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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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creative thinkers show continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera . al jazeera. where every. outcry over a name hundreds of thousands of people protesting greece the decades long dispute with neighboring macedonia.
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alive adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a political power play in the mall deaves as the opposition tries to impeach senior government figures. italy's prime minister condemns the shooting rampage by a far right supporter who wounded six african immigrants a rocky ride to senegal's only passenger train will explore the ambitious plan to link east and west africa. and names inflaming a passionate protest by hundreds of thousands of people in greece there demonstrating right now in athens against the use of the word macedonia by the small bordering balkan states of protest as you can see it gathered outside parliament to try to dissuade the greek government from allowing the term macedonia
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in any settlement in the round with its neighbor the two countries agreed to set up to see asians. earlier this year they've been at odds over the say over the name since the republic of macedonia broke away from yugoslavia in one thousand nine hundred one greece was allowed macedonia to become a member of nato or to join the european union with out an agreement on the matter so what's behind greek opposition to the use of that word macedonia well the main argument is that it could imply territorial claims over its own northern region of the same name both governments have signaled that they are willing to compromise but convincing the voters may be difficult will be going live to athens to our correspondent who's after those demonstrations little later in this program the greek cypriots are voting in a presidential runoff election today both candidates say that they can reunify cypress and boost the economy president nicolas and i see days is hoping for
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a repeat of his twenty thirteen victory of a leftist rival stuff. the un to administer the demilitarized zone has divided greek and turkish areas on the island of cyprus since one nine hundred seventy four of us recent deficit to reunify the island broke down in july. now to political turmoil in the maldives the opposition has decided to file a motion to impeach several senior government figures including the defense minister and the attorney general it's also seeking a no confidence vote against the parliamentary speaker troops have surrounded the parliament building after days of unrest police and forth with crowds who are rallying in support of the supreme court's order to release political prisoners judges reinstated twelve m. teens who were expelled the siding with the opposition if they return to parliament the ruling party will lose its majority two m.p.'s have since returned from exile
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have been arrested at the airport in behavior saying she had is the spokesman for the president of the maltese he says that leaders are discussing the next steps. the administration has said it will. be as possible to. implement the supreme court ruling and. hold a press conference this morning in the morning. he spoke to the media about. consultations are ongoing. and the supreme court. justice has been consulted and. just as well as a prosecutor general to follow procedures portable in implementing the looting so there are. procedures and protocols to be brought out. and.
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talking about down to several cases they're talking about several individuals. so the. difference if any sentence is different stages there's. always need to be as to how best to implement the ruling. rules and procedures that have to follow the rules will enter. prime minister has condemned a shooting by a far right supporter saying that hatred and violence were be allowed to divide the nation six african immigrants were injured in the central town of musharraf's or a suspect is in police custody as peter shop reports. this was a drive by shooting that italian police said was racially motivated firing from this vehicle the lone gunman is said to have targeted foreigners on the streets in a shooting spree that lasted over two hours. it took place in the central italian city of much errata the mass said six people were wounded all of
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them black one with life threatening injuries a twenty eight year old italian name does look at try any was arrested by military police draped in an italian flag he reportedly wore during the shootings attorney had no previous criminal record and his motive for the shootings is unclear he did stand as a far right candidate for the northern league in recent local elections but received no votes in the count the italian prime minister was quick to condemn the shootings i mean ticket i mean only known for so nobody else will know what you want superman all behavior can all have ideological motivation criminals are criminals will start to side up but you're going to meet this over and over it so your state will be particularly severe against whoever thinks of nourishing the spiral of violence let's stop this let's stop this right now. will be to tensions in much errata had risen this week following the discovery of pamela musto pietro's body she had run
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away from a drug rehabilitation center on monday and police said she'd met a nigerian drug dealer the next day he was arrested by police. more than six hundred thousand mainly african migrants have reached italy by boat over the past four years and the center right block says the vast majority have no right to asylum in this promised mass expulsions if it takes power peter shop al-jazeera tancredi palmeri is a journalist based in israeli he says that saturday's shooting doesn't meet the country's threshold for terrorism. it's been charged with. must that. the by the i mean our luck or not that's why he as. a part of police that has not been found me a link. between the call police and all three of our law
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organisation not any where on lending to do that. then and that is in charge of the investigation or the sky and the act that the act of a mad men that i normally we only structure the organisation equally plea of the gore and up who are specific law in the life of the. family is. connected with we do that with all across the world in the last decade and more. up to the low then the thing that someone can be charged with burglary them if the producer all that for example are probably a bit older and least you know getting that on the car that evening for that then leave them all if it isn't doing the thorough what they need or they're doing something for the income that a weapon ages thought that is
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a pretty piccolo you need to leave that there in case that without a booth of this being the conduct of that is a. israel's cabinet has voted to begin the process of making the outpost in the occupied west bank an official settlement that's where a rabbi was shot and killed by a palestinian last month since then israeli forces have conducted raids in search of the killer politicians of which calling for the outpost to be legalized response to the attack all israeli settlements are illegal under international law a roadside bomb has struck a vehicle in egypt's sinai peninsula killing two soldiers the pickup truck in which they were traveling was just south of the coastal city of our reshma the bomb exploded six people were injured in the attack as yet there's been no claim of responsibility israeli aircraft have been carrying out air strikes in northern sinai with the approval of egypt's president fattah el-sisi at least according to
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the new york times it says that unmarked israeli war planes and helicopters have conducted dozens of raids in egypt over the past two years egyptian forces have been fighting i saw linked armed groups which have launched attacks in the region have been reports on the cooperation between egypt and israel before but it's always been denied by both governments of adultery is a senior research of the center for middle east and north african politics at the free university of berlin he says these revelations are an embarrassment for egypt's president. the open secret has always been that there is very close security cooperation between egypt and israel in the sinai and what i find puzzling in this report is that the egyptian air force after after the agreement after get into the israel is allowed to operate freely all over sinai so it's not clear why is there a need why was there a need for the egyptian air force to strike in sinai the problem of the egyptian
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military has never been its striking capability but rather is intelligence gathering capability anyway if the information is correct and this of course would be healed really embarrassing for the egyptian government for one simple reason because it indicates that the egyptian military is no longer able to protect its own territory and to do this it has to rely on its own folks israel because the regime has been building its legitimacy on protecting its capacity to protect us from terrorists now when we ship sions wake up to realize that the regime is doing this with the cooperation of israel. it is really earth drugs and cyanide is a very sensitive issue. because they would perceive it as an infringement on the human rights watch is urging bahrain to stop arbitrarily stripping nationals of their citizenship it says that eight people have been made stateless and deported to iraq over the past week videos appeared online showing some of them saying
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goodbye to their families two weeks ago appeals court upheld a decision to deport them for damaging state security but according to human rights watch since twenty twelve bahrain has stripped five hundred seventy eight nationals of their citizenship leaving many of them stateless just last week on january thirty first bahrain stripped forty seven people of their citizenship on terrorism related charges and three days ago on february first another twenty five people lost their citizenship. passenger trains collided with a freight train in the us state of south carolina killing at least two people the past just service was carrying around one hundred forty people when it hit the freight train near the town of k.c. at least seventy people injured in the crash of being treated in hospital. yet so there was a train collision and a near charleston highway and pine ridge drive between a freight train and a passenger train when we arrived on scene. we began assisting passengers off of
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that train at this time there are no passengers on the train it's very important point that out. there were about seventy passengers that were transported to local area hospitals for various injuries there were two faith tallies according to the lexeme county sheriff and county coroner's office that has been confirmed we'll get a weather update thanks to zero then. three opposition groups in syria say they shot down a russian plane. and the man with a gold tom brady's name the n.f.l.'s most valuable player for the third time as he aims for a sixth super bowl title. hello there is still rather cold for many of us in the southeastern parts of china the
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temperatures we're trying to recover i think we'll get up to around five in shanghai on monday but then the winds pick up a little bit once more and this time of temperatures will only be topping at around three still cool for the south as well so hong kong struggling to get to around fourteen it is mild a force in hanoi our temperatures about eighteen out towards the west and there's a lot of cloud that's building here at the moment so we're going to see lots of grey weather as we head through monday and into tuesday so swathe of it not a great deal of rain on this system just a little bit there in the foothills of the himalayas but elsewhere is just make going to make the frontrunner all the milky times so lots of cloud there as we head out towards the west though here in doha not a great deal of cloud at the moment but it has been very windy those winds easing off now though so as we head through monday twenty three degrees will be our maximum and it will feel a bit milder than it has been as we've lost that wind there is cloud is working its way steadily towards us but again not a great deal of what weather on this just a fair amount of murky weather towards the south staying dry and fine for many of
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us twenty three there is a maximum temperature fourth in muscat as usual though it is mild the force insula temperatures will be making it to around twenty seven or twenty eight. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the messages simply state you have before playing that good logical rational person trace amounts and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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again our top stories this hour the opposition of the maldives says that it will file a motion to impeach several top government figures troops have surrounded parliament tough days of unrest rallies have been held in support of the supreme court's decision to release opposition leaders. it's a nice prime minister has condemned the shooting by far right supporters say that hatred and violence will not be allowed to divide the nation six african immigrants were injured town. suspect it's costing. us right now hundreds of thousands of people are rallying in athens against the use of the day macedonia by the balkan states the borders greece the greek government argues that using the term could imply territorial claims over its all the breach of the same name al-jazeera says out that. this happened again in one nine hundred ninety two
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shortly after communism collapsed in eastern europe but you get the former yugoslavia broke up into its constituent states what you're seeing here now in athens is a replay of those same emotions but we will see. and if you by step aside slightly and you look behind me the square in front of parliament is now completely full of people but that's only a small part of the demonstration we've seen that the avenues leading into the square in every direction off filled with people as buses have been bringing people in from all parts of greece the church is supporting this demonstration and they have a lot of sway in greek public opinion opposition parties have been supporting it there are people here dressed up in military uniforms from the turn of the century when greece was still an expanding state back in one thousand and thirteen and conquered those parts of northern greece which are today the greek provinces of macedonia and three's
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a great sense of not only patches i'm here but also of greek of modern greek history which shows you the extent to which greeks here believe that the very foundations of their modern state which they began to build in eighteen twenty one and took more than a century to put together from the pieces of the ottoman empire they feel all of that is at stake here today three opposition factions in syria all say they were behind the downing of a russian warplane have a province. this is video from the army one of the groups that says it took down the fighter jets. russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected but was killed in a ground fight near the town of so lacob fighting has escalated in the ad lib in recent weeks as government forces try to push out the rebels from their last stronghold al-jazeera stephanie decker has more from the turkey syria. a lot of luck. this is
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a russian fighter jet shot down by opposition forces. i mean remember the pilot manages to eject but he didn't survive. for these syrian fighters it's a huge symbolic victory. russian the syrian government have intensified their bombardment of province over the last two months government forces a slowly capturing territory in the south what is the last remaining syrian province under full rebel control. they're inching closer to the city of sirte archive which lies on a strategic road linking the northwest all the way to the capital damascus territory that is now almost fully under government control. and in syria's complex web of regional and international allegiances some say this offensive has been well planned and has further implications been there are some people who are in fact wondering if there is
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a tacit agreement between the russians and the turks whereas the russians would actually give the green light for the turks to act in again the kurds in exchange for the russians and allies actually to capture parts of this of this. the government of edward meaning of that old between the mosques and that there but for. that offensive against the kurdish controlled district is now into its third week turkey's backing fighters from the freeze. syrian army against the kurdish people protection units. turkey considers the y p g a terrorist organization even though it's the united states is most effective in fighting i still talking. intensely to areas there is a base just right behind us and this is in line with what politicians here are saying the first phase of this operation the aim to wipe away from its borders.
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all along that border a steady stream of military movement vehicles i mean and buses packed with syrian f.s.a. fighters this is a very visible operation but it's also a difficult one the y.p. g. know the terrain well and they have been preparing for this it's the latest frontline in a war that year after year simply changes its form and never seems to end stephanie decker al-jazeera on the turkey syria border in iraq three people have been killed and another injured in a roadside bomb explosion in the capital baghdad it happened in the shahadah neighborhood south of the city so sad bombing in pakistan's northwest and swat valley has killed eleven soldiers and wounded thirteen others the attack a targeted an area in kabul used by troops for exercises the taliban says that it was behind the blast the armed group controlled the region in two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine on africa in islamabad. where did it cord coming out
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of cupboard richard. then turned on their doors for home are the main center of swat valley richard miniter city the attack area said to have been a suicide bomber. penetrated into a ground military camp where the storage areas were playing while it barred and then did their navy. rear door did it eleven soldiers didn't go see where captain would carry a carrot you know there is no room there is now a trigger member dead back into targeted. the pakistani military had driven out that's what he got a bond from to say yeah he did that day since then and on the military and they. were there leading this why he thought the barn and now the overall commander of the city did not have one point just on their horse or they're delivered for
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instability reporter david germany's chancellor angela merkel has warned that more tough talks lie ahead before a government can be formed conservative policies negotiating with the social democrats on forming a coalition germany has been without a government since the major parties lost ground to the far right in september as election. come on it's the only song that. one can tell by now how long this will take we worked well yesterday but there are still important points that we haven't get out so i'm going in with but of course with a certain expectation that we will face difficult negotiations at today's meeting. it is our will a social democrats and we will tell these to our guests who are here today to establish this coalition on the basis of a strong social democratic program if possible and to give to germany this is everybody's wish a stable government analysis now from al-jazeera as paul brennan. it's a crucial day for the coalition talks but deadlines has slipped before so let's not
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pay too much attention to whether or not they'll do a deal by the close of play on sunday the most important thing is whether they can bridge their policy gaps the policy gaps remain significant for example on health care the s.p.d. of martin shields and the c.d.u. . have very different views about how to close the gap between private health care here in germany and the statutory quasi public health care system and also there are big differences on labor law as well for example the center left s.p.d. want to see an end to fixed contracts the center right c.d.u. of angela merkel very much against ending fixed term contracts although they are prepared to compromise and prevent fixed term contracts going on a kind of rolling basis so big big policy differences that need to be addressed they're making sort of tough noises they're saying that they think that there is room but it's going to be tough it's the kind of language you would expect going
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into a negotiation it might not happen today could happen monday or tuesday is it going to happen probably yes britain's government to say introducing new rules to tackle money laundering the times newspaper says the measure will give the government the power to seize what it sees as suspicious assets u.k. security minister ben wallace told the paper that the government will investigate foreign nationals who have more than seventy thousand dollars in assets if they can't adequately explain how they got the money london's banking and property markets propped up by hundreds of billions of dollars worth of foreign money investigators suspect that some of that cash is illegal but barrington is the executive director of the global anti corruption organization travelers transparency international he says that money laundering in the u.k. is widespread. there is an interesting figures around the u.k.'s national crime agency says that the round one hundred billion dollars. of dirty money that comes
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through london stays in london every year so begin scale we also know that there are at least forty thousand properties in london whose owners the simply aren't they so there is certainly hundreds probably thousands of people this will apply to when the national crime agency or other similar rules or. see that somebody owns property whether it's a physical property like a house or other types of property that seems to be in excess of what they could have legitimately acquired in terms that wealth and national crime agency can ask the court to freeze the assets and then the person who owns the house will be asked to prove where they got the money from travel within africa can be challenging at the best of times but now an ambitious plan is being drawn up to connect east and west africa by rail senegal's president macky sall pushed for the project that's being paid for by the chinese government and supported by the african union those behind it hopefully it will increase trade on the continent where i will run
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through ten countries from senegal in the west to djibouti in the east it currently takes at least five days to travel by road from the senegalese capital dhaka to the capital of djibouti flights between east and west africa are opening up but airfares certainly aren't cheap and the last of our report on global trade routes nicholas hawk reports from senegal. on board the five fifteen train from the car to chess most passengers are on their way home after a long day of work in the city. the fifteen minute journey home always seems a bit longer than the morning commute. after years writing this train was fun so has learned to enjoy this moment free from just tractions. remember the walking talking a good time for myself here if i drive to work it would take me at least four hours and i'd be stuck in traffic trains are still the quickest safest and cheapest way to travel. they call it the little blue train the locomotive was bought from
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pakistan the wagons from india. the parts were brought to senegal and refurbished in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's the only passenger train left in senegal all the other lines including the historic train to mali were bad and because they were too costly to run much to the frustration of commuters and railway unions alike. privatizing the railway lines was a clear mistake a country cannot grow without developing its roadways system but now we are excited with the steps in to go another sites are taking the african union has an ambitious plan to connect the port of the car in the west to the port of djibouti in eastern africa linking ten countries many of them landlocked it's called the trams african railway project. there are seven thousand eight hundred kilometers of unfinished railway tracks alone will cost thirteen billion dollars to build. it's an enormous amount each country is tasked with finding its own financing for their part of the railway. chinese companies have signed deals to rebuild the former colonial rail
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lines that were bounded by the french both in the car and in djibouti it's the start of an epic engineering project that will take years to build and promises thousands of jobs across the continent. there are no roads or highways connecting the west of africa to the east nor is there a direct flight between the car and djibouti in fact no one has ever tried to connect both coasts of africa neither the french nor the british the former colonial powers. construction hasn't started yet but the prospect of reopening the century old tracks has got many excited and hopeful abound in train station may get a new lease on life and for the many passengers like so who use this every day it may not be the end of the line for the five fifteen train from the car nicholas hark al-jazeera yes senegal. new england patriots quarterback tom brady has been
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named the n.f.l. as post valuable player for a time at forty he's the oldest winner of the prize brady of the patriots just hours away from taking on the philadelphia eagles in super bowl fifty two the apple is to minneapolis account it will give brady the chance to become the oldest quarterback to win that title the eagles are making their third super bowl appearance having been in the minnesota vikings in the n.f.c. championship game. plenty more sports and latest news along with lots of video for you allow us is to over the websites take a look at al-jazeera dot com. it is good to have you with us adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people are rallying right now in athens against the use of the name macedonia by the balkan state the borders greece the greek
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government argues that using the name could imply territorial claims over its own region which has the same name. reports from athens. a great sense of not only patrick isn't here but also of greek of modern greek history which shows you the extent to which greeks here believe that the very foundations of their modern state which they began to build in eighteen twenty one and took more than a century to put together from the pieces of the ottoman empire they feel all of that is at stake here today the opposition in the maldives says that it will file a motion to impeach several top government figures troops have surrounded parliament on to days of unrest rallies have been held in support of the supreme court's decision to release opposition leaders. italy is prime minister has condemned the shooting by far right supporter six african immigrants were injured in the town of much of after a suspect is in police custody passenger trains collided with a freight train in the us state of south carolina killing at least two people the
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passages service was carrying around one hundred forty people when it hit the freight train near the town of k.c. at least seventy people were injured in the crash and of being treated in hospital three opposition factions in syria say they were behind the downing of a russian warplanes. profits. this is video from the army one of the groups the claim to. russia's defense ministry says the pilots ejected was then killed in the ground fight. the new york times says that israeli planes have been carrying out acts in northern sinai with the approval of egypt's president. it says unmarked israeli war planes and helicopters have conducted dozens of raids over the past two years egypt has been fighting isis groups in the region. who has warned that more tough talks lie ahead
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for a government can be formed a conservative party is negotiating with the social democrats on forming a coalition. here with a little over twenty five minutes on al jazeera. this week's edition of the listening post next. some of the biggest names. but they're also under scrutiny by regulators in. business relations between. in the. industry. at this time. i. call.
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it the listening post here are some of the media stories we've been tracking this week.


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