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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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young so molly refugee thrilled to gain u.s. residency in twenty sixteen. i was lucky to get to i was a really really high good dancer and my. but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera world ask sally was when they use american dream is still alive and so molly in america at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. and there are more of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes after months of political uncertainty germany's chancellor angela
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merkel is on the brink of sealing a coalition deal. dangerous and delicate the rush to rescue survivors after an earthquake in taiwan needs a building on the brink of collapse. paula ninety people killed in just twenty four hours as russian and syrian government jets hit two rebel held areas plus. a cry for help more than eleven million children in yemen now needs humanitarian aid to survive. and the drive for a new era in space exploration a road trip launched by the world's most powerful rockets. germany is on the brink of ending months of political limbo chancellor angela merkel's conservative party is reportedly set to form a coalition government with main rival they have been in marathon talks to end the
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uncertainty after september's election poll bread and joins us now live from berlin so paul how close are they to a deal. and we just lost paul brennan they were due to finish on sunday laura can use all you got here we have we come back i read i will press on just in case i will press on just in case you can still hear me it looks like they're very close to a deal indeed they were due to finish on sunday so we're looking at now being in the third day of overtime but they did twenty four hours of the go all the way through last night here in berlin and by breakfast time the smalling while the german news media were reduced to actually reporting on their long vigil outside the building waiting for an outcome of the politicians themselves the information started to trickle out that a deal had been done now it looks like there are still teams to be crossed and i's to be dotted and we haven't seen
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a formal coalition treaty on paper but we have for example alexander to bring two from the c.s.u. that's angola medical's bavarian sister party saying conflict solved it was about time we got the prospect of a government in germany that was a comment he made as he was leaving the building and it's so it does appear now that the coalition deal has been agreed and they're just working out the final details ok paula thanks very much a little unclear connection to that so we'll leave it for the moment but we'll come back to you seems that things are happening pretty so if there was that may come back to that today thanks. now a magnitude six point four earthquake has hit east and taiwan killing at least five people and injuring more than two hundred of those firefighters say at least five people are still trapped inside a hotel on the brink of collapse in the port city of. extraordinary angle building one hundred and forty five people still unaccounted for but we're going
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live to our correspondent rob mcbride and just a moment but first this report from general just silver. working against the clock to search for survivors. rescuers are using cranes to get to those trapped in what's left of marshall hotel when the earthquake struck just before midnight local time the ground floor caved dean leaving the entire building slanting on its side. a little. there are two people left in one is my older brother and another reason is the rescue is a try to dig further down to look for my brother that's the situation for now. taiwan's president time warner arrived on wednesday morning. and others in that they're building still frames that will prop up the collapsed building this will ensure rescuers receive when they get it and we are racing against time and now is
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the crucial time. i once fire agency reports that five more buildings including a hospital were also damaged as were several roads leading to the city. this earthquake followed another one over the weekend off the coast of florida in this earthquake today in the sequence for the last few days has been right in one of the hot spots on the northeast coast of taiwan so it's not a surprise oh it's in an area where half the sharks are inevitable you know the question is how many big aftershocks will there be in our usual odds are one in ten or one in twenty chance of a bigger earthquake so they need to be prepared at least for a few days for more action a c.t. lies along the pacific rim of fire known for regular seismic activity from alaska to southeast asia john the seal the well to zero. let's go live now to roll the rubia live just a short time ago what do you see in the. we. sent
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a focus of the rescue operation to the ground most of the scenes are of the most of the damage from the building because i don't particularly on this particular building. commercial and residential buildings and exist amongst all the other kinds of people are believed to be some fifty plus people are still unaccounted for believed to be inside that building and the rescue teams go ahead to take this building the public to stand work has been outside because it is a precarious this building is we are on the side of the building that it is leading towards we've walked around to be still be around this building and by lunchtime today it was leaving at forty five degrees that is now increased the degree the lead rescue team pelican hour by hour it seems to be shifting that both of the rescue teams are going to pull him out because they have been going through the
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buildings where people are unaccounted for we have been seeing that search stencils they've been using white hall to check off people neighborhoods where other people might be trying to account for the long we understand that the death toll is now around five or six confirmed but it's there that as we go along that death toll will think the risk the fear of the aftershocks and with the buildings in this area that is a real concern for the person who is needed or indeed ok rob for a moment believe it that many thanks for the updates from ali on. at least ninety six people have been killed in just one day in rebel held areas of syria's ison groups and the province has the highest number of casualties in months syrian government and russian jets attacked in the areas with as trikes despite mounting western and u.s. pressure for a truce the region's big heads are also within force ok. deescalation zones away by
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iran russia and turkey say that hair in black un says the increasing violence is making a mockery of. bennett smith reports. this is supposed to be a deescalation part of the russian life true story of the territory held by anti-government forces and syria. but if anything the bombing is escalating here in eastern. the un's head of the international commission of inquiry on syria says the government siege of the area involves the international crimes of indiscriminate bombing and deliberate starvation of the civilian population. there are reports that at least three hospitals have been hit with the help of the russian air force on the rainy and back groups syria's president is pursuing the last major pockets of territory held by his opponents in western syria. defends it intensified after
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fighters from one rebel group shot down a russian aircraft on saturday. now the syrian army says it's deployed add offenses and anti aircraft missiles to its front lines in aleppo and to cover northern airspace i had there from the us four hundred or russian and they are controlled by the russian intelligence of the syrian regime so this is russia we need to understand there is an direct confrontation between the u.s. and russia that it's dangerous because at the same time turkey is trying to force its presence in the area northwestern syria is where turkey is carrying out an operation to push kurdish forces out of afrin it's using syrian airspace and has got russia's agreement to do so but at the same time the syrian government has threatened to shoot down turkish jets turkey also wants to wipe e.g. out of another northern syrian town damage but there are u.s. forces there too much to be irritation of the turkish president. begin your
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producer now that you can why are you there go ahead and leave who did you bring the y.p. g e p k k you took them there and you're still telling us not to come to military we would come to could deliver the land to its true owners. as ever across syria it's civilians who are caught in the middle the u.n. wants fighting across the country to flee suspended for a month to allow the sick and wounded to get out and aid to get in. algeria. well fighting in syria has escalated since the downing of a russian jet on saturday with numerous reports that a man had was used to bring the aircraft down so what exactly is going to be a game changer for opposition fighters or manpads stands for man portable air defense system which can be launched from a soldier's shoulder into the air these are generally guided weapons which makes
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them a threat to low flying planes the federation of american scientists estimates there are half a million of these weapons in circulation already. john mark rickly is the head of global risk at the geneva center for security policy joins us from geneva so how does one of these weapons end up in rebel hands. well there are two possibilities one is fruit a black market these weapons can be brewed apprise ranging from a few greets to a few thousands of dollars and there were also weapons. stockpiles in iraq in syria and in libya just in libya it is still needed that fifteen thousand manpads have vanished. among the rebels and there is a possibility also that the state has provided the rebels with weapons which
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states do you think would have provided the rebels with these weapons if that is the case. well it's difficult because you have new to sunni or. in your show you have a lot of. alliances and so. are freely you could think of you could think of the united states but most likely. we're built on a black market and we're in the hands of the rebels since a while in them given that there are so many in circulation and they're relatively cheap why have we not seen them being used more in the syrian war. well that's the that's a good question there is the issue. because this weapons after a certain amount of time degrade and. then there is
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a lot of malfunctions. of training people and but we have seen instances in the past we're at this weapon where use we're also used by a terrorist organization for instance al qaeda affiliated group in two thousand to target and this really. center plains. so it is indeed a worry of the international community is a weapons proliferation and i have tried food a so-called virus in our agreement to curb. this weapons what countermeasures can object use against. well if we talk about military. jets we'll launch fluoresce because most of this system are guided by heat seeking devices so if liers really be flecked if you want to
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heat the aircraft if we talk about commercial airline then it's much more difficult because you would have to equip this aircraft with that kind of devices and that would be very expensive and again devise manpad that are using laser guided system then the reason no country measures for. margaret thanks very much for joining us from geneva. syrian state media is reporting that israel attacked a site on the outskirts of damascus early on wednesday the missiles were reportedly aimed at a research center in the town of john ryan which has been the target of previous israeli strikes israel usually targets the shia group hezbollah in syria. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a rare visit to the occupied golan heights which he issued where he issued
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a warning to syria period crossed the nearby border into the south he warned israel's enemies not to test its resolve it also been course iran not to deepen its military foothold in syria or construct a missile factories in lebanon. any more still ahead here on this news hour including the suspects in the lynching death of a student in pakistan will soon fades. speculation building about the future of south africa's president jacob zuma after unprecedented delay to his state of the nation address. and this board just two days out from the winter olympics dozens of russian athletes are still fighting for their right to come to. a court in pakistan is delivering its verdict in the case of a student who was lynched after being accused of blasphemy hundreds of students
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dragged out of his university dorm in the northern city of marjah in april he was beaten before being shot fifty seven people have gone on trial pleas to time enjoying the investigation there was no evidence khan had committed blasphemy. let's go straight to our correspondent he joins us from islamabad so security is extremely tight where this verdict is being issues come out why is this such a sensitive case. well it did extensive gave because in all fifty seven people were arrested and they of course have been facing a trial and an antiterrorism court it was my child khan who was the victim his father basically you osteo tortured gauge that the proceedings of this case should be moved away from our don because of their security and the fact that so many people were in water showed a kid who was moved to a hearty food which is about thirty three kilometers flying distance and about two
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hours drive from islamabad dead child was underway and the word david has now been read out all fifty seven of the accused were president andy and did general jim called there was heavy security because of the number of people involved their relatives were all outside and showed their government wanted to avoid any incident but the court botched their work day one of the accused who is said to have mitral khan will be sentenced to death he has been in fact sentenced to death also five others have been sentenced to twenty five years in prison another twenty five have been sentenced to forty years in prison was granted i think have been equated with punishment so find a lady take an ounce by the antiterrorism call that thinks a spectator will be the reaction. but
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it really be wellcome karen bulger ston because the blasphemy laws have become controversial people have misused this particular law excuse people wrongfully of committing blasphemy saw indeed their judgment will be seen adjured are tough decision by the court to punish the culprits after all but charles hahn a student of journalism job while you can university and mark don was attacked by the employees of that universe today by student organizations as well as political world god so this was a high profile case that shocked the country and therefore the word take will be welcomed by his family as religious people across pakistan ok come on either many thanks for that update and with his news of that verdict and the sense of case in pakistan. that at least eighty four engine schools have been forced to close off
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the border shelling by the pakistani army in the disputed himalayan region of kashmir india has four of its soldiers were killed in the strike in the red jory district on monday which injured another soldier and a number of civilians violence last month also claimed several schools happy monday capus an associate professor of diplomacy and disarmament at the jawaharlal nehru university he's visited both areas on that controlled border following the attacks and says both sides are to blame. i have seen the destruction of course civilian habitats on board science in fact in the recent past the estimated tax rate of these and the destruction office it'll be a topic that's not been on the increase in fact in twenty seventeen last year or fifty pockets on his leaders were killed by the fighting and surely in lives were killed by the pakistani by and saw what it what is happening on the line of control of news that then you have to see if i could manage and happen. religious a religious iraq where did the ask who is our saddam and in fact the government
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something are part of our of making our share who buggers one of them gets out of the water what is happening is not serious something new but it is on the right are several reasons predictions coming up in fact is that you not get to the media next year no not on the two sides he want to be seen as. you know getting into the financial side of salt it's like one of the can we like. that misleading he lives in why that incentives. from barber his main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai is critically ill in a south african hospital a sixty five year old announced in june he was being treated for colon cancer he returned hours so in johannesburg early last month his supporters have been told to brace for the worst. so africa's ruling a.n.c. party has postponed a meeting that had been expected to decide on the potential removal of president jacob zuma from office meetings being pushed to the seventeenth of february zuma is
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under increasing pressure to resign over corruption allegations and several scandals his state of the nation address and you want thursday has also been delayed. at least from for me the militia she is live for us in johannesburg so the first was a.n.c. meeting being postponed. won't be the any c. meeting was meant to discuss jacob zuma future especially given that earlier in the week jacob zuma had met with the top six leadership of the african national congress and reports indicate that at that point he had refused to resign now since then we understand that the president of the a.n.c. so remote posts are met with jacob zuma and from of course as office has described those talks as fruitful and constructor vent once those talks were over the national executive at executive excuse me committee meeting this top decision body of the a.n.c. that meeting was then perspire own so it seems
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a lot rests on the outcome of the talks between roma porsche and zuma and i reports that the leader of the a.n.c. has been under a lot of pressure to make a decisive move against zuma to push the way open the way forward push zuma out potentially given all the controversy surrounding the president of the country and the demands that he step down we've already seen that the state of the nation address it was due to take place on thursday the address that was due to be given by zuma that. it was also perspire old with no new date given so this really would indicate the amount of pressure the a.n.c. is under the political climate in south africa and and just how intense these demands are for jacob zuma to resign i really does feel doesn't as it was all coming to a head after many months of uncertainty how people feel about it all. so the africans are very confused there is
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a lot of uncertainty not necessarily around if jacob zuma will go but rather when we've seen the a.n.c. make some progress in the last couple of days and that's what reports indicate if we look at some of what the major newspapers a saying this is the star and it's saying zoomers endgame but what's important here as well it's talks about his detractors want him out of the highest office but also his backers are prepared to fight for him this is the major issue for the a.n.c. these factions and this battle within the a.n.c. to decide what happens next this is also a party that's suffered under jacob zuma in terms of voters support we know that in the last election they lost support we've got national elections coming up in twenty nineteen hanging on to jacob zuma may be detrimental for the african national congress but within the party there is an issue around how to let go of jacob zuma if indeed to let go but it seems that his face at this point is sealed
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we are waiting for word from n.c. leadership around what exactly happens but they certainly among south africans they know jacob zuma is time is up it's just about how exactly the president will leave office given the scandals he's been employed in the corruption charges and potential reinstated charges that loom over his head and that is what could be a major concern for suma is exactly how you'll find his way out of these allegations that that just haven't disappeared ok for many thanks for updates well we'll talk a little bit more about that now with them because of a coup de is a research on al-jazeera center for studies joins us from johannesburg so it isn't just a matter of hours until zuma goes. well indeed i think after the meeting he had last night with the president of the e.c. sort of them oppose. it seems like it's almost done it's
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a matter of hours before president jacob zuma resigns because he had indicated some sort of digging in these hills the process was that the initial working committee of the e.c. instructed to the top six of the a.n.c. to go and have a discussion with jacob zuma in other words to try and convince them to resign peacefully but that didn't seem to go well hence the suggestion or the the calling of the national executive committee is meeting of the a.n.c. which was happen today but that was was was was cancelled last night after that meeting between the two men at the moment has been suggested that zimmer is laying down his preconditions for his departure what might preconditions be. well i'm not quite sure what preconditions i'm not quite sure if he's got that much
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bargaining power but if we're to talk about preconditions one of them one of the most obvious one would be of course not to be persecuted or at least the incoming president of the kind of sort of a positive a little bit lenient towards him and his family but he hasn't got much part in power f a moment so one wonders what plea pre-conditions he will he will put forward to the top six of the a.n.c. because he has got no normal support we've heard rumors about him going back to his home hometown home province and the suggestions that we've heard was that he was trying to lobby support from the some traditional leaders including the king of the zulu. nation in this country to give him some support but i don't think it's good i don't think it's got any more bargaining power the time is up and it's just a matter of hours before he makes the makes the announcement well you won't be sorry to see him go.
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yeah i think so i mean he still had he enjoys support we saw for example the past conference of the local conference of the sea where his preferred candidate his ex-wife was and i mean this woman had a number of supporters within within the a.n.c. and jacob zuma is has been a very charming lovable fellow and if you you want to see that you just go to some of the a.n.c. really is a new get to understand how popular he was but of course over the years he's popularity has been due to. allegations of corruption and the endemic corruption within his party they see ok some days i feel good i will be watching very closely thanks very much for joining us there from johannesburg. then the
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three minutes will be having be with everton and then the lad i'm out of there making a city's more livable the world forum is taking place in kuala lumpur a look at how policy makers are trying to rejuvenate its neighborhoods. and its full commemorations how to mark sixty years since a plane crash that killed eight months to united footballers. from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. well it's nice to have some good news to report from south africa or actually in the good news is we will see rain coming into cape town by the weekend around ten to twenty millimeters of rain or so we could actually do with a lot more of course. cultural use has been reduced as a result of the critical situation in the city and farmers have but i waited around
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ten billion liters of water to help alleviate the situation there is some heavy rain around though we've seen some rather lively showers in bloemfontein forty one millimeters of rain here in twenty four hours and we'll see further showers as we go on through the next couple of days the west of weather the soaking about four cape town pushing towards the western cape thursday into friday and it's really friday into saturday that we will see this rain make its way through just twenty two celsius the cape town but the good news as far as that rain is concerned further north we've seen a very when she weather continuing into the far north of morocco covering a snow once again here which you believe this is northern iraq stays cold temperatures just twelve celsius there for about maybe thirteen as we go through friday night greece announced this further west another war one for cairo thirty one degrees celsius. there with sponsored by qatar and he's.
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it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the all powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat somebody who controls ten thousand people at controlling the congress and voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people and out investigate disinclination and democracy part two at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks when people need to be heard in the struggles of market to good to me. and this story needs to be to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy is iran has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air.
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as there has reminded us of our top stories this hour germany is on the brink of ending months of political limbo a chance i'm going merkel's conservative party is reportedly set to form a coalition government with her main rival they've been in marathon talks and the uncertainty after september's election. among two six point four earthquake has hit eastern taiwan killing at least five people injuring more than two hundred of those firefighters in the port city of fallujah say several people remain trapped in buildings that are on the brink of collapse. and at least one hundred two people
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have been killed in. just one day and rebel held areas of seriously think you said province government and russian jets of increased terror attack despite mounting western and un pressure for a truce. the tension between turkey and kurdish militia inside syria is escalating that is why p.g. rockets have struck turkish soil injuring and killing civilians so while r.c.l. has been meeting some of the victims whose lives have been affected by the violence . was a matter with our receives mourners outside his home and his mind is elsewhere he's still trying to process the death of his daughter father mom who was killed last week she had just turned seventeen has some build it was injured in the same attack when a rocket fired by the kurdish militia the wipe e.g. hit their home in the early hours of the morning is really the reason we were sleeping a lot sun woke me up i couldn't see anything for
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a second it was pitch black when i looked up there was a hole in the ceiling the wall next to me had collapsed i felt incredible pain on my ankle. doctors say that while bill k. will be able to walk again his leg will never fully recover he will be able to run or jump again. the mourners here don't want to share feelings of sorrow they're united in their opposition to the kurdish militia who they consider to be terrorists mad takes me to see his house it's around ten kilometers away from the border with syria the destruction calls does extensive not only has he lost his daughter he's also lost his home this is the room where faulkner spent her last night in this world she was sleeping when the rocket landed came through the ceiling and it killed her instantly her blood still stings the place where she lay on that fateful morning. as far as her father is concerned he has no doubts
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he's very clear as to who is responsible for the killing of his young daughter and what needs to be done in order to ensure that other parents don't suffer the same as him but. the p.k. k. and why p.g. are responsible for the death of my daughter they're attacking us from across the border it's their rockets and bombs that have killed our children the turkish army must kill them all despite his loss and evident grief or maybe is a direct result of it is defiant there was another woman if the nation in our army need us and we are ready to join the war even if there are one hundred or thousand martyrs we will carry on the fight. turkey says it's fighting the why p.g. is part of its war against terrorism the y.p. gina que says the turkish military of killing kurdish civilians in its bid to control parts of syria the undeniable fact however is that nothing will bring back this man's young girl and the sad truth is that more parents will suits clinging on to photos of their dead children as this war continues. on the
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turkey syria border then sasa community faces an even more difficult challenge in containing i so they're not well equipped has at its peak that's the assessment of a new report from the un security council which says the fight against isis entering a new phase the report says i saw has lost its focus on concrete holding territory and is prioritizing less visible networks of individuals and cells that focus on carrying out external attacks in some cases are willing to work with al qaeda to achieve those objectives report warns countries need to improve intelligence sharing and cooperation to deal with the renewed threat there was a says the threat from i select groups is quickly spreading across libya west and east africa and central asia. but as director of the just security twenty twenty program at the stimson center think tank he says humanitarian groups also have a role to play and combat prize. has shown over several decades
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other extremist groups prior to the arrival of the islamic state all you need is a good sense of organization funding but a set of ideas ideas that will rally a militant group of terrorist fighters then you can bring about great damage and spread tambour terror not just within regions such as the middle east that have been the brunt of most of these attacks but in nearby regions in central and southwest asia the report highlights one to four thousand isis fighters exist in afghanistan today they are threatening countries such as russia they are threatening the whole of europe which has a problem of foreign returned fighters from these theatres such as syria and iraq today they have cited in the report that there are identity in travel documents that have been illegally stolen it's going to be very difficult to differentiate refugees from militants associated with the islamic state this problem will be
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around for some time to come it's important though that it's not treated as strictly a law and order intelligence response type of question but one that involves development humanitarian organizations this is where organizations such as the un can help take an integrated approach to addressing the causes of extremist violence a palestinian man has been shot and killed by a security guard in the calm a settlement in the occupied west bank palestinian stopped an engine israeli wednesday morning tensions within the hyde west bank since u.s. president donald trump started to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. another palestinian man was killed during raids by the israeli army in the occupied west bank city of nablus thirty people were wounded as israeli forces fired tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets during protests on tuesday five of those people remain in a critical condition on monday israeli said there was stabbed and killed in the illegal settlement of ariel. the conflict in yemen has destroyed the infrastructure leading
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to catastrophes such as a cholera crisis but the depth of the damage to its health care sector means patients can't access lifesaving treatment including those with kidney failure the red cross says twenty five percent of dialysis patients have died every year since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen of the thirty two jazz centers across yemen before the war for have closed and the other twenty eight are under pressure more supplies and extra funding for staff salaries are urgently needed to help the four thousand four hundred yemenis with kidney failure. the conflict in yemen has taken a devastating toll but particularly on the most vulnerable members of society children even before the outbreak of conflict in march twenty fifteen yemeni face challenges from widespread poverty food insecurity and lack of health services and just tired reports. the intensity of the fighting on the ground in yemen is showing no signs of letting go of the saudi led coalition target to the rebels infighting
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between yemen's political factions has turned city streets into from. after more than three years of war the united nations says the humanitarian crisis here is the worst in the world and its children who are suffering the most at this hospital in western province babies and their mothers are brought here for treatment most suffer from severe malnutrition but with little money and even fewer resources health officials say there isn't much they can do. most of our patients are suffering from malnourishment especially babies who place feet from their mothers the number of children that are dying is higher than that of matches as we are able to cheat severe cases we also are unable to provide proper nutrition to pregnant women the united nations children's charities says at least five thousand children have been killed or injured since the start of the war that means
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on average five children lose their lives or are maimed every day the u.n. says more than eleven million children nearly every child in yemen need some form of humanitarian assistance to survive. war has led to despair of war related epidemics such as cholera which broke out in yemen last year this exacerbated the malnutrition crisis and caused the number of cases to double however we'll never know how bad the situation is because many people cannot make it to hospitals or medical centers. saudi arabia says it has sense nearly a billion dollars worth of aid to yemen and plans to spend another one and a half billion but rights groups accuse the saudi military's air campaign of repeatedly striking civilian targets including markets and medical facilities and the coalition's blockade on port sandor who he control has been a major factor in pushing yemen into near starvation whatever the case the war and
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the humanitarian crisis it's caused is likely to continue for some time in al-jazeera. all right. swatches delivered a scathing assessment of a strain is treatment of prisoners with disabilities we have a group interviewed two hundred seventy five individuals it estimates half of the people behind bars have a physical intellectual or cognitive disability brittle aboriginal australians are overrepresented in the prison population the report found that in the state of queensland more than seventy percent of them have a diagnosed disability they also documents allegations of physical and sexual violence carried out by staff and fellow inmates. is from human rights watch she says the results were not surprising we found that prisoners with disabilities are overrepresented in solitary confinement spending weeks months and sometimes even yours in these units locked up for up to twenty two hours a day isolation is harmful for any prisoner but it's particularly damaging for
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prisoners with disabilities we have raised the issues in our report with state governments and even at the federal level what is challenging for prison authorities and which has been the most contentious issue is the issue of solitary confinement at this point be do not acknowledge that prisoners with disabilities are overrepresented in these units and that would be the first step we are calling for a state level and a national level inquiry into the practice with a view to end it because it is dehumanizing it's inhumane what is going on people with disabilities are locked up in conditions where the lightest switched on for twenty four hours a day they are only let out of their cell for two hours their food is slipped through a slot in the door that's how isolated they are there's no real mental health. care it's limited to the distribution of medication and that's it and prison is damaging people with disabilities going in in
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a certain state but coming out much worse. move in four billion people around the world now live in cities and that number is set to grow to over six billion by twenty fifty making says he's more livable is the main theme of the night session of the world and forum as far as larry reports the host city kuala lumpur is exploring ways to rejuvenate its neighborhoods. the confluence of to reverse this is where kuala lumpur began more than one hundred sixty years ago the name means muddy estuary in the middle a language but as the city expanded what used to be the administrative and commercial hub soon lost its importance to new or shiny a buildings parts of the old downtown area fell into disuse but there are plans to revive this part of the city as more people move in cities there's a growing demand for species in cities and the challenges it is then is regenerate
1:44 pm
existing urban areas as opposed to expanding and eventually result in school sprawl results in. negative outcomes like the illusion extracting the sink city and urban regeneration body owned by malaysia's sovereign wealth fund believes one way to revitalize the city is by making existing spaces more inclusive that includes turning parking spots into small gardens some temporary othis permanent deal of the day there are many places around here where one can stop to reste so this is great when you're tired you can sit down here for a bright. there's also a plan to introduce the concept of micro housing and communal living this house is a prototype built as part of a showcase for the ninth world open forum taking place in the loop or actually a lack of housing choice in the city for young people who want to be here by using this sort of. communal living lost my housing model and
1:45 pm
hopefully the young people want to come back built on the space measuring five by five natives the footprint of each house is just the size of two parking spots clear the designs and just space is not wasted these shelves and and steps. once you're in the bedroom. and it becomes part of. the house lacks a dining room because that's meant to be a shared area over the next few weeks so behind this project will gauge public reaction to this type of housing model but what's clear is the drive to inject new life into the city has begun florent slowly. markets across asia have seen a volatile day of trading as nervous investors tracked movements on wall street
1:46 pm
japan's nikkei index and the hong kong saying both regained more than two percent in early trading after promising around five percent on tuesday the nikkei is now closed and those are just zero point one percent and the hang seng closed down a loss of zero point nine percent. well earlier shares on wall street rallied after plunging on monday the dow jones industrial average opened two percent down on tuesday into monday's full of full and a half percent for stocks stabilize and recovered the morning losses gaining two percent by close. of the u.s. president has suggested his welcome a government shutdown if congress doesn't agree on measures to tighten immigration laws politicians from donald trump republican party are trying to reach a compromise with rival democrats democrats before temporary funding measures expire on thursday. if we don't change the legislation if we don't get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country and continue to kill gang members and we're just talking about him mr t.
1:47 pm
and there are many gang members and we know he's a rancher if we don't change it let's have a shutdown we'll do a shutdown and it's worth it for our country i do love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of there's actually a state rex tillerson has been speaking to a colombian president in bogota to this and praise one money his efforts to tackle colombia's drugs trade in the short term the u.s. would continue to office appear support president trump has threatened to withdraw assistance and that's colombia dramatically cut cocaine production we did discuss our concerns about the the surge in coca cultivation and cocaine production in colombia but the president also gave me a very good report of the steps that are being taken the progress is being made and he just spoke to much of that and we are quite encouraged by what we hear and we will continue to work with colombia to support these efforts were we can be of
1:48 pm
assistance as well this is a shared challenge for both of our nations as well billionaire entrepreneur. plans to colonize malls have taken another step forward his company space x. as successful as its most powerful rockets yet that's called was a shiny red with a lot of kit as its passenger the twenty three story falcon heavy blasted off from the kennedy space center in florida reports. three. with its twenty seven rocket engines roaring the space x. falcon heavy soared into the florida sky it's the most powerful rocket on earth with a thrust equal to eighteen seven forty seven jumbo jets working simultaneously at full power the successful launch gives a powerful boost to billionaire entrepreneur elon musk's company which once lucrative contracts with nasa the u.s.
1:49 pm
military and satellite companies on board the unmanned ship musk's own cherry red tesla roadster from his electric car company with the space suit a dummy in the seat and a stereo playing the late david bowie's space oddity on repeat the rockets side boosters separated from the main body and flew back to earth touching down in a perfectly choreographed double landing the boosters will eventually be reused on another mission another booster was designed to land aboard a ship at sea musk says falcon to have these payload will go into an elliptical orbit of the sun that extends as far out as the orbit of mars and will continue circling for hundreds of millions of years robert oulds al-jazeera. so.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
in all the sport now but peter thank you so much laura days out from the start of the winter olympics in pyongyang forty seven russians have been fighting for the right to compete a hearing started on wednesday at the court of arbitration for sporting func chang an additional fifteen athletes join the list of thirty two to appeal the day earlier of the being bothered by the international olympic committee due to doping claims last week the court had overturned the lifetime of them pick bands of twenty
1:52 pm
eight russians but the i.o.c. still would not allow them to take part of the hearing has been adjourned we will resume it tomorrow twelfth in order also to hear the second case which has been filed today involving fifteen athletes and coaches. this all started in twenty fourteen which is when russia hosted and top the middle tally at the sochi winter olympics the following year a report commissioned by the world anti-doping agency detailed a state sponsored doping program in russian athletes in twenty sixteen a second report was released detail in an extensive doping manipulation program that was in place during those winter olympics in sochi over one hundred russians within the border from competing at the rio summer games in twenty seventeen the international olympic committee banned the dozens of russians from the olympics for life and wiped out a big results and medals after their own doping investigations they then ruled that
1:53 pm
russians would only be allowed to compete as neutral three in young chain one hundred eighty nine will take part but without russian uniforms flags all the national anthem means i'm a north korean delegation has crossed the land border with the south ahead of the start of the ph and games the group included two hundred twenty nine members of a state trained cheering group as well as officials journalists and a taekwondo demonstration team north and south korean athletes will walk together under a unification flag at friday's opening ceremony a joint team will also compete in the women's hockey. the winter olympics is an event that puts countries with warm climates at a distinct disadvantage this includes australia but one of the likely pay all getting ready to make their debut in junk chang leaves home and reports. it's one of the boys picture rest sports at a winter olympics yet face is
1:54 pm
a rare sight and a strong in figure skating joe getting ready for the game. the catarina alexandrescu and holly windsor make an unlikely pairing russian born alexandra was granted a strong lead citizenship just four months ago while wins are from western sydney is set to become the country's first indigenous winter olympian that has really completely sank in yet i feel like a sinking a bit more want to being at the games and actually represented but you know i can i can wear like a badge of honor you know and i hope that i can sort of a role model for other indigenous people with a move towards winter sports. while many countries hold beastly competitive olympic trials to select the biggest skating teams just having an aussie pair on the ice is an achievement of the twelve winter olympic medals ever won by australia only two of them have come on ice and boyd in speed skating there are only two thousand
1:55 pm
established rinks nationwide making for a difficult path to success i didn't figure skating purely by accident my mom and i were driving. on saturday but years old and we took a wrong turn and i saw back to an ice rink so i asked if i could go in and just i went in to get it on a public session and i really like that so i could have like the next week and the next week and everything kind of took off and. wins i had little luck finding the right pairing in australia so when like twenty fifteen travel to moscow in search of a partner that's where he found ben fifteen year old. cattleya harley come to practice and there was this tall guy. and. he's tall he's all lies. the russian skating federation officially released her and that's been a peasant's twenty six team though crowned junior world champions last season
1:56 pm
securing their place in pyongyang chang and with russian athletes banned from the games county has even more reason to embrace her new nation through a result of stroller because my partner from australia. to pyong chang via moscow and sydney a pair proving that there's many ways to the top elites homan al-jazeera. there was a comeback when the german cup quarter finals on tuesday four by leverkusen they were to know their own against vertebrae men after just eight minutes but two goals from julian brunt are the side of time ensure the match headed to extra time locked to two leverkusen scored twice in the additional period to run out for two winners . no such a remix were required of by munich they handed out a six no hiding two part a bone to play in the third tier of german football five different by and players scored including i am robin who scored twice. earlier on tuesday by munich
1:57 pm
officials joined commemorations for the sixty year anniversary of a plane crash that killed twenty three people including manchester united football is. going to take a few years please max the right british airline and attempting to copy fashion treat at the end of the runway having dropped sixty feet into the house in the gasoline storage the crash took place in munich on february sixth one hundred fifty eight as the team were travelling back from a european cup tie in belgrade former united player bobby charlton survived the crash and he joined a ceremony alongside the current playing squad at manchester united's home ground old trafford for president giani in front tina was also in attendance while the buy in munich officials attended a similar service at the crash site in germany. to this day i'm impressed at how the memory of those who were lost is passed on from one generation of manchester united fans to the maxed they provide
1:58 pm
a wonderful example of how to handle those who are no longer with us and never forgetting them and that's all the sport laura thanks very much indeed and that's it for me as often as news outlets but his back and just a moment but maul at the day's news for stay with us.
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the fire. many women are attacked. in the crowded space. and even at the hands of. the conversation. you feel. it's. it's for women only and drum by women drivers. drive.
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