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how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name about it without. northwest representatives can. teach is pretty cool. actually you'll remember we had this special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's not the topic and you mean this is a comment. on the. al-jazeera investigation. wall of silence this time. must come first in everything that we. pose is sworn in as south africa's new president with a promise to tackle corruption. out of there i'm joe to hold this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. a
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nineteen year old former student confesses to killing seventeen people in his florida high school and he was carrying extra ammunition in his backpack. the saudi owned television news station out of beer surrenders its right to broadcast in the u.k. . and top dogs the films vying for all news at the berlin film festival. several rum opposer is the new president of south africa the billionaire businessman and politician was officially sworn in on thursday at a ceremony in cape town he replaces jacob zuma who's been forced to step down by his own party after years of mounting corruption allegations rob matheson reports from johannesburg. christian. it's taken more than nine
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years but several ram opposing finally has what he wants the leadership of south africa and his nomination members of his party the ruling a.n.c. had been dancing and cheering i do believe that when one is elected in this type of position you basically become a servant of the people of south africa and i will seek to execute that task with humility. with faithfulness and with dignity as well but within minutes hence one big hurdle the new president must face we don't have and jacob zuma problem we have in n.c. problem. is that i'm of course i wish you strength but you know we will hold you accountable and i will see you in twenty nineteen on the ballot box some of the
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opposition is refusing to recognize his presidency we just want to put it on the record speaker that we cannot be part of an illegitimate illegal process. and i'm opposed also has to hold together a ruling party which has seen support plummet to join the last election voters have high expectations of their new leader i am being mean. or even sure. i mean something very new to. tell she was there because you must admit you. are not helping her to run and run opposer is facing a struggling economy high unemployment and allegations of widespread corruption the pressure is on for south africa's new president to try to deliver what is controversial pretty assessor could not rock matheson al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. the gunman who killed seventeen people in a u.s.
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high school on wednesday has confessed to the shooting and admitted he was hiding extra ammunition in his backpack the f.b.i. said it was warned about the threat posed by nineteen year old nicholas cruz who was a former student at the school in part and from there andy gallagher reports. even in a nation plagued by my shootings the scenes from inside the marjorie stoneman douglas high school a harrowing student sobbed as they're forced to run past bodies of fall and classmates in all seventeen people died most were getting ready to go home to their parents and loved ones i saw two girls dead next to each other holding hands there was another body running the. it was three in the bathroom door former student nicholas cruz is now being charged with premeditated murder but it's now known the f.b.i. was warned about him last september
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a comment left online and was reported to authorities the f.b.i. received information about a comment made on a you tube channel. a public comment simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter. no other information was included with that comment which would indicate time location or the true identity of the person who made the comment. yes we conducted database reviews checked with them was unable to further identify the person who actually made the comment that there were other warnings to friends say nineteen year old cruz was going to obsessed teaches at the school will reportedly afraid of him school officials haven't said why cruz was expelled last year but the local sheriff made an emotional appeal for more resources people are going to be rightfully so concerned about their rights as a mine but what about the rights of the students what about the rights of young kids who go to school with book bags and pencils don't they have the right to be protected by the united states government to the best of our ability for you
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nicholas take us through this. here nicholas cruz is said to be cooperating with investigators early searches of his social media accounts as said to be disturbing over the next few days vigils will be held to mourn those who lost their lives once again a community has been ripped apart by gun violence that may have been preventable for many here offers of condolences and prayers a simply not enough and gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida well one of the most shocking aspects of this story is that nobody was really surprised it's the eighteenth fatal shooting in the united states so far this year and we're only in mid february but as patty calling reports from washington d.c. an extension of gun control seems as far away as it's ever been. the sanctuary of a school punctured with screams. panicked children flee terrified parents wait we've seen this over and over and over
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again this is a couple of dozen at high school at universities and at an elementary school twenty children six adults slaughtered by an automatic weapon then as and now the flags come down and the politicians debate this uniquely american phenomena the core question they ask are guns really to blame president donald trump didn't even mention the word gun in his address not even once we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health we have to have smart gun safety laws and we cannot tolerate a society and and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered the last time congress actually debated gun control after these six year olds were murdered
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in two thousand and twelve even with the parents of the dead children lobbying them the senate couldn't pass a bill requiring background checks to buy a gun and that proposal is hugely popular according to gallup ninety six percent of americans polled what background checks for all gun purchases seventy five percent want a thirty day waiting period to buy a gun and seventy percent want all guns to be registered with police so why does the popular will not have an impact here on capitol hill well many lawmakers from rural areas are afraid of angering their constituents were guns are more prevalent and there's also the issue of campaign money the gun lobby the national rifle association is very powerful if you add up the money it gives to candidates running ads or lobbying they have contributed more than two hundred. three million dollars for elections dating back to nine hundred ninety eight now that is happened again a familiar refrain from people in power we owe it to every one of those kids trying
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outside their screw yesterday and all those who never made it out of this they didn't make it out of the school a supposedly safe place that america clearly isn't anymore and there seems to be little political will to do anything to try and change that pedicle hain al-jazeera washington the saudi owned television news station rabiya surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom amid allegations of fake news broadcast about qatar it comes after a cathartic complaint to the u.k. television regulator ofcom over the broadcasting of fake quotes attributed to the emir of qatar last may both be and sky news arabia analyzed and condemned a speech published online which later turned out to have been faked by hackers soon afterwards four countries began their blockade of qatar well let's take a quick look at how that blockade crisis evolved last may the qatar news
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agency was hacked so that fake remarks attributed to shea tamim bin hamad out tunney were published in which he appeared to criticize u.s. foreign policy saudi arabia egypt and the u.a.e. then responded by blocking sites belonging to qatar including al-jazeera a month later the e-mail account of the u.a.e. baskets of the u.s. was hacked revealing links with a pro israel think tank in washington he was also found to be urging the u.s. to move its military base out of qatar. two days after that bahrain the u.a.e. saudi arabia and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar until it agreed to stop sponsoring terrorism groups they also demanded the closure of the al-jazeera media network qatar said it was the victim of incitement and lies well last july qatar amended its antiterrorism laws and signed an accord with the united states to curb terrorism financing the us
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secretary of state rex tillerson praised qatar's efforts and called on the boycotting countries to lift their blockade. earlier i spoke to trevor barnes a former senior manager at off com who says there are still plenty of questions yet to be answered what is the mystery here is that nothing's been published by off calm about this complaint that's been made by the qataris so there's been no breach decision of the code so all of this seems to have happened behind some sort of screen it is perfectly possible that there are beers thought right if we don't back off now we're going to have the bad publicity of being forced to handle i suspect it may still be we just don't know we'll still publish something. may still decide in fact to find in principle rabiya and then of course know this as a former legal director of com may decide to take legal action against paraguay or to get that fine paid if an arab
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a has assets in this country of course will try him in force that judgment against a letter via. still to come on the program the refugees who journey as stalled in indonesia are being forced to live on the side of the road. and the devil is in the diet the newly discovered link between ultra processed food and cancer. welcome back the weather across the strait it could be quite interesting next few days certainly across parts of western australia on the with and territories where the circulation developing this will become tropical cyclone calvin which could be two thousand two hundred two and four hundred millimeters of rain or be in a largely sparsely populated area but nevertheless the communities here cool some
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real problems of the mining operations to look in pretty well now for perth a twenty nine degrees during friday as we head through to suffer some showers are likely in western australia across southeastern areas it's looking fine melbourne that twenty nine sydney should also see some pleasant weather twenty six now as we head across into new zealand we've got what's still a tropical cyclone peter moving towards the south moving away from new caledonia and heading in towards new zealand could well go somewhere close to the cook strait but not until about monday of next week but some severe weather is likely here but at the moment certainly his new caledonia which is let you see some heavy rain and rough seas but certainly going to miss the worst of this particular storm system moving up into northeastern parts of asia the weather is relatively quiet at the moment the ice in temperature come out to four degrees celsius heading into the weekend we'll start to see some snow showers moving across the sea of japan into western honshu.
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in india five million children have genius level i.q. but most live in poverty and go undiscovered one when he meets two child geniuses fighting for their chance to shine at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. problem back let's take a quick look at the top stories cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in
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a south africa's president a day after embattled leader jacob zuma resigned he's promising to fight corruption and revitalize the economy. the gunman who killed seventeen people in a u.s. high school on wednesday has confessed to the shooting and admitted he was hiding extra ammunition in his backpack. the saudi owned television news station our other beer surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom amid allegations of fake news broadcast about qatar. his prime minister mariyam has suddenly resigned following months of anti-government protests he says he's tried to solve the crisis in his country and is resigning to be part of the solution mohamad addo reports. in a televised address and sadie's it is ignition was wide tall for cheating the changes necessary for sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other words an
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attempt to ease rising tensions in the country because unity for which in my circle of unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace largely seen as a placeholder and a consensus figure hyla money and us alone has led if you have to since two thousand and twelve following the death of former prime minister and the architect of if you press a recent economic boom melissa. he rolls from relative obscurity as an a can they make to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister who's and deputy prime minister his departure follows the current wave of unrest on a national state of emergency doubt and last. ethiopia's lodge's regions only on i'm hot have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protesters mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and and to state corruption. in recent weeks the government has released thousands of opposition
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supporters from jail but the protest of continued years of unaccountability and atmos isolation of the country's politics of push if you appear to tipping point injustice repression and lack of minute full democracy some say have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among ethiopia's youth driving many to view protests as the only viable means of bringing about minix will change their own going to stop and has also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with some of the few purse powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and lacking in focus hyla madi i'm surprised his ignition may not satisfy all of the few press protesters but for some it's a start mohamed atta walsh's era. zimbabwe's main opposition party has named nelson chamisa as acting president of the party it replaces longtime opposition leader morgan tsvangirai who died in south africa of cancer on wednesday as more from
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harare. and. many opposition supporters are broken hearted. they say they are struggling to accept the man who led them for nearly twenty years morgan tsvangirai is dead. i was defeated in. three days. so we had. a chance to disarm the m.d.c. as national council has appointed nelson chamisa as acting president for twelve months which likely means he will be the party's presidential candidate when elections take place later this year chamisa is forty years old and popular with the youth we are just four months away from an election and we have lost the commander but i can tell you is that we do not have
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a crisis. all of the generals on the field of those who are going to believe tennis to make sure that will win the battle in the war again is their incumbent and will win this election was but two senior party officials took a sonic alias missouri did not attend thursday's party meeting there is speculation they may split the biggest opposition party because they don't want to be their boss. giving any more we are apt to follow leaders in the opposition have to help me manage the transition if they want to keep the night. he was the face of zimbabwe's opposition to longstanding leader robert mugabe for decades saying that i live long enough to see his rival resign. and as above is facing its first election in nearly two decades without either.
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at. all than fourteen thousand refugees are stuck in limbo in indonesia as they wait to be resettled in other countries some are living in detention centers full to capacity leaving many homeless and so desperate that there are scheme to be put in prison staff russell reports from jakarta. desperate refugees outside jack after us immigration detention center families with small children even newborns are camping outside the gate hoping to be let in many of them have skin problems. in the. areas from afghanistan he says after four years in indonesia he has lost hope any country will accept him and his family money provided by his family back home has run out we really are wrong then just put us in prison but give us the four you have. to give us something that we should not be under very and under the
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sun in the nisha is not a signal to. the un convention on refugees many used the country as a transit point to go to a stray or to be resettled in the united states or europe but more than fourteen thousand have been stuck here after most countries closed their borders. he was seven when she arrived in indonesia four years ago she and her family barely survived a journey when their boat sank where we have other money had spread so my my father can support that so i can't stand him so that's why we are slipping. but immigration officials say they can't let the refugees in the detention center is already overcrowded inside the detention center conditions are even more grim three hundred refugees have been detained in a place with a capacity of only one hundred to gather in a small room many have fallen ill refugees who have been waiting for many years to
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be resettled to another country have now become prisoners in indonesia many refugees hope international organizations will take care of them as soon as they are detained but the un agency for refugees to un h. e r says there's not enough money to help all the refugees stuck in indonesia. increasingly some have decided to return to their home country instead last year four hundred returned to afghanistan although the u.n.h.c.r. says the country is not safe not from our perspective but if refugees are willing to go if they decide that it's safe enough for them to go back home we can't say we wouldn't stop them. and certainly there are refugees that every time back to afghanistan from various countries that spread it and because they have no other option that. i can't make that decision for anyone it is the decision that every
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refugee makes for themselves while the indonesian government says it's looking for a solution for the stranded refugees people from the neighborhood are providing them with water food and medical help but in numbers are increasing and it will be hard for volunteers to continue to support them step fastened al-jazeera check after. a spokesman for u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says he had a productive and open conversation with turkey's president richard tiber the one during their three hour meeting in ankara it was widely expected to be the most difficult leg of to the since five day visit to the region relations between the two countries have been strained over u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria turkey regards the y.p. jeus terrorists and has launched a military offensive to clear them out of northern syria now a study by a group of french scientists has found that people who eat more highly highly
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processed foods are more likely to develop cancer they looked at the diet of all the one hundred thousand people and found that those who eat things like cakes crisps and ready meals are at higher risk of developing the disease barker reports from london. what have you eaten today because what we innocently consume could be harming us. we've known for several years that certain food such as processed meat can increase our risk of disease but now french researches have made a worrying link between ultra processed food and cancer western diets are characterized by their intake of. an average of could get to fifty percent of ultra processed foods in our in our diets even a healthy product nutritionally can be processed because it can have food or preservatives or food color and or. or sweeteners so what do
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dieticians mean by ultra processed food and how do they differ from processed and processed foods on processed food or. it's things like vegetables that are wrong not those kind of things then to take in not chop you might have things like milk and then the next level up from that is things like bread so bread in the olden days used to be made of three things and now it's made of quite a few more things so that now fits into a process you know pretty processed products and then we have things which are just made out you know i think that you wouldn't necessarily recognize this food at all there's an awful lot of ingredients in this none of them really look like food at all said out with into the out process very many ultra processed foods contain artificial ingredients designed to keep them fresh on the shelves and make them look more appetizing bang clude ready meals cakes must produce bread and instant
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noodles. there's an old piece of advice you should only eat food that your grandparents would recognize but the reality of life in the modern age is that fast cheap and inevitably highly processed food is very very tempting so how do we navigate this coloring minefield the simple answer fresh fruit vegetables foods that are high in fiber more research needs to be done to definitively link ultra processed food and cancer a rule out other factors many consumers of ultra processed food are more likely to smoke and be overweight both key causes of cancer but the overriding advice is clear if we must eat processed food eat it in moderation. or london. in brazil the top prize in rio de janeiro's carnival has been won by a hard hitting display that highlights corruption and violence the samba school for
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was crowned champion for their performance featuring corrupt politicians dressed as rats and wolves in sheep's clothing another entry sharply criticized president michelle term heir who's facing ongoing corruption allegations in a carnival that had an unusually strong political scene. now it's renowned as a showcase of hollywood's blockbusters of high art european movies the berlin film festival which opened on thursday places a strong emphasis on cultural diversity and this year as at other movie events the me two campaign has been highlighting sexual harassment in the film world from berlin dominic came reports. for many february in the german capital means only one thing the bellina the film festival which has helped put this city on the cultural map it's an opportunity for film goers and critics alike to view the movies competing for the ultimate prize the golden bear but this year it's
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a different animal that's gaining attention. isle of dogs is the latest anime to do things you're offering from the award winning us director when anderson set in a dystopian future japan where a form of canine flu has forced the all thora tease to quarantine all dogs on a remote island we follow the journey of a twelve year old boy as he struggles to find his lost pet rancid upward to where mean banana peels and dried up pickled in a sardine bones a power broken egg shells an old smashed up rotten gives it with maggots all over it ok it's worth it. one of us will be in this venture from german director christie and. we observe the plight of refugees through the ages set in modern southern france but with characters the travel from the past to the present transit. profiles a man fleeing the nazi occupation. and his interactions with modern refugees we
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get a sense of the fragility the collective experience. for me. this is not dominated by blockbuster films from hollywood studios one film critic says it means competition for the prizes will be fetus we don't have somebody really prominent movies so i think with this year it's going to be really discovery where perhaps a lot of unknown directors smaller films will sort of pop up and get noticed one of the issues many people are mentioning here is the me too movement which has highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment against women in the film industry there will be really special programs offered me too but also about diversity we think said there was this cultural events but not only cultural events are a sublight from now to discuss this and we are in the middle of sis's question one
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of the draws of this festival has always been its combination of hollywood style glamour with european art house movies and as a showcase for independent filmmakers to attract attention to the causes they hold dear as this festival opens there is no overwhelming favorite to claim the top prizes and so many of the people trading these red carpets have high hopes dominic al-jazeera. don't forget to visit the web site w w w dot al-jazeera dot com. and a quick reminder of the top stories cyril ramaphosa has been sworn in a south africa's new president from opposer succeeds jacob zuma who are months of pressure from within his own party finally resigned on wednesday from
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a poser says he'll focus on rooting out corruption and revitalizing economic growth the issues that you have raised issues that have to do with corruption issues of how we can straighten out our state owned enterprises and how we do with state kept is issues that are on our worry discreet the gunman who killed seventeen people in a u.s. high school on wednesday has confessed to the shooting and admitted that he was hiding extra ammunition in his backpack the f.b.i. says it was warned about the threat posed by nineteen year old nicholas cruz who was a former student of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland president donald trump says he will work to improve school safety but avoided any comment on gun control the television news station our bia has surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom i mean allegations of fake news broadcast about
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qatar it comes after a qatari complained to the u.k. television regulator ofcom over the broadcasting of fake quotes attributed to the emir of qatar last may both a beer and sky news arabia analyzed and condemned a speech published online which later turned out to have been faked by hackers. the ethiopian prime minister. has resigned after the worst anti-government protests in twenty five years merriam says he'll stay in his role until the transition of power is complete but he hopes his resignation will allow planned reforms to create a lasting peace. members of zimbabwe's opposition movement for democratic change have been mourning the death of their leader morgan tsvangirai supporters gathered outside the m.d.c. headquarters in harare to pay their respects to the party's founding father he died in south africa of cancer on wednesday elson chamisa has been appointed as acting
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president of the m.d.c. well those are the headlines one a one east is next ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on ounces zero. five million indian children have genius level i.q. .


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