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i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life in some parts of life it's culture we have here as if data we know the products of from buying everything that you're doing that's really where the power of the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and the threat you believe that any of your companies have adana fide the full scope of russian active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of fake news and cyberspace the rules of the game left changed there are no precedents people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. the war in yemen gets even more complicated as southern secessionist backed by the u.a.e. say they've taken control of the key city of aden. no
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i'm learning on the mozzie in london and watching al-jazeera also coming out. of the. russian sponsored talks on the war in syria wrapped up in sochi with calls for elections and promises of constitutional reform. kenya's opposition leader rider a dingo is sworn in as the people's president in a mocking over ration ceremony. and the u.s. awaits president donald trump state of the union address not least what he has to say about immigration. first to yemen where secession is forces say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where the saudi backed government of president. hadi has
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been based after who see rebels took control of the capital in two thousand and fourteen the reuters news agency says the forces which are backed by the u.a.e. have confined the government of president hadi to the presidential palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition was on a binge of aid as the latest on. the seat of power for yemen's government is no longer under its control this is the sudden port city of aden where secessionist say they're now in charge fighters from the southern transitional council have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to cease fire has not worked the government of president. of the is based out of saudi arabia and the man he appointed as governor of aden no heads the separatist movement it's officially said given. to meet him to change his government and when the deadline expired on sunday thousands of their supporters took to the streets of aden. that. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated
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southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school these sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang in power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the south of accuse the government in the north of discrimination since united in one thousand nine hundred the situation has worsened since the war against the who these began three years ago. we aspire to form a state the coalition must consider our cause if not they will be the losers as we were store our country and our state not only on us on the one we are here today holding our ground you'll remain in the streets we will topple the field government we will topple bin and his government as they've humiliated our people the people. the saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed with the rebels you could call much of the north including the capitals of the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south
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why you a partner saudi arabia backs the internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south out but despite that the saudis insist the coalition has been splendid. to have. the position of the u.a.e. remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen crisis the foreign ministers meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate goal but instead of liberating and uniting yemen the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up some of the job aid. well earlier i spoke to. the u.s. ambassador to yemen from two thousand and ten to two thousand and thirteen he told me that this latest development in the south of the country is likely to approve the war in yemen. this is going to be a complication it's going to make the process of ending the media conflict that
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much more difficult and will make it more difficult also to map out a way forward understanding that there are a number of different divisions within the country including most prominently between the north and the south that are going to have to be addressed in my view what you need to do is to end the most immediate source of the fighting which is between the who tease who sought to overthrow the widget of a government of yemen and the and the government present the rabo months or heidi who still has the the support of the international community through the u.n. security council resolutions then after that you have to have a political process that is once again going to try to address these many issues of the internal divisions within the north in the south and also trying to win the
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support of disaffected populations particularly the tribes and news and civil society. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria of wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the final statement said syrians should be allowed to decide their own future with elections and russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov promised the creation of a one hundred fifty member constitutional committee which would include groups not in attendance or the event was boycotted by the leadership of the syrian opposition the u.s. person and france were not there either they support a separate un mediated process which itself has failed to get anywhere some data gets heckled the russian foreign minister when he read a statement from president vladimir putin accusing moscow of killing civilians and
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some opposition delegates refused even to leave sochi airport for the talks because syrian government flags were displayed in the terminal that. if the reform did comprising the government of the. republic the league asian along with the wide represented opposition. for drafting a constitutional reform with that would result votes as the this result of the creation of the constitutional committee will be handed over to the united nations the work of this new institution the syrian constitutional committee will be organized in geneva according to the resolution twenty two fifty four and diplomatic editor james bays is following developments from the united nations and we were hearing that the prospect of elections for syrian people and also constitutional reform but did stuff on the mystery say anything more to flesh out these proposals. well certainly we had questions about how this is all going to
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work and the timeline for it stefan demas storage use or speaking there in sochi but a little earlier just over an hour ago he actually made a phone call that was beamed into the press conference room here at the united nations pretty clear from what he said that the u.n. believe this is an important development but it's also certainly not a breakthrough and the reason it's not a breakthrough the first one is that the opposition weren't even present in such ease so it's not clear whether they will take part in this new constitutional committee that's going to be set up it's also not clear who will be part of the committee we hear from the russian foreign minister one hundred fifty names stefan de mistura says he'll whittle down those names to about forty five or fifty well we know from previous talks in geneva that when the opposition was approving when the opposition was choosing its own delegation it was prove very very hard to decide who should be in or not now it's going to be up with his committee up to step
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around he was story himself to decide who should come to geneva for this committee which will focus simply on drawing up a new constitution in the past the government and stephanie mr himself has said that has not engaged properly on these sort of issues will engage now if it's part of a committee rather than part of overall peace talks which will turn up which we don't have been told will also continue and there's also criticism of the way this whole process is being handled by the russians and now by the u.n. and stefan demas storer he says he's interpreted in the will of the u.n. security council and its resolution twenty two fifty four but that talks about the idea of transition in syria it seems that for now the special envoy working with the russians is putting that to one side and focusing only on one part of the resolution which is a new constitution for syria and elections it does seem that the plan is to go back
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to geneva this time not for talks about everything but instead simply a committee on the constitution thank you very much james bays at united nations. kenya's government has declared the opposition movement a criminal court following a symbolic swearing in of its leader right. thousands of his supporters attended the mark inauguration ceremony in nairobi insisting he is the judgment leader of last year's polls despite her kenyatta as official when catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. i. was. right loading they're taking an oath of office that is not officially recognized he swears to serve and protect the country as what he calls himself the people's president he's basing his oath of the august eighth general election that he says he won the election was invalidated by the supreme court which ordered a new one to be held in october last year. and his opposition national coalition
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will quote it that. was tuesday's rally in nairobi was largely peaceful and there was no police presence despite the government declaring the gathering a new full and shutting down live signal to the country's main television stations for most of the day the the ceremony itself took less than fifteen minutes and left mixed feelings on what today was sort of climactic for the many many supporters of the opposition as of when lisa new came to witness this symbolic swearing in of and his deputy. and the reason why people went home so disappointed is because the other three main leaders including. this deputy did not show up to this event was they later issued a statement saying that ops this was beyond their control but supporters here state does not look good for opposition unity or one of. the other
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leaders will be here to support it would have shown us how strong the opposition is what. the people. i talked to told us that the important thing is that. i didn't apply my. husband for one the time up the kind of son. released the state of the this country was the start of a messiah some of the most fucked up of the overall oligarchy the man i was one of them suffered and a lot was put on the anymore. but he is the so-called people's assembly a forum established by the opposition to operate to the county governments to elect order forms and other issues last year the opposition also introduced the national resistance movement the government has just declared that movement an organized criminal group. these are the supporters say it does not matter if all their
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hopes on him to deliver electoral justice even as they understand that the oath is largely ceremonial and. catherine sort. of became. you know how to sara still ahead hope for those caught up in years of war and drought in somalia with plans to get rid of famine for good and when to add pollution one of the top issues for the european union in a cow one german setting is trying to tackle the problem. hello again her seem very changeful weather across parts of australia at the moment melbourne is a beast seen temperatures into the forty's but here are a look at a high of just eighteen degrees on wednesday further towards the north we've got
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a lot of heavy rain across northern parts of queens and through the gulf of carpentaria into the top end and that's likely to continue as we head on through into thursday with stir conditions across parts of western australia continuing the circulation there across the region for perth gerry not looking too bad with temperatures reaching twenty seven degrees as we head into thursday we've got temperatures there twenty one in sydney looking fairly bright as for new zealand the weather is looking pretty warm and fine certainly through much of wednesday but this is what's going to be left of the tropical cyclone which moved past new caledonia in the solomon islands giving heavy rain and certainly as we head through thursday we're going to see some very stormy weather across the south are in with some large amounts of rain falling still some showers to the north and to highs of twenty two in oakland heading up into northeastern parts of asia still cold here we've got to temperature of minus ten then flooded bastar just above freezing in parts of the korean peninsula but still the threat of some snow for western parts of china it should be largely dry though in tokyo with high seer of some degree.
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never get this risky. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty with good roots is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions gambling you. know put their lives in danger just occurred to me we still need to destroy the notice here.
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i'm back with al jazeera let's update you on the stories making headlines now secession his forces say they've taken control of yemen southern port city of aden they've reportedly confined the government of president abed rabbo months or hadi to the presidential palace. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria has wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the conference's final statement said elections should be held to allow syrians to decide their own future and the kenyan opposition movement has been declared a criminal group by the government following the symbolic swearing in of right. now donald trump will give his state of the union address to congress later on tuesday kicking off his second year in office the u.s. president will lay out his agenda as he seeks to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings the white house has described his speech as incredible kambli how get reports from washington. donald trump
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isn't known for modesty most people expect him to spend much of his state of the u.u. to address highlighting would. he boasts as evidence of success from his first year in office passing a one point five trillion dollar tax reform bill drops in unemployment and driving the historic gains in the stock market. off the field right out of the spider trump is known for his off the cuff remarks but the u.s. president displayed none of that last year in his first address to congress and most expect the u.s. president will appear as what's been dubbed teleprompter trope veering little from prepared remarks his to sound presidential much as he did last week in davos switzerland it has never been a better time to hire to build to invest and to grow in the united states no issue is more divisive at the moment been immigration trump wants twenty five
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billion to build his wall along the southern border with mexico something he will request on tuesday but there's pressure on him to protect the children of illegal immigrants as well the issue is so contentious it recently shut down the government . as celebrities like pop star cash use their star status to shine a light on sexual harassment and unequal treatment of women it's unlikely trump will acknowledge the hash tag me to movement even as his poll numbers continue to be low amongst women trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by at least nineteen women another president. you know makes some reference to the need to move he will not for obvious reasons but i guess and i think that's a mistake in fact some democratic lawmakers are boycotting the address for that very reason at this forum analysts agreed he should play up republican
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accomplishments particularly when it comes to foreign policy i think you're going to see the president take quite a bit of credit for protests. iran i think you're going to see the president right we take credit for what has happened with isis in particular it's unlikely donald trump will mention in his speech the accusations of collusion or russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election that continue to trouble the trump white house can't really help it al-jazeera washington. and rosalynn join joins us live now not long to go tell the state of the union address gets under way and what is president seeking to do in a speech. well one of the things that the u.s. president donald trump wants to do is to try to sound a note of unity and this is a point which he stressed during the traditional bunch and with top u.s. journalists at the white house on tuesday afternoon he noted according to
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a partial transcript of the luncheon that it would be very easy to work on issues such as infrastructure or immigration or health care if he could only focus on it as a business person could however he said he has learned in the past year that you actually have to consider the human factor you have to consider the impact on people's lives the emotional sides that people will take on all of these issues but he did say that if he can find a way to actually address those issues in a way that meets people's really deep seated concerns he will have considered his work a success. and rosen of course have been some very difficult talks taking place over the future of the young undocumented immigrants and what should happen to them now what can we expect to hear from president trump on immigration. certainly anything that donald trump has to say about immigration is going to probably get
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the bulk of the analysis and criticism and praise depending on what he says there's been. some discussion about whether the so-called dreamers those young people who were brought to the united states by their parents with the proper a immigration papers should get some sort of permanent residency status or a path to citizenship that would anger some of his political base that would please some others here in the united states so it's going to be the question of how he deals with the status of these nearly two million people as well as deal with another big concern which he campaigned which is the idea of border security a subset of national security but focus particularly on the border between the u.s. and mexico that is something that he's going to basically have to thread the needle any details that he gives could make it politically challenging for him in the weeks ahead but that it's what people here are most expecting him to discuss during
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his remarks are i thank you rosen and join in washington. the united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea but the situation made by international sanctions they've been put in place because of north korea's nuclear ballistic missile programs. for sanctions on several organizations and people and on six north korean ships in assaf says the sanctions are making it harder to get aid into the country. the united nations says that humanitarian aid is still vital in somalia despite announcing a decline in the risk of famine the recent rainy season is improve the situation but the east african nation is still vulnerable after years of war and drought and as for me to mineral ports from the capital mogadishu the government is now starting a long term food security plan. ameena and
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a family left their home in julep about three hundred kilometers away to find food and security in mogadishu a severe drought last year meant the could not grow any crops and they feared for their lives as rival clans fort but there is nobody left in my religion very young people it was too much fighting and we had to leave because there was no food at the peak of last year's drop to reveal three million people were in need of urgent humanitarian assistance the united nations says that numbers drafted but only by half a million the unitary needs are still very high and we're still seeing. levels that are amongst the highest in the world so that very much warrants a continued detention at the same time the progress that we've made shows dance we have a much more effective response mechanism in place as compared to twenty eleven when a quarter of a million people died. three hundred thousand children under the age of five are
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malnourished while the effects of the drought in parts of southern somalia including the capital mogadishu have eased more assistance is now needed in the north with has been low rainfall and the u.n. says two point seven million people will be in crisis between now and june since the famine and twenty eleven billions of dollars have been spent on emergency relief but the government says it can only longer rely solely on foreign aid and must wind long term solutions through conflict droughts and the displacement of people will be. through national institutions to tackle these challenges but no the government says it's come up with a plan. last year the government open to the department to deal with humanitarian and disaster management and its planning long term investment for development in rural areas usually the worst hit by drought we have the longest. sea caused as well as we have two rivers we have first.
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saw. so much earlier. it is something that it could have been avoided a very long time but because of lack of an institution as soon as two thousand and nineteen since ninety nine to one up to now and that is why we have seen these droughts keep coming back. more funding to produce food including in agricultural and fisheries sic does hopes to break the impact of drought and the cycle of suffering but somalia's government says it will take time for me to malaya al-jazeera mogadishu now in catalonia a procession rallies taking place on the day that the regional parliament had planned to propose oust indeed a card is pushed along as its president but the parliamentary vote was suspended and the central government has warned of a possible extension of direct will from the trade if baccarat explains from barcelona and i can tell you that some other large scale demonstration here in
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barcelona in support of castle and independence here comes on the day in which the castle and parliament dominated by those in favor of independence fully suspended a session that would have formally recognize its new leader as carlos. the only problem is the colors put him on his own self-imposed exile in brussels if you don't attempt to come back here to barcelona he runs the very very real risk of being jailed possibly for thirty years will charge the belly and sedition for declaring independence for catalonia at the end of october saying that though the constitutional court on saturday said that if he doesn't come here to barcelona for his own investigator in person then they would suspend the session completely there is also the possibility the parliament could hold a symbolic session of their own with the possibility of prison on appearing via live or pretty or link up for a speech to be read by somebody else on his behalf but then they run the very real
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risk of there being a continuation of direct control over the lonely by central government in madrid but the people here have made. very very clear where their loyalty lies with this man recognize him it's called the courage of. france's rivers saying remains well above its normal levels causing flooding in and around paris locals had to use boats to get around the town of joy in the southeastern suburbs the river peaked on monday it was and five meters above its normal levels over the past two months france has had its heaviest rainfall for fifty years. now the european union has won nine of its member countries that they face legal action if they don't do something about pollution france germany and britain are among those being told they must reduce their emissions but as dominic cain reports from the german city of stuttgart efforts are being made to find new ways of cleaning up europe's.
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nestling in a natural bowl of the neck of valley should guard is renowned as the cradle of the automobile several famous manufacturers have important bases here but there in lies the problem because with the car comes pollution which often lingers in the air because of the local topography to combat it the city has pollution meters set up in many locations gauging the amount of nitrogen dioxide and minute particles of fine dust in the air a sophisticated alarm system warns people in the levels are too high but local authorities say more needs to be done the federal level needs to spend more money for the for the local level at the moment we have what they call is for programs quickstart program which is a one billion euros which is not that that few money but regarding are looking to the cities in germany which are ninety cities so we have the problem one billion euro is not that much money and given that so far in january the fine
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dust alarm has been triggered seven times other local solutions are being explored such as the fine dust eater it uses three applications to filter out particulates and fine dust and although it's currently a prototype the project manager is optimistic we exactly in stuttgart might be able to on the one hand equip chorused that means everything that has to do with internal transport a proper transportation with act to find us for traditional systems or with a brick dust particle for the problem for a city like short got is that although many of the measures it is taking or it has plans to take do reduce some of the emissions right now they're only really scratching at the surface of a problem and this is a problem right across germany. one environmental organization in berlin says the problem is so entrenched in germany that it's taking nineteen cities to court of course we hope. to also get the federal level moved when they see that
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citizens get more and more under pressure by fulfilling their local target so to speak to yet to protect the health of their citizens but in recent months germany's most of manufacturers have been committed to cutting emissions of nitrogen dioxide by a third but the current coalition government and the likely next one have admitted they must perspire reaching pollution prevention targets the issue of air pollution is a developing danger in the eyes of the european commission but at the local level for people in stuttgart it's an ever present one dominant came. in the neck of ali. well as more on that story and everything else we're covering right here al-jazeera dot com. so let's recap the top stories for you now secessionist forces say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden that's where saudi backed the saudi
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backed government of president are better up a month so hard had been basin's two thousand and fourteen when it was pushed out of the capital by with the rebels the reuters news agency says the u.a.e. backed forces have confined the government of president harding to the presidential palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition has more. now this is such a list of the solve moving one step closer to declaring the south of yemen and the control now the succession is backed by the united. have the opposite in aden in how that are most likely to further expand the control to of areas like b.n. and also of which gives them more advantages in the near future of the of the most powerful but it's a group operating. well moving to our other headlines and russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have wrapped up in the black sea resort of sochi the final statement said elections should be held to allow syrians to decide
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their own future russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov said the congress also agreed to create a one hundred fifty member committee to discuss changes to the syrian constitution which would include groups not in attendance. the kenyan opposition movement has been declared a criminal group by the government following a symbolic swearing in of leader writer adinda the staged integration was an act of protest by adding the supporters who say he is kenya's legitimate leader they argue that her kenyatta is presidential election was neither free nor fair kenyatta was sworn in himself in december after he won a rerun of august original vote donald trump will give his state of the union address to congress later on she's a kicking off his second year in office u.s. president will lay out his agenda as he seeks to rally a deeply divided nation and sagging approval ratings. the united nations children's
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fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea with the situation made worse by international sanctions are at it from the team here in london more news coming up from doha in twenty five minutes stay with us. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily a stone used biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera.


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