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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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effect he thanked his ministers the party and the international community for all that they have worked towards and achieved he said that he would resign even though he disagreed with the decision of the party the ruling party his party the a.n.c. that he said he'd serve all his life their decision to ask him to vacate the office of president he was to have faced a vote of no confidence in parliament tomorrow unless he resigned tonight well jacob zuma in just the last few moments there has resigned with immediate effect welcome to al-jazeera this is the news hour from london and of course our top story tonight jacob zuma the president of south africa as just in the last few moments resigned with immediate effect he said he would do so even though he disagrees with his own party the a.n.c.
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and their decision to force him to vacate office he had asked them for reasons for his transgressions but in the end the pressure it appears has proven too great he avoids of course a motion of no confidence plan for parliament on thursday at which it is likely he would have been voted out of office he's avoided that by resigning tonight and we can talk to our correspondent for media miller who's in our bureau in johannesburg listening to all of that for me the it seems for an awfully long time didn't it that he wasn't going to to resign that he was going to submit himself to the rule of the constitution as the supreme law of the land but in the end those extraordinary words i have decided to resign with immediate effect. john i think given the tone of jacob zuma as address it for his ninety percent of the time anyone could be forgiven to think that the president or what is it now the former president was going to stay on we know is
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a fight and that's really the stance he has taken ultimately this was a reluctant resignation and mostly because he is facing that of vote of no confidence in parliament he said he doesn't feel that nor did he feel an impeachment but he really didn't have any choice the a.n.c. had once his party had decided to no longer protect him and would no vote in parliament against him would not no longer have confidence in him as president would go to along the lines of what the opposition parties have been saying for for a few years now he really stood no chance he would be lost that sort of lost protection or that sort of last barrier between him and leaving office jacob zuma has been surrounded by so many scandals he's been criticized for the the difficulties a round of jacob zuma as president he started before he was even president of south
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africa a dream the time when he was deputy president but now let's have a look at a jacob zuma time in office that is now in the evening. he's path to the presidency began in one thousand nine hundred nine as deputy under the leadership of top one day q but personal differences and power struggles put a strain on their relationship in june two thousand and five president mbeki fired jacob zuma and south africa's deputy president over allegations of fraud related to a multi-billion dollar arms deal four months later zoomers financial advisor should be a shaikh is convicted for corruption and fraud by december zuma is charged with raping an h. i.v. positive family friend but he was acquitted by april two thousand and six despite the scandals zuma remains popular and by december two thousand and seven he is elected president of the ruling african national congress ten days later zuma is
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charged with fraud corruption money laundering and racketeering in two thousand and nine zuma is elected president just a month after grow up the charges are dropped in twenty thousand he announces a major overhaul to south africa's hiv aids policy rolling out lifesaving antiretroviral drugs but his government faces criticism for poor economic performance growing unemployment poor service delivery and corruption in the second term zuma faced one of his biggest scandals the twenty three million dollar refurbishment of his private residence with taxpayers' money. and as public officials and opposition parties demanded that he pay back the money zuma refused when it is not being their money as directed by the public protector all i said to him about is that south africans will remember all the bad cops more as my god we are not for the bruce campbell so i flew. off various.
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who did not know what to do with him if. by the end of twenty fifteen seumas accused of acting in the interest of his political and business associates is close an allegedly corrupt relationship with the captors a prominent and influential family is a source of discontent within his party and the public several questionable cabinet reshuffles and allegations of influence by the govt has further weakens public confidence in zuma still zuma resists calls from within and outside of his party to resign is the president willing to take accountability for the decision and resigned in front of the people of south africa. twenty seventeen zuma returned to court to fight the reinstatement of decade old corruption charges throughout this time zuma faced several motions of no confidence in parliament by december of that year deputy president of the a.n.c. cyril ramaphosa replaced him as party leader no longer president of the ruling
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party's you must position of strength was weakened making way for a dramatic end for a leader who many say routinely courted controversy rather than inspiring confidence. from other let's talk about the constitution since jacob zuma did so much in that press conference before he announced his resignation what happens now in terms of the line of succession presumably run opposer becomes the president but how. well that's exactly it jonah and this is actually the easiest route that they could have been a change in the presidency impeachment was far more complicated now that jacob zuma has resigned they will no longer be that vote of no confidence in parliament instead it's viewed as a very can see and his deputy still run of course the who is the president of the african national congress will now step in we expect him to take an oath of office
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tomorrow it won't be as much of an elaborate affair as you know as potentially when elections are won and he's sworn in then but we african national congress the ruling party a government is very much now wanted to create an impression of business as usual they've since their main objective is to get surreal from a post in once that happens they can continue with the parliament parliamentary calendar as it was supposed to happen this favorite once even office on friday the little remark was i will address all the africans as a new president in the state of the nation address you remember that was perspiring last week because of this to and fro around jacob zuma there was a lot of resistance to him addressing the nation in this annual state of the nation that outlines government policy for the coming year because he and his administration wouldn't be around to implement any of the policy that might have
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been outlined following that make spec to have the budget speech delivered and this as i said would be the most smooth route to take we do expect to run a pause or to make changes to the cabinet we do know a letter jacob zuma had deployed various people to ministerial positions many of them friends allies a sum called cronies so we do expect to see some changes we know that so roma pause there is a different potentially different type of leader and you have his own ideas about how to govern. farmer miller many thanks for that approaching midnight it is now i think on wednesday night in johannesburg bringing us the latest on momentous developments in south africa thank you and for more on this story i'm joined via skype by barnaby fletcher is a south africa analyst at the security consultancy firm control risks thanks for for joining us by one of the days and days and days this has been going on now
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south africa absolutely on tenterhooks wondering what on earth would happen next do you imagine a lot of the country is breathing a big sigh of relief tonight absolutely i'm based in london currently but i mean you're in a lot from our johannesburg office and many of my friends and contacts there expressing exactly as you said relieved this had the potential to drag on probably not too much longer but of no confidence would have gotten against zuma and that was scheduled for tomorrow but there was always the potential for zuma to cause problems he still has supporters you have still seen small groups groups on the less engaged in protests against his removal so the fact that he has stepped down and that he has done so while calling call for peace and calm will be
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early for him and now is an opportunity to round poser to come in and address some of the problems that have a click did south africa well let out of the let let's look at that from the perspective of your sort of specialist area i guess as a secure and security consultancy firm you'll be advising investors they presumably too will be breathing something of a sigh of relief and perhaps looking for opportunities on the near horizon in south africa. absolutely. has a lot of challenges that have developed under zuma you have a culture of corruption within the a.n.c. that is the big good even the lower levels of government you have a lack of policy certainty and you you. have state owned companies that have racked up massive debt but it shouldn't be forgotten that south africa is still the most crista gated large market in sub-saharan africa it still has an independent judiciary it's all its huge potential across
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a range of economic sectors and while these structural problems will take a lot of time to introduce investors will be looking to around birds or to at least provide a measure policy clarity that has been lacking and zuma presidency that strength be being distracted by corruption scandals it isn't that it's all about corruption and corruption has become by all accounts endemic in south africa not just in government but in many of the institutions. upon which the country is run is ram opposed to do you think even with the best intentions able to get to the bottom of corruption where it lies given how deeply embedded and rooted it is. well south africa has some advantages in this as i mentioned its judiciary remains independent and back one of the most independent in being world. of course an independent judiciary is or
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a little used if no cases are brought before it and it was much of the problem under under zuma he undermined a lot of the prosecuting authorities that would have to see these cases and brought them before the judges the judges could do their job now you have already seen just today with some of the raids on the commercial interest and some of the really rich is alleged to be linked to some of the corruption scandal bills also involving zuma and the whole state capture investigation. some of these authorities are now feeling a bit more emboldened. they have had a independence undermined by a number of appointments that zuma has made but this can be reversed. and you will also see a symbolic moves at the top a number of ministers who are connected or implicated in some of these candles being replaced and that will send
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a strong message out that the kind of culture of impunity that existed under zuma will no longer hold so of course it takes time to pull the addressed this issue but there are some pretty big steps that can be taken quite quickly ok bob a photo we're going to leave of there salivary the analyst at security council has a firm control wrist risks having a party many thanks for your insights. and we'll take you now to another major story coming out of southern africa zimbabwe's movement for democratic change party says the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died he had been suffering from colon cancer he was sixty five years old harriman tasa looks back now at his life. to his supporters more good richard was a man who challenge zimbabwe's long time leader robert mugabe at a time when few people day to do so but it was a long and sometimes painful journey in one thousand nine hundred nineteen guide in a trade union leader form the opposition party the movement for democratic change
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in the years that followed he organized protests to try and force mugabe out of office he was beaten while in police custody charged with treason jailed several times and labeled a traitor by mugabe supporters. in the two thousand and eight presidential election he won the most votes but not enough to win outright. before a second round took place his supporters were targeted in a campaign of violence the opposition leader put out of the presidential race in protest regional leaders and the international community intervened after months of negotiations saying that i was sworn in as prime minister in two thousand and nine it was a temporary power sharing government but mugabe was still the president. will be remembered fundamentally in this sense that he. is into god this. intro doesn't it when we got before the first term in the history of this did last . the first. in almost the majority overall of godly
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diligence in that is we've been done since then to. dogs. four years later another election took place this time m.d.c. party lost by a huge margin his critics say that he had ignored the plight of the poor and got caught up in the trappings of wealth and power allegations of party infighting and corruption also tarnished his image some of his closest allies left accusing him of being a dictator. but in twenty seventeen the m.d.c. alliance was formed those who had left hungary returned for me a coalition to challenge and grab at the polls. they were occasional anti-government protests zimbabwe's economy was on its knees there was a shortage of foreign currency and the government couldn't pay salaries on time the military intervened in a van by twenty seventeen and put mugabe and house arrest and zimbabweans from all
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political parties marched together in solidarity saying mugabe must stick down eventually macgyver resigned and emerson when i was sworn in as president. despite having cancer tank i supporters insisted he was a presidential candidate for the twenty eight thousand elections they were confident he could defeat when i got here at the polls but he never got that chance opposition supporters say that i will be remembered as a brave man a charismatic public speaker and a symbol of resistance. is in the zimbabwean capital harare for us. what has been the reaction so far to news of mr chang. well some people have been calling in to the local radio station saying that they sad they stopped about the news and they really wanted more information on from his family in particular on his last final moments basically if they did now to pay tribute to a man that they call was great he was
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a towering figure here and so people are slowly reacting it is close to midnight so when more people wake up in a few hours to see more of the reaction people are also going to want to know when the body will be will come back to zimbabwe he died in south africa some are talking about being at the airport to welcome the body some are saying they're organizing thousands of people to attend his funeral he was a towering figure loved by his supporters and a lot of them say they are very very sad to hear the sadness that he's passed away and how to take us forward a little bit if you will with the brave pillar of resistance as you described him mr junger and what happens to his opposition party it's now deeply split divided and has to face an election possibly the first credibly democratic election in the country's recent history and that in just a few months time. some people are very concerned about that in the last few weeks
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the ticket the last few days we thought things playing out on social media different leaders in the ruling party almost fighting each other or the succession of the three vice presidents nelson chamisa. and they've all theme to make it clear that they feel they deserve to lead the opposition party there is there was meant to be a big meeting on thursday at the party headquarters as opposed to clarify some issues we're not sure that's going to go ahead but thirty would be some kind of statement from the leadership the concern now is this was the main opposition party i was a huge figure he commanded thousands when every had his rallies the concern now is if this party keeps fighting amongst each other for leadership roles who takes over for him it could cause another split in the opposition which could weaken the opposition party and which could give be an advantage for the rulings on a party when those elections are held ok many thanks for keeping us up to date on a busy night for you in harare or tassel there and we can speak now to my guy
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who was an advisor to morgan tsvangirai while he was prime minister he joins me now via skype from canterbury here in the u.k. thanks for joining us he was prime minister was in the national union unity government with robert mugabe and an easy alliance between the two men for four years or so was it first of all a regret to mr chang or rather that he came so close to top office but had to settle for second best. well you know today is said. and mentioned i can see it on a day it's something that i was very critical in two thousand and eight in one direction he knew that he had won the election it was the most popular politician in the time he couldn't try to figure out you could get into one but he decided to viewers know is just. but the problem and the compromise he went with didn't get it
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you have a very very difficult area where someone wants such double. digits but he continued and he humbled himself and the moment to remember those four years is . an arrest by economically and of the leadership of armitage and very and of course. mr magoo so who are lined with you is not very good but i think will press on and try for one more question in the end throughout his travails. coming close to winning power having his organization and himself. put down by violence it was bravery wasn't it on the part of morgan time that was his most outstanding kerttu he was a brave man he was a courageous men he was a man who shot on the line for a little zimbabwean. well look.
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he. will govern create a. movement which even if they're pretty i think the. legacy is live it's your very very rich. and really viral and. actually and ensuring that he remained focused on the core. law will be an icon for democratic movement ok ok alex my guys i will leave it there we apologize for the poor quality of our skype connection but good to talk to you in any case and there's much more to come on this news hour. this as violent them boring and dangerous a moment as in need to be in my time. a chilling report card on the situation in syria we once special envoy briefs the security council in new york.
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billions of dollars are pledged to help iraq rebuild after i sells defeat there but it's far below what's needed plus. on labeling for the winter olympics in pyongyang trying now the unified korean hockey team struggled but a pair of north korean starters for them i think quite an impact. and some more breaking news for you now a florida senator says there are a number of fatalities a shooting in a high school in the u.s. state there were reports of an active gunman on the scene though the sheriff's department is now reporting the suspect is in custody the marjorie stoneman douglas high school has been placed on a code red lockdown as you can see there armed personnel on the scene children have been seen being escorted with their hands on their heads from the premises. and joining me on the line is andy gallagher who's on his way to parks and where the
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shooting has happened and what more can you tell us what more are you hearing for his foot in the last few moments a police. arrest the person they suspect is the center that this is still been since it has what they call a very active scene because at this moment in time this was someone acting alone all orders another system on the list you can see from those aerial pictures that time to control the panic that was the come all the schools using going to them again of this is the level of twelve schools in two thousand as you know were only offers. in size and oversee the. concerns about that. but you can see that the process of. doing things as. possible you can see the children coming out in line with the hunt
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was about in their bags on the front of the police and then. the cause of this is a terrifying scene for anyone who has a child and will what is the moment when we will. report of any fatalities is coming from senator bill nelson is being told that there are multiple fatalities we have confirmation from anyone or anyone in law enforcement here in florida but obviously this is still a very fluid soon it may not be able for some time a develop some time and so we find. that in the photogs evolvers numbers are we're getting other reports that are business many as twenty people injured but at the moment the authorities are focusing on that operation on the ground at the school that until they get those children to something and ultimately we do not but that heard. ok i got i will leave it there with you now i know you're on your way to parkland florida where you'll be able to update us on the scene at some point later many thanks for that now an aid convoy has reached eastern ghouta in syria the
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first time that's happened since last november the damascus suburbs one of the last rebel held areas in the country and it's been under siege since two thousand and thirteen the aid delivery will provide food and medical supplies to seven thousand people there are about four hundred thousand civilians living in the eastern guta while the un's special envoy for syria has been briefing the security council on the current situation in the country and his update was a grim one staffan de mistura said the violence is the worst he's seen i've been out for years especially in boy this as violent and worrying in danger of a moment as any. inmate time of day in your full far therefore i rate the rate the appeal of the general to all concerned in syria and the region and beyond that difficult lead immediately and unconditionally and urge
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all of the calders including the earth and i go around to use their influence to help reduce violence. diplomatic editor james bays is following developments for us at un headquarters in new york. this was a security council meeting that was supposed to talk about the political process but was dominated by the grim military situation the ongoing onslaught of east and load where the special envoy said that civilians were being killed in a horrifying way in fact he said over a thousand in the first week of february alone of course we have the turkish offensive around our freend we have recent developments like the u.s. airstrike on assad troops near deer resort and we also have the involvement of the israelis taking out targets in syria including iranian targets more and more countries and nations involved in
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a spiraling military situation more than thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of i still there more than seventy six countries promised donations at a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be a back and the money falls well short of what iraq's government says it needs some is a down as more from kuwait city. iraqi officials say it's a case of a glass half full yes they didn't get the full amount they need for reconstruction they didn't get that one hundred billion dollars that the iraqi prime minister said the complete reconstruction of his country would cost about thirty billion dollars which the foreign minister of iraq said in today's world is not a small amount of money i've been speaking with the head of the iraq reconstruction fund and he said frankly we got more than we thought we would out of this conference this thirty billion dollars going to the private sector government for
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investment is going to be like revolving also gives the money back after a few years we don't expect that you are going to spend all this money in a day and then marry. within ten years in fact the plan for a close election the framework for at least close election and development is standard forth until two thousand and twenty eight there were very strong words of come graduations from the u.n. secretary general there saying it was an indorsement an impressive indorsement from part of the world in the economic reforms that have been made in changes made in iraq was also a word of encouragement to from a regional director of the world bank saying he would encourage the private sector to come forth and invest in iraq some key questions remain though will all this money pledged to actually materialize we've seen in the past pledges made in two thousand and three adding up to thirty three billion dollars in a madrid donor's conference but a year later only
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a fraction of that has actually materialized and there is the challenge of making sure conditions stay secure and stable enough in all the parts of iraq that really need reconstructing so that money can be spent. do stay with us on the news hour because still ahead thirty palestinians have been arrested in israeli raids criticised as increasingly aggressive. and police in iran the rest dozens of unlicensed money traders this concern grows about the falling value of the iranian real. germany to another gold big upon germany power to another goal to stay top of the metals in film check all the sports coming up with just. how i we got most stormy weather rolling through the mediterranean little area
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cloud which is easing across greece heading towards turkey another system just gathering to make its way and so we are going to see some rather disturbed weather across southern italy pushing across greece and easing towards tech as you go through thursday thundery showers certainly back on the cars very strong winds once again in athens badly getting up to eleven degrees celsius will see a high of around eleven for paris on thursday ten degrees there in london total rain will make its way in from the atlantic model recommend it but it bumps into that's a cooler we'll see snow on the leading edge of that that will make its way further east which as we go on through friday bright skies coming back in behind not too bad there for london paris where the starting to quieten down light winds some sunshine getting up to around ten degrees celsius that will be most not however across the alpine reaches that we more rain to ensue parts of greece easing over towards at least the side of the mediterranean maybe brushing the fon north of africa then the system still swirling away here is we can see
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a cloud afrikaner at twenty degrees celsius but bright and dry across the western side of the country little more cloud coming into morocco as we go on through friday temperatures are about it's going to seventy degrees. while the world's rich take what they want. the world's poor must beg to survive. from the streets of manila to the roads of mon people and power investigates the injustices of a globalized economy. and how different countries responds to those at the very bottom of society. begging for life. at this time on al-jazeera. a unique portrait of a small gulf nation living under siege but maybe this friend was they targeted sent
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their pain to be forced to leave would be are and their gains whether it has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe ups and downs but it's not a marriage bargain business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera a south african president jacob zuma has resigned of the intense pressure from his african national congress party. movement for democratic change
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party says the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died at the age of sixty five he had been battling cold on. a florida senator says there are a number of fatalities at a shooting in a high school in the united states town of parkland the local sheriff's department is now reporting the suspect is even cost a bit. more now on our top story the resignation of south africa's jacob zuma we can speak to you to tell she's a reporter for quartz africa based in johannesburg joining me now via skype many thanks for speaking to us on what is a momentous night in south africa how does it all going down as far as you can tell right now. up until now it's been quite a sense of confusion here in south africa even during the speech you were quite certain implicit in check of them i was about to step down for the first thirty
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minutes or so lectures of africans about the importance of the constitution that it is above. political party politics and so for the moment it looked like he was about to go down to the wire and challenge the motion of no confidence that his own party wanted to go inch but it's seen that eventually that last paragraph of the speech he didn't decided to step down and that's been kind of to just been a jacob zuma for the last ten days and the last ten years. and that lecture as you say was a very lecturing tone wasn't it about the constitution saying he would submit himself to the constitution as the floor of the land was ironic a lot of people let's say would have found it ironic because there have been moments when jacob zuma appears to have held himself above the constitution and that indeed part of why south africa and his party the a.n.c. turned against him in such dramatic fashion in the last couple of months. that's exactly that and it's interesting because the constitutional court actually found
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the president jacob zuma breached the constitution and his obligation to the constitution instead of stage when he used state funds to upgrade his home but home in was in a town known as an it's interesting in that sense that you know president jacob that was the start button going home which is the start of business scandals there are just dissidents we've seen that his friends have been allowed access to state owned enterprises and they've become but particularly wealthy and then we also saw example that is the son became wealthy and that is just continuously frustration south african so we knew the tide turned when this morning in a surprise. but aid those that it is policing unit the hawks they did the home of his friends the group does and it was it was quite dramatic since the along with president jacob zuma have seemed untouchable in the last ten years or so lets you give us a sort of ups of the south africa that jacob zuma leaves behind after nine years in
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power the economy the sort of your warning inequality in the country the corruption of course and do those raids that you speak about because they were very significant earlier in the day on wednesday do they point to really a brighter future in which corruption can be and will be tackled. well if i were to be generous you say you could see that president jacob zuma took over just as the conversation hit and that africa because economy is quite open to explore it. was quite hard hit by that decision but it was the man that you know would also come from prison and we didn't particularly well and him there was the many in which he managed that position and then not only seem to weston but actually just made it worse by his government's failure to implement the policies because not short on magnificent policies on education on inequality on job to job
12:37 am
creation but they've been absolutely unable to implement those policies and a lot of that has to do with the fact that the country's been so distracted by president jacob zuma scandals every time they seem to be turning a tide a new scandal when he becomes first it once it's home then it was the fact that he's since the morning were able to hand-pick cabinet ministers then he you know even as the country struggled financially and and he'd been shuffle the finance minister which was actually just the turning point of this point this move against president jacob zuma because that's when you saw him that we saw that he was becoming more desperate as a leader or perhaps more sure of his own power and that's africa was really beginning to suffer under president jacob zuma and so when we knew president newman the man who will be president frankly tomorrow that i'm up was that he's come in and to that he's very much going to be the broom that supes of africa is a former businessman and he you know since the moment he took over the african
12:38 am
national congress last year in december he's been making a lot of noise about juicing and corruption and that putting himself in much as an anti jacob zuma by saying that with him could optional in so i think that it's medicine africans will see it as a new dawn because many of our social ills poor education and employment being worse than by the corruption that we have seen here in south africa. ok lindsey tootle thanks so much for your thoughts and insights the journalist with quartz africa in johannesburg now the taliban has published an open letter to the american people urging them to press their government to withdraw from afghanistan the taliban has repeated its offer of direct talks with washington to end the seventeen year conflict it comes at a time of increasing bloodshed in afghanistan the state department says it will know when the taliban is serious about peaceful dialogue when it's willing to speak with the elected government of of afghanistan and end its brutal campaign of
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violence now the u.k.'s defense secretary says he doesn't want to british eisel fighters captured in syria to be sent back to the united kingdom the comments appear to put gavin williamson out towards with the us defense secretary james mattis who says countries must take responsibility for their citizens who were captured while fighting for ourselves and they turned their back on britain when they left brits and cause destruction and. commit their hateful crimes we believe that just as should be done locally and they're no longer part of britain the british people do not want to see them returned. so what has happened to isis foreign fighters the european union's radicalization awareness network believes that about forty two thousand people from more than one hundred twenty countries travel to iraq and syria to fight for i saw
12:40 am
a recent study estimates that almost nine thousand came from the former soviet union around seven thousand from elsewhere in the middle east with five to six thousand each from western europe and the maghreb countries of north africa almost two thousand of the western european fighters about a third are from france with more than nine hundred from germany and eight hundred fifty from britain. the e.u. estimated that by last summer about thirty percent of foreign fighters from member states have returned home for the u.k. the figure was about half the kurdish led s.d.f. is believed to be holding hundreds of foreign fighters it's not known how many are still with ice along the syria iran border more so potentially facing capture well let's take this discussion further and talk to our fees an assistant professor at nottingham university's center for terrorism and conflict he joins me live now from ankara many thanks for your time first of all your thoughts on that central
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question should the countries of origin of these fighters take responsibility take them back and put them on trial. well i think that's a nice of you and that is a view that the americans of put forward but then they have the the luxury of guantanamo which is essentially an offshore way of dealing with people of this type so it's a view you've heard the counter view from the defense secretary of the u.k. he says that the british public doesn't want these people back he doesn't want these people back they have turned against the country so we what we have is a unique situation for which there isn't a legal or a constitutional or even an ethical framework what i think most people agreed on is that they should face justice and so what we perhaps need
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to do is to think differently about how justice can be in these situations whether we need. a new category of dealing with people like this off shore perhaps an international court of justice especially arrange for this sort of thing well i was thinking about that the hague something like that a special tribunal set up at the hague to try just these sorts of cases that piece of pretty interesting jurisdictional issues wouldn't i mean talk us through what what might some sort of other way look like. well i mean i'm not really a lawyer to be perfectly honest and i think you've given a model and i think that's as good as it's going to get for now even lawyers i would guess would struggle to come up with. a novel way apart from adapting the model of the international court of justice at the hague now the issue i think that there are two issues that we really should be talking about one is.
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that whatever court whether it's a national one or an international one one of the big problems i think that the states really fear is that bringing evidence to to a court to the standards that we normally expect might be problematic in these cases because most of the evidence is to do with intelligence or is derived from intelligence and intelligence services for understandable reasons don't really want to give away their techniques which can sometimes be revealed through the evidence that's provided so we have a real issue of evidence and propriety in the sense of justice and the second point which is led to this is that whatever punishment we cause me to the main purpose of course is to deter others from taking part in this and
12:44 am
trials will not do that what we'll do that is to show that what these people have done is a failure they have failed to achieve what they set out to do they so-called mythical state no longer exists these bad of about twelve british individuals who were flaunting themselves around the place slitting throats of innocent people each one of us has been tracked down in one of the most difficult places in the world where they were massed where they were hiding where they were taking many precautions to hide their whereabouts and their identity. a credit to the international intelligence services and the policing that's been involved to track each one of these down and bring them to a form of justice and that narrative that counter-narrative is probably the most powerful thing much more powerful than any trial in preventing others following
12:45 am
their route because we must get the point out that you will fail and what needs to be done in relatively slow time is to look at the allied issue of how do we have courts that can accept intelligence evidence as well as non intelligence based evidence and deal with these very difficult cases in a particular type of legal framework which is robust enough but still doesn't. prevent intelligence related evidence from being put to it professor ashraf with some fantastic clarity there on a very difficult legal conundrum thank you. public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of the former presidential candidate abdel moneim aboul fotouh for alleged contact with the banned muslim brotherhood group according to state television ball full to his one of the most vocal opponents of next month's
12:46 am
presidential elections this is the latest arrest in the lead up to the election after the former military officer and presidential candidate sami unarmed was imprisoned in january. still ahead on news out of. one hundred thomas in sydney where officers responded to the incidents recorded at australia's offshore refugee prison. involved in a fatal car crash will have the details coming up. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
12:47 am
business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
12:48 am
is highlighting australia's top treatment of refugees. all we see commissioned artists to paint scenes described in real incident reports involving refugees held in offshore detention centers and. thomas reports from. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes her request to be accepted on condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the right he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the words from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the pictures and sculptures a by artists imagining or interpreted what's described god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery
12:49 am
artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and face so we hope that by bringing him into the way stories people might be able to forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirteen the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach it shows by boat to two tiny pacific islands an hour and madness are really based on black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone on. hundreds of refugees have been held on no route for almost five years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health issues others have been abused by guards locals or each other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leaked by a former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to
12:50 am
illustrate one of the case workers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a hot into his hand with a medal and thread she asked him why don that is so i don't know. i just found out it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some piece. a literal a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are thirty three works on show at this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the roof files describe what went two thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of all the more than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is for every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did these but by
12:51 am
a mass autistic movement andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. i. think. well as you may have guessed from all of that it's time for the latest from pyongyang joe is standing by in. china thank you so much will show in white is say the star of the winter olympics but not everyone is celebrating his latest leap to glory that's because of a sexual harassment case welling around the snowboarder kevin calvert reports i guess he's what taught the american becoming the most successful border at a game three time olympic gold medalist man you know this honestly i'm sure you can
12:52 am
tell by my reactions at the bottom of the pipe that this meant the world to me i but within the hours of his half brother i thirty one was defeated was repeated should i when allegations resurfaced this week of six restaurants completed sixteen the snowboarder dismissed them as gossip that angered campaigners behind last year's me to movement. white has since apologized insisting he's a changed man. i married into his one tough man the german making up a half minute deficit in the door to find most countries. to. tighten. the pick up the pace if you please define. the latest success story yuri and timor was winning the one thousand meters speed skating and the end along pick record the dutch have topped the podium in north five speed skating events so far
12:53 am
and not a podium moment but one that ignited the home crowd is unified women's hockey team scoring the first the but gold medal for one loss to japan as it did strike the feat so the games are over keeping count but how does it i'm well speaking of the ice hockey tournament the men's events lackluster over the absence of n.h.l. stars and it really showed in the united states opening game against slovenia on wednesday the usa led to nothing i mean just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as they were handed a shock three two overtime loss and they weren't the only hockey powerhouses to go down the team of russian athletes the last three two to slovakia. north korea's only realistic shot at a medal comes in the pez figure skating correspondent lee wellings watched the pair make that olympic entrance. arkansas you there was quite an a violation for the north korea. and kim june sick who of qualified to
12:54 am
place went down really well so a beatles strike and basically the crowd here really got behind the not just because they were the now famous north korean cheerleading squad there was a genuinely warm feeling. to sing part of competitors remember these are different from the other north korean competitors twenty two north koreans are here twelve of them in the unified hockey squad but they were invited to actually qualified because to the top skaters in the world another girl child strong push on and win a medal in the free sky to middle school competition or rome because of indigenous almost story holly when i was part of a managed so they really were with this guy creates a bit of history but not quite well enough so my kid through so the free sky i finished and i was sixteen got for germany continuously the medal table off the
12:55 am
golds and the nordic combined unleashed doubles on wednesday the dutch are in second on the united states are up to third after shaun white to victory eight gold medals will be on offer on thursday they're women slalom was for spain until friday because of high winds in pyongyang it's one of several different alpine skiing events in these games his pieces stamets are breaking down. alpine skiing is one of the flagship sports at the winter olympics and the number one event is the down hill where you will see the world's best skiers one by one to launch themselves down the mountain in high take aerodynamic outfits the downhill is a race of roll speed it features the longest course with competitors skiing alone jelly in a straight line with the goal of posting the quickest time individuals can hit speeds of around one hundred fifty kilometers per hour now the solemne is the shortest but most technical of the disciplines skiers have to keep changing
12:56 am
direction as they weave between tightly spaced gaits everyone gets two shots at the course the individual with the quickest combined time is the way the giant slalom features fear and wider turns than so i'm allowing the skiers to pick up more speed as in slalom you get two runs at the course and the super giant slalom or super g. was added to the olympics in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the course is longer meaning it is considered a speed event and entrants get just one chance to take on the mountain and win gold . on the football mound sadi a man has struck a hat trick as liverpool put five goals past porto in the last sixteen of the away for champions league and of course title holders around madrid are also an action they've come from behind to beat paris three one in a blockbuster match up kris jenner an elder with two of the goals there on the tennis roger federer has been top of the world rankings since two thousand and twelve but he could be about to return to the number one spot again this swiss is
12:57 am
two wins away from getting there after beating riven by malone's in straight sets in the first round rotterdam on wednesday federer just need to reach the semi's of the tournament to retake the top spot from rafael nadal the thirty six year old old man number one of all time makes it. defending tour de france cycling champion chris froome says he intends to clear his name after failing a don't test last year from his in spain competing in his first race since the test results became public the thirty two year old says he has no plans to stop racing while an investigation continues for him has to explain why a test result showed double the allowed level of a legal drug. go for bill who has pulled out of the genesis open after surviving a fatal car crash in los angeles on tuesday night the six time p.g.a. tour when i was a passenger in a ferrari that flipped after hitting two cars the driver of the for ari was killed while hurst was released from hospital with minor injuries to luke wilson was in
12:58 am
one of the other cars that escaped. and that is all your support for now back to jonah in london. josiah gave her that well that's it for me joe doll for this news hour but don't go anywhere because i'll be back in hoffman minutes in fact for the hof our news. ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied for the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we
12:59 am
bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators op propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping you want. creative thinkers shaping the continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera . we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. more than a century ago britain and france made
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a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw a map. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there is a regional set to six because it's at those borders were drawn with consulting the people have to live with the. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect forced out by his own party jacob zuma resigns amid numerous corruption allegations.


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