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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we had the unfortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that passenger drive and present the stories in a way that is important to our viewers. everyone has a story worth hearing. and cover those that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera . this is al-jazeera. has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes south africa's ruling party says it will move on a no confidence motion against president jacob zuma if he doesn't resign by
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thursday. pledges are made to help rebuild iraq but is there enough money to do the job properly will have a live report. what we have seen so far is cruel and barbaric to top it off they have the gall to blame the media the united nations steps up the pressure on myanmar as government over the range of crisis. in sports shaun white makes no boarding history at the winter olympics the american winning and arrested inside third gold medal in the hall part of it. a low pressure is growing on south africa's president to step down from his own party but jacob zuma says he's not going anywhere right now the president has said he had proposed a longer transition period handing over power after june the a.n.c.
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rejected that plan and demanded he step down by thursday. so i found it very strange that i'm going to be told by my organization you now must go. because. we now have two new president who must comey not to follow in any policy of the agency there is nothing of that nature of for me to miller is live for us now in pretoria so for media that the growing calls from within his own party for zuma to go but so far the south african president remaining defiant. this is the first time that the president has spoken to south africans in this period where these calls for him to step down he said i'm not being defiant i've just said i don't understand why the a.n.c. wants me to resign and i and i differ with the decision that they've come to he says that he's actually a victim he's been victimized during this process policy hasn't been followed and
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he's ended that interview with the state broadcaster and there's no indication a tool that he's going to step down i'm going to speak to an analyst at a summit a few can you to give us a better idea of just what positions you might is in and why he's maintaining the stance zuma has called himself a victim he's not stepping down at least for now what do you make of that well i think it is typical of him because for the last few years whenever something has happened he has painted himself as a victim as always invoke some in the conspiracy behind him without ever taking any accountability as a leader so that is just a continuation of what we had come to expect now we are expecting no the a.n.c. as it had said earlier in the day to push forward with this motion of no confidence in parliament they seem to have no influence of a zoo mind terms of pushing him to step down they've lost their patience never lost
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their patients and they might actually be very angry that he's trying to embarrass them publically so even when he has stepped down that relationship between him and the a.n.c. might be a frozen one and the dignity of a retired state president might not be accorded to him in many ways way he has to play a role whether in the international forums because they will remember him not only for having about us them but that they have always defended him and all of a son. than his not understanding that he has ever done anything with. the president this isn't the first time that he's had been embroiled in scandals and criticism that has gone on for much of his presidency he's known to be a fighter there's a lot of speculation around what exactly he'll do if he'll bring down other people in his party because we know that this isn't about one man having allegations of corruption against him but a party that could be facing
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a crisis i doubt at this stage leadership has been very careful to bring its national executive committee behind it and some of it strikes as behind it including the parliamentary caucus he may just have over estimated his influence and he may just find out that he is likely to be isolated in this space in a crucial year when he is facing a number of legal challenges now we expect to see so room up or so the deputy of the country and the president of the a.n.c. sworn in as president this is what the a.n.c. is pushing for on on thursday do expect that to go smoothly what are your expectations around that i doubt it will have any challenger people as once the a.n.c. called cause has agreed and the opposition had always yearned for him to step down then it will be a smooth process in fact i think this is the ninth motion of no confidence and the
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proverbial cat with nine lives is coming exactly precisely to that number nine so madonna he can even analysts is giving us some insight into exactly what the lace to this latest interview with jacob zuma might mean the president has also said that he will address the nation later in the day we don't expect to see or hear any change from what the president has already said but earlier in the day we do know that there was a raid on the home of the gupta family nice to put you in the picture of the group has. an intern one family that have a lot of influence over it in particular they have a close relationship with the president and they've for a long time been accused of using that relationship to influence a government policy decisions and also benefits from a state contracts now this raid resulted in the arrest of at least three people we do expect more arrests possibly even family members of jacob zuma who are who do
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have a place in various companies owned by the group the family so the pressure is on despite that zuma has not indicated in any way that he will step down insists he's not being defiant that he is the victim in all this. for me the middle life for us there in pretoria place or challenged ballots takes a look at the cook to brothers the family that for me to was talking about they become central figures in this story. twenty five years after immigrating from india to brothers a.j. and brijesh one of the richest families in south africa they went from success to success with investments in media energy air travel mining and technology they first met president jacob zuma more than a decade ago one of the company events wasn't long before several xoom as well working for the govt is but their relationship didn't become controversial until
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the go to strew a luxury waiting in twenty thirteen and chartered a plane with more than two hundred wedding guests to an air force base that is reserved to state dignitaries it was a national scandal about the same time allegations surfaced that they had pushed president zuma on certain ministerial appointments allegations that gupta is an zuma tonight i am in charge of the government i'm in charge i appoint. in terms of the constitution. there is no minister who is that here was appointed by the does or by anybody but the accusation stuck the national ombudsman published a three hundred fifty five page report on the matter and twenty six doing its title state of capture the kind household term the normally media shy go tos had little choice but to respond i'm not a lobbyist or marcus to capture. the concern of that are my friend only going to do
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to me as a friend of the people that thing i've met office what all of the panelists explain and that i understand that captured is that. when you are taking any advantage of anybody a.j. got to say listen two percent of their business is government related the image was talented now with the arrest of several members of the gupta family many will be looking to see how this case will impact the president. an international summit for iraq's reconstruction ended with billions of dollars pledged to rebuild the country after the defeat of isolates take a closer look at the amounts that have been pledged at this conference turkey put up large to the largest amount with five billion dollars in loans another five billion came from gulf states the u.s. has extended a three billion dollars credit line to iraq and the european union pledged just under five hundred million dollars in aid or more than three hundred million was offered by international organizations that brings the total pledged to around
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thirty six billion dollars and that falls far below the one hundred billion dollars the iraqis need. sami dan is live for us in kuwait city so we just went through the numbers there sami still a long way to go in the efforts to rebuild iraq. there is a long way to go before we talk about that has we just point out that when we talk about a round from the numbers which have been made public you said there were a total of around thirty six billion ten billion of that is the pledge by the united kingdom but it goes like this they'll donate one billion a year in terms of an export credit line over a period of ten years so if you're looking at the sort of money that's been pledged in the more immediate term that's around twenty six twenty seven billion you get to thirty six billion if you're looking over
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a period of ten years and who knows what will happen in the whole middle east let alone in iraq in the next ten years you've already crunched some of the other numbers perhaps one important thing to point out here is yes we are far short of the one hundred billion dollars that iraq's prime minister told the davos conference in switzerland would be the total price tag on rebuilding iraq it's still also short of the eighty eight billion dollars the iraqi ministry of planning has been asking this conference to cough up and if you listen to the speech by the emir of kuwait today he didn't for size on the role of the private sector now private sector money will take more time to get in obviously you don't have a businessman show up in the middle east especially with if you're talking about putting money into a place as risky as iraq exchange business cards and immediately give you a number of how much they'll be willing to put in but this is the important thing
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to keep in mind even out of that twenty six or thirty six billion depending on how you want to tally up the number there how much of that will be in the. shape of grants how much of that with the shape of private sector investment how much of that is going to add to iraq's debt burden and from the numbers so far it seems like the biggest portion of that are loans which will add of course to the amount of money iraq should eventually pay back only maybe some two or three billion is is so far declared as a grant to iraq. and sami there's been a lot of talk as well about security on the sidelines of this conference just explain it to explain to us why. yes i think it was very clear when we heard from the u.s. secretary of state who is speaking on the site on another conference held on the
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sidelines of this one. conference for the global coalition to defeat i saw he urged people to remember that the war isn't over and talked about the importance of having boots on the ground to protect communities no longer live on the ice or rule why is that a concern now is because at this stage after a lot of the territories been taken off of vice all there is a concern about whether the coalition still has the interest and the consensus to keep it to agree on how to secure that vacuum left as i saw retreats and all the signals we're getting so far would confirm that warry we've had a statement from the leader of one of the popular mobilisation forces in iraq threatening u.s. forces in iraq telling them they should get out of town although be a target we've seen tension in syria between two allies the u.s. and turkey over the u.s. is reliance on kurdish fighters which ankara considers to be nothing more than
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another terrorist group to fill the vacuum in northern syria where is this. tension over how do you provide a secure environment who should be filling that vacuum so that you can begin reconstruction efforts and to that in the backdrop of course although the u.s. secretary of state did commit two hundred million dollars to what he said would be the stabilization of some of those areas and syria which i suppose being picked out of you have a white house with the u.s. president tweeting that he feels money's been wasted american money has been wasted in the middle east seven trillion dollars he said what a mistake stupidly spent while his secretary of state has been emphasizing the message of it's time for everyone to invest more hasn't. sammy down lifeless there in kuwait city. how the u.s.
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secretary of state has called on iran to withdraw its armed groups from syria during talks with syrian opposition figures in jordan rex tillerson made the comments in the capital and man way signed an aide agreement with the jordanian foreign minister but iranian officials say their military presence is legitimate and called for the withdrawal of u.s. troops. well we are quite concerned about the recent incident involving israel israel and iranian assets inside of syria and i think this again illustrates why iran's presence in syria is only destabilizing to the region and we think iran needs to withdraw its military its militia from syria and allow the hope for peace process to take hold in geneva plenty more ahead on this news out how a financial crisis is affecting health care in gaza. but this man who for to against i so is now being charged with
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a tariff fence. and later in sport north korea's best medal hopes make their debut winter olympics. so unless they have the first israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he will continue to run the country that's despite the police recommending he be charged for corruption and bribery was accused of accepting the three hundred thousand dollars in gifts from billionaire benefactor he's also suspected of backroom deals with the publisher of an israeli newspaper for favorable coverage. i mean it's a good first of all i want to reassure you the coalition is stable and no one not myself not anyone else plans to hold elections we will continue to work together with you for the people of israel until the end of the term after i read the reconditioned report i can say it is biased extreme full of holes like swiss cheese . a financial crisis in gaza is forcing hospitals and clinics to close patients
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can't use intensive care beds and those with contagious diseases have to stay in overcrowded room is cut out in the u.a.e. or provided money to install generators in hospitals but it could be another week before it's put into plan ben a smith reports from gaza. mohamed el sir he has severe epilepsy this machine delivers a precise dosage of a drug every hour to control the two year old seizures for thirteen days now the electricity that powers it has come from solar panels the hospital like all in gaza has not been give money for generate a fuel and money but i was astonished i live in the power goes off for one minute or a certain looses his life he should be in the i.c.u. he needs an x. ray well he couldn't do that. much of the rest of this pediatric hospital is in
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darkness. it's happening because the fatter dominated palestinian authority in the west bank is refusing to release money until hamas hands over the taxes it gathers inside gaza both sides agreed in october that the p.a. would take over governing here but deadlines keep being missed. this is the intensive care unit and twelve days ago the doctors he had to take really the incredibly difficult decision to close the unit to save electricity it's very energy and electricity intensive in here and that power can be diverted to keep the rest of the hospital open there are five beds in the three that were occupied or those patients have been transferred to another hospital. they get most six hours of electricity a day here the rest of the time generators keep people alive the hospital director who's worked through all garza's crises and wars over the last twenty five years tells us he's never seen it so bad. if someone
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comes up to midnight with something critical sometimes we can save his life in five minutes when we have electricity we needed to give electric shocks for resuscitation for x. rays for everything. in the few rooms with power a crowded patients and parents some of these children have contagious diseases like viral meningitis they should not be kept like this but the hospital director says they have no option it risks a wider outbreak of disease and that's potentially catastrophic in this densely populated sealed off of almost two million people bernard smith al-jazeera gasser our british man who fought with kurdish fighters against i saw in syria is appearing in court charged with the tariff fence forty three year old james matthews is accused of quote attending a place used for terrorist training it is the first charge of its kind in the u.k. and the embalmers live for us in london so nadine what first of all what was he
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doing in syria. well has him mr matthews jim matthews or as he's known a form of british soldier who's forty three is expected to turn up here very shortly to be formally charged as you say with attending a terrorist training camp in syria now he was in saudi arabia teaching english when in his own words he saw a video online of a female just how to holding the severed head of another woman he said he was so horrified that he felt compelled to go and fight against i still in syria he was part of the wipe e.g. the kurdish forces in the north of syria and his particular expertise was the mining and explosives he was one of three british men featured in a documentary on british national television in twenty fifteen featured fighting on
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the frontline with kurdish fighters against. now he actually came back to britain to attend the funeral of one of those other two men fairly recently at the moment he's a free man he's not been in custody and he has never expressed anything but pride in what he did he obviously believes that he was doing the right thing for a just cause but now as you were saying he will formally be charged we expect within the next hour and a team how unusual is this case is this case in the u.k. . has him it's the first of its kind the first where somebody who's traveled from britain to fight in syria against our usual has been charged with terrorism offenses there have been others who've returned after fighting for the white p.g. and have been questioned they've been detained by british police but never charged
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like this there was one person george walker who was in his twenty's who came back after. helping or fighting for the white p.g. he was charged with an offense which was to do with them obtaining or accessing a. if you like a help book for preparing terrorism terrorist acts online was nothing to do with what he did in syria so this this prosecution will be unique we're waiting to see how mr matthews pleads but of course most of the people returning from syria to britain after fighting there have been fighting for i still it's believed eight hundred people have gone from britain to syria to fight for are still around a half have returned many of them their whereabouts are not exactly know there have been prosecutions on that side of things but as i was saying this is a first but in baba life for us there in london. or turning to the conflict in
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syria now russia says it cannot rule out the presence of russian mercenaries in the country but adds that they are not connected to its armed forces that's after reports more than two hundred pro syrian government fighters were killed in dairies or last week during fighting with u.s. coalition forces russia says it is only aware of its citizens being deployed there as part of the russian armed forces in supporting the government of president bashar al assad a convoy of aid supplies as reached eastern huta in syria the first delivery there since late november over this past month the rebel held town clave has come under heavy bombardment by syrian government and russian jets suburbs east of damascus is home to four hundred thousand people has been under siege since twenty thirteen the united nations saying wednesday's aid delivery will provide enough food and medical supplies to more than seven thousand people. also in eastern huta doctors and
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nurses staged a protest against the targeting of hospitals there the world health organization says more than seven hundred patients are waiting for medical evacuation and hospitals are running short of supplies of how that one of them on a in the recent military campaign by the syrian regime their forces have targeted every aspect of civilian life in ghouta the regime's forces use the most ferocious means of bombardment many hospitals were directly targeted and destroyed three of our medical centers were shelled and destroyed one of our crew members was killed and three others injured. france has threatened to launch air strikes in syria if there's enough evidence the asset government as used banned chemical weapons against its citizens the u.s. says at least six chlorine attacks have been reported since early january in rebel held areas in washington and washington is rather accusing the syrian government of being behind some of the attacks and the u.n. is investigating the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has given his road to break that speech saying
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a departure from the e.u. is in his words a cause for hope not fear he addressed the deep divisions between leave and remain voters and urged all to unite in what he says is an outward outward looking confident britain johnston says the result cannot be reversed and the u.k. should not be bound by e.u. rules off the brakes in barnaby phillips is live for us in london so bonnie what was the purpose of this speech then. i think the purpose was to try and bring the country together as in but the very fact that the speech had to be made and boris johnson in his own words feels that some of those divisions are hardening is testimony to the fact that what eighteen months more than eighteen months on britain is still bitterly divided about what happened during the referendum campaign and there's almost a tribal way in which many british people now tend to see themselves as leavers or
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remain as well his message to remain is was quite explicit don't dream that the referendum result can be reversed that bracks it will not happen it is he argued inevitable more people voted for bricks than of ever voted for anything in the history of this country and i just say in all candor if there would be a second vote i really think it would be another year of. tom all of wrangling and feuding it which the whole country would be the loser so let's not go there let's instead unite about what we all believe it and looking liberal global future for a confident united kingdom so bobby what is this liberal vision of braces that he's talking about. well what boris johnson was arguing was that bret's it was not
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some metaphorical v. sign as he put it from the white cliffs of dover towards europe rather that britain can remain an outwardly engaged country a country that loves europe but one that does not want to be balanced by e.u. institutions a country that will carry on playing its part in european security in delivering aid across the world in seeking free trade deals across the world in welcoming high skilled immigrants from across the world now all of this is fine but there are a number of potential problems i think the vision which boris johnson laid out today is not necessarily the vision of many of those seventeen million plus people who voted leave during their our friend many of them older and i would say perhaps with a more nostalgic view of britain's place in the world and what british society should look like another problem a real lack of detail it's been a long time almost a year now since britain triggered article fifty we still don't know what for
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example the customs arrangement with the e.u. would look like we don't really know what the border between northern ireland and ireland is going to look like and boris johnson really ignored those details today and i'll leave you with one final potential problem for mr johnson himself he is a very divisive figure in this country is he really the best person best qualified to be making a speech about the country coming together barnaby phillips live for us there in london. now the lower house of cambodia's parliament has passed a law making it a crime to insult the king anyone found guilty on the charge might face up to five years in prison rights groups fear the law could be used by prime minister hun sen to further stifle dissent neighboring thailand has the world's toughest penalties for insulting the royal family with sentences of up to fifteen years when he is monitoring developments in cambodia for us from the thai capital bangkok no
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surprise really that the less majesté laws sailed through the national assembly in phnom penh given that the ruling cambodian people's party of prime minister hun sen who's been in power for more than thirty years dominates that house of the national assembly so now the law will go to the senate which will really just be a formality again and then on to the king who will sign off on this law and after that anyone who is found guilty of insulting the monarchy can be jailed for up to five years and of course the concern is that this law could be used by the prime minister by the government to further crackdown on any political opposition or dissent because we have seen a willingness of the past year or so certainly by the prime minister and his government to use the courts to their advantage we've had the largest opposition party the cambodian national rescue party completely dissolved most of its key
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members are now living overseas fearing arrest and the leader of the c.n.r. p. was arrested him so on treason charges so the concern is that this list may just a law is not really designed to protect the monarchy or give the monarchy more power it's really designed according to critics to give the government and the prime minister more power. all right time now for the weather and tropical cycling details thankfully clear tongue or break could be a threat to new zealand which has got more on that yes looking that way in the next few days it's going to be heading towards new xena's an extra tropical storm system has them but nevertheless it's still causing the problems at the moment it's moving slightly towards the west southwest i think is going to close enough to new caledonia to certainly give some disturbed weather there over the next twenty four hours but it will then clear person to say the obvious is moving colder water towards new zealand and therefore it will weaken an extra tropical storm but still
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with enough energy to cause some problems so in the coming days we will see warnings issued by the newsy the met service once it gets to twenty five degrees south becomes their responsibility north of the tonga take care of it but we will see some heavy rain developing from that meantime we have some pretty disturbed weather across the south and some rain moving in there and that looks that could become heavy later on meanwhile across in a stray we've got potential for a tropical cyclone development in this area of low pressure across the top end is giving some very large rainfall totals in darwin for instance at the airport and we could well find this whole area developing into a more organized system jury in the next few days so we're going to see this development it could well become tropical cyclone calvin in the next twenty four to forty eight hours but certainly for the kimberley which is no more densely populated we're going to see brain fall totals of anywhere between two hundred and four hundred millimeters. well still ahead how the case of an indigenous man killed by a white farmer could change canada's criminal justice system. on hundreds almost in
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sydney well also said responded to the incidents recorded little strike you as an off shore refugee presence. in sport last season's finalists for a european champions league setback and he's here with that's. the scene for us where they're online what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's been to visit and he's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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the harvester. you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour south africa's president jacob zuma says he's not going anywhere as his party takes steps to remove him from office the a.n.c.
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has asked him to resign if he doesn't there will be a vote of no confidence in south africa's parliament on thursday. and a convoy has reached eastern huta in syria the first delivery since late november the un has won the suburb is a breaking point after a recent heavy bombardment to deliver delivery to provide food and medical supplies to seven thousand people. more than thirty six billion dollars have been put up in loans in investments to rebuild iraq during a summit in kuwait iraqi government says up to one hundred billion is needed after the defeat of isis. one hundred had neede now has done some number crunching to see how they came up with that figure for iraq for fifteen years conflict has laid waste to iraq roads schools hospitals industry even entire cities are now in ruin millions of people live in poverty the government of iraq worked with the world
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bank to assess all this damage and count the cost of rebuilding the country they concentrated on the areas that were most affected in recent years of conflict they came up with a staggering figure a hundred and four billion dollars in total losses since the u.s. led invasion in two thousand and three. damage from the war against isis alone is estimated at forty five billion now the breakdown seventeen point four billion is needed to rebuild homes this is a priority as about three million iraqis are living in tents about ten billion dollars are required to repair schools and health care facilities at least half of iraq's hospitals and health clinics are gone and then there is the water and sanitation system about ninety percent of it is damaged beyond use that's another two point four billion dollars repairing the damage i still caused to the country's cultural and religious sites will cost one point seven billion another nine billion
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is needed to restore power for all iraqis at the moment their entire cities which don't have electricity at all and in others just a few hours a day the basic sectors of the country's economy need more than twenty billion dollars just to function properly nearly half of that is earmarked for the oil and gas industry that's a priority for iraq to be able to pump more barrels per day and kick start the economy but before reconstruction can begin the government of iraq needs to provide security and stability as well as an all inclusive government for all iraqis regardless of sect or ethnicity for iraq that is priceless the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley has accused me of handing its minority range of muslim population what he what she calls a death sentence u.s. is increasing pressure on myanmar to end violence against the revenger with
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senators pushing for more sanctions on the army mike hanna reports from washington the plight of the rigging is highlighted in this exhibition on capitol hill. around the table discussion on the crisis is joined by some of the senators who are adamant that the time has come for military leaders to be held accountable for the well documented abuse suffered in rakhine state and i hope this exhibit right here on capitol hill well help bring to the american people the need the urgency for us to help the rohingya muslims and to prevent in the future atrocities in our community we should speak out against the world the civilized world against the million more policies that have led to this persecution of discrimination in this expulsion of these people from me and more and the demand that the white house take a public position on what is happening in myanmar i want to see the president the
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united states cape fear stand about this ethnic cleansing about this genocide we have not had one word not one word from the oval office not one word of leadership against this horrific horrific crime against humanity on tuesday donald trump's ambassador to the un did speak on the issue but pointed the finger of blame at others for not holding myanmar to account unfortunately the security council has so far failed in its responsibility to act in response to the clear threat to international peace and security that has resulted from recent events and more than rakhine state we cannot look the other way in the situation while there may be little action at the u.n. the u.s. senate is likely to lead the way with a food vote in coming days and targeted sanctions appear certain against those
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military leaders responsible for these crimes. mike hanna al-jazeera washington or turn him in is president of the burmese ranger organization in the u.k. he's been briefing us senators in washington about the crisis he's calling for the international community to get tough on me and mass leader aung sang suu kyi we have not seen we have seen from senate and house that we are strong our reason. one reason is in a still pending i hope it will be passed but administration have not done a stronger voice you know what donald trump should talk about and you know rex tillerson mission it's at the nickel is in and they call for target ascension only one one military so i need i think we are running out of time the military is continuously going on to wipe out the whole population so it is important donald trump. i mean other. ministers you know more stronger we need to
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speak from over all of these this is very important we must know who answers somebody is right now these days u.s. government and other western governments have a strong support to her so i think she she she is she's covering must across it is against rohingya that is what you know western governments they should understand about she she can give her leadership she's failing on everything you know like recently boris diaw of the u.k. foreign secretary already mentioned you know it is important she need to show the leadership but she is defending atrocities there is no plan of coffee and a recombination implementation committee you know there is no plan of citizenship if safety security so it is just to ease international pressure. canada's government says it is looking at changing the way juries are selected for criminal trials this comes after an ole white jury acquitted
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a white farmer of the murder of a twenty two year old indigenous man daniel lak hasn't colton bushy was in a vehicle with several others when he was shot in the head by gerald stanley stanley said his family and property were under attack in the gun had misfired when he tried to frighten those in the car for his trial defense lawyers rejected all potential jurors with indigenous backgrounds it took just fifteen hours for an all white jury to acquit stanley of second degree murder. protests erupted across the country last saturday against a verdict many saw as racially motivated indigenous activists say the criminal courts routinely deny them justice both as victims of violence and as defendants. their son all over again to say that his life has no meaning that this is allowed and then what does it mean for the rest of us like do we need to keep worrying that
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our lives are in danger by people who have racist ideas about members of bushies family headed to auto to press for change to the justice system after two days of meetings the family says the government is listening to them and they're keeping up pressure for action not just words of comfort as a family we want to be a part of that process so that these injustices are. what we feel justice for our brother for our son the prime minister what concrete steps will he take since he was elected just over two years ago prime minister justin trudeau has been promising indigenous people redress and reconciliation so far he's talked of change but no specifics yet we have come to this point as a country far too many times. indigenous people across this country are. angry they're heartbroken. and i know indigenous and non-indigenous canadians alike know that we have to do better the federal justice minister says
4:43 pm
she's looking at changes to the jury system as protesters and the bush family have been demanding still indigenous canadians have heard promises of reform before promises that haven't been kept this time they say the outcome must be different daniel lak al jazeera toronto david pratt is the second vice chief for the federation of sovereign indigenous nations he's calling for an inquiry well i think for starters we need to look at many of the criminal code in the justice federal attorney general has indicated that she's willing to look at that and amending the way juries are selected i think we do is not only have an inquiry and a royal commission to review all the aspects and do a complete overhaul of the canadian justice system when it comes to dealing with the digits people because as long as we're human ising and when someone can murder an indigenous person you know that that's something that we should all be concerned
4:44 pm
about not only is. but for people around the world you know one of canada wants to go around the world and stand for human rights and freedom and democracy well they better take care of their own backyard and they better start treating indigenous people you know with that respect and that love and the care that we do not a disease people here in canada a senior opposition leader has been released from prison in ethiopia off the days of anti-government protests or charges have now been dropped against mccain they get bus secretary general of the overall no federalist congress gave i was initially held on terrorism charges after his arrest in december twenty fifth he was freed along with seven other opposition members. oxfam's international chairman has been arrested in his native guatemala over corruption allegations from his time as a government minister that he's one of ten prominent political figures including a former president who are facing charges they've been musser has the latest from
4:45 pm
guatemala city guatemala's fight against corruption intensified on tuesday with the arrest of a former president and nine of his ex ministers out of little cologne and members of his cabinet are suspected of having embezzled funds and committed fraud while helping set up a public bus system in guatemala city in two thousand and ten come over to see then to that of the political the. president of the republic in accordance with the constitution is the gun tour of managing public finances intervene personally and institutionally to facilitate the fraudulent procedure of creating the agreement but office he thought a. prosecutor said there are questions around how the government auctioned off concessions and granted subsidies for the buses. the current chairman of oxfam international and former guatemalan finance minister one of best of went this was among those arrested when tis the tension comes as oxfam is already reeling from
4:46 pm
a sexual abuse scandal in haiti and elsewhere what i'm all is no stranger to corruption scandals over the past decade international investigators have been working with local prosecutors to peel back the layers of corruption that plagued this small central american country. two thousand and fifteen mass anti corruption protest helped oust former president as molina he's now on trial accused of stealing millions of dollars from the country's customs offices the current president jimmy morales trying to kick out the head of the international commission against impunity in guatemala after he pushed to remove morales immunity to face prosecution in another graft investigation analysts say these political arrests are far from over. i think the commission against impunity in guatemala and the attorney general's office are just scratching the surface without a doubt there are many more investigations on the way which will take years to
4:47 pm
uncover the upcoming selection of a new attorney general will be pivotal if these investigations are to continue experts say guatemalans need to be vigilant to ensure the country's next top prosecutor has their interests at heart and not those of the political elite david mercer al jazeera what a mile a city now an art exhibition in sydney is focusing on australia's treatment of refugees the curators of all we can see commissioned officers to imagine and then paint scenes described at the offshore detention centers in our andrew thomas reports from sydney. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes i requested been accepted on condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the right he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the words from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the pictures and still choose about artists imagining or interpretive what's described
4:48 pm
god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and face so we hope that by bringing him in treated a story. people might be able to forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirteen the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach it shows by boat to two tiny pacific islands an hour and madness are really the stark black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone on. hundreds of refugees have been held on no route for almost five years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health
4:49 pm
issues others have been abused by guards local school reach other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leaked by a former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to illustrate one of the case workers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a hot into his hand with a medal and thread she asked him why don that is so i don't know. i just found out it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some pieces on. literally a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are thirty three works on show at this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the roof aisles describe what went through thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of all the
4:50 pm
more than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is for every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did please but by a mass autistic movement andrew thomas al jazeera sydney thousands of revellers have mocked two controversial leaders at portugal's annual carnival one of the floats portrayed the us president don't trump sitting on a toilet shaped like planet earth behind him north korea's kim jong un held a rocket carnival near the famous cap near the capital in lisbon is famous for its political satire. now it is considered the human migration and it's underway in china ahead of the lunar new year on friday. to visit their relatives it's expected that. the chinese will make.
4:51 pm
head on. strike gold again at the winter olympics.
4:52 pm
all right time now for his addy thank you so much has well snowboarding superstar shawn want to produce twenty really mattered to win his third olympic title the american a clinching gold with his final run of the competition white set that pushed japanese teenager i you know her on i down into second place with australia's
4:53 pm
scotty james taking brahms white is the first i want to win three olympic golds having previously won the two thousand and six two thousand and ten so it's just. three time olympic gold medal as man you know this is obviously sure you can tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe but this meant the world to me and my family and my team and. you know here doing it for us a again not only to be an olympian again but to be a gold medalist again it's just unreal. the netherlands struck gold again on the speed skating track urine samples won the women's one thousand meters in and i limp a wreck or time that i have topped the podium in all five speed skating events so far. germany continue to lead the medals table after gold in the nordic combined and luge doubles on wednesday the dutch are in second while the united states are up in the third after that windfall shaun white eight gold medals on offer on
4:54 pm
thursday now finally some good sporting news for korea's unified women's hockey team they lost their third straight game but did school their first olympic gold in their final group game randi griffin came up with a further moment of history for the combined team of players from north and south korea korea did cause a loser for want to japan after earlier i think defeats against sweden and switzerland and they are now out of the competition on north korea's only realistic shot at a medal comes in the pairs figure skating our sports correspondent welling's watched the pair make that elin pick entrance i can tell you there was quite some advice for the north korea. and kim didn't think of qualified to place went down really well so a beatles basically the crowd here really got behind the not just because there will be now famous north korean cheerleading squad there was
4:55 pm
a genuinely warm feeling. to think pope compared to remember these are different from the other north korean compared to the twenty two north koreans are here twelve of them in the unified talking squad but they were invited by these two actually qualified because they are to the top skaters in the world now to get a chance to try and push on or win a medal in the very sky to middle school competition or rome because i mean did you notice almost a holy when i was partner managed so they really were with this guy create a bit of history but not quite well enough for make it through so before they finished and i'll be six then go for. and the women's slalom was postponed until friday due to high winds in pyongyang it's one of several different alpine skiing events at these games is paid to stem it to break them down zero point skiing is one of the flagship sports at the winter olympics and the number one event is the bear on the hill where you will see the world's best skiers one by one launched
4:56 pm
themselves down the mountain in high take aerodynamic outfits the downhill is a race of roar speed it features the longest course with competitors skiing alone julie in a straight line with the goal of posting the quickest time individuals can hit speeds of around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour now solemne is the shortest but most technical of the disciplines skiers have to keep changing direction as they weave between tightly spaced gaits everyone gets two shots at the course the individual with the quickest combine time is the way that giant slalom features fewer and wider turns than solemn allowing the skiers to pick up more speed as in slalom you get two runs at the course and the super giant slalom or super g. was added to the olympics in one nine hundred eighty eight the course is longer meaning it is considered a speed event and entrants get just one chance to take on the mountain and win gold
4:57 pm
last season's champions league final issue events is have suffered a bit of a setback in their efforts to win the title for the first time since nineteen ninety six you very allowing a two no later slip in the first leg of their last sixteen time with tottenham they also missed a penalty spurs will take two crucial away goals into the return leg at wembley after strikes from hurricane and christian eriksen levelled the match in italy to two the final score was very very low on the going through the one we dominated with return this animal to make a mistake just because of give them an opportunity. he wasn't happy about that would come out in the second half and the middle of him again and deserved to be brilliant. premier league leaders manchester city where they like to meet all but through to the last states after a four nail win in switzerland over basel it's the biggest away win by an english side of the knockout stage of this competition zero four away so it is an amazing result is real almost you know of course assembling is one hundred thirty minutes
4:58 pm
but we are almost there. including finals ok more reaction from the winter olympics throughout the day but the thing is if and thanks very much andy that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in two minutes with plenty more news the latest from south africa at kuwait and lots more stay with us. for the benefit of saddam. they see the importance of guys. who witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was their targets and their pain to be forced to leave would just be our fault and their gains other celebrity has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe others are in downs but it's not a managed bar business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera.
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south african president jacob zuma remains defiant as the ruling party threatens a no confidence vote if he doesn't resign by thursday. i don't think this is a lie from.


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