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it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the old powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand people controlling the congress and voices and they distort the vote in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people and out investigate disinclination and democracy part two but this time on al jazeera. dozens killed in airstrikes on syria's eastern ghouta you on the envoy says civilians are being bombarded and starved. but i'm julie went on with this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. u.s.
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markets volatile and early trading a day after a steep nonces which sparked a selloff in asia and europe south africa's parliament postpones president zuma state of the nation speeches pressure grows on him to step down. a u.k. court goals against wiki leaks founder julian assange in his bid to have his u.k. arrest warrant dismissed. their warm welcome to the program while there are reports that a six point four magnitude earthquake is what east and taiwan according to the united states geological survey the quake struck near the northeastern port city of who are lame the taiwanese government reports the fourth film forced from the quake toppled hotel is the latest in a string of quakes that have hit the region in recent days and we'll bring you more on that story as we get. un's calling for an immediate month long cease fire in
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syria to allow humanitarian aide medical help to reach civilians trapped by fighting syrian government and russian forces have stepped up their attacks on the rebel held areas of problems in eastern guta there too for supposed deescalation zones agreed by iran and russia last year more than fifty people have been killed by airstrikes on eastern ghouta on tuesday alone and at least six bringing the total killed in the last forty eight hours to more than one hundred people or u.n. war crimes experts say the siege of east and go to involves crimes of indiscriminate bombardment and deliberate starvation of the civilian population there are also investigating reports of chlorine gas being used against civilians said holder reports now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. residential areas are the target buildings flattened civilians killed and injured post syrian government forces have been on the offensive into the opposition held province of it live for
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weeks now but since fighters from how you have to have a sham shop down a russian aircraft and killed its pilot it has escalated. national aircraft have carried out dozens of air strikes in a number of towns in the past forty eight hours. at least two major hospitals have been hit one of them is now out of service the assault is being described as one of the fiercest yet it includes as you spend more even attack is the town of sockets now the syrian army says it has deployed air defenses and anti-aircraft missiles to the front lines in aleppo to cover the airspace of the norse it says the deployment is a message to everyone. that's four hundred or russian market and they are controlled by the russian intelligence and of the syrian regime so this is russia we need to understand there is an direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia that it's dangerous because at the same time turkey is trying to force.
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to turkey its planes are using syrian airspace and its offensive against the kurds in turkey had russian backing to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down. on the ground turkey's army has deployed deep inside . posts as part of the. agreement turkish troops are now positioned less than five kilometers from syrian government forces the northwestern corner of syria. states turkey and iran are the main players syrian government forces want. to stop its military operation in the player. and the first time. and it's the first time civilians are the pawns the other main rebel stronghold in
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syria the damascus suburb is also coming under heavy fire many civilians have been killed and injured in the besieged the united nations is calling for the fighting throughout syria to stop for. aid deliveries and evacuation. is unlikely to be heated at least until the latest round of negotiations is settled on the ground. what do we know about the current situation given. hi julie i'm taiwan has had a major earthquake just an hour ago it's one am right now in time in taipei but about an hour ago we have a mega magnitude six point zero earthquake that has jotted eastern taiwan so far we have learned that and crew from that there is a major collapse the hotel in which probably somewhere between twenty seven
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thousand people to twenty nine people who had been trapped inside the hotel the collapsed a hotel local rescue or rescue workers have been has rushed to the area to try to get them out also a nearby around the train station in quality in eastern time one another building has also collapsed people residents in the lower lower floors has tried to made it out and they are concerned though that there may be a there in the hope that they are concerned that there may be there will be fire because they smelled some leakage of gasoline and also we learned also that the the traffic on the major on a nearby highway has been disrupted so. it's already one am in the morning so it's pretty difficult to access the the city the chill damage of the roads and the building but the local government has set up
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a emergency first agreed emergency center to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake joyce what's the area like ram's where the quake struck. alone east coast of taiwan as fish in manly fish many fishing harbors and. and the remotest is the side of taiwan and so in terms of population it's not as dense as pop populated as just urban area but. in the downtown area of quality and all these buildings are. are. having there before for decades so their structure and their construction are makeup may have caused can some concerns and joys did you feel the quake where you are in taipei what was that
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like i see there's also talk of course of aftershocks also right the magnitudes the earth's core that happens in. quality and it was a major as magnitude six point four a six point zero but by the time it ridge type bed as it was already it was it was did reduce to magnitude four four point zero so i we can still feel shaking here in taipei one hour ago but it did a lot different for a long time and but it did cause quite a panic for for me for me myself and my family choice when joining me there on the line from taipei with the latest on that magnitude six point four earthquake this rocked eastern taiwan joyce thank you.
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shares on wall street have stabilized after a volatile early trading this following monday's sharp losses which caused falls and markets around the world the dow jones industrial average open two percent and add to monday's fall of four and a half percent but stocks soon climbed back above monday's close earlier as ation markets reacted to monday's news from new york on kong's hang seng index fell by more than five percent japan's nikkei was down almost as much talking by four point seven three percent with the falls were less severe in europe at london's but c. one hundred index still goes down two point six percent who gave elizondo who's been watching us markets and he sent us this report from new york. the markets have been incredibly volatile opening on tuesday with a drop of five hundred points before regaining a lot of that back in the subsequent hours this comes after the dow had its worst
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point drop on monday in history coming after its worst week in two years and this is all built upon a bigger frame and that's that the markets have actually gained a lot over the last year that president donald trump has been in office so a lot of people saying that this could be finally the markets cooling down after being overheated for a long time a lot of people looking at perhaps that there's no real answer to why there is this volatility looking at perhaps inflationary concerns also political concerns in washington d.c. with the russian vest a geisha not only continuing but heating up and the real fight between the trumpet ministration f.b.i. potentially leading to institutional crisis markets don't like any uncertainty and what you're seeing right now is a lot of uncertainty in the u.s. on multiple fronts but beyond that it's important to remember that the stock market is not the real economy in the real economy in the u.s. is still doing very well with very record low unemployment right now and and so
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that is what the trumpet ministration is pushing over the last year they've been saying look at the stock market look how well it's doing but now that it's not doing very well they're saying no don't look at the stock market just look at the fundamentals of the economy which are doing well so and a lot of ways that uncertainty you're seeing is partially because of the trumpet ministrations sort of speaking between speaking out of two mouths so to speak should americans look at the stock market or should they not set all that aside though and the reason the stock market is so important here in the u.s. is because it affects global markets as well you already saw a downturn at least slightly in markets in asia and europe. the kenyan high court has ordered the release on bail of a politician charged for his role in a controversial swearing in ceremony for opposition needed. we're going to mcguinness seen here on the left to us at last week's ceremony where a digger declared himself the people's president rejecting a hurricane after his reelection in october political tensions though remain high
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in the country earlier police fired tear gas of protesters leg to the disputed presidential election well in south africa the president's state of the nation address has been postponed jacob zuma was shed till to have given his annual address on thursday but the parliament speaker confirms that there had been a delay to the speech has been growing pressure on zuma since he was replaced as leader of the governing a.n.c. party in december for me to mina is live for us now in johannesburg hi there for media so just how significant is this given that there continued to be calls for the president to step down. well julie it certainly is unprecedented and really does speak to the political climate in south africa at the moment opposition parties had asked the speaker of parliament to perspire on the state of the nation address until after a vote a motion of no confidence was debated in parliament later this month that said that the policies that jacob zuma would put forward during the state of the nation he
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wouldn't then implemented because it's expected that he and his administration at some point would be removed the issues really for opposition and those unhappy with president jacob zuma even from within these parties center largely around corruption allegations and the president's conduct in the last in especially in the second term in office but the greater concern was around the state of the nation what it would represent and also that the parliament officials had presiding officers had said that they aren't confident in fact they wouldn't be able to hold a successful state of the nation address given that in the last three to four years the address was disrupted by opposition parties to a point where there were even violent altercation preventing president jacob zuma from addressing the two houses of parliament so they say that this is the best move for the party it's a decision that's come from within the within parliament but this is the best move
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for parliament at the moment given that they say they wouldn't be able to have a state of a nation that would go off well and for me to the n c's meeting tomorrow to discuss zuma feature in particular what's expected. well the national executive committee which is the highest decision making body of the a.n.c. is expected to meet to decide the future of president jacob zuma have been ongoing calls for him to step down and will remember to december that the civil roma pausa has was named elected the new a n c president prior to this the a.n.c. had said that it would be difficult to remove jacob zuma because he is the president of the party now that he's no longer the president it's possible that the party could now step forward and take seriously these calls for jacob zuma to be
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recorded and that would then push for the president to tender his resignation remember this this is a party ruling party that is split jacob zuma does still have his supporters within the party and it's not known exactly who would devote all that isn't a vote specifically that would be held but because he does have supporters of the a.n.c. there is a split around what exactly the future holds for the president and this is where the difficulty comes in for the ruling party they have seen a loss of a lot of support in the last election given the unpopularity of jacob zuma but this is a party that would want to maintain stability ahead of elections next year but also maintain the foundation of the party and maintain a stability if jacob zuma had to be removed for me to military joining me live from johannesburg for me to thank you still to come on al-jazeera. abducted detained and forced to fight a report that says both sides of side sudan's conflict are calling up children as
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young as thirteen all that more when we come back. thank you. the you. hello doesn't feel quite like winter surat iran even to be honest in the caucasus the moment the cold air is round and it will probably prompt wanted to showers in the southern caspian just catch in the in the northern shores of iran but to round remains in the sunshine the twelve degrees and back are still eight trees they are real cold you catch up one touch can't see next is zero minus eleven but look at levant and look at iraq baghdad at twenty four was only three degrees off its february maximum warmth of twenty seven so it's a warm spot at the moment and the sun is out too there's not much of a breeze but a cloud of form not potential back a bit between us this is warmer than you might expect compared with the average on
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this an argument that's also sure the eastern part of saudi bahrain and qatar but not by much reference to the middle if you're lucky the high twenty's newswoman still in the west and saudi but there's nothing much else inscribed some clouds will forms and torsional clouds with the don't drop and the rain we did see some pretty high temperatures in capetown yes yes they actually often the clouds form when the temps are really high brings a bit of rain nothing in the fall customer afraid but if there are any showers in south africa they light further east all over listen to.
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a reminder of our top stories here on al-jazeera taiwanese media said the seventeen people are trapped after an earthquake caused the hotel to collapse in the city of houla that a six point four magnitude earthquake rocked eastern taiwan just before midnight local time the un's called for a month long truce in syria to get aid civilians trapped by fighting more than fifty people have been killed on tuesday alone airstrikes on rebel held eastern
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kentucky. u.s. stocks appears to have rallied back after posting their biggest falsie more than six years on monday. the supreme court's of the mall days has a now but so more to release a number of imprisoned opposition leaders after the president accused it of engineering a coup president yemeni abdul gayoom had refused to comply with the court's ruling instead he imposed a fifteen day states of emergency and arrested two senior judges the former president who is this for over. the israeli army's killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a second long twenty one year old. was shot dead accused of killing rabbi brad. in an illegal israeli course last month in one khan has more now from the occupied west bank. the israeli army says this is a bloody they've been looking for him since general you know he was accused of killing a settler rabbi from an illegal settlement outposts. in the early hours of tuesday
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morning around seventy jeeps and two paedos in this village all your mood and focus their attention on this building you saw such a clear out of almost six months old. at exactly four thirty am i heard an explosion and we heard an exchange of gunfire and it quieted down for about five minutes and then they started shouting no surrender but there was more shooting and then they brought in a robot that searched the room for about two hours. the killing has taken on a heightening significance because the settler was a religious leader after the killing of the rabbi from a neighbor the israeli army mounted almost nightly raids in a village again and they eventually found him they say in the yemen a massive reacted saying the palestinian resistance continues. this courageous martyrdom asserts that resistance in the west bank is still going in all its forms led by al qassam military armaments and the resistance and fighting palestinian all
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the security measures of the israeli occupation the security organizations or israeli military cannot break the will of resistance and the palestinian youths resisting this intifada will continue the jerusalem intifada will continue the palestinian people will go on till freedom or martyrdom huge crowds are gathered outside of the mother's house and would. be even further. but it's not just my son he's the son of all of palestine he died his dignity fighting the occupation he has made his people proud. on the seventeenth of january they thought they killed but that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity and an innocent man was killed. the killing of the settler led prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't declare the settlement outposts illegal under israeli law and bring it on the official protection the
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bodies of the two palestinians killed in the israeli raids still haven't been handed over to the families imran khan al jazeera you moon village occupied with. a british court has turned on a request by the wiki leaks founder julian assange to have his arrest warrant council lawyers for some shoes in the ecuadorian embassy in london say they'll continue to fight in the courts and to seek assurances he will not be sent to the u.s. well the case against him goes back to august twenty ten when swedish prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for him on suspicion of rape he was arrested in britain in november that year and released on bail while stay for extradition as some said he feared being sent to the u.s. to face charges relating to the leaking of military secrets but in june twenty twelve after the supreme court ruled he must be extradited to sweden his son is skipped bail and to shelter in the embassy where ecuador granted him asylum in may last year swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation into a songe botts british peace at the worn for jumping bail still stood well at school
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singing barker who's outside the ecuadorian embassy hi there knaves so what does this mean for a song. with a short run it means that very little has changed for julian assange on the show westminster magistrate's court ruled on the first of what we appeared to be several possible appeals only his defense team to have the arrest warrants reboot. of course this arrest warrant is in place in a direct response to get more specific advice you gave the attempt to have an accident that i was just waiting for because stories are best a case is ended up counseling their investigation last year his defense team argued that they should know who should be no reason and serves no purpose for this arrest . to continue but the judge responded by believing by saying that she believed that there was no real reason for her to revoke it on those particular grounds and as
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a result was up held. the warrants for the time being his defense team jumped in though with a second appeal saying that perhaps there were no public there was no public interest in maintaining this warrant so rather than the judge coming back with a response to this second appeal she said that she will give a verdict on that on february the thirteenth but that we have to remember the overall all of this all of these concerns about whether or not he did jump. oh deep concerns from julian assange john his legal team about the existence of a possible extradition. between the u.s. authorities and the british authorities could of course relate to his leaking of tens of thousands of top secret documents are real worries that even if he's allowed to leave the ecuadorian embassy where media would be packed off to the u.s. to face much greater charges and possibly a very very lengthy prison sentence indeed his what his judge his what he's
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a defense lawyer said after the hearing at westminster my straight course a little bit earlier on. this case isn't has always been about the risk of extradition to united states and that risk remains real nobody can credibly deny that race we've had the head of the cia declare wiki leaks a hostile an on site intelligence agency which had the u.s. attorney general say that prosecuting join a songe is a priority in these circumstances it is time to provide an assurance against extradition so that base untenable situation. would shooting essentially his defense team now is for the british government to be open and clear cut as to whether or not they were is the next. additional arrangements in place whether or not there really is a u.s. attorney put in place to have him sent over to the u.s. to face possible charges of espionage he could end up with
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a very very very lengthy prison sentence indeed he's been here for more than five years his health physical and mental is said to be failing the for now at least judy the sun no change whatsoever he's back at a live from central london a thank you have been violent protests and says sit down after the decision by the u.s. on friday to impose a unilateral arms embargo the state department said it was a poll by the continuing violence perpetrated by both sides in the five year civil war human rights watch has also called for a weapons ban and warned the both sides of the conflict inside sudan continue to recruit child soldiers have a morgan has the latest from juba. this is not the first report that has been put out by human rights watch on child recruitment in south sudan it says that children as young as thirteen has been have have been recruited to fight in the conflict which is now in its fifth year unicef also put out a report in late ten fifteen saying that there are sixteen thousand children who are recruited by armed groups now that report has changed into late in twenty seven
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to reflect new figures which says that more than one nine hundred thousand children have been recruited by armed groups in the conflict this is a this is a problem that has been going on since south sudan sort of fighting in september twenty fifth teen and rights groups and children's organizations have called for a halt to this activity of recruiting child soldiers now a lot of things make it easier to recruit child soldiers in south sudan first thing is the displacement with sixty five percent of the people who are displaced in the conflict are mostly are mainly women and children now the figures of displacement right now stands at four million people disclose displaced not just within the country but in neighboring countries as well it's sixty five percent of that are children making them easier to be targeted by armed groups to to be recruited within their ranks and there's also the issue of being separated from their families as well as schools being targeted to try to recruit children mainly boys to to fight in the ranks of on groups now the human rights watch report has accused both government and opposition forces of being involved in child recruitment of
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calls for halted operation of recruiting child soldiers as well as an arms embargo by the un and the e.u. and also for hybrid court to try every single person who's been responsible for uprooting child children throughout the conflict but since the conflict is still ongoing it's very hard to see that actually happening and there are concerns that more children will be recruited until peace comes south sudan italy's foreign minister says there's a very real risk of i saw a fight is returning to europe on the bolshies by migrants to cross the mediterranean angeleno our final was speaking at a conference he's been hosting in rome to discuss migration security representatives from several african countries were there as well as from the. and the united nations. poland's president says he will sign into law a bill that makes it illegal to blame poland for crimes committed by nazi germany they'll be prison terms of up to three years for those fine to cold it's a polish death camp israel in the u.s. of strongly oppose the new law saying it whitewashed the will played by the pools
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in the holocaust but andres judah says poland cannot be blamed for what happened after the nazis invaded in one nine hundred thirty nine you do not know this is the old joke of the polish state which did not exist about time and polish institutions did not take part in the german industry of destruction polish institutions did not collaborate with germans in many countries the world government supported nazis and many countries that were puppet governments appointed by nazi germany no such situation happened in poland poland struggled against germany says korean investigators say north korean hackers were behind the theft of more than five hundred million dollars worth of digital coins from japanese foreign calling check on friday japan's financial regulators had been investigating how coin check one of asia's leading crypto currency exchange companies was targeted says korean spy chief say the virtual coin market remains a real target for online. so in an hour's time around that the new
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space six jumbo rocket will blast off for its first test flight the falcon heavy is set to become the world's most powerful rocket in use with double the liftoff power of all the ships she uses launch is considered a key turning point for billionaire entrepreneur you don't musk's privately owned space exploration technologies the rocket has twenty seven engines and is carrying musk's tesla roadster convertible as a mock payload minutes after takeoff the two i was to i want to boost as well as attempt to land at nearby cape canaveral air force station. a quick reminder of our top stories making the news here on al-jazeera taiwanese media say of these seventeen people are trapped after an earthquake caused the hotel to collapse in the city of her when it mergence the services have been
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deployed to the sea while the six point four magnitude earthquake walked east in taiwan just before midnight local time. the un's called for an immediate month long cease fire in syria to allow humanitarian and medical aid to civilians trapped by fighting ground fifty people have been killed in airstrikes in eastern guta the least six of those syrian government forces and their russian allies have ramped up attacks in both rebel held areas which is supposed to be deescalation sold sheil has more from have taken inside the eastern turkey unfortunately despite maybe a reduction in the number of free toiletries over the past few months of the astronomer poses in the build up to the structure talks took place the fact that those have failed to establish these serves roams that these governments the most boring prone iran into run have said that they want to establish now we're seeing a spike in the violence and something else mobile converted good for the civilians who continue to suffer on a daily basis well u.s.
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stocks appears to balance back after posting their biggest falls of more than six years both the s. and p. and the dow jones sank on monday triggering sharp drops across global markets hong kong's hang seng index fell by more than five of the same london's footsie one hundred has closed lower by two point six percent said africa's parliament's to lead president jacob zuma state of the nation address amid fears opposition m.p.'s would disrupt his speech so much as under increasing pressure to resign because of corruption scandals that have caused widespread protests and calls to step down from members of his. a kenyan court sorted a major politician be released on bail after he was charged for his role in a controversial swearing in ceremony opposition leader ryan we're going to make goodness seen here on the left of the picture was that past week ceremony for a dig at declared himself the people's president rejecting kenya reelection in october and tuesday conspired tear gas of protest league to the disputed election
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they'll see how current headlines stay with us inside story is next and then we'll be back at the top of the hour with a full i refuse. will corsica turn into france's catalonia president emmanuel mccall has begun a two day visit to the mediterranean island where there is growing demand for greater autonomy from france as separatist movements rise across europe how will it affect this region this is inside story.


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