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substance to the country's influence through this nor the single on who can lay claim to be named bush isn't going to give them the resources we read but with this comes a destabilizing rivalry the country suspicious of each other's intentions in the battle for control of the record the transparency consultation was not up to me to come to because of some unknown fear struggle over them but this time on al jazeera . this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a dan this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes a free man samsung's convicted leader released from jail after
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a south korean poll suspends his sentence. not safe and not sound aid groups warn hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees could be forced to go far to. the only surviving suspect from the two thousand and fifteen paris attacks is in cold or go live to brussels as he's charged with attempted murder. and i understand how much with the soaring philadelphia eagles this stunned the new england patriots to win the first ever super bowl and their biggest sport back to. samsung ajay wiley has been freed from prison a south korean called suspended his five year jail term for bribing the described former president the appeals court upheld parts of the conviction but use this
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discretion to release the executive i'm just tired of reports. leaving the sole detention center a free man if you would have predicted samsung's electronics vice chairman. would be released when he arrived at an appeals court just a few hours earlier on monday. again i feel sorry for not showing everyone my bayside and it has been a really precious time for you reflecting on myself i will throw and do my best the forty nine year old had been in prison for more than a year on charges arising from what's been described as asia's biggest corruption scandal that exposed the close ties between korea's family run conglomerates and its political leaders it's a scandal that eventually led to the removal of president park yun havey a lower court convicted b. in august for bribing the former president for her help in strengthening his control over samsung electronics one of the world's biggest technology companies he was also convicted on embezzlement and other charges now an appeals court has
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reduced the original five year jail sentence by half and suspended it beez release is already being felt by markets samsung share prices spiked on monday a sign that investors are looking forward to seeing him back in charge but there are political consequences to his release south korea's current president in one office by campaigning to clean up korea's powerful corporate sector and many will see the court's ruling as effectively a get out of jail card for leaf that goes against everything the president stood for. al-jazeera. came is a professor at hancock university a foreign studies joins us now live from seoul good to have you with us so it wasn't like the appeals court was focused on revealing new evidence what do you think prompted the change in ruling. that's anybody's guess at this point because it was a surprise for almost everyone here. the rule court decided the
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a suspended sentence as the report has just said and overall the first try ols overall sentence being called by have is indeed a big deal of course some some sithen least side they're emphasizing that he has already served three hundred fifty three days twelve days short of one year and so they seems to be you know presenting this picture where he has suffered enough so far for his so-called alleged the wrongdoings and now he's for it makes sense for him to go home that's over a picture of this one side is trying to present to the public but however the public is divided and a big part of the public is quite surprised by this sentencing do you think it's going to play to the perception that the establishment has gone soft again on the china bowls i think considerable number of people will
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continue to hold that view last year when when he was sent to jail equally the korean public were surprised because for decades in never happened that some some had went to jail despite the fact that many of the terrible heads here have served their jail terms in the past for various kinds of wrongdoings bus comes on being the top you know seeing the time zones ahead going to jail was a big surprise last year and again once again you know after this sentencing considerable number of people will have hold the view that samsung is indeed kind of invincible that's their view we're not talking about the legal merits here that's too much detail here but public perception yourself is their way and already a lot of people actually posting their complaints at the presidential website at the moment all right b.j. kim thanks for your thoughts on that. international aid agencies are warning
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hundreds of thousands of this place syrians are at risk of being forced to return to their homes despite ongoing violence a joint report by six leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back syria's government has taken control of more territory giving the impression many areas a stable enough to return to over every syrian who went home last year three more were displaced the u.n. predicts another one and a half million will be displaced this year alone so in a whole the joins us now from the because of valley so what sort of pressure is being put on refugees to return. well the refugees i can give you an example in lebanon they don't feel welcome they know they're not welcome the lebanese government for example does not allow them to use any concrete to build any permanent structure so they have to rely on plastic sheeting in the winter there's also an anti refugee sentiment in lebanon and this is the case in other
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neighboring countries as well as well as a europe so these refugees really are worried that one day they're going to be forced back i mean when you ask people here they'll tell you where do they want us to go back to there's there's war there's fighting in some areas and other areas have been reduced to rubble a lot of people here for example in this informal settlement are from has been reduced to rubble in the fight against so there's no infrastructure no civilian infrastructure no hospitals hospitals have been hit so these aid agencies really are warning governments not to force syrians back because there could be a misleading picture that the pro-government forces are now in control of main cities eisel has been kicked out of cities the government has recaptured a lot of opposition territory but the reality on the ground it is safe. captured and fighting has died down at least some sort of conditions prevail. well you see the government has forged what it calls agreements with the opposition
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in some areas but the opposition these are surrender deals they tell people lay down your arms you know accept the government some people are forced to do that others you know don't accept and tens of thousands of people really have been taken from a number of areas around damascus to adlib province there are hundreds of thousands displaced and where are these people going to return to so this is a question another question is these people who have left their homes now what we understand from some reports have been occupied by loyalists government loyalists so there has been a demographic change in the country a loyalist taking over opposition homes the opposition members being forced to move to so the situation. the ground is quite messy and there is no repatriation plan the lebanese government for example says we will never force anyone to return and we will only quartern it with the united nations if they are to return but you'll need the syrian government's approval if you want the united nations to be involved so these people are worried it's not just lack of safety lack of infrastructure
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some of them are wanted by the government and just cannot go back. to the refugees who are worried young angle and is the u.n. humanitarian advisor on syria and also secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he's talking about his worries for the return of refugees. the pressure across the middle east and in europe and elsewhere is. syrian refugees now you should return this is the time to go back and not consulting them not informing them and especially not looking at the real conditions in syria we the humanitarian organizations that are on the ground in syria and in the neighboring countries we call this report dangerous grounds for the simple reason that these women children and men have to be informed of the conditions and we have to assure that it is voluntary when they go back and then we have to assist and protect the
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return. mine pursue a system protect is there even a repatriation process if the refugees wanted to go back to syria. no there is no repatriation process you will need the support and coordination of the united nations for example now the syrian government has taken its own initiative a syrian syrian reconciliation minister in fact came to lebanon just a few weeks ago and said you know come back home but people are afraid to go back home especially those who in one way or another were involved with the opposition so you're going to need the united nations help and this is why people are worried the situation here i can tell you and someone is supposed. to syrians from municipalities blaming them for their lack of jobs blaming them for crime i mean they have been forced to move from one area to another and just look behind me this is the way people have been living for six or seven years so there is no real
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pattern and plan on the table the syrian government still is in control which means that a lot of people do not want to go back because they you know they rose up against the government many years ago all of this stuff there from. now at least eleven people have been injured in a suspected applauding gas attack in syria's rebel held province activists video shows people being treated in the town of. follows another suspected chlorine attack by president assad's forces on the duma in rebel held east and now if that would be the third report to chlorine attack in just fifteen days from now the show has more from the turkey syria border. this latest chemical attack with the use of chlorine on civilians in the neighborhood of in libya is just another example of the fact that there really is no safe place inside syria even
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including those the escalation zones agreed upon by russia turkey and iran of which obviously it was meant to be included now what is significant about this latest attack although thankfully it didn't lead to any deaths it did you two significant injuries but no fatalities what's significant about that is it targeted the same area where rebels had previously in the a couple of days before managed threw down a russian jets that was flying. in the skies targeting them with a strike so many believe that this was a clear retaliation to the success of those rebel fighters in and executing a hits against the russian enemies obviously there were other attacks there was a hospital that was destroyed in libya as well well overall in the past twenty four hours there was at least fifteen people killed in italy province alone three of them were emergency workers so more violence yes it's not as high level of numbers
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in terms of the fatalities as has been witnessed previously or as many have unfortunate become accustomed to when it comes to syria however nonetheless it shows that there is still a lot of violence taking place and a lot of reason why so many people continue to be displaced and that there are so many refugees. plenty more still to come on the news hour including. ruffles outside the headquarters of south africa's ruling party as it debates the future of president jacob zuma plus i don't remember my culture i don't remember my language. we talked to a refugee a fearful of being deported back to somalia after a troubled life in canada. i'm paul reese in the netherlands the home of speedskating where the dutch plotting another history making performance at the winter olympics.
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the only surviving suspect from the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen is on trial in belgium. is charged with attempted murder for trying to kill police during a shoot down a shooting rather in brussels in two thousand and sixteen a belgian born frenchman was arrested along with another suspect four days before bomb attacks killed thirty two people in the belgian capital. joins us live from brussels how the court proceedings going now tasha. well this is the first time that a solid dislike has actually been seen since he was arrested back in march twenty sixth in his hair has grown out he is wearing white and when he was asked by the judge to identify himself he confirmed that it was indeed him but he has made it very clear that he will remain silent when when questioned during this trial that
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is interesting because he has been since his arrest in a high security prison just outside of paris and and despite multiple interrogations he has always said that he would not answer any questions while he repeated that again in the court today he said i will not ask questions when he was asked by the judge or why did you come he said i came because i was asked to do so he then said that he felt that muslims were being wrongly judged here and that there was no presumption of innocence and you refused to stand up he said to the judge because he was tired was allowed to slum was arrested in the district of back where he grew up it is not far from this process court we take a look back. it was in this house in the district of brussels that sala up to islam was arrested in march twenty sixth. the only surviving suspect of the paris attacks the previous november spent four months on the run hiding in places not far from his family home
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a few days before being corti was involved in a shootout with police in another part of the belgian capital his trial will examine his role in the crime. of the slum is also linked to the bombers who attacked brussels four days after his arrest nearly two years on the belgian government has lowered the threat level but analysts say europe remains a target in. the meek another attack is always possible whether it's by i saw al qaeda or another radical islamic group europe is still targeted by these organizations what has changed though is that since i saw a lot of territory in iraq and syria it has lost some ability to train people to commit attacks in europe but it is still possible that they'll be able to do it again. police say many of those involved in the paris and brussels attacks had links to mullen back people here are fed up with the unwanted attention so lobbed islam grew up in mali and back but he is
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a french citizen and since his arrest he has been kept in solitary confinement in a prison in france after the troll here in process he will return to france to wait for another trial or raise the alleged role in the powers attacks. one hundred people were killed in paris when attackers targeted a football stadium cafes and a rock concert. philip depair all son thomas was killed that night now the head of the victims association he feels compelled to attend dislodges trial even. if you don't. it's important for us to be at this trial because it's the first trial for so up to slam he's facing the belgian justice system the charges against him in this case in belgium aren't directly linked to the november thirteenth previous attacks it's true but for us there is a link to this man to sell our. belgium's federal prosecutor says the
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trial could shed more light on the assailants who planned the paris and brussels attacks whether the court will learn more from abdus lama himself is unclear since his arrest he's refused to speak to interrogators. well this this trial here in brussels is taking place before his trial in paris that is simply procedural that is because poaching authorities had always made it very clear that they would want to try a solid dislodgement sophia and i reread the second man who is here over the shooting a soon as they could investigators put that case together pretty quickly and that is why he was here and it's interesting the security of course is very high surrounding this case he was at the time of his arrest europe's most wanted man so elite forces belgian and french forces are a scorching solid dislodged from the prison where he has been kept in northern france nearly two hundred kilometers away each day to and from this court here in brussels. or i will leave it there from alphonso marginal pressure mofo.
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now rival factions of south africa's ruling party are demonstrating outside the party's headquarters in johannesburg it comes ahead of an urgent a.n.c. meeting to discuss the future of president jacob zuma after overnight talks failed to secure his departure is under pressure to resign since the ramaphosa replaced him as leader of the party for me the miller joins us now live from johannesburg so his fate hangs in the balance how does it look like. will this hurt me is that increasing pressure for jacob zuma to resign and we understand that the president met with the top leadership of the african national congress that's really party in south africa he met with them overnight where we understand from local media reports that we aren't able to verify independently that they had asked for his resignation and the president said well no i won't resign because i've done nothing wrong i remember jacob zuma has been accused of
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corruption around his dealings with a specific family here in south africa who people say is responsible for some of the decisions and policy decisions of the president has made they say that the spam has undue influence over the president and the politics of the country president jacob zuma says he's done nothing wrong and that he won't resign now the national working committee of the a.n.c. is due to meet later today to continue this discussion around what they're calling a transitional period and this of course follows cyril ramaphosa becoming president of the a.n.c. jacob zuma remains president of the country but he's no longer president of the ruling party so the ruling party is facing this period where the appears to be two centers of power and they say that they're trying to deal with this transitional period amid all these calls for jacob zuma to resign calls that come from within
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the a.n.c. which continues to appear. split and also from outside the party from civil society as well as opposition parties but it doesn't look as if the a.n.c. will come out with any strong message anytime soon this is an ongoing story for more than two years now and the party appears to be in a very difficult position we're outside the headquarters of the a.n.c. actual tooley house where protesters are. defending the party defending literally house specifically have gathered a small group but they were scuffles a little earlier between the small group and the members of a organization that's calling themselves hands of zuma they say that president jacob zuma shouldn't resign and they say that it's a little gender outside that of the the a.n.c. that they say that whites what they're calling whites monopoly capital pushing for the president's resignation they say this shouldn't happen but the people behind
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this is saying it's no one's place outside of the a.n.c. to determine the leadership of the party or i will leave it there for now for me the miller parliament in the maldives is now on the military control opposition members want to get inside to file impeachment motions against for government figures including the attorney general and defense minister the president says it will be closed indefinitely opposition politicians and activists gathered outside molly's criminal court to support two politicians who were arrested as they entered the country on sunday the m.p.'s are part of a group of nine politicians who were granted a retrial by the supreme court on thursday the government is yet to on of that supreme court ruling pushing off position protests into a fourth night from all these former attorney general has told al jazeera he believes the political deadlock will continue until president i mean resigns. the
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parliament from yesterday in the parliament is under the under the control of the imagery and we. find. out that parliament members cannot go in. to normal business so any effort to impeach the president would be locked by the military and the only source. we are going to function and the supreme court cannot function at the moment by moment starts functioning then the question not an investment is. going to be. we i mean and that will come into reality and. not about south sudan's warring parties or holding another round of peace talks in the g.o.p. and capital address abba the country's civil war began four years ago when forces
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loyal to president salva kiir fall to supporters of former vice president react much are four million people have been displaced and nine have a morgan is following events from juba. the second round of talks are to revitalize the august twenty fifth in peace agreement is expected to discuss security arrangements and power sharing agreements now let's remember that this has already been outlined in the august twenty fifteen peace deal signed between the president salva kiir and his arms up and the army and opposition leader reg machar in south sudan's government has made it very clear that they're not going to renegotiate the agreement which was signed in august twenty fifth scene but the opposition under rick my charge demanded forty two percent of government positions as well as the un taking over security facilities such as the airports and major routes leading to different various cities in south sudan now this is going to be very complicated to try to get the opposition because now there are so many armed groups that have emerged after the fighting in july in juba now this is going to be very hard to try to accommodate all the armed opposition because after july telling sixteen fighting
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broke out in the capital juba a lot of new armed groups have shown up and now they all have their different demands as well and they will be part of this revitalization forum to try to bring stability to south sudan and the u.n. of already voiced concerns about the fighting in south sudan and the u.s. has slapped south sudan with an arms embargo to try to get other countries on board as well to do and also to put south sudan on the right track to peace according to the u.s. government south sudan's government has obviously condemned the arms embargo that was imposed on it and they have recalled their south sudan ambassador to the u.s. for consultations according to them the war has lasted for more than four years now and the u.n. has said that if it continues in ten to eighteen then they will be three million people who are displaced in neighboring countries and that is obviously a concern for the u.n. and for the different communitarian actors involved in south sudan's war well in a moment we'll have all the way there with robert still ahead on al-jazeera. ready to stay in a prison. leave or face jail african refugees who had hoped for a better life in israel are told they're not welcome plus. a storage visit for
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turkey's president out of the on the vatican. and in school will meet nigeria's first of a bobsled team aiming to make history as they get ready to compete in the winter olympics. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. hello it's been snowing in moscow not a big surprise you might think but actually it is moscow as technically continental climate is got no water nearby so it doesn't snow that much very often even the middle of winter yes it gets very cold but this was sort of record breaking stuff and caused some destruction two thousand trees down for example you know that's how unusual this is the figures come up like this sixty year record broken for daily
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snowfall amounts the amount in the ground as about that much fifty five centimeters or thereabouts the record was fifty six and not that long ago to say it's in a particular place this is fairly unusual having put snow on the ground of course generally speaking that's where you get the coldest weather in the middle of winter well moscow's up here in the cold front is concerned though it's still snowing there it really is coast minus thirteen in the moment so you see tucked behind this arc this obviously very cold there is something else going on in spain by the way just a matter of interest and that will come to in just a second in fact we come to it now of charley this is what's happening in northern spain similar amounts of snow maybe less than usual talking about maybe two thousand meters here so it's of skiing sort of weather and there's more to come another metre quite possibly in northern spain the next day also. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. well as i learned to read so that i could read or every man. chance to activism with
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a new mission i sold everything like all right build software for social. digital dissidents within the technological for mocking insulates to get sick certain occasions when they're still on the captain this part of the regular series this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines now samsung vice chairman j. why levy is now free after being detained for nearly a year a south korean appeals court has reduced and suspended his five year jail sentence he was at the center of one of asia's biggest ever corruption scandals. aid groups are warning hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees are at risk of being forced to return home despite the war a joint report by six leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back. the only surviving suspect
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from the paris attacks in two thousand and fifteen is on trial in belgium. is charged with attempting murder for trying to kill a policeman during a shootout brussels in two thousand and sixteen. israel has given deportation notices to thousands of african refugees and threatened anyone who refuses to leave with imprisonment i've been told to leave for the first for an unnamed african country in exchange for three and a half thousand dollars and a plane ticket reports from tel aviv. it's a common sentiment among asylum seekers here in israel who are being issued with deportation notices ready to stay in a prison more leave behind gabriel is another man who phase of his future he's twenty seven and from eritrea after a four year journey which involved prison time in egypt in israel he's now been handed a deportation noticed he says yes raids have dismissed his asylum claim out of hand
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and he's being held at the whole lot of detention center well jazeera interviewed him they don't even if that would mean i don't know why they given your objection i just outlined them that i i came to hear. you know i'm not going to get in such off . well you know the government called. on the government called the infinite immigration experts say his case is typical but these new notices target people outside of the hollow detention center michel mann spicer works for an organization that helps asylum seekers and refugees in israel we obviously have a problem with having to send out. the refugees and asylum seekers to our or wandering uganda or even leaving israel i mean these countries aren't safer than what's happened they're going there and they're not being able out to stay so they go there and research shows the research that came out recently that they believe they get there and then they have to start all over again and going to countries
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that are very dangerous to try and get into situations where they can stay because it's not safe to stay and wander in uganda israel has a hardline policy the first round of deportation notices has been issued to refugees the asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan that's about two hundred thousand people and they have sixty days to leave the country according to government figures there are some thirty nine thousand eritreans and sudanese in israel including five thousand children single men held here at the hill out of detention center and they were among the first to receive the deportation notices others sleep rough in parks like this one in tel aviv deportation notices will not be issued to women children fathers of children or anyone recognized as a victim of slavery or human trafficking but international groups say israel's deportation policy could be violating international law imran khan who deserve to live in canada is facing criticism from human rights groups for its attempts to
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deport a twenty four year old man to somalia. the was born in saudi arabia and he says he has no toys to somalia where there's been years of violence from the armed group al-shabaab daniel lack reports from toronto. born to a somali mother in saudi arabia abdul abdi was six when he came to canada as a refugee he was taken into care by child welfare authorities and shuffled among thirty one foster homes as a ward of the state his relatives couldn't get him citizenship the troubled teenager he committed crimes and went to jail when he was released this year border officials tried to deport him to somalia where he has no connections i don't remember anything i don't remember my culture i don't remember my language. and that terrifies me even more to be deported to somewhere that you don't know anything you forgot everything of the considers himself canadian but canada's government says he's somali why are you deporting my brother had coming out
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stopping it week his sister for touma led a campaign to stop his deportation even raising it in an open meeting prime minister justin trudeau for now the move is postponed well his lawyers ask a court to let him stay mr abbey is obviously. on so i think one of the things out me also did not want other former children care. somalia has been unstable for decades canada routinely accepts asylum claims from there but it also deports people like refugees who've committed crimes to a place that canadian officials won't visit a united nations panel ruled in two thousand and eleven canada was violating international law the practice continues it's a violation of the right to life it's a violation of family life is a violation of their rights to remain and enter one country there is not
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a deportation this is an exile. has been released from custody well fighting is deportation that could still happen at any time but he's taking advantage of his release to tell the country he considers home why he should stay i am the man i am here for any day. i got a job i've got a child i've got family here you know i'm a man i take responsibility for everything i do all i'm trying to do is get the government to take responsibly for what they did. since two thousand and fifteen canada has welcomed more than forty thousand syrian refugees and is widely seen as open to immigrants of all kinds but many say this case and others like it tarnish a global image that is a source of pride to many canadians than you lack al-jazeera toronto. heading for a presidential runoff in april after candidates failed to get enough votes to win
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sunday's election the issue of same sex marriage has dominated the campaign and polarized the country. reports. it has been one of the most divisive elections every impulse and one that is handing a historic opportunity to a radical and jellicoe pastor to reach the presidency. what it shows is the affection we've gained among the people our message has reached the people's heart we are very happy about it our message has already won these elections a message delivered in opposition to a ruling in january by the interim american court of human rights commending costa rica legalize gay marriage. it propelled. a former christian singer into a surprising front runner after he had been lagging behind in the polls the court's decision turned the election into a single issue campaign revealing a conservative streak in a society usually considered a progressive bastion in the region. and convincing many to change their vote. did
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change my mind we don't know why it happened when it did it but the reason right before the election and the not only influenced my values i believe it influenced the vote of many people. living a result. he will face. the progressive citizen action party in a runoff in early april. as the oldest and most stable democracy in latin america yet here to discontent with traditional parties and growing unemployment in crime have opened the door to more unconventional candidates. their christian pastor says that there's are taking advantage of that dissatisfaction to radicalize what has always been a moderate country. this division is caused by fundamentalists that have brought messianic overtones into the election they have divided our society
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into some naive people who are falling for this populism and others who are deeply worried and committed to ensuring that this radical fundamentalism doesn't reach power. a growing division governing difficult for whoever will take the place of korean president. in a country that seems ready to abandon its traditional sentry spoil it exploded first time. people in ecuador have voted to stop their presidents holding more than two terms in office sixty four percent supported changing the constitution a move backed by current president. has. lifted the restrictions in two thousand and fifteen and was eyeing a comeback in two thousand and twenty one vote means he will not be able to run again for the top job. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in argentina seeking support for tougher action against venezuela the u.s. blames venezuelan president nicolas maduro for economic and political crises lead
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to violent protests and shortages of food and medicine daniel reports from. washington regards latin america as its backyard that's why secretary of state rex tillerson is here with the u.s. believes it should have an influence but it's a region that often feels neglected by or is in conflict with the superpower to the north. a few years ago argentina like many of its neighbors was governed by left of center leaders at all those with washington and sympathetic to venice whalers then president chavez not any more or wants an end of the crisis in venezuela the question is how one of the aspects of considering sanctioning all is what effect will it have on of it as well and people. it is is it a step that might bring this to an end to a more rapid and
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a more rapid close because not doing anything to bring this to is also asking the venezuelan people to suffer for a much longer time the venezuelan president nicolas maduro blames the united states and its allies for trying to undermine his socialist government and then another model was that they have inherited the arrogance the imperial arrogance of believing that with a button and order a plan in english the bolivarian revolution is finished with a declaration from the head of the empire calling me a dictator it's over the dictatorship has already fallen as they call it with a statement by secretary of state to tell us and we are going to surrender they do not know us they do not know our strength. the argentine president. is now one of those in the region most critical of the venezuelan government mr tillerson wants to work with him all of us in the region want to see religious were returned to his constitution we just this is heart wrenching to watch what is happening to the
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people but this way there is suffering food and medicine shortages inflation is rampant crime is rising and thousands cross the borders every day in search of provisions for a better life mr tillotson visit to argentina is to show that washington cares about latin america but the region's long term interests lie with the united states and not with china or russia he praise the arjun tieing government's austerity driven investor friendly economic model much like that of the current us administration that it's not something you would have heard a few years ago the secretary of state is emphasizing with the two countries can cooperate trade defense fighting terrorism and drug trafficking not so much on immigration they'll be similar bridge building when he moves on to peru and colombia. when osiris. turkey's president arrives of tiber the one is meeting pope francis with the status of jerusalem expected to dominate
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discussions. is the first turkish leaders visit the vatican in almost sixty years he's expressed outrage over the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital jonah joins us now live from the vatican so there are some issues they agree on others they don't how much of a meeting of minds is this expected to be. it's about to wrap up so we'll hear fairly shortly just how much sammy but i think it is largely going to focus on jerusalem it is largely going to be common ground for these two men they don't agree on everything of course as you said pope francis was the first head of the catholic church to publicly use the word genocide to describe the killing of one and a half million armenians in one thousand nine hundred fifteen something that turkey strenuously objects to but you may recall when president trump announced that he was moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem tacitly endorsing jerusalem as the capital of israel there was a flurry of urgent diplomatic calls among them between pope francis and mr erdogan
1:43 pm
on agreeing that the status of jerusalem should remain unchanged now this meeting as we understand it was asked for by erdogan before he left he said that the u.s. was isolating itself over jerusalem and this meeting a way perhaps of showing a sort of united front a coalition against trump at least over the issue of jerusalem. journo the show goes on for a lot of the want even after the vatican what's ahead of him elsewhere in italy. well he'll make his way from the vatican through some protests expected to be taking place groups protesting turkey's involvement in northern syria military involvement as kurdish groups there are human and human rights violations in turkey and so on he goes on to meet the italian president and then prime minister gentil only later in the afternoon where the issue of e.u. membership is likely to be contentious accession talks have been ongoing since two
1:44 pm
thousand and five but have largely stalled. manual macro on the french president suggested maybe a partnership agreement was better than full membership is to early one totally against that and that i think is the message we'll be taking to italian leaders later today something to watch out for them thanks so much jonah how there. now are pictures obtained by philippines media appear to show further militarization of the spratly islands in the disputed south china sea photos released by the philippine daily inquirer show china has built several multistory concrete buildings on one of the artificial islands military transport ships are also docked there china has previously said the construction is intended to improve peace and maritime security richard bit singo is a senior fellow at the military transformation program at the s. rajaratnam school of international studies he says china continues to militarize the islands because it doesn't fear of repercussions. development of the sirens is
1:45 pm
pretty intense a lot pretty sophisticated is there one that is just simply a. very vulgar little settlements that look at mounds of construction large buildings. turbines all solar powered animals generally word strikes me is the large number wait don't suppose a large dog ball shaped objects will choose will not protect radar systems there's way too many in there for basic every day kind of law air traffic control rooms that learn these things are afraid to call gleeson's the up the chinese are done in a plot everybody got upset about the senate when he said you shouldn't do that the chinese just ignored went on and did what they're doing. the only way that you could really get the chinese out of these would be to forcibly evict them or destroyed resile oats which would be tantamount to absent declaration conflicts
1:46 pm
well i think in most cases countries are just kind of holding their fingers and hoping china tells them to the more aggressive things with the violence and i'm not too confident now more than a thousand men leave nepal every day in search of work the money they earn in other countries and santo is vital to the economy many are being exploited in face abuse violence and corruption vanish trust to reports from katmandu. that cuts what is international airport this is what happens every day sixteen hundred people mostly young men leave the politics work and gulf countries in malaysia with an unemployment rate hovering around forty percent many of the police say they have no choice but to leave the country and many fall into the traps of unscrupulous middlemen but in the time i went to qatar to work in the food and beverage industry he failed a medical test in nepal but the local agents told him that they would fix it the
1:47 pm
cost of his trip including flights and bribes added up to twenty five hundred dollars but when he reached qatar he had to do the tests again it's pretty often i did the test they sent me back i ended up with no job and debts but other lurches the middle been paid off in a party officials including airport authorities the commerce department of foreign imports and receive more than two thousand complaints from neighbors during the last fiscal year these include everything from nonpayment of salaries for all its illegal ways actions exorbitant fees on the recall and sexual abuses by foreign employment agency and middleman and according to government figures seven hundred fifty five the parties died while working abroad. each worker has to deposit fifty dollars to the government for an employment before they leave but even employment agencies say that the money has not been spent on those who need it either whereas
1:48 pm
. with this process the recruitment agencies have deposited more than fifty million dollars in the fund we can do so much for the workers but the government is not using this pond properly but government officials say it's up to the ministry of labor to decide who gets compensated and. we can use the funds for compensating workers who've gone through legal channels with the recruiting agencies registered with us we can't hold many other workers even if we wanted to the ministry of labor has to make the right policy and decide on how to use that money. the polls for. six billion dollars. almost a third of the country's g.d.p. experts say the government has to have better regulations on. sure that the labors are safe instead many have accused politicians and bureaucrats with close ties to the industry. but. to defraud.
1:49 pm
the philadelphia eagles on their. first ever super bowl.
1:50 pm
thank you. still plenty to talk about when it comes to the super bowl a son out will fill us in thank you very much sammy while the philadelphia eagles have won the biggest prize and u.s. force for the first time in their history they be defending a super bowl a champion is a new england patriots at least home and has more. it's
1:51 pm
the short piece of vent on the american sporting calendar and one that the new england patriots knew all too well forty year old star quarterback tom brady leaving out the team in his super bowl appearance they were the defending champions against the philadelphia eagles who had never won a title before but the eagles got the first touchdown of the day that was a anchor but thanks. american football has been plagued by debate over the dangers of concussion in recent years and this hit on the patriots brandon cooks in the second quarter who do nothing to a life certain fee is never he wouldn't return to the game while a remarkable trick played by a group quarterback nick foles ensured philadelphia would leave twenty two twelve at half time he scored the touchdown from his own play jerry springer remembered as
1:52 pm
one of the all tarred greats just go in for thanks thanks justin timberlake headed the famous half time show but it was the appearance of the light prince who was born in host city minneapolis the stirred controversy moved. overnight as it's been forced to scrap a hologram of the singer after craig and criticism he appeared as a projection instead. tom brady is used to being the star of the show and he started to drag new england back into the game. five thank you for that sure it's the patriots hit the front for the first time with just over ninety minutes remaining but the eagles reclaimed their advantage with two minutes twenty two on the clock. was. lost to new england had come back from twenty five points down just on the atlanta
1:53 pm
falcons but they would be normally recalled come back on this occasion as the eagles secured their those times when she won those two three and for the third of . the round was the vince lombardi trophy it's finally heading to philadelphia phillies home and al jazeera. all the celebrations will be going for some time in philadelphia thousands of supporters were out on the streets late into the night despite the freezing weather the eagles that played into super bowls previously but had never won the title until now philadelphia's mayor says the details of a parade will be announced later on monday. the people who believe dream if you will philadelphia people all across the nation that support the eagles they've waited a long time mr lorry's wait a long time you know being a part of this being drafted to philadelphia and be unfortunate enough to come back
1:54 pm
and be a part of this team to be a piece of this puzzle. i mean it's been a long time coming and you know i know there's going to be a lot of celebrating tonight. and if you want to be world champs you have to play in this game so play nate wasn't eight of them and. you know they're all good games but today we had opportunities. that really got control the game never really played on our terms and. just to make a place we need to. the international olympic committee has formally rejected the request from thirteen more russian athletes to be allowed to compete at the upcoming winter games in pyongyang tongue all the athletes have had their lifetime as a ban from a limp explored for doping overturned by the court of arbitration for sport last week a decision that was criticized by the i.o.c. president thomas buck hundred sixty nine russian athletes will be taking part at the olympics under a neutral flag and the nigerian women's bobsled team will be making history in
1:55 pm
china as the first african team to compete in the sport to at the winter olympics the trio of former sprinters met with i.o.c. president thomas back at the olympic village. and the flat landscape of the netherlands and makes it an unlikely place for excellence in winter sports but the twenty fourteen olympics in sochi a saw the dutch finish near the top of the overall way kings purely thanks to their performance and speed skating they won twenty three of the thirty six medals and more success is being predicted for the dutch in south korea for weise reports from here in vain. when it comes to speed skating does it matter dutch the netherlands medal tally of the last winter olympics was the best any nation in any single sport in the history of the games and put them fifth in the
1:56 pm
overall table despite not winning any medals outside of skating. it has left rivals norway the u.s. and canada desperately trying to catch up before pyong chang twenty eight chair you know if he or she can't be believed. doesn't feel good for anybody but we're trying to. always keep step ahead of the rest of the world and sometimes pretty difficult because you know everybody learns from mistakes and it's so important here it's so deep into the culture and everybody grows up with speed skating specially when there's no surprise and frozen outside and everybody so getting crazy how i think that's the biggest reason why we have success and. speed skaters are professional stars in the netherlands the work that makes them champions is done here at the arena in the small town of head in vain famed as the fastest ice in the world it's home to pensioners and school children at the same time as world champions but the
1:57 pm
success of the sport has its roots in the dutch landscape the dutch have been getting their skates on the centuries as the many canals here for is over in winter this is the traditional finish of the state and talked a two hundred kilometer race across the frozen waterways and it's not been cold enough to hold it for twenty years now making it something that holds some dutch dreams even more than olympic gold if you win that race it will be a legend you know. it's incredible how many people are wired to have race and it's even bigger than the olympics i guess. the netherlands has dozens of professional skaters with a single team presentation including several potential olympic champions a show of power united with tradition that could be impossible to resist in peeling chunks. paul reese al-jazeera karen de. guy woodland has won the phoenix open
1:58 pm
after a record breaking few days in arizona just under seven hundred twenty thousand fans have attended the event making it the biggest ever crowd for a golf tournament would then be to says gravy and a playoff to claim the title. and that's it for me sammy. that's it for this news hour will be back with another full bosomed that's with the show just a couple minutes. we
1:59 pm
understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. for the nomadic jocko tribe survival is about reaching their destination if we don't hurry will never be able to get the time focus on the story we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration or in other countries dangerous to the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life a little bit longer sometimes luser in the dark there with the cold war because of the storm risking you don't go at this time on al-jazeera. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get
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the old powerful internet is worth a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand dollars at controlling a hundred thousand voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people and out investigates disinclination and democracy part two at this time on al-jazeera. a free man samsung's convicted later is released from jail after a south korean court suspends his sentence.


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