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let's let's. let. the. lead. this is al jazeera and live from studio. headquarters in doha. welcome to the news an israeli jets what's been labeled an iranian drone and syrian anti-aircraft fire which has been a complicated mix in the middle east. crashing very tense one as well and explain
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the chronology of events and how it distills down into another flashpoint between israel and the. greatest the human experience perhaps spreading in seoul there has been a historic high level meeting between representatives of the two koreas and it's resulted in north korea. extending your rare invitation to south korea's president . to come to. and one of the most prominent controversial figures and. his enemies said he was a secret terrorist in the i was a public and his supporters say he was a key player in bringing peace to northern ireland we will look at what the future holds for gerry adams is stepping down after. comments we have the latest on a historic visit by india's prime minister to the palestinian territories both teams in the hash tag is great. place.
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to live and of al-jazeera dot com there's been tension in the skies over syria and israel today with iran as one of the main players and israeli f. sixteen jet crashing now event started when israel detected what it says was an iranian drone over its. and it shot it down the drone it come from syrian territory said israel sent its jets into syria but as you see one of its as sixteen's came under fire syrian anti-aircraft fire damascus says it was responding to an act of aggression the two pilots on board were able to eject from the jet israel called the incident a severe violation of its sovereignty and warns damascus and to a court playing with fire and then we get this video comes from the israeli military which says this is the iranian drone that invaded its airspace it gets shot out of the sky iran the denies it says the drone was not ours and calls the
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reports ridiculous so it's a little complicated i just want to clarify the events in the order they happened using a map here some very very basic qatar graphy for you so forgive me in advance the iranian drone is said or apparent iranian drone is said to have originated from here close to palmyra in syria and then headed towards this part of the region which as you'll see on the closer map is pretty congested you've got. this sort i'm sorry you've got this area in here which is the occupied golan heights surrounded by lebanon israel jordan and syria and it's the israelis contention that that drone was coming in from syria into its airspace through here which is why it was shot down so that's one part of the story then you've got the israeli jet which would have come from somewhere in israel and headed out towards syria it's common to this syrian anti aircraft fire but that's where things are a little confusing because we don't know was it actually shot down or did the pilot
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simply by out and the plane crash what we do know for sure is that it was actually down here that the plane went down back in israel. so i hope that is clear for you then iran and syria let's talk about those two close military and strategic ties which actually stretch back decades iran is accused of giving military support to prop up the government of president bashar al assad to hamas allegedly sent military advisors and thousands of its revolutionary guards to fight alongside syrian forces in this six year war in iran it backs lebanon's hezbollah which is also fighting along assad's forces and israel is worried iran's presence in syria will allow it to create something of a transit route to transport weapons from iran to hezbollah in lebanon russia on the other hand is now calling on all sides to show restraint and respect for syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity here's a marine following developments for us from western my goodness so much going on in iran take us through the latest news you've got particularly reaction from the
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israeli side. well i can tell you that the israeli army says that the operation is still continuing against targets in side syria but we haven't really heard of any being hit in the last few hours so clearly things have slowed down what we're also hearing is that the israelis aren't going to comment on what caused that plane to crash whether it was shot out of the sky as the syrians allege or whether the pilots ejected and the plane simply crashed now as soon as the crash happened it was iran that took the brunt of the blame from is row it's began with these really military spokesman saying this was a violation of our sovereignty we shot the drone down and then through all of the social media and through a lot of analysts talking on television it was a ron iran iran and that's all anybody is really really talking about say it wasn't about the syrian edison systems that knocked the f.
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sixteen or certainly gave us the f. sixteen a lot of trouble so the iranians have also reacted what they've said is quite interesting. the days of carrying out attacks inside syria go on any new attack will be confronted iran stands by syria against any foolish move by israel so iran simply doubling down on their position within syria now also the u.s. sort of the american the russian sort the israeli ambassador to moscow has reacted saying that it's time to run and its proxies left syria that was very much a message to russia russia is the key ally who controls the space it's really the only real player within syria itself that has any kind of influence on the syrian regime so it's likely in the next coming days that israel is going to try and put pressure on the russians to try and get rid of iran from their borders but iran russia clearly allies and so whether that actually happens at all is unlikely imran
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khan's reporting from west jerusalem tonight thank you iran. off to london now and bashar asad new political analysts is there the usual amount of clarity i think my one when it comes to the middle east but as iran was pointing out there the speed with which iran was implicated and it was really hammered home after that was on it well look you know that i think it's been in the wall now for several months years but certainly for several hours and days when netanyahu visited the northern front in israel and made all sorts of threats and and warnings that israel will retaliate to anything that the resembles a threat to its security and on the other hand we've seen the kind of movements that we haven't seen before with russian with large mint and syrian regime with marmots and so on so forth we've seen also the turks being involved then certainly
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the iranians so this week you know unlike most other weeks of the last seven years we did have a turkish helicopter being downed and we have been or anian drone downed and and the russian jet fighter drowned and now we have. an israeli f. sixteen down. by syrian fire so all in all this is that there's a new development in the sense that the much of the machine that is been doing a lot of the killing from air now is of course also under threat so yes there's a lot of ambiguity yes there's a lot of this commission's yes iranians are in despite their rejection of any israeli implications in the downing of the of this raid of sixteen is there a way. to describe what happened today in the sense of we will talk about events as being all this happened as part of syria's war or is part of the conflict been in has blown is this there is this so many elements in play in this particular one how
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would you sort of categorize what happened today is it simply israel iran. well look the most important aspect of it is that this is a new development in every possible way we haven't seen anything like that since the one nine hundred eighty s. you know a very sophisticated american made israeli own f. sixteen is down by syria by the syrians the syrians of course have threatened the israelis many times over the last several years but let's let's remember that israel violated syrian airspace and made a good number of mumbai arguments over one hundred such violations without the syrians actually responding in any serious weather so in a spot as the past is concerned this is an exception the question is coming is this a precedence is this now going to be more of the same moving forward i think that's
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the question this really is are asking themselves and that's the one they will be discussing tomorrow morning in the israeli cabinet and that's why the israelis for the time being are telling the russians and the americans that they have no interest in escalation because if the syrians now are armed with new more sophisticated weapons by the rain ians and they are able to deter or slash retaliate or slash down israeli sophisticated air force then we are up to a whole new development and if the israelis decide that they will escalate they all they understand all too well that hezbollah among among others syrian and iranians have more than a thousand missiles that can reach israel and that even if israel can down. ninety percent of it there was to be one hundred missiles reaching is that and that's why or that's what explains the fears even the likes of city of haifa and northern
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israel where they want to open. you know the bunkers and so on and so forth because there is fear it is and so it is an important escalation and i think everyone now has been put on notice fascinating stuff isn't it mo one bashar senior political analyst in london thank you mo one reference this just a moment ago to turkish soldiers killed when their military helicopter was shot down in syria there is this video said to show the moments before it went down in time province the helicopter crew were on an operation against kurdish fighters turkey's president is warning the attackers will pay a heavy price. should a little while ago one of our helicopters was downed of course all these things will happen when we are in a war we will have losses but we will also cause losses yesterday we destroyed and annihilated a very large rocket depot so of course why p.g. got mad about that but of course we will make them pay heavily for maybe one of our
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helicopters is gone but they will pay for this not in kind but so much more because we are determined and we believe we are superior we will succeed in this as well his demolish iow he is in these border with syria. very strong talk from the president there he is not showing any signs of backing down in this operation. well no tony he needs to because this increases the number of turkish soldiers who've been killed since this military operation began steve weeks ago through over twenty and while that's still not a huge number it is still significance in the sense that it's not only the military personnel that have being killed you're talking about a nice seven civilians inside turkey losing their lives to rockets being fired by the y.p. g. thus the kurdish militia who are the main targets of the talkers from the chopper ation that's started to question your mind obviously our fears of why this is all
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taking place as far as the turkish army is concerned in the circus states is concerned they are trying to push back these militia whose ac is a security threat to turkey and want to create a safe buffer zone not only to protect their own national security in terms of turkey but also to allow for a safe zone for them up to three million refugees syrian refugees who reside inside turkey to be able to go back in terms of developments come out over the past twenty four hours aside from the downing of this turkish manufactured hundred cops or attack helicopter which has resulted in deaths of two soldiers as you mentioned the free syrian army who are essentially the rebels that are fighting alongside the turkish military have made significant advances towards i've seen the city inside their way which is a stronghold for the why p.g. so it seems that the turkish military is making advances regardless or despite rather this recent setback thank you jamal a shower in gas the end. so quite a day isn't it then when you think about it a turkish helicopter an israeli jet and maybe an iranian drone or all crashing this
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saturday maybe you've got a view on the stories hashtag a.j. news good is how you get in touch with us whether you want to use twitter you can there is a tweet which goes out just before the show good to reply to that thread if you want to we'll be looking out for your comments then we had is producing tonight facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream where you can comment as you watch and the what's that number plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine comments questions but contributions as well can you send us any video or pictures to help us tell the stories up on the what's happened to that for us let's move on there is more indication this saturday of a possible reproach between north and south korea kim jong un has invited the south korean president in to visit pyongyang after moon himself hosted kim's sister for talks in seoul on the sidelines of the winter olympic games are going to name has more now from komo. in the presidential blue house in the capital seoul relations between the two koreas continued to thaw the meeting had two firsts
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kim jong is the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war the sister of the north korean leader came with the first ever invitation kim jong un is asking south korean president moon jay in to come to pyongyang at a convenient time soon little know it's key president moon said early talks between north korea and the united states are essential to improve relations north korea to be more proactive to move forward to have a dialogue with the united states congress. it's unclear when that might happen the u.s. and north korea have rebuffed moves attempts so far if an interesting meeting transpires it will be the first time kim jong un has met with the south korean president since assuming power in twenty eleven the last time leaders from the north and south met was eleven years ago during a summit in p.r.
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. is all because of all the global attention i believe reunification will be brought to for the government is making efforts and i think people are rooting for it organizers of the olympics say they've been moved by the diplomatic breakthrough it was quite on the story a moment. and something that as you know the i.o.c. has been generally working for since probably two thousand and fourteen. and you know i think it shows it opens opens the door maybe just a little bit critics say they doubt that door will ultimately open much more for now there's hope that the chiang winter olympics is the catalyst for a reboot in intercourse and relations natasha going to aim el jazeera south korea mike chinoy is a man who knows about such issues is the author of meltdown the inside story of the north korean nuclear crisis and he's joining us on skype from hong kong thank you
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for coming along might look i'm sure you get asked this question over and over and it's the question we keep asking but what is really going on here because you can't help but look at these pictures and think well she's there kim jong insisted is there and she's meeting the president and this is these are huge steps for two countries who had so many problems but there is this nagging feeling that it's all just sort of window dressing while the olympics are on. well it's more than window dressing because we've had a climate in the last several months on the korean peninsula where all the talk and all the concern has been about rising tension about the possibility of the u.s. staging a proof ended attack on north korea's nuclear or missile facilities and now you have the north and the south talking to each other at extremely high levels so this isn't horton but i think once the olympics end all the basic issues are still going to remain under result which is the status of north korea's nuclear program whether
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to trust the administration is willing to talk to north korea and whether south korea's president mugabe is going to be able to find a way to take the goodwill that has been generated by the olympic diplomacy and turn it into something more concrete and the answer to all those questions is still very very uncertain about all of that you know you mentioned the trumpet ministration they all of this is happening without their help i mean i know mike pence is there at the moment and he was sitting there as the as all of the sort of the south korean president and kim jong un system met but it's isn't it pretty much happening without their influence. it is happening to a significant degree without the american input and in fact i think the way the president and his behavior has really damaged the united states standing in the eyes of a lot of people in south korea the fact that he would meet in stand up when the joint north south winter olympic team came into the stadium during the opening ceremony i think is one example of his refusal to even shake hands or acknowledge
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the senior figures in north korea is allied to the notion that the american secretary of state has said before that the u.s. is actually interested in diplomacy for south korea it's very tricky though because the south plus totally on the security alliance with the united states and so for the south korean president he's going to have to figure out how to thread this needle of maintaining some momentum with the north without really running into a crisis so key ally in washington and that's going to be difficult makes you wish they could be lympics all the time doesn't it mike chinoy joining us from hong kong thank you so much for that regardless of what happens in pyongyang between the two koreas there is this question as we say is north korea actually just playing games with the winter olympics there is a lot of feeling out there that this is all just a show house from a whole bar and the inside story team up to that just a couple of days ago if you want to see the full discussion to head to the show's section at al-jazeera dot com and a little later in the show i far a will have action from the olympics with the first women's hockey match involving
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the unified korean tain moving on a loss to just three hours but it was the first official visit by an indian prime minister to the occupied palestinian territories around remoting met the palestinian president mahmoud abbas who hopes india can help in mediating future talks with israel modi visited the tomb of the former palestinian leader yasser arafat's but he made no mention of east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state which is something previous indian leaders did always there for but it's made with more now from ramallah. it's a very short visit three hours he flew over took a helicopter from the jordanian side landed here in the occupied west bank and is leaving in about an hour or so time now from the indian perspective this is a visit aimed they said helping build up palestinian capacity in the health technology and education areas they're investing in a technology park here in ramallah is also a school that the indians of helped fund it's
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a very different to the relationship from from the early relationship decades ago between the indians and the palestinians the indians were the first to record the first non arab state back in one thousand nine hundred to recognize the state of palestine and then they view their relationship through the sort of colonial prism the indians are being colonized by the british and they saw the palestinians as being colonized by zionists palestinian territory being colonized by zionists so then there was a lot more solidarity today the indian relationship is much more pragmatic israel is what really matters to india forty one percent of israel's arms exports go to india so it's not that important but modi has decided to separately visit the west bank to show that they still believe there is a sort of special relationship if you like between the palestinians and the indians talking more about this now with akiva eldar author and israeli columnist for the monitor joining us from tel aviv akiva politically what i know is only
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a three hour trip but what does india get out of a trip to the palestinian territories given we know how strong the relationship between india and israel has been particularly recently. well modi is trying to dance in two wedding parties he was here just a few months ago and ateneo was as was mentioned before in delhi but in the meantime india has voted against the drums decision to a recognition of jerusalem is the capital of israel and from here he is going to visit other countries the trade of the indian trade with arab countries primarily with the gulf and the amount of oil energy they are buying from the gulf countries is tremendous is it was just mentioned that they buy arms
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from israel which is true but israel is amounting of no more than one percent of the total trade of india with middle east countries now i think that also modi. has a mission is when he realizes that the palestinians have lost faith in trump these rallies don't trust the europeans netanyahu is looking more and more to the east to the far east to china to india so since they are showing that they are balanced that they maybe can be the new facilitators if they are welcoming the gating red carpet both in jerusalem and ramallah maybe they are then you're referring but with us mr modi sits politically i guess on the political spectrum with the various players in the middle east with the palestinian authority with the the israelis with even hamas
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and other players where where they most aligned india. well first of all it is important to remind the viewers that the relationship of the official diplomatic relationship between israel and adel he. started in ninety two after the madrid conference the first time that israelis met face to face with palestinian syrian lebanese and started the peace process so india needed to have some kind of a pretext a good reason to convince the arabs that they are moving towards israel they're. willing to recognize israel and to negotiate was israel and to open the gates to israelis only after the israelis were willing to negotiate the future of the
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occupied territories but when more you stepped in. it is completely different now they don't need an excuse his party his philosophy is much closer to netanyahu was to the jewish state then to the palestinian his his party. there there were own record saying that palestine belongs to the jews so if he has to make a choice if you put a gun to his head and tell him you need to choose between jerusalem and ramallah these rallies or the palestinians i am putting my money on his bet in you know betting on israel and jews israelis keep well there is always a pleasure thank you so much for your time today. really though we were discussing earlier today. the little details of this trip which seems to have fired people up
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about when and how it happened can you take us through some of that with some interesting diplomacy in the process of this understanding on twitter it say in terms of the conversation kemal most people are wondering why india's prime minister didn't travel to palestine when he visited israel last july and met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu as our correspondent been a smith mentioned in his reports and throughout the day that this is something that usually happens with visiting leader is now according to modi spokesman the move a seen as some a symbolic message to i quote d. hyphen i's ties with israel and palestine now in other words the beans a diplomatic a balancing act to cultivate relations separately and that's why modi traveled through jordan on his trip he flew from amman to ramallah in a helicopter which was provided by the the jordanian government. now gotten a saber as that despite a logistical difficulty the important message from india is that close it ties to
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israel a not at the expense of traditional palestinian ties and modi also announced that this is the first ever prime minister ariel visit to palestine from india and this is caused some confusion online with many people refuting this particular claim now gora of who is associated with the indian congress says that joe hardly know who this is india's first prime minister was actually the first to visit palestine and he shows a photo of never who in one thousand nine hundred sixty to make his point and this tweet was shared of eight hundred times today and we did some background fact checking and did find that narrow did visit the gaza strip in one thousand nine hundred sixty but this was not actually an official visit he was actually on his way back from london ofter attending a commonwealth conference made a stop in beirut from where he then went to gaza which at the time was under egyptian role so just to clarify to everyone this does make modi the first prime
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minister to make an official visit to palestine care and then calls it balancing diplomacy send us your thoughts what you think about this use the hash tag eight a news grade a message me directly for him ahmed consuela two things for you to explore here just to put this visit in perspective as we were saying july twenty seventh in the renderer modi visited israel first indian prime minister to do so and the palestinians as raghida was saying were unimpressed they said for modi to be able to spread the message of peace one should visit both this article has that story as well as right down here inside story up assad explaining why india and israel were getting closer for that one search for palestinians modi and then this one only a few weeks ago when you bend when benjamin netanyahu visited india and the historian v.j. precious wrote this in what he felt was being swept under the carpet on that trip he will find that one netanyahu in india in the opinion section and al-jazeera dot com just before we hit the break couple of quick. a couple of comments i think coming in certainly on the lead story today to do with the aircraft being downed
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over a fire various parts of the middle east dances commented on facebook and said the israeli military has no right to be in syria targeting iranian sites well it's the iranians so it wasn't even there in the first place there is so much confusion over this particular story and we're going to keep a very close eye on it to see who claims what in the next twenty four hours or so your comments your questions there's the what's have the hashtags a.j. newsgroup this is the news good if you're watching us on facebook life about to meet the unsung female heroes of the civil rights movement in the u.s. and then later drugs violence in mexico how the federal government is trying to stop crime and some popular tourism spots. we've got lots of clouds spilling its way into the middle east at the moment the
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satellite picture is showing that all working its way in from the mediterranean gradually edging its way towards the east but that is not the only weather system we have with us at the moment this one in the east is also producing a fair amount of rain and snow as well and that one slowly is going to move its way eastwards as we head through into monday behind it it will be a bit bright and warm for us in kabul that other system though will be developing as we head through the next day or so so a first not a great deal to it just a fair amount of cloud but then that cloud will be thickening off and on monday we'll see some heavier rain making its way towards lebanon and working its way across parts of iraq and into iran as well the bit of cloud would also just be filtering a bit further south into the northern parts of saudi arabia may just edge towards us here in doha but here in doha actually fairly warm at the moment we're looking at a top temperature of around twenty six degrees as we head through the next couple of days for salada are temperatures hovering at around twenty. eight or twenty nine as we head down to a southern parts of africa we had
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a bit of excitement here as we had some rain in cape town of course nowhere near as much as we actually need and the temperatures here will be recovering over the next few days twenty five degrees with plenty of sunshine on sunday. it's like the wild west they can do anything and the really hard for them to get the old powerful internet is both a tool for democracy and a threat to somebody who controls ten thousand people that control the understanding voices and they distort the debate in the echo chamber world of fake news in cyberspace the rules of the game have changed there are no precedents people out investigates disinform ation and democracy part two but this time on al-jazeera al-jazeera is there want us to embrace but it's also good to see what happens next which she. fired by the barriers for a model barricaded all seven streets that would be to hear the movies now it's been
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all about change people have gone to hear barry the mission of the national army is to search the entire boy complex and i'll just do a stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture.
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zero dot com and what's trending is well it's one of those top stories days i would describe it as what's trending be israeli fighter jets modi's visit to ramallah the north korea south korea reports want the turkish troops killed told the top stories you've seen them on the grid there's plenty more for you in-depth reporting online what's trending and don't have. republican party has a new leader gerry adams is retired after more than three decades at the head of shin fein and is to be replaced by his deputy mary mcdonald adams was considered a spokesman for the irish republican army and its thirty year war to end british rule he went on to play a pivotal role in the peace process. as for mcdonald well she rose to the ranks of
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the party after the one thousand nine hundred eight good friday agreement which brought an end to the conflict so she's not really associated with that violent era known as the troubles which tainted her previous this up and down is expected to present a modernising plan to get the party elected in both north and southern irish parliaments ultimately committed to a united ireland but her immediate challenge will be to restore the power sharing government at stormont northern ireland's parliament it collapsed in january last year after another session for investor in the late martin mcguinness resigned over the handling of a green energy scheme we're going to talk tonight in barber in a moment our correspondent in dublin first though his report on the man who is legend fame these past thirty four years over the years gerry adams has been praised as a brave political leader and condemned as a secret terrorist commander the boy from belfast became active in northern ireland civil rights movement in the one nine hundred sixty s. . following the arrival of british troops the province descended into decades of
6:35 pm
sectarian conflict the troubles. in the one nine hundred seventy s. as events like the bloody sunday shooting of catholic protesters by the british army hit the headlines adams was very silly and turned and arrested he always denied being a member of the provisional ira the irish republican army but many people on both sides of the border believe that's a nonsense in one thousand nine hundred three out of his became president of the ira's political wing shin fein. that same year osting stacks father a chief prison officer was shot dead by the ira he later met adams trying to find out who ordered the killing all the evidence points to the fact that he had a leadership role i mean there's a new autobiography out on him and it's quite obvious from that even that the way that when he was in tears that the other prisoners there had a parade past him every day and saluted them and you don't do that to someone that's just in the political arm of the organizations of this week soon though gerry adams was arguing that shin fein had more to gain by contesting elections he
6:36 pm
want to seat in the u.k. parliament in westminster but never took it up all the while the ira's bombing campaign continued to kill people not just in northern ireland but on the mainland to those whose tools are bombs and bullets. your way is not the right way in one thousand nine hundred eight protracted talks led to what's known as the good friday agreement setting up a power sharing executive at stormont as well as the decommissioning of weapons and the early release of paramilitary prisoners while shin fein's martin mcguinness went on to become deputy first minister of northern ireland adams took a back seat briefly in twenty eleven he contested and won a seat in the republic of ireland part of a deliberate shift in the focus for shin fein strategy as i became becoming involved in decision making on both sides of the border in the north they quickly establish themselves as the dominant political party and have been the dominant nationalist party effort generation now but in the south they needed to build up
6:37 pm
from a very low base under gerry adams his leadership shin fein has become not only the largest nationalist party in northern ireland but the third largest group here in the irish doyle parliament and they're hoping to be in government here in the not so distant future when martin mcguinness was buried gerry adams carried his coffin so too did mary lou mcdonald who officially becomes shinn feigns new leader on saturday her challenge now is to broaden the party's appeal to a younger generation that never knew the troubles. and his name baba now in dublin the crowd literally dispersing behind him events just finished what did mary lou mcdonald have to say. will come out you'll forgive me if i have trouble hearing you eventually just write talk after a speech by mary lou mcdonald's in which she paid tribute to have created says that gerry adams as well as martin mcguinness who died
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a year ago saying that they led the island of violence towards peace and the poets engine fame towards great things both north and south of the boat she's been committing her party to act for social justice she said that they need to do more to reach out to move middle class voters in both on both sides of the border she's also wounds the british government that there must be no hard border which would jeopardize the whole peace process which gerry adams was crucial to in the ninety ninety s. . at the same time and she's been outlining some of the challenges that she admits the parties facing which are numerous come out. i'll leave you then a dame i'm not even sure you can hear me saying goodbye but thank you very much that live update from dublin the. annual al-jazeera dot com in the past twenty four
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hours is this piece from online producer matthew symington where he asks if gerry adams is a significant figure or a cult leader maybe a bit of both what you will certainly learn from this feature is that gerry adams regardless of his official title position will always be one of those divisive figure such for gerry adams at al-jazeera dot com it is in the feature is section. here we are the live all having a look at what is going on right down the bottom here just pop those pictures out for me which we think from the top there this is from a silly and anti fascist demonstration and must sit outside believe it's pronounced this is the city where i remember a man with a near nazi background shot and wounded six africans a week ago there is now this very big very rowdy looking and he fascist rally going on there let's check in with julie mcdonnell of the london now for some more international news i'm julie. hi kemal thank you now protesters in the philippines are urging president rodrigo deter taitz has stopped china's military
6:40 pm
expansion in the side china sea they march to the chinese consulate in the capital manila philippines media publish photos last week showing that china has continued to build installations on the disputed spratly islands islands are rich in natural resources as well as having military and navigational value deterrence he says he'll continue talks with beijing over those disputed territories. polls have closed in sri lanka's local elections tensions though are high ahead of the results due to a growing rift between the rival party leaders president of the city censor and prime minister ronald wycliffe saying hey who jointly through a coalition but have campaigned for their respective poncy separately paul marks a turning point for women and you call them names at least twenty five percent of all candidates are speaking. very rainy and celebrating their thirty ninth revolution day marking the return of ayatollah ruhollah commenee from exile his
6:41 pm
arrival in the country precipitated the fall of the shah and the birth of the islamic republic of iran when in so often talk about the islamic revolution as if it's still happening but thirty nine years later it means more to some than it does to others the reports now from. the founder of the islamic republic of iran ayatollah ruhollah khomeini is still watching over his people and you never have to look very far to catch a glimpse of the man at the center of the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine still in exile in paris khomeini famously ordered everyone you know into the streets to help overthrow the shah mohammad reza pahlavi. one of the women who answered the call was sub. born in japan is can she change her name when she married an iranian businessman she met in tokyo they moved to iran after their first son was born it was the one nine hundred sixty s. and iran was
6:42 pm
a very different place. it was before the revolution society was different then in iran it wasn't like today no one cared about islam not. baba he said the shah's government tried to ban women from wearing head scarves and attempt to replace iranian culture with western values all part of a plan by foreign governments she says to control iran and iran's natural resources so khamenei is message of independence she says resonated with many people. he said there shouldn't be any poverty in iran he meant we should take care of poor people there should be justice everyone should be equal well many of the iranians welcomed this bubble you survived the nuclear bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki in world war two and lived through the iran iraq war that started almost immediately after the revolution when iraqi forces led by saddam hussein invaded iran bubblies son solomon farci volunteered to fight and was killed he was nineteen years old.
6:43 pm
decades later she still struggles to talk about it but says even knowing the pain of losing him she would sacrifice him again to preserve the islamic revolution for many iranians the teachings of the country's first supreme leader are as relevant today as they were in one nine hundred seventy nine but for some islamic revolution has not fulfilled all of its promises. while they do not necessarily want to tear down their country's government most iranians we spoke to said they just want their leaders to do a little more to solve their problems as. people or important figures in history many of them died for the revolution but our demand is that current government should care about the nation all different classes of people from the rich to those who don't have a good economic situation. behind she's a kid the base thing that could happen in a society is the equality between a man and a woman the more we work for this the base of
6:44 pm
a society will have when making policy iran's government often looks to the past for much of its inspiration the iranian people it seems want them to look more to the future zain basra the old zero to one. that's all from me here in london now it's back to come up to me thank you for that to a story now from france where the first singer to wear a hit job in the t.v. show the voice france has quit and there's a familiar narrative coming out here isn't there a lot of people being now held accountable for what they post online yeah so now if the cep won't be participating in the show any moral decision to drop out comes after she was criticized for how appropriate a city and support and comments she made about the nice attacks on social media and twenty sixteen now the singer didn't only make the headlines for her parents but her withdrawal caused a huge outrage online many believe that she was forced to leave when l.
6:45 pm
made her announcement on facebook. these last days were very difficult for me a lot of tension have hidden my desire to spread love peace and tolerance i've never meant to hurt anyone and the only idea that i would do it on purpose pains me and. that's why today i decided to quit the program. to all of you following me and supporting me don't worry this is a decision isn't making an end to my musical career now the production company behind the voice i.t.v. studios france sent out a press release saying that despite her earlier apology the atmosphere on the show had become too heavy and she hoped that her decision to withdraw would soon have tensions now many people using her name as the hash tag to highlight what many believe is an unfair case of double standards i spoke to yes and he's the
6:46 pm
co-founder of a transnational organized nation fighting racism min it was not a doctor for what it is you posted it two years ago and that we may or may not agree with that she's been attacked on for who she is in what we think she represents a young muslim woman who is unapologetic both about being french and being muslim and the problem is that her were in the a turban on a popular t.v. show is actually only acceptable because it shows that the normalization of presence in france. look at some of the conversations online moran thinks that she was targeted for for being muslim too tweeting if she wasn't wearing a head job no one would have made any problems of pasta social media posts and it would have been labeled as freedom of speech now when l. is not the only case more public figures have been held accountable for their past tweets phrases says that it's not just politicians or journalists who have to
6:47 pm
resign when old doc tweets found in their feeds and you may remember i mean a car on a british muslim model who recently pulled out of l'oreal campaign right wing media outlets published her tweets from twenty fourteen where she criticized israel's war in gaza and there's also the sing a lot where she received backlash from pro israel supporters on social media after she canceled her concert in israel over politics and nurdin says that the public shaming of these individuals over their stance on palestine signifies a much deeper problem let us know what you think about this so send us your thoughts as the hash tag him is great or message me directly i'm at random hammad well thank you. the number of people killed in mexico last year reached a new high homicide rates at the highest ever been since the country started keeping records twenty years ago got these numbers which give you an indication if
6:48 pm
you go back in this period basically covers mexico's war on drugs i mean a huge leap between two thousand and seven and two thousand and eleven up to twenty seven thousand deaths in two thousand and eleven it has not been as high since then now we're looking at close to thirty thousand deaths in twenty seventeen well as you can imagine years of drug related violence of life mental and psychological scars in mexican communities doctors without borders is one of the few organizations trying to heal those wounds john home and travel to acapulco where fear and revenge is driving even more than it's. the shadow of death has lain across a couple of years the film a tourist hot spot as one of the highest murder rates in the world and behind the military patrols police sirens and daily crime scenes live a townspeople struggling with fear and grief and knowing why in the last year francisco's wife was caught in the midst of a gang shootout and killed now he's raising their four children alone we hid his
6:49 pm
identity speaking out here is dangerous which of course. is this ok. a decade or more than one hundred twenty thousand victims into the drug war there's still no federal program dedicated to psychological support for the families left behind. in acapulco and n.g.o.s doctors without borders is filling that gap they team of community workers and psychologists go to churches community centers basketball courts anywhere people gather to train them to support each other and then saying the violence gets to such a level that the social fabric is destroyed people don't trust their neighbors and little by little things deteriorated so yes we see. those suffering particularly
6:50 pm
painful experiences like francisco to meet one on one with psychologists on their list. doctors without borders are also training teaches to recognize children traumatized by violence or sexual abuse the aim is to convince the government that programs like this a needed on a national scale makes crispe huge amounts of money and manpower into combat in organized crime in comparison very little has been dedicated to treating traumatized victims and according to psychologist that shows a real lack of foresight because those affected by violence if not attended to a much more likely to repeat the cycle. that's the worst nightmare of parents like francisco trying to protect the next generation. in. new
6:51 pm
york. experts say it could take decades for the wounds of a society grown used to violence to heal the worry is that without intervention that process and struggle to even begin john homan how does it or i can pull cope. what with our coming up in a moment on the grid of course we're talking the winter olympics finding out how the old korean hockey team wins making history in longtime first start quick look at some world what.
6:52 pm
a young so molly refugee thrilled to gain us residency in twenty sixteen. that was lucky too good to say i was really really hard to go down suddenly. but with anti immigrant sentiment under the trump presidency al-jazeera well to ask sally was whether his american dream is still alive. in america at this time on al-jazeera. a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted sense that pain to be forced to leave would just be all and then gains others and that it's has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe of turndowns it's normal it's part of business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera.
6:53 pm
which old korean politics fairly liberal korean sport know far better go ask ok history has been made of the winter olympics and young chang for the first time competitors from north and south korea played a unified women's hockey team now to make a long story short they were thrashed eight nothing by switzerland but it was still a pretty amazing moment are reportedly welling's was there were in the sporting sense there was of course some disappointment in south korea that the unified korea was beaten so heavily by switzerland in their first historic march when so much
6:54 pm
more than support was incredible to think that they managed to get this team together within a month of the politics of the pop in the round of incredible we saw of course the very important delegation from north korea the sister of the leader kim jong she was alongside the south korean president on the olympic president thomas ball was that it was just an incredible sports going along with the two hundred twenty nine north korean chile does that across the board it so this team will go on supply guns against sweden and japan they call expect so much from them but i think i will improve although i'm going to win a medal well that's huge very unlikely that i'm all in order to get beyond this stage of the olympics but i do sense some positivity around them from the south koreans lucky enough to have tickets not all south koreans but mind the people are behind them on what's been a historic event. ok so we heard a bit about them from lee there and they've been stealing some of the spotlight at the games the north korean chiller cheerleaders have also been receiving
6:55 pm
a lot of buzz on social media here is tweet from least some of the two hundred twenty nine north korean cheerleaders that guangdong hockey center and what has been a remarkable ok sion and spectacle nicknamed by south korea as the army of beauty these cheerleaders are seen by many as a propaganda tool they're all over five foot three inches tall and are hand pick by king john thune himself the cheerleaders hugely outnumber the north korean participants at the games and they've been a few people out quite frankly graham brown tweeted these are the cheerleaders that can jump in and said he was sending scary how automated they are patricia says the north korean cheerleaders continue to create me out. nightmare fuel now getting back to the actual events will be seeing a lot of them over the coming days many will be unfamiliar to us or we're going to try to explain a few of the sites on show in south korea here's peter stomach to tell you more
6:56 pm
about some of the fastest men and women on ice. flighting sports are exactly as they sound at the winter olympics think sliding down the ice at high speed with close finishes and inherent danger to the athletes all of that make them thrilling to watch bobsled is perhaps the best known of these think cool runnings and it's been part of the winter olympics since the first event in nineteen twenty four teams of two or four men or women compete the four man crew consists of a pilot up front to pushes in the middle and a break man at the back of the carbon fiber slid so this is how it works the team start by running and pushing the sled before jumping in and hurtling down the ice they're going to have to travel one point five kilometers at high speed the sled can reach up to two hundred one kilometers per hour and the first is the women now
6:57 pm
if you thought that a slip provide a little protection then marvel at the lose here it comes one or two man teams travel on a flat slit along the same track as the bob say but they go it lying on their backs just imagine verse at one hundred forty kilometers per hour and then we have skeleton as you can see here it looks a lot like luge but these competitors are going to run and throw themselves down head first on the slate there's no form or steering all braking on a verse and with speeds of one hundred twenty kilometers per hour it's probably the most dangerous sport at these winter games. i need to get by with everything connected to pyongyang via our dedicated website had to al-jazeera dot com slash young chang twenty eight team and as always we'd like to hear your thoughts on the winter olympics or any other sports story you see here on aging news great you can tweet me directly at f underscore is small i'll be back with more at eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you backed thank you for
6:58 pm
a five. hundred klicks that just looks terrifying doesn't add up as graphic spent but more of those coming up from the sports team as they explain the winter games that's how you get in touch with us as far as it has to go to news between if i see what's that you see right that used to be a fool to go down the road fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow. travel often. by trying to use the forests of prague.
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solving. challenging systems and shaping. creative thinkers. future innovate africa. and israeli fighter jet is down during a raid in syria part of a bigger operation against it waiting in targets. turkey loses a military helicopter was shot down during an operation against kurdish militia in syria.


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