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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal that would influence the shape of the middle east for more than a century to come and so. now we can durham. cyc speak lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. a russian passenger plane crashes shortly after takeoff from moscow airport killing all seventy one people on board. hello i'm maryam namazie this is al jazeera live from london also coming up israel's prime minister vows to continue operations in syria
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a day off to one of its fighter jets was downed. iran marks thirty nine years since the islamic revolution president has sound rouhani calls for a year of unity. and another display of harmony in seoul south korea's president strikes a cautious note about his invitation to visit the north. but we begin with the latest on the story we've been following out of russia all seventy one people on board a passenger plane that crashed near moscow off to takeoff have died. the short haul plane took off from one of the russian capital's busiest airports on sunday it was just a few minutes into its johnny from. to the city of or squint it went missing from the right the plane is thought to have crashed near the village of our good nova
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which is near the capital moscow witnesses say they saw a burning aircraft fall from the sky b. to shop reports the antonov airliner with sixty five passengers and six crew onboard came down five minutes after takeoff in bad weather conditions wreckage was scattered across open ground near the village of arguing over eighty kilometers southeast of moscow rescue teams were unable to reach the crash site by road and walk to the scene on foot. i saw the explosion on the ground and i called emergency services they asked me many questions i told them there was a fire it was very visible the shortfall saratov airlines jet took off from moscow's domodedovo airport early on sunday afternoon on route to the city of or skin the urals most of the sixty five passengers on board were from the region the airline went off radar minutes after taking off debris was scattered over
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a wide area emergency services said there were no survivors. russia suffered two major crashes in recent years in december two thousand and sixteen but she won five four military aircraft crashed into the black sea with the loss of ninety two people the disaster was blamed on pilot error. in october a russian air bus crashed in sinai killing all two hundred twenty four people on board eisel said it placed a bomb in the aircraft at the airport or sick family and friends of those on board the flight began to gather to wait for news but with little hope that anyone has survived. the russian transport ministry says several causes for the crash are being considered including pilot error and bad weather conditions peter shop al jazeera. for more on this story roy chalons joins me live now from the russian capital and i suppose the crucial on says to the cause of this crash lie in
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the flight's blacks black box recorders do we know if any of those have been recovered. yes we do one of the flight recorders has been recovered and that will play a crucial part in working out what happens to this plane why it came plummeting out of the sky so soon are after takeoff we have confirmed that there were no survivors on board but as the as it stands at the moment we understand that only two bodies have been confirms discovered that says a couple of things it says first of all that the operation on the ground is tricky and it's being is being made tricky because of such heavy snow fall in the moscow region over the last few days weeks there's been you know at least a meter or of sadar on the ground that's going to hamper things also the fact that
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this plane was it seems to be burning as it came down and when it hit it hit with enough force to make significant crater and also to scatter the very small pieces of debris from the plane over a fairly wide area means that of course identifying bodies is going to be difficult this has taken on of course a national aspect the national aspect of tragedy vladimir putin has canceled a trip to sochi that he was planning to take her on monday to meet with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas that meeting now is going to be taking place in moscow and the president is staying here in the capital while the investigation progresses what can we expect in terms of the public reaction there will be shock and sadness over the crash no doubt but also might there be a sense of anger and frustration that it might have been prevented in some way.
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well this i think depends very much on what's the eventual cause of the crash is determines to be. and of course then how the message is conveyed to the russian people casting my mind back to where the plate was brought out of the sky over sinai by and i so bomb now the message was well it was it was it was managed in in a way that space agreements that there was sorrow on behalf of the russian people there was anger but it was not anger directed at the or storage fees it was essentially russia being attacked and russia coming together. if this plane went down for similar reasons and of course it's too soon to say whether that is the case then i would expect similar messages are coming out of the kremlin similar
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messaging to be made on the russian t.v. channels and perhaps a similar response from the russian people and i thank you very much for a child as in the russian capital. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to continue military operations inside syria a day after israeli warplanes carried out a series of strikes there he says israel is determined not to allow iran to intrench itself militarily in syria on saturday israel targeted areas in syrian territory after intercepting an iranian drone in its airspace and israeli fighter jet was then shot down which led to it which led to israel carrying out more raids netanyahu says the operation dealt a serious blow to iran. more. than a month of crucial yesterday we landed hard blows in the forces of iran and syria
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we made unequivocally clear to everyone that our modus operandi has not changed one jot we will continue to hit back for every intent to harm us for any blow flick to do us this is been our policy and this remain our policy. out his air is how i foresee it has more from west jerusalem well as weekly cabinet meeting the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was talking about severe blows being struck by israel against both iranian and syrian forces inside syrian territory in response to this downing of an israeli fighter plane the first such incident since one nine hundred eighty two meriting as far as israel israel is concerned a very serious response to targeting twelve separate installations within syrian territory he said that it demonstrated israel retain the right to act and strike back in any way it sees fit this is despite the message coming from the russians
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which is that israel needs to be careful not to escalate tensions further israel not really talking about russia and its language very much targeting its are at iran and syria but israel has been trying very hard to improve relations with the russian government especially trying to coordinate on exactly how it can and intends to act inside syria in response to what benjamin netanyahu is talking about as a growing threat from iran as the syrian security situation remains so unstable we are also getting reports through the israeli media via eyewitnesses that the border area in the golan heights is being reinforced by convoys of anti missile batteries there is no confirmation from that from the israeli military it tends not to confirm such matters. the gyptian army says it's killed sixteen fighters so far and destroyed several weapons depos in a major military operation against armed groups in the sinai peninsula
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a coordinated army navy and air force operation began on friday four egyptian soldiers have been lost in the fighting president abdul fatah told the army to use in his words brute force to restore security after more than three hundred people were killed in an attack on a mosque and november now north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a world when three days which ended in a diplomatic offer that aims to end seventy years of hostility the group which included the powerful sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on a private plane on sunday they wrapped up their visit by joining south korea's president lungi in at a concert given by a north korean troops on saturday kim yong the extended a rainbow taishan to president in to visit him such a good name brings us more from seoul. even as athletes competed on the snow and ice diplomatic developments continue to steal at least some of the spotlight during what's being called the peace olympics the last three days have been historic and
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a high point in interest in relations north korean leader kim jong il sister kim jong became the first member of the ruling family to cross into the south since the korean war she came with an invitation kim jong un is asking the south korean president in to visit pyongyang at a convenient time soon if this meeting transpires it would be the first time that kim jong il has met with the south korean president since taking office in twenty eleven president moon says he'll begin arranging the conditions to make that visit happen but he stresses that any rebuilding of interest korean relations must involve dialogue between the united states and north korea u.s. vice president mike pence sat very close to the north korean delegation during the opening ceremony he emma north koreans rebuffed president moon's attempts to facilitate
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a midi skeptics say that this north korean charm offensive is heavy on the symbolism but they doubt that it will result in anything substantive they say this is an attempt by the north koreans to drive a wedge between the united states and the south koreans into an advance their own agenda but for now president moon and many south koreans are encouraged by the prospect that what we've been seeing could be the beginning of a reboot of injury in relations with al-jazeera still ahead meet the nigerian was trying to block off that trade despite being washed out by high production costs. and the scandal surrounding leading british charity oxfam deepens his revelations stuff used prostitutes in chad as well as haiti.
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hello there things are turning a lot wetter now for us across the middle east you can see the cloud that's already tumbling its way in from parts of the mediterranean giving some of us some rather gray weather and that cloud is still thickening up and it's going to turn increasingly wet as we head through the next few days so a few outbreaks of rain are likely gere in the day on monday and then on choose day the rains turning heavier and for some of us will see some snow as well so a good deal wetter for many of us come tuesday further east we're also seeing that cloud and it's edging its way eastwards could also bring some wintery weather over parts of afghanistan including force in kabul now some of the cloud is making its way a bit further south as well we're seeing it over parts of saudi arabia also seeing there a bit more cloud around us here in doha but still despite that because of the wind direction the temperatures are actually climbing and they're getting a little bit higher so twenty eight degrees will be our maximum temperature there on choose day that's eighty two in fahrenheit further south there around twenty
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eight or twenty nine and no problems for us down towards the southern parts of africa lots of wet weather here at the moment you can see plenty over parts of south africa not cape town though at the moment and you see plenty more wet weather stretching down across into madagascar very heavy downpours out of this for monday and tuesday.
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welcome back let's update you on the stories making headlines now a passenger plane has crashed shortly after takeoff from the russian capital moscow seventy one people was on board there are no survivors. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his military has dealt a serious blow to iran in syria a day off today carried out a series of as strikes that. north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a three day trip that included high level talks. now and all the stories we're following iran's president has called for a year of unity as his country celebrates its thirty nine years since the islamic revolution in the wake of violent protests last year
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a son rouhani cold on old political parties to put the differences aside and look to the future with a united front same bus from tehran. in a state of the union style speech iran's president listed the government's successes rouhani focused mostly on domestic issues speaking about things like economic growth what iran is doing to address the impact of climate change and iran's ability to manufacture military hardware like tanks and anti-aircraft missile defense systems all part of a successful effort he said to have security independence and a larger role in the region gazzaniga of those actions in the course of the last year we overcame terrorism we achieved great victories i've i still in the region. help to the people of iraq and syria through had good results and the people of the region got rid of evil terrorists indirectly addressing recent protests by opposition groups rouhani acknowledged shortcomings saying the government must do
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more to resolve what he described as a backlog of economic issues show you have got a buy on of all the government needs to be more transparent and we need to resolve banking issues address taxation and budgeting in and correct the economic structure of the country. for the hundreds of thousands of iranians who joined a celebratory rallies thirty nine years later the islamic revolution is a continuing way of life and told the crowds that they were the most important part of ensuring the success of the islamic form of government in iran about all you can get not at all here. elections are the biggest part of protecting the islamic revolution people voting in their leaders in parliamentary and presidential elections but when someone is elected the opposition and they used to lead should respect the choice of the people in syria chanting slogans go to the ballot box. as he often does the iranian president extols the virtues of dialogue over conflict he
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said the lasting solution to region wide problems is political settlement and as far as internal conflict rouhani said iranians should not hold grudges rouhani said victory in the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution was like a train with many passengers some stayed on some got off now he said was the time to bring everyone back on the train to do so in basra vael jazeera to herat. when all the developments of prominent iranian canadian professor has died in prison in teheran sixty three year old environmental activists covered say had a mommy was arrested last month over allegations he was part of aspiring police say he committed suicide in custody but his family say they don't believe that human rights groups say detainees in iran are routinely tortured and killed. human rights activists known as the iron lady of pakistan has died at the age of sixty six asma jahangir has suffered
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a heart attack in the eastern city of lahore late on saturday and died a few hours later she was a fierce defender of women and minorities and openly criticize the pakistani military intelligence and right wing religious parties the former un special rapporteur was also chair of pakistan's human rights commission and had also served as president of the supreme court's bar association as well while moving to try and come out where the opposition says the coalition government must resign following a heavy defeat in local government elections both the party of the president and prime minister perform badly and often and as reports from columbus. the giant opposition is back in the limelight the sri lanka people's front which contested the local government elections won the largest share of the vote known locally as the p.p. the party says the ruling government has lost its mandate the result is unequivocal this is a very emphatic very clear egyptian army becoming of them therefore
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sir. in the clearest possible terms that this government does mark have a mandate to continue governing the stampede the p.p. is a breakaway faction of the party of president by through policy and the man he defeated by in the rajapaksa the former president who is his popularity which remains high after he defeated the tamil tigers and dig a twenty five year long conflict to campaign for the new coalition front even though he remains a member of his successors party as confirmation of a significant wind filtered through on saturday night rajapaksa urged to be magnanimous a welcome change from the past where political rivalry resulted in violence. and singing. i appeal to all those who want to enjoy their victories without harassing the losers. despite her party's weak performance rosie said and i had something to
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celebrate becoming the first woman mayor of the country's oldest and largest business but council colombo she acknowledged that her united national party would have to do some soul searching we need to take stock of you know where we are and what we need to do and i think you know the sentiment that i hear from people is we haven't really delivered the promises we made in two thousand and fifteen and maybe it is time that for us to in a speed up hurry and do what we came to do members of president seriously in this party who met the president on sunday said he had promised to make key changes that the country would feel in response to the results of the polls the election results are a wake up call for all political parties by the joint opposition savors its victory in more than two thirds of the three hundred forty local government institutions up for grabs the ruling coalition must look closely at why voters who helped them defeat mahinda rajapaksa just three years ago are returning to him. al-jazeera
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colombo. ukase foreign secretary boris johnson is a leader unsung suchi to carry out a full investigation into the violence that's cause there are hendra crisis during talks in may be taught johnson called for a safe dignified return for the six hundred eighty thousand range of muslims who fled the military crackdown since august he also raised the case of two reuters journalists detained in myanmar for porting on violence against the minority johnson has visited northern iraq and state the area where the refugees are from now the head of south africa's ruling african national congress says party leaders are preparing to finalize a deal that will result in president jacob zuma quitting office zuma is under increasing pressure to leave over a number of corruption allegations a.n.c. leaders cyril ramaphosa says officials meeting on monday will decide on a swift transition of power south africa's opposition is criticised the private talks between zimmerman and see leaders saying he shouldn't get immunity from
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prosecution in exchange for leaving nigeria's economy is still struggling to turn itself around despite coming out of a long recession last year high production costs are making it tough for many small businesses and walk in what is africa's second largest economy amid interest reports now from the city of goma a web business owners a working together to keep costs down. he's one of twenty technicians helping to keep the wheels of the machinery turning of this industrial zone on the outskirts of the city. he moved to small workshop here three years ago running his only independent business was just too expensive a whole delay he this is the stuff of my former business case i had to pay the electricity or the rent or to security a little bit but here i am saving a little bit in. his business repairs used machine pots and fabricates new
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ones. as businesses cluster they prove their money to pay for the tricity security and other services at rates lower than stand alone factories there are more than four hundred small oil mill plants in this industrial cluster at the peak of their operations they produce one hundred thousand liters of corking oil a day they're coming together plus east operational costs for their owners as an argument business environment gets tough on other businesses i resent this idea but it's helping to keep many small businesses afloat. i saw result many have recalled workers they laid off. reabsorbed three thousand workers because most of us are making a profit although not as much as you would like in fact we can expand and get more raw materials every unemployed youth in town can get a job here no money for up to a still struggle to pay bills as cost of production remain higher than the hopeful
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as nigeria suffers from inflation and a recession. but they said this part of the tough conditions they'll keep their operations open even if it means their products will cost more to produce. it you grease al-jazeera one b. . colombia's military has blamed the rebels for a double bomb attack on saturday the group was holding a three day national blockade to protest against the government's decision to suspend peace negotiations the bombs went off at the amarillo bridge which connects the country's atlantic coast with the interior of been no reported deaths or injuries the airline had warned colombians against traveling during the blockade present one manual santal suspended negotiations earlier this year after a series of rebel attacks killed seven police offices. millions of bread mosquitoes have been released in the southeastern united states and a four million dollar project to stop the spread of the zico virus and other diseases male mosquitoes which don't buy it have been infected with
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a bacteria which makes them sterile they've been released in the suburbs of the florida city of net miami in the hope that they will then mate with wild females and cup a mosquito population the u.k. is threatening to withdraw funding from oxfam the charity is facing growing criticism over the way it handled allegations of sexual misconduct by its workers in haiti where they were working in the off them off of the two thousand and ten earthquake its own investigation into the allegations led to four people being sacked and three others resigning the charity is also facing new allegations that itself used prostitutes in chad in two thousand and six. it doesn't matter how good the safeguarding practices are in an organization if that organization does not have the moral leadership to do the right thing and where in particular they have evidence of criminal activity to pass that information to the relevant authorities including prosecuting authorities that's that's an absolute absence of leadership
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what i'm apologizing for is that nine oxfam staff behaved in a way that was totally unacceptable and contrary to our values and that then led much more responsible staff to make decisions which are now seen as being by some marginal or inappropriate but i'm not apologizing for the fact that oxfam tried to continue its work in haiti the united kingdom government the u.k. government has appointed its first ever minister a lonely ness in a bid to help honorable people who feel isolated charities estimate that around two hundred thousand older people in britain have not had a conversation with a friend or relative in more than one month and more than half of all people over seventy five years old live alone are u.k. correspondent on a b phillips has the story my wife died about two and a half years of year and i miss her. we are another has to go on with
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love john who is ninety had felt increasingly isolated the death of his wife left a void we've been married for sixty five years so obviously companionship and friendship important to me. the solution arranged by a charity was for john to give a room to poppy a twenty one year old student she helps with shopping cooking going for walks it's mutually beneficial most importantly they like each other in simplest terms i probably won't be able to afford to live. where i am if i wasn't working and living with john as a young person all the conversations we have i come out learning something new i had such an interesting life loneliness is subjective individuals and societies feel it in different ways but says this expert its impact on health can be measured having predisposes you to health conditions so there's been
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a matter that looked at showed that it was bad for your health. today people. are more likely to get heart disease and stroke. their early onset of dementia. many mental health issues and so depression suicide. cocktails in care homes an unlikely mixture but another simple idea bringing young people into care homes for the elderly in britain three quarters of older people say they feel lonely almost half say t.v. is their main companion but on these evenings everyone reaches out to everyone else . and. they. like
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loneliness itself the benefits of a scheme like this are very hard to quantify but engaging in conversation between generations makes almost all of us feel good it creates understanding it strengthens the ties which holds society together. often comes with feelings of shame but it is part of the human condition and on evenings like these some people discover that they have more in common than the thought of the phillips al-jazeera london. the company now the top stories this hour seventy one people have been killed in a plane crash just outside the russian capital moscow the plane came down shortly after takeoff it was sixty five passengers and six crew on board the internal flight to the city of or sq or chalons has more because of the heavy snow fall in moscow and the regions over the last week or so it makes the
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operation on the ground very very difficult difficult to find things that are buried in a you know up to a meter of snow and also i think this shows that we can see this from the from the footage of the of the wreckage this plane pretty much completely disintegrated as it was coming down and then when it hit the ground as well and the day's other top stories israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says his military has dealt a serious blow to iran in syria he said israel is determined not to allow to ron to entrench itself militarily in syria israel launched our rights after intercepting an iranian drone in its airspace on saturday the egyptian army says it's killed sixteen fighters so far and destroyed several weapons depos in a major military operation against armed groups in the sinai peninsula the coordinated navy an air force operation started on friday for egyptian soldiers have been lost
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in the fighting north korea's olympic delegation has left south korea after a three day trip the group which included kim joe young the powerful sister of north korea's leader kim jong un left on a private plane on saturday she extended iran visitation to the south korean president lee in to visit kellyanne. hundreds of thousands of people have been rallying in iran to mark the five hundred ninth anniversary of the islamic revolution that created the modern day iranian state demonstrations in tehran and american and israeli flags as well as images of the u.s. president donald trump. and the u.k. is threatening to withdraw funding from the charity oxfam the aid group is facing growing criticism over the way it handled allegations of sexual misconduct in haiti and the aftermath of the two thousand and ten quake. inside story is coming up next
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i'll see you off to that with the news out joining. a military crackdown or election campaigning egypt's president orders a massive army operation in northern sinai weeks before his reelection bid but is the cleanup of what he calls terrorist hotbeds the answer this is inside story.


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