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tv   Mevlut Cavusoglu  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2018 7:32am-8:00am +03

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since turkey launched an offensive to clear it of syrian kurdish forces known as the white b.g. turkey says the y.p. g. is a terrorist group al jazeera has obtained a un report which accuses the saddle of coalition in yemen of killing dozens of children in airstrikes last year the study focused on the period between july to september so as the saudis bear the greatest responsibility for the deaths they've been protests in kenya after the government arrest of a second law embolden tuesday's mock inauguration of opposition leader rhino dingo protesters clashed with police in the capital nairobi where lawyer mcgoohan in a gooner was taken from his home in a dorm raid three private t.v. stations are planned to broadcast the event remain off the air despite a court ruling allowing them to resume operations and thousands of people in pakistan have held mass citizens demanding the arrest and execution of a police officer after a male model was shot then it was the second day of rallies after the killing of twenty seven year old nucky masood in an operation on wednesday his family denies
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the police claim that he was a criminal but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the talked about is there so much of that sort of. this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. english you can. see. geopolitically plays between east and west talking plays a hugely important and strategic role in many of the regions crises in conflicts not to mention developments around the world. and ankara this week all be speaking to the talkers for minister will be answering questions about the ongoing war in syria the g.c.c. crisis and the fallout from u.s.
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president donald trump's decision to recognize occupied through cinema as the capital of israel all of this is new talks to al-jazeera. researchers over thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera. let's start by talking about the war in syria your country is in the middle of a military operation now inside syria an operation is called operation olive branch now this is the second such operation in just the same amount of years before that there was the euphrates shield operation what is the endgame of your military intervention inside syria during the. operation you create this shields the defeating terrorists that are different terrorist groups in the country and it was a very successful operation it became a kind of safe zone for the refugees and i.d.p.'s and supporting them in that
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area as well and there have been white p.g.p. kicky terrorists in africa region. and they were sending harassment fires and the rockets to turkey to different parts of turkey and it became a serious threat to our security and also to our borders we want them we want to countries who have been engaged with them nevertheless they increase the harassment fires that's why we launched this operation and it is in the line every day international law and also u.n. . charters as well as related un security council but your critics say that turkey is essentially invading syria that you don't want to occupy syrian land then annex it as part of some sort of larger expensive project
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and it's not your intention just to that is not you that is no other country in the region or beyond supporting. serious there is territory target and soul into more than turkey and even in sochi and also in astana in moscow if you look at the all these statements and the joint declarations you see that and yet for. unity and territory and take it off the country on the y.p. g. in the the kurdish fighters there are video has emerged recently showing american made weapons that has been captured from these kurdish fighters by the f.s.a. now these y.p. g. fighters and their allies have not only been fighting you or you have not only been fighting them inside syria but they have been phone rockets inside turkey which is not true six civilians being killed can you explain to me how it is that turkey still considers the united states as an ally if it is the united states that has
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made no secret of its support for kurdish fighters who are essentially killing your own civilians how is how are they considered to be an ally they're. not captured weapons those weapons they've been given by the united states to wipe each year so we have actually asked united states not to give the weapons they did we asked them to stop and president trump promised out of that one. too that they will stop giving weapons to this organization and at the last phone conversation between two presidents president trump told the one that they stopped they have stop giving weapons to this organization these rockets this weapons. used by y.p. g.n.p. kicky you know most of them are given by the united states but there are also
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weapons coming from. different european countries western countries as well or from other countries but the us state department has said that it still considers the y.p. ji as an ally in the fight against i saw or doubt and this is my question i mean ok now you're saying there is verbal commitment from the us that they will stop or they have stopped supplying weapons but in the end of the day the u.s. and turkey are meant to be nato allies in the end of the day the us make use of turkish air base interest rates why why have you not been more forceful in making the u.s. troops between its ally and between a group that you consider to be a citizen is moot double stand that particle that you know our fight against terrorism we see this double standard in the united states in the united states even. then secretary of defense carter and also the current chief of general stuff down for admitted there and still they still admit
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that there is not difference between kicky and white b.g. if that is not different that they are you at mit it means that both of them are terrorist organization this is the double stand that in europe or so many political parties politicians and even some countries are supporting. p.k. k. k. which is listed by your opinion as well just because they share the same ideology of marxist communist lens. so this is unfortunately tell you for many different political parties and the politicians and the countries and how can we defeat terrorists with this understanding and with those kind of double standards this is not only a problem of the us which is a very serious. prior knowing in the war that they're fighting or all sorts of terrorist organization in the war but in syria they are collaborating with that
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there are sort of an assertion where we'll come back to turkish u.s. relations near the end but i just want to ask another question about syria here another war has gone on for seven years almost up to a million people been killed more than five million refugees now your government has always said that it supports the syrian people's right to freedom and it supports their quest for for for democracy there not only have you you said that in statements but your horse more than three million refugees inside turkey but now it seems that you according to some of your critics that you no longer care about this is a real struggle for freedom because for example aleppo which was held by the rebels essentially fell into the hands of the the rich assad regime because turkey stopped supporting the the rebels there and similar scenes in other places inside syria your critics say that you are more concerned about the success of the estancia agenda and more concerned about maybe appeasing your newfound relationship with
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russia and iran then you are with the syrians they accuse you some of the syrian rebels of selling out i don't see any opposition and the syrian groups cruising for took i know that some neighboring countries are not happy with the role that he has been playing. and we were only the country actually who helped those civilians and the opposition. to ever create. them from aleppo and we worked with russia and russia actually delivered what they promised the vacuum into them from aleppo when did they go to italy italy and then it'll start to being bombed from the sky it's true it's true that our relations i don't ignore that but it doesn't mean that turkey has changed or because turkey has changes position and the opposition says. hi negotiation committee
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and syrian national committee syrian national kurdish committee and others they all know that on that turkey has not change its standing and its position and its support to opposition what is the aim of the us and what is the aim of the search east what is the outcome of the search the m off to such actually to take to some confidence building measures or steps ok also to consular date the ceasefire and the escalation zones and cessation of the hostilities yes there are some violations in the lip and we asked the grunters of the regime to stop that because there they got on tours i would like to ask a question this tradition on the ground isn't it better than a year year and a half ago the situation a year in africa before aleppo and during aleppo now we are very much disturbed
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with this while oceans and this is a legitimate concerns of everybody including the opposition and the civilians living there and now we are deploying officer is that look at the outcome of the sochi and over there actually welcome. the outcome of the search and. we have been doing our best to interrogate us then a process and such a process to jeannie was and if you look at the joint declaration in sochi it is referring to geneva process it is referring to the un security council resolution two to five four and from now. those meetings will be have in geneva and we help them also to establish committee or working group on the constitution we have given the lease to the demonstrator and then is dead demonstrable form this committee or working group so all these efforts
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are helping us and the syrians actually to pursue it and to reach a political settlement without their political settlement any itchiness on the ground cannot be sustained cannot be consolidated so we have to focus on both sides ok us donna and the political process ok let's let's move on to another hot topic in the region and that is drusilla marching illegally occupied jerusalem as the united nations considers it to be. president wrote a paper one warned that if the united states went ahead and considered or acknowledged and recognized us from the capital of israel that turkey would cut its ties with israel what is the status of relationship between turkey and israel now that the decisions we made three it normalize our relations with israel and we put three conditions they met all these three conditions and. after that and
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when they were normalizing they asked whether turkey will continue criticizing israel he said yes if israel while it's there are international law and if they continue illegal settlements as well as attacking. palestinians in gaza or west bank turkey will be against that and turkey will criticize israel so normalizing the relation doesn't mean that we had made what israel is doing or or what israel will do and last june you remember what happened . in jerusalem and president are gone call president of israel we asked them to stop it and he stood very strong all together and they did stop it now it is the decision of the united states and you saw how they were isolated in new york at the u.n. so the entire wall rejected. decision of the united states
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and at the security council also so the we will continue our efforts all together not only as turkey of course turkey is leading this role particularly in the muslim world because we are the. chair offered to organize the council i see but i just want to ask you one thing this is specifically this threat that the president's made that turkey would cut off ties with israel if trump recognizes to some of the capital the president and the man made this statement after the decision of two united states that before the decision types but still those options and see if if there's still the relation and we have the embassies here but if this generation. becomes more in the future and if israel continues while asian status off to east jerusalem and out goods or of course we should all together review our
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position and also our relation ok on the i see that is the organization of some of conferences which is the umbrella body of muslim countries turkey hosted an extraordinary summit right after that decision took place in jerusalem in istanbul rather the summit at the start of that summit president of iran he showed maps. historical maps of palestine which showed how designers project had been stealing palestinian land over the years now this summit's final communique and obviously turkey is not the one who writes it's all of the oil seizure but the final communique was seen by many in the arab and muslim world is very weak. do you see how such a weak statement or the statements that are made by muslim majority countries and arab countries it is the weakness of these statements and their stance this is what gives the green light for the can only just expansionist project that's taking
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place in palestine first statement was that week ok i don't know i caught them do it to us week two leaders or to the room if you speak to the people in the street i mean i didn't get close embassies american is it is not weak secondly the follow up this. is a joint statement communique and what happened in new york and the resolution that we table together with yemen. and was adopted actually was the first follow up and concrete are come of this meeting and also joint statement but as i said at the beginning and only the resolution was adopted at the un general assembly is not enough or cannot be. on the step therefore we should continue our efforts there is no problem with the
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with the joint statement or joint declaration but we need to implement them you need to also follow up them and i i hope and i read actually other muslim leaders also there to show this kind of maps as out of the ground it was for irish they also stand as strong as they are don and turkey. and then i went to new york and i said that was off and i said those of some muslim countries actually were not dead because of the threatening and the pressure they left new york i want to ask you about all of those all the countries they support the resolution but their ambassador this couldn't stay in new york because of the threatening. pressure coming from. a country so one one of those countries the many people notice their absence
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particularly in the icy summits to place in istanbul was saudi arabia sent a low level minister to represent them now what was so outrageous for many people in the in the muslim world was that's venezuela which is not even a muslim country was represented i don't want to make any comment about any specific country but. actually is watching what's happening and how each country is behaving and also leaders are brave enough. to stand against this decision or saw to defend the status of outputs also to defend palestinians and i don't want to make any comment about any specific country ok thank you let's move to the g.c.c. unfortunately the region that turkey finds itself in is fraught with many conflicts and crises now the gulf as you know has been in
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a crisis for seven months now since the united arab emirates behind egypt and saudi arabia imposed a land sea and air blockade on qatar in june two thousand and seventeen your country has played actually a very big role in the g.c.c. crisis in that many people believe if it was not for turkish troops in qatar that maybe saudi arabia the u.a.e. would have invaded qatar. and it is your strong support for thought that has prevented the military conflict what's your take on this. well if qatar at taking any decision against any g.c.c. countries we will be against that. too and did this engine. decision against qatar was not fair we made it very clear at the beginning and many claims and also conditions one of the conditions was actually to close the turkish base in qatar there are also bears of other european and western countries why the brother countries are not asking qatar to close those bases but on the turkish base
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what i am trying to say that it was a very unfortunate situation it has been over and fortune the station we don't want to see such a division in g.c.c. or in the muslim world and stability in g.c.c. is so important for all of us and there are some claims and accusations and so far not even one single evidence has been. shared they told us that they will send all the evidences we have inducive anything and each time i see anybody from kuwait from leadership i mean i asked them whether they have received any evidence about these accusations they say not because kuwaitis do immediate her country and therefore it was a very much political decision and unfortunately. it
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didn't. serve. the interests of any countries in the region or in east side so i hope they will come this tradition soon and we still believe that. south korea can lead actually this process and to overcome this situation but i mean as you were engine quit has been leading mediation you in your country has also tried in the very beginning actually a couple of days before the siege was announced president and one sent envoys to riyadh and the how to try and resolve things as things were escalating i went but personally and one of the interesting things though is that when you follow saudi media egyptian media united arab emirates media they have actually been attacking turkey is one of been very insulting as well just a few days ago very close friend of the crown prince inciting from been some man who heads the saudi lobby in the us some on unsorry tweeted a picture of
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a dead sudanese person in sudan from many years ago claiming this was a party killed by turkish troops inside the high in a clear attempt to saw disc. rageous a muslim first and foremost must be honest person ok. this is. not the case we see. since i became foreign minister in many muslim countries ok secondly they all expect to support them whatever the decision or action that they're taking and they put pressure too many countries particularly muslim countries to take a site during this crisis and they put their pressure to somalia process and they threaten somalia and someone had rejected this is the dignity of the somalian
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people and why are you there why then why are you trying to divide the muslim world then doom you have your only issue. and then they when you don't say that what they what they they are doing these right and then they don't like and they attack you these are the baseless accusations and one more problem. i think they don't like that one is that much property well let's finish on your relationship with the u.s. for a moment there appear to be warming between turkey and the united states in the early days of the trump administration but the reality now is that maybe the relationship couldn't have been worse the u.s. has imposed travel restrictions on circs and you have reciprocated with similar ones on americans till now the u.s. harbors the man that you accuse of attempting a coup in turkey is there any light at the end of this what seems very dark tunnel in u.s. summer tarkus relations normally we don't have any problem with any allies need to
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read us nor read european allies but they have been learning one thing that if there is any problem with turkey or if they have if they take an action against turkey it will be reciprocated by tech and turkey has change and turkey will never any at that point ok and this is the dignity of the turkish nation and secondly yes we have been passing through a not easy years in our relations with the united states their support to white p.g. and development they have been given which is a terrorist organization and pausing. direct threat to turkey secondly after the attempted coup we ask united states to expedite the loglan who's the leader of two for the terrorist organization so far they haven't and
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particularly these two issues. have field and untie american emotions and sentiments in turkey and overall. there is a lack of trust as i told my colleague rex tillerson. then we met in paris in rank who were also when we spoke on the phone yesterday to negotiate or does discuss any issue or to take any joint action first we need to rebuild these trusts and the mutual trust this is the problem right now and you has us and this administration particle the president trump and tillerson also have been told in telling us that they are. there for normalizing relations
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and strengthen ties yes we are also for that. but we need to get through the all these legit them across turkey and circus this is the strange thing for mr gore for thank you very much for talking to al-jazeera thank. you china has never been this risky. but nothing can stop them in their tracks chasing the american dream escaping poverty but the eagle route is their only option and their hope for a better life can lead them into trouble braving tough conditions gambling with the law will put their lives in danger just to hurt in the risking it all this time when al jazeera. february on al-jazeera south korea hosts the twenty eighteen
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winter olympics can records be broken al-jazeera will bring you the latest from pyongyang chimed the big picture examines the present day crisis in venezuela by exploring the divisions rooted in its past senior officials will meet to discuss the biggest security challenges facing. will be nine from the munich security conference partition borders of blood looks at the troubled legacy of the events that shaped the indian subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the wild february on al-jazeera.
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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. and al-jazeera news has never been more of a liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i think them and i think it's terrible if you want to know the truth i think it's a disgrace a controversial memo on the truck campaign a rush is released and across washington both sides claim vindication.


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