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as a stoppage. for over a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than coasts with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on i'll just see it up. a magnitude six point four earthquake rocks the east coast of taiwan two people have been killed and more than one hundred others injured. so this is al jazeera live from london also coming up syrian forces pound eastern ghouta so-called deescalation zone one hundred people killed in just forty eight
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hours most of them civilians and sure knows how to get our attention why billionaire along musk is sending a giant rockets with a sports car on top into space and it's pretty basic but it's saving lives in mogadishu and on the road to somalia's a leak free ambulance service. in taiwan a six point four magnitude earthquake has hit the east coast of the island killing at least two people and injuring more than a hundred others the quake has brought down the hotel and at least three other buildings the united states geological survey says it struck near the north eastern port city of wiley and several people off thought to be trapped inside the hotel it's the latest in a string of quakes that have hit the region in recent days well george flying is a taiwanese journalist based in taipei she spoke to us about the impact of the
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earthquake. the earth's core a magnitude six point zero has struck the eastern part of taiwan of folly c.t. and according to the latest confirmation from the national far agency under the ministry of interior that a total of four buildings have collapsed one of which is a hotel and in downtown c.t. downtown. holly and and up to twenty nine people how was strapped trapped inside a hotel by a local rescue worker have tried to get them out and so far it's hard to confirm those so for local media saying that a total of three people are still trapped in the rubble and another building has another in the structure of another nearby and has also told to do an
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earthquake also some roads in the city were a damage and we've seeing. pictures of gapping holes and cracks and hopefully local governments are trying to get the traffic back on track it's not a very densely populated area as alone the is to eastern coast of taiwan as a fish and many fish in an agricultural based county and. and. most people there are. focused most most people with their live in tourism and fish and i agree cultural at this time of year as near the chinese new year. rule or new year so there are tourists there that's so the hotel as as one of their one of the building that many true is would choose to stay.
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the syrian government backed by its key ally russia has been pounding rebel held areas in syria rescue workers are scrambling to keep up with the onslaught in the mask a suburb of eastern guta at least one hundred thirty people have been killed in the last forty eight hours activists say i said them civilians reports. this is supposed to be a deescalation zone part of a russian troops still the territory held by anti-government forces in syria. but if anything the bombing is escalating here in eastern guta. the un's head of the international commission of inquiry on syria says the government siege of the area involves the international crimes of indiscriminate bombing and deliberate starvation of the civilian population.
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there are reports that at least three hospitals have been hit with the help of the russian air force on the rainy and back groups syria's president is pursuing the last major pockets of territory held by his opponents in western syria. the offensive intensified after fighters from one rebel group shot down a russian aircraft and killed its pilot on saturday. now the syrian army says it's deployed add offenses and anti aircraft missiles to its front lines in aleppo and it led to cover northern airspace. i had there from the us four hundred are russian and they are controlled by the russian intelligence not the syrian regime so this is russia we need to understand there is a direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia it's dangerous because at the same time turkey is trying to force its presence in the area northwestern syria is where turkey is carrying out an operation to push kurdish forces out of afrin it's using syrian air space and has
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got russia's agreement to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down turkish jets turkey also wants to wipe e.g. out of another northern syrian town damage but there are u.s. forces there too much to the irritation of the turkish president. we can you. are that you can why are you there go ahead and leave who did you bring the y.p. g p k k you took them there and you are still telling us not to come tomorrow we will come to malaysia to deliver the land to its true owners. as ever across syria it's civilians who are caught in the middle the un wants fighting across the country to be suspended for a month to allow the sick and wounded to get out and aid to get in bernard smith al-jazeera.
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a british court has turned down a request by the wiki leaks founder julian assange managed to have his arrest warrant cancelled last for a sign she was in the ecuadorian embassy in london say they will continue to fight in the courts and to seek assurances he will not be sent to the u.s. as sanjay originally went there to avoid being extradited to sweden over allegations of sexual assault sweden's now dropped that investigation in the u.k. still wants to arrest him for failing to turn in court. a french judge has ordered a prominent swiss islamic scholar to remain in custody over allegations of rape tariq ramadan was arrested in paris last week and is facing an investigation and trial over claims he assaulted two women he denies the allegations police in kenya have failed to release opposition politician begin in the guna despite a court order that he be set free immediately he's been charged with treason for participating in a controversial mock swearing in ceremony or opposition leader rather
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a dingo mcguinness seen here on the left who was next to it in the last week when he declared himself the people's president rejecting her. conference so he has more from nairobi. so even after a high court judge ruled this afternoon that mick gooda mast be released immediately he's still in police custody his lawyers have not been able to see him since friday police are not telling them anything the judge had ordered that he be presented before him this morning passing only by the inspector general of police that did not happen so we're waiting in court all morning then we are told he has been moved he had been he has been taken to another court that is out of town and he has been charged with three offenses including one that is related to treason we've also seen several opposition m.p.'s have had their passports
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suspended some of had their state provided security taken away we've seen a media crackdown as well all this causing a lot of anxiety and a lot of tension in the country today we saw you know protests in different parts of the protestant are obese and the sense of protests in western kenya as well so people are asking the police to really produce an end obey the court order saying that the government ease rolling back democratic gains that have been made but officials of the government and interior ministry that i've been talking to say that investigations into that ceremony are going on no one is about the loss it's going to be very interesting to see if once this investigations are completed whether. the leader of the opposition is also going to be arrested the israeli army has killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a settler last month twenty one year old actor gerard was shot dead accused of killing rabbi run back and an illegal israeli outpost last month imran khan has
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more from the occupied west bank. the israeli army says this is all materials body they've been looking for him since general you know if he was accused of killing a settler rabbi from an illegal settlement outpost in nablus in the early hours of tuesday morning around seventy jeeps into bulldozers and this village. and focused their attention on this about building. at exactly four thirty am i heard an explosion and we heard an exchange of gunfire and it quieted down for about five minutes and then they started shouting surrender but there was more shooting and then they brought in a robot that searched the room for about two hours. the killing has taken on a heightening significance because the settler was a religious leader after the killing of the rabbi from a nearby settlement the israeli army mounted almost nightly raids and village all
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the game and they eventually found him they say in the yemen a massive reacted saying the palestinian resistance continues. this courageous martyrdom asserts that resistance in the west bank is still going in all its forms led by al qassam military armaments and the resistant and fighting palestinian all the security measures of the israeli occupation the security organizations or israeli military cannot break the will of resistance and the palestinian youth resistance the intifada will continue the jerusalem intifada will continue the palestinian people will go on to freedom or martyrdom huge crowds are gathered outside of the mother's house and would seem. to be even fust thing i know but it's not just my son he's the sum of all of palestine he died his dignity fighting the occupation he has made his people proud. on the seventeenth of january they thought
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they killed but that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity and an innocent man was killed. the killing of the settler led prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't declare the settlement outposts legal under israeli law and bring it on the official protection the bodies of the two palestinians killed in the israeli raids still haven't been handed over to the families iraq on al-jazeera you moon village occupied west. still to come on the program the maltese president orders the arrest of two senior judges forcing the supreme court to roll back on the pro opposition ruling and three pro-democracy activists walk free in hong kong after their own lawful assembly convictions are overturned.
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hello there we've heard a lot of snow over a year at the moment even poor old paris of course we've had a lot of flooding here around the center and now we're also seeing outbreaks of snow there's more snow elsewhere it's heavier over parts of spain and that's working its way now of course the southern parts of france heavy snow falls here in those are gradually edging their way eastwards as we head through the next couple of days so heavy snow is expecting a positive austria that pushing its way east with that we had through wednesday and into thursday to the south of that where it's a little bit too mild to see some snow we see some heavy outbreaks of rain in stead towards the west it's also turning cooler still so paris is a maximum only getting to two but at least here it should be dry for the other side of the mediterranean it's been pretty unsettled in the northwestern parts of africa over the past few days and we have had a fair amount of snow in parts of morocco and algeria looks like the worst of the snow is over there as we head through wednesday but there's still going to be some rain around the coast not surround morocco is looking fairly heavy so also keeping
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the temperatures down so i robot won't see any high than around twelve degrees elsewhere you can see this little area of travis pushing its way east with that's mostly been high cloud not doing too much to hamper the temperature. a young so molly refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. of those lucky too good to hear i was a really really good dancer and my career but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world ask sally was when they use american dream is still alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera.
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welcome back remind our of the top stories here on al-jazeera at least two people have been killed on one hundred forty four injured after a six point four magnitude quake struck eastern taiwan a number of buildings have collapsed in the city of wiley and. the u.n. has called for a month long truth in syria to get aid to civilians trapped by fighting at least sixty six people have been killed on choose day alone in a strikes on rebel held eastern groups. a place in kenya failed to release opposition politician begin to make guna despite a court order that he set free immediately he's been charged with treason for participating in a mock swearing in ceremony for position leader. now the new space
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x. jumbo rocket is due to blast off for its first test flights in the next hour the falcon heavy is set to become the world's most powerful rockets in use with double the left of power of other ships judaize launch is to considered a key turning point for billionaire entrepreneur musk's privately owned space exploration technologies. the falcon heavy is propelled by twenty seven rocket engines giving it a thrust that's equal to eighteen boeing seven forty seven jets that means it can take incredibly heavy payloads of up to sixty three thousand kilos at second only to the rocket now so used for its missions its cost cutting reusable boosters also gives space x. an edge over other companies competing for lucrative contracts with nasa satellite companies the u.s. military and it's that kind of technology that must coax will eventually send
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people to mars and build a colony there astrophysicist david clements is from london's imperial college and happily he joins me now live in the studio thanks very much for being with us on al-jazeera we're hearing there's a delay what's going on why why is that where they're not quite getting things together yet my understanding is that the key problem at the moment is whether you can build a ninety billion or ninety million dollar rocket but you're still subject to wind especially strong winds they are promised fair which is what the problem is at the moment they would put the rocket at risk as it goes through them and so keep the rocket safe make sure the launch goes well wait until they go why so we're all sat here twiddling our thumbs. now he's a billionaire so i suppose if it goes badly wrong it's not the end of the world but he seems to set the bar quite low saying as long as it doesn't sort of burst into smithereens when it first leaves the pad he'll see it as a success that does sound very loud well the first launch of
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a new rocket first launch new the launch vehicle is always a risky time i've got very clear memories of the first launch of the ariane five rocket back in ninety five which just cleared the top of the tower then had to be blown up because it is gone seriously wrong and if you go back and look at the history of launch vehicles both on the u.s. and russian sides. early no inches of new. knowledge is that they have the most spectacular strange behaviors and failures so he's he's managing expectations quite well. the full can heavies based on technology that's already been proved so it's effectively several of several for kanaan. rocket strapped together so that will help with the reliability but it's a new it's a new structure it's obviously more powerful than anything that they've they've put up before so there's
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a lot of complexity that goes into it well that we use for the life of richard branson flying amazing balloons around the world but is this unusual or is this indeed it is a part should we might be looking to to see individuals like ylem musk doing things we expect nasa to do well there's been a trend towards this since over the last twenty years with private venture capitalist or in masks case funded from his own dot com entrepreneurship going off and doing space projects partly because they're enthusiastic about it but also because they see that it's another area of business where destructive technologies could have a major impact and in them a lot of money very good to get your thoughts on this and we look forward to eventually happening some quietly very soon david clements thanks for joining us. the supreme court of the mall the fs has an old it so in order for the government to release a number of imprisoned opposition leaders this after the president accuses of
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engineering a coup president to mean you refuse to comply with the order instead of him posed a fifteen day state of emergency and arrested two senior judges and the former president is half brother and sam a binge of eight reports. just hours after a state of emergency was declared in the island nation of maldives this board carries a prominent opposition leader to the country's main jail on a remote island the. moment of the un was arrested on charges of bribery which the opposition says this politically motivated. his family released a video earlier in which he urged his supporters not to lose hope. in this police came to arrest me i'm going with them i don't even know why they are arresting me i've done nothing wrong or unlawful i urge the people of multipath to be strong and stand with us we will win. with arrested but two judges for the
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deepening the political crisis. it all began on thursday when the supreme court called for the retrial of nine opposition politicians including exiled former president mohamed nasheed just also reinstated twelve m.p.'s who had lost their seats for supporting the opposition but president of the yemeni refused to comply with the ruling and celebrations turned into protests i mean yeah i mean also declared a fifteen day state of emergency and ordered the military to secure the parliament building for an indefinite period. by me and. i don't know what and this is. in addition to the two judges police raided the house of the administrative head of the supreme court the court says police didn't have enough evidence to arrest a judicial executive president yemi who happens to be the half brother of arrested
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leader abdul gayoom came to power in two thousand and thirteen that was a year after police and army overthrew president mohamed nasheed but in a shaky democracy president ya mean has faced similar allegations of becoming authoritarian and being corrupt his government says that despite the state of emergency nonfunctioning supreme court and military. stood outside parliament it's business as usual for citizens and tourists. the supreme court was expected to do it favorably on a petition to impeach your mean opposition leaders allege the president's loyalists made it clear that they would not comply with such a verdict and launched a crackdown. for now the country best known for the tranquil beaches is struggling to do you could get a little round of political turmoil some of the job there there are fears hospitals in gaza could be shut down due to fuel shortages the united nations says fuel supplies will run out in the next ten days and is appealing for immediate donor support the u.n.
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says emergency services intensive care units and operating theaters are risk the shortage stems from a dispute between gaza's palestinian group hamas and the rival palestinian authority both signed a unity deal last year but have failed to finalize the details. italy's foreign minister says there's a real threat real risk of ice of fighters returning to europe on the boats used by migrants to cross the mediterranean and lino are found i was speaking at a conference he's been hosting in rome to discuss migration security representatives from several african countries with her as well as from the e.u. and the united nations. south africa's parliament has delayed president jacob zuma state of the nation address amid fears opposition m.p.'s would disrupt his speech zuma is under increasing pressure to resign because of corruption scandals that have caused widespread protests and calls to step down from members of his own party south africa's ruling a.n.c.
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party has called for a special meeting of his top committee to decide zimmerman's fate. three high profile student leaders in hong kong are free after the city's highest court unanimously quashed their jail sentences joshua while nathan law and then there is cho was jailed in august last year for their role in the umbrella movement protests in twenty fourteen they case was seen as a test of the independence of the city's judiciary a sarah clarke reports from hong kong. the students who lived twenty four teams pro-democracy protests in hong kong joshua long knife in law and alex chowk arrived in court along with their supporters united in their fight to have their jail terms dropped and determined to strengthen their campaign whatever the outcome the white house the result was to fight for the office in. the final court of appeal was their last chance to hold on to freedom they appealed to the court to consider their motives and the greater good of the pro-democracy movement when handing down
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the decision after a brief hearing and in a stark reversal of the previous ruling the five judges unanimously granted their appeal dismissing all jail terms and allowing the three to walk free from course. for i. was outraged there was cause over for the mafia over the years i was why is it. the case centers on an incident in twenty four tane which triggered almost three months of protests shutting down parts of central hong kong that were found guilty of unlawful assembly and inciting others after they stormed government headquarters their own nizhni sentenced to community service but the government intervened calling for harsher penalties the court of appeal agreed and sentence them to up to moms in prison but the city's highest court unanimously agreed to overturn that ruling that three student leaders
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may be relieved to walk free tonight but they did express some concern about another ruling delivered in the final court of appeal the five judges agreed that from now on tougher god lines would be on doest on future unlawful assembly is in hong kong the student leaders believe that ruling will impact the right to protest . so we need. to follow. it is for. the forces of the right. for now the three say they'll campaign for the pro-democracy candidates running in next month's byelection in the seat of disqualified lawmakers nice to know the result of this but it will be a real test of public sentiment and support for the movement one that will be closely watched in mainland china sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. the
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un's top envoy to somalia has appealed for more support for a volunteer ambulance service as at the forefront of saving lives in mogadishu the somali capital has experienced numerous deadly bombings and the government's medical services struggle to help those injured in the attacks made america has more from organization. it's ten am and the seventh emergency call of the morning comes through you know it's from this call center in market issue that the only free ambulance service in the city is run it's not a huge operation but the staff are kept busy off the shallow end of the rows got the right we are very busy when explosions happen when they do i have to do more than just drive i have to help the nurses with patients twelve years ago up to carter had them used all his savings to buy his first ambulance today he has a fleet of ten they may be old and some on their last legs but they get the job done or actually want to somalia in two thousand and six there was
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a war going on when the turban vision come into somalia and there was a lot of people was dying in front of my clinic i was half in a clinic in back out of market and destinies of people was dying and getting injured then i asked myself how can i help my people workers are not well trained but they have the basic skills they can stop bleeding and give patients painkillers but that. but transporting patients to hospitals quickly and safely is often the difference between life and death the ambulance service needs more equipment and its staff better troll more training it's often the leading emergency services most recently when two blasts went off last october killing more than five hundred people and injuring hundreds of others for years many people were brought into hospitals using wooden wheelbarrows often being pushed as far as five kilometers to
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get help many wouldn't make the journey i mean ambulances are helping to improve market issues health services especially as the few were available ambulances are an affordable for most people this is mogadishu's largest hospital its director mohammad use of hassen says while they are able to do more surgeries than ever before they can treat everyone some of them you need some sophisticated investigation that you cannot do because you don't have it. in imaging scorpius all this is needed but. we are not helpless we have many promises from outside now that help is increasingly coming from within the somalia adam runs the service using his own money and donations he says he dreams of one day having ambulances helping people not just in mogadishu but across
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somalia for me to malaya al-jazeera mogadishu now fans of luxury cars you may want to look away now cautious mercedes jag us and corvettes were among more than two dozen of these luxury vehicles crushed in the philippines president are they going to turn over the destruction of the second hand vehicles to deter smugglers almost three million dollars worth of smuggled vehicles are intercepted. by the country's customs hero last year. let's get you up to speed with the top stories here on al-jazeera a six point four magnitude earthquake has hit eastern taiwan killing at least two people and injuring more than one hundred others the quake has brought down a hotel and at least three other buildings in the city of wiley and several people after ought to be trapped inside the hotel it's the latest in
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a string of quakes are hit the region in recent days the u.n. has called for an immediate month long ceasefire in syria to allow humanitarian and medical aid to civilians at least seventy one people have been killed in a strikes in eastern guta and around ten others. syrian government forces and their russian allies have ramped up attacks in both rebel held areas which are supposed to be deescalation zones jamal al shell has more from the huts high in southeast. unfortunately despite maybe a reduction in the number of free toiletries over the past few months of the astronomer process in the build up to the saatchi talks took place the fact that those have failed to establish these safe zones that these governments are most boring koran iran into iran have said that they want to establish now we're seeing a spike in the violence and something of mobile can very good at all for the civilians who continue to suffer on a daily basis place in kenya have failed to release opposition politician may go in
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and begin at this point a court order that he be set free he's been charged with treason for participating in a mock swearing in ceremony for a position. seen here on the left was next to a dingle last week when he declared himself the people's president rejecting her or kenya reelection. a british judge has turned down an initial request by the wiki leaks founder julian assange to have his arrest warrant cancelled lawyers for a song she was in the ecuadorian embassy in london say they will continue to fight him of course and seek assurances he will not be sent to the u.s. on the israeli army says it killed a palestinian man who was wanted over the death of a settler last month that twenty one year old actor gerard engineered in the occupied west bank he was accused of killing. in an illegal israeli outpost last month those are your headlines stay with us here on al-jazeera the stream is coming
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up next i'll be back in about twenty five. ok and your history today should u.s. president all be actively resisted i guess today has been a vocal part of that movement for more than a year now you may not know his name but it's likely that you know it's today meet michael scotty and i'm willing to be loud and i'll be bringing the questions from our community to my god keep them coming why.


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