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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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these explosions were not an act of war. these nuclear bombs were experiments by the soviet union. to the kazakh people who lived in the vicinity the motives might be little difference. rewind silent. at this time on now to see. the u.s. and turkey work to improve their strained relations president. mates with america's top diplomat. hello and welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with the product
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also ahead south africa's new president prepares to give his first state of the nation address as the country waits to see who. will appoint to his cabinet. is that. is very much in. zimbabwe's new opposition leader looks to the future following the death of a rock. and the year of the dog millions around the world celebrate the new year. the u.s. secretary of state says he's had a good and productive talks with turkey's president at the one rex tillerson as on the fifth and final leg of his middle east oil ties between the two countries have been strained in recent months of the u.s. support for kurdish watches and syria roslyn jordan tells us more about why the
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u.s. and turkey haven't been seeing eye to eye. there's a saying you dance with the ones who brought in syria the u.s. military is supporting the syrian defense forces local fighters who helped liberate the. city for meisel. just one problem the s.d.f. is led by kurds whom turkey considers a mortal enemy. once again is demanding washington abandon the s.d.f. and pull its own forces out of syria he can you produce and how that you can why are you standing around go ahead and leave who did you bring their. p.k. didn't you take in there and you are still telling us not to come the moment we will come to my marriage to deliver the land to its true owners. the us response not happening we need to stay here until the that political environment is stable
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and our security here our presence here provides that level stabilization and bring security for it's just the latest in a number of issues that have driven in washington apart going back to the start of the syrian civil war in two thousand and eleven turkey became increasingly frustrated that the united states wasn't helping it achieve its goal of bringing down a side in the united states became increasingly frustrated by turkey support for radical groups what's more the u.s. is still refusing to extradite the cleric that. accused of plotting the failed two thousand and sixteen coup against her to one all this has the turkish president jockeying for closer ties with russia and attacking the u.s. as a pro enemy everywhere he goes the anti american message is resonating a recent poll found that seventy nine percent of turks hold an unfavorable view of the u.s. government just eighteen percent have
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a favorable view even people to people ties are affected sixty seven percent of turks have an unfavorable view of americans roslyn jordan al-jazeera washington. so let's get more on this now correspondent. following the story for us and he's joining us live from the capital so a some three meeting jamal between to listen and at the one but we haven't heard much about it to the remaining tight lipped afterwords. elizabeth. usachev say just arrived a few minutes ago to the building behind me to meet with his counterpart smaller jurors who obviously there are going to be further discussions with regards to what's. been a sticking point there's actually a protest so the need has just come about an hour maybe the cameraman can pan to it's a group of young men who are actually approaching the the the the
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where this press conference is this meeting is taking place take it off the stakes i'm going to see if you can actually show you this bear with us for a minute or so. this will probably speak true what's rosalynn jordan's report was talking about the anti-american sentiments these are going to be people who are wanting to express their anger at the u.s. the support for the kurdish militia inside syria why p.g. and the reason why they're so angry elizabeth is because the y.p. g. is not only link to another kurdish militia the p.k. k. which has been killing turks for many years but also over the past three weeks the white p.g. has launched some full rocket attacks on sarky killing at least seven citizens as well as several soldiers on the battlefield so they hold the united states squarely responsible for the support political economic but more importantly military
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support that they have given to the white p.g. and i guess they've come out here to make it very clear to the section of states that regardless of the diplomacy that may be taking place on the ground the turkish people are very angry and reject the u.s. this stance. and of course jim all those trucks from. the turkish operation in a free and this is of course why the situation. and so difficult because the united states has continued to support because they have been the. strongest fighting in syria so far. as far as the united states are concerned they will say that it is the wife. of the syrian democratic forces. in the fight against the. point to the fact that the u.s. actually considers unprescribed the kurdish. as
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a terrorist organization and why p.g. is just. not just because one terrorist group fights another terrorist group it doesn't make the first terrorist group and that's a turkish argument the u.s. has arguments obviously will be different in terms of being a partner on the ground in order to ensure stability but it's hard to say the u.s. has no role to play in terms of stability it doesn't border syria it has no strategic reason to consider its part of its national security well as. hundreds of kilometers of border with syria three million syrian refugees inside turkey not to mention obviously the. political ties between the two countries so the message from the foreign minister will be very clear. from this perspective is that the. words
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you're already came out a few days ago i made it very clear he said that this situation resolved with with the united states things would get from bad to worse so there is a press conference that is expected whether that goes ahead over there maybe in order to ensure that maybe further doesn't happen they postpone it we're not sure yet but it's definitely going to be a very testing in trying times relations. thank you very much for that for. a child joining us live. we are going to get more on this we're joined in the studio by abraham fade out associate professor at the institute for graduate studies mr fay have always great to have you with as we do on out as they are so our correspondent. you know really talking us through just what a difficult situation this is it's a very complex situation so can the secretary of state make any progress here do you think we heard from the defense secretary james mattis who had been meeting his
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texas counterpart a couple of days ago and he described it as probably the most complex security and fighting situation he's seen in over four decades of dealing with fights well i think this is we're having a very tough problem for the secretary. to sort out with turkish ally the need to ally. has very long relationships with the united states. it's all about security. support that the united states is giving to the conditionally show the white b.g. is out of line it's a national security issue to kid streets why p.g. linked closely to the. group that ins national security for turkey. you know from turkey. but for the united states i mean this issue is about long prisons in syria which is what the united states tried to achieve by you know
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what's beyond isis if you devices is trying to have military force on the ground. which is part of an important part for the united states of a larger strategy to confront iran russia and the regime so all it is also vital for the united states larger security strategy is to have this military. for since the united states cannot afford to have troops on the ground american troops so they need the white b.g. to fight on their behalf i mean how is the united states going to balance its relationship trying to keep a good relationship with a nato ally turkey and its strategic security interests in the middle east including a presence and seven year this is not working out so far will there come a time when they'll have to choose are they actually choosing already by what
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they're doing in the region while the relationship this good question actually the relationship between the two party is the u.s. has been actually having a very tense relationship issues you know between the two and so it's not only about the white b.g. and the turkish really you know conditionally share it's there are many issues which is again raises serious questions about the future of this relationship between the united states and turkey it's also about the turkish disappointment for not receiving the support to topple the assad regime from the united states it's also about not enough not giving. in back to turkey who's responsible or accused to be responsible for the failed coup against turkish government so that over the outcome is that turkey is not a big fan of this u.s.
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administration and it's very frustrated and has very serious suspicions about you know what the united states is trying to do by giving generous military support. to the condition to leave that for turkey is is a red line and national security issue and i don't think turkey is willing to go back on this i think the all the business you can think of is that you are the united states to find some sort of a support outside at least the disputed. part of this which is where the confrontation would have been a bit of a vision that probably along those lines maybe but then is expected to give war on other issues as well or imus affair had thank you very much for that we will come back to you when we hear from rex tillerson and the turkish foreign minister which we are expected to thank you for now. well let's move on to other news now in zimbabwe and so waiting for the body of opposition leader morgan tsvangirai to
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return from south africa the zimbabwe and government has said it will help pay for a state funeral for the founder of the country's main opposition movement out of metasearch reports from harare. many opposition supporters are broken hearted. they say they are struggling to accept the man who led them for nearly twenty years morgan tsvangirai is dead. i was defeated. three days notice. so we are. ready to. resist. the m.d.c. is national council has appointed nelson chamisa as acting president for twelve months which is likely means he will be the party's presidential candidate when elections take place later this year chamisa is forty years old and popular with
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the youth we are just four months away from an election and we have lost a commander but i can tell you is that we do not have a crisis. the generals on the field of those who are going to be left jennings to make sure that the battle in the war again and then comes in a win this election. but two senior party officials talk with investments already did not attend thursday's party meeting there is speculation they may split the biggest opposition party because they don't want to be their boss. i want. to get me. to follow leaders in the opposition have to give me manage the transition if they want to keep the party tonight. he was the face of zimbabwe's opposition to longstanding leader robert mugabe for decades and i live long enough to see his rival resign. and facing its first election in nearly two
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decades without either. still ahead on the monitor. rebuilding the brooks and most of the solo the push to celebrate arts and culture and post i saw a rock and a when community in florida calls for action against gun violence after another school shooting killed seventeen people. hello and welcome back now as we take a look at europe's weather is still pretty chilly in parts of the east not as cold as it has been without some snow across central areas which is dying away mamma
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conditions out across some more western areas double figures for london looking fine in madrid though the maximum of fifteen degrees move the situation on twenty four hours more snow across the alps and quite heavy falls a snow likely here and across the u.k. and western parts of france fine conditions and still grow to be cool there across more eastern areas a low pressure across parts of greece and turkey should be moving away towards the eastern side of the mediterranean towards cyprus now on the other side of the mediterranean this low pressure is sitting in and bring cool winds in on the coast and will be quite windy some rough seas are likely here caro should be ok there are highs of twenty one degrees and then through saturday as the wind picks up kyle see temperatures dropping away or certainly cloud over that may stay dry for much of the day for central parts of africa we've got some significant showers across parts uganda towards congo central from republic of bonn much of west africa has a risk of showers there but jerry not looking too bad i cry in ghana looking at highs of thirty two degrees celsius across southern portions of the continent we've
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got some heavy rain likely to affect in parts of some b.-a. it was always telling you how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name without manchester city's northwest representatives kind of. teacher who. said you were a member of the special meeting about the nail and he said no. that's not after i knew immediately this is a cover. on the mainland city al-jazeera investigation. of silence this time.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera and these are our top stories the u.s. state of texas and the feds he's had open and productive talks with turkey's president regicide at the one times between the two countries have been strained in recent months of the u.s. support for kurdish fighters and several zimbabwe is awaiting for the body of opposition leader morgan tsvangirai to return from south africa the zimbabwe government has said it will pay for a state funeral and also would replace china as acting leader of the movement for democratic change. south africa's new president set to give his first state of the nation address and his express and is expected to appoint a new cabinet from oppose a pledge not to disappoint south africans as he took all the from his predecessor jacob zuma matheson reports from johannesburg through. it's taken more than nine years but civil rummel pose
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a fine really hurts when he wants the leadership of south africa. at his nomination members of his party the ruling a.n.c. had been dancing and cheering i do believe that when one is elected in this type of position you basically become a servant of the people of south africa and i'll seek to execute that task with humility with faithfulness. and with dignity as well but within minutes hence the one big hurdle the new president must face we don't have a jacob zuma problem we have in n.c. problem. mr mom of course i wish you strength but no we will hold you accountable and i will see you in twenty nineteen on the ballot box some of the opposition is refusing to recognize his presidency we just want to put it on the record speaker
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that we cannot be part of an illegitimate illegal process. and i'm opposed also has to hold together a ruling party which is seen support plummet during the last election voters have high expectations of their new leader i am. even sure. he'll. be something great to. tell she was there because he must admit you are not helping much and run opposer is facing a struggling economy high unemployment and allegations of widespread corruption the pressure is on for south africa's new president to try to deliver what is controversial previous us or could not rock matheson al-jazeera johannesburg south africa. if he'll be as parliament is planning to hold talks after the start
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investigation of the prime minister haile money and desolation for nelson and follows nationwide anti-government protest but her mother though reports. in a televised address and sadie's it is ignition wasn't vital for choosing the changes necessary evil sustainable peace and democracy in ethiopia in other words an attempt to ease rising tensions in the country because unity for which in my circle of unrest and political crisis have led to the loss of lives and the displacement of many i see my stepping down as vital in the effort to carry out reforms that lead to sustainable peace loudly seen as a placeholder on a consensus figure highlight and us alone has led ethiopia since two thousand and twelve following the death of former prime minister and the architect of if you present isn't a comic boom melissa. he rolls from relative obscurity as an academy to president of the solvent region before being appointed foreign minister who's an deputy prime minister his departure fulls the current wave of unrest on
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a national state of emergency doubt and last. ethiopia's lodges regions only on omaha to have witnessed must have demonstrations in recent months with protest as mainly made up of youths calling for political and economic reform and an end to state corruption. in recent weeks the government doesn't list thousands of opposition supporters from jail but a protest of continued years of unaccountability and at this isolation of the country's politics of push if you appear to tipping point injustice repression on luck of minute full democracy some say you have instilled a sense of despondency particularly among with your peers youth driving many to view protests as the only viable means of bringing about many change their own going disturbances are also led to dip divisions within the governing coalition with some of the few players powerful and it's coming to see the prime minister as weak and locking in focus hyla modi i'm surprised his ignition may not split all of
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if you press books as does. its us but the how to do well just. saw the on t.v. news station to be a has surrendered its right to broadcast in the united kingdom although there were reasons remain unclear it comes off to qatar formally complained to the u.k. television regulator off calm over the airing of fake quotes attribute to the gulf states and made last may both and u.a.e. base sky news arabia analyzed and condemned a speech published online which later turned out to have been created by hackers shortly afterwards for arab countries began a blockade off cutters. to iraq now before eisel took control of mosul in two thousand and fourteen the city was famed for its cultural heritage its poets musicians and artists now despite the destruction that began to return a child strafford reports. this.
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directly in the poem describes a family being forced to flee their home left. after the full of iceland mosul poetry can be read in public and music played again during play you. call it at all we accompanies the reader only used. to describe what it was like being a musician in the rocky city when i still was in control you know out of all that i was in the ideas of what i saw found out you were a musician you could be lashed her instrument would be destroyed i could be imprisoned and even beheaded i stayed at home i grew a beard and was careful i would lock the doors and play quietly without using a pick i just strum the strings gently using my fingers instead the battle for mosul has been described as the most violent and destructive in iraq's history the u.n. estimates at least forty thousand homes were destroyed local government says more
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than forty two billion dollars is needed to rebuild the city and surrounding towns in nineveh province. this cafe has become a center for cultural life since license defeat like last year mosul was famous for its literature art and music before eisel took over in twenty fourteen if that no one would know from a film about reconstruction store should we building sols before houses we can put bricks down until our souls are restored after the catastrophe that happened to us to read is to be alive reading means new ambitions and new dreams. organizers say volunteers have come together and pooled their money to hold a book for him at the cafe the gift of a cardinal careful kid ahead of dallas the core idea is how to create awareness among the youth i saw used to burn books on philosophy history poetry and even some religious books but we found that many of the central lebanese books have survived
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. we started to violently complain we rescued more than thirty three thousand books and start of the fifth. and booksellers and now returning to the streets. we want to bring books to the people the pavement is a great place to sell them because people are coming back to mosul was known as a cultural center with many writers and intellectuals who used to live here the u.n. says it could take more than a decade to clear all the unexploded munitions that lay among the rubble making it dangerous for many of the approximate million people who will to return. before colleton and his fellow lists the rebuilding of mosul spirit its music poetry literature. has already begun i think this is. the remains of a filipino maid found in a freezer of an abandoned kuwait city apartment has arrived in manila. the
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siblings wept as they still have hospital the airport her death prompted the government to order the repatriation of filipino workers in kuwait and a ban on further deployment there quite foreign affairs minister condemned the government order saying it would damage ties. gathered in pa pa and in the u.s. state of florida to remember seventeen victims of a school shooting on wednesday it's now emerged that the f.b.i. had been previously about the shooting suspects nicholas cruz has appeared in court and was charged with the murders. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health later this month i will be meeting with the nation's governors an attorney general's we're making our schools and our children safer will be our
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top priority. now people around the world celebrating the lunar new year ushering in the year of the dog or this was the scene in malaysia a thousand celebration of prayers at but this temples in australia the occasion was marked a they said the opera house with an iconic statue of a dog and people also took part in traditional dancing the a st petersburg went to palace in russia but there was silence in the chinese capital beijing after a new ban on fireworks instead people went to the city's temples throwing coins and praying for good luck adrian brown reports from beijing on what they hear the dog could mean for china. it stopped time of year when china becomes a nation in motion few places busier than beijing's railway station during the last lunar new year holiday around four hundred million travel by train that's more than the population of the united states some are migrant workers unsure if they'll
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return a campaign of demolitions has made life here impossible for them my child is in school here we lived in beijing for many years but now they're trying to kick us out of cause of the bout that much of the world's second largest economy is coming to a halt throughout the country people are on the move in what is the walls largest annual human migration people heading home for celebrations that will last for two weeks. as the chinese are sure in the year of the dog fortuneteller one how sees more bad than good for anyone who shares the same zodiac sign and that includes president donald trump our. president trial was born in dog year we chinese people year about lot of us and i believe it will be a very bad year for him in the heart including his health and decision making.
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trump has barked a lot at china in return a bit of marketing mockery a giant statue that supposed to bear a likeness to the president sits outside a shopping mall in northeast china it certainly gets plenty of attention sporting golden hair a stern expression and an index finger pointing straight up do you think it looks like a dog. really and they've just been here oh yeah the hair is made it was like yeah but is it all fake news at least one passer by seems to think so adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. and i'm going on as a prominent our holiday headlines on al-jazeera and the u.s. secretary of state as amazing as turkish counterpart never charges for alcoa on
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thursday of next to a full house what he said were open and productive talks with the presidential level on ties between the two countries have been strained in recent months over u.s. support for kurdish fighters in syria and anti u.s. protesters have gathered outside those talks and. there. they hate the united states were only responsible for the support political economic. and military support that they have given the white p.g. and i guess they've come out to make it very clear the state that regardless of the diplomacy that may be taking place on the ground the turkish people are very. some bad ones are waiting for the body of opposition leader morgan tsvangirai to return from south africa is involved when a government has said it will pay for a state funeral nelson chamisa will replace chiang rai as acting leader of the
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movement for democratic change. south africa's new president set to give his first state of the nation address and is expected to appoint a new cabinet oppose a pledge not to disappoint south africans as he took over from his predecessor jacob zuma. if he or his parliament is expected to meet in the coming hours as it looks to replace the prime minister after his surprise resignation. announcement follows. violent on rest which has threatened the ruling party's hold on power says he's trying to solve the crisis and as resigning to be part of the solution. mourners are gathered in parkland in the u.s. state of florida to remember seventeen victims of a school shooting on wednesday that's now emerged that the f.b.i. had previously warned about the shooting suspect nicholas cruz has appeared in court and was charged with the murders. those are the headlines on al-jazeera but
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do stay with us inside story is coming up next thank you very much for watching. with bureaus spawning six continents across the. city. al-jazeera has correspondents living green the stories they tell. you see are fluent in world news. the brutal fox of four a boy is rescued a baby golf but there is she's pulled out of rubble both of them in syria but it's a scene replicated in many parts of the world we all see why a more children than ever being killed in.


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