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in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous the ices of them as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the difficulty or sometimes lose our cattle there with the cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia at this time on al-jazeera. asian and european stock markets plunge us wall street losses spread around the world. has a stake in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up hong kong democracy activists
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war very often appeals victory in court. for president two supreme court justices are arrested hours after the government declares a state of emergency. israeli forces kill a palestinian man wanted for the shooting death of a settler. a european markets of open to heavy losses with london paris and frankfurt all dropping by more than three percent in early trading elsewhere asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from a huge selloff on wall street the dow jones tumbled more than a thousand points on monday more than four and a half percent that was the biggest fall in percentage terms since august twenty seventh in response to pan's benchmark nikkei closed down three point seven three percent earlier on tuesday while hong kong's benchmark hang seng index closed down
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five point one two percent china correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well the markets here in asia really took the lead from wall street the markets in chan zen and shanghai were both down around about two percent in morning trading hong kong did a lot worse though down by more than five percent the reason for that is that in hong kong a lot of international companies trade on that index and a lot of those companies are exposed to the united states whereas companies here the traders on the markets in shanghai and then tend to be domestic companies that don't trade internationally we haven't seen the falls that we saw of course in two thousand and fifteen when the markets here in china plunged by between five and seven percent on that occasion we did see panic we did see anger and we did see government intervention now chinese people have very few places to invest their
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money it's either property or shares and neither have been doing particularly well in recent months but overall chinese people seem to feel their economy is doing ok that's what a columnist tell you in state controlled media and there is a sense that perhaps g.d.p. is in fact a little bit higher than the government been hoping for and we'll get confirmation of what china's g.d.p. forecast will be in the year ahead when china's parliament the national people's congress convenes in just a few weeks' time and chinese leaders will be hoping that the market volatility we're seeing right now will be over by then adrian brown there was a shooter is a professor of management at the university of she's a walker he says the falls in asia are bad but far from catastrophic. well actually in japan we're seeing is obviously reaction to other markets in us and of course in europe and with the acceleration of the yen obviously there's been
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a so off the japanese exports could been leading the market so there is negativity but at the same time people were expecting this correction to take place so i don't think at this moment there is a crisis feeling that is amongst the japanese investors at this moment i don't think it's going to prolong or it's going to be a serious previous are crashes the reason for it being is that this is back to very good earnings in the states europe and in japan so off from that point of view we can see that it's not as bubbly as it was in the past but that said the problem here is that this prolongs if we see a downturn in the united states and europe obviously what will happen is that there will be a lot of money flowing in safe haven money into the yen which basically accelerates the yen and obviously that will result in a very bad earnings forecast for japanese exporters that would be a very big negative scenario for the japanese authorities three home kong pro-democracy activists are walking free this tuesday after their convictions were overturned on appeal joshua wong nathan low and alex chadwick convicted of unlawful
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assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier as teenagers they helped bring hong kong to a standstill as leaders of the so-called i'm delap protests thousands took to the streets calling for greater democracy all hong kong though it's part of china operates on a different political system to the mainland activists warning of growing interference by beijing leaving cold joshua wall said the battle over the right to protest in hong kong is far from over even the judge just allow us to lift the cost we still face the same. range of prison sentences in the future which means that the court of appeal have fully as sat and thought the principal of the judgment from the court of appeal in the future if and
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a well organized action related to civil disobedience just like regain survey square action will still face the sentence to be a lot of interests and for field was even more than a year that's why i will say that is a long time battle for us for sarah clarke is live for us in hong kong with more on this is sara obviously good news this not just for the for the three men but for the movement as a whole. absolutely and as you can see behind me there just the three student leaders have just left court you just heard the sound grab from them expressing relief with regards to today's decision the three of them are now dispersed being followed by the supporters of certainly good news for the likes of knight and law alex and joshua long now they're free to go and this is the final court of appeal so this is the last stop so this particular case can't be revisited
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within the courts now let me explain the situation so the judges have ruled by sickly to our whole the initial sentences which were delivered in the magistrates court a noise we're on charges for unlawful assembly for the three student leaders roll in the store what was described as a storming of the government full court in the latest of legs of council and they were delivered community service and one suspended sentence and then by the government intervened and requested that those sentences be made a more harsh or tougher and they took them back to the court of appeal and that's when the court of appeals gave them these jail terms three with them granted the right to appeal those particular jail senses which i described were tough and today is the final verdict along the white one given there were charges in two thousand and sixteen their role actually charges related to an incident back in two thousand and fourteen and today two thousand and eighteen we have the final verdict which is
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allowed for the three of them to walk free and to what extent is this a test of hong kong courts and their independence with all of the tensions going on between hong kong the hong kong government and beijing. well certainly you have to say this is an endorsement of the hong kong's independence of the judiciary system and one that the judicial system the legal fraternity here are very proud of that they work at an arm's length and independently of anything happening within the politics or certainly in china and they've also stated that in the court today that this was not a political debate this decision was based on the legal implications of the legal assessment in evidence and i should start though as well as the them being allowed to go free there was one extra now it's meant to or certainly a tightening of god lines from now on for those who do partake or participate in an unlawful assembly so the rules have been tarred and this has been raised by the
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three student leaders is one to watch and of concern it means that in from now on any protests police or court action can be tough on. the independence additionally has been allowed and endorsed protesters in the pro-democracy movement have suggested that their future action or the future pro-democracy protests may be scrutinized in a more harsh fashion. big victory for the pro-democracy movement their circle of life force in hong kong an opposition leader and choose supremes called judges in the mold these have been arrested former president. who has aligned himself with the opposition was detained at his home while the chief justice and a judge were also arrested president has declared a fifteen day state of emergency and the military's in charge of the parliament some of jabot has that. just hours after a state of emergency was declared in the island nation of maldives this board
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carries a prominent opposition leader to the country's main jail on a remote island the. moment of the un was arrested on charges of bribery which the opposition says this politically motivated. his family released a video earlier in which he urged his supporters not to lose hope. in this police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong or unlawful i urge the people of multipath to be strong and stand with us we will win. with the arrested but do judges for the deepening the political crisis. it all began on thursday when the supreme court called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohamed nasheed just also reinstated twelve m.p.'s who had lost their seats for supporting the opposition but president of the yemeni refused to comply with the ruling and celebrations turned into protests. yeah i mean also declared
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a fifteen day state of emergency and ordered the military to secure the parliament building for an indefinite period. and this is. in addition to the two judges police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court the court says police didn't have enough evidence to arrest the judicial executive president who happens to be the half brother of the arrested leader to be you came to power in two thousand and thirteen that was a year after moldavian police and army overthrew president mohamed nasheed but in a shaky democracy president i mean has also faced similar allegations of becoming authoritarian and being corrupt yet the supreme court was expected to do favorably on a petition to impeach you i mean opposition leaders allege the president's loyalists made it clear that they would not comply with such a verdict and launched
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a crackdown. for now the country best known for its tranquil beaches is struggling to deal with yet another round of political turmoil some of the job is there. now a kenyan politician has been charged for his role in a rebel so-called swearing in ceremony for main opposition leader while a dingo police say the gooner huna is accused of several charges including unlawful assembly and engaging in organized criminal activity opposition leader a danger rejected president hu kenyatta as victory in last october's elections more now from catherine sawyer who joins us now from nairobi suck after what more can tell us on this. absolutely. this very fiery opposition politician also the self declared leader of
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a national resistance movement that was started by the opposition last year to push for electoral reforms through what they say peaceful resistance now that group has been declared by the government an organized criminal group going to himself was arrested last week very dramatically we covered the fact and the judge last week ordered that he believed on bail pending his pending his case that did not happen on monday the judge again ordered that he be presented before before him before the courts in a ruby again the government defied done the police defied the order and the judge said he must be present and pass in the lead by the inspector general of police and the director of criminal investigations this morning at six g.m.t. that's nine am law call and then we're waiting in court and we hear that me good has been taken and before has been presented before another court of magistrates
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court in the south a couple of hours from nairobi and charged with this he's been charged with being present and consenting to the administration of an oath to commit treason and also charged with taking part in an unlawful assembly during the nassau that's the opposition coalition swearing in park or in january thirtieth so many supporters of me who know why the nairobi courts wilting for him the very young groom when he was imprisoned at police had to fire tear gas to disperse them and we understand as well catherine the government's also switched off a number of television television stations there what's the story there and back on . absolutely this television stations was switched off last week on tuesday as they were trying to cover this walk swearing in over a load to provide live coverage of this work swearing in at the time the minister in charge of interior say that that event was organized and was announced to
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overthrow the government he said that investigations have been launched into the organizers of that event into the event itself and to facilitate as of that event that included the media houses so immediately this three media houses of independent media houses some of the most popular media houses in the country a was switched off two of them katie and t.v. already back on air but citizen t.v. and its subsidiary called in oral steele lawfare people were not very sure why this two stations are still off air so all this has been causing a lot of concern people really worried about what is going on a lot of people saying and human rights organizations as well saying that what the government is doing is rolling back the democratic gains that have already been made in this country through a lot of sweat and a lot of had ship but then government officials the police saying that nobody
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really is about the law what happened last tuesday was an attempt to overthrow the government and this has to be investigated and people have to be held to account catherine shoreline first in nairobi thank you. well still ahead on i just you know we're live in south sudan way human rights groups say the government and the opposition are still recruiting child soldiers even after promising not to trust. the. women in the u.k. celebrate the suffragettes one hundred years after they got the right to vote. hallo there is one surprising flooding in the yonder java certain number of
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landslides has been persistent rain just east all southeast account and you see very clearly from satellite pictures the area that's like to be when it will happen when the last twenty four will be within the next twenty four hours it includes most of borneo some parts of central southern philippines and of course java and sulu ways you know all of java and in bali it looks to be sunny but maybe more reliably the sunshine is there and can easily be lazy or holiday on the sumatra and all of thailand in southeast asia should be drawn at this time of the year it had been unusually wet a couple of weeks ago but now it's looking reliably dry once more unless you're in west java or indeed northern australia there are some bins of pretty big down poles from cayennes west was through the northern territory this is the wet area and it should be and in fact in the year like this weekend on the new year you often get a wet or wet season and certainly the rain is there and evident whereas it gets hot to the south once again adelaide's approaching the forty mark melbourne's joining in and despite the fact the thirty cloudy recently in person up above the thirty
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mark here comes to this day it's like a rather more humid version with the potential for the two showers in western australia as i said the main rain is to the north. twitter activism with a new mission. build software for. digital this is within the technological. tools to get security to the patients in their field in the capital. to the record. at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching the mind of our top stories this hour three political activists are walking free and hong kong off to their convictions were overturned on appeal joshua wall nathan more and alex chadwick were convicted of unlawful assembly in two thousand and sixteen two years earlier they led huge they led huge protests calling for greater democracy. political crisis in the mold leaves is deepening after the arrest of an opposition leader and two shoe print court judges that's just hours after a state of emergency was declared. european markets of open to heavy losses with london paris and frankfurt all dropping all the three percent in early trade asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from a huge selloff on wall street. and as markets around the world to hit by u.s.
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losses the white house is preparing itself for the political impact was when jordan has more from washington. if investors weren't spooked by the u.s. stock market selloff on friday they're almost certainly wishing they'd put in for a three day weekend the dow jones industrial average fell four point six percent on monday and it's down eight point five percent since its high point on january twenty sixth that means stocks are now cheaper but the value of retirement and investment accounts has dropped making americans poorer at least on paper some market watchers fear the u.s. could be on the brink of recession but not everyone agrees in reality it feels that way but it's not really to the point where we can say it's a repeat of nineteen eighty seven now i think investors need to be calm i think they have to look at the the whole picture. and and the economic
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picture remains quite strong while traders dumped everything from energy to finance and tech stocks the u.s. president donald trump said nothing just last week trump was bragging about the stock market strike but in cincinnati he was celebrating tax cuts and accusing congressional democrats of trying to sabotage the economy somebody is a treasonous i mean just why not now we call that treason why not. i mean they certainly didn't seem to love our country very much but you look at that and it's it's really very very sad later white house aides released a statement downplaying the market turmoil and praising the president's focus on tax cuts and deregulation still barack obama's former press secretary jay carney taunted trump on twitter quote we never boasted about the stock market because we
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knew two things one the stock market is not the economy and two if you claim the rise you own the fall the stock selloff comes at a time of change at the u.s. the central bank on monday jerome powell was sworn in as the federal reserve chairman replacing janet yellen she had been criticized for not raising interest rates quickly enough to curb inflation but now economists will be watching help keeps the u.s. economy humming and investors from panicking a difficult test in his first days on the job titles rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington a government forces and opposition groups in south sudan. and south sudan on all still recruiting child soldiers despite numerous agreements to stop that's according to human rights watch which says children as young as thirteen are being abducted detained and forced to fight since the violence began in two thousand and
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thirteen the warning signs of violated several commitments human rights watch is calling for an arms embargo let's get more on this now from him morgan who is in juba south sudan's capital so what else. is human rights watch saying about this. well let's remember has been that this conflict is now in its fifth here so obviously over the called course of the conflict a lot of agreements have been signed to demobilize child soldiers who are in various who are in the ranks of various armed groups now human rights watch is saying instead of children being demobilized there is actually a rise in the in the number of child recruitment unicef are really released a report in late december stating that there are more than sixteen thousand children in armed forces or armed groups but in late twenty seventeen their release reporting now there are more than one nine hundred thousand that's more than three thousand children who have been recruited over the course of south sudan's conflict in the past two years alone are not throughout the whole five years so obviously
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it's a big concern not just for human rights watch watch but also for organizations that are dealing with the demobilization process which is unicef there they put out a statement on their twitter account yesterday saying they've demobilized more than two thousand soldiers in the past five years and they are hoping to demobilize more over the coming days but the concern right now is the fact that it is ongoing so human rights watch has has called for an arms embargo against the government and the armed groups to try to get them to halt their recruitment of child soldiers but it's still going to be a concern because right now there are talks going on an artist to try to bring the war in sides to to sign a peace agreement or to revitalize the peace agreement which was signed in august twenty fifteen but there are so many armed groups right now in south sudan's conflict in our discipline there more than thirteen different armed groups and there are concerns that these groups are also recruiting child soldiers to fight for their side to be able to give them a stronger stance or position in the negotiating table so the concern right now that you and sorry the concern right now that the human rights watch is trying to
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push for an arms embargo by the u.n. and by ear get an a you countries to be able to not just stop the conflict but also hold child recruitment in south sudan and why have so many children been been recruited as as soldiers on the such a scale and the fact that this has been been going on with such impunity as well. well it could be because most of the children throughout the course of course of the conflict have been displaced and have been separated from their parents or unicef reports that more than sixty five percent of those who are displaced are children and most of them become separated from their families and their relative so it makes them easier to to to be targeted for recruitment and obviously there's the other issue of schools being targeted in tiny fifteen some children were recruited from schools they were abducted from the schools they were going to and forced into into into a certain group or into one of the groups to fight against against the government
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so obviously the concern right now is that maybe some some some some some of the some of the conflict scenarios is making it easier for groups to recruit children such as being displaced and being separated from it from your family making an easier target or going to school and making it even easier target because there they find a group of young boys and girls that they can easily sway into their interest into their armed forces so this has been going on obvious like you said with with a lot of impunity you human rights watch the unicef has previously called for a halt to the activity of child recruitment it hasn't happened obviously if you see a rise of three thousand children more recruited then it's obviously going up and not going down and there is concern that because south sudan's often doesn't seem like it's ending anytime soon that this number will just keep rising and rising here more and live in juba thank you the israeli army says it has killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a second last month the army shot dead twenty one year old at home under the sarge
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arar engine in the occupied west bank where i was accused of killing a rabbi or a zealot in an illegal israeli outpost on general ninth two other palestinians were killed in raids in the manhunt. our management at the louvre museum in paris opened an official investigation into the room move all of qatar from a map that was displayed in one of its museums the map was published by the united arab emirates louvre abu dhabi museum the head of the national committee for human rights in qatar says the louvre museum has apologized for this tensions have been high in the region since the u.a.e. saudi arabia egypt and bahrain can ties with qatar of february sixth marks one hundred years since women won the right to vote in the united kingdom activists at the forefront of their campaign were known as suffragettes bonamy phillips has their story the way i was.
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was. an epic victory celebrated in the museum of london one hundred years since the first british women got the vote all thanks to the suffragettes who took on the establishment and won. it wasn't easy they chained themselves to fences outside parliament many were arrested beaten went on hunger strike one even threw herself at the king's horse in the famous darby race. she died but the cause did not the suffragette struggles but they ultimately won for what they make british society today one hundred years on with they believe that women have achieved true equality it wasn't until nineteen twenty eight that younger and poorer women were also given the vote and says this very in character actor the suffragettes always hoped to inspire future generations when we when our
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fight that's now going to be the end of all the fights you know what i have to keep fighting i'm sure and i just hope that we can set the precedent for that and they keep fighting just as hard as we. she no doubt would agree and believe pankhurst leader of the suffragettes and great grandmother of helen who wonders if the glass is only half full every single measure of political equality we still have so far to go in every single parliament and in particular i need you k. we only have thirty two percent representation of all other aspects of democracy so the legal system the the media reporting of parliament and of politics we still have a lot to go so i think it's a. comedy he throws light on the women struggles today this is humiliating but it also made the families because the first week in our relationship that i earned him . with british institutions from parliament to the
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b.b.c. hit by revelations of gender discrimination. it feels like we're just failing over and over but we have to remember the suffragettes failed for over fifty years they only succeeded once and we only need to succeed once they are impossible is our normal life we are the hopes of the suffragettes was. our debt to the heroines of the past maligned in their day as misguided radicals we remember them as being on the right side of history bobby philips al jazeera london . this is al jazeera these are the top stories european markets are open to heavy losses with london paris and frankfurt all dropping more than three percent in early trade asian markets crumbled as investors took their lead from
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a huge selloff on wall street. three hong kong pro-democracy activists will walk free after winning their appeal against the prison sentence joshua one nathan law and alex chadwick convicted in twenty sixteen of unlawful assembly three students brought hong kong to a standstill in twenty fourteen as leaders of the so-called on brother protest a political crisis in the maldives is deepening after the arrest of an opposition leader and two supremes court judges that's just hours after a state of emergency was declared former president. gayoom who's allied himself with the opposition was detained in his home the charges against him include bribery and attempting to overthrow the government he denies the allegations. of abuse in the police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong i urge the people to be strong and
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stand with us we will win a kenyan politician has been charged for his role in a rebel so-called swearing in ceremony for main opposition leader raul out of danger police say gooner is accused of several charges including unlawful assembly and engaging in an organized in an organized criminal activity human rights watch says government forces and opposition groups in south sudan are still recruiting child soldiers despite agreements to stop the group says children as young as thirteen are being abducted detained and forced to fight the israeli army says it's killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a settler last month the army shot their twenty one year old. in jenin in the occupied west bank that i was accused of killing rabbi. in an illegal israeli outpost on january ninth those are the headlines rebel geeks is next.
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facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter while it is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. digital technology offers on its end it's a nice moment and even longer. in the energy to billions of coffee nations you know . it seems he discovered the meantime mention. in which everything in our lives he literally lived and tried. and intended humans. that is convenient for profit and surveillance the only needs the power. to make.


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