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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2018 7:00am-7:34am +03

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we've been married boys can be defeated we took over the struggle over most of this time well deserved. until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding an end to an education system that was introduced to. latin america al-jazeera has come to fill a void that needed to be filled. this in fact is our new american mom there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. donald trump in his first state
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of the union address posts of economic success and renewed optimism. sam is a band this is al jazeera live from dollhouse so coming up after a kartik start interruptions and delays the russian sponsored talks on the war in syria finally wrap our. two days of fighting in yemen some sessional say they've taken control of the port city of aden. gold. kenyans main opposition leader and i loading the declares himself the people's president. of the us president has delivered a wide ranging speech to
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a joint sitting of congress it was don't transfer state of the union address he spoke mainly about domestic policy but also mention tensions with iran and north korea plus rivalry with competing superpowers china and russia trump highlighted his successes in tax reform and the need to change immigration laws to protect u.s. interests. go straight to our white house correspondent kimberly how it is now at capitol hill so i've thought if we could first of all go into immigration in a second but overall was this the speech to unite america. is certainly set out to achieve that but given the fact that there were members of congress democratic members of congress who boycotted the speech given the fact that there were democratic members of congress sitting there in black to protest some of the president's policies particularly when it comes to sexual harassment
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and perhaps that he has not been says that have enough to that even been accused of that himself given the fact that there were protests outside while the president was talking it was a big challenge for this president to try and one speech heal the divisions of the last year and even of the twenty sixteen presidential campaign he certainly tried to achieve that but sammy i don't think that it was something that he was able to accomplish given the fact that we had the democratic response immediately afterward with the democrats characterize donald trump and his policies essentially bullying ordinary americans so well donald trump tried to hit the high notes in terms of the accomplishments he's done to improve the lives of working class americans particularly when it comes to their pocketbooks certainly there are some deep divisions that existed going into the speech and i don't think much has changed. he was booed as well as cheered when it came to immigration what does that tell us
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about how things are going to proceed to congress going forward and some of the call to action issues. right because you remember just a couple of weeks ago the government was shut down and we were reporting around the hour about the fact that the big sticking point to reopening the government and getting the funding for that was the issue of image. gratian and we're going to be right back there again sammy possibly right before that february eighth deadline once again we heard the president in his speech yielding to the demands of democrats in terms of providing a pathway for those who are children of illegal immigrants were brought here to see united states illegally but have grown up here some cases living here for many years working here going to school we've heard the president yielding there but the points where this will be contentious and be problematic came on the issue of funding for that border wall that donald trump has been promising also the promise
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that he has said in there that he will end the visa lottery and also the chain migration that is very controversial limiting that to just a spouse or a child here's what the president had to say oh. my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect their safety their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers to. so the president trying to unite democrats and republicans because of this imminent challenge over coming to some sort of agreement on a migration but again a big challenge for the president when it's not sure he achieves although he certainly put in an effort when he said that extends an open hand to both parties and also every american every background color religion and breed fortunately
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doesn't seem that the devil that the democratic party is receptive to that message right thanks so much can be how could that now that speak to elizabeth anchor in washington d.c. she's an associate professor in american studies and political science at george washington university good to have you with us so from a political perspective going forward do you expect that there will be you know a little more consensus at least on economic issues he mentioned a lot of positive data that does seem to indicate an improving american economic environment. well i think the question is regarding economics what is being improved and who does it benefit so we do see that g.d.p. is up employment is down iron excuse me unemployment is down which are positives but wages really are not increasing in the way that trump suggested so we're actually seeing widening levels of inequality because many of the benefits for
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g.d.p. are going to corporations and to people who invest in stocks which is less than half of the american population we see that tax cuts that were just enacted by the vast majority of them benefit the wealthy in the united states and benefit also corporations so while the numbers tell one story there's also another story about who might not be benefiting as much from many of these economic policies and i don't think the way that trump presented them tonight will necessarily convince people who still feel that they are suffering from low wages and from living paycheck to paycheck. presented a rosy picture as you mentioned still a fight to go on when it comes to immigration reform and other issues to this speech leave the country particularly the two sides of the aisle in the congress any more closer together. i also i don't think so trump's presentation of immigration has seemed to be
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a nonstarter for both democrats and republicans especially since he first mentioned some of these provisions a couple of days ago trump is offering to give one point eight million docker recipients the young undocumented workers a pathway to citizenship but doing that at the expense of. really curtailing a lot of legal immigration to the united states cutting family reunification policies and building a border wall and asking the citizens to pay for many of those are things that democrats said that they simply will not support so although he presented it in a much more even keel than we're used to expecting from him i don't think that those policies will be unifying the democrats and i'm not sure and certainly unifying them with his policies and having them reach across the aisle looking at the international scene does it appear to you like he outlined the face of america that's much more militarized going for was saying he'd signed an order to keep one
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ton of open. hailing new rules of engagement in afghanistan valuing action against iran and so on and so forth. this does seem to be a very aggressive policy many of these things especially threatening people who don't support the americas moving its capital to jerusalem or excuse me its ambassador residence to drew sloan. a lot of these threats i think are going to be read negatively certainly across the world stage in the way that much of trump's kind of belligerent policies have done to. the u.s. is relationships with foreign governments across the globe so i think it will probably be read that way in both a foreign context and also in an american context there's certainly a base that is asking for many tough stances tough border walls boosting state sovereignty both in domestic and foreign ways but that is not
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a consensus driving policy within the nation there are many many people who would also disagree with that all right thanks so much for your analysis on that because of the time because. the economy is where the mentioning on painted more optimistic picture pointed to high employment levels stock market figures. since the election we have created two point four million new jobs worth of us including two hundred thousand new jobs in manufacturing alone so many thanks after years and years of wage stagnation we are finally seeing rising wages us thank
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you nope moment claims have hit a forty five year low thanks bring in marco i was brought in washington d.c. he's the director of the center for economic and policy research good to have you with us now i'm looking at the fact check is already out there online going over raking over what the u.s. president said taking exception to some of the things he said about for example how car companies are now opening factories for the first time in decades them thing they're disputing and so on are interested to get your take on his reading of the economy. well the economy's doing well not quite like he described for example wages during his year rose by zero point four percent they rose by twice that the year before and twice that again year before that so he's
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basically riding the expansion from the obama years and i should say janet yellen the chair of the federal reserve during those years she. is most responsible for the low unemployment that we have today i think that's very important for your entire audience because people have to know that if you want to see who's what government official is going to have the most or officials going to have the most influence unemployment and wage growth and how most americans do it's the federal reserve and in that regard he got rid of he fired the only woman who's ever been chair of the photos of not just that the very qualified and successful fed chair and replace her in his nominating somebody who is not is qualified and not. reliable. she was and this is very unusual by the way
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you know the fed is kind of is a supposed to be an independent and nonpartisan institution in. presidents will generally reappoint whether they're republican or democrat the reappoint successful fed chair is greenspan was reappointed for example or not he was a republican but was chair under obama so you have this is this is something that really makes much more difference to the economy than anything trump has done or is going to do of course the tax cuts really do affect any quality and you know sixty five percent of the tax cut for two thousand and eighty is going to the top twenty percent and more than twenty percent is going to the top one percent. of taxpayers and so when he says things you know about he said in this speech about all these people are going to benefit from the task well this is really it's really screw you on the bottom quintile going to like there's
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a lot of discussion. isn't there let's try to move things along to the international scene and he promised so he said the era of economic surrender is over and said from now on the world should expect a trade relationship with the u.s. that has to be more fair more reciprocal we've already seen them do things like pull the u.s. out of the t p p what do you think that signals going forward for american policy on international trade while the t.p.t. was a bad agreement so i don't think any of it was bad for the world and it was bad for the united states and so on that i can't criticize except the recently said he might reconsider that but you know that was not really a trade agreement as most economists know it was more about increasing protections for pharmaceutical companies and for other monopolies it was really a protectionist agreement the u.s. had mostly free trade with the other signatories anyway it was really
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something to just benefit corporations it was negotiated in secret it was really something that goes against our constitution in many ways to the way the executive grabs power away from the congress so that was something i think and there was no real benefit for people in this country in fact by the end they weren't even trying to sell it as a benefit the majority of americans they were saying right i get the point you're making from the chinese think what does it mean for the rest of the world when it comes to free trade is the u.s. entering into a more of a protectionist isolationist mode. well that remains to be seen i mean it remains to be seen in the future agreements i think that again since is wasn't really about free trade and it really was more about protectionism you can't really say that from the d.p.p. but i did say one thing though on the foreign policy that i think is very important
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and here is one place where trump. did say some encouraging things and i had hoped he would say something tonight. on december sixth he said he called for the saudis to and their partners. to end their blockade on food and fuel and medicine has killed thousands of people in yemen and is. created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and the u.s. is a major participant in this eight million people are on the verge of starvation and the united states is refueling the saudi planes and helping them identify targets for bombing that has killed more than ten thousand people and he said they have to stop and then he called a few days later he called for a cease fire and he even told rice saudis that the congress isn't going to support this and so i think this is very very important because this is the worst thing
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that the united states is doing in the entire world right now this participation in this horrible war and genocide and it's been six weeks and so i was hoping that he would say something about that tonight i'm afraid we are running out of times we'll we'll have to leave it there for now thanks so much. now for some other news and russia's fonso talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have ended with a call for elections in the country for the syrian opposition a boycott of the event inside she says key demands were ignored no formal agreements have been made either for that it results as though this result the creation of the constitutional committee will be handed over to the united nations the work of this new institution called the syrian constitutional committee will be organized in geneva according to the resolution twenty two fifty four of the constitutional committee if to be formed comprising the government of the syrian
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republic delegation along with the wide represented opposition delegation for drafting constitutional reform are still to come on al-jazeera drumming up business we look at what's in store for britain's prime minister is a may on my way to china. from flowing island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. welcome back well after a few days of snow we are seeing dry conditions affecting tehran in iran we've got little bit of snow further towards the east of afghanistan and moving up towards the hindu kush otherwise weather conditions across the region not too bad you see some snow across northern parts of turkey and into the caucuses but around the eastern side of the marriage very not looking too bad with temperatures there into the upper teens for beirut as we head through to thursday here in the arabian
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peninsula the weather is also looking fairly quiet at the moment little bit cooler than the house being but twenty two degrees is not something to complain about here in tow riyad temperatures coming up a little bit as well so eighteen degrees the high during wednesday and on thursday we should see that talking at about nineteen degrees across the rest the plants are generally looking fine meccas should see plenty of sunshine and highs of thirty degrees into southern parts of africa has seen some showers affecting eastern parts of south africa that continues through wednesday but cape town should be drawing fine heavy rain affecting a parts of angola through some beer towards zimbabwe and mozambique and still some heavy rain affecting the east coast of madagascar not much change expect as we head on through into thursday we're looking fine weather conditions across much of central africa and it should be fine and liberal in the bomb highs thirty one the weather sponsored by cats on race. day the scene for us where on
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line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join a sunset there people there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching out just zero time to recap our headlines now donald trump has delivered his first state of the union address to a joint session of congress u.s. president began with
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a call to seek out common ground and summoned unity among fellow lawmakers the economy trade health care immigration and military as well as america's interests were all on his legislative agenda for the year ahead. russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have ended with a call for elections in the country for the syrian opposition a boycott of the event and saatchi says key demands were ignored. secessionist forces in yemen say they've taken control of the southern port city of aden where the saudi government of president. has been based since two thousand and fourteen when he was pushed out of the capital by hoofy rebels reuters news agency says forces which are backed by the u.a.e. of confined have these government to the presidential palace suggesting splits in the saudi led coalition sam binge of aid has the latest. the seat of power for yemen's government is no longer under its control this is the sudden port city
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of aden where secessionist said they are now in charge fighters from the southern transitional council have seized areas around the presidential palace and military bases. the prime minister's call to cease fire has not worked the government of president. is based out of saudi arabia and the man he appointed as governor of aden now heads the separatist movement secessionist said given how the made him to change his government and when the deadline expired on sunday thousands of their supporters took to the streets of aden. we demand this corrupt gang in the liberated southern areas be expelled our youth have sacrificed for the school the sacrifices cannot go down the drain and see this corrupt gang in power to them we say enough is enough. many people in the south of accuse the government in the north of discrimination since united in one thousand nine hundred the situation has
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worsened since the war against the who began three years ago. we aspire to form a state the coalition must consider our cause if not they will be the losers as we were store our country and our state not only on us on the golan we are here today holding our ground you'll remain in the streets we will topple the field government we will topple been and his government as they've humiliated our people the people of the south. saudi led coalition was supposed to fight the iran backed with the rebels who control much of the north including the capital sanaa and the united arab emirates which is part of that coalition has been supporting the separatists in the south by you a partner saudi arabia backs the internationally recognized government which no longer has any control in the north or the south but despite that the saudis insist the coalition hasn't splinted. the head to head off the position of the u.a.e. remains deeply consistent with other members of the coalition concerning the yemen
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crisis the foreign ministers meeting last week was good evidence that members of the coalition are united and will take the liberation of yemen as their ultimate goal but instead of liberating and uniting yemen the war seems to have pushed the country to the brink of breaking up some of the job he'd held as their. kenya's government has declared the opposition movement a criminal group hours after its leader i loathed anger swore himself in at the market no gration ceremony thousands of his supporters attended he's insisting hany is the legitimate leader they argue the presidential poll that returned to her kenyatta to power was neither free nor fair catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. i. ride loading they're taking an oath of office that is not officially recognized he swears to serve and protect the country as what he calls himself the people's president he's basing his oath of the august
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eighth general election and she says he won the election was invalidated by the supreme court which ordered a new one to be held in october last year and his opposition national coalition will quote it that paul was. tuesday's rally in nairobi was largely peaceful and there was no police presence despite the government declaring that catherine and knew full and shutting down live signals of the country's main television stations for most of the day. the ceremony itself took less than fifteen minutes and left mixed feelings on what today was sort of anticlimactic for the many many supporters of the opposition i saw when lisa new came to witness the symbolic swearing in of rye loading and his deputy. and the reason why people went home so disappointed is because the other three main leaders including. this deputy did not show up to this event. they later issued
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a statement saying the absence was beyond their control but supporters here say does not look good for opposition unity or what. we thought that the other leaders would be here to support it would have shown us how strong the opposition is. was i the people we talked to told us that the important thing is that a guy himself showed up to the class i'm not i'm asking someone like the time highlight the next election i mean you're really putting the state in the fall of this country this is sort of an assault on some of the most fertile and classified i know exactly not that i was one of the i've been suffering a lot of. the any. of the safe he is the so-called people's assembly a forum established by the opposition to operate to the county government to push for electoral reforms and other issues last year the opposition also introduced the
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national resistance movement the government has just declared that an organized criminal group. these are the supporters say it does not matter if put all their hopes on him to deliver electoral justice even as they understand that the oath is largely ceremonial and. catherine sorry al-jazeera arabic. i twenty seven year old man in india has been arrested over the rape of his eight month old baby cousin the girl is being treated for serious internal injuries and has undergone a three hour operation in the capital new delhi there were around thirty six thousand recorded cases of rape sexual assault and similar offenses against children in india in two thousand and sixteen. the united nations children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea with the situation made worse by international sanctions they've been put in
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place because of north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs last week the u.s. announced new sanctions on several organizations and people and on six north korean ships unicef says the sanctions are making it harder to get paid into the country. britain's prime minister through the may is arrived in the chinese city of the head of trade talks with president xi jinping during her three day visit. along with fifty business leaders they're hoping the new deals and fresh markets u.k. rather prepares to leave the european union barnaby phillips reports they've been making woollen cloth since seventeen eighty three and the expertise built up over centuries by this very british company in its yorkshire factory is now highly valued by the chinese today much of the focus is on markets in the far east and it exports more textiles and fabrics to china than to any other country. really
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nowhere else might china where if you think sank you in stagnant relationship next thing and it you and yanks can actually make it and you can see plants they can and actually can you know that. this company's business is interwoven with china but the wider british and chinese economies are not so tightly bound trade has grown sharply in recent years but it's still relatively small the united states is the largest destination for british exports china is only eight exports to china are worth about one fourteenth of those to the e.u. which britain will soon be leaving. but china's growing strength is felt in britain as elsewhere the arrival of the first train from china in london last year a symbol of china's desire to reach across the world to trade more with britain. to
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resume a has visited china before and met president g g p at the g. twenty summit back in twenty sixty but now with the prime minister week at home and with new government documents saying that breaks it will damage the economy is there a danger the chinese will consider her a little desperate they clearly have the upper hand in many ways because they're bigger economy three times bigger i mean they're important to us in ways that probably weren't before brics it started to happen and so the best outcome really will be that she looks confident she's aware the strategic importance of this visit as many many things to china just want in the u.k. intellectual partnership intellectual property liberal investment environment and so the best outcome will be one where everyone comes away thinking markets when we're in the yorkshire factory they make products the chinese want there's now a lucrative trade in cloth for snooker tables the challenge for tourism a on this
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visit to convince china and other countries that the brand of global britain still counts for something in a post it world barnaby philips al-jazeera yorkshire. and let's take you through some of the headlines here now deserve now the u.s. president all trump has delivered his first state of the union address to a joint session of congress his speech began with a call to seek out common ground in some unity among fellow lawmakers the economy trade health care and the military all on its legislative agenda for the head. of the u.s. president pushed for cross party support to solve the issue of the so-called dreamers people who were brought to the u.s. as undocumented. immigrants my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect they're
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safe. their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers too. thank you for a state of the union address donald trump signed an executive order to keep guantanamo bay prison open during his campaign trump says said he wanted to keep the offshore detention facility open his move reverses previous administration's efforts to close it down guantanamo was opened after the nine eleven attack to hold interrogate those america had captured russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria have ended with a call for elections in the country syrian opposition who boycotted the event inside to say key demands were ignored for the agreements have been made either. to session its forces in yemen have taken control of the southern port city of aden
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reports say the government of president hadi had been confined to the presidential palace in the city where the saudi backed leaders government has been based since two thousand and fourteen as the headlines the news continues after the story stay with us. thank you. thank. you and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. ok al you're illustrating how do you got our cast on today's program sounds that we have core with all bill all to humanize abolition of god and our plane is actually
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