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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 26  Al Jazeera  February 13, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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lead a notice to leave office often nine years although no deadline has been set zuma faces hundreds of corruption charges but has refused to stand down before his term ends next year is expected to respond to the request on wednesday nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says myanmar's government is preventing the un security council from traveling to wrack and state to witness violence that the un has accused of carrying out an ethnic cleansing campaign by forcing the muslim or henges into exile and egypt's former anticorruption chief could be detained for up to fifteen days pending an investigation this according to al-jazeera sources his daughter says thirty policemen stormed his home in cairo earlier and took him away and you know has recently spoken out over the arrest of sami a nun a former military chief of staff who was detained last month after revealing he'd run in the upcoming presidential election all those who had lines to stay with us
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the stream is coming up next and then another quick roundup of the headlines in twenty five minutes time. ok if you're in the stream today is uganda the best place in the welsh to be a refugee i really could be glad as always we are live on you tube now if you're watching us please do join the conversation there and your comments might appear on the show.
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according to a whole series of glowing headlines uganda is a power dyce for refugees its policies experts say our among the most liberal in the world refugees to work freely about the country many of their children can access education and they are even given a small plot of land and the basic materials needed to build a house but some critics say the reality is less than perfect and that uganda is starting to buckle under the strain of supporting such a huge number of new arrivals they also say that simplistic headlines may prevent difficult questions being tackled such as how to provide long term how to the refugees who need it so before we start our conversation i want to show you a map that illustrates where the refugees are coming from in east africa in somalia at the war in burundi. arrest driving refugees into uganda d.l.c. fresh from fighting in the east of the country and south sudan more than forty years of war and with us today to discuss this issue from geneva barbara loaches
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the un agency our senior regional spokesperson in kampala. jew is a member of parliament representing the national female youth constituency also in kampala hillary only because the state minister for relief for disaster preparedness and refugees joy dooku is a refugee from south sudan joining us from a ruler in uganda and al jazeera correspondent malcolm webb is in kampala thank you all for being part of the stream today i want to start with members of our community one in particular who is a refugee himself this is a rebirth of the creator on twitter who explains why he had to leave south sudan he says it was the last straw i gave up hoping all would be well the uncertainty was too much there were too many rumors super inflation still no salary new increased wave of crime and insecurity hits those traveling on the roads making movements a life or death situation in south sudan was inhospitable so we asked him what his reception was like in uganda. and whether the idea of uganda being
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a paradise for refugees was a misconception and this is what he told us not at all uganda is a paradise for refugees or sort of south sudan twice and both times uganda was there for me thank you uganda joy i said in reading about we bear and you're hearing his story can you relate to it at all and do you agree that your new home is a paradise the shoe the new home is the parrot is called like we have learned that we know we have. and if you really think. you can. join have a picture if you are going to show it to everybody on here on my laptop and this is some of your early moments when you were in uganda and you were at the river nile with a little baby doing what you're shopping you got what are you shopping for when i went to buy. the come how are people. often when you're
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in a new country it's the people around you that make you feel welcome or unwelcome how the people around you who are not refugees how is your community behaving towards you the whole community. that is the. that's why i am so good. i've never been able to reach because of the. peaceful coexistence i want to show you something from al-jazeera this is a report from september of last year and the report is south sudan refugees face major obstacles in uganda you recognize the reporter it is welcome let's have a listen a little listen to it. priscilla banga says she fled her village in far sudan last year when soldiers killed her neighbors with machetes this refugee settlement in uganda is her new home. and this muddy hole is for now a source of water she says the trucks that bring clean water haven't come for days
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. biggest challenge here is what we have had no clean water for four days and when it comes to and week to stand and wait in line welcome for silla tells a very different story there when you're hearing the reports of refugees in uganda is there another side to the story that we need to understand and appreciate. well definitely yeah there's there's more than one side i mean with regards to describing uganda as a paradise i mean you got to understand that any host country is a relatively good option for anyone you meet who's fled a conflict at home. but some of these complex. you know some of the people of the places they're playing from these are some of the you know some of the worst conditions in the world places that are extremely poor in the first place conflicts we've had widespread reports of sexual violence atrocities committed against
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civilians and quickly targeted violence and you know this is why people are leaving by the by the hundreds of thousands from you know from several countries in this region so what they get out of end of course it's better than that it's relatively better than that but that of course doesn't mean it's. you know in itself a good life they've gone from being the rural poor in one country to you know to a marginalized group in another but with regards to the story we just saw bad and we traveled around the camps and very quickly ran into to this water problem in a certain area of one of the camps north in uganda where many people had fled over the previous eighteen months or two years from south sudan. i mean that problem was acute at that time i understand that one was since resolved but from my experience not just in uganda but from countries all over this region every visit to camps if
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you do move around especially if you move around. because of all the rest it's actually very common to find complaints from people on the ground made me about security maybe about safety maybe about the librium for humanitarian services in this case the water was meant to have been paid for months before but i don't as who'd come to visit you gone bad the people there were complaining that you know they'd raised this many times with the people here they were meant to raise it with nothing that happened that they did. say that after our story for media after our story there was some improvement i don't know how the situation is now but everyone the time told us it was a temporary problem that they you know they were trying to fix and that they had alternately fixed well minister and one of the things that people are talking about online is how many refugees uganda is hosting and that are coming in we saw that map earlier of the places where they're coming from and there's an estimated one point three million refugees that's often been reported that are in uganda and we
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got this tweet from doug who says one thing that needs to be noted is inflation of the refugee numbers mr nic can you talk to us about why some people believe that this number may not be the actual number and and the story behind that. thank you very much for the return. over the last one in about two months we're uganda has received. four hundred ten thousand people from the countries that are you sure and sure i mean you are. going to spray from south sudan or one point one million approximately from republic of congo it to deduct that's going higher than two hundred forty thousand you have surely over the last two weeks we received thirty thousand more were released and more up through to coming into the country.
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how. we decide an influx from a regional in four hundred thousand of us approximately to one point four million on the over one million influx his critics challenges in there you know what a nice transition together with a united nations high commission for refugees and agencies that are involved in separate giving subsidies to basically fiji's. in fact proceed in and fast so the act would have been short for a short comings here and there but of course some bad people or sometimes scrupulous interest citee out of twelve districts that course repeat yes we have about fifteen. settlements but if he's and. we did big lighted numbers had in lunch had little right number the management of this if
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you use post challenges because some but individuals is reported to have inflicted figures in one of the camps one did a figure comes and our reaction was immediate. on the second or jan whether i needed late called the police or munda and ask him to immediately take up to my time in this good search to establish the facts and i'm in what are we suspended actually interdicted the officers involved which we suspect could have been involved in those areas. and after all if you use you know. we access you and i want to sell it. he says well and work in the management. of way people. and when.
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you act on them. as if i saw when we found or if found guilty if he did. and. i thank you thank you mr barbour i want to bring you into the conversation here i received just a few hours before our broadcast. tweet from the communications advisor to the prime minister of uganda he wanted to share this statement with us and it says the office of the prime minister has received reports alleging that there's been mismanagement of funds and other resources meant to cater for refugees and host communities in the country then it goes on to say i want to assure the country and our partners that any form of corruption or misuse of public funds in this and other sectors cannot be tolerated admitting that there is a problem admitting that there is a scandal that has to be addressed does this then put a black check in the marker of uganda saying hey we're great with refugees look at
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how well we're doing our thing i mean. mr minister i'm just going to go to baba because he is from the u.n. a.c.r. for the region i really want to get his take on this thank mr you mr. we need to welcome the resolve that have been shown at the highest level. our high commissioner for refugees philippo grandy was in kampala he met and we discussed all these issues and brought this to his attention here's assured us that there will be responsibility fixed and individuals who are responsible for this will be brought to justice it's very important for us there's no tolerance and this is just not acceptable that that has gone in to help the world's most desperate. showed go and be misused so that's why we're working with the ugandan government.
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and in terms of putting in place the verification of well edition process biometrics in terms of trying to get the number of fix but also all the individuals who have done this they have done a dis service to uganda and to uganda repartition as a welcoming and generous country for all the people who are fleeing war and conflict in africa. i think a bomber says it has no tolerance for us what are you finding you have refugees as part of your constituency do you find there's no tolerance for corruption when it comes to aid in helping refugees. well thank you very much i have mixed feelings about. the office of the prime minister has hundred funding in previous instances not the first time a corruption scandal is hitting the office of the prime minister in regard to the
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use of public funds. previously the scandal hasn't ended in the conviction of people that are working for the office of the prime minister i think for an issue like managing the titans for refugees is of the prime minister should have been more careful and established data systems to ensure that the man who would not be lost in the first place will know that the milk has been spilt or waiting to see how the office of the prime minister is going to respond and if they are going to follow this to finality because the other thing is that many times investigations are done and they go quiet and no one is bird to bull and the story just remains on the shelves and there's no follow up a need so for an issue like this. you know that
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human beings who have taken refuge in uganda are at stake i think it's important for us to keep our eyes fixed on the office of the prime minister and to further the cause of justice to make sure that actually the funds are accounted for and also it's not just about finding out that the funds were lost in the process we also need to interrogate the possibility of returning this fund because the beneficiaries still deserve them so i would like to see more iron fisted the porch from the office of the prime minister is personally being knowledgeable about. poor performance and the corruption scandals that have previously been suffered by the same office. and also this is very important to sort of bring back public. public trust and
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and honor confidence into all this issues that's why we remain hopeful that this whole process will be seen through of a thorough investigation with the responsibility being fixed because let's not forget this is about desperate refugees viewer all in a humanitarian service and there's just no excuse to let this happen and let it go. or. ring. in with color because if we don't invest again restraining the system that means the still the service very very will be very poor and the presence of conference will and that's me so it's really. for you and she and because i want to i will let our lead to clarify one thing that
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there has been in many government oppression and here and there there has been misdeeds by some wrong individuals those referred to brighten up a member of parliament of the previous can they are in jail they worked a day in jail right now serving jail so we have zero time money has never envisioned well at that point did you did you would with one hundred of your would you digital system if the judicial system cannot employ you cannot impose that on the whole the culprits then the premises of these hands out of the congress and of them was real justice system. i want to bring in one more person perspective and minister i hear you joy i hear what you're saying i want to bring this in just to throw this into the mix so this is from rosebowl she says the role of the sub in me in these conflicts shouldn't be overlooked or is that the president i think it is
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insulting if you tell south sudanese that our policy is good to them as refugees if our regional policies aren't making them safer in their home country in terms of free movement and provision of settlements uganda has done great but as we host more refugees there is worry that refugees become another income generating scheme for the regime the latest fund scandal is the tip of the iceberg so that's on one hand that someone who says we have to be looking at our own government there is i want to go and i want to get i want to get in the other side of that argument because it's a two sided argument and there is someone i don't get on with this new minister i will give this to you this is a video comment we've got probably only are going to be to have a lutheran. minister have a listen i want i want you to hear the other side of this argument from someone who's actually uganda is being used as a pawn by western powers this is a bernard he's a researcher in kampala published than this that we haven't been to a party situation in a way it was crazy to go there. again right.
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on the government you know the president sending. it was part way. to somebody you know where you have troops some traffic and. so on and the countries in sub-saharan africa because here you need to drink. waste and power. so minister he says uganda is doing the bidding of other western countries what do you make of these two arguments. price of war. we do not hunt or resources or money from the united nations as government are our only stops at receiving the refugees giving them time trying in the settlements and providing security for their well being and of course to some extent we allow them into our
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schools into our have sent us and we give them treatment would smile and that hospitality is what they call part of this but of course the united nations through one food program did go and to supply food to these refugees. who are actually just that biometric id and instead of using their biometric means to supply food and they just simply if they pick just at least or for a few years and some of which might need checking and they don't check it and it disappeared food to wrong individuals and that is where the problem comes that's why we have going to rebuild it it again afresh or dated it there it is that if you used to ensure that in future it will be no more giving some place wrong individuals some of the stat don't see any money we don't see where we don't touch the money things that market. that.
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scandal alleged scandal came out then. and been saying that biometric registration of the refugees needs to begin with twice in the last year we've seen in western uganda communities refugees and in new south sudanese refugees being registered their fingerprints are taken the photographs taken by ugandan government records officials. there's data recorded in a database on a you know on a set of luck or. seem to have looked a lot like a biometric database i'm just puzzled right if this is you know this database is apparently being being used in the field for maybe the last year and now now with this be growing even after such a database exists i don't see why there should be a dispute about not i may jump in here with a gun. when we can clarify. one of them up but not by any account for that
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but yes exactly i think the way things have happened there was a disruption in two thousand and fifteen there was biometric registration then there was a deception now after seeing all these and raising our concerns the government has agreed for unity are to reintroduce the biometrically just ration system we have had a team on the ground in uganda and we are bringing in all of which is required to reverify and revalidate all the data which is for us is very important and this leads to do not trust also public are looking at us but let's let's start of forget for for the actions of few individual we need to be careful that we don't punish uganda as a whole for the generosity generosity it has shown i mean let's not forget when or when a million refugees came to europe in two thousand and fifteen what happen though. whole continent was struggling and here you have of this gesture of generosity and
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you want as we're talking to do there or around three thousand refugees who are truly old bird from the the r. c. so uganda is still there with all the open policies or to sure the world what we need to see is better manageable but we should not forget that this is not the time for donors. to look the other way this is time to stand in solidarity with to fix the system i hear barbara doing his job as a u n h c r c every channel spokesman what i hear you saying that it's about attitude is about an attitude to refugees there says come live with us not messing don't come here let me end with joy joy i'm going to show everybody a picture of your grandma here on my laptop there's a happy story to your grandma because she was in south sudan tell us a story briefly what happened. to your growler i mean in canada
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in august and she has lived behind because she is not able to come from the village there's no with you could be broke i managed to raise the money and send her to a better border and she was brought to me as a talk radio is not ready and she's living with me in the house and sharing her so that's another challenge that we do have people we leave we not reduce that because they use different way of entering into the settlement ok not yet not really the entry point but through other ways but they're within the said to me and so we. if the office of the prime minister. you're grabbing or grabbing a moment as we do have the minister here with us we are wrapping up the conversation we appreciate you joya malcolm barber and minister next for being in this conversation about refugees in uganda make a had a conversation go to an online. i'll end with this week from brian who says as
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ugandans were naturally very welcoming both we believe there's always space for everyone the issue of refugees is one that we don't take lightly but also it saddens me that that's politicians and government officials are trying to embezzle money off of it and when i will always see online hash tag thanks for watching everybody take. the congolese the journey to work all aboard seems unimaginable hardship i prefer to live down the standard i've got the contused chancing life and live on
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a dangerous journey through the jungle i've gone on to the real stuff for nearly done. our children go to school and live because of the trade of risking it all the democratic republic of congo at this time on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. what makes this moment this era we live in from so unique this is really an attack on itself is a lot of misunderstanding big a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish if you have a duty to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people do setting the stage
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for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. news has never been more available but the messages are simplistic and misinformation is rife the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie and london here's a quick roundup of the top stories on al-jazeera israeli israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will continue to lead the country despite pleas recommending he be indicted for corruption and bribery it's alleged that netanyahu and his wife received illicit gifts worth tens of thousands of dollars from.


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