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subcontinent and in a series of special reports we look at new trade and travel routes which are opening up the old february on al-jazeera. more than seven decades ago a country was split into. jenin and now we're. getting pictures all it took was a pen a map of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled his servant who had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violent birth of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these nuclear neighbors partition borders of blood at this time. zero. zero zero zero i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up
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in the next sixty minutes tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of athens in a dispute with its neighbor over the name macedonia. political turmoil and on rest in the maldives as the opposition files in each minute motions on senior government gets. talking tough on venezuela the u.s. secretary of state discusses the political instability on his trip to argentina. and in sport the new wing england patriots are preparing to face the philadelphia eagles in the super bowl the patriots quarterback tom brady is aiming for eighty six championship title will be live in minneapolis added the game. come to the program our top story more than one hundred thousand people have been demonstrating in the greek capital athens against the use of the name macedonia by
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its neighboring country greece has blocked the former yugoslav republic from joining nato the european union saying its name implies a claim over the greek province also called macedonia the protesters are angry at suggestions that the greek government is now ready to reach a compromise. has more from athens. the central message of today's protest in athens has been that there should be no use on any terms of the word macedonia in the name eventually negotiated with the neighboring country the former yugoslav macedonia those talks that have now begun in the last two weeks between athens and the former yugoslav macedonian capital sculpey have started on the basis of the notion that there will be a compromise on the greek side the compromise is that the word macedonia would be included and on the former yugoslav macedonian sides the compromise is that that
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would would be qualified by something like northern or slow of so that it wouldn't be pure republic of macedonia which was the original position of that country and has been for the last twenty five years but the compromise basis on which those talks have now begun appears to have been thrown into doubt by the fact that twice now hundreds of thousands of greeks have rallied to say no to any use of that name on any terms the worry among greek people is that the use of the the use of the word macedonia with greek permission would imply a macedonian ethnicity next door individual people would be able to call themselves macedonians and that might then imply that they are the direct descendants of the ancient macedonians whom the greeks consider a part of their own national history and therefore that would eventually they say lead even to territorial claims but even if it doesn't lead to that the greeks
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resent the fact that a part of their history is being as they see it stolen and they say repeatedly we will not rent out our history we will not allow it to be copied or to be forged this is greek history that we're talking about no other country should be able to lay claim to it they have no basis and so that position. exit extremely difficult for the diplomats and politicians on the two sides including the prime ministers who thrown their personal backing into these talks to continue ignoring this point of view was have a proposal they suggest to their two peoples will have to be ratified in parliament and if two thirds majorities cannot be found in parliament they may have to go to referendum in the two countries therefore public opinion is extremely important on this if these talks fail then the former yugoslav macedonia will not receive greek permission to enter nato or to achieve e.u.
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membership both of which many observers believe are vital for its survival and for its ultimate political orientation towards the west rather than falling prey to other influences. or john has this report now on the contentious history of. this is what happened when you the slavia broke apart a quarter century ago and its southern most state claimed independence as the republic of macedonia a million people gathered in the cell and the capital of the greek region of macedonia outraged that a non greek nation should lay claim to ancient greek heritage that is still the dominant view here today. they're trying to inherit all of macedonia and alexander the great this is a farce it's all happening because the americans want them and they are so early attempts at compromise came to nothing the government in the former yugoslav macedonian capital scorpio refused to relinquish the term macedonia and greece
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rejected the use of even a composite name that included it such as northern or slav macedonia one hundred countries recognized the new state including many nato and e.u. countries concerned for its stability and survival but greece has cited its own security concerns as a vital part of any agreement but government in scorpio would be called upon to remove articles in its constitution but. implied claims territory article forty nine talks about protecting macedonian minorities in neighboring countries article three leaves open the possibility of changing the country's borders in two thousand and eight the greeks vetoed former yugoslav macedonia as entry into nato undeterred the government in scope erected statues to engined king alexander the great and his parents but now there's a more moderate government in scope here willing to compromise over the name and greece's official position has changed to accept a composite name that includes the word macedonia but as far as greeks are
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concerned these are legal niceties that skirts the real issue which is national identity but this is a long name symbolized something if i come to her house and we say we're going to have the same surname that means we have the same father and same rights this is none we're not obliged to give with us. professor dorcas agrees that a nation comprised principally of slavs has no historic claim but says charity is in the greek interest we don't like them being called calling themselves macedonians bed what else can they call themselves and they need an identity can we convince our macedonians public opinion that giving them a bit of identity from. history will not chris's interest the talks that reopened last month are over the country's name and do not address identity or ethnicity but as both peoples see the two issues as interlinked
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reaching an agreement they will accept appears a difficult jump al-jazeera for us. so i'm joined in the studio now by angela jealous he specializes in great part of sex act king's college here in london thanks very much for coming in to speak to us and so we've been seeing pictures today of many thousands of people converging on the greek capital. with macedonia help us to one. the stand the rationale and the strength of feeling behind this it's a very strong feeling it's probably the most emotional foreign policy issue. that reese faces at the moment i think there are two parameters to mentions on this topic one is diplomatic and geopolitical one which says that a lot of greece see it is a matter of national interest to have a strong position on the so-called macedonian name issue on the other hand of course it's of issue for motional popular national identity so a lot of people consider the ancient legacy of intimacy is part of greek identity
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and is part of the greek narrative of continuous greek nationalism so it's a matter both of geopolitical disagreement the question of national interest in the question a very emotional national identity or when the two gets together it's actually very difficult to conduct diplomacy isolated from the sentiment on the street why are the protesters annoyed with the compromise proposal what's the problem with that. i think there's a big sentiment actually it's a very widely shared sentiment about growing populations the latest opinion polls so show somewhere between sixty and seventy percent of greek people object to the use of the term must donya by any other country apart from greece i think the sentiment is that don't is a term that is quite closely associated with greek history with greek culture and people feel that if it's used by any other country even a composer as the current negotiations and compromises state they feel that a part of their identity in a part of greek history will be lost to them so it's
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a very strong feeling of it's very strong feeling of national identity meanwhile you have the former yugoslav republic of macedonia they reject this idea or concept that greece has any exclusive right and actually interested enough of your fishel position of the greek government is that no. but he should have an exclusive rights to the use of macedonia to the name of macedonia. from the greek government the official perspective it is actually the republic of macedonia that is laying an exclusive claim to the term must donia because it uses republic of macedonia therefore the feeling is that scorpio governments copia monopolizes must donia from the group perspective it is a vis danger the they want to avoid by insisting on a so called compose it meaning valid you need to have an adjective in front of the official name of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to show that it is not the only country that lays claim over the region and these protesters feel that way
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yeah no no it's different no it's actually it's actually very very it's actually very very difficult what we what we just witnessed today in greece goes against the official position of the government and the stated positions of most opposition parties one thing you have to understand today it is a strong national feeling but it ties in a lot with a strong sense of anti systemic anti-elitist feelings that were stoked particular over the last ten years of crisis it is a feeling that basically says not only we don't like the idea of macedonia the name is donna being used by another country we don't trust the politicians to actually save got the national interest in any compromise or in any good session that's going on so it's a very explosive mix of national identity on hand and distrust in politicians on the other which is going to make it very difficult to resolve this dispute or if it's decades old is there any chance of that being an agreement this year i think
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it's very very difficult to have an agreement this year to be completely fair i don't see how even if greece accepted the negotiation how the government scope it would be able to sell it to very own people that have a very strong national the position there as well are so you basically would have this neutral excluding nationalist public opinion from both sides. i think what this issue can only be solved if you have leaderships in both countries a valid cut convince their public value they have struck the normal compromise that is in the interest of both sides put forward that you need trust between public and elites on both sides nothing this is locking on both sides to have a compromise at the moment as you say stoking nationalist feeling in both countries thank you very much for explaining here us dr angelus chris a cellist from king's college london thank you. only think them all these now are political power play is taking place the opposition has decided to file
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a motion to impeach for senior government figures including the defense minister and the attorney general troops have surrounded parliament following days of unrest and more countries are now advisers to the island nation charlotte ellis has an. opposition politicians use their phones to record troops messing around parliamentary grounds in the moldavian capital mali. the opposition met at parliament and decided to file impeachment motions against the defense minister home minister attorney general and security general they blame the government officials for failing to recognize a supreme court ruling that called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine. by hundreds of police officers in riot gear but somehow we managed to warn you some of the sweet load. of those two supreme court judges also reinstated twelve pace
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who were expelled for siding with the opposition opposition politicians say once parliament returns they will have the majority and can legally impeach president you mean. police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court on sunday they say they want him for corruption if that is an indication of how things will proceed if for example the phone president returns i think that means that he will be arrested and taken back to prison as well. what was a celebration for the release of political prisoners has morphed into protests the chief of police said he would implement the tax court decision the government fired him on saturday his replacement was also fired the opposition says it will continue protests as as long. politicians remain in prison or an excess.
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of. a spokesman for the president has told al jazeera they have nothing to fear and the president has every intention of releasing and retrying the nine political prisoners as mandated but it cannot happen immediately because of what the government calls procedural issues. to come protest as president in maine says he is willing to hold early elections his rival former president as she called it ludicrous tweeting from exile president you mean you must relink and leave now the politics in the tourism hot spot is at a standstill parliament is in recess and was scheduled to reconvene on monday that has been postponed indefinitely. shallop ballasts. mariam shannon executive director of transparency while they have spoke to al jazeera about the
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likelihood of free and fair elections as a result of this upheaval it looks like it was all in the past three years down the political situation. in the country has been. quite well in thailand and i'm certain the times but i think the heading to what's the twenty eighteen presidential election it is quite important for the political environment to be quinn to use it for a free and. free and fair elections but at looking at the current crisis i think even that the government seems to be at loggerheads with the supreme court. facing a question on who will uphold the rule the floor and the constitution in this country . who wanted to get things that we have been hi there is that. we'd all leaders of the opposition or potential president presidential candidate candidates either
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in prison or. in exile one of the key fundamentals of a free and fair elections do that every party should be able to look forward pick the candidate of their choice but that is that that condition has not been met but this has been a ruling on first degree and if it is implemented full business sheets conditional on the status which means effectively he should be able to contact twenty eight hundred presidential election but also note that at the supreme court ruling which states that the ninth well into the prisoners should be retried. may again be convicted and according to law in debian law if a sentence is longer than one year he will not be eligible to contest the presidential elections. and watching al-jazeera and his ally from london much more still to tell you about two people killed in the u.s. when a passenger train derails in south carolina more than four months off to the election that's because he's a still struggling to form
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a government. and lindsey vonn will head to the winter and in takes on the winning now it's our own kids in school. at least two people have been killed and more than one hundred injured in a trying crash in the u.s. state of south carolina the amtrak train was traveling from new york to miami when it collided with a freight train well tom ackerman is live for us now in washington d.c. and what is the situation with passengers that were on the train have they all been safely removed now yes they have been safely removed some of them have been sent to or put in shelters in the local area a rural part of south carolina about halfway along the journey to florida and the
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national transportation safety board is now looking into the causes of the crash but first indications are that the passenger train might have been simply on the wrong track. the train bound from new york and headed to miami carried one hundred forty eight passengers and crew it collided in the middle of the night with a freight train derailing its locomotive and the first car the two dead were crew members it's a horrible thing to see to understand the forces involved the engine of the the first engine of the freight train of course was torn up and the the single engine of the passenger train the amtrak train continued south was barely recognizable first reports indicated the freight train was parked on a side rail off the main trunk line this was the third fatal crash in two months involving amtrak america's only national passenger rail service last week an amtrak train carrying republican members of congress hit a trash truck killing
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a passenger in the vehicle and in december a train in washington state hit a curve at more than one hundred kilometers per hour twice the permitted speed that train was not equipped with an automatic braking system which might have prevented the accident that killed three and then just about one hundred others the government subsidized amtrak system has been heavily criticized by president donald trump he's pointed to its accident record as reason to push for more spending to refit the network of roads rails and airports united i'm calling on congress to produce a bill that generates at least one point five trillion dollars for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately needs but trumps a budget proposal to congress to be submitted this week calls for slashing amtrak's operating budget and rail investment grants by almost half.
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now the trumpet ministration justifies those cuts by saying that in fact this is not hypocrisy on its part but rather there deferring spending from current programs for existing rail lines which they say basically are outdated and aren't really needed compared to road travel that it's a bygone vestige and rather put that investment money into capital investment into new programs such as the infrastructure program that the president outlined but people here or critics of the administration point out that in fact a lot of that one point three trillion dollars for infrastructure very little of that or small proportion of that would actually come from the federal government and they're actually doing relying on private investors in state and local partnerships to actually come up with the money and how that would solve the national passenger rail system situation really has not been been explained all
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right thanks very much tom ackerman with all the latest on that story from washington now and all the developments the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in the argentine capital plan is iris where he is held official talks with the country's foreign minister it's the second stop on a tour of latin america trip is aimed at improving u.s. relations in the region to listen says anjan tina has a key role to play in addressing the crisis in venezuela. us our good time relationship is is really growing stronger every day as we work together to build a more secure more prosperous him a supporter of argentina has a extremely important role to play in that under the leadership of president mockery argentina has reemerged as a strong advocate for democracy and the rule of law and we in particular welcome argentina's leadership to promote democracy including in particular in venezuela
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we must continue to work to fulfill the requirements of the interim merican democratic charter we simply cannot allow and stand idly by to see a total destruction of a democracy in venezuela the videos where people deserve better let's go live now to daniel shaima he's in what is clearly the u.s. policy on venezuela is a central point in this latin america toll what do we know about the type of support the u.s. is king from countries in the region. well i think what's happened marianne is that argentina has emerged as a key part of the trumpet ministration mr tillerson there talked about strengthening of democracy in argentina what he didn't mention was the president of argentina his predecessors first of all christina kitchener and before that her
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husband neath had a terrible relationship with the united states with several presidents in the twelve or thirteen years that they were in power but if you're back we came to office about two years ago he's very much of a like mind of the with the trumpet ministrations certainly economically believes in austerity politics in opening up argentina to foreign investment those are exactly the kind of things that president trump and mr tillotson or would like to hear and when we heard him praising mr machree and chris administration in that speech as he did before he left the united states he was giving a long speech a few days ago at the university of austin in texas saying the united states was a friend of latin america they should be looking to washington for help not to china not to russia and i think his visit here is part of this campaign also showed that latin america that they have a friend in the united states you mentioned venezuela they're certainly president
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machree has been very vocal in his opposition in his criticism of the regime of president nicolas maduro as we see thousands of venice wayland's crossing the border every day to escape the direct anomic situation there mr tillerson and president machree meeting on monday and they're likely to be talking about how what they can do together with the support of the rest of latin america to try to bring about change in venezuela to cope with that crisis very much opposed to the elections that president nicolas maduro has called in venezuela before the end of the. april so they've got plenty to talk about president. mr tillerson in the next few days also at the top of the list will be the fact that argentina is going to be the president next president of the g. twenty will be a major summit here in argentina later this year so that also will be on the agenda
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how difficult is it a u.s. akers' secretary of state where access into reassure u.s. allies in the region as you say when his boss president trump has taken such a tough stance on immigration was certainly easier than it would have been as i say on the previous governments what we've seen in latin america in recent years is a definite political shift to the right we used to have a whole series of allies here in. libya we had a left of center government in chile or in brazil cuba nicaragua and argentina that has pretty much broken up there's very few members of that previous coalition still around there are now governments throughout latin america that certainly mr tillerson feels he can do business with. president macky here has been very supportive of president trump so far they say they agree very much on their
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business strategy for the region immigration not really an issue here in argentina rex tillerson before he came here he was in mexico talking to the president the foreign minister in mexico trying to placate their fears their criticisms of the very tough stance that president trump has had on immigration especially from mexico and central america but they say not really here in the southern cone as big an issue as it is in places like mexico and central america thanks very much shannon shannon when is iris. you with the news hour still ahead for you it's a he's racially motivated shooting one man is still in intensive care in the town of much errata. or taking a ride on senegal's only passenger train as plans are made for a new line running right across africa. and then install we'll hear from the a limp a president who says sports high score is frustrating his fight against doping.
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hello there we've got plenty of clouds piling its way into the middle east at the moment you can see it on the satellite picture working its way through parts of turkey and then toppling its way down through parts of iraq as well now there's not really a great deal of rain on this system the what's the weather is in the northern parts of turkey that will gradually then retreat its way further towards the northeast this area of cloud there will just sink a bit further towards the south there for tuesday making things a little bit cloudy a there for us in q eight meanwhile for the east fine for many of us we're looking at a top temperature there of only minus ten you know marty over the towards the south and here in doha will get to twenty three degrees on monday but it will feel warmer there has been recently as we'll have lost that wind and staying similar temperature wise as we head through into chews day a bit further towards the south and there's plenty of showers here they've been
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very heavy recently look at these ones here over parts of them bob way and into mozambique very heavy downpours here mozambique we've seen over eighty millimeters in places force in the way ninety five millimeters so clearly a lot of what weather there at the moment more still to come as well stretching all the way across into parts of madagascar very heavy showers here further south but largely fine and dry for now but as we head into tuesday we'll see if you will showers developing. the rhythm of our lives are vital source of sustenance to the countries that flows through this normal thing going on who can lay claim it wouldn't know what isn't going to give them the resources we fumbled but with this comes a destabilizing rivalry the country suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control of the record and transporting scene and consultation was not often included hunters because of some unknown fear of struggle over the death of
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this time on al-jazeera. it was auriol upon which modern day venezuela was a stop. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than cursed with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al jazeera . i come back with the news our look at stories making headlines tens of thousands of
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greeks have rallied in athens over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring former yugoslav republic. a stand off between the supreme court and the president is continuing in the maldives president abdullah yemeni is refusing to comply with a court order to release political prisoners and reinstate dissident lawmakers at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured in a train crash in the u.s. state of south carolina. when other stories are watching closely three opposition factions in syria saying they were behind the downing of a russian warplanes province this is video from the it live free army one of the groups which claims it took down the fighter jet on saturday it's the first time in the nearly seventy a war that three opposition groups have time responsibility for the same attack russia's defense ministry says the pilot ejected from the jet but was killed in a ground fight near the town of sarka fighting has escalated in
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a limp in recent weeks as government forces try to push out the rebels from their last stronghold we spoke earlier to pavel felgenhauer a russian defense analyst he told us the downing of the plane will boost the confidence of rebel fighters we shouldn't forget that the quote an apparent to a number of some russian jets were destroyed by mortar fire in the last month in just a month ago at me me i'm based by the rebels so the rebels are hitting back at the russians and there are casualties with the russians of course these are a lot of very serious casualties that would cause that much resentment inside in the russian society but still the rebels are plotting back that will raise their morale the lower maybe the morale of the russian pilots a bit which maybe you will be given instructions to be more careful not to go into
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to fly over five q armored there's a priest to be out of range of the small shoulder once missiles we also spoke to richard writes who is with the hudson institute a told us there's no evidence that a u.s. backed group shot down the plane. it's very convenient to blame the u.s. for their and so i suspect that if you mean if they make such a formal statement just saying it was a us the us gave the missiles to terrorists and the terror shot it down in turkey and russia are going to unite against the us sure but the evidence does not at the moment present that the turks turkish russia turkish u.s. relations really complicated their crisscrossing ties with the kurds with the two countries as three countries on other levels so i am sure they want to avoid a repeat of what happened two years ago when the turks were blamed for shooting down a russian plane so we may see them blame the us but beyond that i'm not expecting
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any formal action in some reports say it was brought down by machine gunfire there are couple of reports out there saying were shot down by a missile the rebels are not known to have a surface to air missiles of this kind of range so it's possible they managed to get one on the black market or something but it machine fire is caught is pretty constant but for the most part during the russian air campaign has not had many casualties the rebels shot down a helicopter they did have a successful sabotage raid apparently with drones a few weeks ago at an air base but shooting down an airplane i think it's the first time it's occurred and for now i would just say it's a one off incident i wouldn't if it is a curse on a regular basis and that really does mark a major change in the nam except the campaign. human rights watch says authorities in bahrain of deported eight nationals who were stripped of their citizenship at the end of january this year videos have been posted online showing them saying
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goodbye to their families for the deportees is intent and madge asked and iraq their removal follows an appeals court decision to uphold a ruling that audit that deportation for allegedly damaging state security. the palestine liberation organization has moved to cut ties with israel p.l.o. leaders met in ramallah in the occupied west bank on saturday they've ordered the palestinian government to draft a plan to cut off political economic and security contacts has been growing tension since december when u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital on all the developments israel is saying that it now plans to make the outpost in the occupied west bank an official settlement prime minister benjamin netanyahu told his cabinet it's in response to an attack that last month where rabbi was shot and killed by a palestinian since then israeli forces have conducted raids in the west bank in search of the killer or an israeli west bank settlements are illegal under international law meanwhile a funeral has been held for
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a teenager who was killed in one of those raids carried out by israeli forces the nineteen year old man was shot in geneva on saturday another palestinian man was shot dead and several others injured in other raids last month. israeli planes have been carrying out as strikes in egypt's northern sinai with the approval of the egyptian president abdel fattah sisi this is according to a report in the new york times it says unmarked israeli war planes and helicopters of conducted dozens of raids in egypt over the past two years i've been reports on cooperation between egypt and israel before but it's always been denied by both governments from west jerusalem imran khan has mall. so his the original report in sunday's new york times they'll have to say the reporting is all from british and american former security officials who spoke to the new york times none of it's actually come from either israel or egypt and we reached out to the israeli army
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for comment they say they weren't going to comment on this case but clearly it's a very big story both in the hebrew language and the english language parts now take a look at this this horace they're reporting fairly similar things israel conducted over one hundred strikes on isis in egypt using the new york times as a base the jerusalem post here as well just take a look at this israel struck over one hundred targets in sinai with caro's ok now this is going to be controversial for both countries there's a hard right here in israel that says it doesn't want any cooperation with its arab neighbors particularly when it comes to military that the israeli army should be completely independent also in egypt it's going to be controversial as well particular within the t.v. stations are very critical of any cooperation with israel when it comes to military matters now i did speak to a former israeli military official and asked him why this cooperation might be taking place he says simply they're very worried about groups like arsenal massing
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on their borders so it makes sense for something like this to take place when other developments in egypt security forces a saying that a roadside bomb in sinai has killed two policeman they say the pickup truck was just south of the city of irish when the bomb exploded six other people were injured now on the group has claimed it was behind the attack. and i had hearing community leader in a city says he fears they'll be further attacks after a series of drive by shootings on saturday five men and one woman all originally from africa where by the gunmen in the eastern town of much errata pizza shop reports. the lone gunman took two hours to target his victims in an attack that police said was racially motivated firing from the front seat of his car he shot six people as he drove through the streets. all of them were black and thought to be asylum seekers nigerian immigrant as get him
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said he was shot without warning i hear first. then or so. and it would. go. immediately. i hear it. right. for the head surgeon that much at the hospital said they'd all been very lucky. to go out this on the patients are stable the most serious cases still in intensive care yesterday he had surgery to stabilize the condition of the liver where the artery still bleeding the surgical treatment was a complete success and a twenty eight year old italian named as look at trani was arrested by military police draped in an italian flag he reportedly wore during the shootings. he was sculpted to prison early on sunday morning cerrone had no previous criminal record
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overnight italian police sealed off his apartment and later released video of the inside of his home it showed a copy of out of hitler's mind comfort and other right wing flags and symbols journey stood as a far right candidate for the northern league and recent local elections but was said to receive no votes in the count. the italian prime minister was quick to condemn the shootings i mean particularly now we know for some of the a.d.l. cool now what you want superman all behavior cannot have ideological motivation criminals are criminals will start to shut up but to call it meant to serve it over to your state will be particularly severe against whether things have nourishing to spiral violence let's stop this let's stop this right now. with the arrival of more than six hundred thousand migrants over the past four years the events of the last few days come amid a election campaign in italy where anti foreign a sentiment has become a key theme peter shop al-jazeera. cyprus's incumbent president has won the
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runoff election there with fifty six percent of the vote new cause i missed this comfortably beat his challenger stab ross must the vote could determine the pace of any resumption of peace talks on the ethnically split island a un administered demilitarized zone running through the capital nicosia has divided north and south cyprus since one thousand and seventy four. the bodies of sixteen migrants from sub-saharan africa have been recovered by moroccan rescue services in the western mediterranean sea the bodies were first spotted on saturday by a spanish ship off the coast of the spanish enclave of mania which borders morocco in north africa migrants trying to reach europe or increasingly attempting the sea crossing between if africa and southern spain. ecuadorians of voting in a referendum that could see presidential term limits reinstated in the south american country president lyndon moreno wants to reinstate
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a limit of two four year terms a constitutional amendment passed on the formally to rafael correa and two thousand and fifteen lifted any restriction on how many times presidents could serve if there is a yes vote in the referendum korea will be blocked from running in two thousand and twenty one. and germany has been no agreement yet in talks about forming a government with the mist and line meaning that it is now expect are expected to continue into monday chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are in talks with the social democrats merkel's been unable to form a coalition since the election held last september and both the main parties lost seats brennan has more from by the way. given the differences between these two sides sensor writes i know michael c.d.u. and center left martin childers is pretty it's perhaps not surprising that they're finding it quite difficult to tie down the final details of this coalition treaty it looks like they've agreed things like energy and agriculture policy in the
9:43 pm
matter of labor reform health policy and housing policy still some distance apart from each other and we heard it when the two leaders went in that they sounded sort of they were making the right noises were preparing people for a long night ahead and so it's proved the indications that we're getting from those talks are that it's not going to be concluded by sunday night it's going to go into monday and no surprises realistically there and the reason really is because the s.p.d. the center left needs to have a deal on the table that they can actually sell to their membership because it's the membership of the s.p.d. who will have effectively a veto on this if they come out with an agreement the can't be sold to the center left voters and frankly it's dead in the water china has criticised the us off the washington mounts its plans to diversify its nuclear weapons policy u.s. military says its current nuclear bombs a team big and want to develop smaller weapons instead of china russia and iran of all condemned the program the pentagon says
9:44 pm
a nuclear weapons revamp is largely in response to russia's actions in recent years . costa ricans have started voting to choose their new president polling stations opened on sunday for the first round of voting thirteen candidates are running to replace outgoing president least he's been constitutionally on from seeking a second consecutive term presidential race has been rocked by an international court ruling saying the country should legalize same sex marriage. now travel within africa can be challenging at times but now an ambitious plan is being drawn up to connect the east and west by rail senegal's president macky sall pushed for the project is being paid for by the chinese government and supported by the african union those behind it will boost trade on the continent a line will run through ten countries from senegal in the west to the east it takes at least five days to travel by road from the senegalese capital to cut to the
9:45 pm
capital of djibouti flights between east and west africa are opening up but says a not cheap in the final part of our series looking at new global trade routes nicholas hack reports from in senegal. on board the five fifteen train from the car to chess most passengers are on their way home after a long day of work in the city. the fifteen minute journey home always seems a bit longer than the morning commute. after years writing this train so has learned to enjoy this moment free from distractions. i'm going to remember them walking talking a good time for myself here if i drive to work it would take me at least four hours and i'd be stuck in traffic trains are still the quickest safest and cheapest way to travel. they call it the little blue train the locomotive was bought from pakistan the wagons from india. the ports were brought to senegal and refurbished in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's the only passenger train left in senegal all the other lines including the
9:46 pm
historic train tamale were bad and because they were too costly to run much to the frustration of commuters and railway unions alike. privatizing the railway lines was a clear mistake a country cannot grow without developing its roadways system but now we are excited with the steps in to go and other sites are taking the african union has an ambitious plan to connect the port of the car in the west to the port of djibouti in eastern africa linking ten countries many of them landlocked it's called the trams african railway project. there are seven thousand eight hundred kilometers of unfinished railway tracks alone will cost thirteen billion dollars to build. it's an enormous amount each country is tasked with finding its own financing for their part of the railway chinese companies have signed deals to rebuild the former colonial rail lines that were bounded by the french both in the car and in djibouti it's the start of an epic engineering project that will take years to build and
9:47 pm
promises thousands of jobs across the continent. there are no roads or highways connecting the west of africa to the east nor is there a direct flight between the car and djibouti in fact no one has ever tried to connect both coasts of africa neither the french nor the british the former colonial powers. construction hasn't started yet but the prospect of reopening the century old tracks has got many excited and hopeful abound in train station may get a new lease on life and for the many passengers like so who use this every day. it may not be the end of the line for the five fifteen train from the car nicholas hawk al-jazeera yes senegal. well that was the last now series on global trade routes of the pos for days we've been to north america thailand and laos and you can watch all of those reports on al-jazeera as you tube channel that's you tube
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dot com forward slash al-jazeera english was much more still ahead for you in this news hour for searches use high tech aerial mapping to find may and remains in the middle of what's a modern jungle. and in sports the history making hockey team play their first competitive game in readiness for the winter olympics. are. over the benefit of people. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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discover a willful would win in programming from around the world. to the demolition challenge . if you were to design a propaganda system you could not build a better plan then first of all full documentary debate and discussion this country that was once the the wealthiest in the region what went wrong how did we get to this point. now researches in guatemala have discovered new buildings and structures dating from the main civilization the discoveries include large agricultural fields and
9:50 pm
irrigation canals tens of thousands of buildings scientists used high tech aerial mapping techniques to find them in the middle of the dense jungle the pass and reach and. that's good news for now as far thank you so much marion new england patriots quarterback tom brady has been named the n.f.l.'s most valuable player for a third time at forty he's the oldest winner of the prize brady and the patriots are just hours away from taking on the philadelphia eagles insuperable fifty two the me at the list encounter will give brady the chance to become the oldest quarterback to win the title the eagles are making their third super bowl appearance having beaten the minnesota vikings in the n.f.c. championship game brady and the patriots coach bill belichick have been in seven super bowls together all of the qantas have been settled by less than seven points so expect
9:51 pm
a tight game the patriots are aiming for super bowl championship and number six the eagles have never won it the last time they reached the title game was in two thousand and four when they were beaten by brady and the patriots while eagles quarterback nick foles has thrown for sixty one touchdowns over his whole n.f.l. career brady has sixty eight touchdowns in the playoffs alone. well how do you not be as excited as ever played in a game like this there's you know everybody's watching you're playing for the championship you work hard to get to this point you know and you know you never know if you're going to get back again so you relish these experiences you take in you but you understand why we're here to you know this is again a big event there's a lot to do but ultimately this is about us playing a football game and playing the best game of the year if we can but i don't know what the feelings will be like i know at that moment will be you know if you know super bowl so i know that the only time i feel it or in that moment so i'm excited
9:52 pm
for now that's one of my teammates super bowl sunday and play a game i have no idea what off field i know to be a lot of excitement but i look forward to that moment political protests may have defined this n.f.l. season with some players choosing to kneel during the national anthem to protest against racial injustice earlier we spoke to have to post travis waldron has described how the n.f.l. has been handling. well they've had it's been all season now that this is been going on and even back into last year and i think the n.f.l. has kind of struggled to deal with it and struggled to respond the right way to it because you have on as you mentioned on one side you have people saying the boycott as long as the players neal and on the other you have fans say in the boycott as long as collin kaplan it's not back in the n.f.l. . you know when you look the n.f.l. now has an agreement with some of the players to fund social justice campaigns we haven't seen what that will mean yet but yeah i think no matter what the n.f.l. is really struggled to deal with this offseason i definitely think they've shown
9:53 pm
the power of the players the n.f.l. n.f.l. players haven't been as quick to assert that power as players here in baseball or in the n.b.a. but i think they felt now that they they have the power to force the n.f.l. to make some changes and argue on behalf of them the you know the causes they believe in so i think they've they've shown that they can stand up for themselves and for other people and in the issues in the causes they care about the new england patriots players none of them have really protested all season and malcolm jenkins who was the most vocal of the eagles players was among those who cut the deal with the n.f.l. to fund racial and social justice campaigns he's quit protesting since they reached that deal so it's unlikely that we'll see any of them protest and i but you know we'll have we'll have to see it's certainly possible still i wouldn't guess collin cabinet will be back in the n.f.l. any time soon now that he filed his collusion complaint against the league i think
9:54 pm
they're all you know that he probably doesn't have a chance of getting back into football and so that's at least settled and as we've seen in the past with players who have alleged collusion against the n.f.l. and other leagues it's often it's often the end of their careers. and right the six nations tournament and i got their title defense off to a winning start against italy on sunday they ran in seven tries as they beat italy forty six fifteen in rome it's a thirteenth consecutive defeat an internment for the italians and one top a table on points difference ahead of wales after the opening weekend. in the english premier league liverpool and tottenham jury two two in a thrilling game out and field two of the goals came in injury time with most l. adding his second of the game in the ninety first minute but it wasn't enough to feel the wind as harry kane made up for missing a penalty earlier on by converting from the spot to rescue a point for tottenham barcelona remain unbeaten so far in the league of the season but only just a late equaliser from gerrard piquet rescued them
9:55 pm
a draw spaniel espanyol had taken the lead through gerrard marino midway through the second half but piquet levelled things up with just eight minutes of the match remaining barcelona are now on club record twenty two match unbeaten streak in the leak to time wimbledon champion petra committed or has won her twenty first tour title at the st petersburg ladies' trophy the czech produced a dominant display to defeat defending champion christina mauldin ovitz six one six to win sunday's final it's just a bit of a second term meant when since returning to the tour last june following a knife attack in her home at the end of twenty six a team so moved back up to twenty first in the rankings on monday with no points to defend until the french open in may. olympic president thomas boxes the decision to overturn the lifespans of twenty eight russian athletes is extremely disappointing the german says the court involved needs to be reformed last week the court of arbitration for sport overturned the doping suspensions baquie speaking in south
9:56 pm
korea head of the games which start on friday decision on whether the athletes involved can now take part in these olympics will be taken this week. the r.u.c. are. not satisfied it is all with the approach or boycotts. we have discussed this situation had links yesterday and today. we feel that. these d.c. should show the urgent need. for reforms in the internal structure of cars. a more optimistic story surrounding these games involves the combined north and south korean women's hockey team never before have the two countries cooperated like this from an
9:57 pm
olympics and the team have just played sweden in their first warm up game but south of the stronger squad but at least three north koreans will start each game this encounter finished in a three one win for sweden north and south korea agreed to to field this team and march together under one flag at the opening ceremony after political talks last month. and finally skiing superstar lindsey vonn will head to the olympics on a winning note after claiming victory in the final downhill event before pyung chang on sunday the american completed this course in germany and one minute thirty seven point nine two seconds for her third consecutive triumph and it's this. one now has eighty one world cup race wins to her name and she's just five short of the all time best mark set by sweden's ignore is stan mark in the one nine hundred eighty and eight time downhill world cup champion the thirty three year old is
9:58 pm
bidding for just a second olympic title in south korea. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to mary i'm in london. thank you very much well that's it for myself i'm for this news out but not to why my colleagues suit us and will be here in just a couple of minutes a full bulletin coming out very shortly including of course around out of all of the day's top stories this day without as they are. facing realities growing up went to do you realize that you were living in
9:59 pm
a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in jail just because he expressed himself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say going to be up at the gallop the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail. for the nomadic john cartwright survival is about reaching
10:00 pm
a destination if we don't hurry well never be able to get the time thought the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous to the ice of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer and sometimes lose our cattle there with the cold war because of the storm risking you don't go here at this time on al-jazeera. tens of thousands of people rally in grief over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring former yugoslav republic.


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