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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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active measures on your platform in the echo chamber world of great news in cyberspace the rules of the game of change there are no president people in power investigates this information and democracy at this time. they're the children of jailed chinese criminals with nowhere else to go one shelter is giving them a home when he meets the children growing up with their parents behind bars at this time when al jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera lives. in. the u.s. put some ass leader is a male hania on its terror list will be live with us and the palestinian reaction.
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our press are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program and to keep open the detention facility in guantanamo bay. donald trump orders america's controversial prison in cuba to remain open and reversing a key obama promise british prime minister to resign may signs billion dollar deals and pushes for free trade benefits with china and we'll be looking at an event that only happens once in a super bowl. thanks for joining us we begin the program with some breaking news the u.s. state department has put israel has the political leader of hamas on the terror list how mass is the palestinian faction which has the factor ruled the gaza strip since two thousand and seven where in
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a moment we are going to have reaction from palestine where imran khan is standing by for us in ramallah first though let's get the latest from roslyn jordan who's in washington d.c. you were also in tell us a little bit more about this u.s. announcement. well it comes just about a month or so after is my honey a called for a new into fodder or uprising in israel in response to the u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel though state department officials are not saying that is exactly the reason why they made this designation they do note that he has been involved in the planning and execution of attacks against both israeli citizens and at least seventeen american citizens and so what this does is basically puts a freeze on his personal assets it basically outlaws any financial support from
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u.s. persons for israel honey and it could set up a not just a travel ban but also the potential that he could false possibly face prosecution by u.s. authorities for his role in the deaths of those seventeen americans. in jordan from washington d.c. ross thank you for that enron kind joins us live now from ramallah in the occupied west bank i mean the news broke what about an hour ago in iran so maybe a still a little early for reaction but what impact do you think this is going to have on how mass because of course the group has been on the u.s. terror list for years. the bit on the u.s. terror lessons nine hundred ninety seven zero eight members of hamas and islamic jihad have been named by the u.s. as being a put on this terror list or both of those groups as i say have been on a terror list for since one thousand nine hundred now no official reaction as of
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yet is quite early however what we are hearing and what's likely going to be the official reaction is that this won't make a difference to either mass or islamic jihad they say that they are a legitimate resistance organization to the israeli occupation that they have very little to do with the u.s. the u.s. hasn't transferred any money to hamas since they were put on that list in one nine hundred ninety seven that they don't have any diplomatic relations with hamas and they don't really understand what this actually means in practical terms by the u.s. all they are going to come into gaza trying to rest its about honey it was very unlikely to happen so impractical terms a massive dismissing this as just yet another political ploy by the u.s. and we're likely to get that officially within the next hour or so yeah i will be awaiting for that reaction of course getting it here on al-jazeera for the moment in rock on in ramallah and gaza in jordan washington d.c. thank you. well earlier the european union said it will give an extra fifty three
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million dollars in aid to palestine following the u.s. decision to withhold funding the e.u.'s foreign policy chief ed henry chemical rini made the announcement at a donors meeting in brussels the u.n. has warned that gaza's economy is on the verge of collapse we know the more we can achieve progress on the ground the more this can help prevent violence and the more this can help also a political process so in this context we believe it is important that the palestinian authority is committed to unite the west bank and gaza on the one i'm single and legitimate authority. it's long been symbolic of the grave human rights abuses committed during the so-called war on terror but now u.s. president donald trump has decided to keep the notorious guantanamo military prison
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open through an executive order former president barack obama had promised to close the facility in cuba within a year after taking office but while many prisoners were released obama was unable to keep his promise to shut down guantanamo all together in a state of the union address on tuesday trump warned hundreds of dangerous terrorists had been released in the past but this would no longer be allowed to happen. to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in guantanamo bay. i am asking us to ensure that in the fight against isis and al qaeda we continue to have all necessary power to detain terrorists wherever we chase them them where ever we find. and in many cases for them it will now be one ten and.
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that's the same time as of a few months ago our warriors in afghanistan have new rules of engagement. thank you with their heroic afghan partners military is no longer undermined by artificial timelines and we no longer tell our enemies our plans. well it's almost ten years since the last detainee was brought to guantanamo bay so it trumps proposal to start sending people there again is a major departure seven hundred eighty people have been held at guantanamo bay at different points since two thousand and two many without charge or criminal trial most have since been freed with one hundred ninety seven transferred repatriated or resettled under president obama. well it's going to kimberly halkett she joins us live now outside the white house i mean i suppose you know president trump had made
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similar comments about one thousand more bay before so this wasn't really a surprise but how significant is it that that it's an executive order. it wasn't a surprise but it was a surprise that it was tucked into the state of the union speech you're right donald trump we certainly did hear this sort of bombast from him on the campaign trail but many people were scratching their head as to why he would tuck it into the state of the union speech i mean because for the most part americans had largely as an issue forgotten about guantanamo bay and they were certainly focused on other things the kitchen table type issues that seem to be more pressing in their day to day lives so for donald trump who is trying to unite americans united divided congress it certainly was an issue that is going to further polarize americans and and from those sources that i have in the law enforcement and also in
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the military communities who often are working outside the united states there's even some concern because what this will do is it not only sort of reignite the criticism of the united states for holding detainees that have been labeled enemy combatants often without charge without any due process or trial not just for years but now for more than a decade this is certainly going to put u.s. service members that additional risk and potentially hurt u.s. interests outside the united states and cuba they want to ask you i mean do we have any idea of how much support the president has in this move from the military itself. well certainly the military is not going to vocalize that they're often sort of paralyzed in terms of their command of their personal opinions but certainly they do express them privately and many of us have contacts within the u.s. military who feel that this is going to put them at risk in fact there have been
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a number of policies that the president has put forward that have put them at risk but at the same time they also point to some of the successes that donald trump has made for instance one year ago when he stood not to give a state of the union speech but his first address to a joint session of congress he promised to try and defeat eisel and certainly that is something that he can put in his column of successes given the fact that it has been proven now that ninety percent of his will has been eradicated from territory once held in syria and iraq so certainly there are members of the military that try to focus on that but will privately expressed some concerns that they believe could put them at further risk as they try to carry out their missions around the world can't believe how could at the white house kimberly thank you. to british lawyers have submitted a review of human rights in saudi arabia to the un human rights council the saudi arabia is currently chairing the council but it is also facing growing criticism
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over a wave of arrests and detentions within its own borders it's accused of arresting political activists and detaining them without charge probably dixon is one of the authors of the report he hopes that it will encourage countries to put pressure on saudi arabia to change. we were commission to look into exactly what has happened and present a legal report as an army recommendation is that step should be taken by the general assembly to suspend the government of saudi arabia from the human rights council it being completely contradictory and ironic for a government with systemic patterns of abuse as we highlighted in the report to be sitting on the consulate previously to have have chaired the council we are hoping it will go over not as many states to recognize the problem and to confront the government about the situation in the jails and in that way put pressure on the need for real change not suppose
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a reform but real change and then what we are hoping of course that depends on the states in the general assembly is that suspension will act as a major lever on the government to clean up their act to make a proper new start. catherine has defended a u.n. report which condemn the saudi led blockade of the gulf country the report by the u.n. commission on human rights says the embargo amounts to economic warfare but saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind the egypt later dismissed it as misleading and inaccurate well the qatari international human rights committee says the arab countries response is it responsible and unjust and should not challenge the report's credibility the statement says the saudi led block is refusing to recognize violations against residents and citizens of qatar as a result of the blockade and the unilateral measures taken by the bloc last year the four countries severed the ties with catherine after accusing it of supporting
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terrorism the hyde denies the charges. salt water come on the program including the scandal surrounding germany stop car makers and their use of monkeys in a mission tests hits the german parliament just how much did. the government now and why one point four million afghans could soon lose their refugee status in neighboring pakistan despite many having lived there all their lives. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia so looking fairly quiet here a recovery in temperatures after some cold and snowy conditions tehran is back up to nine degrees celsius by not too bad at eighty is fine around the eastern side of merde train de pretty good temperatures though beirut eighteen degrees on thursday
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and knowledge significant change expected through friday so one of the arabian peninsula but it's all looking fine here temperatures still up to thirty degrees from mecca a little bit of cloud around the southern portion the red sea might just be wanted to showers around but nothing of any real concern with a little bit of a breeze blowing down through the gulf area so we've sort temperatures of twenty two here in doha which is very pleasant so let's head across into southern parts of africa where we've still got some heavy showers affects in parts of south africa and you see there on the eastern cape in particular that area of cloud beginning to push away knossos the isolated showers possible for durban but otherwise fine cape town look at highs of twenty four degrees some heavy rain further north into parts of zambia lusaka looks fairly wet and harare in zimbabwe could see some showers also subjects on the eastern side of madagascar we was to come down through botswana and across namibia where the conditions are looking dry and fine and respects a high of thirty three degrees celsius in winter. i
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am barbara sara he is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. state department has put the senior political leader of hamas israel india on its terror blacklist is financial assets in the u.s. have been frozen any is now the subject of a travel ban the european union is giving an extra fifty three million dollars in aid to palestine following the u.s. decision to withhold its funding and u.s. president donald trump has signed an executive order to keep the one time on military prison open reversing out or an order by his predecessor barack obama to shut the facility down. french president manuel mccrone is warning turkey against invading the northern syrian area over freen turkey has been attacking the kurdish region for more than ten days now a free man is controlled by the white p.g. that's a syrian kurdish group that turkey considers a terrorist organization stephanie decker has more. solidarity with the people of africa this protest is in the kurdish run area in northeast syria where people say
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they feel betrayed come on and then i go before we condemn the turkish state we condemn russia because had it not been for russia giving the green light turkey would not have been able to attack a free russia and turkey your fate and the end will be at the hands of the heroes of the wipe e.g. just like the end of ice. in africa and funerals are held for fighters from the people's protection units or y p g. turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization but fighters from the kurdish group across syria make up the backbone of the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces crucial and the most effective in the battle against ancyl and this is said to be video jim that is an area close to the border with turkey that has been heavily targeted sources have told al jazeera that most people in these areas have fled due to the heavy bombardment. and the u.n. estimates around fifteen thousand are now displaced inside the region about. we're
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also told there been civilian casualties after random shelling in turkey denies this and says it only targets white peachy positions turkey's offensive is now well into its second week the village where the smoke coming from it is inside syria now turkey has been shelling these border areas on a daily basis i was also supported on the ground by free syrian army fighters this is the syrian rebels that turkey supports and they have a presence here in turkey along the border. we spot a few free syrian army fighters on the side of the road they are rarely seen this openly in turkey turkey has brought many of these f.s.a. fighters from syria and they are now waiting along the border for orders to advance we managed to speak to one of them who tells us the battle won't be easy record that. we're facing quite a few challenges first the weather didn't help us as it was foggy and raining second the why p.g. has advanced snipers that's why we are taking it slow or trying to control these
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mountains first. turkey's a with the movement is to secure its border area with. airstrikes and artillery can be heard all along this area but we're told at the white parent and know the terrain this could be a long and difficult fight stephanie decker on the turkey syria border the pakistani government has recommended that afghan refugees be given a five month extension to their refugee status to use this announcement the spelled fears of a large scale repatriation of refugees back to afghanistan more than one point four million afghan refugees are currently in pakistan their legal status officially expired on the thirty first but the pakistani cabinet extended their stay one months come on high there is more now from the refugee camp in our. ongoing tensions read the united states and worsening relations between one is gone and buggered don i've created
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a new problem for the of one refugee the buggers going to their deeds refugee camps spread across the country catering to about one point four million registered of one refugee and an equal number of undereducated refugees have become much security threat pakistan is pushing pressure now that the these refugees should be taken back into atlanta sun and so that once that is done then we will be more able to say that we are not allowing any centuries within its own territory more than three point five million afghan refugees who have been living in pakistan for the last thirty or forty years now and also and taliban and other actors which admittedly act is against the afghan government odd part of that whole refugee community that lives and they go back and forth and that pulls in pakistan into this because they are dead from hair inserted radar that able to use as
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a safe sanctuary and then carry out attacks across the country the interior minister and the intelligence chief of runners don already had in progress down to discuss the rising tensions between their two countries the buggers going to be telling it out of iran come to barge in their dish time for the age average age to go back or didn't david huge logistical issues the biggest problem at the moment is that there is the winter break. all the centers are temporarily suspended and cashman centers in afghanistan and repatriation centers in fact as far as funds are concerned there is. donor fatigue there are competing priorities so yes that does prove to be a challenge that you and it's your faces and yes it does appeal to the international community to continue to provide assistance to the afghan refugee situation as well. that they cannot go back to
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a country torn apart by conflict and go back to a country we're not going forward to them was a look i was so moved. we can't afford to go back to a war torn country where we have no shelter no jobs and above all no peace so how we're going to survive we want to go back happily one situation allows. many of one refugee are already come back from of running down complaining that their government is not doing enough. of reporting their faults fog and supervisory board has called for an immediate inquiry into who commissioned tests in which monkeys and humans were exposed to toxic diesel fuel folks feigin suspended its chief lobbyist on tuesday following the controversy and di miller has suspended a board member over the scandal that the monkey experiment took place in new mexico in two thousand and fourteen and it was funded by v.w. and. dominic cain has more now from berlin. this unfolding scandal involving three
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of germany's largest car manufacturers daimler b.m.w. and fox fagen has profound implications not just for the motor industry but also the closeness of the relationship between the german government and the motor manufacturers let's remember the importance of the german car industry the automotive industry to the german economy very important generates a great deal of revenue every year creates many many jobs in this country which explains why the governments successive governments have sought to have a close relationship the point also to make here is the motive manufacturers have tried to distance themselves from the tests that are taken place of deprecates them condemn them so that that could never happen again but underlying all of this as i say is the perception of what is happening in the motor industry let's be clear ethics certainly raised its head regarding the diesel gate scandal of the devices the defeat devices that were created to to allow the cars artificially to pass
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emissions tests well those have not faded from people's minds now the question people are asking is will how far does this idea of trying to get around rules doing things that might not be ethical how far does that extend and also there are some environmental lobby saying well we think that the government successive governments are too closely aligned with car firms and they want some kind of of breakup of that some kind of distancing to go ahead with a final point to make here is this is the last thing that the current acting government wanted to happen given the fact that there is no as the as it stands future coalition government agreed yet they're still talking and one of the buildings behind me they're still talking trying to thrash out a new deal british business leaders have started a three day trip to china by signing thirteen billion dollars worth of trade deals the british prime minister to reason may is hoping to secure a free trade agreement with beijing for when the u.k. leaves the european union next year next year adrian brown reports from beijing.
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britain's relationship with china is complicated by history this is the remains of beijing's old summer palace ransacked and looted by british and french troops more than one hundred fifty years ago the chinese people are taught not to forget it. we should try every way to get we have things back from britain they're all china's national treasures they're ours that britain should return the things they looted from china because they belong to china as she embarks on a three day tour of china to reason may well have larger concerns been historic grievances she's here on a mission to increase british trade with china that need is growing quickly following britain's decision to leave the european union she should have to call this chinese leader that she's ok i love her garment he's ok and he we all she can you know pro white anymore i mean if it's to have
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a stable and as smooth spreadsheet. and you specially were doing the practice broccoli to process they were not happy and if they could impact on china britain relations thirteen billion dollars worth of trade deals was signed on wednesday significantly the prime minister said in spite of her earlier reported reservations britain would now cooperate with china on its one build one road initiative president xi jinping pet project a joint media conference with china's premier league chunk was dominated by questions about britain's future after brics said we're determined to ensure that we get the best deal for the united kingdom and that means it is it will be a deal that will ensure that we take that control of our money of our laws and our borders but we're also able to maintain a good trading relationship with the e.u. for the future because that is good for both the united kingdom and for the
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european union to well question. no matter what changes may happen in the u.k. its relations with other parts of the world china will remain committed in its policy of developing friendly relations with the u.k. and i have faith in the brighter prospects of china u.k. ties. to reason may won't be going to hong kong the former british colony returned to china more than twenty years ago and where colds are growing for her to address concerns about threats to political reform judicial independence and human rights may said that a so-called golden era in relations but now intensified the outcome of her visit will determine by just how much adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. a u.s. judge says more than two hundred sixty five people have come forward to say that they were victims of convicted sports dr larry nasser who's back in court to be sentenced for more sexual abuse charges around sixty people are expected to have
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their statements fred in court over allegations that nassar abused them at an elite club in the u.s. state of michigan that sarah was sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years in jail earlier this month for assaulting over one hundred fifty women and girls during his time as a doctor for the u.s. gymnastics team. now a rare celestial event and known as a super blue blood moon is gracing the night skies the three part lunar eclipse means the moon appears much bigger much brighter and redder than usual the spectacle can be seen in north america the middle east asia russia india and australia has more now from the griffith observatory in los angeles. large crowds of people gathered here on a mountain top above los angeles the site of griffith observatory to see a rare and stunning celeste deal of event the total eclipse of the moon as the
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earth's shadow fell across the moon it dark and people waited anxiously and then there were. dozens of gasps of delight as the lunar eclipse reached its point of totality the moon turned a eerie shade of blood red and stayed that way for the better part of an hour now the moon is emerging from the earth's shadow and people are begun to leave the area as the sun comes up but there was a definite energy in the air here this was an unusual conjunction of events a lunar eclipse the turned the moon blood red it was also a super moon because the moon is much closer to the earth than it usually is because the moon has a kind of elliptical orbit sometimes it's closer sometimes it's farther away that made the moon look larger and it's what's called
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a blue moon that's not an astronomical term it's a more of a folk term it means that when there's a chew full moons in a single month so that's what happened here on the last day of january and many people said that watching this put them in the mind of putting everything in perspective here seeing political turmoil and division in this country and around the world watching this celeste steal a vent made them realize they said that human affairs are not the be all and end all of existence and that there's a very large universe out there that goes. without us. time after reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. state department has put the senior political leader of hamas is my anea on its
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terror blacklist how mass is the palestinian faction which has the fact of rule the gaza strip since two thousand and seven hundred years now subject to a travel ban and has had his financial assets in the us frozen al-jazeera is rosalyn jordan has more now on this developing story this does it nation says that . and i'm quoting now is the leader president of the political bureau of hamas going on to say that he has close links with hamas is military wing and has been a proponent of armed struggle including against civilians continuing to quote he has been involved in terrorist attacks against israeli citizens hamas has been responsible for an estimated seventeen american lives killed in terrorist attacks. the european union is giving an extra fifty three million dollars in aid to palestine following the u.s. decision to withhold funding the e.u.'s foreign policy chief of the commodity made
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the announcement at a donors meeting in brussels the un has warned that gaza's economy is on the verge of collapse. the us president donald trump has signed an executive order to keep the notorious prison at guantanamo bay open revoking of the city by his predecessor to shut it down in a state of the union address on tuesday trump warned hundreds of dangerous terrorists have been released in the past but this would no longer be allowed to happen the u.s. military prison in cuba has long been a symbol of human rights abuses during the so-called war on terror. to british lawyers have submitted a review of human rights in saudi arabia to the un human rights council saudi arabia is currently chairing the council but it is facing growing criticism over a wave of arrests and the tensions it's accused of arresting political activists and detaining them without charge the pakistani government has recommended that afghan refugees be given a five month extension to that refugee status the announcement the spelled fears of
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a large scale repatriation of refugees back to afghanistan with more than one point four million currently living in pakistan those are your headlines i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in half an hour or so coming up next the inside story. yemen has further split with age and under the control of southern separatists the internationally recognized government is confined to the presidential palace so how does that complicate the saudi led war against confused rebels and is yemen on the way to a politician this is inside story.


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