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tv   The Battle For Venezuela  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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or if you join us on sat there are people that choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello again adrian for getting here and other top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state is warning that the end of combat operations against i saw doesn't mean the fight against the armed group is over rex tillerson has been attending a meeting of the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait he says the u.s. will provide an extra two hundred million dollars in aid to stabilize areas in
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syria that used to be under eisel control was a zero sum he said and has more now from kuwait city. this is a key moment you didn't have to really read between the lines too much of what rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state had to say there to realize the concern among some members of this coalition about whether complacency is setting in the u.s. secretary of state reminding everyone that the job isn't done he made a pledge of two hundred million u.s. dollars to help rehabilitate some of those areas which have been recaptured off advice or in syria and gave a warning that if life doesn't return to normal in those areas of those areas might return back to i saw this is the first global coalition to defeat i saw a meeting being held since the fall of russia since i still was pushed out of iraq and this is coming after the iraqi government made that declaration of victory over ice and in december after russian generals announced that they defeated as they put
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it i saw in every town in syria also in december they made that announcement so the bigger picture is the concern that some of the coalition members shouldn't start to feel like it's game over yet remember that this global coalition is not only about leading the battle against isis or part of their mission statement also talks about rehabilitating areas even providing public services in some of those areas which have been recaptured of the group's hands south african media reporting that president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign within forty eight hours the ruling party the african national congress is. holding a news conference right now amc president so around the poser is understood to have met zuma in person to a form informed him of the party's decision let's listen in to that press conference. just to. let me create a little fuel. i may be able to give you don't think. that was for some.
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british relief here i was thinking. this is the speed limit on the children of congress or for holding them especially the regional very much and others are going to forty three. hundred or the triumphal seventy cents or something and try to. maintain what's called interest rate under the current situation. as it pertains to what is issued on the president. coverage equips alone . that is the causal phish shows we have been targeting but that is it is a good blow for more fish shows on very good mr president zuma. and this occasion and that being informed by the committed men took a school system to the interest of equality. and dangers of the city. and the determination to handle this mentality of ordinals big. as the president of
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millions he is said of them up close and said last week. we had a fruitful and qualified to do a good mentor for president as it looks a lot and we are fed up to going to process for. that is soon or did everybody go to all fish out of the good president i could in principle to resign. and have proposed time for insect spending for three to six months. and a lot of it should but isn't going to last. they're not sure not executive committee mode at the top of it you guys are going through. a period of uncertainty and side ups as a result of that unders over on seizure. fair that all of this on simpson genocide to you would erode every new poll. and quote forget it's a month off again this is the fifty fourth national conference of the year. and
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for the national executive told me to do that they really believe that this situation requires us to act with agency involved obviously our conduit was very tired of a sort of unity under your water. and behold. we are therefore determined to restore the integrity of the public institution building to go to visit to and they sent economy going to problems and some of them that tell us we are contending with this opportunistic one move either or both or should be in parliament including motions of no confidence in the president. calls for the dissolution of parliament and that's what it is and as his approach to this move by has at all times been informed by it it didn't trust of all of us out of there killing people. and sensitive from the need to handle this meant that we have dignity. the national executive going to do a lot as i did send a delegation. to pray for president jacob zuma about.
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this issue. and deferred but we could in a short short period of time frames sort of this myth has been he did his all for the atmosphere to see him to bed from that didn't get into the president. was once more believing this time just too short. and therefore. in his redundancy decided as follows one. protocol is deploy your competence of what you know what it is we've ruled tool. or who are trying to point to when to run one. of the a.n.c. constitution. we are called it and it is that was voted into because it. is deployed. then it should be continuing we are going to go to sort out there
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should be contrary interaction between officials of the agency and president jacob zuma. and that decision by the end his need. to recall of his deployed years was. only taken up that exhaustive discussions. and decisions of that is it provided we believe he said to them to to the people of south africa got it dead tired when they cannot meet a social challenges facing their come to require a gentle and result of the response by all sections of society. it is critical that south africa has a united ireland at thousands of growth job creation and economic transformation. and this decision would be communicated publicly as we are doing now and through our group put a photo of the office box office of it is over there we go. that's not the military of the foremost sparks us about it decisions were too good. and all necessary but
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i'm indebted processes but i was on this issue for months to cross from promoted before. our parliamentary caucus. about to decisions or two. and we headed up to their loss to. cooperation between the all of us christians able to sleep on and off of the only things that we couldn't read on the shortened pew don't in terms of the ones that. are going to offend you. offensive because i did you know that we are going to take to lounge of questions take the best buy and the last five so what i'm not going to leave to do was that you did what you said they are my constituency not so then i suggest they explain it which media outlet they do please and to be
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a need. ok. i'm sorry that was the last the feet of b.s. that from from johannesburg. we were listening that before we were interrupted to the sex regenerate of the a.n.c. who said that. president zuma had agreed in principle to resign but was talking about a timeframe of three to six months. can we we can hear yes we can listen in once again to what that means culture let's go back to it kind of just so you can adjust this given. when you're out there to conquer on your mission and the question. is something great when there is it is the ed that there was really i just want to find out why president zuma wasn't with this thing that he
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minds what it was the second thing he did you get indication that with respect and by by the dissolution of the it is the truth is that he is really going to be saying. thank you very much twenty times a from the sunday times newspaper i love him as he i just report over my colleagues question of it because it's true what did president jacob zuma tell you this morning when you deliver the news to him that the a.b.c. has decided to recall you from office is there time tonight attached to his book eating of the office where you will live here in the new president of the n.c.a.a. in the government and is that a question i want to do. you know i ask is about the grieving of corpus is there in paris felicie to. sort of that they only now call their own motion of no
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confidence after the meeting tomorrow and here. that's according to the philippines or a glass going if we can see you're going to see what once was but perhaps you can extrapolate on. how jefferson and how the president reacted to you can you do that in the next move this morning and if you have decided you were praising president jacob zuma off to be cool with it in fact you can just see. i submitted a phone sitting business made about any such stuff in the country mean part of the reason why you came to this decision to hold president jacob zuma and pay taxes in that present moment was as i was getting against discussion that would on those he now is what exactly is the reason for this isn't your whole james and what his dad yeah. but. i still sparks from sky news
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have you given president zuma a deadline a firm deadline by which point he has to resign the presidency and the second question what will you do if he doesn't step down. then sit as you. will take in the first fight you can eat fish you eat pussy death would you say cost off. as you. go. where the distribution to. the first question. we were going to reduce you to do to retrieve those you know the faith that decision of that we see.
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so as require you to do that this solution obviously didn't threaten species. to a sport. we haven't given it he didn't need to tonight to produce more. as to whether this will get his own boat of things we see. in terms of construction for the. twelve we are actually seeing on top of this truck you discuss it's got first got the fruit lives on one of the short time trucks and you get tough. and you see one thing i believe. in the show you go on prove. all of these posts and all of the members. of the shows we want to do this is an important you know differently. we we very well this is not the end this is the process of the incision and on since we. really
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need to think the decision so we're really more x. good and you going to do well don't and if you expect to. so i don't know what you love them but. there's little risk of injury both. tell us we are not. going to ivory here and this is this is an absolute must do the agents. all right that was the secretary general of the a n c the big news to come out of that press conference is that the a.n.c. as national executive committee has decided to recall president jacob zuma he must leave office so that the secretary general there was saying that. no deadline was given to the president to what to respond to that decision that the
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secretary general said that earlier in the discussions exhaustive discussions he called on the president and had agreed to reside in principle within three to six months but the secretary general said that south africa is going through a period of anxiety and uncertainty. the national executive committee wanted to move towards returning stability and integrity in public institutions and after those exhaustive discussions the and he had decided to recall jacob zuma as president talks between the president and party officials continue let's get some analysis on this now from boston who is head of program governance at the east of the electoral institute for sustainable democracy in africa he joins us now live from johannesburg that was more or less what we were expecting wasn't it. here's was i think there's a couple of surprising things that have come out of the announcements so far the first is that the is not committing to a deadline when they expect the president to obey the call of the any c.
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. and i think that the other surprising thing to come out of this was that there was much discussion thirteen hours of discussion around the fate of the president of this of the country so we can infer whatever we like from that but i think that the broad announcement that the president has been instructed by the party that they want him to return from his deployment is as expected so what happens if the president decides to stick to his three to six month timeline and doesn't step down immediately which is. what the next national executive committee wants. correct i think that there are there are clear frustrations within the a.n.c. as a political party with the damage that is being caused to their brand into the reputation with the prolonging of the saga you'll recall that president of the a.n.c. sarong the pause that was elected and brought with them
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a new wave of hope and optimism that there would be a renewal of the a.n.c. is the party which has really lost its way somewhat under president zuma and that the longer it takes for a president from a poser to impose his particular brand on the a in c. the more damage to the party's reputation and in the eyes of south africans to the presidency of the room oppose it so the a.n.c. as a political particularly ones resolution as soon as possible and president zuma has done that he is a masterful stalling and playing for time this has been the fallback tactic for the president in legal cases and legal challenges and in political processes as well he has played for time he has stalled and he is frustrated processes so this is playing to his type for the president and it's not surprising to grant what we've been talking the. secretary general has said that he expects zuma to heed the order to leave the presidency. and that the a.n.c. is not discussed any motion of confidence against zuma however the national
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executive committee believes that zuma is removal should be treated with some urgency and the secretary general said that he wants so ron opposer to become president of south africa just for those of us who just who don't know what does recall in this case actually mean. well this is a political term it has absolutely zero legal weight in the constitution of south africa this is the political party which deployed the president to the presidency saying to that prison we expect you to resign voluntarily and step down from your position to allow us to deploy another candidate to that position so it has absolutely no constitutional legal weight but it has a significant amount of political weight the party is the party which deployed the president to the presidency and they are expecting him to be a well disciplined member president zuma is publicly on record saying that if the
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a.n.c. any c. instructed him to resign he would resign those comments were taken were made when he was the president of the a.n.c. and he was confident that no such instruction would be delivered now that it has been delivered i think that we are getting reports and this is we need to be careful because these are all unsubstantiated reports but we are hearing reports that it may not be quite as clear cut as the president has suggested in the past he clearly is holding out for something and we don't know at this stage whether he will heed what is that the state essentially a political process which has no legal binding ground be grateful if you could stay there for just a moment we we may well come back to you in a few minutes but i want to bring in serious for me to mila who is live in johannesburg right now for some further analysis for me we were talking earlier about whether this was the the endgame here but as far as i can see it's all still up in the air. well the a.n.c.
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at this point hasn't been clear yet around exactly when jacob zuma would resign because of course that's needed for the following this because this certainly is. some if i could use the word appreciation that the a.n.c. has confirmed that they've decided to recall the president so that at least is the first step in terms of this process. yes they've also said that initially jacob zuma in principle had agreed to resign but they seems to be some issue around exactly when that will happen in this period of transition media reports initially and indicated that he would want to stay in office for three months other reports indicating that there would be a handover of executive powers to still run of course as the a.n.c. president and as the deputy but would stay in office as president of south africa so they still needs to be some sort of clarity around exactly how and when this will happen you know we did speak earlier about the a.n.c.
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possibly having a to institute proceedings for a vote of no confidence in parliament this is what opposition parties have done they're expecting an answer from the parliamentary speaker around if that can be brought forward this week but it really has left the a.n.c. in a difficult position it's wanted to explain why it's come to this decision one of the country's been waiting for for some time now this is what a smug official of the secretary general of the a.n.c. had to say. they really believe that this information. agency in all of our condo was. home we are therefore determined to restore the integrity of the problem is that you should. believe the problem and some of the locals welcome to. parliament in the motions of most.
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of the. calls. for parliament of all those. probably know what is the country to make of this. seems rather a fudge the the n.c. national executive committee wants the president to go he's agreed to go in principle but still nothing is sorted. there it remains confusion around what exactly will happen i did speak earlier adrian about this these issues around a motion of no confidence and that seems to be the next step if the president decides not to step down i mean of course and this is based on him not coming forward in the last couple of weeks with any clear indication of what he will do and and instead rumors and speculation coming from he's a family from what images calling allies within the a.n.c. indicating that he's definitely reluctant to step down. if the a.n.c.
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goes to the smoke of no confidence they are a number of issues because the opposition parties have done the same and they've said that if the speaker of parliament agrees with a no motion of no confidence coming from the a n c instead of opposition parties which was set down first of all they want to put forward they will go to court there are a number of issues president jacob zuma is really facing pressure from the number of foreigners and this really is the the beginning of the end of a president who has enjoyed support and protection of the ruling party and there are a lot of questions around why and why it's to taken so long to get to this point you know who the president may be protecting alongside his interests what exactly has happened in terms of accusations around state capture and corruption and possibly just how rotten the a.n.c. as an organization is what this transition will mean and if the a.n.c.
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will be renewed they are a number of questions and there's a lot of uncertainty this does bring some hope in terms of relief seumas out we can start again the opposition once this vote of no confidence but also once parliament dissolved and snap elections in thirty days there's just so many things up in the air people have waited for the a.n.c. to create some clarity around it but we're still waiting for answers from a to many thanks to graeme groped. head of program government. electricity for sustainable democracy in africa what's your feeling about what happens next what all this means for the the a.n.c. . well unfortunately i think for south africans it means that the waiting pattern that we have been in for a period of time now continues for a little bit longer much to i think the frustration of many and i think that that
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is something that the a.n.c. they were using the right words urgency they want to attend to the situation there mindful of south africans feelings on the matter but unfortunately what we know at this point in the press conference suggests that the urgency has not followed through into particular action in particular the fact there is no deadline as i mentioned earlier what we know about the president is that he is a master of kicking for touch and playing for time and without setting a deadline without giving the president ultimatums on when they expect him to resign and leaving it rigidly up in the a it allows for him to continue this stalling game and we're not sure what the age of but it's very clear that this is some breathing room for president zuma it is unlikely that he will remain the president through the end of his term i think that much is clear because the recall instruction has been given but what we don't know yet is when i think that's really the point which the africans are getting to we need to know when because there are
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a number of key dates that are coming up which we simply cannot miss constitutionally the key one being the tabling of the national budget on the twenty second of march so there is a there is a click a ticking clock and we simply don't have time to to be delaying this really gets to achieve anything grant masters and in johannesburg. we're going to take a look at. so the other stories making news right now the confidant of the former south korean president park geun haye has been sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption trey songz soon still rather was found guilty of using a friendship with park to meddle in state affairs for personal gain the scandal is that two parks pietschmann to serious that are actually going to name reports from seoul. play might be the most reviled public figure in south korea at the moment the judge's lengthy sentence could be interpreted as sending a message to the public that their outrage has been heard it could also be viewed
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as sending a warning to others prosecutors say they disrupted the political process and shook the south korean society to its foundation prosecutors were hoping for a twenty five year sentence received twenty years one we spoke to says that she was surprised by the verdict and that it was a heavier sentence than she predicted now there were supporters of former president hock outside the courtroom they fought and screamed after the verdict was announced they have been monitoring this case very closely to see how it will impact the former president she is in the midst of her own corruption trial and a verdict is expected soon as for tway she has remained defiant throughout this entire process she says this is political revenge she's being framed and treated unfairly given the massive outrage against her some are wondering if that bias
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prevented her from getting a fair trial the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march to me was arrested in december after a video of slapping israeli soldiers an israeli soldier went viral sorry force it has more now from outside the military court there obama and the occupied west bank . so the trial proper of a had some meat is now under way with this two of proceeding on tuesday the prosecution once again set out its case against the seventeen year old she's charged with assault and incitement among twelve charges the defense set out its case that this entire process is illegitimate the result of an illegal occupation the main difference between what we saw today and the pretrial hearings is the judge decided the bumi. no outside observers would be allowed to witness proceedings inside the court i think this is an if the court is because the court decided what is good for the court and not what is good for i they understand that
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people outside of the military court are interested in i think they understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn't be happening so the way to keep it out of everybody's eyes is to close the doors and not allow people inside the court for her hearings what's also clear from today's proceedings is that this will be a lengthy process i mean he was detained in december it's now mid february the next hearing in this case is for march she is one of according to estimates about one hundred eighty almost in minus who are being detained during the course of the legal proceedings against them and there are estimates that more than three hundred palestinian miners are being detained in military prisons in total and so this is obviously a very high profile case but it's one of many sites and continues to wreak destruction through the south pacific and is now bearing down on southern fiji the category four storm injured several people as it moved through tong on tuesday the
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government has had a state of emergency pull chad of g.m. reports. the powerful category four cycle own poor roofs off buildings downed power lines toppled trees and flooded low lying areas it's believed cycle on guitar is the worst storm to hit the tiny south pacific island nation in decades there are very serious about. much more concerning. it's there are there and also there's a lot of. people. but. there's a lot of rubble of a lot of. people. as an archipelago comprising one hundred sixty nine islands around three thousand kilometers east of australia. more than half of all homes and buildings including congress parliament house are said to be damaged or destroyed the
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disasters are about when the storms i know that recovery does take time it's hard to say how long until we know exactly what's happened what the damage is what the impacts what. the cycling was packing winds of two hundred thirty kilometers per hour and emergency management teams are now out assessing the damage trying to clear roads and working to restore power and water to any site klein we had and making sure people have enough food and. here they stay healthy and. i'm pretty just from one of long and diseases. the cyclon is expected to weaken and bring rain and winds to new zealand by the weekend. al-jazeera. egypt's former anti corruption chief. has been detained his daughter says that thirty policeman stormed his home in cairo before leading him away and it was
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recently spoken has recently spoken out over the arrest of sami anon a former military chief of staff and presidential candidate going into war and a top secret files will be released if anon was harmed in any way. thank you live now to what kuwait where right u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is about to speak to the donors conference there of the rebuilding of iraq. let's listen in to what's going on before mr tourist. in hands coordination among the coalition member states with the aim of defeating this koroma nearly terrorist organization we have handed down some guidelines and this meeting with the aim of continued coordination and cooperation among the coalition members are at a number of fronts including first. to continue
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combating the funding of so-called dies or i said two to. stem the influx of foreign. operatives three to intense farai could the nation are among the coalition members to prevent any propaganda by enticing violence. stemming. ability of utilizing social media platforms and internet side. of the member states will continue to cooperate with the international community to words implementing the relevant to the solution including. the resolution number twenty three ninety six. and two hundred fifty four. to be fully implemented these were that they had lions and now i hand over the floor to the united states secretary of state mr rex tillerson. thank you.
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can have i meant. only that the hull if it was demolished was. not ad that. irked. him but now i was. going to and today i had a very kind of anything with his royal highness the emir of kuwait we discussed the . situation in the gulf. and.
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and with respect to the gulf crisis the united states is of the opinion that. reconciliation is the best interest of the original stability and security. would like to thank you again. wait for the diplomatic efforts exerted to have this crisis that is solved then ited states will continue to support kuwait and it's a mediation first and to restore unity among the gulf cooperation states. these. are being further consolidated during the future visit by his royal highness the emir to the white house will also discuss a number of social trade security issues we also congratulate kuwait for updating
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a safe. i think. this is the. way for the pressure. to defend him and to abandon. the united states the bit in this is the korean peninsula is the brain. of the global coalition. with the participation. fifty seven countries and this is the effort exhibited by.
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sure. if you. so. you don't. tell. us.
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of. us. or to. us. to. us. to force. us. to us. to. us. which took.
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us. to us. to. get us. commencement of these first sit ins you mentioned a very important point which is the intention to prevent the influx of terrorists for it's what are the true measures and make a. soft to ensure that this guideline is implemented do you have
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any means of coordination with the iraqi government. as a matter of fact effort exerted by the global coalition under the leadership of the united states. to prevent the influx of foreign recruits or foreign operatives to join. ranks within the coalition is. exchanging intelligence information. and. they experience of more than fifty seven states. they this defecated committee are doing all they can to weaken if not minimize. any future recruit or. all the receipts of any fund.
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your country. you're seeing countries to contribute to the reconstruction and rebuilding of iraq not only. to. eliminate the return of i said but also to minimize iran's influence iran's influence in iraq what is the future way forward and what syria comment on the turkish military operation in affray in. and how can you transform your efforts from combating i sell operatives to into stemming iran's influence in iraq the second question on the
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future summit. with respect to iraq i believe. we have a. huge task forward and the number one object of is to maintain the stability and to deploy security personnel within communities also to start demining the areas liberated. from i said to enable the displaced return home safely also to restore basic necessities and basic services including electricity and water these are among the top priorities the funds we pledged today . which we totally pledge to honor old related to restoring security in iraq and syria this will pave the way for reconstruction efforts including the connection of basic services and securing the area so that
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the economy struction efforts can be initiated safely and constantly this will be part of the discussions with the private sector this is what we have in mind now whether specter the operation in affray in. i believe it folds within the context of our efforts of combating and fighting. and also defeating sell to the north of syria we. believe that the final outcome will bring about a total defeat of i said that's why i will be traveling soon to ankara to continue our core donation with the turkish side on have we move forward considering that there are still large numbers of operatives and also al qaida operatives
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operating from the north of syria that's why we are keen on maintaining our coordination and concerted efforts and response to a question the u.s. gulf summit. the first was in riyadh last year all the gulf cooperation leaders agreed with the president to have the summit. on an annual basis. and also an alternative bases between the gulf and then i'd states we highly commend. mr trump's commitment towards the gulf cooperation states and and via to have the summit held in the united states so that this top notch on high level meetings can be maintained strategic relations between the gulf cooperation states and then at the states be maintained further and cemented
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their. standing newspaper my corsten. to the united states circles of state. you see fighting. aiming to have defeated my course in a simple who. is the country to play. our. circumstances. in iraq and syria. there were certain to deter is that we are not totally secured the entire
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atmosphere caused i sell to. emerged as a conflict. and the region. and that's why i said we're able to take control of vast areas of land that's why our top priority is to prevent i said from establishing its caliphate. recruits operatives or hold training in preparation for future at that x. . for c.n.n. mr secretary. i would like. to he top aides. have noticed that certain allies of the united
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states is stating go away for democracy. in your opinion. of about twenty percent of the state department budget towards reinforcing democracy still another. and another question on the situation in syria. and the efforts towards establishing the deescalation the zone. especially that they're not states does not have a presence on the ground and the coalition. includes certain. countries. namely from among the gulf. area. they're tied to it was approved by president drum than his administration namely
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the state department represents. going back to the level as before the last administration. believe we laid down certain person fits we should carefully consider how can these person to be measured these were high number with respect to the state department when i came to office i noticed frankly speaking that the department was not able to apply its sources and many of the funds. exhausted and the coming is that's why president trump's administration is taking a different course. is. considering the way these funds are being appropriated and how they are applied in a very constructive and swift fashion was expected of them put them into action
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of programs we had certain that we have the funds and the sources to words in shooting them apply whether specter our situation in syria i have to raise the comments the united states and its allies is now in control of about thirty percent of the land in syria an addition to a large number of the populated area also the oil fields in syria and taken this comment into consideration i believe the united states. saying that the united states is not having a firm presence and the ground is. also. urging the way forward towards geneva doing all what we can to bring the armed opposition the syrian opposition at one front without also coordinating with russia who
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has the biggest influence on asset to bring him and cause him to join denay. that's in this fashion in cooperation with a number of allies. are willing to see unified united democratic syria and the syrian people determine their future we have. very good support in this respect that's why again. presence and our position is supported by many of the key players. we see that philip paeans president statement. as surprise as we are in constant contact with the president and his ministers to explain what is being done we have about one hundred seventy thousand
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filipino subjects working and living here in kuwait the isolated incidents can happen from now and then all the investigations outcomes are provided directly to the philippines authorities any. statements will not serve our bilateral relations however we should cooperate towards establishing facts in the isolated facts by this way and this way only we can enhance our understanding and future cooperation. thank you and see you in the future. well i must apologize for some problems that we had none of which were our end i might had we
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had the ridiculous situation where we were going to feed from kuwait in arabic even when rex tillerson the secretary of state was speaking in english and then it was magnificently translated back into english by my stuff or here at al-jazeera so well done to him but that was u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and his counterpart foreign minister. speaking at that donor conference for iraq which is being held in kuwait city with me in the studio is for i have. who can give us some analysis he's a conflict resolution a professor at the institute was able to pick out. that were of importance of course the whole tenet today has been about of the fight against eisel rex tillerson speaking to on the sidelines of another conference about the fight against iraq against iran tuesday he said that isis remains. a determined enemy that is certainly not defeated the other thing i picked up on there was about the gulf crisis of course the nations that are blockading cata and q.
3:53 pm
aces mediating in that dispute between saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt he said the u.s. is of the opinion that reconciliation the restoration of gulf unity is in the best interests of stability and security in the region did i miss anything while actually these are of the really the been things that mentioned in his speech and actually the fact that he mentioned the very clear message the war against isis is not over and he made it so clear and at the same time actually in for sizing the unity of the gulf and the three conciliation is the way forward he's also sending a message that the two tracks cannot be disconnected that the war on terrorism can be affected by instability in the gulf so the two the two tracks are connected here and that's a message on the buses that he's trying to sell. and and emphasizing that he's supporting fully mediation that has been sustained by kuwait since the
3:54 pm
beginning of the crisis that kuwait is having the full support from the united states. to continue to mediate in this conflict and engage also in the reconstruction process. in iraq made it clear earlier that the u.s. is still committed to the fight against iceland is giving money towards towards that that fight but this whole conference was about the rebuilding of iraq and you could argue i suppose that the u.s. has a responsibility to or to dig deep into its pockets to help with the reconstruction of iraq and yet that was rather disappointing was this it was actually it was disappointing there was nothing mentioned about this and he basically saying that that if we get rid of ice all then private businesses can come in and reconstruction exactly and given that by the way there are two thousand three hundred companies are attending this three day reconstruction conference in kuwait and of course expecting to get the business as. construction process but there was
3:55 pm
no mention of the u.s. role in this and the u.s. is always a key in any process that especially in iraq actually that this whole thing started back in two thousand and three with the american invasion of iraq. change that the u.s. caused in iraq and there was never a reconstruction process happened of one of those past years and now actually the u.s. should be taking a leading role in this with that in the reconstruction in terms of financing or in terms of providing the support actually for this deconstruction process because actually the five the five players that are leading the reconstruction process the united states is not one of them actually was talking about who with. iraq a u.s. . opinion bank and the united nations but there is no mention of a leading role of the united states in this reconstruction road which raises so
3:56 pm
many questions about the future of the u.s. that iraq's prime minister what is the this conference to raise one hundred billion dollars for the reconstruction effort in iraq and a nice he's going to be sorely disappointed while so far actually he has not received like any significant pledges from the main players actually the only pledge that has been made by international organizations and usually those norn for a very small very small contribution the amount is huge i mean we're talking about the reconstruction process cost of about eighty eight billion dollars in which twenty two billion dollars are needed immediately like for the reconstruction process so twenty two billion dollars with no cd or significant signs of supporting this financial support actually is going to be a huge challenge and keep in mind let's not forget actually that there is a key government that is norn over its corruption is very notorious of the
3:57 pm
corruption within the iraqi government that all that was that contributed in one way or another to the rise of isis in iraq so this is this is very causes for those you know that they want to pledge money for the reconstruction process so the very first thing you want to make sure is that the party was having this the iraqi government does not have the corruption that it has had you know over the past years so this is going to be a serious challenge for fundraising that is going to be always good to achieve any thanks indeed for the moment for being with us it's been a busy hour of news here we had that press conference as you saw between the curious the foreign minister and the u.s. secretary of state but earlier this hour we were also taking that press conference from the a n c of south africa the big news to come out of. that was that the secretary general of the a.n.c. saying that the national executive committee had decided to recall president jacob
3:58 pm
zuma as president we'll have lots more. particularly that story on al-jazeera in a couple of minutes from now. through triangula raveena can you. use and if any should go into. how the weather looks lossy fought in trifold have a plate into your acquire a long line of cloud that's just pushed up towards
3:59 pm
a real motion was long spells of rain coming in here a push across into the heart of the amazon very wet weather more big downpour say you see a pop called cloud which has erupted in the heat of the day those showers extend their way down towards bolivia bolivia yet still in the in the mix here with the more heavy showers long spells of rain so the ongoing flooding situation does remain in place here for a good part of the country heaviest rain will be across the amazon basin a nice shower as they stand a fair way north pushing up towards the pots of south america but coming to the caribbean slushy fada dry some gorgeous tropical sunshine coming through the easterly winds will push wanted to shower as in see that western side of the caribbean side kind of moniker costa rica could see some showers just up towards the yucatan peninsula but a bit of wet weather certainly in place here over the next few days but across the main islands the you can see about a total of the weather there in kingston quite a freeze coming through but twenty nine celsius there for the jamaican capital meanwhile further north into the u.s. you see some very heavy rain moving across the appalachians stretching down towards
4:00 pm
the panhandle clear skies do coming behind cold enough for dallas with a high of eighty eight. the weather sponsored by cateye piece. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian forget this is that he is our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.


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