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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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i can help them with lots of things but loses forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museum just about forming a new life is part of life it's culture. a young so molly refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. i was told i was lucky too good to hear i was a really really high god answered my prayer but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world asks ali was when they use american dream is still alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. the wall this government declares a state of emergency there are reports security forces have broken in to the supreme court.
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told them to limit all this is a lie for money also coming up the u.n. security council fails to reach an agreement on the use of chemical weapons in syria the u.s. aims russia. going to. rival protests in johannesburg over south africa's president jacob zuma calls are growing for him to quit. they don't even meet i don't know why they given the rejection and leave or face time in jail israel hands out deportation no sister thousands of african refugees. a very warm welcome to the program we begin in the maldives where a standoff between the president and the supreme court appears to be deepening security forces have reportedly broken into the country's supreme court building well. this happened hours after president abdoulaye i mean declared
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a fifteen day state of emergency political crisis was sparked by a supreme court order to release nine imprisoned opposition leader charlotte bellus reports. opposition politicians film outside criminal court waiting to hear the fate of their colleagues ill have made and have dualists and there they were arrested and charged with bribery upon arriving in the country on sunday a judge dropped the charges and release them they are two of nearly twenty politicians affected by a supreme court ruling that has created a political crisis in the island nation. doing in celebration on thursday when their top court called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohammed machine and the judges reinstated twelve employees who had lost their seats for siding with the opposition but one day of
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celebration soon turned into four nights of protests when president abdullah you mean refused to comply with the rule was very. solemn and was scheduled to reconvene after a recess on monday but the president said it would be closed indefinitely and imposed a state of emergency for fifteen days the mall devean parliament is now under military control opposition politicians want to get inside parliament to file impeachment motions against four top officials of the president's administration for not freeing their colleagues. me. and the supreme. police targeted the administrative head of the supreme court on sunday writing his house the court issued a statement rolling police didn't have an. evidence to arrest
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a judicial executive president you mean has asked the court to reconsider the arrest warrant ruling he said he's told the court his prosecuting attorney needs more legal direction before he can release any political prisoners the president says his people need to be patient critics have a nice faith i don't. really. know. not really any of. the opposition thinks they can turn their domestic support into international pressure they want foreign intervention but the president and the supreme court are unified against it charlotte bellus al-jazeera. is an opposition politician in the maldives and we can speak to him now on the phone surveyor one welcome to the program how would you describe the current situation given that we're hearing this news now that the former president gayoom has also now been arrested. yes thank you wery much actually typical thing has been
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developing due to the supreme court ruling on second february the rolling it's very clear and we have been asking the government to implement it be international community has been calling because one month progress but implemented but the government at first sure the people and also the international community that they will respect and. implement but after two to two days. they said they are not going to. obey any orders yesterday in the morning at the attorney general along with the chief of defense force and the a team commissioner for these. gave a statement saying that they will not obey any orders from the supreme court and that they will only be following the orders of the legal advice from the attorney general we are very worried as they have measured the the or these and the military have strolled into the supreme court and we have reports that all the five judges
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of the supreme court has been arrested and few minutes back the former president manuel of the guy human his son in law has been arrested and even. former president a human is the half brother of the of the current president and his own son and before is well known also still remains in jail and right now we are in a joint party but a group meeting and really the office has been surrounded by the military and all the so we are really worried we are where. we have reports that like after arresting the former president there will be more asked of these and also former commissioner of police and many more other politicians could be arrested tonight so we are deeply worried and very very much concerned about all this and i'm not mad what are the implications just explain for our viewers you know that the parliament is that effectively under military control so just explain that for us what does
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that mean. actually our parliament has was padlocked in june last year and since then the military to military has hijacked the parliament and it all depends on that which we were able to walk into the parliament for the past month or. so the really difficult time when we had the parliament session the. draft forcefully by the military from the parliament chamber we have been pepper sprayed by the military and we always see huge number of military personel inside the chamber surrounding the my parliament speaker because he is an imposter we have the majority of the parliament this is the main reason why the whole thing started developing so for now we did the constitution has been suspended the parliament and the military and the supreme court isn't the be the tree. that yesterday all this is
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a military step. of the state of emergency statement they have deprived us from from a lot of rights that has been guaranteed in our constitution like the right to privacy the right to strike and that's certainly the right to unlawful arrest and detention they have suspended the supreme court so there's not even much we can do . but this is this all these things are being done against the people of the more than even if we have an election today we are confident that we will win this election with over a majority of ninety percent but through. people in the security forces he's just trying his best to survive but i'm sure even though we all get arrested we still have hope that we'll overcome this but for that we need. a huge support from the international community we really appreciate the support that we have.
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been receiving for for a long time we believe for the past three four years we have been working very closely with the mitchell community like the european european parliament but really resolution calling for travel bans and targeted. the country of america. in the many many countries that will be politically trying to solve this crisis in moral but there is the president is a dictator he has been ordering all these and sometimes. we make sure they are refusing to meet but won't be diplomats so at this point i would like to call on the international community that it is the time that there's a step further further steps more then. i'm just going to have to jump in and and stop you there i hear your call loud and clear there to the international committee ahmed maloof their opposition politicians speaking to us about the situation in the mall days on thank you.
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thank. you and security council meeting that was supposed to condemn the reported use of chlorine gas by the assad government in syria has failed to agree on a statement and the u.s. is blaming russia for blocking it meeting was supposed to be closed but was then opened after a video him are showing people being hosed down following a suspected chemical weapons attack that shows people in the town of sad a camp at least eleven people were treated for symptoms consistent with cloying gas poisoning. so far russia has delayed the adoption of the statement a simple condemnation of syrian children being suffocated by chlorine gas i hope russia take the appropriate step to adopt this text. but if we can't even take the first step of establishing accountability for chemical weapons use we have
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to seriously ask ourselves why we are here syrian government forces and their russian allies have intensified their attacks on rebel held areas killing at least fifty nine people. in the province thirty people died and dozens were wounded russian jets targeted a hospital in the countryside the second in as many days to be hit. with at least twenty nine people are reported dead in airstrikes on besieged eastern goods and damascus is growing international concern over cute food and medicine shortages u.n. says child malnutrition in eastern guta is the worst it seems. well despite the ongoing violence international aid agencies say hundreds of thousands of displaced syrians are at risk of being forced to return to their homes and a joint report by six of the leading agencies says neighboring countries as well as european and u.s. governments are putting pressure on refugees to go back well malta's is the country
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director at oxfam syria and he joins me now from damascus a sort of very warm welcome to the program frank you for your company and you've recently been in syria just in you're in damascus obviously just describe for me what it is that you're hearing and seeing. thank you for having me here this recognizes has resulted in the worse that you can get. crisis since the. second floor seventeen billion well it's not actually sists first books that's the good news the scientists just a neighboring countries this mission steady diet all right for example yeah lisa to a ship straining where civilians are trial and the jeep sasha's the door which saved all of dozens of people killed and injured that's what's an urgent distance but because it's short short supply how many times it is is this thing the
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right time to put refugees under pressure to return home given the situation is still incredibly violent fragile valetta tyo well some positions on. question what's. next for all students and insists there is a war. on the subsists girls all of them. moves as at home there joining me on the line from damascus mid-south story i think we were having trouble just with that connection there apologize to our viewers speaking there to move house from damascus now a spokesperson for south africa's ruling a.n.c. party says it's no closer to deciding on whether to remove president jacob zuma it follows that emergency meeting cold to discuss his fate well earlier scuffles broke
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out between rival factions of the and c. at the party's headquarters in childe where zuma is under intense pressure to resign after several ram opposed to replace him as leader of the party talks at the weekend stale old to secure his departure. still to come on the program the only surviving suspect from the twenty fifteen paris attack appears in court in belgium and says he didn't say any questions on the photos that show china is making rapid progress building military bases in the south china sea. hello there we're seeing some heavy snow over moscow recently we've seen so much snow that it's actually brought down over two thousand trees and that in turn has brought down some power lines as well and it's also caused a fair amount of disruption now on the ground there around fifty centimeters of
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snow that's just lying there at the moment now fortunately it looks like the worst is over the system responsible for all that wintry weather it's gradually pulling away towards the northeast but behind it is going to tell a good deal cooler so the maximum temperature on tuesday we're just looking at minus ten so a very cold day here still the end of the snow over europe though still for the southwestern parts there is this circulation here has gradually edging its way across parts of france and across the alps as well still more wintry weather out of that and further south where it's a little bit too mild to see snow we'll be seeing heavy rain there work its way across italy and eventually across the other side of the adriatic as well now some of the unsettled weather over europe has also been spilling into the northern parts of africa and we still got some showers over there as we head through the next few days and we're also seeing some rather sharp outbreaks of rain over parts of our area morocco and in morocco over the mountains of course very cold here so we're expecting some of that to turn to snow robots will get to around twelve degrees.
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the in. more than seven decades ago a country was split into three to be a good place with good to me and now at the time. being robbed all it took was a pan amount of the collapsing empire when the british had to draw a line they pulled seventy he had never been to india before al-jazeera examines the violence of india and pakistan and asks what the future holds for these neighbors politicians borders of blood at this time.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera a political crisis in the moldings has word send with the president declaring a state of emergency now the security forces and broken and to the supreme court. at least fifty nine people have been killed in syria as the government and russia intensify their airstrikes on rebel control of the country and protest in johannesburg both for and against south africa's president jacob zuma pressure is mounting on him to quit and he is reportedly refusing. the philippine says it will keep close ties with china despite reports that china is not nearly finished building military installations on the streets it's the islands in the side of china sea photos released by the philippine inquirer shield china has but naval docks one ways wind turbines in several multi story buildings. or. these are aerial photographs of detained by the philippine daily inquirer newspaper
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it shows that china will soon finish its military zation of seven reefs in the south china sea an international tribunal in the hague in two thousand and sixteen rejected china's argument that it enjoys historic rights over most of the south china sea but the pictures clearly show that china has built a massive runway on mischief reef which the tribe you know ruled it was in philippine waters including control towers and radio meters often used in milot she communication small the reefs now have wind turbines help pads and observation towers transport ships designed to carry are more details and up to eight hundred troops have also been spotted according to security experts three of these reefs now have three kilometer long runways making them as effective as aircraft carriers china has also built a harbor facilities extending the reach of its maritime assets not only in the
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south china sea but also the central pacific i don't think the philippines can do anything about it from the military point of view the belief that the government should do this to us the government will tell you what are their intentions in the south china sea the philippine government this misses this and blames the previous administration so what we want us to see all that we could do is to extract a promise from china not to reclaim any new artificial islands. but what you feature in your dues people to be are all directly islands that were there even before the detail of the administration came but these spoto those are believed to have been taken between june and december last year under president reagan due to his watch the balls for betrays their word for the government itself house nor coherent policy even comes through the west for the princess alternately issue and that can
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only be the advantage of the chinese who will then use this situation president there to insist china should still be the country strongest ally he calls it an independent foreign policy veering away from the united states while trying to build closer relations with china and russia security experts say there appears to be little that the philippines or any other country can do to stop china from its military zation and that the philippine government silence on the issue is enabling china's expansionist ambitions in the south china sea in danger of not only its own sovereignty but also the security of its allies in the pacific. dog an al jazeera mandela. cape town has pushed back days evil the day may have to turn off most taps because of a long drive by nearly a month now officials say it's now expected to be may the eleventh they're anticipating
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a reduction in agricultural demand for water so they may not need to make a drastic move a tall but restrictions for water use is still in place with residents only allowed to use up to fifty meters a day per person. a prominent american investigator into the illegal ivory and right now trade has been stoned to death at his home in the kenyan capital seventy five year old bradley lawson has spent decades investigating the illegal practice which threatens the two species with extinction his work spanned asia and africa he also served as the u.n. special envoy on right now conservation. israel has given deportation notices to thousands of african refugees and threatened any he refused to move with imprisonment refugees have been told to leave by the first in exchange for three thousand five hundred dollars on the plane ticket in one concourse not from telephone it's a common sentiment among asylum seekers here in israel who are being issued with deportation notices ready to stay in
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a prison mostly behind gabriel is another man who phase of his future he's twenty seven and from eritrea after a four year journey which involved prison time in egypt in israel he's now been handed a deportation noticed he says yes raids have dismissed his asylum claim out of hand and he's being held at the whole lot detention center well jazeera interviewed him they don't even mean i don't know why they given your rejection i just uploaded them that i i came to him for fiction you know i'm not going to get in search of. what you know the government called out. the government called infinite immigration experts say his case is typical but these new notices target people outside of the hollow detention center michelle mann spicer works for an organization of faith that helps asylum seekers and refugees in israel we obviously have a problem with having to send out and the refugees and asylum seekers to our wandering
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uganda or even leaving israel i mean these countries aren't safer than what's happened they're going there and they're not being able out to stay so they go there and research shows the research that came out recently that they believe they get there and then they have to start all over again and going to countries that are very dangerous to try and get into situations where they can stay because it's not safe to stay and wander in uganda israel has a hardline policy the first round of deportation notices has been issued to refugees the asylum seekers from eritrea and sudan that's about two hundred thousand people and they have sixty days to leave the country according to government figures there are some thirty nine thousand eritreans and sudanese in israel including five thousand children single men held here at the hillel to detention center and they were among the first to receive the deportation notices others sleep rough in parks like this one in tel aviv deportation notices will not be issued to women children fathers of children will anyone recognize as
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a victim of slavery or human trafficking but international groups say israel is deportation policy could be violating international law imran khan deserve to. and this only man has been stabbed and killed at a jewish settlement in the occupied west bank it happened at the ariel second leg one of the largest in the territory on monday and this really military officer tried to stop the palestinian man by ramming him with his car but he managed to escape tensions have escalated in the region since december when u.s. president donald trump recognized to resume as the capital of israel american gymnastics dr larry nasser has been sentenced to forty to one hundred twenty five years in prison and the third sentence related to a series of child molestation cases in michigan he's already been sentenced to more than two hundred years in prison after repeated guilty to sexually abusing girls was working as a doctor for the usa gymnastics national team he's also been convicted on child
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pornography charges will sell out until salaam the only surviving suspect from the paris attacks in twenty fifteen is on trial in belgium he's charged with trying to kill pleas touring a shootout in brussels nearly two years ago though salaam accuse the court of bias and refused to answer questions about his actions it's actually about the reports not from brussels. flanked by most police officers refused to stop at his trial in brussels but told the judge that he would not answer questions the only surviving suspect in the new film but twenty fifteen paris attacks which killed one hundred thirty people up to slums in court over a police shootout in the belgian capital the following year which eventually led to his arrest. up to slum told the judge i do not wish to respond to any questions i defend myself by keeping silent muslims are judged and treated without pity there is no presumption of innocence outside the courtroom his lawyer refused to comment
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on his client's decision with the realtor just going to give them a look and say is that we talked about procedural problems the fact that there are new civil parties and what if feelings were all about this. four police officers were wounded by gunfire in the brussels shootout abt islam and another man so if you an ira also were trawl escaped but were later arrested in the city after slums appearance in court was the first in public since his arrest his long hair and beard a contrast to photos of him released by police when he was on the run going into this trial one of the big questions had been whether or not solid to slam would break his silence since his arrest he has been in jail in france where he faces another trial over the paris attacks and each time he has been questioned by french investigators he has refused to talk the head of
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a french victims association set up to slums refusal to cooperate with the justice system was a lack of respect for me this will absolve the evil he confirmed his disrespectful attitude towards the judicial authorities disrespectful and provocative he says he can't stand up because he is tired we see his cynicism but then we expected little else. the prosecutor has requested a prison sentence of up to twenty years for attempted murder if i remain silent under questioning it could speed up proceedings and the trial could close before it was shut jewel to end on friday natasha butler al-jazeera brussels belgium. in costa rica a conservative evangelical singer and leftwing fiction write second she said we both names. to face each other in a presidential election runoff in april and that's after no can't get enough of the votes when the first time around well the issue of same sex marriage has dominated
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the campaign as i listened reports. it has been one of the most divisive elections ever in costa rica and one that is handing a historic opportunity to a radical in jericho pastor to reach the presidency. what it shows is the affection we've gained among the people our message has reached the people's heart we are very happy about it our message has already won these elections a message delivered in opposition to a ruling in january by the interim american court of human rights commending costa rica legalized gay marriage. it propelled. a former christian singer into a surprising front runner after he had been lagging behind in the polls the court's decision turned the election into a single issue campaign revealing a conservative streak in a society usually considered a progressive bastion in the region. and convincing many to change their vote. did change my mind we don't know why it happened when it did but the reason to sion
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came right before the election and the not only influenced my vote i believe it influence the vote of many people know that preliminary results are in first spot the head of a crowded field of thirteen contenders he will face catalyst of the progressive citizen action party in a runoff in early april. as the oldest and most stable democracy in latin america yet here to rising discontent with traditional parties and growing unemployment in crime have opened the door to more unconventional candidates. another christian pastor says that others are taking advantage of that dissatisfaction to radicalize what has always been a moderate country look at. this division is caused by fundamentalists that have brought messianic overtones into the election they have divided our society into some naive people who are falling for this populism and others who are deeply
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worried and committed to ensuring that this radical fundamentalism doesn't reach power a growing division that will make governing difficult for whoever will take the place of korean president. in a country that seems ready to abandon its traditional sentry spoil it exploded first time. capital moscow is buried on the record snowfall after more than a month's worth of snow came in just two days flights have been delayed so grounding areas have experienced power cuts and one person was killed by a falling power line the army spent called in to help clear the snow. you can find out much more about the stories we're following head to our websites updates a twenty four seven that al jazeera dot com. a quick reminder now of our top stories here on al-jazeera
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a fifteen day states of emergency has been declared in the maldives by the president abdoulaye yemeni parliament's under military control and security forces have reportedly broken into the supreme court president is to find calls from the supreme court to release political prisoners. at least fifty nine people have been killed in the syria as government and russian air strikes intensify and rebel controlled parts of the country in that province thirty people died dozens were wounded russian jets had a hospital in the countryside the second in as many days to be hit members of the united nations security council in new york have been discussing a series of reports of chlorine gas attacks carried out by the syrian government the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley criticized russia for blocking a statement condemning the use of chemical weapons in syria. so far russia has delayed the adoption of the statement a simple condemnation of syrian children being suffocated by chlorine gas i hope russia take the appropriate step to adopt
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this text showing the council is unified in condemning chemical weapons attacks rival factions of south africa's ruling party of class during demonstrations outside the party's headquarters in johannesburg protest as are demanding that president jacob zuma step down after meeting a senior n c oficial as a posse spokesman said seumas removal was not on the agenda. sol abdul salam the only surviving suspect from the paris attacks in twenty fifteen is on trial in belgium is charged with attempted murder for trying to kill police during a shootout in brussels nearly two years ago he accused the court of being biased against muslims and said he would defend himself i stayed silent. american olympic gymnastics dr larry nasa has been sentenced to foresee to a hundred and twenty five years in prison and a third sentence related to a series of child molestation cases in michigan he'd already been sentenced to more
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than two hundred years for sexually abusing girls while working as a doctor for the usa gymnastics team carnap today those are headlines stay with al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. in the stream live on you tube and al-jazeera today we're teaming up with our colleagues at witness to showcase their new film the snake charmers the documentary chance a journey of one of the all.


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