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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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as we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today. the big picture of the battle for venezuela coming soon on no. news has never been more i think but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera and this is different whether someone is going for someone's favorite. thing it's how you approach an official candidate is a certain way of doing it you can just. story in the out. tract is our new american moment there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. president donald trump and his
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first state of the union address economic successes and renewed optimism. to reexamine our military detention promise and to keep open the detention facility in guantanamo bay. multiple promises for the u.s. military there on top of a prison will stay open indefinitely. i'm richelle carey this is al jazeera life and also coming up some of these afghan refugees have lived in pakistan for generations but a deadline for them to leave is just hours away. from the military push that made americans question whether the vietnam war could be won a combat photographer remembers the tet offensive fifty years later.
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and appeal for unity at home in a message of strength and power abroad to live or to first state of the union speech highlighting the successes of his administration he's outlined a plan for tougher immigration policy a powerful military and a stronger nuclear deterrence program from washington d.c. alan fischer reports. oh no no truck that's got to go for a president who wants to unite the country his journey to the capitol in washington was marked by protests. president. inside a much warmer welcome for donald trump. the state of the union traditionally when a president lays out his vision for the future the state of our union is strong for donald trump a chance to look back at the tumultuous first year he boasted about his economic successes since the election we have created two point four million new jobs in the
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morning. on including two hundred thousand new jobs in manufacturing alone but he talked about cutting black unemployment is a story reaction from some democrats the row over immigration help close down the government earlier this month he appealed to democrats to what with him and republicans to finally sort the issue so let's come together. set politics aside and finally get the job done. and as he talked about chain migration there were audible boots under the current broken system a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives under our plan he talked about the battle against i'm still claiming huge success the pledging there was more to be done and of the need to invest more in america's
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military in a line not trailed by the white house the president revealed a new policy on the detention camp a guantanamo being cuba overturning a decision by barack obama i just side prior to walking in an order directing secretary maps to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay alley and after a u.n. vote which criticized the u.s. decision to recognize to receive them as the capital of israel it was a clear threat to those who stood against his administration i am asking congress to pass legislation to help ensure american foreign assistance dollars always share american interests and only go to friends of amanda knox and allies there was no mention of the russian investigation but there was mention of iran and north korea but the president ended with a familiar message and it's the people who are making america great again
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the democrats reply came from the son of a famous family congressman joe kennedy his great uncle was president john kennedy their record is your view to our highest american ideal. the belief that we are all worthy that we are all equal that we all count. wanted to bring the country together and believes this speech will help democrats want to see if his actions intentions. washington. so trump used his state of the union speech to attack the iranian government he's urging congress to address what he calls fundamental flaws and they're on nuclear deal iranian foreign minister zarif he responded on twitter saying this again confirms his ignorance of iran in the region everyone knows where he stands and certainly not with the iranians very sarcastically added this is a virtuous democratically elected clients in our region may cheer but not those on
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the receiving end of their tyranny and weapons including many children and ron cotton has a palestinian reaction from ramallah in the occupied west bank. present trends was will be met with the same sort of reaction as we've seen in the past when pence was mike pence the v.p. was head on saying that you know jerusalem was in fact the capital of israel it will be one of disappointment in the u.s. and the fact that the u.s. is now not seen as an honest peace broker it's not a partner in peace anymore in fact what it is is a partner on the side of israel is now a part of the conflict that's what you're hearing from palestinians the palestinians have long said privately that they felt the u.s. was always taking the side of his or they now say this publicly and the kinds of reactions they're going to get to this speech going to be interesting particularly when it comes to numbers what donald trump said in his speech is that when he announced the move and he said it was a u.s.
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sovereign right of the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem he said dozens of countries actually voted against the u.n. will number was one hundred and twenty eight countries and palestinians take part in that number that so many countries came and supported the u.s. embassy remaining in tel aviv off until the final status solution that's what they're going to do next they want to internationalize this occupation this conflict and take it to the international criminal courts to the international court of justice to the united nations so it's likely that the strategy now will be one that takes away the u.s. puts the u.s. firmly on the side of israel rather than being an honest peace broker and the palestinians try and take that is international. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan in the coming hours after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the pakistani cabinet
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extended their stay by one month some have spent the last thirty five years living in pakistan so accent says its place to safeguards for the dignified return of afghan nationals by preparing thorough lists and identifying the refugee hosting areas afghan officials say not enough is being done last year four hundred thousand refugees have gone back under the voluntary return program and one hundred thousand of them returned to pakistan saying the afghan government to not provide them with the required facilities tensions between the two countries are high after kabul was hit by a spate of attacks in the past in days which killed nearly one hundred fifty people afghanistan accuses pakistan of not cracking down on the taliban and its allies hyder is live at the refugee camp in the showers so. are there refugees being used in is some sort of pawn in this back and forth between these two countries. well a lot of people who have become victims of the political differences between on is
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done and done interestingly the. chief as well and the interior minister today. he will be discussing the recent spate of attacks and call but. of course we'll also be discussing day vegetations. president. that you mentioned one point four million. and an equal number of. what. i. haven fall in. have been complaining that dead end coming from i showed up on. time to send a message that day warned a quick. cabinet to decide whether they would be given
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a few months already they were to be adored or leave immediately. seemed unlikely and. it can all make problems. what options do they have a sit and wait for people to decide their fate. where they are in a fake i mean these are all people who have been living here for generations many of them are born here and then of course. they're all free and good enough while they're also concerned. is intensifying the dollar bond. much more than they did before and the bug again on the. u.s. drone strike saying that died a drone strike took place i direct through. the people who were killed. and
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therefore. removed but it's not going to be a new dog and obviously millions of all the guns will be facing an uncertain future north knowing whether they will be forcibly forced back to their country already that they will be given a few more months in order to. hide or lie for us and thank you. saudi like coalition planes have carried out several air strikes at yemen's capital saana targeting the rebel weapons stores explosions were felt in an area north of the city people living there say the strikes resulted in flying shells and explosions. russian and syrian government forces have been bombing towns and lives province and airstrike hit an open marketplace and in a city on tuesday at least twelve people were killed dozens injured there has been a renewed syrian and russian military offense at this week targeting hospitals
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markets and rebel held areas. russian sponsored talks to end the war in syria have concluded with the call for elections but syrian opposition boycotted the event saying can't demand or ignored or a challenge support from the conference in sochi which was marred by squabbles and the heckling of the russian foreign minister. for several hours it seemed like the syria congress in sochi would collapse before it began turkish banks opposition figures refused to participate soft arriving at so she's airport overnights offended by the presence of syrian government flags. we were surprised to see that none of the promises were kept needed a brutal bombardment stopped nowhere the syrian regime flags and slogans removed from the conference banners and we have seen a lack of diplomatic manners from the host country which. two hours late proceedings finally got underway. but the chaos continues during
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russian foreign minister sergey lavrov opening remarks in the conference hall. in the room one thousand three hundred ninety three international observers and delegates from many walks of syrian life political religious ethnic cultural and business they pushed ahead with dialogue agreeing in the ends to embrace twelve principles developed in the un stalled geneva process and to form a constitutional committee comprising syrian government and opposition figures but there was no disguising the absence of the main rebel organizations among them the syrian negotiations committee the key concern that many in the opposition have had about sochi and what's kept plenty of figures away is that this would turn into a way for russia to sidestep the official un track to peace well that's something the russians have denied strenuously here saying this was never meant to compete with geneva and now they say they are handing the baton on to stefan de mistura
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it's a task the u.n. special envoy has chosen to accept their constitutional committee to reform due comprising the government of this. republic delegation along with the why represented opposition delegation for drafting a constitutional reform and the main tests for the ultimate success of sochi whether the opposition factions who stayed away can be persuaded to endorse its decisions and whether it does as russia says was always the intention reinvigorate talks in geneva rory chalons al-jazeera sochi. still ahead on al-jazeera kenya's governmental clare's the opposition an organized criminal group after while loading a declares himself the people's president. and look at what's in store for britain's prime minister theresa may as she tries to trauma business in china.
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by the sky nine if you're asian. or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello and welcome to international weather forecast never seen changes afoot across europe with cold air digging in from the northwest now on these frontal systems still the layer of low pressure across siberian peninsula but jericho's much of southern europe the weather is looking try and find out if this frontal system pushing down some heavy rain like across parts of the u.k. getting snow in parts of france the low countries germany and denmark further towards the east dry conditions here and southern areas looking fine but as this is to continues to push in it's going to run into wards the alps and we're going to see more heavy snow falling once again with temperatures dropping away behind it sixes seventy eight's at best and then some heavy snowfall across some of the baltic states pushing in towards western parts of russia southeastern europe
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enjoying the best of the weather on the other side of the mediterranean eastern areas gerri looking fine for the towards the west that low pressure system is just to continue to produce a circulation of the chances of this to dust across western areas otherwise fine conditions fine across much of west africa sunshine for akron ghana lagos in nigeria one or two showers across japan and further towards the south of congo but otherwise the rain is in evidence across parts of angola zambia and zimbabwe mozambique to much of south africa dry cape town sunny highs of twenty four. the weather sponsored by qatar at least. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one can use or if you join a sunset there are people there there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an
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activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now. this interact is our new american. pitching this first state of the union address to a deeply divided nation he is urging republicans and democrats to unite to implement his tougher immigration policy than a one point five trillion dollar infrastructure plan. is also promising to strengthen the american military and assigns an executive order to keep the autonomy of
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a prison open indefinitely. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan and the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one month. back to president trump state of the union address which had a series of promises for the american military says he wants to take on america's enemies with unmatched power just before his address he signs an executive order to keep the guantanamo bay military prison open indefinitely a facility in cuba was established during america's so-called war on terror it's facing multiple allegations of torture abuse and illegal to tension wants to reexamine military detention policy and its purging congress to ensure that america has the power to detain those it calls terrorists wherever they are found he also wants congress to boost military spending and modernize and strengthen america's
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nuclear arsenal as an act of the terrorists al jazeera senior political analyst mara bashara says president address is worrying. i was quite stunned to see of course the change of mood. but also you know the republicans in congress and both houses of congress clapping he would say something about guantanamo would stay open that are on track they are among the republicans who changed the world engagement without even knowing to what everyone was clapping it's really horrifying knowing that america now with over six hundred billion dollars defense budget going to seven hundred perhaps plus defense budget next year and with an american president keeps on this aggressive almost warmongering of the worst the worst of the world with such hostility to a good number of states where by his predecessor but our obama reestablished.
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sometimes normal relations normalize relations sometimes at least you know some kind of sort of a cold peace with the likes of iran for example is also forth so to see this new militarized approach with new hostility towards the rest of the world that is already a. united nations is worried about civilians in the northern syrian enclave frayne turkey has then attacking the kurdish region for more than ten days now and is controlled by the y.p. a syrian a kurdish group turkey considers a terrorist organization. solidarity with the people of. this protest is in the kurdish run area in northeast syria where people say they feel betrayed. or we condemn the turkish state we condemn russia because had it not been for russia giving the green light turkey would not have been able to attack a free russia and turkey your fate and will be at the hands of the heroes of the
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wipe e.g. just like the end of ice. in africa and funerals are held for fighters from the people's protection units. turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization but fighters from the kurdish group across syria make up the backbone of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces crucial and the most effective in the battle against on. this is said to be video that is an area close to the border with turkey that has been heavily targeted sources have told al-jazeera that most people in these areas have fled due to the heavy bombardment. and the u.n. estimates around fifteen thousand are now displaced inside the region about and we're also told there been civilian casualties often random shelling in turkey denies this and says it only targets why peachey positions turkey's offensive is now well into its second week the village where the smoke coming from it is inside
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syria now turkey has been shelling these border areas on a daily basis there is also supported on the ground by free syrian army fighters this is the syrian rebels that turkey supports and they have a presence here in turkey along the border. we spot a few free syrian army fighters on the side of the road there rarely seen this openly in turkey turkey has brought many of these episodes. fighters from syria they are now waiting along the border for orders to advance we managed to speak to one of them who tells us the battle won't be easy record that. we're facing quite a few challenges first the weather didn't help us as it was foggy and raining second the why p.g. has advanced snipers that's why we are taking it slower trying to control these mountains first turkey is a with the moment is to secure its border area with african. air strikes and artillery can be heard all along this area but we're told that the y.p. g a well prepared and know the terrain this could be
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a long and difficult fight stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border. kenya's government has declared the opposition movement a criminal group hours after its leader raila odinga swore himself and at a mock inauguration thousands of his supporters attended the ceremony insisting he is the legitimate later argued a presidential poll that returned her kanada to power was neither free nor fair catherine so i reports from. the. riaa loading that taking an oath of office that is not officially recognized he swears to serve and protect the country as what he calls himself the people's president he's basing his oath of the august eighth general election that he says he won the election was invalidated by the supreme court which ordered a new one to be held in october last year. and his opposition national coalition quartet that. was. tuesday's rally in nairobi was largely peaceful and there
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was no police presence despite the government declaring that gathering a new fool and shutting down live signals of the country's main television stations for most of the day. the ceremony itself took less than fifteen minutes and left mixed feelings on what today was sort of climactic for the many many supporters of the opposition when lisa new came to witness this symbolic. and his deputy. and the reason why people went home so disappointed is because the other three main leaders including. this deputy did not show up to this event was they later issued a statement saying the absence was beyond their control but supporters here say does not look good for opposition unity. with other leaders will be here to support it would have shown us how strong the opposition is
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. other people we talked to told us that the important thing is that. the clubs like the. sponsor one of the that's. the prime minister of. the state of the of this country this is sort of on the surface. her blood so far not exactly the one of. the. so-called. a forum established by the opposition to operate to the county governments to elect or reforms and other issues. the national resistance movement the government has just declared. an organized criminal group. to say it doesn't matter if brutal their hopes on him to electoral justice even as
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they understand that the oath is laci. and. katherine sawyer. became. british prime minister theresa may has begun a three day visit to china premier welcomed her in beijing. securing a free trade agreement with china as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union she brought along a fifty strong delegation of business leaders from sectors are hurting financial services health care and structure. one years regional parliament was expected to reappoint its ousted leader karla's as president on tuesday but that was suspended on is now spoken out against what he's called the faithful tricks of the spanish government and out to keep fighting for democracy. showing. restraint. from you.
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where the beatles you'll. then children's fund is warning that around sixty thousand children are at risk of starvation in north korea but the situation made worse by international sanctions have been put in place because the north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs last week the u.s. announced new sanctions on several organizations and people and on six north korean ships unicef says the sanctions are making it harder to get aid into the country. vietnam is marking fifty years since the beginning of the tet offensive official ceremony is taking place at which the main city at estimated fifty eight thousand
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the communist soldiers died during a failed to shock offensive across southern vietnam in january nineteenth sixty eight but the attack rattled the united states feeling anti-war sentiment five years later the u.s. withdrew its troops. an exhibit at the newseum in washington d.c. is currently showcasing the work of a young photographer who spent three days at the u.s. marines at the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight battle of way the bloodiest single battle of the vietnam war john olsen star in stripes to talk of her or the tet offensive tells us about his experience. i'm john olsen i'm co-founder of a business name three d. photo works this is a series of photographs i made as a young combat photographer in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight during the tet offensive in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven i was a nineteen year old u.s. army draftee in saigon with an incredible job i was the only photographer assigned to the newspaper stars and stripes i'd heard that the battle for
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a was vicious fighting there i was met by a number of eighteen nineteen twenty year old marines and i spent three days with them they were taken heavy casualties and it was a totally new experience tet is the vietnamese new year that celebrated every year and in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight january thirty first was the beginning of tet the ancient city of way was thought to be a significant target if the north vietnamese could capture that the populace would rise up and the country would follow and in one nine hundred sixty eight there was a surprise attack the north korean the maze and and the vietcong launched attacks throughout all of south vietnam there were more than a hundred cities and outposts attacked and the city of way was
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overrun it was something no one expected on the morning of january thirty first one hundred sixty eight the marines were sent into why to do what they called was a mop up of a couple hundred north vietnamese when they got there they were met by ten thousand heavily on and and heavily dug in enemy it's the only exhibit that i'm of aware of where we can look back in time fifty years and see eighteen nineteen and twenty year old men and then jump forward fifty years and hear how this battle affected the rest of their lives. when you get a moment visit our website al-jazeera dot com you better. make up your headlines on al-jazeera. for national unity in his first state of the union speech the us president boasted to congress about creating two and
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a half million new u.s. jobs during his first year in the white house and our support for one and a half trillion dollar and for structure plan also wants to beef up the u.s. military and keep guantanamo bay prison open and he urged republicans and democrats to solve the dreamer's issue by implementing tougher immigration laws my duty and the sacred duty of every elected official in this chamber is to defend americans to protect their safety their families their communities and their right to the american dream because americans are dreamers to. more than one point four million afghans are expected to lose the right to stay in pakistan after the government said it will no longer extend their refugee status their legal status officially expired on december thirty first but the pakistani cabinet had extended their stay by one month study led coalition planes have carried out
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several air strikes and yemen's capital saana are targeting who rebel weapons stores and explosions were felt in an area north of the city people living there say the strikes resulted in flying shells and explosions. russian and syrian government forces have been bombing towns and live province an airstrike hit an open marketplace an obvious city on tuesday at least twelve people were killed and dozens injured there's been a renewed syrian and russian military offensive this week targeting hospitals and markets and rebel held areas. and russian sponsored talks aimed at finding a political solution to the war in syria they ended with a call for elections however the main syrian opposition which boycotted the event in sochi say their key demands were ignored no formal agreements have been made. british prime minister theresa may has begun a three day visit to china the premier welcome to her and beijing visit is aimed at
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securing a free trade agreement with beijing as the u.k. prepares to leave the european union she brought along a fifty strong delegation of business leaders from sectors including financial services health care and structure those are the headlines keep it here the strain next. facing new realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while you activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself here their story on the tour to al-jazeera at this time. ok and you're in the stream how do you envision. today's program says that we'll pool with and bill need to humanize. and i brain is actually hard wired to do so
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commentator i'm really just scholar reza azlan will be joining us.


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