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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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szell reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the way. february on al-jazeera. news has never been more available but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera television the. last. kenya's high court suspends the government shutdown of three t.v. channels some journalists have been sleeping in the news room to avoid arrest.
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all of them till they were told this is al jazeera live from london also coming up video emerges showing mass graves in me and my rights groups say evidence is glowing of genocide against their heads. us republicans accused of altering a secret memo which alleges f.b.i. bias against president trump. polish all makers at wage israel by approving a bill to find a jail anyone who suggests poland was complicit in the holocaust. and twenty eight russian athletes have their lifetime limpid bans for doping lifted but can they compete in the upcoming winter games. kenya's high court has ordered the government to reopen the three t.v. stations that it shot down on choose stick the country's top t.v. networks were taken off the air after they tried to broadcast a mock inauguration ceremony held by opposition leader raul a dingo some journalists have been sleeping in the office fearing arrest if they
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leave the shutdown provoked an outcry from human rights groups and journalists but despite the ruling t.v. stations and taking them off the air catherine sort before it's lunchtime news art and t.v. one of three t.v. stations switched off by the communications or far easy of kenya on tuesday the news bulletin was only available online cutting off millions of iranians nationwide who can't afford the internet. here's why opposition leader right loading or taking an informal oath swearing to be as he called himself the people to president tens of thousands of his supporters rather more cannot gratian the tuesday government wants t.v. stations against providing live coverage because of security reasons the directive was ignored by some the government allowed the event took place so i don't get the sense of what is illegal but is
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a large took place. and then it will be an offense i didn't understand the ministers. why they allowed the event but cannot allow coverage the high court has now ordered the resumption of t.v. services until a challenge to the government ban is had in two weeks the cabinet secretary in charge of security to sit in this office of the president says that hughes day symbolic swearing in of rollo dinka was an attempt to overthrow the government and a threat to national security he say the t.v. stations that were taken off air while facilitating that illegality. police have also arrested the lawyer who presided over the whole thing and have declared the national resistance movement an organized criminal and the opposition coalition started the movement last year to push for electoral reforms through peaceful resistance these opposition leaders say plans to intimidate them won't work really
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for for a long time to give this country a new constitution and twenty term the new constitution really with all the freedoms that it entails is serious talk no a dingo says he doesn't recognize who is president because he won the presidential election last august the result was invalidated by the supreme court it remains unclear what his next steps will be or even what he's style people's president really means catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. at least five previously unreported mass graves have been uncovered in the in la that's according to the else associated press news agency well the un special rapporteur has called for a fact finding mission to be given access to the sites and contacted by al to see whether me in my government declined to comment on the latest reports of mass
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graves when six hundred ninety thousand but in general fled me and why since the military crackdown was launched in august last year scott hides a report from. the associated press news agency has released a video it says confirms reports of a massacre of revenge of muslims in myanmar last year a.p. says the pictures of here to show the bodies of half buried may. its investigation suggest at least five previously unreported mass graves have been found the news agency spoke to villagers who say the number of dead could be as high as four hundred miles in the us the other a good amount of. whoever was injured but still alive after the attack was thrown into flames young men like myself managed to escape the attack but others like small children and women couldn't run away in time for when they were either killed or tied up and thrown inside homes by the military which they burnt down using launchers. you know it's not the massacre took place in dark in a kind state and
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a few weeks ago for the first time the military here said that soldiers were involved in civilian deaths it acknowledged one mass grave containing the bodies of ten rangers it's called terrorists the u.n. says reports of more mass graves warrants further investigation. i do not have the details of this particular site or the village that's graves but it is. it is. you can see it's a pattern that we said earlier. you know we had that tonight to leave massa but india is where the mass graves were discovered. but when i was talking to some of the refugees amounted to me he had he had buried four hundred in thirty plus body before he escaped his town. and i received growing names of people who. let you kill or
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missing so this is something that needs to be investigated and this is why we've called for a fact finding mission and human rights watch says there's growing evidence of genocide in rakhine state what is most worrisome about this report beyond obviously the killings is now the effort to cover this up that they discovered. in some instances acid is being used to burn off the features of the people killed or burned off the fingerprints to try to obstruct any accountability and that shows a degree of pre-planning that will really i think impact the international community's decisions about whether this is constitutes genocide or not you know mars government has previously denied any reports of a massacre it has now cut off access to good up in other than tightly controlled government trip to the area in northern with kind state where there was violence has been closed off to the u.n. humanitarian groups and journalists got hi there al jazeera yangon.
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yes the eyes questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional mammal that claims law enforcement tools were used for political purposes in the twenty sixteen presidential election the memo written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee suggest the f.b.i. and justice department misused their powers whilst investigating the trump campaign but pickens voted on monday to publicly release the document well that move is opposed by the department of justice and democrats who say republicans amended the takes after it was voted on they also say it's part of a wind a effort to undermine the pool by robot mode he's investigating claims of russian meddling in the election and potential clues in the trunk campaign well our white house correspondent kelly how he joins me now live from washington d.c. hi there kimberly so what do we know about the contents then of this memo. well
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there is a significant push here at the white house and also the republicans on capitol hill who want this public because they believe that this classified document the which the white house we're told is set to or has already declassified it will show the american public that the department of justice and the f.b.i. particularly were weaponized in terms of being used for political purposes essentially that well under the obama administration there were people inside those institutions working to undermine not just the presidential campaign but also our holdover is now working to undermine donald trump's presidency and for this reason there is this push to make it public but as you pointed out democrats have grave concerns not just the f.b.i. which we should note is currently being run by an appointee by donald trump which makes this particularly unusual that the the president's clashing with an
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intelligence surface that is head up essentially by someone he appointed but the fact is is that there is deep concern in sort of the ability of these institutions now to do their job democrats are saying that this is a purely political effort and are pointing the fingers at the white house pointing the fingers at republicans and fact the top democrat in the u.s. senate chuck schumer said of the committee that is behind all of this that it will simply stop at nothing to undermine the rule of law and interfere with the russia probe so some pretty strong feelings on both sides with regard to the release of this memo which we expect now could it head back up to capitol hill and be released potentially any time between now and friday so if this is really really what's the likely fall i'm saying. well certainly there is going to be public opera or there certainly is a lack of declining public confidence as a result not just of these institutions which are being rose eroded by those that
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like for instance the president for instance lawmakers but also there's a lack of trust now in terms of who to believe it's become almost a he said she said because you have to remember that democrats themselves authored their own memo but because republicans controlled the house of representatives and in turn the control of the committees they did not allow for the democratic member to be released so people are going to do as they often do here in the united states right now in this highly polarized political climate they're going to believe the side that they tend to already be on and that is just going to further drive a wedge between the american public and the lawmakers that are supposed to be setting the example can be how can they live from the white house kimberly thank you. israel says it's adamantly opposed to a polish bill that would make it illegal to suggest the poland was complicit in the nazi holocaust horns up or has approved the draft legislation despite objections
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from both israel and the us are a false reports on the reaction in israel to the move. in the early hours of thursday morning polish senators voted to pass a bill that israel says is designed to hide the truth about poland's role in the holocaust nazi occupied poland was the second world war site of some of the worst horrors of the holocaust the concentration camp at auschwitz birkenau has become its most potent symbol but poland objects to terms such as polish death camps instead of nazi ones pointing out poles were victims of invasion then occupation is what is remarkable growth we are very sad and surprised our fight for the truth for the dignity of paul's is perceived and interpreted in this way as. the bill would punish without the three years' imprisonment anyone accusing the polish nation of complicity in the extermination of the jews the domestic opponents of the proposed law its terms to groove. now for the sort of public discussion should take place
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without any obstacles it cannot take place under the supervision of the prosecutor who after poland's lower house voted the bill through last friday israel's prime minister called it an attempt to rewrite history demanding the proposed legislation be amended the israeli government says it adamantly opposed to this second vote adding that no law can change historical truth and there is support in the israeli parliament the knesset for a bill here to challenge the polish one by offering protection legally to anyone prosecuted for their views on the holocaust overseas and making it illegal to deny complicity in the holocaust as well as the event itself opposition leader appeared his great grandmother was killed in poland is one of the law's sponsors if you see the kind of for the senate is that it was her as you know couple of weeks important to do this deal. you understand why is it so important for us to be able to maintain the memory of the holocaust is the world really happened during the years of thirty nine to forty four. whom are the poles with help in israel's holocaust
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memorial yad vashem pays tribute to nearly seven thousand poles who didn't save their jewish neighbors at the height of the holocaust but one of israel's leading scholars on the period says many more poles were complicit in current research shows us that many of those jews were killed not because of the german something they were handed to the germans but by the poorest citizens by paul who found them to polish government this bill is an effort to stop a defeated occupied nation from being defamed as a partner in the nazi genocide to israelis it seems like an attempt to shield thousands of polish citizens from blame or a force of al-jazeera west jerusalem and israeli legal rights group is suing to new zealand us for allegedly convincing the singer lordi to cancel her concert in israel it's thought to be the first case filed under two thousand and eleven law which allows civil lawsuits against anyone calling for a boycott against israel the new zealand as well so let's it's our last month
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urging her to join the artistic boycott days later she canceled her june concert on television well the israeli law sure it is suing on behalf of three would be concept go as they want about thirteen thousand dollars for emotional injury caused by the cancellation. we're not doing that to get any money and a lawsuit is a moral i don't be a logical author. we just want to send a message that if you call to boycott against israel you're going to have to deal with the ramifications afterward and everything that comes with that still to come this half hour shield by a. man who drove his van into a crowd of outside a london mosque is found guilty of murder. and today zero in cape town where tensions are running high as new water restrictions i mean.
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how the weather's oh looking a little unsettling cross western parts of the med it's right over the next couple of days ago there's a lot band of cloud here that's been sinking this way down across france bright skies for northern areas say paris starting to though see a few showers that much much drier and brighter than all of this out west the weather though to the south of france is that western side of the med it's right is disturbed weather to across northern areas of by and for you portugal that's because on through friday from wintry weather there across the pyrenees madrid around nine celsius just for london in paris to see a little bit of wintry weather there just around belgium luxembourg easing down into that eastern side of france but the real wet weather is down across southern most parts of a small piles of italy the possibility of snow stretching right the way up to moscow moscow seeing temps getting up to freezing warming up on recent valleys we started gets monocytes over the last couple of days to say this is
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a possibility on sas the name of some really wet weather there just around the balkan snow on the northern flank that into the austrian alps it palls so hungry it's a possibility of some snow to have the high aground off and wind in scotland as we go on through sas they come for the same a little bit of a wintry mix across northern parts of africa recently smiling at me of rain over the next few days out she is thirteen. more than seven decades ago a country was split into three to be a good place with good demand and now with the time. being involved all it took was a pan a mom and the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these new korea maybe as politicians borders of blood at this time.
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a quick reminder that our top stories on al-jazeera kenya's government's been ordered to reopen three t.v. stations and shut down on choose day after they tried to broadcast a mock an ok ration ceremony opposition need to rile up the tinga these five previously on reports of mass graves of the hinge of muslims have been uncovered to me in large courting to the associated press news agency and the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional memo which accuses it of using surveillance powers to target the chant campaign trail in the twenty six state elections. syrian government air strikes have killed at least twenty eight people in villages and times across
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southern countryside that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it's part in a sense of an offensive to retake it lead province which is controlled by tough we're all sham dominated by the former al qaeda linked lists are front. well syrian government troops have now advanced to within one miles of the rebels biggest stronghold in a blip they're heading toward such a cave and are also aiming to take a key highway to the cities east that stretches from aleppo sized towards towards hama homes and damascus united nations humanitarian advisor for serious as the syrian government is being more on corporative than ever before when it comes to delivering aid to besieged areas jan egeland also criticized rebel groups for putting up obstacles creating the worst conditions in areas like it lead and eastern ghouta since twenty fifteen humanitarian diplomacy seems to be totally impotent we're getting nowhere at the moment
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the last convoy to get beseeched area was at the end of november. the twenty eighth of november to a place called national beer and it was only for seven thousand two hundred people so through december and through general re ashton in a single convoy of lifesaving relief medical supplies food to any besieged area the turkish foreign minister has given an exclusive interview down to zero about turkey's cost for the offensive in northern syria the keva soul who says his country has no interest in an exciting part of syria. if there is a threat other side of the border and international law and the un charters and resolutions security council resolution actually give right to that country to
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eliminate that threat so this is what we are doing we are there to eliminate the terrorist organization we are not targeting the kurds. not syrians i mean any syrians not our ups not to mention and we have no interest in syria's territory integrity or properties this is our aim our aim is to defeat this terrorist organization and actually through defeating. terrorist organization or cleaning this area from the terrors we're supporting. the country's territory interactivity where you can see the full interview with the turkish foreign minister on talk to al jazeera that's on saturday at all four thirty it will also be broadcast on sunday at eight thirty and then nineteen thirty hours. saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are trying to end the standoff between government forces and secessionist fine says
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in the yemeni port city of aden the southern city was overrun by separatists on by the who took control of the society back government's headquarters on sunday is so opened up a new front in yemen's war preventing much needed aid from reaching civilians saudi and amorality envoys have met both sides urging them to abide by the cease fire and refocus their attentions on planting the who seized in the north. german politicians have voted to allow refugees to start bringing their closest relatives into the country later this year a decision that it's what will end the nation's political deadlock initially it's a year suspension on family reunifications will be extended but it will be then lifted from all this the issue has been a major hurdle in ongoing tolls between anglo marcos christian democrats and the opposition social democrats to form a unity government a man who drove his van into a crowd outside a london mosque last year has been found guilty of murder and attempted murder one
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person was killed and nine people were injured when davern was born rammed his front into worshippers in finsbury park prosecutors said osborn was influenced by far right ideology and motivated by a hatred of muslims or u.k. correspondent barnaby phillips reports. daryl's born in a pub in wales days before the attack the police call him a hate filled with a history of violence drug and alcohol abuse in the pub he wrote a letter which was found in the van he used for the attack a letter so full of hatred for muslims say the police that it's too offensive to release he rents the van to drive to london police say to find muslim targets he says he wanted to kill opposition labor leader jeremy corbin he drove all over london arriving at the muslim welfare house in finsbury park after midnight where people were leaving after ramadan prayers and one man back alley happened to fall ill on the street c.c.t.v. footage shows the van moments before it drove into the crowd on the left of the
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screen. darren all scorned drove down this road the seven sisters road into this little cul de sac where a crowd of people were trying to help mark riley who by coincidence had fallen ill just a few moments before he plowed into the crowd as he got out of his i would think court said that he was smiling the local him and protected him from the crowd until the police arrived moments later the crew say that this was an attack on all londoners. why the police have released a call from someone who asks for help for macro is he conscious. then specifics we hear the attack. are already come out of people are going to. the police told me darren osborn acted alone but right wing extremism is a growing threat in britain we have arrested more individuals than we've ever done
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in relation to domestic extremism related activity. we've seen three groups described by the government the government was also appointed a new extremist commission which is welcome. and we are pushing more people through our prevent and channel program relevant again this category of people this diverse community has suffered i spoke to the who protected daryl's born from the angry crowd they're all lost in scores and. in those immediately affected and then there is a last thing fear. and concern in there that what's to say the van or the car coming speeding in our direction isn't the next down was born the troubled individual who turned into a politically motivated killer barnaby phillips al-jazeera finsbury park in north london. more than a thousand minus in south africa stuck on the ground after
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a storm knocked out power the beatrix gold mine is near the city of welcome in central free state the mining company says the workers are being supplied with food and water and not and they're not in immediate danger sixty five people have already been rescued well tensions are rising in south africa's drought hit city cape town where residents are in the middle of a severe water shortage one person was arrested after a fight broke out in the natural spraying the residents have been collecting water restrictions were introduced on thursday in an attempt to avoid daisy will the day in april when they may have to turn off most taps people are being asked to use no more than fifty liters of water each day i think we've been coming here for the past five years the only now having a plane been here for more than ten years and been helping to drive has been happening all told on the only planting now. and this is mark to be with
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the new laws that were put into place but stuff but what can you do we all need the water it's a large shows. and we just go with a pro twenty eight russian athletes have had their lifetime bans from a limp explored overturn for lack of evidence eight days before the winter games interim chang president putin says he's pleased with the decision but it leaves the international olympic committee's campaign against doping in disarray or a challenge reports now from law school. sochi gold medalist alexander lead cough silver medalist. gold medalist alexander tretiak of just three of the twenty eight russian athletes who have their olympic doping bans overturned and their results at the last winter olympics in russia four years ago reinstated after their appeals were upheld by the court of arbitration for sport the evidence collected was found to be insufficient to establish that an anti-doping rule violation was
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committed concerned this does not mean that these twenty that leads are declared innocent but in their case due to insufficient evidence the held it's a setback for the case built against russia by the international olympic committee and world anti-doping agency. putin has often said the anti doping allegations against russia are politically motivated even though they are designs to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections well that voice is less than two months away now and so for the kremlin cass's decision is a timely gift. it fits neatly into a picture often painted here certainly one regularly offered by the governments and state media of russia as a besieged fortress righteously defending itself against a largely hostile world and russia is now pushing for its previously disgraced
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sports men and women to be readmitted to the winter olympics starting next week in south korea does just but it was at the court of arbitration for sport confirmed athletes are clean and earned the right to take part in the olympics so the russian olympic committee will send a letter to the international olympic committee suggesting they allow athletes to compete in the olympic games. despite what russia's sports minister says the international olympic committee notes cass's point i lack of evidence doesn't prove the innocence of those athletes for now the i.o.c. seems reluctant to readmit them to compete in pyongyang the result of the ca's decision does not mean that least from the group of twenty eight will be invited to the games not being sanctioned does not automatically confer the privilege of an invitation still provided it's not overturned on appeal the cast decision means
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russia has the legal momentum in a country where sport and politics often march together that's a boon for its athletes and the kremlin will reach alan's how does iraq oscar. this week's flooding in northern france has caused massive disruption but it's not been bad news for everybody to paris teenagers have been taking advantage of the flooded streets to end indels their hobby of waking after setting up a cable police they're able to wait for it all the way to their front door but with walters now receiving a legs like well the short left. you can find out much more about the stories we are following plenty of updates from our correspondents all over the girl at how just dot com. the lines at the top stories here on al-jazeera kenya's high court has ordered the government to reopen several t.v. stations the top three t.v. networks were taken off their one choose day after they trying to broadcast the
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malkan on gratian ceremony held by their opposition leader. i didn't get his supporters believe president hoover kenya says election win last year was rigged. ergo the root of this is going to go. overboard. or google groups are. going to go live in this. global government the government deserved going to. his own laws and the called. these five previously unreported were hinge of muslim mass graves have been uncovered to me in ma that's according to the associated press the un special rapporteur has called for a fact finding mission to be given access to the sites more than six hundred ninety thousand were him to have fled me in march since a military crackdown was launched last year more than a thousand miners in south africa stuck comes a grand after storm not-i power the beatrix gold mine is near the city of welcome
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in central freestate mining company says the workers are being supplied with food and water and are not in immediate danger sixty five people have already been rescued the f.b.i. is questioning the accuracy of a secret congressional memo which accuses it of abusing its surveillance powers to target the trunk campaign during the twenty sixteen presidential elections the memo was written by top republicans and members of the house intelligence committee who voted to partially release it on monday democrats fear the document may be an attempt to undermine the pull into alleged russian election meddling. syrian government is strikes have killed at least twenty eight people in villages and towns across it let someone come to a site that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it's part of the census to retake province which is controlled by tough area dominated by the formerly al qaeda linked nusra front polish lawmakers have caused outrage in israel by approving
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a bill that would impose jail terms for suggesting poland was complicit in the holocaust israel's called it an attempt to challenge the historical truth that's it from a stay with out of the stream stacked. high that we're ok in a little over when afghanistan's capital kabul has been hit by four major attacks killing almost one hundred fifty people pushing an already.


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