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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 28  Al Jazeera  February 16, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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still no chance of a political dialogue starting at the same time we see the. different perspectives in the gulf cooperation council as not only very complex implications within. the gulf but it has now destabilizing effect in somalia and our various areas of the horn of africa which means that all these situations seem to get over. what i see as a guardian not obviously we have not been at the united nations we are actively engaged in any initiative that can relaunch a peace process that seems to be as i said in their hands in relation to policy and of these values with a deep belief that only a two state solution can address both the interests of the palestinian people and the israeli people we are totally committed to relaunch the geneva process finding a political solution for syria the interceded dialogue in geneva now that in sochi
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it was possible and i have to pay tribute to the russian federation on this to fully abide by the gauge ment's that were taken and to guarantee that saatchi was what the panel process but on the contrary was reaffirming the role of geneva and showing him to geneva the results of what was decided there fully in line with the second because we as a russian twenty two fifty four and we'll do everything possible to re active very trying to energize the geneva process at the same time we are totally committed to the in supporting the stereo ization of iraq just to give you an example the united nations involved only more so in seven of the projects that employ about ten thousand people which means all strong and we are committed to help iraq regain its role in the region and we will do everything possible possible also to stimulate the possibilities of a. political dialogue to take place in relation to yemen and generously we have
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been supporting the weighty mediation and the efforts of the united states of america in order to make sure that the go for cooperation council prizes comes to an end but it is obvious that we are dealing in a fragmented way with a real with a reality that is no mistake reality and requires a common vision and it's the common vision that is absent and if you relation to the situation we see the unity of the security council and for that unity is completely absence in relation to the situation in the global middle east and in particular in relation to the situation you see now i believe that there is an effective risk of escalation in the front of the indifference of the areas in several of the areas of the region and some of this falls of escalation and they
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have absolutely devastating consequences that it is difficult for us to imagine and that reason justifies in my opinion that even if the contradiction is of interests of both the global powers and the regional powers are clear i think that sets for all of us and the search for them first of all would justify a serious effort to come together and to try to cut this going again not there are several suggestions on the table for instance i remember during the cold war the old cold war the. process was an important moment to help the two groups come together and establish a platform of discussion and when i look at the cold war in the gulf i asked myself whether something similar could not be put in place allowing for at least some forms of dialogue to. encourage these countries to come together and to find. ways to address the very complex contradictions that they face and the
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very complex difference of interest is that indeed exists the situation in the global middle east is at my opinion today a quality of the front of it with different set that we face that requires the mobilization of all our efforts in order to be able to fully address it let me see if you words about another global strat that i believe is more and more in the concerns of us all and that is related to the cyber space. when one looks at today's cyberspace it is clear that we are witnessing in a more or less these guys' way cyber war between states episodes of cyber war between states and the fact is that we have not yet been able to discuss whether or not the geneva conventions apply to cyber war or whether or not international humanitarian law applied to cyber war i think it's high time to have
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a serious discussion about the international legal framework in which cyber wars take place and i think it would be essential to use what it is the competence of the first committee of the general same united nations to do it and to do it sooner rather than later but the concerns go far beyond cyber war the concern as relates to what it is today the permanent violation of cybersecurity what it is the multiplicity of some by states and by different actors and even by amateurs what are the different uses that criminal organizations the terrorist organizations are making of the web all of these creating a level of threat that is becoming higher and higher and for which we have not yet found an adequate response not only different methods of regulation both sets state level and through international conventions do not easily apply to a situation like these but there is even
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a an absence of consensus the international community about how to regulate the so-called internet of seems i'm one of those that defends that only through a multiple stinko that approach will be able to make progress i believe it's necessary to bring together governments the private sector involved in these areas the civil society the academia and the centers. the civil society the academia and research centers in order to be able to establish at least some basic protocols to allow for the web to be an effective instrument for the good i don't intend that united nations as a leadership role on these but i can guarantee that united nations would be ready to be a platform in which different actors could come together and discuss the way forward in order to find the ever quit approaches to make sure that we are able to deal with the problems of cyber security especially now that artificial intelligence
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that is providing enormous potential for economic development for social development for the well being of all of us also in the opinion of many an existential threat for human kind all these creates the need for a serious effort in which we need to all embark to be able to have in relation to the web a proactive form of if not traditional regulation at least the level of discipline that would be necessary and the capacity to take into account the ethical values that are necessary to make it an element for the good of mankind. now it is clear that all these threats are taking place in the context in which civil tenuously we feel that climate change is running faster than we are in which we feel that inequalities are growing in. the world
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even if the progress generated by globalization and technical development is enormous and the new chief feel that governments and other entities have been enable to properly manage the problems of human mobility of refugee and migration flows and all these facts combining are creating levels of mistrust between public opinion citizens and political establishments and international organizations like the when they are put into question the cohesion of societies and also that creates doubts about globalism and multilateralism and this is a reason why i believe we need to be able to unite we need to be able to affirm that global problems can only be addressed with the global solutions and that multilateralism is to the more necessary than ever. that unity is essential.
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if we want to combat the polarization of our societies and if we want to affirm the importance of multilateralism and this is also the reason why i am so committed to reform of the united nations to make the united nations more able to respond to the needs and desperations that we the peoples that generated these organization but it is also very important that we not ourselves in order to make sure that the perrys agreement is respected and with an enhanced as a speed asian with an enhanced and bishan as we are all aware that even the commitments made in paris are not sufficient to climate change that we engage together in making globalization a fairer globalization and we have some of the agenda twenty thirty an important contribution for what could be a meaningful debate for a global cohesion elation to the global development process and specially to engage
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ourselves to unite decision makers leaders all over the world to understand that the peace and security problems that we are facing today are so serious at the level of set is so high that is much better to come together than to persist in the level of divisions that we are witnessing today and still paralyze the security council for instance in many of the dramatic rises that we face it might be naive to seeing that with the level of contradictions that exist today in the world that unity is possible but i think it's even more naive to believe that the violence we can survive facing the challenges that we are facing in today's world and so my strong appeal is to overcome our differences to overcome our contradictions and to understand that to face all the challenges that today mankind humankind is facing we absolutely need to come together and these is the reason that the united
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nations and this was the vision that led. many visionaries in the end of the second world war two create united nations united nations and what i believe we need is to learn we want to happen with the league of nations to make sure that the same will not be repeated at the present types we need to understand that the level of sweat we have the man from all of us a much stronger bet in the cohesion of also and in the unity building a true and strong multilateralism to address the challenges of the present times thank you very much of the. the u.n. secretary general i don't know what you thought about that mark associate professor at the institute for graduate studies it was a pretty depressing twenty five minutes i mean talking about the whole middle east is a mess the secretary general of the united nations saying that the whole middle east
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is a mess he's talking about relaunching the geneva process with what stephanie mistura yesterday saying i've been doing this job for four years it's one of the toughest jobs that an international diplomat can have i mean what's your takeaway from what he was saying might be depressing but i think was pretty accurate the way he described the current situation and i think the warning he sounded was also very much our proposal. the way he laid it out you know covering all the crisis from north korea to the middle east it seems like what we have is dissension if you want between the highest level between united states on the one hand and russia and china on the other hand which then percolates down or is found again in the conflicts in syria in north korea and other theaters so my contention is that as long as you don't have some form of consensus at the highest level that is the u.s. and russia and i think for mr lavrov will speak tomorrow in munich which is a good sign at least he was invited then you will not see your solutions to these
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other conflicts in the country we see as more proxy wars where the in syria l's. there so this kind of call for unity is very much i proposed i think by the general secretary i'm going to interrupt you there for a second because we are expecting to hear from the emmy katsav very specifically we understand he's going to talk about the g.c.c. crisis the beginning of june of course when four countries start easing gelato meeting that's all that's listen in great interest this distinguish odious. germany as especially appropriate venue for a meeting to discuss the present day global order and the threats to it. a nation that stands for the values of freedom and the rule of law. germany's also a major pitter for the european union is seen by many as a bastion coexistence and transnational corporation. while all of us here. are aware of the challenges facing the. we in the middle east and i'm sure it's
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elsewhere she day you guys are proving that peaceful coexistence and collective prosperity are possible and the aftermath of horrific conflicts. as a body the e.u. demonstrated that a union can establish shared security based on mutual interest. even amongst. people who tore themselves apart in war. like it or not breaks it is an example of a peaceful resolution of differences no diplomatic ties were cut and no blood was shed. there is a lesson here for us in the arab region the european union provides a framework for regional governance and the peaceful arbitration of this buttes this framework is sorely needed and the middle east. today many
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governments and international powers act with impunity without regard for human rights. the lack of accountability for good governance is widespread. it's no wonder why people are losing hope. individuals who would otherwise have stood trial for war crimes against their own people are possible candidates and presidential elections. or disease or do you such as yourselves must be able to see how and why many people entire nations are losing faith and international counterfeit. they think are good be right. that many of the global mechanics and for conflict resolution and the maintenance of rights have been paralyzed and sidelined. my region provides many examples of.
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palestinians seventy years ago situation in syria libya yemen somalia and afghanistan. the suffering of the people in my region may appear distant too i know this in munich. but the waves of refugees make these injustices a european concern. and the darkness of terrorism. now cast a shadow on the entire world. suffering and injustice pave the way for terrorism to flourish evil actors will twist religious dogmas to poison the minds of desperate people. extremists religious ideas doctrines pose an undeniable challenges to all of us. they exist in every culture. and islam has no monopoly on them. it is clear that we are obliged to come back to
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a logistics dreams them but having said that i should be think that violent terrorism to extremist ideology is it's too simplistic. it does not explain why violent extremism has become a major threat in my region while extremist ideology can be found anywhere. the patterned failure of states in my region to provide basic needs to its people pave the way for extremism so often the very states which neglect basic needs also block every possible pathway for peaceful reform. huge sections of the population might and many arab countries have been marginalized given our press of regions the chance to use sectarianism. as a tool to dominate multi-faith societies. to this we must add the
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growing sense that the youth in my region hold that the world is defined by hypocrisy and in justice. to many in the middle east there is a feeling that the universality of human rights of post war order are always dry and hollow. this is one of the most glaring sequences consequences of failure to resolve regional conflicts and address grievances. people who strayed in their government and have no way to peacefully effect change . today as we speak isis is defeated in iraq and will soon be defeated in syria. but the real battle laying the foundation of peaceful coexistence has yet to begin . we must turn our attention to the ending circumstances which afford it
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isis a continuous stream of willing recruits in the first place. the circumstances are complicated. and the arab region a group of leaders rising to power after independence had promise to deliver freedom. social justice and i beauty to their people. and said instead of fulfilling those promises that upstate has degenerated to become one in which the people have to choose between security in a basic physical sense and on the other hand their dignity freedom and aspiration for social justice. instead of vice leadership facilitating gradual reform reach corner people and to fighting for their dignity.
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the carnage which followed the counter-revolution is after the arab uprising of two thousand and eleven has shown all of us what end result of this choice is. that people called out for dignity and they were answered with violent silencing. this cycle needs to end this gathering together here in munich needs to bear fruit we need to walk away with a clear picture of how to end conflict and provide basic rights by security to our people. after noting that eight of the ten most lethal conflicts are rooted in the wide their middle east this use unix security report should be to these conflicts to a definite set of factors lack of social and economic progress growing sectarian division regional rivalries and shifting in gauge human form external powers for
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much their new powers. i would also add two factors. recklessness i know from where the framework for providing security. ladies and gentleman but it's not secret that during the most g.c.c. crisis my own country was able to experience some of the factors in full force. it has been a futile for crisis manufactured by our neighbors some of whom are major regional players once believed to be establishing factor on the world stage that is no longer the case. that adventurous policies have undermined regional security and they call them a cult look for the g.c.c. as a strategic bloc. hydrogen relations being guided by a set of solid governance and the rule of law we would not have seen nations with
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limited resources being a blackmailed into parting their foreign policies for external aid. other nations who also who also needed financial aid refused the offer and stood for their balance had regional races been guided by a set of solid governess principles and rule of law we would not have seen the exploitation of wealth power or geographical constraints to satisfy the thirst for power. ladies and gentleman. even with the regional turmoil qatar remains one of the most peaceful countries in the world despite the obstacles imposed upon us including a full land air sea blockade beginning fifth of june of last year. qatar secured new trade routes accelerated economic diversity and bonded together in unity
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qatar emerged stronger. we have continued to trade with the wider world we have not missed a single shipment of liquid natural gas during this time this is vital to the rest of the world. as we are the world's second largest exporter of natural because i now export ensure the stability of global energy supplies. by diffusing the impact of the illegal and aggressive measures imposed on our people qatar preserves the sovereignty. this fate blockade shows how small states can use diplomacy and strategic strategic economic planning to weather the storms of aggression from larger bush's neighbors. those i guess axis wish to use small states as pawns within their power games and sectarian conflicts it is vital to
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the interest of the people of the middle east to guarantee then to pen this and sovereignty of states like qatar which refuses to be forced to take sides and the standoff between two and three inch camps. preserving the sovereignty and then dependent decisionmaking of countries like qatar ensures accelerated development development like free media and free speech that the blockading countries insist we surrender. in front of this distinguished audience. i believe that it is time for why do regional security and the middle east it is time for all nations. of the region to forget the past including us. and agree on basic security principles and rules of governance and at least
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a minimum level of security to allow for peace and prosperity. all nations in the middle east small or large need to agree on a baseline of coexistence backed by abiding arbitration macan ism and enforced by the collective body of the region. we can mirror there first of the european union separately to find common ground to rebuild and prosper shifting from fuse to corporation will require that we each be held accountable. like allowing the flow of humanitarian aid to pass across borders allowing safe and free passage for families providing access to religious sites to all faiths. prevented by the secretion of historic religious sites and respecting common trade
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which. this should not be a pipe dream too much is that risk the middle east is at the brink. it's time to bring it back all of us here especially those who enjoy it more power and wealth have a responsibility to solve the conflict. the middle east will need help from the larger international community to success. to succeed in such a mission. i ask all nations and the middle east to accept an invitation to participate in such a holistic security agreement i urge all nations to continue putting diplomatic pressure on my region to get this done. we must start with a regional security agreement before the middle east can put the turmoil in the past. with the greater good in mind we remain hopeful for
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a future where to security. both for the state and for the individual is establish for all nations thank you very much. the emir of cancer they're talking about shared security based on a common interest which hasn't really happened across the region he's saying that a lot of the problems are caused by people losing faith in the idea of accountability and that leads to suffering and injustice across the broader region which in itself in cold kates an atmosphere of extremism and allows extremism to flourish she also said the certain countries across the region do not meet the basic needs of their people however on the plus side he did say that i saw has been defeated in iraq it's facing defeat in syria he said the real battle is one of
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coexistence and that battle has yet to begin you can keep right up to date with the munich security conference of course here on al-jazeera up next it's the news grid all season this is really an attack on it itself is a lot of the some of the standing of what free speech is supposed to be about the context of hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. marks i will address the issues which are key even here when the news grid we take you live to know you need to listen to the nato secretary general. for defense and the nuclear challenges force some words about the transatlantic.


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