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jacob zuma to step down as south africa's president but he's staying on for now. iraq's prime minister says the war against. the battle for reconstruction must begin. facing a lengthy jail term if she's convicted in an israeli military court. competition for new yorkers some to europe instead. and i'm far as. other star has burst on to the scene at the winter olympics seventeen year old american snowboarder chloe can win gold in the women's health i will have that and more from china. south africa's ruling a.n.c. party has formally asked president jacob zuma to step down the party's sector general says he expects zuma to respond on wednesday if zuma refuses to go it could
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face a vote of no confidence in parliament the secretary general says must now become president after taking over as leader of the party in december. the president of the a.n.c. . must be come to kind of the day. for the presidency overcome. their own liberal haven't we i didn't wish is this kind of this where we saw a light and it is a call for is not learned the lessons of old to come and i see where we did this war it was city we terms of always going to be ready to go out of their lives we can do what you can see the disputes really did this get. in between. will who collect your vote that is the believe that indeed the presidents of course on the table of the presidency. i mean to mina has janice back.
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while the a.n.c. has decided to recall jacob zuma from office it's not clear when exactly the president will give his resignation the a.n.c. has said that it's giving him time and space and hasn't given him a deadline now this hasn't helped to decrease the amount of confusion and uncertainty around what exactly has is happening the a.n.c. has been dealing with the recall of jacob zuma internally this is a process that has been happening for a couple of weeks now we do understand that it would appear that jacob zuma might have resisted resigning the a.n.c. has come out to say that in principle jacob zuma had agreed to resign but there seems to be an issue around the period over which that will happen jacob zuma had asked for perhaps three to six weeks or three to six months rather before he steps down the n.c. says this is too long and has to happen over time a shorter time period but as of africans are becoming increasingly impatient and
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for straighted sitting on the sidelines of watching a process that they have little influence over given that the a.n.c. has very much wanted to deal with the removal of jacob zuma as a party opposition parties have pushed for a vote of no confidence scheduled to take place later in february they want to move forward to this week they say they have no faith in a parliament that has an african national congress majority saying that this is the party that has protected jacob zuma throughout all these allegations that he's faced with allegations and scandals they say parliament should be dissolved and snap elections called in one thousand days. or seumas nine years in power have been overshadowed by controversy and economic problems he survived eight no confidence votes in parliament most recently in august last year in twenty sixteen a court ruled that zuma should face charges of bribery relating to an arms deal dating back
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to nine hundred ninety nine is also being accused of accepting outside influence to make government decisions and cabinet appointments by the gupta is a wealthy indian born business family now living in south africa zuma and some of his family members along with the group has are being investigated on charges of international money laundering zoom's also accused of using twenty three million dollars of government money to renovate his private home which included a new swimming pool he later paid the money back following a public outcry. to talk more about all of this some joined now by ben payton who's head of africa research at the risk consultancy maple cross thanks so much for coming to talk to us and so initially the idea of being recalled as the party puts it. it doesn't have any weight constitutionally does it and so legally theory could get around it is that is that your interpretation that's right or has no legal force is purely an a.n.c. matter it doesn't compel zuma to resign legally but it was it does show is that his
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position now politically is impossible his own party has turned against him and what would you think you'll do anyway expecting his hand out his or his response to that recall on wednesday what do you think he will say well i think he'll he maybe will continue to play for time he's done that very effectively over the past few weeks all he can really do now is prolong the agony for himself i think some point there will be a very it's of no confidence in parliament unless he refuses to resign. and we've heard about those investigations into into corruption and interestingly since he became leader of the n.c.a.a. in december and oppose it has been seen very much removing those on i suppose that's good in terms of his leadership but it might set him up against a quite a powerful lobby within the a.n.c. who are friends of zuma absolutely that's one of the key dynamics around imposer is going to have to face once he does take over as president he's clearly got to move the economy in the right direction and part of that is through tackling corruption to help shore up investor confidence that's very difficult to do politically and so
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many powerful people within the a.n.c. have been accused of corruption and are going to zuma what do you make of the fact that the party in the end it is divided has come up with this with this consolidated position to say look he needs to go it does that signal that actually pose it has the upper hand and he could potentially sort of come out in this with a kind of functioning presidency and then be able to win an election ram opposes done very well in consolidating his power. for the a.n.c. over the past two months there's no doubt about that he seemed to win a very narrow victory there now two months later he has pretty much unanimous support within the a.n.c. for removing zuma ass about does bode well but he still has to keep one eye on the fact that he does have a pain in sweden and he doesn't want to alienate them completely with just over a year to go before elections and patient thank you very much indeed for your thoughts thank you for the us if your state has warned that the end of combat
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operations against eisel doesn't mean the fight against the group is over rex tillerson made the comments was speaking at the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait has called for members to step up commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be and i still control to listen also says the u.s. has pledged two hundred million dollars for syria the united states and the coalition forces are working with us to defeat isis to control thirty percent of the syrian territory and control a large no amount of the population control or large amount for syria's offer your so i think in terms of this observation that the u.s. has little leverage or role to play or simply because iraq's prime minister hyderabadi told a conference that rebuilding cities is the government's next aim. military operations are over and we have total victory over ourselves terrorism we must
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remember all of the states who have been supporting us in this battle. the war is over but now we have a new battle a battle of reconstruction and rebuilding sami's a down has more from the conference in kuwait. the international community managed to work together to achieve a military objective defeating eisel on the battlefield now they've got to figure out how to hold together the international coalition in achieving some nonmilitary goals we heard the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson today say don't forget this these lands which have been taken off of vice all are not rehabilitated they might fall right back into isolates hands again that's part of the problem who's going to provide the one hundred billion dollars that iraq's prime minister for example says he needs in order to get the job done not a lot of people lining up to volunteer that level of cash so far who provides the security on the ground again secretary tell us in saying it's very important to
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provide security for communities that are no longer eisel control of the americans so far have been working primarily in syria with the syrian kurds now turkish allies don't see that the kurds should be the ones to fill that vacuum left by i saw they call those groups backed by the u.s. terrorists they accuse them of being allied with the p k k a kurdish group in turkey which is been known for things like putting bombs in shopping malls then there is this the issue of course of political inclusiveness everybody agrees that's a good thing but the devil is in the details iraq is going ahead for example with elections in may two and a half million of the population many of them suddenly remain displaced that's a challenge how do you create inclusive government in an environment where a big chunk of your population can't even take part in elections still to come on the al-jazeera news hour twenty years in jail for the friend of south korea's
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former president at the center of a massive corruption scandal. the founder of wiki leaks loses another appeal to have his arrest warrant thrown out he's still in london's ecuadorian embassy. then i have a catheter and all eyes are on caroline with the arcade to see if she can build on her straining an i pad six that. egypt's former anticorruption chief gainer has been detained and i know has recently spoken out over the arrest of some a are not a former military chief of staff last month he was detained after revealing that he would run in the upcoming presidential election several rights groups have criticized egypt's upcoming presidential elections saying that it is impossible for a free and fair vote to take place charles traffic reports this is egypt's former
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anticorruption chief. speaking hours before he was arrested. i had hoped at a party to be given to the chief of staff sami and then to give a testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public can even have been increasingly critical of the c.c. government since egyptian police arrested the former military chief of staff. last month and then was arrested after announcing he would run against president up to fertile c.c. in the upcoming presidential election could mean a war and that top secret files would be released if a man was harmed in any way is his testimony or her say or supported with evidence he's in possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubt could they incriminate many yes give me his daughter says hours
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later thirty police officers stormed his home in cairo before leading him away. analysts say the egyptian president is targeting anyone who could risk his chances of a second term in the march plus that he need to say with a secret documents exist or not president sisi isn't taking any chances i don't know what it is that would be so scandalous that it would be frightening to them but it could also cause that he's right in from other perspectives of making other people or trying to. pressure on the government and if you know if it starts. down or arrested and it's fine and. yet there's i mean there's no real it's formality international and regional rights groups say there is no chance the march alexion will be free and fair human rights watch and the international commission of jurists see cc's government has suppressed freedoms arrested
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potential candidates and their supporters several other presidential hopefuls have either dropped out or being pushed out of the race in recent weeks these include muhammad anwar sadat the nephew of former leader anwar sadat he withdrew in january saying it was to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest and the former prime minister ahmed shafik tweeted his withdrawal from the race earlier last month that was after he was deported from the united arab emirates where he had been living in exile should fix lawyers say he was arrested as soon as he landed in cairo egypt's military said in a statement beginning his comments raised suspicion about the state and its institutions and that the matter would be referred to the relevant authorities to start legal proceedings guinean a had been among a man's top election campaign aides now they are both in jail just weeks before an election which president sisi says he will win. but al-jazeera.
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or the store and it said going out to buy d. whose research is the middle east and north africa for human rights watch he joins us from auto i thank you for being with us so what do you make of this latest arrest in the in the run up to the egyptian election. well thank you for your time and for hosting me here. i think the egyptian government has crushed all basic freedoms that are linked to peaceful that are linked to free elections. i think. egypt is party to several international and regional covenants and treaties that stipulate very clearly that free and fair elections are really tied to very basic rights especially freedom of assembly freedom of our situation and freedom of speech these these freedoms in
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egypt are almost not nonexistent over the last three or four years. just to take to mention a few examples of freedom of speech there are scores of journalists who were sent to prison or persecuted for solidly for doing their job twenty of the twenty of them remain in jail at the moment according to the committee to protect jonah's if you're talking about freedom of association many of the leading human rights activists in the country are travel banned their assets are frozen their work under severe intimidation the new engine all o. that was issued by president sisi in may two thousand and seventeen effectively. pender's these organizations from any effective or meaningful monitoring of electoral process if we are talking about the right to free gathering or simply i think we have seen dozens of protesters over the last few years either being should and killed and brought this or taken to jail and served prison sentences solidly
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for processing and so you guys in there you said i saw a serious case there against the government in egypt but your organization and various others are calling for more international pressure in the run up to these elections but yesterday we had a visit from to listen to egypt he didn't raise the issue or you said he didn't criticize the elections i was very careful to say that he thought it should be free and fair elections everywhere but he didn't wasn't critical of egypt in particular how likely is it that you will get any more pressure if people like us and i'm not prepared to speak out against what's going on in egypt. exactly mr thompson was in egypt yesterday he avoided talking about the elections and only mentioned when he was asked by a drone that is about his comments and he just like give a very generic answer of that didn't three to raise any concerns or criticize the
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egyptian government for their own doings we think that the international egypt's friends and allies their silence reading encourages the egyptian government to go ahead with. with their operation of civic space and all basic rights and the. in this statement we call on these countries to halt all security if that could be used to. stifle peaceful dissent and internal. you know opposition. we hope. that these comforts radiative view the stance of egypt that was based on. the allegation or the claim of the different government that the egypt is in democratic transition because these. measures and violations happening ahead of the presidential history to show that even the last three meaning again of the january uprising is being eliminated right now which is peaceful protests and. thank you very much need to feel thoughts and subject the us
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ambassador to the united nations says main mosque of mint is preventing the u.n. security council from traveling to retire in state to witness violence then let's go straight to the u.n. headquarters in new york where we speak to our diplomatic editor james bay so james what else is nikki haley been saying. well nikki haley's strong comments part of a security council meeting an open meeting on the situation in myanmar she spoke after she heard from the eye commission of refugees speaking from geneva and another senior u.n. official who both talked about continuing threats and intimidation of the remaining ringler community inside me and my they said that they felt at this stage even though there had been done a deal done without the un between me and bangladesh to allow some people to return that it wasn't this a stage actually safe to return because of those ongoing threats since all girls
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last year six hundred eighty thousand more than six hundred eighty thousand people have fled the numbers are gone down a bit but there are still people moving some one thousand five hundred in the last month and it's with that back truck that the u.s. ambassador made these strong comments unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events in northern rakhine state we cannot look the other way in this situation what happened in burma and is still happening in burma is not ok this council must hold the military accountable for their actions and pressure on sun city to acknowledge these horrific acts are taking place in her country no more excuses.
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about the hailey went on that the myanmar thought his have the gall to blame the media for what's going on and she referred specifically as many other ambassadors did to the arrest of two reporters from the international news agency reuters who were arrested while investigating a story about mass graves in russia state for the government there are said that their country respects the freedom of the press says that the reuters journalists were only arrested because they broke state secrets the last state secrecy laws lauren james bays thank you very much the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march after a judge ordered the case be heard behind closed doors i had to me was arrested in december after a video of her slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral
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a seventeen year old faces twelve charges including assault and incitement she could spend up to ten years in prison if found guilty for a force that has more from outside over a military court near ramallah in the occupied west bank. so the trial proper of a had some meat is now underway with this two are proceeding on tuesday the prosecution once again set out its case against the seventeen year old she's charged with assault and incitement among twelve charges the defense set out its case that this entire process is illegitimate the result of an illegal occupation the main difference between what we saw today and the pretrial hearings is the judge decided the media no outside observers would be allowed to witness proceedings inside the court i think this is one of the court is because the court decided what is good for the court and not what is good for i'd they understand that people outside of the military court are interested in i'd say they understand that her rights are being infringed and her trial is something that shouldn't be
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happening so the way to keep it out of everybody's eyes is to close the doors and not allow people inside the court for her hearing what's also clear from today's proceedings is that this will be a lengthy process i mean he was detained in mid december it's now mid february the next hearing in this case is judge you for march she is one of according to estimates about one hundred eighty palestinian minors who are being detained during the course of the legal proceedings against them and there are estimates that more than three hundred palestinian minors are being detained in military prisons in total and so this is obviously a very high profile case but it's one of many russia says it has no information about any russian mercenaries being killed in syria it comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces also says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces or
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a charles has more from moscow. what happened in dera zoar on february seventh has the potential to turn into a rare political scandal in russia it's alleged that perhaps in excess of two hundred russian mercenaries died in a botched assault on a syria democratic forces h.q. in the area the u.s. led coalition says that it responded with artillery and air strikes to be attacked by what it calls pro syrian regime forces information that submerged on russian language social media suggests that this led to a complete routes a massacre with plane loads of wounded survivors being brought back to russia now as with much to do with the syrian war the actual facts are berkin hard to come by but conflicts intelligence team which does detective work based on open source
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information has already noted condolences being posted on the social media profiles of russian mercenaries with the the dates and locations matching this particular battle. the kremlin though and the ministry of defense are staying very tight lipped the kremlin says that it has no information about all of this there's the report should be verified and perhaps there should be put to the ministry of defense themselves now despite being technically illegal in russia private military companies have done much of the fighting on the russian side in both ukraine and syria it's a way of outsourcing military dirty work keeping costs and casualties off the books essentially but this catastrophe could blow the lid on all that and russian m.p.'s are starting to clamor for information it's not often the kremlin faces such
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a domestic challenge so it's wrong maintain the stance of plausible deniability. sunday's plane crash in russia may have been caused by a frozen speed gauges minutes after taking off the passenger jet crashed in a field near moscow on sunday killing all seventy one people on board investigators say the crew may have failed to follow correct procedures turkey is one cyprus and greece not to explore for gas near its coastline cyprus says turkish warships are blocking an oil rig from reaching a location in the eastern mediterranean where an italian oil company wants to drill turkey has been in a long running dispute with cyprus over maritime boundaries claiming certain areas fall into turkish jurisdiction. your millennium is all of them is our warships our air forces and other security unit are closely following all the developments in the region with the instruction to make all kinds of interventions when necessary
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we advise foreign companies who carry out activities off the coast of cyprus not to overstep their abilities and their limits. breaking news for you israeli media reporting that police will recommend that prime israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted for corruption it's alleged that netanyahu and his wife received illicit gifts from billionaire benefactors including a major hollywood producer last week netanyahu said the claims will come to nothing he's also accused of doing a deal with a newspaper to weaken a rival publication in return for friendly coverage it in europe said he's confident that the attorney general won't pursue the case where you more on that story as we get it.
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hello the weather is unusually cloudy across a good part of the middle east at the moment a huge massive cloud that's been spilling in from the mediterranean extending across iraq pushing across into iran because some are able to sleep with some snow for good measure you can see that's all making its way east was just coming out of i by john that's pushing its way across northern parts of iran easing over towards the latest on that also into becky stan some wintry weather there certainly in the mix it will clear through as we go on into with some more clearer skies but that the snow will just remain just around the foothills of the him alas still a fair amount of clout there into iraq baghdad at about twenty celsius similar value there for barrett's jerusalem getting up to around fifteen degrees celcius a good to woman that's across the arabian peninsula over the next day or two the warm weather remaining here in doha twenty eight celsius but you see a fair amount of clout there just into the gulf that will just make its way a little further eastward standing out brightening up as we go on through thursday
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but a fair amount of cataclysm and possibly saudi arabia at this stage as temperatures just fall back a touch meanwhile we're seeing some very heavy rains of the eastern side of south africa one of two showers there for cape town but not much to speak of over the next few days. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important was to publish if you have a q. cheek to be offensive or provoke this or whatever it is people did setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard because to go back into good to.
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my brain and the story needs to be to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring a movie winning documentaries. and live news on air and on. a reminder now of our breaking news israeli media reporting that police will recommend that prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted for corruption let's go straight now to harry force at a correspondent for more details so what exactly is this about and how soon could
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those charges be in effect. well is that now up to the prosecutors in in effect it's up to the attorney general whether to accept these recommendations and indict benjamin netanyahu it's on two long running corruption investigations named case one thousand and case two thousand in case one thousand the prime minister is alleged to have received lavish gifts from two international moguls the hollywood mogul on a milk can and the a straight in billionaire james packer now from these media reports we understand that there will be a recommendation at least to indict him over bribery charges involving mr police say that there is evidence that he did bribe and these were gifts such as cigars and champagne there have been leaks from the investigation should suggesting that mr netanyahu and his wife would issue requests when they're running low on such items to these figures now they have denied that netanyahu has admitted to
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receiving gifts but says that is natural in the course of long friendships the second case case two thousand involves his alleged manipulation or attempts to manipulate the media by saying to one media proprietor one newspaper proprietor the owner of the yeti off our north amount named our own moses that he would try to restrict his main competitor a freesheet newspaper which is owned by the wealthiest united states casino magnate sheldon adelson which was seen as a pro netanyahu newspaper of the allegation is that he would try to restrict some of its operations in order to help this other newspaper if this second newspaper agreed to give netanyahu more favorable coverage again that's now a geisha and that netanyahu rejects he said he was merely he was not being serious and that he was issuing some kind of
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a test to this gentleman again the media. courts suggest that there is a recommendation that there is a charge of bribery involving mr moses as well so we still await the official publication of this recommendation letter and then of course we wait to see whether prosecutors will accede to these recommendations if made and charge the prime minister of israel and harry last week when this story also surfaced netanyahu was quick to go on social media and say that he was confident that the attorney general wouldn't proceed with this can we expect any further statements from the tenure at this stage. there are certainly rumors that he will make another statement if and when these recommendations are published that is yet to be confirmed but he certainly hasn't been shy as you say about coming forward and fighting his corner in this last week there was an extraordinary interview given by the head of the israeli police making various suggestions one that netanyahu had promised him. the
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leadership of the shin bet the internal security service if he remained in office also making insinuations that there were that there was some kind of powerful figure or figures behind what he said were investigations being made by private investigators into some of the offices on this case indeed the head of the anti fraud office in the police has been hit with sexual harassment allegations and there are he is saying that the there is something potentially behind this again netanyahu has called this ludicrous so that the man in question the head of the empty field office should have recused himself how the felt from this investigation how do you feel that there was any kind of. question of the sort of interference coming from those around netanyahu and he totally reject of the accusations or at least the insinuations made by the head of the israeli police as well so there is all sorts of wheels within wheels going on here and this is been something very
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much at the center of israeli politics for months and months it may well be coming to a head this evening and in the days following harry foresaid thank you very much. our advisor to the former president of south korea has been sentenced to twenty years in prison tracy at the center of a corruption case that led to the impeachment of part going hey i should name reports from seoul. choice soon she'll might be the most disliked public figure in south korea at the moment many say she deserves the twenty year prison sentence and a more than sixteen million dollars fine she's been ordered to pay just. to be honest she was convicted of more charges than i expected and the sentence is also a heavier than i predicted this makes me think that the court was taking this very seriously prosecutors say to a's coersion bribery and abuse of power led to the
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impeachment and removal of her friend and former president park geun hey she was convicted of pressuring companies including samsung to donate millions of dollars to foundations she controls twenty says this is political revenge she's being framed and treated unfairly given the sustained outrage this case is generating some wonder if the bias against her stopped her from getting a fair trial trade is now the face of corruption between the political and business establishment the case has transfixed south koreans on tuesday prior to her verdict trey's name was trending on the country's biggest online search engine everybody's been watching this it's got a kind of soap opera o.j. simpson kind of quality to it this whole trial right people really obsessed about it. after the verdict was announced there was fighting and screaming among hawks supporters outside the court room they've been monitoring the trial
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a verdict in packs case is expected soon. i'm here because choice court rulings really influence parks significantly. this is the biggest political scandal in south korean history the first time a president was impeached and removed from office analysts say there is too much power concentrated in the presidency and history will repeat itself if the political system isn't reformed. then when the impeachment happened because of trey and because of the impeachment posing pietschmann politics have become unstable and we have seen normal political procedures i think trey should be responsible at doing and apologize to the people that's more important a nominee he is she will spin in prison trey remains defiant and has not apologized but many believe the court's lengthy sentence so it's a warning to others and a message to the people that their outrage has been heard natasha guinea al-jazeera
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so the founder of wiki leaks julian assange has lost another court appeal to have his u.k. arrest were dropped he fled to the ecuadorian embassy in london six years ago to avoid being extradited to sweden where he faced rape and sexual assault charges those charges have now been dropped and his defense team said the arrest warrant for skipping bail should be dropped too but in court the judge said assault should have the courage to face the consequences of breaking the law. the chairman of the aid agency oxfam international has been arrested in guatemala as part of a corruption investigation relating to his time as a government minister on a better when tis a former finance minister was arrested along with ten other people including the former president of article on it comes as oxfam faces new allegations of sexual misconduct and cover up most recently in south sudan ten years ago kevin rudd
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australia's then prime minister apologized in parliament to generations of indigenous children they were forcibly taken from their homes and put into state institutions in attempt to integrate them into white australia but many say not enough has changed and they've been protesting against the ongoing removal of aboriginal children from their families under thomas reports of the better part of a century it has been a central campaign promise in february two thousand and eight three months after being elected australia's new prime minister apologised to decades of institutional racism and abuse as prime minister of australia i'm sorry on behalf of the government of australia i am sorry watched by australians across the country rudd was specifically saying sorry to the stolen generations tens of thousands of people who as children have been forcibly removed from their families to bring them up often is to choose sions as part of white australia instead it was
9:40 pm
a much anticipated event time to do you feel giving that speech personally i felt as if i was carrying an enormous responsibility of my shoulders. on those important symbolic nationally coalitions you have to bring the mood and the sentiment and the heart of the country with you and so i spent a lot of time including until about three o'clock that morning writing this speech up by hand to make sure it was going to be authentically me and therefore as the prime minister of the country and authentic apology to the indigenous peoples who'd be assembled in the chamber of the house as well. but a decade on many aboriginal people say not enough has actually changed the official policy used to remove aboriginal children from their families indeed in the early one nine hundred seventy s.
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but even today indigenous children are far more likely than others to be placed in institutional or foster family care but isothermal roberts spent seven years of her childhood in different foster families now studying to be a lawyer she wants to stop other indigenous children from having similarly disrupted childhoods but someone says sorry i'll forgive them as long as they pull through with action we have not seen action take part since the apology we've seen nothing but over thirty thousand young people favoring two thousand and eight the policy came with a practical initiative to close the gap between the lives of indigenous and non-indigenous australians kevin rudd created ambitious long term targets to improve the education employment health and life expectancy of aboriginal australians today he says substantial progress has been made but on monday australia's current prime minister said that all seven targets three are on track to be met andrew thomas al-jazeera can't be. new york fashion week is in full swing
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but there's less glitz on the runways this year because several top designers have chosen to skip it the reason a changing industry and a focus on other shows in europe they were always on the reports from new york. everybody's running a frantic buzz of activity before the big show or want me to crowded into two three this collection is all about ultra chic and comfortable travel garments from the colombian born designer edwina d'angelo new york fashion week it's a very important platform for myself and for emerging designers like myself because the opportunity of excitement where everybody wants to come to a show of every part of of this week well emerging designers like d'angelo still flock to do york's fashion week some of the biggest design houses like a school or. and tom brown are skipping it this year the fashion
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industry is in turmoil the way people buy their clothes is changing fast and fashion week in new york has become less important to the high end brands as a focus on european buyers and big shows in europe. london and primarily paris paris is the fashion week that's where chanel and christian dior these brands that that we know as real luxury brands show it's incredibly competitive and it's also a matter of money runway shows can cost anywhere from one hundred thousand dollars in upwards to a million dollars and even some of the biggest names in fashion don't want to spend that much money brands are starting to look for different ways that they can introduce their apparel their products to consumers without the costly and sometimes really ineffective ways it used to be. a fashion label rag and bone gave up on a new york fashion week runway show and instead got creative they introduced their
9:44 pm
new collection in this video to reach more customers and drum up excitement it certainly doesn't fashion week is dead far from it there wasn't an empty seat at the end. it just means with some of the biggest names not here. some of the little guys get the spotlight. how do you see it in new york. out of the country us. all.
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the whore president of georgia mikheil saakashvili says he was kidnapped in ukraine and sent to poland security footage shows. really who's now an opposition leader in ukraine being dragged from a restaurant by men in military uniforms it later emerged it was a government operation to deport him shot ballasts explains. the. masked figures in an upmarket kiev restaurant shot get down the target is the former president of georgia mikhail saakashvili he was eating lunch on monday when more than a dozen men in military uniforms switched into the building really was
9:47 pm
a marksmen in ukraine as an opposition leader who had rallied against president petro poroshenko a close friend turned for security camera footage posted on his facebook page shows him being dragged up by his here. he's then thrown into one of two white vans and driven away. he says his mouth and eyes were covered as he was punched and pushed to the floor of the vehicle a private plane waited distant for poland. on arrival in warsaw he made these comments i was very nicely met by polish and ukrainian so it was absolutely outrageous but there was a kidnapping illegal one but poles are very good pollution cohen saakashvili had been close friends the ukrainian president granted him citizenship in twenty four tane and helped him to become a regional governor but saakashvili turned on him with allegations of corruption
9:48 pm
pushing co hit back stripping him of his citizenship last year still his former friend snuck back into ukraine through poland in september. the ukrainian border services for that reason it was a legal operation that saakashvili was sent to poland now sure according to the court's decision mikhail saakashvili was on ukraine's territorial illegally that's why keeping with the judicial norms he was returned to the country where he came from for breaking the national laws of ukraine saakashvili supporters say he's fighting for justice they chant resignation for president pushing code. his right to be for all the political opponents. mobilize people public opponents. in order to. prepare to win the election second time will saakashvili alleges the ukrainian president is corrupt others have accused him of the same and say he
9:49 pm
should be detained he cannot return to his native georgia because of charges of abuse of power for now he'll likely stay in poland a temporary safe haven from his political enemies charlotte dallas al-jazeera. the are. now for the winter olympics and all sport has for. lauren thank you so much another teenager has been taking over the slopes at the winter olympics seventeen year old american chloe kim won in gold in the women's halfpipe on choose davis sites and follows the slope style win on a sunday for teammate and fellow team that read gerard cam in dear herself to fans by tweeting about her desire for an ice cream during the event she'd already been
9:50 pm
a big hit in pyongyang due to her parents coming from south korea. i think you know having my family could be there through the whole process was so helpful and i've surrounded myself with such amazing people that they definitely made it much easier for me. yeah i mean i feel like i got to represent both the u.s. and korea today and i'm very honored to have been able to do that kim success is the kind of story organizers had been hoping for a while the winter olympics are a huge global event there been concerns about how many young people are watching a survey in south korea before the game show people under twenty were largely indifferent about them as has more. if summer olympics are the biggest the cool olympics coming winter there is a vibe amongst competitors and spectators that can give the game's a youth appeal so why did market research in korea before the games paint such
9:51 pm
a worrying picture for really big bosses the survey said under thirty's particularly the twenty's were more excited about such a four years ago than their own guy but the international olympic committee says it's evolving to appeal to the younger market we've developed the program specifically in certain ways to reach out to young people through youth focused events it's a big part of a limb pick a gender twenty twenty it's a big part of what we're doing with the olympic program generally you see that coming to life here in pyongyang you see the results with you gauge mint of young people in the way that the young athletes themselves are responding to that energy there is plenty to attract young people it's not just the sports but the sound and look particularly fresh events like slopestyle despite the bitter cold and wind it was ninety percent skill and ten percent fashion parade with plenty of teenagers competing. but sport is now consumed in a different why the i.o.c. feel they've connected with new generations by the events playing quote by gaging
9:52 pm
with them on social media platforms is it working well this is known as coffee straight in the gangnam coastal area many of the events take place in the cost of close to here and there's plenty of visitors. there you don't like it when i talk to my friends stay don't seem to have such a great interest in the olympics because young people don't have the spare time to be interested. in my older friends seem to know about the olympics when i talk to them younger friends don't seem to have a big interest and become more indifferent and then there's the sports a huge deal in korea first it's spread so fast globally that tens of millions prefer it to traditional sports it can't be ignored but it's not part of the olympics yet does that mean we'll see sport on the program. the next olympic games we're going to games probably a step too soon right now it's about engagement through the olympic channel through our partners out to the community find ways that we can argue to break into a sport that let's go live to harry forsett our correspondent who's got more on
9:53 pm
that breaking news coming out of israel about to possibility of. charges being brought against the prime minister benjamin netanyahu harriet what were you hearing . well yes i have to preface this by saying that we still are waiting for the full official publication of the israeli police's recommendations on whether to indict benjamin netanyahu but all through the israeli media there are now reports that that is exactly what will happen and specifically we've just had some information through the media again about case one thousand that is the case which alleges that netanyahu was bribed or least suspected of being bribed by wealthy foreign business figures with lavish gifts of cigars and champagne amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels are in a one hundred thousand dollars in this and one of those figures are known mishan who is a former israeli citizen who became a hollywood based us movie producer and mogul the allegation at least in
9:54 pm
the in the reporting of this of this forthcoming recommendation that it is that the prime minister tried to push a legislation which would have allowed to repatriate to israel without losing a significant chunk of his fortune millions millions of dollars in whatever taxes or other penalties he might have to have paid by repatriating that fortune and what's fascinating about this in this is something that we haven't heard in all the leaks because it has been a very leak investigation up until now is the involvement or at least the the witnessing of some of this apparently by an israeli opposition figure pede who is head of the yes the tea party he apparently had a meeting according to this police recommendation which with which is being reported by the israeli media had a meeting with him in which this man suggested that he also support this and
9:55 pm
lockheed apparently told the police that netanyahu came to him the next day and said have you met with me and what do you think now apparently he did not support this legislation and has spoken. to police this is of course all coming to reports the israeli media that we are getting more and more detail about what is likely to be contained in this police recommendation letter and it's proving pretty fascinating reading harry just where we've been told you netanyahu has appeared live on television we we he's speaking in hebrew at the moment one of the things he's said so far is that he will continue to lead israel and that perhaps chime in with his previous defiant stance in the face of all these various allegations that he was innocent and would carry on being in charge of the country. well yes and that is something that is not a surprise he's obviously under no obligation to step down just because the police have or are about to recommend indictments against him it is up to the attorney general whether to follow those recommendations and actually charge him or not so
9:56 pm
in terms of his legal status that is unchanged as things stand at the moment one of the key questions going forward those he has obviously been trying to put forward this position of strength and totally rejecting these allegations saying that there is nothing there will be nothing because there is nothing that has been his constant refrain throughout the months of speculation surrounding these cases that one of the other calculations that have to be made are those by his political allies that he runs a coalition government when former israeli prime minister is when you think of olmert he was surrounded in corruption allegations it wasn't until barack his key ally in government decided to abandon him that he was really forced out of office so it may well be that one of the key things to look at in the coming days is whether he's able to get his coalition to rally around him or whether people starts to step aside and not given their full support that's one of the key
9:57 pm
questions politically coming out and of course we have to examine legally the full details of this police recommendation and more crucially than anything how the attorney general at the time mandelbrot responds indeed a force that for the time being thank you very much and we understand that netanyahu has just said that nothing will come of the cases against him as we continue to watch that news conference so that benjamin netanyahu the israeli prime minister responding to the latest allegations against him at the israeli media reporting that police are to recommend that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted for corruption these are concerning as to have a force that was work reminding us there. allegations that netanyahu and his wife received illicit gifts from billionaire benefactors including a major hollywood producer last week had said that the claims would come to nothing that is again or he's just said this evening he says nothing will come of the case
9:58 pm
against him and he has also said that he will continue to lead israel so those. cases he has said he's confident in the past that the attorney general wouldn't pursue the case we will discover soon whether that's the case now that's it for me for this news out of miami he will be here to mint with more on that news and the rest of the day's events by. the scene for us where there online what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing
9:59 pm
between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get and one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the way we communicate is what defines us. you don't ways has been. as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. i am hearing content creation and distribution utilizing cloud technology and artificial intelligence. the future that's never seemed closer than it does. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to watch from t.v.'s the future of media leaders some. limitless possibilities. news has never been more available it's
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a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. israel's prime minister denies claims of corruption saying he will continue to leave the country after the police decision to indict him so. low i maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera.


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