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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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different sides of the civil war he never wanted to fight i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house. even dog for on the spot but united now on the roads of lebannon seat on a motorcycle we see things with. the world is open. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers zero world at this time. a confidant of the impeached south korean president's been given twenty years in jail on corruption charges. and i'm jane this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. state pledges an additional two hundred million dollars in the fight to wipe out.
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point eight hours reports say that's the deadline. for president jacob zuma to resign and more than half of told those buildings are damaged by the worst storm to hit the pacific island nation in decades. the confidant of a former south korean president park geun has been sentenced to twenty years in jail on corruption charges trade soon sil was found guilty of using a friendship with park to meddle in state affairs for personal gain she was fined sixteen point six million dollars the corruption scandal has led to the downfall of many of south korea's political and business elite including the impeachment of president park last year it's actually going to joins us live from seoul natasha on
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a lot of attention has been focused on this case what was the response. jane there was screaming and fighting outside as a courtroom when this verdict was announced the reaction was from supporters of former president poc they were watching very closely the developments in the twenty case and are concerned about what kind of impact this could have on her case she is in the midst of her own corruption trial and a verdict is expected in her case sometime this year but with regard to chew way given the fact that many people describe her as basically enemy number one in south korea she might be the most reviled woman in south korean society given the convictions that she faced given what she's been convicted of which is that she was meddling in state affairs controlling former president pocked prosecutors describe
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her as a woman who shook south korean society's foundation and disrupted the political process to the extent that this will impact generations to come not to play has said all along that this case was political revenge that she's innocent and that she believes due to the bias against her she was not going to be able to get a fair trial even with a twenty year sentence is five years less than what the prosecution had hoped her attorneys had said for someone who is sixty one years old it is tantamount to a death sentence but what happens next and tell us more about the fallout the wide a full. well there's definitely been a major reckoning in south korean society about the alliance between the political and business establishment and the concern about the corruption so corruption is not new of course in the political and business establishment in south korea but for years it was viewed when people committed crimes they were treated very
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leniently people were basically allowed to go free so it was hoped that this case which is part of a broader political scandal perhaps the biggest one in south korean history would usher in a new era of accountability and know there are calls for reform many analysts believe that this happened because there's simply too much power concentrated within the office of the president and that there needs to be constitutional reform and that disk uses that power one analyst says until that's reform we're going to see other presidents taken down as we have with poc thank you natasha so that because reeling a.n.c. is expected to hold a news briefing in the next few hours with state media reporting the party has given president jacob zuma forty eight hours to resign as a maris and thirteen hour meeting by the african national congress to discuss his
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fate and see presidents around opposing is understood to have met zuma in person to inform him of the party's decision zuma faces hundreds of corruption charges but has refused to stand before his term ends next year we demand more from johannesburg. there's been no official word from the african national congress as to the outcome of this meeting held by the national executive committee the stop decision making body of the a.n.c. but we do understand based on reports from the national broadcaster the s e b c that as well as the secretary general of the a.n.c. met with jacob zuma to relay a message from the a.n.c. and according to the state broadcaster that was jacob zuma has a day or potentially to to resign as president of the country now the n.c. has been meeting throughout the day in fact will report returned to the any sea so
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it would appear that the conversation they're having isn't entirely over yet but jacob zuma is certainly under pressure all indications are given his behavior in the last ten days or so he is resistant he's resisting this resignation he doesn't want to step down and if that continues to be the case the a.n.c. would then have to institute proceedings for a motion of no confidence to be debated in the parliament now the opposition parties in south africa have done exactly that expected to debate a motion of no confidence next week they wanted put forward by parliament if the speaker of parliament doesn't agree to the demands by the opposition they say they're going to court ultimately jacob zuma is under fire from all sides what most a tremendous all to him is the position that his party the african national
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congress has taken in that they've said now it's time to go so that its biggest opposition party is calling for parliament to be dissolved even if president zuma remains in office the democratic alliance also wants early elections. it is the quality that is here. and there from. the back. seat. and therefore we want to avoid decisions. which. will lead to people. from people who saw. zuma as nine years in power have been overshadowed by controversy and economic problems he survived eight
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no confidence votes in parliament most recently in august last year and twenty sixteen a court ruled that zuma should face charges of bribery and in one thousand nine hundred nine. he's been accused of accepting outside influence in government decisions and cabinet appointments by the govt as a wealthy indian born business family living in south africa zuma and some of his family members along with the group has been investigated on charges of international money laundering he's also accused of using twenty three million dollars of gum money to renovate his private home he later paid the money back africa policy analyst nick says the agency's decision is an exercise in damage control ahead of next year's elections. this is largely a political decision and yes the courts have we are talking legal issues we are talking about possible whether he will be. charged but it is
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a political decision if it is the perception south africa goes to the polls next year to elect a new leader i think the a.n.c. is worried about the e-mail because this story has been played so much as the litany of that you read about mr zuma shows there's me along he has this image he has been knighted that he's done anything wrong it hasn't been proven in court but this is a political decision and i for one thing the a.n.c. is worried that if he doesn't leave quickly and mr omar pulls or comes in to show that things are changing spruce up the economy also do some things that the grassroots want to include in the laundry form the n.c.s. worry that if they don't do that the chances in the next year's elections will be pretty bad so this is a political decision and so i'm saying if the errancy wants to give in the concessions that he he does want the u.s.
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secretary of state is warning that ending combat operations against eisel will not guarantee the group's defeat rex tillerson has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat in kuwait tennison says the u.s. will provide a further two hundred million dollars in aid to help stabilize areas in syria that used to be under eisel control. continues to ten destruction through the south pacific and is now bearing down on southern fiji the category four storm injured several people as it moved through on choose day the government has declared a state of emergency. reports. the powerful category four slike lone poor roofs off buildings downed power lines toppled trees and flooded low lying areas it's believed cycling guitar is the worst storm to hit the tiny south pacific island nation in decades there are very serious
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about because of that a month on that there's been a more concerning because visibility was a huge issue here and there and also there's a lot of tree that has completely disappeared and but. there's a lot of rubble of the road there's a lot of. people. have been destroyed. as an archipelago comprising one hundred sixty nine islands around three thousand kilometers east of australia. more than half of all homes and buildings including congress parliament house are said to be damaged or destroyed the disasters know about when the storm is i know that recovery does take time it's hard to say how long until we know exactly what's happened what the damage is what the impacts are what. the cycling was packing winds of two hundred thirty kilometers per hour and emergency management teams are now out assessing the damage
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trying to clear roads and working to restore power and water now to any site kline we had concerns and making sure people have enough food and not wars that. they stay healthy and. i'm pretty just from one of the long and long diseases of the cyclon is expected to weaken and bring rain and winds to new zealand by the weekend. al jazeera still ahead on al-jazeera. our tribe negotiate a smaller ears back a bomb his take on his official presidential portrait plus. imus in human in rio de janeiro and coming up i'll explain why soaring violence is no longer restricted to the favelas or sons that you see behind me.
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from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. how i was still got some rather lively weather banging away in the central med this lodge area and intense area of low pressure has been produced in some very heavy rain across southern parts of italy that will make its way into greece in the balkans over the next few days turning to snow. the process that's one area of low pressure we have another which is piling in from the atlantic and this weather system will bring more wet and windy weather but mo with us into where the northwest as we go on through the next day as i said making its way across the british isles down across western there was a front seat to the by a basic a combination of rain sleet and snow six celsius in london three degrees there for paris and getting it well up into double figures for madrid by this stage where the stay is still looking pretty wet pretty windy much mainland should be dry but it looks rather cloudy had also pretty windy by this stage we're going to see more rain making its way into italy seven cells is the top temperature here in rome and
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we got that combination of the wet weather that moving away from grace into west and pushing some some snow into the crane as we go on through the next few days it just makes its way across the hungary in play meanwhile we've got some rather unsettled weather now in the process of pulling away from egypt we were getting into the thirty's last week we have a top temperature twenty one in cairo on wednesday. the weather sponsored by qatar raise. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people the little choosing between buying medication eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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hell of a you watching algis there amount of our top stories this hour the confidant of the former south korean president park geun haye has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption soon sil was found guilty of using a friendship puck to meddle in state affairs for personal gain the scandals led to parts impeachment. so the african media reporting president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign within forty eight hours of face being stripped of his office the decision was taken at a meeting of the highest decision making body of the ruling a.n.c. party late on monday evening. the u.s.
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secretary of state is warning that ending combat operations against eisel will not guarantee the group's defeat rex tillerson has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait. crime and violence in the brazilian city of rio de janeiro has spiked to the worst levels in more than a decade particularly within the past year puppy. safety had improved significantly ahead of the world cup and the rio olympics but it's now become so bad that residents are resorting to unprecedented methods to stay safe in america and its reports. of gun battle in a busy rio de janeiro's thoroughfare terrified motorists and pedestrians look for cover desperate not to become the next victims of stray bullets. violence is again out of control in the city where a person is shot every two hours and confrontations between rival drug gangs or with police. the intensity of confrontations in urban areas is new we're seeing
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younger criminals with more and better weapons last month alone there were more than six hundred and forty gun battles here in rio and not just up on the hills in the favelas or the slums but right here on the asphalt as people here like to refer to the main part of the city these rifles have become so common that residents are resorting more and more to technology rather than turning to the police. where are the shootouts it's a nonprofit application the tracks gun battles in real time based on eyewitnesses media and police accounts so that. trying to help. and. to avoid those there. wasn't a million people are using the app including architect and. i
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have started checking they all to see if there is something happening on the roads i will be driving it's alerted me to make a u. turn when they're being gumballs on my route. the sharp spike in violence is due in part to brazil's acute economic crisis rio and its police department are now bankrupt. and so in the absence of affective police protection residents of the emblematic neighborhood a sense that that is are taking extreme measures. that. explains that closed circuit t.v. cameras were not enough to deter criminals so the neighbors installed sirens i can just. to this. very thing every day i get it when i come home and when i leave i'm scared. it's a fear that's well founded in this city where ninety percent of murders and assaults go unpunished you see inulin i'll just see that rio de janeiro egypt's
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former chief of staff of the armed forces sami anon has top secret files that will be released if he is harmed in any way that's a warning from his former aide and state auditor haitian. this comes hours after the egyptian military announced that its investigators will be taking further measures against a nun a nun was arrested last month after revealing his intention to run in the upcoming presidential election egypt's incumbent president. will be running for a second term in march so and then says he is speaking out about the documents because he believes a man's life is under threat. i hope the opportunity to be given to the chief of staff sami a man to give a testimony freely and without intimidation for the record sort of all things come clear before the public. testimony mir hears say or supported with evidence from possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt you mean out
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of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course modelled could the incriminate mini yes. joining us on skype from cairo is timothy cole this is a non resident fellow korea institute for middle east politics good to see you what do you think the lawyer is up to now why would he make these claims and what sort of danger is under that he's alluding to. i mean it's not entirely clear it's past the fields that i knew and cases is moving in direction. that you know beyond that point where we might be imprisoned indefinitely or. or that he's under a lot of pressure and so he's trying for haps to to alleviate that pressure or to kind of push back through this this threat. the same time and it's lawyer and
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personify both. and claim that it's not true. that could be to protect him and if they feel that this move forward today because there's a skewed about. what these documents actually would constitute and describe have you any idea what these documents might be or is this something that is. under lock and key. it's not a good thing is what would constitute a sufficient scandal for it's a matter i mean we've got me at the sec i mean everyone knows for example. economic . position they are aware of there it's the reports now about possibly allowing the israelis to the strikes in sinai there's certainly things. there's the whole virginity test and all that happened during the uprising. soon after and so i mean there's so many different things that have already kind of come and gone and. that
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i don't know what it is that would be so scandalous that it would be threatening to them but it could also because he's trying to disrupt the regime from other perspectives of making other people who are. trying to pressure on the government to make you know they could be talking to him telling on going i mean what about those who want to run for elections i mean his sisi facing off at the state. it's in his doctors. it was in some of the former head of or the head of the party is running it and will. announced he was actually a supporter running for president last night that he would never know that it's everybody has been pushed out or arrested and it's fun. so yeah there's i mean there's no real. formality to rethink all this thank you
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a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldiers back in a military court on tuesday a head to mamie's case has attracted international attention but as iran can reports she isn't the only young person detained by the israeli military. is sixteen years old and already a veteran of the israeli prison system in december he was visiting shops in his home city of hebron when protests started around him his arrest was caught on camera his parents gave us permission to interview thousand he says he tried to flee the protest and didn't take part despite that israeli soldiers pushed him to the ground and i had been on one of them called me hit me on my chest with a bottle of his rifle he pushed me to the ground and then all started beating me they arrested me and took me into detention and beat me again and cursed at me. he spent twenty days in detention and he's currently out on bail he was arrested on
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charges of throwing rocks and resisting arrest the israeli army says it's investigating his claim the innocence is having regular hospital treatment because his shoulder was broken during his arrest. his case is far from unique. the lives of the parents in the jails in refugee camp in ramallah. the decision but it made me go no one enters prison as a child then leaves us such they didn't allow me to call my family or a lawyer before investigation they used pepper spray on me called me names and bickley up the help group a defense of children international is concerned that the israeli military often makes violent arrests the group says children often lack proper legal representation joining the court process and the impact of detention loss well into apple and what we see is that those three months or four months in military prison for having the first stone throwing for example which is the most common charge and impacting the entire trajectory of child's life palestinians in
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the occupied west bank a subject to israeli military law now for a very long time international human rights groups on local human rights groups have criticized the israeli military courts for handing down harsh sentences the illegal occupation of their land by israeli forces is never far from children's lives the latest available total from the israeli prison authority in november said three hundred thirteen palestinian minors are in jail for security offenses imraan khan has brought ukrainian opposition leader mikhail saakashvili has arrived in poland after being deported from kiev he was detained by armed men in a restaurant in the ukrainian capital and taken to the airport sucker's really is a former president of georgia who later became a provincial governor in ukraine he recently fell out with the president petro poroshenko has been leading protests against him. skidmore non one of our
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top stories the u.s. secretary of state's pledge of another two hundred million dollars to stabilize areas in syria which have been cleared of i still. live in the turkish city of gazan top near the border with syria what sort of impact is a slightly to make. jamal i'm not sure i mean really no during the u.s. and turkey don't really see eye to eye in terms of syria and frankly there's been major. there's been major fallouts between the two made to our allies in terms of how to proceed with regard to this six year or seven old entering its seventh year long civil war the citizens comments obviously he was he said he understands turkish security concerns with regards to the militia of the kurdish y p g that have been talking turkey from inside syria he still doesn't believe that the talks
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are doing enough to charge for parts of the fact that just up until today actually them in their eyes the free syrian army managed to. arrest roughly four hundred i saw fighters who had fled their areas of hama and there are two words it live they would say that actually was the regime of bashar al assad that allow for these i saw fighters to come through and if it wasn't for their presence on the ground they wouldn't be able to push democracy turkey itself has been under attack from i so we all remember the new year eve attacks in istanbul that killed. dozens of people as well as other attacks in istanbul and i crossed swords very concerned with a citizen is coming to run correctly to the tuckers capital in the next couple of days and we'll see whether they manage to maybe iron out the differences so to speak were whether as the turkish foreign minister said twenty four hours ago if this relationship doesn't resolve itself soon then it could very well collapse thanks for that. colombia's last rebel group has destroyed power lines and part of
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a bridge with explosives the land says it's imposing a three day blockade after the government refused to resume peace talks colombian president juan manual santa suspended the negotiations earlier this month after a series of bombings that killed seven police officers. the u.s. and thailand have been criticized for inviting a representative from min mar to attend a major military exercise in eastern time and twelve thousand personnel from twenty nine countries are taking part in the annual war games. nation comes despite accusations its army has committed ethnic cleansing in rakhine state when hay has more from. the opening ceremony for the thirty seventh cobra gold military exercises has been held and in attendance at that opening ceremony was at least one member of the forces initially there was supposed to be three representatives of
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the me and my military coming as observers only so they will not be taking part in any of the exercises over the next ten days but they will be observing only now we understand that that status may have been downgraded even further and they will not be observing the whole ten day program but only one aspect of the khobragade military exercises and that is one that is designed to provide the soldiers with training in providing humanitarian assistance which in itself of course has caused a lot of controversy given the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in myanmar's rakhine states barack obama wants a little less of what he called the silver fox look but the gray hairs are still there and his official portrayed as a former u.s. president the pictures of a bomb and former first lady michelle have been unveiled at the smithsonian's national gallery in washington d.c. they were painted by candle wiley and amy shelled the first african american artist
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the galleries ever commissioned for official portraits of a former u.s. president and his family i tried to negotiate was great here. are terrific integrity would not allow him to do what i asked. smaller ears. struck out as well. i am a little overwhelmed to say the least i have so many thoughts and feelings rolling around inside of me now i am humbled. i am honored and proud. again the top stories on al-jazeera the confidant of impeached south korean president has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption trace when sil
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was found guilty of using her friendship with park to meddle in state affairs for personal gain it's going to has more from seoul prosecutors described her as a woman who shook south korean society foundation and disrupted the political process to the extent that this will impact generations to come has said all along that this was political revenge that she's innocent and that she believes due to the bias against her she was not going to be able to get a fair trial even with a twenty year sentence and five years the prosecution had hoped her attorneys had said for someone who is sixty one years old it is tantamount to a. south african media reporting president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign within forty eight hours or face being stripped of his office the decision was taken at a meeting of the highest decision making body of the ruling a.n.c. party late on monday evening. so i can get says heading towards bringing
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destruction in the south pacific the category four storm caused widespread flooding . and damaged buildings. the u.s. state is warning that ending combat operations against eisel will not guarantee the groups to feed rex tillerson has been addressing a meeting of the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait. egypt's former chief of staff of the armed forces has top secret files that will be released if he's harmed in any way that's the warning from his former aide and state order to convey and on was a risk last month of the revealing his intention to run in the upcoming presidential election egypt's incumbent president of the fact that all sisi will be running for a second term in march president teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldiers back in a military court appeared to me was arrested in december after
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a video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral. those are the headlines coming up next is the street news has never been more available but the message is simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i'm femi oke a south african president jacob zuma political future uncertain after days of negotiations between him and the country's ruling african national congress comes more than a year before his second term is due to expire and today we discuss what is the most possible departure means for both the future of the a.n.c. and south africa's political landscape. and you're now in the stream live on al-jazeera and we too have a short stay.


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