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i am doing this for the benefit of saddam people. so and then they see the importance of the arab guys. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian finnigan this is the news out lie from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes israel launches its biggest attacks on syria in decades after one of its warplanes
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a shot. in iran hundreds of thousands rallied to mark the islamic revolution thirty nine years ago. a warm welcome at the winter games north korea's delegation talks politics with south korea's prime minister install the teenager taking over the slopes of the winter olympics seventeen year old greg gerard becoming the youngest snowboarder to whatever they call. israel says that it's responded to the downing of one of its warplanes by syrian government forces with its most significant attack on syria in decades israeli airstrikes reportedly hit the calcutta air force the outskirts of us away in southern syria and a weapons step only at about the capital damascus prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting his cabinet with developments in syria expected to take center stage at the weekly gathering russia's present. vladimir putin has cautioned netanyahu to
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avoid any steps that could further escalate tensions for more on russia's reaction we're chalons is live for us in moscow but first let's bring in iran kind of west to roost libby has been monitoring today's israeli cabinet meeting in iran. what are we expected to come out of that cabinet meeting well there are two meetings that are actually taking place as you say the first one is the cabinet meeting that's likely to be where the political strategy will come from then you know who the prime minister will be talking to his people to figure out what to do next now they've been blaming iran publicly for this they say that iran is the big problem but they'll also be formulating a strategy about what to do about russia who they say other supporters of iran and what kind of message they want to give and send out to russia after that we're also expecting a security cabinet meeting that's where the military strategy will come from if
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there is one what to do next now when speaking to the israeli army the us them if they can confirm the targets that they hit inside syria where the deal gratian was going on they've declined to comment but what we are really hearing now is the these raids would like to put a lot of pressure on russia they say a former military officials are saying that this is the biggest operation against syrian air defense targets since the one nine hundred eighty two lebanese war so clearly a very big operation now russia has to really take a look at what the israelis are doing and figure out how much they'll allow these raids to do and how long this will go on for so all eyes now on the message that israel will send out to russia all right emraan let's bring in rory challenge that in moscow with more on russia's reaction to all of this so rory russia finding itself dragged into the rhetoric between israel and iran over syria i mean what is russia's position as a stakeholder in syria. well these recent incidents i think demonstrate first of
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all the delicate knife edge the syria is balanced on at the moment also that when it comes to syria it's the moscow that is holding most of the cards now you know israel has been flying sorties into syria hitting targets for numerous years and russia has basically always looks the other way while this is being going on israel likes to take out targets of iranian backed militias like hezbollah and russia's position as it controls much of the airspace in syria is to say look we don't mind you doing this as long as you do not threaten the outside regime too much and and russia is very very clear about this as long as you don't jeopardize the safety of any russian personnel and that's something that moscow has
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stressed absolutely clearly in the last couple of days and i think putin probably would have said that to netanyahu. essentially. israel is going to have to take all of this on board israel would like russia to do more to control iranian backed militias in the south of the country but for as long as those iranian backed militias are useful for the outside regime and for russia's objectives russia is not going to do too much to limit those so that puts israel in in a tricky position as it was just saying and israel is going to be very careful now because although russia is not going to shoot israeli planes out of the sky themselves they don't seem to be willing or able but most probably willing to stop. defense systems from having a go shooting those israeli planes down themselves and let's not forget that it is russia that has supplied trained most of those and cross systems that is syria is
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using all right rory many thanks indeed will the u.s. has backed israel and blamed iran for the escalation mike hanna has more on all of that from the u.s. from washington. well despite iran's denial that it was responsible for the drone incursion the state department appears to be convinced that iran is to blame for this round of combat that we've seen emerge over the course of this particular day a state department spokesperson has released a statement saying and i quote iran's calculated escalation of threat and its ambition to project power places the entire region at risk from she says yemen to lebanon once again from state department we also heard that israel has a right to defend itself a similar statement coming out of the pentagon which also stated very clearly that u.s. played no role whatsoever in israel's combat operations at targets within syria so
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from the u.s. what you are hearing support for israel not surprising but at the same time there appears to be a degree of concern about the further ramifications of the conflict that's emerged in the course of the day was such a draw all of this together with no one couple on who's director of policy analysis of the institute for graduates study says here in the studio with me now so we're starting to see that the political and diplomatic fallout from saturday's israeli raid what we should make of russia's president vladimir putin warning prime minister netanyahu of israel not to escalate the situation and i think this is what the russians would like actually to plea they must like. a bit of the between the different parties that are right now having discomfort inside on syria i think russia is positioned in a very unique position right now because on the one hand they are supporting the
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iranian backed militias on the ground. in support of the regime of syrian president bashar assad on the other hand they are having good relations and maybe understanding with the with so they are blue. this game a very carefully in order not actually to lose control over it because it's very very dangerous game. i mean to be precise about it. i mean that's collusion almost went out of control when they launched this. against against both the iranian backed militia the syrian the syrian regime and the allies so i think they are not interested right now in having is of course i mean i think all the parties are not interested they don't want to escalate. but particularly the russians feeling that there might lose control on this very complicated situation but reports suggest that these israeli airstrikes have continued given
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the dangerous nature of this i mean. could this escalate and bring a whole new dangerous to mention to what is already a complex and deadly war there is always the possibility of escalation but i think yesterday the russians did inform they actually did inform the russians about subsequent creates after the downing of the. plane just in case they don't want to even by mistake and the russian target inside syria because that could complicate the situation to a dramatic degree so i think there is this sort of communication between the russians and the israelis in syria and this has been the case for the boss couple of years since the russians intervene militarily in syria and early two thousand and fifteen the u.s. as you'd expect standing by israel both of them blaming iran for this what is israel and the u.s. is beef with iran being involved in syria and i think the americans there would
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have a stick and the opportunity in order to limit and contain influence in syria we know now that they. are very much actually interested mainly in targeting iranian. position. in syria and this is something also that the russians has has mentioned many times if you want to target the iranian leadership that's absolutely fine when that is actually. a threat to national security but try to be a syrian regime forces because this is very important that our shows are trying to rebuild the forces of the syrian regime but this is very important what i believe as long as this war is going on in syria the russians will continue depending on the iranians and iranian backed militias if this water stops i think here we'll be seeing more from fragmentation we'll see more cracks between the russians and the iranians here actually the russians might be a more active role in limiting the influence of the iranians but that will not be
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without a price you talked about but it's almost getting to the brink on saturday how can how can we how can we walk away from that how can the situation can it be deescalated from here well i think if that russia actually stops they don't carry out any reads because this is this is my believe is this round has already ended. and i think the israelis will seize the opportunity in the future in order to target for the iranian positions and inside syria but for now my my hunch is that all the parties seems to have this tacit understanding that it's this and let's not take it any further and this is i mean this is i mean this is that impression that everybody almost is taking from from the different parties are now. but he thanks to you for being with us. the turkish army has suffered its largest number of fatalities since the freeman campaign against kurdish fighters in the open syria
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began last month eleven turkish soldiers were killed on saturday including two in an army helicopter crash turkey's president says the kurdish led syrian democratic forces will quote pay a price that's got a lot of gaziantep near the turkish syrian border. for us let's talk first of all about this this era helicopter crash tomorrow what what what actually happened we know. well i mean the exact details obviously still haven't been released by the turkish military in that they're still conducting their own investigation into this whether it was shot down or went down to technical failures or whatnot it still hasn't been confirmed but the significance of the fact that a helicopter was down because of some sort of. as a result of the operations there and obviously led to the death of those two soldiers is what's its significance in this as you mentioned it is the heaviest loss in one day since this military offensive against the wife e.g.
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militia began three weeks ago that brought the total number of turkish soldiers killed since this operation to thirty something that is significant in that obviously any military operation the less body counts the better for the army that is pursuing those objectives to take its military will point to the fact that over one hundred fifty y p g fighters have been killed in that same period in the also add to the fact that thirty advancements have been made they've taken control of over forty seven different specific points in the road towards actually in that is the stronghold of the y.p. gee they have taken over twenty three different towns and villages as far as the turkish military in collaboration with the free syrian army are concerned as well as several hilltops agent as you know this is a mountainous region in the north eastern part of syria so having those vantage points is very important strategically so there have been advances made by the
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second army despite those losses suffered on saturday you say that's the level the body count the better as far as key is concerned eleven soldiers killed in total on saturday after an operation is extremely costly since it is that a cost that turkey is willing to pay. those suffered by the army you really need to understand that the turkish people and turkish society is a very national. stick to fight when it comes to its army when it comes to its national sovereignty. transcends political differences in terms of domestic policy policies so the support from given through this operation really is across the board in terms of all the different political parties and not support the still very much strong and it is strong enough support to absorb those losses so to speak and while you mention the eleven soldiers in one day if they think difficult hit isn't enough to dent the support given to them particularly considering who the
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enemy is as far as the turkish people are concerned the y.p. g. is no different from the p.k. k. that is the kurdistan workers' party very kurdistan workers' party has been bombing targets cities and attacking turkish soldiers and policemen and even some respect over the past several decades so for the turkish people any price is. there's no price really high enough to pay in order to ensure the defeat of a group they consider to be a terrorist organization many thanks steve. given the news out from out of syria still to come on the program a threat to democracy that's what critics in the philippines call president to taze push to change the constitution such as. to map out the entire population this genetic makeup the hope of finding cures for diseases in sports six years on from egyptian football's worst stadium disaster mastery fans return to the.
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iran is marking thirty nine years since its islamic revolution hundreds of thousands of people have been taking part in mass rallies and president hassan rouhani has been speaking in france freedom square the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution saw the overthrow of the shah of iran to keep the creation of the islamic republic let's go live to ron say in basra the is there for sports that the mood today there among those crowds that we just saw the same. origen the crowd definitely and celebrate tory this year is. revolutionary celebration and events the speech from the president comes after what has been a tumultuous year for iran both internally and externally it was a kind of state of you state of the union address from the president he addressed a range of domestic issues including the country's economy he had
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a great deal of economic growth the economy has been a point of contention for many of the people in the opposition as well as the protests we saw late last year economic concerns were a big issue so he addressed a lot of the economic success as they have had and acknowledge that there were some economic conditions that needed to be better he addressed the environment and how to counter some of the environmental changes happening in iran he also addressed around capabilities in terms of producing home grown military hardware and its ability to defend its own borders a range of domestic issues and what really stood out was he said that the only thing that or the main thing that helps preserve the islamic way of government that's been around for the last thirty nine years is parliamentary and presidential elections people being able to cast their vote and elect their own leaders within the construct of an islamic government and he said that was the best way to preserve the revolution going forward and when you speak to iranians here you see the revolution is an ongoing thing that needs to be propagated year after year and
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we met some of them and spoke to them and here's their story. the founder of the islamist republic of iran ayatollah ruhollah khomeini is still watching over his people and you never have to look very far to catch a glimpse of the man at the center of the islamic revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine still in exile in paris khomeini famously ordered every runyan onto the streets to help overthrow the shah mohammad reza pahlavi. one of the women who answered the call was sub. born in japan is. she. changed her name when she married an iranian businessman she met in tokyo they moved to iran after their first son was born it was the one nine hundred sixty s. and iran was a very different place. it was before the revolution society was different then in iran it wasn't like today no one cared about is not. baba he said
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the shah's government tried to ban women from wearing head scarves and attempt to replace iranian culture with western values all part of a plan by foreign governments she says to control iran and iran's natural resources . message of independence she says resonated with many people. he said there shouldn't be any poverty in iran he meant we should take care of poor people there should be justice everyone should be equal well many of the iranians welcomed this bubble he survived the nuclear bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki in world war two and lived through the iran iraq war that started almost immediately after the revolution when iraqi forces led by saddam hussein invaded iran bubblies son solomon farsi volunteered to fight and was killed he was nineteen years old decades later she still struggles to talk about it but says even knowing the pain of losing him she would sacrifice him again to preserve the islamic revolution for
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many iranians the teachings of the country's first supreme leader are as relevant today as they were in one nine hundred seventy nine but for some islamic revolution has not fulfilled all of its promises. while they do not necessarily want to tear down their country's government most iranians we spoke to said they just want their leaders to do a little more to solve their problems as. people or important figures in history many of them died for the revolution but our demand is that current government should care about the nation all different classes of people from the rich to those who don't have a good economic situation. behind she's a kid the base thing that could happen in a society is the equality between a man and a woman the more we work for this the better a society will have when making policy iran's government often looks to the past for much of its inspiration iranian people it seems want them to look more to the future so as you said president rouhani has been addressing the crowds in freedom
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square he spoke about iran's influence in the region what did he say and what can we read into it. well again this celebration was an opportunity to for the president along with all of his supporters out in force today to celebrate what has been a very very good year in terms of the iranian perspective for iran in the region. president rouhani said that in iraq the sliming state group as well as the united states and. through separatists kurdish leaders were trying to break that country apart and with iran's help they were able to stop that from happening he said that in lebanon there was a political. there's political instability after the resignation of prime minister saad hariri he said that that is also something that iran was able to help facilitate and help stabilize and of course he addressed the twenty fifteen nuclear
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deal that iran signed with western powers and he said that despite america's best efforts to try to scuttle that you have to try to break it down iran has had a great deal of diplomatic success with its european partners and other allied countries to preserve that you know all things that he says were great successes for iran this year and could inspiration for the country moving forward into its fortieth year as an islamic group so many thanks. live in. the family of a university professor of disputing police reports that he committed suicide in jail in iran sixty three year old environmental activist. mommy was arrested last month his family say that his death is impossible to fathom to other protests as the reports of killed themselves in prison recently human rights groups said that detainees are routinely tortured and killed. north korea's limpid delegation has met the south korean prime minister lina kyon in seoul the group
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includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un on saturday she extended a rare invitation to south korea's president in to visit pyongyang the delegation has been holding talks with the south korean government on the sidelines of the winter olympics natasha graeme reports from seoul. even as athletes competed on the snow and ice diplomatic developments continue to steal at least some of the spotlight during what's being called the peace olympics the last three days have been historic and a high point in interest in relations north korean leader kim jong sister kim jong became the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war she came with an invitation kim jong un is asking the south korean president in to visit pyongyang at a convenient time soon if this meeting transpires it would be the first time that kim jong un has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty
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eleven president moon says he'll begin arranging the conditions to make that visit happen but he stresses that any rebuilding of interest in relations must involve dialogue between the united states and north korea u.s. vice president mike pence sat very close to the north korean delegation during the opening ceremony he emma north koreans rebuffed president moon's attempts to facilitate a mediate skeptics say that this north korean charm offensive is heavy on the symbolism but they doubt that it will result in anything substantive they say this is an attempt by the north koreans to drive a wedge between the united states and the south koreans into an advance their own agenda but for now president moon and many south koreans are encouraged by the prospect that what we've been seeing could be the beginning of a reboot of intercalary and relations joining us now via skype from tucson is
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robert kelly professor of political science diplomacy at pusan national university good to have you with us again she was saying that the moment it's all about the symbolism of this last one of the olympics over. i'm doubtful to be honest after the olympics and there will be the exercises in the south korean and american military as that always provokes a sharp north korean response the north koreans also have an active nuclear missile program presumably they'll continue to test as they've done so many times in the last decade or so once they do that any outreach by south korea liberal president to north korea will be met with crushing korean criticism from conservatives and in the united states as well so i mean there are a lot of hurdles to overcome you know maybe you are you hopeful i'm always try but to be honest i would be pretty surprised if something like the olympics which isn't really political at all manages to lead to a political breakthrough at some hard to see how the olympics they're going to help at least president moon can he use them to navigate the domestic political
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divisions that there are of their own on how to deal with the north i think the best thing that the olympics can do right now is sort of first of all the march to war that seemed to be taking place last year as long as the olympics make a look at the north and south are talking to one another then becomes much harder for donald trump and the trump white house to go on t.v. and advocate for for strikes right we know that some people are pretty seriously thinking about it they just be told for example just a couple weeks ago they vetoed a highly qualified potential ambassador pick for south korea someone who's quite a hawk but apparently wasn't hawkish enough because the trump people are generally considering strikes well as long as the north and south are talking you know the americans need south korean buy in on the strikes as long as the north and south are talking they won't get it so that's sort of one of the things i think that no one is doing right this gives him time to figure out how to respond to the americans all right so you're pessimistic this this court deal atmosphere is not going to last much beyond the winter olympics to what extent the. cultural events
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like the olympics the way forward here in bringing north korea in from the cold. yeah that's right and i know i we should do that absolutely i mean just i mean i'm pessimistic but doesn't mean we shouldn't try we should always try north korea's most dangerous country in the world you should always try and you're right i mean if we can do some small things like cultural events and sports and music and things like that and that kind of generates a few small steps that lead to then larger steps and so on that's great right i mean if this is what it takes to get the north koreans in the room and talking so much the better and i don't particularly mind one way or the other but we've had these kinds of things before they haven't really worked right and i'm not really sure that sort of cultural interaction can actually generate any meaningful concessions on either side the political gaps are pretty big but we should always keep trying right is certainly better than we were a year ago when you know with fire and fury and all that good to see you as always right many thanks indeed professor of a county that thank you here with the news hour still to come on the program where the staff here with the latest in just a few moments then. the heartbreaking reality of yemen seventy is after the
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revolution people hoped would bring a better life. a to a because of one of britain's largest charities accused of inappropriate behavior most helping the vulnerable and unspoiled ronaldo hits have trick and real madrid hit form ahead of a crucial champions league game. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. hello there we've got a couple of showers around the world now that we've got to keep quite a close eye on let's start off with the one that didn't quite make the cut this one here over fiji looked like it was going to develop into another storm but it did and if we take a look at the satellite sequence we can see that system there's the date line that's what that line is that it fizzled out as it works its way towards the east this circulation here though certainly hasn't fizzled out it's gradually now
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running its way towards the southwest and as it does so it's going to run over tanga looks like it's going to cross the islands almost directly over the top of the island at about twenty four hours from now and when it does we're expecting the winds to be the equivalent of a category three hurricane that is a major hurricane a major cycle and it's going to hit these very small only low lying islands so definitely not good news here we can only hope that the winds will actually but it doesn't look like it will at the moment now if we head up towards the philippines we can also see a lot of cloud heading towards us at the moment to this is another storm and it's gradually running its way towards the west now by the time it makes landfall in mindanao it looks like this one will have winds around eighty kilometers per hour those are the sustained winds so the winds shouldn't be too much of a problem but flooding will be a major issue. the weather sponsored by cattle and race.
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and i get adrian for the get here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera our top stories this hour israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says that airstrikes in syria were a heavy blow to rein in and syrian government forces he told his cabinet that israel would continue to strike back to any aggression the raids follow allegations that an iranian drone entered its airspace on saturday and the downing of an israeli fighter jet by syrian government forces iran's president has called for unity and a mass rally celebrating the thirty ninth. verse three of the country's revolution the islamic republic was born from the one nine hundred seventy nine overthrow of the shah want to keep north korea's limping delegation has met the south korean
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prime minister lean back yard in seoul the group includes the sister of north korea's leader kim jong un on saturday she extended a rare invitation to south korea's president. to visit pyongyang. almost three years of civil war and yemen has forced huge numbers of people from their homes activists say the past few months alone fighting in northwestern areas the country has displaced more than half a million people and there's no sign of the war ending anytime soon reports. anti us slogans are oberst everywhere in yemen's capital sana'a healthy fighters turns god next to a banner that reads death to the u.s. death to israel. security's taunts because of fighting on the outskirts of the capital forces backed by saudi led coalition are on the offensive the houthi is
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after taking no chances the shia rebels capture the capital in two thousand and fourteen if they lose it their control over northern yemen will come to an and how. the war waged against us by the saudi led coalition is absurd it's a barbaric aggression on the people of yemen they talk about human rights and they bombed children and women. but in other parts of the country yemenis blame the healthiest for committing atrocities against civilians the city of thais has become the focal point of the fighting between tubes loyal to present a bunch so hardy and the whole thing after three years of intense fighting no one has the upper hand and then i didn't know. the reason why we couldn't defeat them with the. i don't have mortars have you trained soldiers we cannot afford because the whole area is mine and we don't have the mining devices our war has weakened
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the government and created a power vacuum secessionist in the southern part of the country has stepped in they say they want to have a state of own. over the last few weeks the separatists most a series of attacks and occupied government buildings in the city of aden valley mainly backed by the united arab emirates then a view we thought in one thousand nine hundred union would be a great thing by security forces in the north. clamp down on our people killing activists in this warring southern provinces unity for us is that we're getting closer to establishing our independence day the crisis is deepening the united nations' top envoy to german stepped down after failing to convince the feuding. dashes to set aside their differences and to go she ate a deal too and fighting. as we said the years of conflict have destroyed many
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of the hopes and dreams of thousands of people who took to the streets into yemen seven years ago demanding a better life that uprising forced president ali abdullah saleh to resign but hasn't resulted in peace let's speak to address creek assistant professor at the defense studies department at king's college london and he's with us now live from london address it was good to talk to you. what extent was ali abdullah saleh who let's face it until his assassination till he was killed recently never really went away to what extent was he yemen's biggest problem. hi yeah i think he was probably one of yemen's biggest problems because he kind of costly situation that in two thousand and eleven led people to go on the streets and demand more freedom to demand more equality social justice as well as more freedom of speech but to be honest if you look at the situation in two thousand and eleven it's almost cynical to say that yemen has gone anywhere from there since i
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mean to be honest the situation two thousand level was probably a lot better than it was today ali abdullah saleh was obviously a repressive leader he created all through terror regime that didn't really cater to the needs of yemeni people but people in two thousand and seven were probably better of yemen was probably better off into the eleven than it was today that was not because of ali abdullah saleh alone i mean he was someone who played different parties and factions against each other but his removal kind of removed an anchoring point it removed an arbitrator within yemen that kind of kept a very fragile peace now with him removed everything all these different smaller conflicts that were contained before have now come to the surface so yes he was part of the problem leading yemen to the edge of a business but then again he was the one who kind of kept most of these conflicts under a certain threshold now with him removed we have all these other different power brokers coming back on to the surface and trying to fight for supremacy which kind
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of thrown the country into the square mile that it is today where yemen has always been obviously one of the most one of the poorest countries in the arab world but now yemen is obviously far worse than that i mean it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and people are not talking about political freedoms anymore they're not talking about unemployment alone they're talking about actually making actually surviving it's about bad survival as people are actually trying to cope and struggle to actually you know secure all food and secure their livelihood within yemen and this and rationing to that. now seven years after is a lot worse so with no real power broker. internally or externally someone who can or some things that can unite yemen where does the country go from here can yemen as a nation even survive. that's
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a good point i mean to be honest since two thousand and eleven people have talked about maybe a federalization of yemen the national dialogue was looking at different ways in two thousand and twelve to maybe separate the country into different federal blocs that was held together by a central government now we don't have a government anymore yemen as a social political entity doesn't defacto doesn't exist anymore i mean there are different conflicts within the countries there are different pockets also of stability but stability in yemen if it exists exists only very much on the local level so we need to rethink how we look at yemen and to be honest what happened over the last couple weeks in the south with the southern movement taking action and seizing control of aden it seems like they are finally succeeding in succession which kind of paved the way to a division of yemen how it was until before nine hundred ninety and i do think that this will of obviously change everything because the conflict in the north that
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saudi is facing the saudis face fighting against the who are these is isolated of that and i think one could potentially create a corridor of stability in the south under an iraqi or transitional council control but that doesn't solve the problem of yemen overall it will create a corridor in aden and along the coast line of stability but it will create other pockets within yemen where fighting will continue so but that might be a step forward i think at the moment there is no power broker that can unite all yemenis under one umbrella to say there is a nation of yemen that will go forward and you know the g.c.c. is divided the united states have kind of given the given the authority to the u.a.e. and saudi to deal with it both of these even the u.a.e. and saudi can't really agree on a common on a common power forward here so external division internal division and i don't see how yemen as a nation actually will continue to exist address many thanks. egypt's army says that four of its soldiers have died in an operation in the sinai and it says that
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it's killed sixteen fighters and destroyed several weapons deputies during an offensive against armed groups in the peninsula president of the c.c. told the army to use brute force to restore security following an attack on a mosque in the which killed more than three hundred people. it's all change for the second largest opposition party in turkey which the government accuses of being linked to what it calls could terrorists the kurdish people's democratic party is holding its annual congress in ankara a new co-leader is set to be elected to replace saddam had seen demo of tess who is in jail so what is the h.p.v. will turkey's government has long accused the party of being the political wing of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the h d p denies any direct link with the p k k and promotes a negotiated end to the kurdish conflict the party's former co-leader as we said is not seeking reelection because he's in jail awaiting trial on multiple charges
1:41 pm
including managing a terrorist organization the h.t. is turkey's only a major political party to oppose operation olive branch the army campaign in northern syria against kurdish y p g fighters turkey says the y. p.g. is a terrorist group allied to the p.k. k. al-jazeera has some costello is at that party conference and in ankara. turkey is proposing this party h d p is going to be electing the chair today and the party's current curtsey is the last and scimitars has been president. for a year. or to be. detained and arrested following that santa which took place in july two thousand six hundred currently when we look at the numbers there are and night and he's prepared to spark in these are arrested and kill them or out of the country and seven of them have been stripped of their
1:42 pm
parliamentary status and the total number of. m.p.'s in trouble are just parties down to you. when you look at the race and on going in northern syria you see that there is a rising. protein and h.d. . also being released by the government. so. why. was this party and had been set down by the. decision the president of the philippines wants to change the constitution and switch to a new form of government. says that regions would get more power and help to alleviate poverty critics argue that the changes are a smokescreen to prolong his role general allen duggan reports from. former
1:43 pm
philippines president for didn't marcos ruled with an iron fist for decades his martial rule was seen by many filipinos as oppressive in one thousand nine hundred eighty six the people power revolution removed him from office ushering in a new era of democracy the one nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution was drafted with an emphasis on bringing about social justice past presidents have tried to change that constitution in the hope of prolonging their stay in power president to is making another attempt this time to change to a federal form of government he wants to the centralize power from what he describes as an imperialistic monella and improve life for those living in rural areas no person should be deprived of life liberty or editors who helped draft the present constitution says it is not the form of government that is problematic but
1:44 pm
the quality of those people in government more than eighty percent of those elected officials come from political dynasties a federal form of government could help the remain in power charter change for me. is a trojan horse because behind they're for. to change the constitution or believe our transitory provisions were in fact there will be no elections or there can be a continued stay in office but most of those in congress see the election of the delta is proof that people want a decisive leader that can bring about radical change how do you then. there is no assurance in any form of government because we are in a democracy this is a democratic society so how can we. the people who. know territories political party p.d.p.
1:45 pm
lab and has already drafted a proposed constitution but critics say the charter it is proposing is dictatorial in nature giving the president legislative powers and even allowing him to rule indefinitely a local survey shows the majority of filipinos have little or no knowledge of the constitution many are also unaware of the plans to amend the constitution this is what critics say is dangerous those who lead the transitional ensured that the nine hundred eighty seven philippine constitution they drafted would serve as event guard restoring checks and balances within institutions so that power will never rest with one man alone jamila dog an al jazeera mandela. doctors in hoping to improve everyone's health by mapping out the genetic makeup of the entire population sidra medical research center is using state of the art technologies
1:46 pm
work on new ways to prevent and treat illness some of the job it reports. her mom has a heart condition but she's now able to walk around easily thanks to a clinical trial a new valve allows her heart to pump blood properly. get them i know that i am i was not able to sleep at night i was frail and couldn't even climb the stairs now after the operation i can sleep comfortably i can now carry things and walk normally the heart valve trial is that sidra the first of its kind medical and research center for women and children and other what sets it there apart is not just clinical trials but also this use of smart technology this is the three d. print out of a human heart where doctors have been able to plant valves in not just one but seven patients and this particular trial is being carried out in five countries doctors here want to expand research into new techniques of therapy besides the new valve doctors the other jersey wants to test absorbable implants called stents
1:47 pm
hopefully to reduce the number of operations for children with heart disease it's made from polymers and synthetic materials that you can put initially in the blood vessel it does the job by opening the blood vessel but within about a year and a half it dissolves it disappears and the area where the distant was it remodels the citrus specialized hospital is also innovating prevention of diabetes which affects seventeen percent of properties there's been no real studies looking at. childhood diabetes qatar won't be analyzed the data and once we know the exact cause of the diabetes we'll be able to sort tailor make personalized therapy for each child for example is that in some trouble in my room to stop the injections of insulin they have and i should give them or medications genetic disorders and birth defects are relatively high because about half of all marriages across the gulf nations are between cousins but there's a small population is giving researchers a unique chance to map the genetics of the whole population if emissions are
1:48 pm
realized it will create a genetic reference not only. useful for but there's population but for all similar ethnic populations worldwide right now all the resources that exist around the world come from you know highly studied populations mostly europeans caucasians some africans and some east asians there's very little representation from our part of the middle eastern populations and so what we've started to do here over the last decade is to basically work towards building a representation because people here often travel abroad for diagnostics and therapy doctors report a patient dream from the middle east they're hoping to reverse that trend with their scientific research some of it job aids al-jazeera. just ahead on the news out high wind forces stay postponements of one of the biggest events of the winter olympics and here with all the details next. for the congolese the journey to work all aboard means unimaginable hardship i
1:49 pm
prefer to lie down because then you might get cut into chancing life and live on a dangerous journey through the jungle i've gone on to the rails with a nearly died. our children go to school and live because of the train. risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every year.
1:50 pm
time for sports is at the thank you so much adrian well let's start with the actions of a teenage a seventeen year old red geraud has become the youngest snowboarder ever to win a medal at the winter olympics the american taking gold in the men's snowboarding slopestyle on day two of the pier in shang games that same struggle in his first heroes but here he is producing a close to perfect run when it mattered most draws the second youngest man to take gold in any individual events of the finland's tony nieminen he was just sixteen
1:51 pm
when he won the individual last hill event in ski jumping back in the next say. stan crime of the netherlands has become the most successful men's speed skater an olympic history crime of taking gold in the five thousand meters for the third strikes on to win the eighth elevate medal of his career the thirty one year old says he's targeting two more golds at these games and high winds a force that a spokesman said one of the game's highest profile events the men's downhill will now take place on thursday gusts in excess of seventy kilometers an hour prompted the decision qualifying for the women's snowboarding slopestyle also called off. it's not unusual to for it to be change it is that it is a challenge. but we are clearly prepared for it there's there's there's no sign that we or you know this is take us on the way as we prepare beforehand for the eventuality which nearly always happens in the world cup event or the. winter games
1:52 pm
it's the netherlands who topped the medal table at this early stage the duck one twenty four medals in twenty fourteen all but one of which were in long track speed skating always tally has been based upon a once a three finish an immense k.f. on a little earlier the olympic athletes from russia have so pop acts up just one problems medal. now it's rare for a heavy loss to result in an outpouring of support for same but that is what we're seeing on day one of the games north and south korea competed together for the first time at the olympics and occasion that was about much more than sports lay welling's reports from pyongyang i. after the political fall and historic march on the ice a unified korea for now at least via women's ice hockey a remarkable event watched by south korean president move jane alongside kim jong sr of north korean leader kim jong il. some south koreans particularly younger generations were critical of this sudden union between north and south preceded by
1:53 pm
the nations providing together at friday's opening ceremony said it would harm the host nation's medal hopes but all those including those lucky enough to have tickets welcome the step towards peace however temporary it proves. it intelligently was a good idea to form the united team i'm very much looking forward to this going and the feeling that our nation becomes one and you know what. i think the united team is beneficial as a part of improving the relations between the koreas and that's me so the parent that i saw will lose a meaningful event i'm so glad to see this game. the korean team took to the ice in white jerseys with the unified flag two hundred twenty nine north korean cheerleaders across the border urging on the korean to providing for the symbolism of the current unity they had early chances to score but it was switzerland too struck halfway through the first period the swiss are vying to highest six in the
1:54 pm
world over sharing the cost with a quick second i'm avalanche of goals followed the final score was switzerland i thought unified korea mill a disappointing scoreline for the crowd but an important event this unified korea and saying when i need to pick itself up for matches against sweden and your panel coming up and their chances of winning a medal in this event are extremely unlikely but south korea does have stronger sports and this was about far more than sporting success lee wellings al-jazeera of the quandong hockey center n.p.r. in china now eleven gold medals are up for grabs in the biathlon at these games has paid a statement to take you through the events history and some of its many technicalities . skiing and shooting seems like an unlikely combination for the winter olympics the roots of biathlon or in hunting techniques used by scandinavian countries and was contested between swedish and norwegian militaries in the eighteenth century in
1:55 pm
one nine hundred sixty it debuted as an official olympic event so how does it work what with a rifle strapped to their back the competitor will do laps around a cross country ski course these laps will vary from two and a half to four kilometers and at the end of each leap they stop take that rifle off their back and shoot at targets that are fifty meters away there are two types of acquired shooting one is standing with targets that are four and a half metres wide all lying on their stomachs shooting at targets that are not as big now if you miss a single target you are paralyzed and in some event so that means you have to do a one hundred fifty meter penalty loop before continuing on the race in other events it's a one minute punishment overall race distances in individual events vary from ten to twenty kilometers in duration and depending on the distance that means racing from twenty minutes to over an hour there are five separate men's and women's events in pyongyang and naturally the first across the line takes gold. now six
1:56 pm
years on from egypt egyptian football's worst football disaster fans have been allowed to return to the portside stadium violence after a game at the venue in twenty twelve that's more than seventy people dead and resulted in the country's top league being suspended for more than a year just ten thousand cigarettes were sold for this confederations cup game against zambian side green buffaloes. four goals from surgery where help man city move sixteen points clear at the top of the english premier league raheem sterling open the scoring against leicester before jamie vadi equalised where then got going in the second half leaving pep guardiola side five one victory. denied the distance for the for the next one three sixteen two more remove you do know it is going to in thirteen point. three three still a lot to to play but. i don't know what's going to happen. when but so
1:57 pm
far in february you have seventy two points in february so it's a lot round madrid are warming up nicely for their champions league clash with paris sangean on a wednesday convincing win for them in spain's la liga cristiana and although scoring his first hat trick of the saves in in this five two defeats of saucy doubt lifts them to third in the standings but still sixteen points behind leaders barcelona. and serena williams will make a comeback suits her level competition lights are on sunday williams will play in the doubles in the u.s.a.'s fed cup tie against the netherlands her sister venus helps put the us two up in the encounter on saturday serena has been taking time out to have a bye hasn't played competitively since winning last gas' australian. ok more from a throughout the day but that is it for now and even a thanks did but is it for the news or jordan here to update you on the day's top
1:58 pm
stories in just a couple of bourbon stocks watching i'll see you again by for them. apart . the
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a globalized economy. and how different countries responds to those at the very bottom of society. begging for life. at this time on al-jazeera. israel launches its biggest attacks on syria and decades after one of its warplanes is shot tel. hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up in iran hundreds of thousands rallied.


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