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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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global conversation at this time on al-jazeera the nature news as it breaks the u.s. cut the funding has cemented the feeling here that the u.s. is now part of the problem and has picked the israeli side with detailed coverage the nigerian government insists negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of the girls and hundreds of others. from around the world take decades on chileans are still thinking about abuses but this time those committed by the church. this is al jazeera. hello welcome to the al-jazeera news our i'm still robin. headquarters here in doha
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coming up in the next sixty minutes. the u.s. president's former chief strategist is questioned in the rush of investigation. also united in mourning divided on gun control an all too familiar pattern emerges in the wake of america's latest school shooting spree. would try to work very hard not to disappoint the people of south africa thank you very much. also south africa's new president is sworn in keen to turn the page on era of scandal and division also. i'm scott heiler in bangkok where some say the air pollution levels are at the highest they have ever been and that there is growing criticism of how the government is handling that story coming up. welcome to the news our state. allan donald trump's combative former chief
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strategist has been interviewed by investigators examining links between the u.s. president's election campaign and russia now it's understood he spoke to investigators led by special counsel robert mueller for around twenty hours in two separate meetings where let's get more on this from my kind of our correspondent in washington d.c. what more do we know about this meeting between miller and bannon and what might have been said what we don't know exactly what the questions are but what we do understand from those close to the investigation is that ban and all the questions that were put to him now this is significant was a link the questioning process as you say of the separate sessions lasting some twenty hours but certainly the most high profile person that we know has spoken to the investigation this obviously a major step forward in that particular investigation and important to note too as
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i said that he did so all the questions that were put to him of course mike he did refuse to answer questions earlier in the week from lawmakers so what seems to have changed in this rather turbulent story that we've been following for what nearly a year now. well maybe as to supply our the investigation as you say quite correctly he's appeared before the house intelligence committee and refused to answer a number of questions quoting white house privilege now lawmakers on their particular committee complained loudly about it saying that he would only answer questions that had basically been vetted and cleared by the white house itself there is strong discussion about whether bannan himself can invoke white house privilege and indeed whether there is any form of white house privilege at all in this ongoing investigation but the reason why he possibly speaking to miller is facing the
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threat of a subpoena now the house intelligence committee is considering charging him with contempt of the committee there's discussion going on among members of that committee on that particular issue now one must remember too as well that there's another investigation ongoing and that's the senate intelligence committee as yet they have not spoken to steve bannon but he's likely to be getting a subpoena from that committee as well certainly interesting to see whether he answers questions from that particular committee when he won't answer questions from the house committee itself or from and we'll leave it there mike of course follow vents with us as the day progresses thank you the other top story thousands of people have gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the seventeen students killed during a high school shooting in the u.s. so to florida as they mourn in parklane north of miami it's a merge at the f.b.i. had previously been warned about the shooting suspect nicholas cruz the nineteen
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year old is accused of walking into the school with a legally purchased assault rifle and opening fire and gallagher has more from the vigil. this is a community in mourning but a people determined to come together the grieving process will be long and painful the wounds may never heal many here is still in shock but determined that this should never happen again i mean bullets were in my daughter's classroom yesterday . her friends are a lot of her friends died and this is enough for eddie and i don't know what it's going to take but we have to do something we have to that we can't just be idle and forget about this. mobile video from inside the school shows the horror that children have to enjoy or. have students sauber forced to run past bodies of fallen classmates or you nicholas jacob cruz. is here the suspected
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shooter nineteen year old nicholas cruz appeared in court charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder he's now confessed to the killings is lawyer describes cruz as a broken human being the sadness that this community is feeling i mean my children are there they go to school in this community i feel horrible for these families and. mr cruz feels that pain. it's also known that the f.b.i. investigated a comment left on you tube by someone using the screen name nicholas cruz it simply said i'm going to be a professional school shooter no other information was included with that comment which would indicate a time location where the true identity of the person who made the comment. yeah yeah conducted database reviews checked with them was unable to further identify the person who actually made the motive for this attack is still unknown
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but among the dead at the schools assistant football coach he threw himself in front of his students to protect them from a hail of bullets his team simply tweeted he died a hero his sacrifice won't soon be forgotten and he gallacher al-jazeera parkland florida and we'll have more analysis on that story later in the news out moving on now on the u.s. secretary of state says he's had open and productive talks with turkey's president rest of the one rex tillerson is on the fifth and final leg of his middle east toll ties between the two countries have been strained in recent months over u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria jordan tells us why the u.s. attack you haven't been seeing eye to eye. there's a saying you dance with the ones who brought you in mandate syria the u.s. military is supporting the syrian defense forces local fighters who helped liberate the city for myself. just one problem the s.d.f.
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is led by curved whom turkey considers a mortal enemy. once again is demanding washington abandon the s.d.f. and pull its own forces out of syria he can introduce and how that you can why are you standing around go ahead and leave who did you bring there. i b g u k k if you take them there and you are still telling us not to come the moment we will come to my message to deliver the land to its true owners. the us response not happening we need to stay here until that political environment is stable in our security here our presence here provides that level stabilization and bring security. or it's just the latest in a number of issues that have driven in washington apart going back to the start of the syrian civil war in two thousand and eleven turkey became increasingly
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frustrated that the united states wasn't helping it achieve its goal of bringing down a side and the united states became increasingly frustrated by turkey support for radical groups what's more the u.s. is still refusing to extradite the cleric that. accused of plotting the failed two thousand and sixteen coup against her to one all this has the turkish president jockeying for closer ties with russia and attacking the u.s. as a proto enemy everywhere he goes the anti american message is resonating a recent poll found that seventy nine percent of turks hold an unfavorable view of the u.s. government just eighteen percent have a favorable view even people to people ties are affected sixty seven percent of turks have an unfavorable view of americans roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. well eliot ellison was in lebanon where he wall that has been laws influence and
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regional conflicts is threatening the country's security now the secretary of state made the comments after meeting lebanese president michel aoun and prime minister saad hariri and also them to uphold lebanon's commitment to ensure calm on the southern border with israel. to africa now where several rum opposer has become south africa's new president pushing a message of clean government and inclusiveness the former trade union leader ten melty millionaire replaces jacob zuma whose ears empowered tainted by scandals division allegations of corruption rob matheson has more from johannesburg. christian. it's taken more than nine years but several ram opposing finally has what he wants the leadership of south africa and his nomination members of his party the ruling a.n.c. have been dancing and cheering i do believe that when one is elected in this type
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of position you basically become a servant of the people of south africa and i will seek to execute that task with humility. with faithfulness and with dignity as well but within minutes hence one big hurdle the new president must face we don't have and jacob zuma problem we have in n c problem. is that i'm of course i wish you strength but you know we will hold you accountable and i will see you in twenty nineteen on the ballot box some of the opposition is refusing to recognize his presidency we just want to put it on the record speaker that we cannot be part of an illegitimate illegal process. and i'm oppose also has to hold together a ruling party which has seen the last election voters have high expectations of their new leader i am happy. or even sure.
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this. economy some great deal to. tell she was there because i must admit you we're not helping much and run a poser is facing a struggling economy high unemployment and allegations of widespread corruption the pressure is on for south africa's new president to try to deliver what is controversial pretty assessor could not rock matheson al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. the infighting is starting to turn zimbabwe's main opposition movement apart after the death of its founder morgan chiang rai he died in neighboring south africa where he was being treated for cancer or would toss a has more from the capital harare. put in and. many opposition supporters are broken hearted. they say they are
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struggling to accept the man who led them for nearly twenty years morgan tsvangirai is dead. i was definitely shocked. three days notice. ok so we had. made it it. was. the m.d.c. is national council has appointed nelson chamisa as acting president for twelve months which is likely means he will be the party's presidential candidate when elections take place later this year chamisa is forty years old and popular with the youth we are just four months away from an election and we have lost a commander but i can tell you is that we do not have a crisis. of the generals on the field of those who are going to be left turners to make sure that the battle in the war again and then come in and win this election.
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but two senior party officials talk with investments already did not attend thursday's party meeting there is speculation they may split the biggest opposition party because they don't want to be their boss. i want. to get a. chance to follow leaders in the opposition have to help me manage the transition if they want to keep the party tonight. he was the face of zimbabwe's opposition to longstanding leader robert mugabe for decades so i get i live long enough to see his rival resign. and facing its first election in nearly two decades without either of. plenty more still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including a former australian prime minister whose government left refugees languishing in offshore prison camps back tracks on his own hard line policies. also the u.s.
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ambassador calls for a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities by the cost of a liberation army. and then spawned the us a golden girl picks up our first olympic title impaling chang jo more about mcallister the next time i. hear pierce parliament is planning to meet on friday as it looks to replace the prime minister who resigned suddenly haile mariam the last son announcement follows often violent unrest that's threaten the ruling party's hold on power mohammed are reports. in a televised address and sadie's it is ignition was wide tall for cheating the changes necessary evil sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other words
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an attempt to ease rising tensions in the country because unity for which in my circuit unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace largely seen as a placeholder on a consensus figure. has led if you have to since two thousand and twelve following the death of former prime minister and the architect of if you press a recent economic boom melissa. he rolls from relative obscurity as an a can they make to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister who's an deputy prime minister his departure follows the current wave of unrest on a national state of emergency doubt and last. ethiopia's lodges regions only on i'm hot to have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protest as mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption. in recent weeks the government has released thousands of
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opposition supporters from jail but the protest of continued years of unaccountability and atmos isolation of the country's politics of push if you appear to tipping point injustice repression and lack of minute full democracy some say have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among ethiopians youth driving many to view protests as the only viable means of bringing about many people change their own going disturbances have also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with some of ethiopians powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and lacking in focus hyla madi i'm surprised his ignition may not satisfy all of if you press protesters but for some it's us but behind it all just. here the bastards are kosovo says the semi autonomous region must allow a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities by the kosovo liberation
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army he's been speaking to al-jazeera has cost of a past twelve ten years after declaring itself independent country symons reports now from the kosovo serb town of correction in china silvano marinko of each has vivid memories of her husband and there's no end to her grief he's been missing for nearly twenty years silvana says it was tough bringing up their two daughters alone but it see put out of all the difficulties i face the hardest thing is when my daughter is ask where their father is. silvana is convinced that kosovo albanian fighters abducted her husband along with hundreds of other people she's put much of her energy campaigning for a non-government organization that's demanding justice for relatives of those who've gone missing goran disappeared in june one thousand nine hundred nine according to n.g.o.s he's among an estimated five hundred kosovo still missing
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and according to the government the figure of kosovar albanians stands at twelve hundred naturally the word missing still has a project resonance right across calls over and still after all this time there's a clamoring for some form of justice or closure because of the liberation army stands accused of abductions and atrocities a special court was set up to investigate but casillas leadership many of them kalay veterans have spent the past six months trying to get rid of it although now they've agreed to it again not even the brand then everything how do you feel personally about. a possible indictment i'm very confident i am very proud on that what we did on our freedom fighting i don't know who's going to be prosecuted most of the pressure on kosovo's leaders has come from the united states what i do know is the special corps important
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because of future both in domestic rule of law terms but also to demonstrate to the international community the cause of our can keep its word none of this diplomacy about a special court impresses silvana magic of h. or if they really wanted to do something they could have done it a long time ago the un place had testimony that was still fresh but they wanted to hide the truth. and silvana as distrust is shared by many of those still waiting for any word on the fate of their loved ones andrew symonds al-jazeera gretchen. in kosovo. neither side of your own television news station are allowed to be a has surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom or though the reasons for the move remain unclear cattle had formally complained to the u.k. television regulator ofcom over the airing of fake quotes attributed to the gulf states amir last may both al-arabiya and the u.a.e.
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based sky news arabia analyzed and condemned a speech published online which later turned out to have been created by hackers shortly afterwards for arab countries began a blockade of cattle while t.v. compliance consultant liz monroe described what the decision might mean for our lower b.-a well it basically means that you will no longer be regulated by off on you won't be broadcasting in the eighth and europe and. you know you're no longer subject to their regulations but it also means that you won't be able to you know you miss out on a chunk of the audience that you're after which is the reason why you got a lot of promises in the first place i would imagine that he wanted to you know get access to some of our o. diaspora and they won't be able to do that unless of course they reapply for
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a license at some point now those of us who eat highly processed foods are more likely to develop cancer that's according to a group of french scientists who study the diets of more than one hundred thousand people live barco reports from london. what have you eaten today because what we innocently could she could be harming us. we've known for several years that certain food such as processed meat can increase our risk of disease but now french researchers have made a worrying link between ultra processed food and cancer western diets are characterized by their intake of. an average of it could get to fifty percent of ultra processed foods in our in our diets even a healthy product nutritionally can be processed because it can have food or preservatives or food color and two or. three so what do
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dieticians mean by ultra processed food and how do they differ from processed and processed foods on processed food or. is things like vegetables that wrong not those kind of things then to take in not chop he might have things like milk and then the next level up from things like bread so bread in the olden days used to be made of three things and now it's made of quite a few more things so that now fits into a process you know pretty processed products and then we have things which are just made you know i think that you wouldn't necessarily recognize this food at all there's an awful lot of ingredients in this none of them really look like food at all said out with into the out process. where the ultra processed foods contain artificial ingredients designed to keep them fresh on the shelves and make them look more appetizing be include ready meals cakes mass produce bread and instant noodles. there's an old piece of advice you should only eat food that your
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grandparents would recognize but the reality of life in the modern age is that fast cheap and inevitably highly processed food is very very tempting so how do we navigate this coloring minefield the simple answer fresh fruit vegetables foods that are high in fiber more research needs to be done to definitively link ultra processed food and cancer a rule out other factors many consumers of ultra processed food are more likely to smoke and be overweight both key causes of cancer but the overriding advice is clear if we must eat processed food eat it in moderation eat barkha al-jazeera london. the time capitalism mix of molten urban bustle and ancient tradition but a new problem is casting a shadow over the entire city some of the worst pollution in its history and it's
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not just air quality that concerns people some are worried that the government is not giving proper warnings about the health risks scott hyla has more from bangkok . on a recent morning day the fifth most polluted city in the world the city has seen several weeks of extreme air pollution one local newspaper calling it air pocalypse pollution haze this time of year with no wind and little rain is common but according to one the bangkok city council member it's never been this bad he blames the national government for in adequate long term pollution policy and he also says that the city is not doing enough about the money thing. bangkok's administration works passably on pollution there are small measures being done but there's no eagerness with officials to tackle the bigger problem of air pollution they are not working on the solutions greenpeace says that the air quality here in bangkok is at a crisis level and there's one critical area where the government has failed and
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that he has to be corrected by media only the environmental group says levels of very small particulate matter known as p m two point five have not been included in thailand's air quality index readings of these dangerous small dust particles are included in most of the world's indexes they are harmful to people's respiratory system and can lead to stroke heart and lung disease. greenpeace says the government could be putting the public in danger by not giving them the entire picture they don't want to they don't want to panic the public event prime minister have to lie that it is the. matter that need to need to pick. up. wanting hit them in term of operating and quality and the head of the government's pollution control effort says they will eventually find particular readings but they don't have enough equipment. and i have to say not negligent
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it is in our plan to include p m two point five but it depends on when we are ready to include them into air quality index not every type of wind has problem with party coast the government has even tried seeding clouds for rain hoping to rinse away the pollutants so far it hasn't worked in the meantime the people of bangkok will need to prepare for more polluted days ahead and hope that the government's plans and the weather will bring cleaner skies it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok still had only news are celebrations begin across china and southeast asia for the lunar new year but we live in beijing. and world number one caroline wozniacki makes the cattle quarter finals but not without a wobble we've got only actually heard it's generally school. english.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the french autumn breeze in the city of love. welcome back for the start of the chinese lunar new year weather conditions across much of central and southern china are looking fine or at this little bit of rain for shanghai first thing on friday that should clear away and really for travelling weather could be much better across this vast area of china so elsewhere we've got to find conditions for indochina annoyed that twenty six are fine where they stand across lowson into me and mar taiwan just a chance of want to see showers across more northern areas heading down into southeastern parts of asia the philippines general looking pretty good at the moment same goes for much of borneo southern portion the indonesian archipelago looking pretty wet all the way from java through towards the west papua some big storms are likely here thirty year high in jakarta but moving northwards through them on a plane sure through so much up into thailand it's all looking draw and fire and it
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should stay that way through to least the end of saturday but then you might just see this area of rain pushing into southern parts of vietnam later on certainly through towards sunday south asia largely fine picture here to do a bit of mist across northern areas but no significant fork at the moment so looking draw and fine it should be fine in sri lanka don't think we'll see any sherratt to vittie here so we're looking at plenty of sunshine for new delhi with the might soon temperature here of twenty six. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. car was always telling me how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name and body without the city's northwest representatives kind of. teacher. i said you were a member of that we had this special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's not the topic i knew immediately this is a common even piece on the man city yet al-jazeera investigation footholds wall of
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silence this time. on vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click you make collecting everything through all the waves also possible. at this time to watch the what. we believe that on the deep screen is the first civilian. and we are creating a. critical engineers at this time. welcome back to the office there and use. these are our top news stories donald
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transformers chief strategist steve bannon has been interviewed by investigators examining the links between the u.s. president's election campaign and russia and it's understood he spoke to officials led by special counsel robert muller for a total of twenty hours. or so civil room opposer has become the south africa's new president pushing a message of clean government and inclusiveness the trade union leader turned multimillionaire replaces jacob zuma has years in power were tainted by multiple corruption scandals also mourners have gathered in parkland in the u.s. state of florida to remember seventeen students who were killed the jury in a school shooting on wednesday it's now merge the f.b.i. had a prior warning about the shooting suspect nicholas cruz holley dexter is co-chair of the women against gun violence activist group she joins me now from burbank california good to have you with us live on al-jazeera on what is really
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a very sad subject to talk about i mean we might have expected the same political statements that there's no bad guns just bad gun owners but no mention of gun control from the president it really is a topic that's off the table as far as the white house is concerned. well i can tell you that the n.r.a. paid thirty million dollars to get donald trump elected and donald trump stood up and publicly proclaim to the n.r.a. i will not let you down so if we're expecting to see any kind of leadership from the white house on gun reform it's not going to happen wholly for international viewers we just put it in context that the second amendment says that there is the right to bear arms a bill of rights written in seventeen ninety one gives americans the right to. post to look after themselves as such does that have to be amended or revisited in terms of the debate in twenty first century america. well i want to
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say first of all that no gun violence prevention group in america has been calling for the repeal min of the second amendment although that's a popular myth being pushed by the n.r.a. it would take two thirds of the congress to vote for that and it would take three fourths of our states to ratify it so it's not realistic to think of that happening however the second amendment as it's written it says well regulated militia so we need to regulate the guns that we have in place now and one of the things that we're calling for immediately is to reinstate a ban on assault weapons nobody needs to have assault weapons on the streets of america they are not for self-protection unless you're expecting one hundred intruders per minute they are not for hunting unless you're hunting people where how serious are politicians taking this and we hear the debate every time there's
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either a major presidential election or midterm elections i mean is this a subject the politicians want to term tackle the grassroots level because we're hearing community after community saying this could not happen again it needs to be dealt with we're hearing it from florida again in the last twenty four hours. well there are some politicians in congress that have been standing up to the gun lobby for years but guess what there are at least twenty politicians that are in office in america right now that are receiving millions of dollars from the n.r.a. and i don't want anyone out there to think that this is a hopeless situation because what america needs to do is show up to vote in our midterms in november and throw these guys out and these women out who are beholden to the n.r.a. what can the public do in terms of continue to voice their frustration
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whether they are affected by gun violence or not you've had personal experience solve this do you feel that your politicians in your area listen to you will lead be a public backlash at the ballot box. i'm very fortunate because i live in california and we do have the strongest gun laws in the nation we've proven that you can have stronger gun laws that save lives and don't affect the second amendment they don't infringe on anyone's rights to own a gun for self protection or to own a gun for hunting i feel very hopeful because we're setting a precedent in california and that could sweep across the nation and what people need to do is to get motivated and show up and vote and take to the streets was in congress and didn't one day say hey would be nice if we had civil rights it was the people who made that happen and we're the ones who have to make this happen indeed i mean for the moment to hollywood have to leave it there or what is
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a very difficult of sorts of trick to be talking about it here on al-jazeera thank you very much for your time we've got australia where the former prime minister kevin rudd has softened his stance on the tough immigration policy he introduced in twenty thirteen that he's told which is there he never intended for refugees to be kept in offshore prison terms for as long as they have been under thomas reports from australia's capital cobra. most refugees held on man a silent in papua new guinea were sent there in twenty thirteen so this year most will mark five years in what they call australia's remote island prison that particular word isn't used in a report by a regional protection officer for the united nations commission on human rights but after a visit to minus his language is just the strong he found a pervasive and worsening sense of despair among refugees and asylum seekers a sense of desolation people would be walking around their faces will be downcast
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they're looking at the ground not many people are going out of. rico cell sado says the need for medical care mental health support and trauma counseling is critical and unmet but really the refugees shouldn't be on man as a tool it's up to the country which sent them to papua new guinea to find them safe long term homes elsewhere australia ultimately has responsibility for the welfare and for dissolutions for people outside of. some refugees have flowed into the united states under a resettlement deal australia reached while barack obama was in office but most have not and their future is as uncertain as ever the hardline policy to send refugees who arrived by boat to man a silence was first introduced in july twenty third seen by then prime minister kevin rudd people who come by boat now have no prospect of being resettled in australia the rules have changed if you come by boat you'll never permanently live
5:38 am
in australia rant last election shortly after that on the conservative government has been in power since toughened his policies further earlier this week kevin rudd reflected on the tenth anniversary of his national apology to indigenous aboriginal people mistreated for decades by various australian governments i interviewed him about that and then i asked him whether he thought would ever be a need for a future australian prime minister. issue another apology this one to refugees sent by his government and subsequent ones the amount of silent on the roof rod wouldn't answer that but did say he'd never meant refugees to be on malice this long it's been inhumane in the stream for the conservative government of australia to regard those who are on menace as asylum seekers come to this country as purely domestic political pawns in a wider political game despite what he said publicly in twenty thirteen kevin rudd now says refugees on mannus should be found
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a home in australia andrew thomas al-jazeera canberra well let's look more closely at how australia's offshore processing policy actually works with asylum seekers they're going towards australia intercepted at sea by the australian navy instead of having their refugee status assessed within australia they're sent to detention centers on the pacific islands of the route now they were also then sent to closed camps on manis island in pop or new guinea the policy is aimed at deterring future asylum seekers from making the dangerous journey once it's known they won't be allowed into australia well joining me now from melbourne is matthew phillips he works with get up a progressive australian political advocacy group and spent time inside the madness island come good to have you with us matthew i mean how controversial is it for kevin rudd to sort of backtrack on the policy that andrew just mentioned that was formulated by his government and later hardened up when the opposition came into
5:40 am
power. well i mean it's truly extraordinary that the very architect of this policy i mean he stood in front of cameras and said that no one would ever call this trailer home and who opened reopened the menace island detention center. has now are kind of turned around on that and said that it's obscene that people remain in those camps i mean it is obscene there are eighteen hundred over one hundred men women and children including one hundred fifty children still on the roof in the interim the fifth year of detention i mean some people have gone to the u.s. just under one hundred but there's well over eighteen hundred who remain in very uncertain conditions and as the u.n.h.c.r. has just now reported conditions in which the sense of desperation is only growing so in their sense of inability to access any kind of health care. is
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maintained. to get the fact that i mean how long would anything the spectacle prime minister sort of keep. clear but isn't clear now it certainly wasn't clear there. indeed and we have to think about what's happened in the last four and a half years i mean it's very serious u.n.h.c.r. report is just one in a series of reports that have come out from very highly respected u.n. north already these and human rights bodies around the world i mean amnesty human rights watch the u.n. human rights committee u.n.h.c.r. and the list goes on and on who have pointed out that these human rights abuses have been occurring and indeed a group of legal advisors last year said that it amounted to a crime against humanity and these people have been kept in detention for over four and a half years it's been four and a half years of death of abuse of cruelty at the hands of numerous straightly and
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governments from both sides of politics it's time to evacuate those camps and bring them to a stranger while they work something out looking forward you might say he seemed very uncomfortable when asked by andrew would future prime ministers be apologising to his actions towards his decisions of migration do you think that's a possibility that. prime ministers in the future will have to look back and look at history and see how australia has actually dealt with such a digital zoom looking for a safe place to live. well then days and i think sari would be the bin minimum i would like to see a royal commission to expose exactly what's going on into the on has been going on on these islands for four and a half years and the crimes that have been committed against these people i mean they've seen their friends die this in their friends murdered die from medical negligence they've been. detained for four and
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a half years indifferently with no hope or indication that they will be able to achieve safety anywhere i mean we visited venice island in november last year after the strain in government and its contractors had walked away from the detention center there turning off the electricity the water cutting off the supply of food and medical supplies and there were hundreds of men still inside that detention center where they have been detained for four years and they were desperate is what what i saw truly shocked me and i just think when a stranger looks back and the world looks back on a straight is history this is a stain on a straight is history all these people want the majority of them the vast majority of them are legitimate refugees have been found to be legitimate refugees and all they want to do is find safety in a new country where they can rebuild their lives and australia is denied them then we shall see certainly what happens in the future with them for the moment the
5:44 am
philips there in melbourne thanks very much for joining us sir. throughout china and across the world chinese people are sharing in the year of the dog on the eve of the lunar new year thousands of malaysian chinese celebrated with prayers and worship at local but his temples monks rang bells at the stroke of midnight to signal the arrival of the new year and there were similar scenes further north in hong kong where the most important holiday of the year begins with a visit to the wall icing temple large crowds gathered there waited patiently for their chance to place incense sticks and offer prayers are china correspondent adrian brown is live for us than him beijing good to see you are a staple of the chinese new year are fireworks but many cities including beijing apparently banning them house like on down. yeah a very different sort of chinese new year this is the country's a hell of course that invented fireworks but the government decided that this year in many of the major cities there will be no fireworks that means that on new
5:45 am
year's eve we didn't get the usual cost me that we traditionally get but this time of year and of course it means that the skies a much clearer the air is much clearer and i think if you were to ask chinese people would you rather have fireworks or clear blue skies they would opt for the latter but some traditions haven't changed on new year's eve the annual t.v. garlett was screened on state television and this show was watched it's estimated by seven hundred million people that's more than three times as many watch the super bowl in the united states and this is one of those shows where singers and performers swoon over china's communist party and celebrate its achievements now the head of the chinese communist party president xi jinping has in the days leading up to the lunar new year holiday been touring some of the poorest parts of the country and his new year pledge has been to lift thirty million people out of poverty by twenty twenty two and that's the story that's dominating the media here
5:46 am
in china today. but for most people so hell this is a chance to forget about politics and to focus on their most important celebration of the year. its staff time of year when china becomes a nation in motion few places busier than beijing's railway station during the last lunar new year holiday around four hundred million travel by train that's more than the population of the united states some are migrant workers unsure if they'll return a campaign of demolitions has made life here impossible for them my child is in school here we lived in beijing for many years but now you're trying to kick us out of cause and what about that much of the world's second largest economy is coming through all throughout the country people are on the move in what is the walls largest annual human migration people heading home for celebrations that will last
5:47 am
for two weeks as the chinese are sure in the year of the dog fortuneteller one how walk sees more bad than good for anyone who shares the same zodiac sign and that includes president donald trump. are you by me and if i was president trial was born dawkin we chinese people call it a year old about latinos and i believe it will be a very bad year for him in the hot including his health and decision making. trump has barked a lot at china in return a bit of marketing mockery a giant statue that supposed to bear a likeness to the president sits outside a shopping mall in northeast china it certainly gets plenty of attention sporting golden hair a stern expression and an index finger pointing straight up do you think it looks like a dog. really there and they just sit here oh yeah the hair is medium size like that
5:48 am
yeah. but is it all fake news at least one passer by seems to think so. well of course chinese new year predictions have no scientific basis so hell but certainly what is not beyond dispute is that the year of the dog tends to be a bad one for stock markets in asia and the united states and in fact in the weeks leading up to this lunar new year holiday the shen zone and shanghai stock markets have been pretty volatile money comes to you know the deepening trade tensions between the united states and china i think there's a hope here that it will be a question of more bike more bark than bite rather apologies for the dog cliche but we'll accept that for them and have a good new year yourself adrian thank you. now woman in el salvador who'd been sentenced to thirty years in prison for having an abortion has been released after
5:49 am
a supreme court ruling to daughter they'll come in via squares has a was convicted in two thousand and eight on charges of aggravated homicide she maintained health issues had resulted in the stillbirth and other top court has now ruled there's no evidence to prove that the square's talk specifically action to abort her pregnancy el salvador is one of four latin american countries in which abortion is illegal. no problem in venezuela businessman has ruled out challenging the president nicolas maduro in elections in april beverage magnate lot ends when those are told employees he won't be a candidate despite widespread calls for him to enter the race the billionaire was seen as the strongest potential contender from the opposition which claims the vote will be rigged in the duras favor venezuela has been struggling with an unprecedented economic crisis since twenty thirteen. the trial date of one of mexico's most notorious drug lords has been set on september the fifth york
5:50 am
inducement known as el chapo who was extradited to the u.s. in january to face federal charges after escaping from mexican prisons twice now he's accused of running a global cocaine heroin and methamphetamine smuggling operation is then to be the leader of the senate cartel that played a central role in the mexican drug war that's killed more than one hundred thousand people. but it's time for all of the sport and olympic news with check. thanks very much one down three to go michela schifrin is on course to become the first gear to win a four gold medals at a single winter olympics the american past her first hurdle on thursday within an
5:51 am
phatic win in the giant slalom kevin calvert reports the smooth and silky star of a woman on a mission twenty two year old mckayla shifrin has been almost unstoppable on the row cup circuit the season and chicks seem to come. some point today after the first round i thought like i can really win this tiger i can. go number two come on friday in the slalom where she won as a nineteen year old at the sochi games that's bigger than for actual spend it is a number i dropped by the thirty five year olds now the oldest person to win olympic gold and now find skiing he's also norway's first down home champion and the first man to sneer olympic gold and both speed of events after winning the super g. a thank you for eight years ago. safin kremas got gold medals but ten thousand meters a limpet glory still eludes the dutch speed skater the five thousand meters champion
5:52 am
sliding to sixth as canada's to yawn boom and claimed an upset victory was overcome with emotion as alyona section called the thirty four year olds won his first olympic title in five games. she's been celebrating with german partner bruno muscle after the world record breaking if he's been scarred and it was some turnaround that was. given calvert al-jazeera. here old he has made an incredible comeback to win his second the olympic gold in the snowboard cross the freshman only scraped into the final after recovering from a collision in the semi she celebrated his country's basin after edging australia's jared hughes regino and then those took bronze for spain's first medal in twenty six years germany concedes lead the medal table on day six with nine goals norway
5:53 am
a second with six followed by the dutch and the usa with five gold medals each canada's women's hockey team in the first almost against their face rivals the united states the canadians are aiming for a fifth straight elim picoult and they won this encounter to ones of finish top of their group with three wins from three. meanwhile south korea's men's team got some unexpected support from its northern neighbors the cheerleading team from north korea turned up to support them in their match against the czech republic the cheerleaders have largely been a big hit at these games although some of criticized them as propaganda from north korea's kim jong un but they got a good reception in the final performance limbic park on thursday. well the thorn relations between north and south korea could be seen as a legacy for the games but the question of what will happen after the impacts is one that is always raised me welling's reports from pyongyang. this is the time in
5:54 am
the olympics that hosting can seem like a really good idea. action comes become fast the excitement bounces from venue to venue and each host a model provides a podium step closer to justification of the expense but with only a little big guns the question. needs to be asked what next well there actually be a legacy where the olympic stadium projects along cost one hundred nine million dollars and yet that stadia will be used just four times for the opening and closing ceremonies of the olympics and paralympic games. i asked michael sheehan of the p.r. organizing committee poco if it's true it will then be demolished he insists they do have plans for the sites it looks like i'm a pentagram and then so we are still having the main building which can be called a main building so after the games it can be used for.
5:55 am
a lot of a culture of events and activities showing something and showcasing something. those who closely followed the long journey to this northeastern part of south korea know concern and apathy usually turns to positivity during the olympic fortnight and all sorts of concerns raised travel about the lack of people who are going to be a lack of interest that the snow. all manner of logistical and organizational francs and i think has been clearly some teething problems but generally speaking the crowds are being. compared with the last games i was that where it's been a lot easier what about the paralympics that take place here next month is not going to be a success tickets for disability sport can be a hard sell but the positive vibe of an olympics can kick start a ticket surge poco they are proud of their fall they also point to the social impact it will have in korea olympic games sports parent gave related to the
5:56 am
people added to the two people with an impairment do you think the korean people will respond to that i believe so. when the circus departs reality can sink in that it was a party not a legacy but in this region they're confident koreans will return here remember the historic winter olympics and be proud the. young china is down to the last thirty two in football's europa league and also have successfully got through the first leg of their tie with sweden's also since they won three no ac milan also convincing winners in bulgaria. and came out three two victors over atlanta elsewhere celtic beat senates and petersburg one nil and defeated hillary l. roger federer is now just one victory away from surpassing andre agassi's the all this world number one in men's tennis history the thirty six year old just needs to
5:57 am
win his quarterfinal in rotterdam on friday to leapfrog arch rival rafael nadal and caroline wozniacki is on course to keep her women's number one ranking the dane reached the quarter finals of the cats are open although she does have the old anxious moment in the first set the top seed still powered past romania's nicolas seven five six one jackie will face the britain's johanna konta all former world number one angie kerber from germany in the last eight while number two simona halep is the threat to top ranking the reigning will meet eighteen year olds ballasts in the courses the american knocked out defending champion carolina pliska seven six six three in the third round in doha no such problems when building champion got to be good he said the spaniard saw off rumania soran associate in straight sets on thursday six love six full and that's all your support for now i have more feel a little bit later. thanks jan of course you can follow all stories by logging onto
5:58 am
our web site at al-jazeera adult called news fuse updated twenty four hours a day our top story obviously the resignation of the ethiopian prime minister but also keep in touch with everything else follows up next with another full half hour you've been watching the news i would. like to time. on different sides of the civil war they never wanted to fight and i joined the party just because it was the closest one to my house you might even dog for without understanding the fear but united now on the roads of levanon the scene from home on a motorcycle we see things with the frame the world has opened. i love it love it love it so much fighters two bikers on al-jazeera world at this time. and hundred forty. zero u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
5:59 am
a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. to. the first century. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world
6:00 am
we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have to follow it and anti-riot the world. we are challenging the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going. steve bannon donald trump's former right hand man is questioned by investigators over alleged russian meddling in u.s. politics. now i'm fully back to boil watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead a community.


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