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you may only have to do everything all the way. but this time the one. we believe that he didn't speak was the first so they. are. all. pretty good. at this time. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu should face bribery charges but the attorney general will have the final say on prosecution. i'm richelle carey and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. what we have seen so far is cruel and barbaric to top it off they have the gall to
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blame the media the united nations puts more pressure on me and maurice government to deal with the row hensher crisis. oxfam international chairman faces corruption charges in his home country the latest crisis hit the charity mired in a deepening abuse scandal. and confronting racism and canada how the case of him and indigenous me and killed by a white farmer could change the country's criminal justice system. a defiant israeli prime minister says he'll keep plaguing the country despite police recommending he be charged for corruption and bribery benjamin that is accused of accepting nearly three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from billionaire benefit benefactors he's also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage reports.
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the corruption scandal has swirled around him for months but never at this intensity addressing the nation benjamin netanyahu was determined to project resilience and confidence i'm sure will be with you not too slow i will continue to lead israel responsibly and faithfully as long as you the citizens of israel choose me to lead you i am certain i am certain that the truth will be revealed and i am certain that at the next elections which will be held on schedule i will earn your trust again israeli police are recommending that he be charged in two cases the first case one thousand involves gifts of cigars and champagne made to the prime minister and his wife sarra the gift givers israeli born hollywood mogul. and australian billionaire james packer the police reportedly recommending milchan also be charged with bribery they say in total the netanyahu has received a quarter of a million dollars the accusation that netanyahu back to bill that would have saved his friend much more money if he wanted to repatriate to israel netanyahu rejected
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any such suggestion in his late night rebuttal saying only that he helped him with the visa application not in return for cigars but because it was a friend of israel and you know conquered the loss of route through i'm not here for personal gain but that was what was driving me i would have been somewhere else long ago what drives me is one thing to assure the future of our state. in the second case israel's prime minister is accused of trying to get favorable coverage in the country's second biggest newspaper by offering to hamper the activities of its main competitor the police are also reportedly recommending the proprietor of the yeti off her own off newspaper be charged with bribery the question now is how much the prime minister's carefully cultivated image of a wise economic steward and strong security pragmatist will be undermined by the tawdry details in the police document was distasteful is there is the pettiness of it he is personally a millionaire. he doesn't need. a billionaire to buy him cigars more important in
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the voters' reactions may well be those of netanyahu his political allies will his coalition partners continue to back him and perhaps the most consequential decision will fall to the attorney general whether or not to follow the police recommendation and indict the sitting prime minister of israel or a force of al-jazeera west jerusalem. safelight a columnist said al monitor dot com poll says despite the allegation that's likely the majority of israelis will continue to support benjamin netanyahu. this is something very weird about about a country that is considered to be leading in height and in culture in everything when it comes to politics it seems that people are very stupid and the threshold is not even you know bribery and a clear accommodation of the police to indict him in other words. you would get
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if you go to the street and ask people what do you think they will tell you well there is nobody else with a neo is the best that we can come up was so he will play the his his popularity he will use his p r and communication abilities and he will go to the end of the will take us reserves when mars government has been accused of making life for henge and muslims at that sentence damning or it came from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley the un's head of refugees also says conditions are right for her to return to me and my as a staffer man has still not a trust there exclusion denial of rights and lack of citizenship i can report from washington d.c. the plight of the ruling is highlighted in the six edition on capitol hill. around the table discussion on the crisis is joined by some of the senators who are adamant that the time has come for military leaders to be held accountable for the
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well documented abuse suffered in rakhine state and i hope this exhibit right here on capitol hill well help bring to the american people the need the urgency for us to help the rohingya muslims and to prevent in the future atrocities in our community we should speak own hands in the world the civilized world against the million more policies that have led to this persecution of discrimination in this expulsion of these people from me and more and the demand that the white house take a public position on what is happening in myanmar i want to see the president the united states cape fear stand about this ethnic cleansing about this genocide we have not had one word not one word from the oval office not one word of leadership against this horrific horrific crime against humanity on
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tuesday donald trump's ambassador to the un did speak on the issue but pointed the finger of blame at others for not holding myanmar to account unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events and more than rakhine state we cannot look the other way in the situation while there may be little action at the u.n. the u.s. senate is likely to lead the way with a full vote in coming days and targeted sanctions appear certain against those military leaders responsible for these crimes mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse by its staff in south sudan some aid workers are accused of sexual assault and rape in some cases exchanging sex for aids policy allegations that staff these
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prostitutes and its operation in haiti following the two thousand and twenty nine earthquake and also in chad on top of all of that oxfam international chairman juan alberto fantasy night has been arrested at his native guatemala over correction allegations from his time as a government minister there brian kahn cannon is the executive director of the institute for justice and democracy in haiti he says oxfam scandal and the case systemic problems and the humanitarian community the oxfam scandal is really just the tip of the iceberg and the iceberg is a long history of unaccountable interventions by the humanitarian community in countries like haiti but also many other countries that are poor and this is an oxfam sexual abuse scandal is a problem but there's also been al-jazeera has reported on this extensively sexual abuse by u.n. troops there's been sexual abuse by missionaries and it goes beyond that to get in
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the case of eighty one introduced caller to haiti killing ten thousand people it is refused to accept responsibility you have unaccountable policies by international financial institutions that force the haitian government and other governments like you to to him to accept economic policies that their citizens don't want and so you have a whole history of of humanitarian interventions they do many good things but but they also do much harm because they're not accountable to the people of haiti. the trial of a palestinian teenager charged with assaulting an israeli soldier has been adjourned until march after a judge ordered the case be heard behind closed doors i had to me was arrested in december when a video for slapping and hitting israeli soldiers went viral the seventeen year old faces twelve charges including assault and incitement and she could spend up to ten years in prison if found guilty as secretary of state rex tillerson has warned that the end of combat operations against doesn't mean the fight against the armed group
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is over i made the comments during a conference of the global coalition to defeat eisel in kuwait i made on reports from their. displacement is a cold world a life where the only warmth is the smile of your last surviving child and that the smiles wife and two other children were killed in a u.s. led coalition air strike in two thousand and four his house in ramadi turned to rubble now camp is the inhospitable host of these unwilling guests these are the people the u.s. secretary of state told a conference of the n.t. eisel coalition not to forget. which. countries managed to work together to achieve a military goal defeating i saw on the battlefield but now that that phase is over
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comes perhaps an even more challenging one how do you keep an international coalition together in achieving the next three key objectives reconstruction on land recaptured from i saw political inclusiveness and security but who will stop isis return and provide security america's top diplomat says ground forces a crucial but his own troops have already started to draw from and in syria washington is mainly relied on kurdish forces to fight i saw forces turkey is fighting and previews the missing plane another terrorist group that can't be allowed to fill the vacuum. on the ship must we have seen some very serious mistakes and wrongdoing from our ally the united states our relations are in a very critical juncture we will either mend our relations or they will break apart completely assignment wasteland of destruction is nonetheless the subject of a noisy argument over who protects it both tillerson and iraq's prime minister
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urging attendees at the reconstruction conference to help iraq rebuild. the war is over but the battle for reconstruction has just begun and our invitation to invest in iraq is a real invitation but who will come up with the one hundred billion dollars he says is needed to listen maybe urging the private sector to commit its cash but his president was busy describing money spent in the middle east is a waste as of a couple of months ago we have spent seven trillion dollars in the middle east seven trillion dollars what a mistake the children of have been near camp know what far worse looks like all they want is to go home in a real shot at a peaceful future sami's a than al-jazeera kuwait. claymore head on al-jazeera. i don't know what to do mostly with there's a very very little room on the n.c.a.a.'s taken scimitar step down
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a south africa's president but he's refusing to go. a former aide to egypt's military chief of staff is arrested after threatening to release top secret files. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. it's still relatively warm in hong kong three days ago twenty two degrees is still forecast to run the twenty four hour is quite high for february and the want to spread up to shanghai eighteen degrees here without much code in the sky to the humidity is high along the coast and inland a little bit and it will stay that way i suspect maybe another rise in temperature in hong kong come thursday but shanghai is cool down the winter is trying to get back in here but it's not much of a winter really is not that cold even by night. south of this weather you know all
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the action is a tropical storm running through the central philippines that's mostly a story of rain not strong winds but the rains of falling over areas that have recently been denuded of trees we had a problem last time a storm went through here mindanao some are where we had flooding and therefore landslides the risk is still there and for the next two days the storm runs westward through palawan out into the open waters on its web partly to wardes vietnam beyond that it's largely dry picture to get down to indonesia particularly java and sulawesi where showers seem quite heavy or at least rain seems quite persistent there's been a welcome return to precipitation of both sorts of rain and snow in the northwest of india and up in the hindu kush is being enjoyed by all. there with sponsored by cats on race. it was appalling which modern day venezuela was a stop. for over
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a century this lucrative resorts has divided the people both less than those with the world's largest reserves. charting the impact of industrialization and the legacies of its prominent leaders we shed light on the troubles afflicting venezuela today the big picture the battle for venezuela at this time on al-jazeera . and watching al-jazeera let's take a look at the top stories right now israeli police have recommended prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted over corruption allegations the attorney general now has to decide whether to pursue formal charges that yahoo is about to stay on
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israel's leader some aspects of the u.n. has accused me in march the government of making lives for henge of muslims a death sentence hundreds of thousands of them have fled the country since a violent military crackdown began in august and u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has warned the end of combat operations against eisel doesn't mean the fight against the armed person is over at a meeting and co way to call the nations to step out commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be under ice or control iraq's prime minister has asked for tens of billions of dollars for construction after the end of the conflict with eisel hoda abdel-hamid has more on that. for fifteen years conflict has laid waste to iraq roads schools hospitals industry even entire cities are now in ruin millions of people live in poverty the government of iraq worked with the world bank to assess all this damage and count the cost of rebuilding the country they concentrated on the areas that were most affected in recent years of conflict
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they came up with a staggering figure one hundred four billion dollars in total losses since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three damage from the war against isis alone is estimated at forty five billion now to breakdown seventeen point four billion is needed to rebuild homes this is a priority as about three million iraqis are living in tents about ten billion dollars are required to repair schools and health care facilities at least half of iraq's hospitals and health clinics are gone. and then there's the water and sanitation system about ninety percent of it is that mage beyond use that's another two point four billion dollars repairing the damage i still calls to the country's cultural and religious sites will cost one point seven billion another nine billion is needed to restore power for all iraqis at the moment there are entire cities
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which don't have electricity at all and in others just a few hours a day the basic sectors of the country's economy need more than twenty billion dollars just to function properly nearly half of that is earmarked for the oil and gas industry that's a priority for iraq to be able to pump more barrels per day and kick start the economy but before reconstruction can begin the government of iraq needs to provide security and stability as well as an all inclusive government for all iraqis regardless of sect or its necessity for iraq that is priceless aid workers in the un's world food program are in the city of doors or in syria for the first time since it was taken by eisel in two thousand and fourteen last year was taken back by syrian government forces with support from russia and iran all of us under eisel control that was seized by pro-government troops and aid supplies to the city were cut off russia says it has no information about any russian mercenaries being
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killed in syria it comes in response to reports that more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in two hours or last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces also says it's only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces russia has been supporting the government of syrian president bashar al assad throughout the civil war or a challenge has more from moscow. the u.s. led coalition says that it responded with artillery and air strikes to be attacked by what it called pro syrian regime forces information that emerged on russian language social media suggests that this led to a complete round a massacre with plane loads of wounded survivors being brought back to russia now as with much to do with the syrian war the actual facts are berkin hard to come by
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but conflicts intelligence team which does detective work based on open source information has already noted condolence is being posted on the social media profiles of russian mercenaries with the the dates and locations matching this particular battle they debts foreign minister has resigned after admitting lying about meeting the russian president more than a decade ago. had previously claimed he had met vladimir putin in two thousand and six and heard him speak about expansionist plans to create a greater russia a monday it's all stranded it he wasn't present at the meeting but said he was see it said he was rather in order to protect his source so that press president is expected to address the media on wednesday after his party the african national congress formally asked him to step down it's uncertain a seventy five relatives in the will resign but if he doesn't quit they could face a vote of no confidence in parliament i mean a miller has more from johannesburg. after days of confusion and uncertainty this
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press briefing was expected to introduce some clarity into the future of president jacob zuma but while the a.n.c. confirmed it had also the president to resign the party did little to assure solve africans that will happen anytime soon as we communicate of this this is obviously time and space to respond. we have in. truth. i don't know what leapt in but let's leave this is that. this was an opportunity for the a.n.c. to be decisive regain the public's trust and by taking the lead in removing a president accused of being corrupt but the agency's message was mixed saying it would also do much to step down not because he had done anything wrong but for the sake of stability mr zuma is
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a very shrewd intelligence operator and has knowledge of many of the covered or covered up actions of the members during their time in exile so here is a lot of intelligence on people who are either in positions of power now or likely to be in positions of power in the near future while the a.n.c. appears to have taken a negotiated approach the opposition wants next week's vote of no confidence against zuma to be brought forward with a mainstream majority in parliament zuma has survived eight other motions of no confidence the a.n.c. says it has no plans yet to bring its own motion against the president this is a party that's either confident that zuma will step down or is prepared to wait it out the a.n.c. says it expects zuma to respond to his decision to recall him by wednesday for me to milan al-jazeera johannesburg egypt's former anti-corruption chief. has been
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detained comes after he's spoken out over their arrest of sami anon a former military chief of staff who had been planning to run in march march as presidential election cross traffic reports. this is egypt's former anticorruption chief. speaking hours before he was arrested a man who i had hoped in a pretty to be given to the chief of staff sami and then to give a testimony freely and without intimidation for the record so that all things come clear before the public can have been increasingly critical of the c.c. government since egyptian police arrested the former military chief of staff sami last month and then was arrested after announcing he would run against president up to fattal sisi in the upcoming presidential election guinean a warned that top secret files would be released if a man was harmed in any way is his testimony or her say or supported with evidence
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he's in possession of documents and evidence which is not kept here in egypt you mean out of egypt yes could these pieces of evidence change the course of trials of course no doubt could they incriminate many yes given his daughter says hours later thirty police officers stormed his home in cairo before leading him away and lists the egyptian president is targeting anyone who could risk his chances of a second term in the march plus that he need to say with a secret documents exist or not president sisi isn't taking any chances i don't know what it is that would be so scandalous that it would be threatening to them but it could also be that he's trying to disrupt regime from other perspectives of making other people or trying to. pressure on the government and if you know. it it's hard to rebut it now rested and. so yeah
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i mean there's no real. formality. international and regional rights groups say there is no chance the month's election will be free and fair human rights watch and the international commission of jurists see cc's government has suppressed freedoms arrested potential candidates and their supporters several other presidential hopefuls have either dropped down to will be pushed out of the race in recent weeks these include muhammad anwar sadat's the nephew of former leader anwar sadat he withdrew in january saying it was to protect his campaign workers from intimidation or arrest and the former prime minister ahmed shafik tweeted his withdrawal from the race earlier last month that was after he was deported from the united arab emirates where he had been living in exile schiff weeks lawyers say he was arrested as soon as he landed in cairo egypt's military said in a statement beginning his comments raised suspicion about the state and its
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institutions and that the matter would be referred to the relevant authorities to start legal proceedings guinean a had been among a man's top election campaign aides now they are both in jail just weeks before an election which president sisi says he will win. but al-jazeera turkey has warrant cyprus and greece not to explore for gas near its coastline cyprus says turkish warships are blocking an oil rig from reaching a location in the eastern mediterranean where an entire oil company wants to drill turkey it's been a long running dispute with cyprus ever maritime boundaries claiming certain areas fall into turkish jurisdiction turkey has occupied the northern half of cyprus since one nine hundred seventy four. so last year millennium is all who are doing them is our warships. off a security unit a closely following order developments in the region with the instruction to make
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all kinds of interventions when necessary we have vice foreign companies who carry out activities off the coast of cyprus not to overstep their abilities and their limits canada's government says it's looking at changing the way juries are chosen for criminal trials this comes after an all white jury made up of twelve people acquitted a white farmer in the murder of a twenty two year old indigenous man. more colton bush he was in a vehicle with several others when he was shot in the head by gerald stanley stanley said his family and property were under attack and the gun had misfired when he tried to frighten those in the car for his trial defense lawyers rejected all potential jurors with indigenous backgrounds it took just fifteen hours for an all white jury to acquit stanley of second degree murder. protests erupted across the country last saturday against a verdict many saw as racially motivated indigenous activists say the criminal
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courts routinely deny them justice both as victims of violence and as defendants. their son all over again to say that his life has no meaning and this is allowed and then what does it mean for the rest of us like do we need to keep worrying that our lives are in danger by people who have racist ideas about members of bushies family headed to auto to press for change to the justice system after two days of meetings the family says the government is listening to them and they're keeping up pressure for action not just words of comfort as a family we want to be a part of that process so that these injustices are. we feel justice for our brother for our son in law the prime minister what concrete steps will he take since he was elected just over two years ago prime minister justin trudeau has been promising indigenous people redress and reconciliation so far he's talked of change
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but no specifics yet we have come to this point as a country far too many times indigenous people across this country are. angry they're heartbroken. and i know indigenous and non-indigenous canadians alike know that we have to do better the federal justice minister says she's looking at changes to the jury system as protesters in the bush family have been demanding still indigenous canadians have heard promises of reform before promises that haven't been capped this time they say the outcome must be different daniel lak al-jazeera toronto have us together say sunday's plane crash and russia may have been caused by frozen gauges minutes after taking off the passenger jet crashed in a field near moscow on sunday killing all seventy one people on board investigators say the crew may have failed to follow correct procedures
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a russian built plane belonging to south airlines is on its way to the city of or skin the your own mountains. thousands of revelers have mocked two controversial leaders this is that portugal's annual carnival so keep your eyes on the screen here yes that is donald trump sitting on a toilet shaped like the planet earth and behind him north korea's kim jong holding a rocket because you know rocket man the carnival near the capital lisbon is famous for its political satire. show here here with their headlines on al-jazeera israeli police have recommended prime minister benjamin netanyahu be indicted over corruption allegations attorney general now has to decide whether to pursue formal charges and yahoo has vowed to stay on as israel's leader is a master to the u.n.
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and has accused me of mars government of making lives for henge muslims a death sentence hundreds of them have fled the country hundreds of thousands rather since a violent military crackdown began in august. unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events in northern which kind of state we cannot look the other way in this situation what happened in burma and is still happening in burma is not ok this council must hold the military accountable for their actions and pressure on santucci to acknowledge these terrific acts are taking place in her country the scandal surrounding the british charity oxfam is widening with new allegations of abuse by its south and south sudan that follows allegations that aid workers whose prostitutes in haiti following the two thousand and ten earthquake and then again also in chad at
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oxfam's international chairman has been arrested on corruption charges in guatemala while barito fuentes knight is among ten top former officials to be charged u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has war in the end of combat operations against iceland does that mean the fight against the armed group is over at a meeting in co way he called on nations to step up commitments to stabilize parts of iraq and syria that used to be under eisel control south africa's president is expected to address the media on wednesday after the party that's after national congress formally asked him to step down if seventy five year old jacob zuma does not quit he could face a vote of confidence in parliament and best gaiters say sunday's plane crash in russia may have been caused by frozen speed gauges passenger jet crashed in a field near moscow on sunday killing all seventy one people on board investigators say the crew may have failed to follow correct de icing procedures those are the headlines the news continues and al-jazeera inside story is next keep it or.
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egypt's former army chief of staff sami annan is said to have secret documents that could be released if he's threatened with a controversial election just weeks away how will this case be flayed out and is there a rift within the army this is inside story.


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