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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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there was a cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia and this time on al-jazeera . the most memorable moments with al-jazeera was when i was on air as opposed to mubarak fell with the crowds in tahrir square. if something happens anywhere in the world al-jazeera is in place we were able to cover this like no other news organization. were able to do it properly. that is our strength. what say then they intends of thousands of greeks rally against their neighbors use of the macedonian label.
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and again i'm citizen this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the standoff between the maldives supreme court and the president deepens as he refuses to release opposition leaders the u.s. secretary of state increases the pressure on president maduro threatening to restrict the sale of oil from venezuela. and two people die and dozens are injured in a train crash in the u.s. state of south carolina. but first we bring you some breaking news out of syria eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government asterix in the northwestern province of layup the strikes caused extensive damage to buildings including a hospital syrian government and russian jets have been targeting since late december as they pushed to regain one of the last rebel held strongholds activists
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in the area also say. five of the people have been treated for what appears to be a gas attack the person based syrian observatory for human rights says civilians and medical sources in the town of sark reported smelling a. tens of thousands of greek said staged a mass rally in the capital athens surging the government not to compromise in a festering name route with neighboring macedonia gray says blocked the former yugoslav republic from joining nato and the european union saying its name implies a claim over a greek province or so cold macedonia john psaropoulos reports from. her the message was clear macedonians are greeks and no one other than the greeks should be allowed to use the name macedonia greeks refer to their neighbor by the name of its capital city skopje their opinion is important because they hold
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a power of veto over its entry to nato and the european union he might get a new enemy again as only one macedonian and its greek greek people will not accept the fact of the name we determine to show that we went out to history under the terms that can be no european prospects copia this was greece's official position until about a decade ago it has since accepted the use of the composites name such as more than all slavs macedonia and a new government in scope is willing to die you to the countries constitutional name republic of macedonia so the basis for a compromise in theory exists the question is can the two societies accept it the greeks have been through an eight year economic depression they have lost the sovereignty over the national finances and projects that humiliation has been compounded by the fact that many europeans have denied even that ancient provenance they have now said with one voice that their identity and history not up for
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negotiation most greeks agreed that the use of the name by known greeks employs a fictitious ethnicity and the first as part of their own ancient history the body like the only person in. this know message army and nation alexander the great was educated doing great by aristotle whenever he won a battle he put up a monument saying this big tree was won by all the craig. he didn't differentiate between matter and the thing breaks a generation of kids in skopje has grown up with it but that's their problem. some observers say inflated expectations are a greek problem as well many people in greece felt that at some point there would be some kind of ideal solution without the the word macedonia and everything would be solved that way the fact that diplomacy means eventually some painful decisions. the methods that message was not passed through greek society
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by the government in athens is to send its proposals to scope here in the next two weeks the crowds here warn against diplomacy without the people. athens. says a journalist based in nothingness he says most of those protesting where angry i went domestic. there were a lot of older people and older crowd than you usually get in a demonstration there whether children there obviously there were young children but it wasn't the sort of twenty's thirty's crowd you would get in a demonstration usually and if there seems to be a divide in how much people not people people don't care but i don't think people young younger generations who have been of bro who have a much more international perspective of things feel threatened by macedonia which anyway is the name that is now widely accepted across the world everybody calls
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them macedonia except greeks and it's i think people realized it's much more dangerous to allow macedonia to spin out of this family that has been out of nato out of the you when it's perspective when it when the thing that should happen is for them to be welcomed into this community and i think young people understand that it's much more dangerous to have a country that's being destabilized because of the mystic politics in greece. a sound off between the maldives supreme court and the leader is deepening president abdullah i mean is refusing to comply with last week's court order to release political prisoners and reinstate twelve dissident lawmakers and on sunday he received crucial backing from the attorney general he says any attempt to unseat him is unconstitutional shelob ellis reports. opposition
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politicians use their phones to record troops massing around parliamentary grounds in the moldavian capital mali. the opposition met at parliament and decided to file impeachment motions against the defense minister home minister attorney general and secretary general they blame the government officials for failing to recognize a supreme court ruling that called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine we will look by hundreds of military and police officers in riot gear but some only managed to warn you some of the sweet load. of those two supreme court judges also reinstated twelve pace who were expelled for siding with the opposition opposition politicians say once parliament returns they will have the majority and can legally impeach
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president you mean abdul gayoom police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court on sunday they say they want him for corruption if that is an indication of how things will proceed for example the phone president returns i think that means that he will be arrested and taken back to prison as well. what was the celebration for the release of political prisoners has morphed into protests the chief of police. said he would implement the state's court decision the government fired him on saturday his replacement was also fired the opposition says it will continue protests as long as politicians remain in prison or in excess of. a spokesman for the president has told they have nothing to fear and the president
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has every intention of releasing and retrying the nine political prisoners as mandated but it cannot happen immediately because of what the government calls procedural issues. to come protest as president in maine says he is willing to hold early elections his rival former president as she called it ludicrous tweeting from exile president you mean must relate and leave now but politics in the tourism hot spot is at a standstill parliament has recess and was scheduled to reconvene on monday that has been postponed indefinitely. shallop ballasts. and the united states the fallout over a controversial memo claiming the f.b.i. abused his power and spying on an aide to president trump is continuing and democrats on the house intelligence committee says he's worried that donald trump could send the democratic rebuttal to the republican memo however the republicans
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say the inquiry into the possible links between the campaign and russia would continue in spite of the madness release and gallagher is live for us in washington d.c. the decision on whether the democrats in rebuttal is to be cleared for release is going to mean a monday and day who is now pushing for it to be released. well in fact obviously the democrats are pushing for this rebuttal but some republicans are to of course the democrats' big problem with a four page memo is that they say the republicans cherry picked the information they need they're also worried that president may use it as a pretext to fire special counsel robert mueller who's in charge of the russian investigation they say that would lead to a constitutional crisis but there is something that hasn't really been spoken about in all this bipartisan arguing and that is national security but the ranking democrat on the national security committee is adam schiff and he says of the
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repercussions of releasing this full page memo for republicans have real issues and real ramifications for national security let's listen to what he has to say sources are going to dry up because of what the republicans on this committee are doing now there's a compact between our committee and the intelligence community you give us your deepest held secrets we will hold them in good confidence we want to use them. they're going to share a lot less with us now and other sources of nation are going to decide not to share with the f.b.i. because they can't rely on our committee not to be partisan in the handling of that information and that's a deep disservice which ultimately makes the country less safe and i was even alluded it's not necessarily running through party lines here of course the president already said he's been vindicated but some republicans are backing the intelligence community and indeed the russia investigation. i'm in the archive most notably perhaps paul ryan the speaker of the house he is for transparency something
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you hear republicans talking a lot about while blocking the democrat memo you've also got people like arizona's senator talking about the same thing but trey gowdy who is somewhat of a darling of the right after he grilled hillary clinton for eleven hours says this dossier that republicans have such a problem with it was partially paid for by the democratic national committee has nothing to do with rush or investigation he says he's looking at the bigger picture let's take a listen to what he has to say you still have a russia investigation even without it so. i don't know how many of the republican field. and on record of saying i support bob muller one hundred percent i think you would have a russia invert russia trying to interfere with our election in twenty sixteen with or without of dosh here so all of this is happening of course on super bowl sunday when most americans are tuning into that big american football game not paying much
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attention to this bipartisan politics it's really making a lot of people angry but this will be a big subject over the coming days in the coming months monday evening is the time to watch for that's when the national committee decides whether to release the memo from the democrats the president and house five days to clear it or to not clear it at all and they update and get their way at the latest from washington d.c. . still to come on the program more than four months off the election germany's political parties are still struggling to form a government and we take a ride on senegal the only passenger train has plans i made friends new line running right across africa. where we got a welcome return to summer across much of australia still some very lively showers
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across northern pos anywhere from around the cape york peninsula through the top ten through the kimberley but found a head still in place a bit clearer skies there for much of victoria new south wales and so adelaide temperatures getting up to thirty celsius in advices i reply pressure so that's squeezing those showers out of the way townsville and pushing up across northern parts we'll still see some lively showers maybe want to see shells just creeping into the southwest as we go on through choose the southern parts of the way could see a little bit of wet weather but not too much thirty one celsius empath thirty four celsius there for adelaide in the warm summer sunshine continue across the southeast and cool as a melbourne getting up so very pleasant twenty seven degrees celsius meanwhile we are going to stay on the coolest side there across new zealand bits and pieces of cloud of rain coming in here over the next day twenty three celsius in christchurch that's not too bad but you go on into choose to struggle to get to seven degrees celsius but at least it will be lost the fine andros upon the blue skies and
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sunshine coming through sunshine a wintry shallows meanwhile across japan over the next couple of days there's really three showers making that way for the east. our. own the benefit of people. who witnessed documentaries not open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian asked in the rebel held province of activists in the area also say five other people have been treated for to appears to be a gas attack. tens of thousands of greeks have rallied in athens over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring format you the son of the public. and president abdoulaye i mean of the multi-verse is refusing to comply with a supreme court order to release political prisoners and reinstate dissident lawmakers. secretary of state rex tillerson says the united states is considering restricting the sale of oil from venezuela to listen made the comments in argentina and chile is visiting. an america tour and is improving u.s.
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ties with the region to listen said u.s. officials are analyzing the impact of potential oil sanctions on business interests he also called in argentina to play a stronger role in promoting democracy in venezuela. u.s. arjen time relationship is is really growing stronger every day as we work together to build a more secure more prosperous him a secure argentina has a extremely important role to play and i don't know the leadership of president mockery argentina has reemerged as a strong advocate for democracy and the rule of law and we have particular welcome argentina's leadership to promote democracy including in particular in venezuela we must continue to work to fulfill the requirements of the interim merican democratic charter we simply cannot allow and stand idly by to see
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a total destruction of a democracy in venezuela the venezuelan people deserve better. over in venezuela that have been. that have been celebrations to mark the anniversary of a failed minute ship rising by phone the president hugo chavez. has been evading the celebrations which are taking place a day off the whole confound the date for a selection. has the latest for us from what is. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson here in argentina rest part of a regional tour really to show latin america the united states is interested and cares about the region that it wants to invest here before he left the united states he did warn that it was not in the region's long term interests to have big chinese or russian investment here that the long term future lay with the united states that's not always a view that has been shared here in latin america in the past few years we had many
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left of center governments which did not see eye to eye with previous u.s. administrations there have been elections it's been a peach moment in brazil which means that there are more governments certainly in line with the u.s. ideological and economic thinking rex tillerson here to try to find unity in how the region how the united states will deal with the current crisis in venezuela the socialist president nicolas maduro has called for elections before the end of april there's been general criticism most notably from the argentine president maurice your mackley saying that that is on constitutional that the opposition is not being allowed to take part thoroughly in those elections also there are regional worries that the situation in venezuela gets worse more and more venezuelans are going to cross the border into neighboring countries. latin america with the help of a can of the united states very keen to deal with that problem. china has
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criticized the u.s. off the washington announced its plans to diversify its nuclear weapons policy the u.s. military says it wants to develop a smaller atomic bombs as it's concerned moscow sees its current nuclear weapons as too big to be used china russia and iran have condemned the program will add amount is the director of the defense posture project at the federation of american scientists and he says the u.s. decision to diversify nuclear weapons could escalate tensions. the new nuclear posture review raises concerns about. misattribution or mistakes it makes an accidental war more likely but at the same time we also have to remember that these programs are justified by russian and chinese nuclear buildups themselves the chinese are building new missile submarines they're building new i.c.b.m.'s the russians have a whole suite of new nuclear weapons programs those are alarming so we're really in
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a reciprocal arms race it's not just the united states driving this we're all doing it together unfortunately at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured in a train crash in the u.s. state of south carolina the amtrak train collided with a freight train overnight in what is the third fatal crash in two months talk among reporters. the train bound from new york and headed to miami carried one hundred forty eight passengers and crew it collided in the middle of the night with a freight train derailing its locomotive and the first car the two dead were crew members it's a horrible thing to see to understand the forces involved the engine of the the first engine of the freight train and coast was torn up and the the single engine of the passenger train the amtrak train continued south was barely recognizable first reports indicated the freight train was parked on
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a side rail off the main trunk line this was the third fatal crash in two months involving amtrak america's only national passenger rail service last week an amtrak train carrying republican members of congress hit a trash truck killing a passenger in the vehicle and in december a train in washington state hit a curve at more than one hundred kilometers per hour twice the permitted speed that train was not equipped with an automatic braking system which might have prevented the accident that killed three and then just about one hundred others the government subsidized amtrak system has been heavily criticized by president donald trump he's pointed to its accident record as reason to push for more spending to refit the network of roads rails and airports united i'm calling on congress to produce a bill that generates at least one point five trillion dollars for the new infrastructure investment that our country so desperately needs but trump's budget proposal to
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congress to be submitted this week calls for slashing amtrak's operating budget and rail investment grants by almost half tom ackerman al-jazeera washington. israel says it plans to make they have to gail out outposts in the occupied west bank an official settlement prime minister benjamin netanyahu tell his cabinet the move is in response attack to an. that last month a rabbi was shot and killed by palestinian and israeli forces have conducted raids in the west bank in search of all israeli west bank settlements in the under international law meanwhile a funeral has been held for a teenager who was killed in one of those ranges carried out by israeli forces a nineteen year old man was shot in janine on saturday another palestinian man was shot dead and several others injured in other range last month. cyprus's incumbent president has won the runoff election there with fifty six percent of the vote
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mikasa and they started to comfortably beat his challenger staffer ross must the vote could determine the pace of any resumption of peace talks on the ethnically split island the un mr demilitarized zone running through the capital nicosia has divided north and south cyprus since one nine hundred seventy four. germany where there's been no agreement yet in talks about forming a government with negotiations now set to continue on monday chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are in talks with the social democrats have been unable to form a coalition since the election held last september when both the main parties lost seats paul brennan has more from berlin. given the differences between these two sides sensor writes i'm glad michael c.d.u. and center left martin schultz is pretty it's perhaps not surprising that they're finding it quite difficult to tie down the final details of this coalition treaty it looks like they've agreed things like energy and agriculture policy for the
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matter of labor reform health policy and housing policy still some distance apart from each other and we heard it when the two leaders went in that they are the source of the regular right noises we're preparing people for a long night ahead no surprises realistically there and the reason really is because the street the center left needs to have a deal on the table that they can actually sell to the membership because it's the membership of the s.p.d. who will have effectively a veto on this if they come out with a agreement the can't be sold so the center left voters and frankly it's dead in the water. travel women africa can be challenging at times but now an ambitious plan has been drawn up to connect the east and west by rail so the us president macky sall pushed for the project that's partly being paid for by the chinese government and supported by the african union the railway line will run through ten conscious from senegal in the west to djibouti in the east economy takes at least
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five days to travel by road from they said the galleys capital dhaka to the capital of djibouti flies between east and west africa are opening up but not cheap and the final part of our series looking at new global trade routes nicholas hack reports on ts and senegal. on board the five fifteen train from the car to chess most passengers are on their way home after a long day of work in the city. the fifteen minute journey home always seems a bit longer than the morning commute. after years writing this train one so has learned to enjoy this moment free from distractions. remember them having a good time for myself here if i drive to work it would take me at least four hours and i'd be stuck in traffic trains are still the quickest safest and cheapest way to travel. they call it the little blue train the locomotive was bought from pakistan the wagons from india. the ports were brought to senegal and refurbished
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in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's the only passenger train left in senegal all the other lines including the historic train to mali were bad and because they were too costly to run much to the frustration of commuters and railway unions alike. privatizing the railway lines was a clear mistake a country cannot grow without developing its roadway system but now we are excited with the steps in to go and other states are taking the african union has an ambitious plan to connect the port of the car in the west to the port of djibouti in eastern africa linking ten countries many of them landlocked it's called the trams african railway project. there are seven thousand eight hundred kilometers of unfinished railway tracks alone will cost thirteen billion dollars to build. it's an enormous amount each country is tasked with finding its own financing for their part of the railway chinese companies have signed deals to rebuild the former
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colonial rail lines that were bounded by the french both in the car and in djibouti it's the start of an epic engineering project that will take years to build and promises thousands of jobs across the continent. there are no roads or highways connecting the west of africa to the east nor is there a direct flight between the car and djibouti in fact no one has ever tried to connect both coasts of africa neither the french nor the british the former colonial powers. construction hasn't started yet but the prospect of reopening the century old tracks has got many excited and hopeful. abound in train station may get a new lease on life and for the many passengers like so who use this every day it may not be the end of the line for the five fifteen train from the car because hark al-jazeera yes senegal. that was the last of a global trade so for the past four days we've visited north america thailand and
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laos but you can watch all of those reports i'll just. come forward slash al-jazeera english. researches in guatemala have discovered new buildings and structures dating from me mayan civilization the discoveries include launch agricultural fields and irrigation canals and tens of thousands of buildings the mayans controlled huge swathes of essential and north america until the spanish took over something in the sixteenth century. american football star tom brady has become the oldest person in the national football league to win the most valuable player award ahead of his eight the parents in the super bowl and the national media panel awarded the new england patriots course about forty votes out of a possible fifty to claim the top award is the third time the forty year old has been named the. and this year's super bowl will kick off in minneapolis in an
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hour's time reigning champions the new england patriots will take on the philadelphia eagles fans have descended upon the city braving the subzero conditions for what's expected to be one of the coldest super bowls on record. paths are going to win their six super bowl and they're going to win it going away . no question about it they're going to win it going away this time everybody tells us who thought of eagles and everybody here has like this native impact but you know what we've come over from so many different steps and we're proving the road each and every step so i don't think that it's just going to be a close game i think it's going to be definitely double digits and the eagles are taking it. just time for a quick look at the top stories on al-jazeera eleven people have been killed in russian and syrian government asterix in the northwest province of it laid the
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strike schools extensive damage to buildings including a hospital syrian government and russian jets all targeting israel in a push to regain control of one of the last rebel strongholds. activity in the area also say five other people have been treated for suffocation following a suspected gas attack the briton based syrian observatory for human rights says syrian civilians on medical sources in the town of sonic have reported smelling a foul smell off the government's helicopters struck several areas. tens of thousands of people have rallied in the greek capital athens over the use of the name macedonia by the neighboring former yugoslav republic greece won't allow macedonia to become a member of nato or the european union without an agreement on the matter the protesters were angry at suggestions that the greek government is now ready to reach a compromise john psaropoulos was out the rally. if the greek side and the former
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yugoslav macedonians come to an agreement do arrive at some documents that they're willing to present to their respective publics for a referendum or a problem and a revote these people are going to be the ones who get to decide whether this goes ahead neither the government in athens nor the government in skokie has a two thirds majority in parliament or can command one doesn't appear that they can come and work therefore it is highly likely that any solution would be presented directly to people for referendum the standoff between the supreme court on the president is continuing in the mold daves president tom de lay i mean is refusing to comply with a court order to release political prisoners and reinstate twelve dissident lawmakers and was sacked for defecting from his party you mean as all did the police and shrinks to resist any attempts to arrest and dozens of others
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injured in a train crash in the us state of south carolina the amtrak train collided with a freight china overnight what is a third fatal to us those are the headlines witness is coming next. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billions trillions of dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about big government to mount real people.


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