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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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to be honest i'm not sure she really understands the four horror of what has happened up here i don't think she's been in a helicopter to see what we have seen today and really what i was trying to get over to is the importance of her leadership i believe in her and i believe in her leadership i think she's done incredible things in her life i'm very sad to see what's happening to burma now and to see the direction the country is going iraq is hoping to raise billions of dollars a donor's conference starting on monday in kuwait to fund reconstruction efforts will with i still an estimated one hundred billion dollars is needed to rebuild cities and infrastructure destroyed in a three year conflict. new york state's attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the weinstein company alleging it failed to protect its employees against disgraced former c.e.o. harvey weinstein he was one of hollywood's most influential produces before more than seventy woman accused him of sexual misconduct including right allegations he
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denies that those who stole the plans said of the company the five hundred million dollars but those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after listening post station thanks so much five. zero. where ever you. want to be if. you want to have no option but to stand receipt of the freedom of the media i did take it but it has. a lower richard gere's word if you're at the listening post here are some of the developments we're tracking this week kenya the election story from last year that
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runs and the rocks and the media now caught in the middle view were be where you tube puts labels on news videos in the us produced by state funded media outlets it's back to the drawing board for the french president whose media strategy was due for a change and tone deaf advertising at the super bowl kenya is in the midst of a political power struggle and the country's media outlets are at the heart of the story when opposition leader raul od'ing held a mock inauguration ceremony last week declaring himself the people's president he was out to challenge the legitimacy of president hu candiotti who won an election held late last year that i didn't go. boycotted saying the vote was rigged the can you have a government wants to put the election story behind it get on with governing and deny odinga the oxygen of publicity so would order the kenyan media to ignore the alternative inauguration and when three privately owned t.v.
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channels defied those orders and tried to broadcast the event the authorities pulled the plug on journalists cried fall at the government's heavy handed approach but it's not like the kenyan media don't have some credibility issues of their own our starting point this week is nairobi. at some point somebody in the kenyatta government presumably the president himself would have made this calculation what would be worse. a piece of political theater televised divide to put the legitimacy of the government in question or. denying the media the right to broadcast the earth that's a vent countrywide what thrown into that the signal that sends the perception it creates. it might have seemed like a good idea in the short term as a as a show of force but what it is what it does in the long term is it says we are
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going to undermine the public's right to information for the sake of six short term power and that's a real threat to democracy and i think if they hadn't given it as much attention as they did it would have just been a footnote in the political history of the country the first thing is the dollars that the government does not feel that it is bound by the constitution and by a lot. more force really significant is that our media and. government came in pretty much like this government can be their friend they thought i would buy them some protection. and what they're now learning. is that all they have is the state. of kenya's presidential election should have been settled five months ago august eighth two thousand and seventeen the incumbent who can tell was declared the winner by ten points override
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the whole day and challenge the result in court saying the electoral commissions computers had been hacked the results tampered with. the supreme court ruled with saying that by denying the court access to its id system the commission left the judges with no choice they nullified the election results and ordered another vote for october. the second round played out like a farce od'ing the pulled out saying the fix was in a key member of the electoral commission fled the country citing political interference and deference voter turnout was less than half of what it was in round one and the electoral commission because it kenyatta the winner with more than one thousand eight percent of the phone. to most civilized countries when the electoral commission gives that is that is that is out and everybody accepts it and the country moves on in can now we have a very very different society because that is fast the sun is always
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a question mark what did they tell us did they hide something and i think the media finds itself in that space. most notably after the election of late two thousand and seven the results were disputed and the violence lasted for months more than a thousand were killed more than half a million displaced refugees of an electoral after the causes of that violence were many and complex however the kenyan media got much of the blame. during the campaign television stations had aired in century political ads in breach of their own regulations small local radio stations. then incited the post-election violence by broadcasting hate speech stung by that criticism many kenyan news outlets changed their ways toned down their content and started playing it safe. is absolutely untrue that we are the ones who caused this problem post-election
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violence had a whole sort of other causal issues but that's to me is that moment in which the media started to take a step back from directly criticize the state the politicians and giving up the space i call it the we want peace narrative we saw between two thousand and seven and twenty thirteen the media was in this place where they were thinking ok how do we do the next general election without being blamed and so that the media was then criticised in twenty thirty and other thing brad is so far haven't been too careful . that vote in two thousand and thirteen was the first to elect a president can yatta by years and his government had passed a new media law giving itself the power to find news outlets a lot of those outlets opposed and won the u.s. based committee to protect journalists described as draconian the kenyan media might have seen that law coming earlier that year on the one hundredth day of his
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presidency kenyatta summoned media owners and their executives to a breakfast meeting the government to allow journalists from media houses be embedded to about from the government to scrutiny by the media as one of the president's allies in the media puts it can jada simply spelled out the role he expected journalists to play so what the president was asking the question is that we should not be adverse or even assume you have the public watching them even as you said their gender their gender should not be adverse to remain in the media should not make use of us on the position but he should play the role of being for the state that is the missing that the president is trying to to do. get out because the media in kenya house. always believed that all of the position that this president looking at said earlier today sort of writes a new chapter in government relations with the media so it's fine he can call them me. he's going to take only what he's i jendayi but then nobody has to be able to
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discuss their bottoms and critique what the president is saying i don't know what happens at the time that the media was called in the government was engaged in or did call. or parisian. which is to the northeast. where it had rounded up upwards of five hundred people it was just picking up people off the street there were suspected terrorists not us or passed on in the media took the opportunity during that breathless to ask about that operation from this media breakfast with the state what they did was they ask that we want peace. so well you're the media you're not a p.r. agency you're the media your job is to to keep their feet in the fire to keep them honest that's the core concept of a fourth estate that keep people honest and when they decide to go in bed with the executive and become an extension of the executive if you think about it as a table it's a table with three legs you know how is it supposed to stand. this story comes
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down to questions of legitimacy the can you got to government had its legitimacy challenged by right in the most public of way the media tried to broadcast that ceremony for haps hoping to regain the legitimacy they squandered last year falling short as election watchdogs and going soft on the can you have to govern if the kenyan media thought that would land them in the government's good graces and then what happened last week proved they made a big mistake and going to block the way they did would have come as a rude awakening. even as an been seen in this country where all the major television station. as i shut down because of the story not that they come but that they were going to have that this is one owns the most vibrant media spaces on the continent and i didn't need to hope that this was a bad zeem it's done i'm well a villain to wake up to the usual vibrant media professional media that no one can
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tell how the shutdown was just some sort of wake up call to dump their business so i don't put in the dish should be grateful for whatever. they're going to wake up call. for discussing other media stories that are on our radar today with one of our producers tarakan off the tarik you tube has just introduced a new feature that will alert users when they're watching news content that is funded by governments what's the point of this yeah this is the latest in a series of measures by social media companies to try and counsel misinformation and propaganda online but it's already proving contentious each of says it took the decisions how pieces better understand the sources of news content they posted the screenshot from radio free asia which is funded by the us congress as an example. here's the problem you tube will not differentiate between news outlets that are publicly funded editorially independent and outlets that take funding and editorial
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direction from a government u.s. public broadcaster p.b.s. isn't happy about that if it gets a small amount of its funding from the us government the rest from private donations and it doesn't want to be labelled a state broadcaster which it could be under the new rules so who's going to be seeing these labels which news outlets stand to be affected so the moment it's only you tube videos that are being played in the us but plenty of global outlets are likely to be affected including the u.k. the b.b.c. china c g to you and this one i was there which is funded by the qatari government but i think it's fair to say that this move primarily targets outlets like the russian funded r.t. there's been a bit of hysteria in the us over russian attempts to influence the two thousand and sixteen election and r.t. has been fingered out on that so i asked r.t. for its reaction to this move and they said congratulations to you tube on labeling our content with the basic info we've always made nine peculiar though that in its hierarchy of broadcasters some are more government funded than others the other
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story you've been looking into is the intensification of the crackdown against certain news websites in egypt what's the story there yes we're starting at the beginning with this story in may last year the government began blocking access to dozens of news websites among them one of the few independent media outlets left in egypt madame asa according to a kyra based ngo the blacklist has grown to some four hundred ninety six different platforms and that includes news outlets human rights organizations blogs and v.p.n. some blocked media outlets like madam author for example have been using a google publishing tool called am accelerated my bob pages which allows objections to see madam authors content on their mobiles the new york times and c.n.n. you vampi as well but now that's been blocked or what reasoning what justification is the government offering for this if any of us do. tristen thing there's been no comment from the government not now nor back in may when this crackdown first began
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it's worth mentioning though that egypt is gearing up for an election next month and the current president of defense a healthy have pretty much snuffed out all his competition ok thanks to her during last year's presidential election campaign emanuel was the darling of the french news media his promises of a new world and a new french revolution seemed tailor made for the times sort of macros image as the politician offering a cure for france's stagnant economy he swept to power sixty six percent of the vote demolishing his opponent from the far right however his romance with the media has since turned sour the new president's reluctance to engage with journalists has made him appear loof distant and has made some contentious policies such as spending cuts and an overhaul of labor laws that much harder to sell so mark has been changing his approach making himself more available listening post christina martinez now from paris on how emanuel micros a revamped media strategy is going down with france's troublesome and opinionated
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for the state. it's a classic political tactic of the news media on your way to power make time for them smart for the cameras they're the ones who are sworn into office develop as a version two journalist who did this is you know the world and he don't. know how more of his removal and we very rarely see macro release a palace is quite an impregnable fortress. does not his luncheon and with journalists like his predecessor francois hollande used to put a stop to all of that there's never an off the record moment he's a president who is always on the rack under the bundle of. macro. arrived at the palace having been traumatized by what happened to his predecessor at the hands of the media. as minister of finance michael witnessed
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that from a close a must have thought not me solution was to build a pearl in the wall service or be a tween him and journalist of the last year was directly on the list. of the first breaking that was my crohn's mobile phone transfer all along has made his mobile number of available to journalists that's one of them could contact the former president any time my current didn't want to play the game that way and from his earliest days in office he made it clear which journalists he wanted covering his story at the outset in mind when my clothes seemed like he was part of president part as i meant editor. for instance only a few days into his mandate the president decided to travel to mali he then contacted certain media outlets to let them know he only wanted journalists who specialize in defense and foreign policy not political journalist groups this
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caused quite a stir among media outlets he rightly felt that the president should not be allowed to choose which journalist to have by fide it was his first show strength and so the point you had faced. a lot of journalists think you must never talks but that's not true he talks about quite a lot of journalists there mainly for rick and that annoys french journalists a lot but he talked to c.n.n. mr president welcome to the program and when he went to africa he spoke to two hundred students he was nothing. even listen to a location that is available to me. so it's not that he doesn't speak it's just that he talks to others the media here have no choice but to use bits of these accounts he said as director mark emmanuel. creek which he has for the movie the uma crumbs choice of words is never a coincidence he often uses english to. to make our planet great again.
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merely fake news and it's very disrupting for us as french journalists and also for french people who feel disconnected we are not the target of his messages he is targeting business executives and decision makers worldwide i don't want him. within three months of taking office having won sixty six percent of the vote so i shopped sliding his boner. his proposed labor reform some tax cuts were making the wrong kinds of headlines so my condi would most politicians who are having trouble with journalists to he hired one would know was a pretty a business journalist was his new communications director. in the public. eye cause it to make it official or.
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made room. for magazines like the glossy perry match and the conservative liberal. on the t.v. side he paired his balls with silly i'm now a celebrity host who is more fun actor comedian than a journalist a premier jack you might call on favors media outlets to have a direct impact on the public eye like having a match which like covering the presidential council. who the extremely popular with young people. because you don't. because you don't. fully volitionally of course when my concours film i don't know i live on t.v. the political journalists are choking because they keep trying to reach the president and in fact of the waiting for a call but rather quickly got up and. it
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was all. almost five months before my corps relented and granted his first french t.v. interview he didn't go to france state broadcaster he chose the largest privately owned channel in the scotland africa's most upset but still the for some it's. not for this is. where he finally did speak to state t.v. and the journalist. the strolled around the early say palace it struck french journalist and audiences as a very american style of light touch interviewing let me. use has been a major asset in his political rise he realized he couldn't present himself in the same way as former presidents he needed to do something in keeping with his new world ideal so he invited someone from his generation they met as two young people one a president of the other
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a journalist with the most important audience in from he decided to act like they do want to merican shows this is very american wasn't. i think macron tricks. how do you conduct a meaningful interview when you're strolling through the leigh sales corridors in dim light you can't shop questions and that kind of setting on the. internet is the path to more than. an acceptance by accepting this woman. was forced to go in with a series of softball questions it looked like a concession from the press and it added fuel to the fire regarding the media's relationship with the presidency i don't know a couple of the usual nannies money is going to. happen are always you know well for. a man way back or no longer give threads journalist the silent treatment but the
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relationship is far from call. i don't put this into the footnotes to the you know . he has criticised previous presidents for being too close to journalists accused the french media of narcissism and has reportedly called the state broadcaster owned. the shame of the republic. micron has made it clear they're in for an overhaul among the bad ones being thank you latest there is restructuring and externalization that means putting more t.v. production was into the hands of independent media companies but there's also talk of big budget cuts media analysts say the proposed reforms could result in less public service journalism and eventually fewer people holding power to account to build a more. for instance the government plans to train the amount of. policies get on
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t.v. this could mean about seventy percent of the time because of the crumbs and party on motion and only thirty percent of the time goes to all the others this could be a game changer but for now we know very little about these reforms which we shouldn't prejudge the president. to please throughout the whole history of french presidents and broadcasters whether with meter or she rock. a bit less with all launches has been about keeping public radio under their control i think he's really old world in that he thinks he should have complete control over public broadcasting as a book to me. when it comes to the media intentions are not all that different to his precesses even if the tactics and the rhetoric are if the french president gets away with it his so-called revolution will be televised his way. finally the media extravaganza that is the super bowl american football's annual
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finale. the showcase for advertisers they pay up to five million dollars for a thirty second spot ram trucks ponied up this year and used an unlikely pitch man martin luther king through extracts from one of the speeches back in one thousand sixty eight the company somehow failed to foresee that the appropriation of the words of an african american civil rights leader to sell cars would not go down well and it's the n.f.l. where hundreds of players have been taking a need to protest the treatment of african-americans at the hands of the police in short the optics were brutal here's some of the ad in question alongside another version subvert tyson by current affairs magazine which uses different extracts of the same speech to make a rather different point about the shamelessness of the advertising industry we'll see you next time you're at the listening post.
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if you want to be. on the road and. we are so often pick on by at the time that you know. gentleman math related verbal persuade and they have a way of saying things to you that kind of gets you in the bind you know how to make your neighbor do vs you must try this type of car you know how do you not only turn out you must wear this times of lipstick on this kind of perfume. you don't. and i've got to drive that car because there's something about that hard to go to bed of
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a mummy above. the nation in which we live and. bring. american prisoner to syria to america. we know because we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and with point on a story that you might take an international networks months to be able to do with united nations peacekeepers to slowly anti-riot. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies who are going to places where nobody else is going. this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of the side of the standard of what free speech is supposed to be about but context is hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where every you. pay the scene for us whether on line what is american sign in yemen that piece is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera one of the really
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special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know is that each other's lives but in the but together because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended is to do we work in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. a grueling search for clues begins after a russian plane crashes minutes after taking off killing all seven to one.
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life and also coming up.


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