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in twenty four seven monitoring of dr twenty years of china's transformation. told through one young girl's journey. from birth to adult hood. two decades following the development of a life and nation. five years on rewind returns to the story of k k the. show. on al-jazeera. a russian fighter jet is shot down in syria's ablett province as the government's battle to retake the rebel held territory continues. hello i'm maryanne demasi in on the know watching al-jazeera also coming up italy's
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prime minister condemns a drive by shooting targeting african immigrants warning that hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide people. thousands of corsicans march to demand of ptolemy ahead of a visit from the french president emmanuel macro next week. and kenya prepares to introduce its first school curriculum in more than three decades but parents are not convinced it's going to be about. how we begin in syria where a russian jet has been down the province al jazeera sources of turkey and russia claims the group behind the attack. backed by the us russia's defense ministry has confirmed the plane's pilot managed to eject himself but was killed in a subsequent ground fight russian planes have been targeting rebel fighters alongside the syrian government ally since december with more than thirty fighters
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killed in high precision strikes on saturday alone stephanie deck reports from the turkey syria border. well this is a russian fighter jet shot down by opposition forces. i mean remember the pilot manages to eject but he didn't survive. for these syrian fighters it's a huge symbolic victory. russian the syrian government have intensified their bombardment province over the last two months government forces a slowly capturing territory in the south what is the last remaining syrian province under full rebel control. they're inching closer to the city of soccer which lies on a strategic road linking the northwest all the way to the capital damascus territory that is now almost fully under government control. and in syria's
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complex web of regional and international allegiances some say this offensive has been well planned and has further implications been there are some people who are in fact wondering if there is a tacit agreement between the russians and the turks whereas the russians would actually give the green light for the turks to act against the kurds in exchange for the russians and allies actually to capture parts of this of this. the government itself. between the mosques and thereby. that offensive against the kurdish controlled district is now into its third week turkey's backing fighters from the free syrian army against the kurdish people protection units. turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization even though it's the united states is most effective in fighting until turkey has been intensely shelling the areas there is
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a base just right behind us and this is in line with what politicians here are saying the first phase of this operation the post. the y p g away from its borders . all along that border a steady stream of military movement vehicles i mean and buses packed with syrian f.s.a. fighters this is a very visible operation but it's also a difficult one the wipe e.g. know the terrain well and they have been preparing for this it's the latest frontline in a war that year after year simply changes its form and never seems to end. stephanie decker on the turkey syria border. also earlier i spoke to guinea yelled there's a visiting fellow at your pain council on foreign relations he told us about the political and military challenges brought about by turkey's offensive and northern syria the russian diplomatic efforts some within the limits of that in such meeting
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recently but i say think europe has been more and more more and more irrelevant to the conflict despite be bearing the brunt of the effects of the conflict but france on the present micron is poised to you know with that they can play a more important role in breaking. brokering some deal between why p.g. turkey russia because the france is the only country that can speak to all the countries in the process as well as they have a military base on the ground in northern syria and preapproved present micron is defining his presidency in terms of also foreign policy he has been given ambitions so in that sense i see france potentially playing an important role in maybe on the diplomatic front to bring an end to rising. escalation of the constant. italy's prime minister has condemned a racially charged drive by shooting saying hatred and violence will not be allowed
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to divide people five men and one woman all of african descent were attacked and the central italian town of much errata police have arrested a man who was wrapped in an italian flag and during a fascist salute pizza shop as mall. this was a drive by shooting that italian police said was racially motivated firing from this vehicle the lone gunman is said to have targeted foreigners on the streets in a shooting spree that lasted over two hours. it took place in the central italian city of much errata the mayor said six people were wounded all of them black one with life threatening injuries a twenty eight year old italian name does look at try any was arrested by military police draped in an italian flag he reportedly wore during the shootings tourney had no previous criminal record and his motive for the shootings is unclear he did
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stand as a far right candidate for the northern league in recent local elections but received no votes in the count the italian prime minister was quick to condemn the shootings who put them into could mean only known for some of it i'll call them what you want supermodel behavior cannot have ideological motivation criminals are criminals will start to set up but they're going to meant to serve it over to your state will be particularly severe against whoever thinks of nourishing the spiral of violence let's stop this let's stop this right now. for me i'm a little bit too tensions in march are out ahead risen this week following the discovery of pamela musto pietro's body she had run away from a drug rehabilitation center on monday and police said she'd met a nigerian drug dealer the next day he was arrested by police. more than six hundred thousand mainly african migrants have reached italy by boat over the past four years and the center right block says the vast majority have no right to
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asylum in this promised mass expulsions if it takes power peter shop al-jazeera. thousands of nationalists protest as a marched on the island of corsica demanding more autonomy from france saturday's protests comes three days before the french president crown is due to visit the island they have a change to has more. nationalists were out in force on the streets of the capital a show of defiance against the description of the island as just at the ministry of region of france and message corsica is a country a nation and the people. are very important day for the people of corsica because friends doesn't want to listen france has not answered our demands and doesn't want to dialogue. the island is one of the poorest regions in france one in five live below the poverty line the younger generations are leaving to find jobs and education they cannot afford independence but they want significant changes in.
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the. nationalism has found a renewed force on the either the third year. or so long ago just singing the course commercial anthem was enough to get you've beaten up by the french police here now the islanders are demanding official status for their language. all. expression of corsican roots was rapidly was the expression of political demands so the singing became hard for the political authorities to accept and not only the french but also some corsicans were supporters of greater fronts the confrontation then became violent extremely violent very extreme and. the brutal struggle for corsican independence lasted for four decades before weapons
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were finally surrendered three years ago the political fight to the ballot box is proving much more successful. a coalition of nationalists now commands forty one out of the sixty three seats in the corsican assembly one of their key demands is for the return an amnesty of what they call their political prisoners held in jails across france to pursue this some say that it ever had about what happened in the election last december was an earthquake it wasn't just the usual renewal of the absolutely the course people voted by an absolute my your duty for corsican nationalities that's the fact that there are third parties have to think about your party a long campaign of violence failed to achieve anything for the separatists but now they have a nationalist majority in the congress and they believe that they can obtain victory for the ballot box many of the young people here feel that their victory could still be stolen from them and they're determined to open
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a real dialogue with paris. corsica was the birthplace of napoleon the man the french president is most often measured against in terms of his use than grand visions will macron choose compromise or will he defend the integrity of france and its language. the be chaytor al-jazeera course the. the u.s. secretary of state is in argentina on the second stop of his five nation tour of latin america rex tillerson is spending the day and national park and attended a briefing on ecology and environmental issues is expected to meet his argentine counterpart on sunday to listen is using a turkey improve relations between the u.s. and its allies is also looking to drum up support for washington's tough stance on venezuela's president nicolas maduro sanya shot is the director of shore international consulting a political analyst specializing in u.s. and latin american relations she says the tour really part of an effort to bolster
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washington's position on when then israel or. we know that when this well is going to be one of the strong we see that they said it that it tailored some need to be sitting close our allies like along be up it all argentina makes you go ok there have been some. from a rife in power especially as you said immigration and trade both with the rest of the congress their relation has been made easy and secondly the deal or some wants to assure these go into this that the u.s. continues to react olds are lie of course when this will or will be one of the made your choice in the agenda and he's trying to build all the goal interests in the same page even though they are song rumors that there are more sanctions could be on their way and oil sought tool to set this stage because that is no
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secret that the u.s. is seeking airport a government friend see shown in minnesota and watching out as they are still ahead how the trumpet ministration has done argentina's biofuels industry with a huge setback and why this remote tribe in indonesia is now under threat. hello there through pretty cool for some of us in australia recently the temperature in brisbane under all that cloud really got to twenty one degrees on saturday it is now clearing away there is there with a bit more sunshine the temperatures should rise quite nicely i think we'll get around to twenty seven degrees on sunday there will still be some showers away to the north of us though those still stretching their way across the northern parts of queensland still bringing some or all the heavy downpours across townsville there and the we also see some showers that go into elsewhere and you can see the
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circulation here that's dragging down some air from the interior to. it's adelaide so temperatures will be rising that will get to around thirty four degrees as we head through the day on monday meanwhile for new zealand here we've got plenty of sunshine currently but that is gradually going to change so fair fairly bright for us on sunday then on monday we see more clouds roll its way across us and behind that will be some very strong winds as well so looking fostoria as we head through the next few days up towards japan and here we've got quite a few little weather features with this and they're bringing a fair amount of snow yet more snow for us there's been plenty recently yet mosul to come as we head through monday as well in the west though is generally quad to hit zero in beijing. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming
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young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back with al-jazeera recap of the headlines a russian fighter jet has been shot down an ellipse province with the pilot killed in a ground fight russian planes have been targeting rebel fighters alongside syrian government
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troops with more than thirty five has killed strikes on saturday alone. it's least prime minister has condemned a drive by shooting spree targeting african immigrants warning hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide people tak happened in the central italian town of much iraq. and thousands of nationalist protesters in corsica's capital have taken to the streets calling for more autonomy just days before the french president is arrive on the island. a palestinian teenager has been killed during a confrontation with the israeli military and one thousand year old was shot in the head and shahada southwest of janine israeli forces have raided the region twice in the past twenty four hours searching for a palestinian suspected of killing a rabbi in january all that happened as leaders of the palestine liberation organization met to discuss ending the oslo accords and suspending their recognition of israel a palestinian president declared last month that the peace agreements of one thousand nine hundred three in one thousand nine hundred five would dead mahmoud
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abbas vowed to reject u.s. mediation after donald trump's decision in december to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the country defense minister says saudi arabia and the united arab emirates had intentions to invade his country last june at the beginning of the gulf diplomatic crisis. told the washington post that cattles gulf neighbors have in his words tried everything to destabilize the country saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain cut ties with cata and imposed a blockade after accusing it of supporting terrorism katter has strongly denied the allegations. now argentina's once booming biofuels industry is suffering after its main market the u.s. imposed a tariff on imports the move is all part of the trumpet ministrations america first policy to make sure that u.s. produces don't lose out to foreign imports al-jazeera has to raise
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a boat reports now from. six years ago this factory was producing sixteen thousand tons of bio diesel fuel now it's down to about six thousand even though. the interest rate will grow there's no investment it worries us that the united states will stop importing or bio diesel interest was credit to export not only to fulfill internal needs. some say factories located in the province of santa fe argentina's first victims of donald trump's america first approach to following trade the us announced a seventy two percent tariff on imports of its biodiesel american officials accuse argentina of unfairly subsidizing the country's biodiesel industry at the expense of u.s. producers. the decision is arbitrary unjustified and illegal they discarded all the arguments presented by argentina argentina has an export tax on the story of being
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in a different one for bio diesel it is not a subsidy this is one of mr trump's protectionist policy goals. almost ninety percent of argentina's bio diesel is directed to the united states cutting that flow has impacted almost thirty companies here and pull jobs at risk argentina is one of the world's top soybean producers and bio diesel here is also produced with this crop it is a crucial source of income for argentina because it provides the u.s. dollars kaname desperately needs dollars that help keep the trade balance in check since taking office president. he has been trying to open up argentina's economy and the net that that argentina is trying to open its economy in bio diesel is one of the products that exports the most by losing its main buyer means we will have to look elsewhere argentina cannot afford to lose markets if it wants to get its economy back on track environmentalist have long questioned the cost of argentina's
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reliance on that so you have the entire areas of the country's forest have been destroyed to grow what is known here as green gold experts say biodiesel is different in. the united states and europe request a sustainability test so that the story of being used for bio diesel can be checked argentina has been certified and credited for this. argentina says it will file a complaint against the united states at the world trade organization in the meantime factories here will have to find new overseas markets if they are to save the industry and precious jobs. i didn't hear. doctors in the u.s. are trying to manage the worst flu outbreak in a decade fifty three children have died this winter and flu related hospital admissions archon all time high people are being urged to get the flu vaccine but there are questions about its effectiveness kristensen new reports. hospital
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emergency rooms across the country are inundated with sneezing coughing sniffling patients in atlanta georgia grady memorial hospital opened a temporary mobile emergency room and closed in plastic tents to handle a twenty five percent increase in visits in the month of january the flu this year has been dangerous for volume in the emergency department has reached a critical number and not only us but our increasing colleagues we really need to bring in an additional resource the very old in the very young are the group that tend to be in the most danger from catching the flu is a cesspool of flu a cesspool of funky flu at the e.r. right now in florida one tired nurse posted this now viral video after working a twelve hour shift as watch this i'm going to teach elementary trick it's. her advice is simple cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough wash your hands and
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avoid bringing healthy people to the emergency room the u.s. centers for disease control says the hospitalization rate for flu is at an all time high this year with forty nine of the fifty us states reporting widespread flu activity still the scale of this outbreak is dwarfed by one which occurred one hundred years ago this month one of the deadliest in history in one nine hundred eighteen spanish influenza spread around the globe in the aftermath of world war one over a period of two years it killed tens of millions of people globally including six hundred seventy five thousand in the united states alone this flu strain may not be as deadly but the national institute of health is still advising americans to get a vaccine even though a canadian study found it was less than twenty percent effective we should point out that even though the vaccine is less than optimal it's efficacy that the small to moderate amounts of protection you get against influenza by getting
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vaccinated is always better than no protection at all by not getting vaccinated that's very clear with as many as ten more weeks left to this flu season u.s. health care workers are looking for all the help they can get kristen salumi al-jazeera. now is the latest high profile actress to accuse disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein of sexual assault thurman says weinstein assaulted her in a london hotel after they were together on the one thousand nine hundred four film pulp fiction she's breaking her silence off to saying in october she didn't want to make any accusations in anger or than seventy women have come forward with allegations against weinstein in the past three months. the indonesian government is coming under increasing pressure to help a remote jungle tribe the ass much people from the eastern part of our province live relatively undisturbed until midway through the last century now the encroachment of modern life is threatening their way of life but instead of asking
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reports from the past not town of agates they're still keen to move on from some parts of the history children in this remote part of eastern indonesia are dying of disease and hunger a measles outbreak is claiming lives infecting children's bodies week from malnutrition decades ago people were proud and feared worriers well known for head hunting and cannibalism those traditions have now gone and only on this play in museums but the rest of the tribes unique culture is also in danger of being lost with. our culture must not disappear we have abolished back traditions and are focused on the good parts of our culture we still like killing and eating people that was clearly not a good sign of our culture but our sculptures our cultural festivals we need to protect them they can't disappear the bad things have been taken by the winners in
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. modern day good stuff replace what nature used to provide in the jungle instant noodles and ice cream are on the menu instead of baked forests are no longer a source for food city style garbage is seen everywhere here it becomes painfully clear how a unique culture is rapidly disappearing instead of psagot trees plastic waste dominates the habitat of the us my people many say it's a sign that indonesia needs to act fast if it wants to maintain its diversity and preserve the centuries old culture because of the lack of good nutrition diseases spread quickly many children have died because medical post in remote areas are unmanned. church leaders estimate the figure could be in the hundreds but. we have to realize that this tragedy is a very important lesson to us it shows how we have failed at brothers and sisters and not managed to bring welfare and health care to them it shows that a lot has to be done was church workers provide information to villages about
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healthy food but proper education facilities are seriously lacking we visited a school with only one teacher present the head of the school had not shown up for work for four years the government admits its approach has failed. in what we found is that the services we provided were not enough they did not reach the right people and were not affected of or it was the wrong approach all together now we are discussing with several ministries to see what is the best approach that suits their cultural that level of development president joke suggested relocating the more than one hundred thousand members of the tribe to a town but that was immediately rejected the government now says it aims to preserve the culture and provide the medical care and assistance needed for the people to survive on the land they have always known step fastened al-jazeera our
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guts. it will soon be all change for schoolchildren in kenya a new curriculum is planned for the first time in thirty two years but some parents say the need teaching methods are both ambitious and expensive critics say the government also needs to build more schools buy more books and employ more teachers catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. there's a new way of teaching in this public school classroom. class to children on the outskirts of the capital are part of a pilot program for the new curriculum to be rolled out next year it focuses more on life skills technology natural talent and less on final exams many parents and teachers say it's a welcome change from the old one called eight for four but also ambitious and expensive for its not to feel the government a need to consult even the donuts because it has. a nonsense
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and does the same with it for for starters it's a horse of a good system because we had walked ships students who had to be trained on home science on things that they can do with their own hands of any defense of the because of lack of funds primary and secondary education in public schools is free but they are crowded and there's not enough teachers or books so many parents who cannot find space in government schools or afford expensive private ones bring their children to even more crowded cheap community schools like this one in one of nairobi slums skin or oh ages we have to because these are complimentary schools whatever we get to be our school fees is not enough to cut off for the teachers and maybe i would say we begin by telling them that we only issue a talk in here. that whole can is just about a hundred and fifty dollars a month at the highest the teachers here are more fortunate than in their the schools which pay much less for more work this was. the men with the latest world
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are the most i think in the face of the two to start in the room down and out was a panel to the right called the. express and this director of a child education rights group shows us findings of research done middle school pupils in dozens of government schools nationwide were tested on literacy and comprehension most well below average. where you have maybe fifty children twenty of them come. here to there are many not so you keep getting the twenty every day you're moving one remotely and they're the ideas that's going to. their left way behind them you know and there was a problem was the. primary students prepare for their
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final exam at the end of this year their teachers they're all trying their best with the little they have catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya. archaeologists in egypt have announced the discovery of the tomb of a priestess which is thought to be more than four thousand years old the discovery was made on the giza plateau around twenty kilometers south of the capital cairo experts say it's the tomb of hetty bet a prominent priestess in the fifteen a c. in the twenty fifth century b.c. the tomb has some rare and well preserved or paintings. but look at the top stories for you now a russian fighter jet has been shot down an adlib province with the pilot killed in a subsequent ground fight al jazeera sources have learned that turkey and russia
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claim the group behind the attack on the us is backed by the us russian planes have been targeting rebel fighters with more than thirty fighters killed in high precision strikes on saturday alone. italy's prime minister has condemned a drive by shooting spree targeting african immigrants warning hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide people tack happened in the central italian town of much retta police have arrested a man who is wrapped in an italian flag and doing a fascist salute. thousands of nationalist protestors in corsica's capital a jack c.-o. have taken to the streets calling for more autonomy corsicans were fighting for independence from france twenty years ago before their leader was assassinated in one thousand nine hundred eight nationalists have now taken control of the island's regional assembly david chaytor has more. well essentially what the nationalists want to do now they have control of the courtroom is make a very clear message to approach the marker on whose do through arrive here on the
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island next week on that message was that this is not just a minister region of france corsica is a country called secure is a nation of course is a people. the u.s. secretary of state is in argentina on the second stop of his five nation tour of latin america rex tillerson is spending the day touring the national park he also attended a briefing on environmental issues to listen is looking to drum up support for washington's tough stance on venezuela's president nicolas maduro. but a country defense minister says saudi arabia the united arab emirates had intentions to invade his country last june at the beginning of the gulf diplomatic crisis saudi arabia the u.a.e. egypt and bahrain cut ties with qatar and imposed a blockade after accusing it of supporting terrorism cateye has strongly denied the allegations or your speed with all of our top stories that's it for myself and the
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team here in london much more news coming up from the heart about twenty five minutes time off to innovate africa which is next. on counting the car some of the biggest names in tech out with record earnings but they're also under scrutiny by regulators in what's being called a second look at business relations between the u.k. and china plus another scandal in the german orto industry counting the cost at this time. this is innovate africa a new series highlighting innovation and creativity across a continent on the rise today. how to become an online company that. karlovic recruiting members from before our economy too close to the on. mobile phones.


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