elections should be held to allow syrians to decide their own future russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said the congress also agreed to create a one hundred fifty member committee to look at changes to the syrian constitution which would include the group's not in attendance. secession his forces say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the saudi backed government of president abed rabbo months or hadi had been based since two thousand and fourteen when it was pushed out of the capital by hoofy rebels the reuters news agency says the u.a.e. based but new a backed forces have confined the government of president hadi to the presidential palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition. has more now the secessionist of the solve moving one step closer to declaring the south of yemen and the control now the succession is backed by the united. have the opposite in
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aden that are most likely to further expand their control to of. b.n. and also of which gives them more of the. future of the of the most powerful military group operating in. the kenyan opposition movement has been declared a criminal group by the government after the symbolic swearing in of lead o'reilly or dingell the staged integration was an act of protest by adding the supporters who say he is kenya's legitimate leader they argue that her kenyatta's presidential election was neither free nor fair kenyatta was sworn in himself in december after he won a rerun of orcus original vote. donald trump will give his state of the union address to congress later kicking off his second year in office the us president will lay out his agenda as he seeks to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings. on the united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of
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starvation in north korea with the situation made worse by international sanctions are up there with the top stories more news coming up in twenty five minutes time after the stream which starts now. ok and you're in the stream how do you envision caught our guest on today's program says that we have pool with and need to humanize our version of god and our brain is actually hard wired to do so author commentator little scholar reza azlan will
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be joining us.


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