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more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw from. but what were the last in your facts of this agreement there is a regional set to six because it's at the borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psych speak lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i have therefore come. to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect forced out by his own party jacob zuma resigns amid numerous corruption allegations.
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hello i'm joe hold this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. viable is opposition leader morgan chang or i dies after a long battle with colon cancer. there are reports of numerous deaths suffer a shooting at a high school in florida plus. a mentor thomas in sydney where artists have responded to the woman incidents recorded at australia's offshore refugee proceedings. well after nine years as the president of south africa jacob zuma has resigned the seventy five year old was given an ultimatum by his own party amid numerous allegations of corruption speaking a short time ago zuma said he disagreed with the way he was being forced out the
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a.n.c. should. be divided in my name. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect. even though i disagree with the decision of my of the leadership of my of going to zation i have always been a disciplined member of the sea will soon one two presidential elections but his presidency was hampered by several corruption scandals his position had become increasingly untenable since december two thousand and seventeen when he was replaced by several ram opposers leader of the a.n.c. of the miller reports now. he's path to the presidency began in one thousand nine
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hundred nine as deputy under the leadership of topple mbeki but personal differences in power struggles put a strain on their relationship in june two thousand and five president mbeki fired jacob zuma and south africa's deputy president over allegations of fraud related to a multi-billion dollar arms deal four months later zoomers financial advisor should be a shaikh is convicted for corruption and fraud by december zuma is charged with raping an h. i.v. positive family friend he was acquitted by april two thousand and six despite the scandals zuma remains popular and by december two thousand and seven he is elected president of the ruling african national congress ten days later zuma is charged with fraud corruption money laundering and racketeering in two thousand and nine zuma is elected president just a month after grow up charges a dropped in twenty thousand he announces a major overhaul to south africa's hiv aids policy rolling out life saving
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antiretroviral drugs but his government faces criticism for poor economic performance growing unemployment poor service delivery and corruption in the second term zuma faced one of his biggest scandals the twenty three million dollar refurbishment of his private residence with taxpayers' money and his public officials in opposition parties demanded that he pay back the money zuma refused when. me as directed by the public protector all i said to me is that south africans will remember all the bad. we are not for the bruce campbell so i feel. very scandalous. who did not know what to do with an issue. by the end of twenty fifteen zuma was accused of acting in the interest of his political and business associates is close an allegedly corrupt relationship but the group has a prominent and influential family is
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a source of discontent within his party and the public several questionable cabinet reshuffles and allegations of influence by the gupta's further weakens public confidence in zuma still zuma resists calls from within and outside of his party to resign is the president willing to take accountability for the decision and desire in front of the people of south africa. twenty seventeen zuma return to court to fight the reinstatement of decade old corruption charges throughout this time zuma faced several motions of no confidence in parliament by december of that year deputy president of the a.n.c. cyril ramaphosa replaced him as party leader no longer president of the ruling party's you must position of strength was weakened making way for a dramatic end for a leader who many say routinely courted controversy rather than inspiring confidence. or let's go straight to form of the miller who's live for us now in
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johannesburg a country that's been our ledge for days that's been counting the cost as it were of seumas presidency for an awful lot longer than that presumably there's great relief tonight. they certainly is a lot of relief and i think just mostly with the fact that there's some clarity around what's happened so much of this process hasn't been transparent it's been handled within the a.n.c. amongst the top leadership when jacob zuma spoke earlier today in an interview with the state broadcaster that was the first time that the africans heard from the president during this period when these calls for him to step down had grown in intensity and also just after the african national congress had decided to recall him with light that as you mentioned there's also been a number of scandals there's been a lot of criticism against the president this hasn't been an easy nine years of for
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south africans yes jacob zuma has had his supporters but they has been a significant segment of the africans are a society that wanted to see a jacob zuma step down so certainly a fair amount of relief and now i think people looking forward to what may happen next we do expect. the president of the african national congress to take over this resignation by jacob zuma does go to the national assembly because that's where he was voted in as president it goes to the national assembly to be formalized the african national congress and then put rome a pause of forward as their nominee to take over and once the national assembly vote that's where i'm up was there is named president and of course will be in the parliament continue with its scheduled calendar which was abandoned a couple of weeks ago because of all the political difficulties around jacob zuma.
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thank you very much barnaby fletcher is a south africa analyst at security consultancy firm control risks he says zuma resignation is a positive step for the country. there was always the potential for zuma to cause problems he still has supporters you have still seen small groups groups on the less engaged in protests against his his removal so the fact that he has stepped down and that he has done so while calling for full peace and calm will be early for and now is an opportunity to round poser to come in and address some of the problems that have afflicted south africa and you have already seen just today with some of the raids on the commercial investors on the. rich is alleged to be linked to some of the corruptions going also involving zuma and the whole state capture investigation that some of these authorities are now feeling
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a bit more emboldened. they have had a independence undermined by a number of appointments that zuma has made but this can be reversed. and you'll also see symbolic moves at the top a number of ministers who are connected or implicated in some of these candles being replaced and that will send a strong message out that the kind of culture of impunity that existed under zuma will no longer hold. and another major story from southern africa zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died at the age of sixty five the movement for democratic change his party its vice president says he died in south africa after a long battle with colon cancer and the nine hundred ninety nine. trade union
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leader for the opposition party in the years that followed organized protests to try and force robert mugabe out of office. is in the zimbabwean capital for us give us a sense of how well respected how well thought of morgan chiang rai was and therefore how people are likely to respond to his death well people have been reacting many saying that they sad they saw but many more saying that they want to remember his bravery more than saying that i was a man who did challenge all of mugabe the former president he was arrested several times he was badly beaten several times he was called a puppet of the west by the ruling party zanu p.f. so waiting to hear from family members particularly when the bodies coming back to zimbabwe from south africa where he died they want to know about the funeral plans somebody saying they planned to attend that funeral in the thousands and we're
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hearing some people gathering outside the opposition party headquarters here in harare on thursday to also pay their respects and remember a man they say was an icon a towering figure in zimbabwe and how where does morgan tsvangirai death leave his party movement for democratic change and the sort of opposition as a whole with elections due in just the next few months. right now they seem to be having serious challenges some of them are fighting over succession who will take over from morgan tsvangirai maybe some disturbing scenes playing out on social media some very senior officials trying to undermine one another each person saying that they have been the acting president since morgan tsvangirai was away in south africa the concern now is if these leaders cons unite in the form a united front with elections only a few months away it could cause another big problem for them if some of them unhappy the art appointed the leader they could leave the party cause
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a split that could weaken them come those elections and could be a huge advantage to the readings on the pier party and the new president in a seminar that will. also live for us from harare zimbabwe thanks are and alex i'm a guy so was an and lies are two morgan tsvangirai while he was bob was prime minister from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen he says it's a sad day for democracy research and. it's something that was very critical to dominate even one action in you've actually won the election it was the most popular politician in the time you couldn't try to figure out you could get in trouble and a compromise he didn't get it was a very very difficult for someone who was so terrible but he continued to be humbled and so they're going to remember those four years. and i respect and of the leadership. and of course. he was a great man he was
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a courageous woman trying very well with the night. also more breaking news for you now in florida senator says there are a number of fatalities of a shooting in a high school in the united states. earlier there were reports of an active gunman on the scene the sheriff's department is now reporting the suspect is in custody the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in the town of pot land was placed on a code red lockdown as you can see there are personnel on the scene children have been seen being escorted from the premises with their hands on their heads. or the broward county sheriff has just been giving an update. we had approximately fourteen people transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries there are multiple casualties though there are there are folks that have
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lost their lives i don't know the number right now it's a fluid scene right now we have multiple swat teams we are all the building because anybody knows anything about snow mcgovern's high school it's one of the biggest schools in broward county it's huge it's a huge campus. where you want to be on the line i was and a gallagher who's on his way to part one from miami. and he can you bring us any more detail that you're hearing on what's happened on the casualties perhaps or the gunman. i mean you're hearing the state of confusion with the police official that i talking about casualties that forcing about people that have died but the numbers as simply unknown at this point we heard senator bill nelson of florida saying that there were multiple people have been tailed at the school in the shooting but those numbers clearly haven't been released by the authorities we know that the suspected shooter is not in custody the police say there are no longer
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looking for anyone else you can see to take us from that school as you had this is one of the largest schools in broward county the state of confusion for the parents and three thousand students that attend that is simply unthinkable if you're a parent it is a very fluid situation this is incidentally the eleven calls while mass shooting at an educational establishment this year alone in wyoming home places that you are at the clearly this is still a very fluid thing the police at the moment are going through all the classes don't at all we've heard stories of students trapped inside causes calling that parents from their mobile phones in a village panic you could only imagine what is going on in that community at the moment as parents desperate find find that children but as yet the casualty figures the death toll is simply cruelty to say going to it hardly best thinking about what is happening behind the scenes and in homes in the area as you say on the we're
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looking now at live pictures you're not there i appreciate that but we're looking at live pictures of the scene showing. an immense by the looks of it police and emergency presence a lot of civilian cars as well park there presumably parents. and others who have come to see what they can find out about their children what is extraordinary and you've covered these shootings before they're hardly unusual what is extraordinary is that such an immense security. an emergency response can be marshaled within minutes of a shooting like this at a school and yet absolutely nothing seemingly can be done in advance to prevent them from happening in the first place. i mean we are hearing reports. and these are reports of a member not confirmed that it might have been a former student to make it being flagged up for suspicious behavior simply down there at the moment practical questions about how low in portsmouth they sort of
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respond in this country it's because they practice for this is because this happens so often that the f.b.i. and the swat teams in the police all get so fast because they drill for this weekend and we can because it is so commonplace the consequences and it is quite obvious to us is what happens with gun control and i can tell you after years of covering these kinds of massey things nothing will change if it doesn't change after sandy hook where dozens of small children were gunned down by or. it isn't going to change now that doesn't help the parents are trying to be reunited with their children that doesn't help them when they ask questions as to how people can said recently that all of these weapons were clearly this is still a very very fluid situation and to go there on his way from miami to parkland thanks for that and. and still to come on the program i. did this as violent and boring and dangerous a moment as i needed to have seen in my time. a chilling report card on the
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situation in syria where u.s. special envoy briefs the security council in new york plus. more than thirty palestinians have been arrested in news radio raids criticised as increasingly aggressive. we've got more stormy weather rolling across the northern parts of australia i'm just around the top and around the can really have it was a norm house of western australia elsewhere is generally drive we've had some pretty nasty showers just around brisbane and they said clear through the heat does stay in place though so it's going to remain pretty humid thirty six celsius the top temperature is down to the southeast in kona still some pretty strong and gusty
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winds not as bad as it has been recently we've had some trees down power outages into parts of victoria and also into tasmania further west and be fine and dry that's up towards the final thrust of the country nudging its way down towards port hedland as we go on through friday could develop into a tropical storm and keep posted on this one should be largely dry further south still dry there in melbourne and in sydney twenty celsius the melbourne still warm enough embrace been at around thirty four degrees but the sunshine still coming through plenty of sunshine too at the moment and sneezing and make the most of it because further north this is tropical cycling gate or what remains of the system that will make its way very close to new caledonia as we go on through thursday just about staying to the south the outer bands might just lash the system and then it will eventually push towards the north island.
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while the world's rich take what they want. the world's poor must beg to survive from the streets of manila to the roads of mon people and investigates the injustices of the globalized economy. and how different countries responds to those at the very bottom of society. begging for life. at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back and here's a look at our top stories. south african president jacob zuma has resigned under intense pressure from his african national congress party. zimbabwe's movement for
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democratic change party says the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has died at the age of sixty five been suffering from code on cancer. a florida some of the says there are a number of fatalities of the shooting in a high school in the united states out of pocket and these are live pictures you're looking at now the local sheriff's department is reporting that the suspect is in custody. an aid convoy has reached eastern ghouta in syria the first time that's happened since last november the damascus suburbs are one of the last rebel held areas in the country and it's been under siege since two thousand and thirteen the aid delivery will provide food and medical supplies to seven thousand people there are though about four hundred thousand people living in eastern guta. the u.n. special envoy for syria has been briefing the security council on the current
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situation in the country and his update is pretty grim staffan de mistura said the violence is the worst he's seen i've been out for years beige a limb boy did it as violent and worrying in danger of a moment as any. inmate time off the thing you're full far therefore i thought only rate the rate the appeal of the thick the general to all concerned in theater and the region and beyond it to death to lead immediately and unconditionally and urge all that they called earth including the authentic around to use their influence to help reduce violence on our diplomatic editor james bays is following developments for us at un headquarters in new york this was a security council meeting was supposed to talk about the political process but was dominated by the grim military situation the ongoing onslaught of east and
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globe where the special envoy said that civilians were being killed in a horrifying way in fact he said over one thousand in the first week of february alone of course we have the turkish offensive around our freend we have recent developments like the u.s. air strike on assad troops near their resort and we also have the involvement of the israelis taking out targets in syria including iranian targets more and more countries and nations involved in a spiraling military situation. now israel has detained more than thirty palestinians in raids across the occupied west bank and east jerusalem the raids are being viewed as an escalating policy of aggression by palestinian officials eleven of the thirty arrests were made in one jerusalem neighborhood where israeli police say they're merely enforcing the law all airy force it has more from
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occupied east jerusalem. on an east jerusalem hillside the palestinian neighborhood of the so we are has become a regular flashpoint of confrontation with israeli forces this afternoon it's quiet children make their way home from school but the day started different place in the early hours eleven palestinians five of the miners were taken from their homes by israeli forces accused of taking part in confrontations and stone throwing nine hundred one has lived his whole life here before and after israel occupied east jerusalem in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven he says israeli forces provoke such clashes if the. human good nor thought throwing. away words soon spreads that another israeli patrol is on the way the street clears as they approach off camera comes the sound of a rock hitting a parked car and the israeli forces take up positions along each side of the road we've just been here in the village for a few minutes talking to
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a couple of people they say that arrests happen very frequently and just as we were here suddenly the israeli border police have arrived and looks like they're here to carry out some kind of operation. but almost as soon as they came still training their guns along the streets believe any objective hard to discern we're seeing ongoing disturbances by local residents unfortunately including miners that are throwing rocks and stones and attacking police offices our units have to respond our units have to make arrests and our units have to find the suspects. for the families of those detained the nighttime raids are followed by a day in the courthouse corridors it's the fifth time wafa university student son has been arrested when the boys every time they have a different chargeable every time they say in secret file you know nothing about it thank you very next day he's been i'd molotov cocktail and now we'll head off of
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monday i wish his son is fifteen years old along with the others who will be detained until friday this is the magic bullet they stand in front of the faces of blue when they leave school to probe after being properly have to defend well it's palestinian officials say more than a thousand arrests have been made in occupied east jerusalem since the announcement in december by donald trump recognizing the city as israel's capital and the protests that followed a policy palestinians call collective punishment for said occupied east jerusalem egypt's prosecutor has ordered the arrest of the former presidential candidate. for two alleged contact with the band was lim brotherhood group that's according to state television. one of the most vocal opponents of next month's presidential elections this is the latest arrest in the lead up to the election after the former military officer and presidential candidate sami are now in was imprisoned in january for more than thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq
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following the defeat of my sil there or than seventy six countries promised donations at a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be repaid and the money falls well short of what iraq's government says it needs. the lower house of cambodia's parliament has passed a law making it a crime to insult the king anyone found guilty of the charge could face a fine and up to five years in prison rights groups fear the law could be used by prime minster one cent to further stifle dissent in the past year the government has cracked down on its opponents closing critical media outlets and dissolving the main opposition party and now to sydney where an art exhibition is highlighting australia's treatment of refugees the curators of all we can see commissioned artists to paint scenes described in
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real incident reports involving refugees and migrants held in offshore detention centers andrew thomas reports from sydney. she had been asking for a four minute shower as opposed to two minutes her request to be accepted on condition of sexual favor he had also tied the rope around his neck and attempted to weigh down the right he then said do i have to kill myself to go to australia the words from trauma incident reports written by people working with refugees the pictures and sculptures of artists imagining or interpretive was described god stated do not sit in front of me i don't want to see you and keep the chair. at the sydney gallery artistic license is applied to a world deliberately hidden from view we want to make the invisible visible this policy has been so successful because it's been out of sight out of mind and face so we hope that by bringing him in trade the way stories people might be able to
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forget so easily they will have to start to pay attention the policy in question is australia's towards refugees since twenty thirteen the government has been deporting refugees who've tried to reach its shores by boat to two tiny pacific islands an hour and madness are really based dark black holes where it's very difficult to get information about conditions it's very hard to independently know what has gone on hundreds of refugees have been held on the roof for almost five years told they'll never leave many suffer mental health issues others have been abused by guards local school reach other in twenty sixteen a cache of documents detailing such incidents was leaked by former worker the curators here asked artists to choose one file each to illustrate one of the case workers on a bus in the morning and noticed that one of the children had signed a hot into his hand with a medal and thread she asked him why done that he said i don't know. i just found
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that it was a very simple incident but very graphic very confronting some pieces on. littrell a picture of exactly what's described other works are much more abstract there are thirty three worked on show at this sydney gallery but overall the so-called in the roof aisles describe what went thousand incidents what's on display here then is just the start of a much more ambitious project the curators have posted online the text of all the more than two thousand reports they're encouraging people to read them and submit their own work the ultimate aim is that every incident to be illustrated not necessarily by professionals like those who did please but by a mass autistic movement andrew thomas al jazeera sydney.
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and just time now for a quick look at our top stories after nine years as the president of south africa jacob zuma has resigned a seventy five year old was given an ultimatum by his own party amid numerous allegations of corruption speaking a short while ago zuma said he disagreed with the way he was forced out the a.n.c. should never be divided in my name. i have therefore come to the decision to resign as president of the republic with immediate effect and another major story from southern africa zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan trapp morgan chang rials died at the age of sixty five the movement for democratic change parties vice president says he died in south africa after a long battle with colon cancer in one thousand nine hundred trying to write them a trade union leader for the opposition party in the years that followed he
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organized protests to try and force robert mugabe out of office. well at least fourteen people have died in a shooting at a florida high school the suspect has been detained these are live pictures you're watching now he's been identified according to the police as a form a student a moderate stoneman douglas high school in the town of patent had been placed on a code red lockdown while police searched the site. the u.n. special envoy to syria staffan de mistura says the recent violence in the country is the worst that he's seen during his entire four year tenure staffan de mistura has told the u.n. security council that the violence must be deescalated the moment thirty billion dollars has been pledged to help rebuild iraq following the defeat of i still the old in seventy six countries promised donations at a summit in kuwait but mainly in the form of loans which will need to be repaid and
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the money falls well short of what iraq's government says it needs that's all from us here in london people and. al-jazeera. and. backers found on city streets around the world often ignored sometimes how frequently moved on but always hoping for the charity of others so how do different cultures respond to that please how does your correspondent about to be phillips went to find out.


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