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this study has demonstrated that israeli perspectives dominate american media coverage what part of this case you get through your thick head is hamas a terrorist organization the only thing that you're going to say is what we want and if you don't say it when i go at you speak it would be very hard for ordinary americans to know that they're being deceived the occupation of the american mind at this time on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes ahead of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election and now says the indictment of thirteen russians. unemployment
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has gone up in. south africa's new president admits the failures of the past and balance to work towards a better future in the state of the nation address. a state of emergency is declared in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. and silent without boundaries on fashion week opens with a focus on diversity and social issues. i'm joining us roscoe with the sports page is nothing but a number unless it's the world number one roger federer returns to the top of the tennis rankings becoming the oldest player to do so at thirty six. we begin in the united states where
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a federal jury is charged thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies sponsor the investigation into alleged interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election won by donald trump a court says that actions started as early as two thousand and fourteen president trump has responded in characteristic style via twitter saying it significantly predates his presidential campaign so proves that could have been no collusion well u.s. deputy attorney general says the russians a was to undermine faith in the american political system this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always who they appear to be on the. the indictment alleges that the russian conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence in democracy we must not allow them to succeed the department of justice will continue to work oh opportunely with other law enforcement intelligence agencies and with the congress to defend our nation
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against similar current and future efforts. apache cryin joins us from outside the russian embassy in washington and has that been any response from the russians . from the russian foreign ministry of perhaps somewhat appropriately on social media facebook saying that thirteen people really could take on the bill that the intelligence agencies here they get billions of dollars and that they could go thirteen people go against intelligence and counterintelligence against the latest developments in technology absurd yes with a question mark so that's the response from the russian foreign ministry as you mentioned interim tweeting out a statement saying this proves there is no collusion and that it didn't impact the results of the election as for the collusion part we do know that it started in two thousand and fourteen but if you read the indictment these russian activists according to the f.b.i. and the special prosecutor clearly wanted donald trump to win they had paid for
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facebook ads social media ads they paid for rallies all aimed at promoting donald trump and really targeting the hot button social issues that divide this country they posed as black activists and one facebook post was the army of jesus so they really tried to sow discord according to this indictment into the election process and they really wanted to go against hillary clinton in one instance they say that these russian computer hackers paid an unwitting american citizen to rent a flatbed truck at a rally they had organized in favor of donald trump before the election in florida and paid another to put in a costume of hillary clinton and stand in a cage as you know donald trump often said lock her up what we've seen though since his election is that the aides closest to him are either pleading guilty or being indicted and now this is goes further to prove what the russian but the u.s. intelligence agencies have been saying from the beginning that the russians did
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very purposefully try to interfere with the election this was no small operation according to. the indictment hundreds of people work there a budget of more than a million dollars a month they gave you an address in st petersburg and give the detail that they even worked a day shift and night shift or they had a list of u.s. holidays so that they could target their tweets and their posts so that they sounded very american. all right thanks very much patsy cline with all the latest on that story from washington. well south africa's new president several rama poster has made his first state to all the nation address a day after being sworn in speaking in cape town opposes said he would need to take tough decisions to achieve the size of the country's fiscal deficit and stabilize debt after years of weak growth from a post office that he wanted south africans to pull together to end corruption well one people committed to work together to find jobs for us
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to build factories and roads houses and clear thinks to prepare our children for a world of change and progress to build cities and towns where families may be safe productive and there may be content we are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate that plunder of public resources know that fifty by culprits criminals of their hard earned savings of ordinary people. for me to men has more on this now from cape town. president still room opposed they used the beginning of his first state of the nation address to thank former president jacob zuma for what he said was his role in this political transition zuma resigned just two days ago but he also went
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on to talk about the importance of ethical leadership and also ending the looting and plundering of state resources certainly a striking the right note with south africans who would become disgruntled with the political leadership in the last few years accused of gross corruption much of from opposers address focused on the economy development growing the economy creating jobs and specifically called the youth young people in south africa at least half of them don't have jobs there's a twenty six percent unemployment rate and remote forces used this address to talk about how you will create jobs will boost investor confidence and business confidence in south africa he also touched on the work that will happen in the agricultural and mining industries no one area that has been very controversial for the government has been that of land appropriation without compensation the
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government has said that it would want to return land to p two people well and was taken from them during apartheid and colonialism this hasn't been an issue that has been resolved adequately but it's one that roma says that he's committed to he's also used this address to ask south africans to remain united and put the negativity of the past few years behind them. all to discuss the summer i'm joined by chris fandom a research analyst with the africa program a think tank chatham house here in london thanks very much for coming in to speak to us so it was a bold speech by the new president of south africa he spoke he said that. this is the end which will turn the tide of corruption in our public institutions how difficult is it going to be for him to fulfill these promises it's going to be very difficult not least because within his own party there are those who have benefited from the patronage and the graft of the last ten years so these promises of party
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renewal are going to be difficult for him to deliver on per he did make some clear promises around what he can do in things around the leadership of the n.p.a. for example and i think that in a different meter what jacob zuma has done he's going to want to redraw that line between the executive and the judiciary so where he is going to be able to tackle corruption he will in some of the areas of where people may want to see. people being held accountable for what is going on in the past i don't think he's going to instigate any kind of which aren't and i don't think that that's what people would expect from him why would they not expect it because zuma has departed from office under such a cloud of bribery allegations there was a real sense of there being a lack of accountability and a lack of justice don't people want to see present ramaphosa well really look at historical cases of corruption even if it particularly if it
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involves powerful members of the a.n.c. . yeah and i think that jacob zuma if it comes to it will see his day in court and there will be prosecutions where prosecutions are necessary i think that what rahm opposer is going to be putting forward is more of a pattern of tidying up government departments and that's where the real issue is is not necessarily this the expropriation and the graft at the top of government the real issue in south africa is that it goes from top to bottom and it's more about creating those economic opportunities in the perry urban areas in the rural areas where for so long access to political resources has meant access to economic . resources and it's about breaking that cycle that's going to be much more difficult and and yes as you know diffuse spoke about taking tough decisions often with the economy takes time for reform for the benefit of reforms to be felt by people. how difficult is it going to be for him to really reach the fruits of that
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ahead of an election which is only in a year's time what we've seen since the elective conference last year is a gravitational shift within the african national congress that is led to this process has taken place over the last week and a half where. has been negotiating with jacob zuma as the party has gone through this process of trying to remove him moving towards the ne see what happened during that time is that south africans got so intensely preoccupied with this that essentially we've had a transition from a president to a deputy president and yet they're selling this mood of the new york and this mood of new beginning and you see a lot of that in his speech including with his reference to hew message teller and it's all about this idea that this is a new start and this is a new beginning and even though there's a lot of continuity here he's trying to sell this as a real moment of change and a fresh start for the country thanks very much for putting it all into perspective
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for us chris found a research analyst at the africa program if he's at the think tank chatham house on out moving to our other big story a state of emergency has been declared in ethiopia a day after the unexpected resignation of the prime minister desolate in a country seen a wave of protests fueled by ethnic divisions eve barker reports. the streets of ethiopia's capital addis ababa appear calm but the country's political landscape is slipping deeper into crisis. of friday ethiopia's ruling e.p.r.i. f.t. coalition decided to impose emergency rule to stem a recent wave of anti-government protests there is no indication of how long the measures will be in place the announcement comes a day after the sudden resignation of prime minister haile mariam to sell a new leader of ethiopia since two thousand and twelve he said he was stepping down
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in a bid to smooth reforms. the country's been troubled by years of unrest by ethnic groups of the m r a n r romeo regions who say they've been marginalized by the government a ten month state of emergency ended last year but failed to stop protests particularly by ethiopia's youth who have been calling for the release of political prisoners dozens of demonstrators have been killed and many more injured as skinned a neg is one of six thousand political prisoners released by the government since january in a bid to ease growing tensions. to be and could look at it with ethiopia as one large prison i say this because there is no democracy in the country this is a dictatorship we have to change big prison into a democratic state opposition leaders say ethiopia's ruling coalition has lost its all farty that demanding all parties be involved in mapping the country's future. you know this country and they are funded really it is too big for one political
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group. to run zaf hundred million people even with the resignation of the prime minister the government's tight grip on the country continues and so inevitably will the protests leave park and al jazeera. unwin version is the deputy director of the africa center at the atlantic council she joins us live now from washington d.c. first of all what does this state of emergency involves in ethiopia and how long is it likely to last effectively the declaration of a state of emergency is the declaration of martial law in the country ethiopians on a good day have virtually no rights no freedom of association no freedom of speech and the declaration of of basically martial law is an opportunity for the military to take control it basically prioritizes the military decision making process above
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the civilian process and so it's in the past been used as an opportunity for quite brutal action against peaceful demonstrators what then do you read into the sudden and unexpected resignation of the prime minister does it end what why did it happen now it's very hard to get a read on what's happening inside the ruling party in ethiopia it's very opaque it is known to be fairly harshly divided between a group of moderates who believe that the ruling party the purity of needs to reform in order to survive and a group of hardliners who believe that basically that the ruling party can power through the unrest by cracking down. what we've seen in the past few days. are is a kind of seesawing between authoritarian and peacemaking just hurts you had the release of many important political prisoners that the regime has avoided letting
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out of jail for years coupled with a statement that there was probably going to be a state of emergency which was then followed by a declaration by the information minister that there was not going to be a state of emergency which was then followed by a declaration of a state of emergency and in the middle of that you have the resignation of the prime minister who has long been understood to be a puppet of a ruling elite that operates behind the scenes it basically noan up until now has known what to make of the resignation people of thought either the ruling party would make a gesture towards peace and reconciliation by appointing a romo prime minister someone who represents the opposition point of view or else it would use the resignation of the prime minister as an excuse to declare a state of emergency which many many people think will plunge the country into a state of extreme unrest which could precipitate massive violence unfortunately it
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looks like the government has taken the latter course arnold thanks very much appreciate your analysis on this bronwyn bruton deputy director of the africa center at the atlanta council. with the news hour life from london much more still to tell you about in there of capital collective action in the middle east on security and says the boycott of his country is a futile exercise. the u.s. deny saying it would back further israeli settlements in palestine as the peace process looks even more strained. and u.s.a.'s golden goal skia mckayla shifrin learns that you can't win them all off to failing to meddle in slalom and chang that since sport with joe. the governor of florida says the director of the f.b.i. should resign over the handling of a warning about the florida shooting suspect the f.b.i.
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admits it received a detailed warning last month that nicholas cruz was a danger but it failed to investigate and one thousand year old has been charged with killing seventeen people at the monterey stoneman douglas high school police say the form a student was armed with a semiautomatic rifle a gas mask and smoke grenades when he began his assault that left dozens of others injured president trump is due to meet victims and families of people killed later on friday let's go live now to andy gallacher who's and popped on florida how significant is it andy that the f.b.i. received a tip about nicholas cruz but failed to act on it or investigate. i mean this is hugely significant this was not a vague tip it came from someone close to nicholas cruz who was very specific in their warnings they said there's a young man behaving erratically he's armed and he's shown a desire to go into a school and basically shoot it up so this was not a vague tip on which they should not have acted it was
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a tip that was passed on to the regional office down in miami not too far from here so this is a huge error by the f.b.i. an organization that is principally there to protect the american people governor scott as you said has called on the f.b.i. director to resign of course the f.b.i. already under political pressure from the trumpet ministration governor scott is a very close ally of president trump but imagine if you're a parent here in park one today burying your child and you find out that the f.b.i. didn't do something as simple as pass on a very specific tip a very specific threat about an individual who planned to go into a school and shoot people it is an abject failure by an organization that should have done something about it and there will be many questions asked i'm sure there will be an internal investigation but the calls for the resignation of various people within the f.b.i. may very well grow and we know that president trump is judicial visit families and victims of the shooting at the high school what sort of reception is he likely to
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get. well all we know at the moment is actually the president has lifted off from washington d.c. and is on his way down here the white house hasn't told us what his plans are for today but i have to tell you over the last two or three days i've talked to lots of parents lots of students that live through this nightmare and i haven't met a single individual here that wants to meet president trump they know this is a man the didn't mention guns in his address to the nation what he's playing is part of consoler in chief they know this is a person that's taken lots of money from the national rifle association so he will not in my opinion talking to the people i've met here receive a warm welcome nor i think will marco rubio the very prominent florida senator who's taken more than three million dollars from the national rifle association overwhelmingly people in this community want change they want to have politicians who have the guts to take on the national rifle association who have the guts to
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say it's time to change it's time to have a conversation about gun control and ultimately do something about it so that this never happens again. park in florida thank you so for more on this now i'm joined by eugenio weigand he is the associate director on gun violence prevention at the center for american progress and washington thanks very much for speaking to us and i actually just wanted to pick up on a point there our reporter annie gallacher was making in part in florida how challenging is this trip likely to be for trans. thank you for having me thank you for the invitation i mean i think what trump should do is really address the issue of gun violence which he hasn't in his speech yesterday he did not mention the word gone at all this is very alarming in a country that. has a gun death rate twenty five times higher than other developed countries in a country where mass shootings are or are more frequent every year so he should
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have mentioned the word guns at least in his speech yesterday which he didn't. like people know that this community in florida wants change so i don't i don't think it's going to be that easy for him to address this community and you mention president speech in the aftermath of the shooting and we see that the approach has been to emphasize mental health of the gun control. all background checks or any sort of gun control measures what do you make of that. so i think there's a lot of factors a drive somebody to commit acts of violence or mass shootings i think all of them should be address but we see mass shootings very frequent like i mention gun violence is a crisis in this country ninety people die a day another two hundred are injured every day and i think it's time that we talk about gun control measures that actually work and that are actually supported by the american population just to give you an example you mentioned background checks
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background checks all supported by more than ninety percent of the u.s. population assault weapons ban is supported by more than fifty percent of the population these are commonsense measures that if implement that will reduce not only mass shootings but all the levels of violence that we see gun violence that we see in this country. we heard president trump and for sizing the role of the individual as opposed to political responsibility when it comes to preventing these types of tragedies. despite your views and everything you espouse realistically you know to what extent do you think this issue is very much reflection of the overall political polarization we see in washington right now so i mean like i said every single factor needs to be addressed and studied in one mass shootings occur what drove the individuals who commit such atrocities
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every single aspect should be analyzed but i think long gun control should be spoken about should be debated in congress. i think it is a time to discuss it. after numerous mass shootings after numerous people have been killed i think it's time to discuss gun control in washington. thanks for sharing your views with us eugenio i get associate director on gun violence prevention at the center for american progress. now the u.s. role in the israel palestine peace process appears to be in question again following suggestions it would back the israeli settlements in the occupied west bank though president donald trump's government has denied this palestinians remain distrustful of u.s. actions following its decision to recognize jerusalem israel as israel's capital in december our white house correspondent kimberly hulk it has more. this is one of the major obstacles to mideast peace construction of israeli settlements in the occupied west bank more than one hundred forty built since nine hundred sixty seven
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considered illegal under the geneva conventions we have been very clear about this that. additional settlement activity unrestrained settlement activity does not advance the prospect for peace but earlier in the week the united states found itself dismissing reports from israel suggesting just the opposite that the two countries were discussing the possibility of israel amec saying jewish settlements in the occupied west bank in a statement the white house said the united states and israel have never discussed such a proposal and the president's focus remains squarely on his israeli palestinian peace initiative the mere suggestion of u.s. support for annexation has intensified palestinian anger over the troubled ministrations peace efforts the december recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital shut down talks between the u.s. and the palestinian authority it's fairly well advanced still of
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a trip to the middle east aimed at shoring up alliances the u.s. secretary of state claimed the u.s. peace plan being worked out by trump's son in law cushion or and mideast envoy chasing green blatt is progressing i have. the plan the elements of the plan has been under development for a number of months but it appears the white house is distracted by ongoing questions about inappropriate security clearances among top aides and the ongoing russian best occasion they despair to doing it wrong from syrian territory into israel and as tensions flared last weekend on the israeli syrian border with israel losing and steen while shooting down an iranian drone the white house. appeared equally unfocused its press office not commenting on the escalation and till a day later you have a trumpet ministration which seems to have not just no vision but no sense of
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responsibility and really no understanding of what the stakes are they are dodging distractions that appeared to be hurting president trump's ability to manage the mideast peace crisis the white house has offered few details of its middle east plan including what it's likely to be released kimberly health al-jazeera washington. still ahead for this hour the head of oxfam apologizes as the aid agency is rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct. ollywood blockbuster with a difference fans line up to see the new black panther movie which is changing the silver screen with its nearly all black cost. and a record breaking ice skater and a fictional bear the winter olympics joe will explain all in sports.
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hello febreze often the coldest months of winter in the northern hemisphere particularly europe but that's not proving the case of the moment this arc of cloud that you see here being pushed in that direction is being pushed by atlantic when they don't it's never that cold so this result to the well is not like oh ten degrees not an eighteen past admittedly where you still got cold residual high ground like the out there will be snow forty thirty three in vienna as a cold pressure of air in here i think is a whole lot moves eastwards that's exactly what happened snow is going to fall for a time misty and hard rumbling totty through the hungary impreza compassing alps maybe i will left behind was another developing low somewhere west of italy with rain three in zero committee but still ten in london with the next belt when the red coming in this is for sunday there's obviously a patch of snow here this is still the residual cold air but it's not exceeding the cold not compare what we have had there is more action though in the mediterranean
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central train a big massive cloud not a single funnel developing things will cool down in for example but in turkey and levant that circulation is pretty still would be rather unpleasant certainly we're already windy the rain will blow through by sunday and this brother will be returned to into music. on counting the cost we'll talk to i.m.f. chief christine like god about how the economic model is changing here in the middle east can ireland break regs it find out how the emerald isle is caught in the middle of a big round between the u.k. and the e.u. plus the year of the dog in china counting the cost at this time on al jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al-jazeera because it is such an international city they're very interested that global perspective that al-jazeera lives. monitored truck i want to follow i'm value to suit data being the new car for.
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your data your identity is a commodity you have to understand where i'm from but it come from obsolete it is time to reclaim our cyber so sure how to connect them with something that can all be so we all creators we are are we are. give us back our data at this time on a zero. i'm back look at the top stories for you now the head of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election and now says the indictment of thirteen russians. south
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africa's new president cyril run a poster has given his first state of the nation address to parliament in cape town promising to follow in the footsteps of nelson mandela. and a state of emergency is declared in ethiopia after the sudden resignation of the prime minister. united states and turkey have agreed to mend relations and work together over the conflict in syria turkey even proposed sending a joint deployment if u.s. back is agreed to leave a friend u.s. support for the white b.g. has severely strained relations with turkey a secretary of state rex tillerson found during talks with his takesh counterpart in ankara reports from ankara rex tillerson didn't receive the warmest a role comes when he arrived in the turkish capital ankara turkey has been angered by u.s. policy which it believes threatens its national security and president. made that clear during a three hour long meeting with the u.s.
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secretary of state. in syria the united states has been arming and supporting the kurdish militia the y.p. gee. turkey says the y. p.g. is a terrorist organization that's killed thousands of torture civilians and soldiers in recent weeks the support for the kurdish fighters has baffled the turks who say the americans should be siding with their nato allies and not with an outlawed group according to some the disagreements over syria are being resolved and both ankara and washington will now be working towards the same goal our two countries share the same objectives in syria that if the advices. secure and stable zones and independent and unified sure to listen and his counterparts. announce that they've established a mechanism so that the true nato allies would be able to resolve all issues and better collaborates but no details were given and there's another problem this is
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not going away the continued refusal by the us to extradite. the bouncer to accuses of orchestrating the two mile twenty sixteen field. only set up when it's in the millions but in relation to. do we have evidence do we not have evidence can he be extradited or not rather than having these discussions in the press and in public we will have these discussions and work together on these issues thank you very much us talkers relations are probably never been worse off but citizens visit seems to have been a positive one with a clear message that the true allies will start working together again whether they will succeed only time will tell. a german takis journalist has been released from custody after being detained in turkey for yeah then as you cell will still await trial but may be able to leave turkey soon taki state run news agency says you still is facing up to eighteen years in prison
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is detained on suspicion of spreading propaganda in support of a cycle terrorist organization. oxfam has agreed to withdraw from from bidding for funding until the british government to satisfy that they can meet the high standards expected the charity usually beds with the u.k.'s department for international development meanwhile winnie by an email the charity's executive director as asked women's rights leaders to carry out an urgent review oxfam has faced mounting criticism over the way it's handled allegations of sexual abuse staff members were fired after being accused of using prostitutes while working in haiti. so a little earlier winnie by nima spoke to me and gave the charity's response to the controversy well first i apologize i see in my own language. the most windy city which is from the bottom of my her to ask forgiveness for oxfam and after that i want to assure the victims that they will receive justice we are
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prepared for torn for the damage that was done so i'm reaching out to the women in haiti or anywhere else and i'm saying come forward come forward we listen to you we believe you and who deliver justice sickened lee. i'm sitting up an international independent commission of women's rights that he does human rights leaders be announcing the names in a couple of days this commission will take a hard look at our culture under our practice and give us record to strengthen our system world leaders have been addressing a key conference in munich aimed at discussing global and regional security challenges the emir of qatar has spoken at the event calling the boycott of his country by for arab nations a futile exercise from which it has emerged stronger is also called for
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a new regional security effort in the middle east. hydrogen relations been guided by a set of solid governance and the rule of law we would not have seen nations with limited resources being a blackmailed into parting their foreign policies for external aid other nations who also who also needed financial aid refused the offer and stood for their values . hydrogen ratios being guided by a set of solid governance principles and rule of law we would not have seen the exportation of world power or geographical constraints to satisfy the thirst for power. a second security conference is also taking place in munich this one aimed at encouraging sanctions against cata egypt saudi arabia the u.a.e. and bahrain all cut diplomatic ties with cats are in june after accusing it of financing terrorism but many at the meeting was paid to attend
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a bar has more now from munich. a few blocks from where the world's most influential security conference is being held another than to has taken place the country's imposing a sea land and air blockade on qatar invited journalists to attend their own meeting described as a conference to encourage sanctions against qatar when no one showed up organizers reportedly hired a p.r. company and the room was filled with young women who told us they were mostly from eastern europe one of them read the statement she had been handed by organizers i have to date. and. as. i see. it actually i.
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was. in my stuff it. in any way when asked by an al-jazeera reporter why they were attending the event some said they were paid. one woman was presented as a senior analyst at a think tank based in washington d.c. but the translator laughed as he reacted to when she asked the united states of america the e.u. and india to stop buying gas from qatar. similar meetings continue to take base elsewhere in many european countries many of the events are said to have been august rated and financed mostly by the saudi led coalition that cut off diplomatic ties with qatar last june accusing doha of violence in extremism there are accusations dismissed by the qatari government as
12:39 am
fabricated lies more than eight man. since the start of the crisis the u.s. the european union have called all the parties to set their differences aside but the blockade in countries insist must meet a list of thirteen demands that include shutting down al-jazeera media network grading ties with iran and closing a turkish military base the demands were rejected by qatar as violating its sovereignty. munich. as the body of zimbabwe's main opposition leader waits to be repatriated home for burial supporters are continuing to pay their respects to morgan chang outside his home in harare died in south africa on wednesday after a battle with cancer already the movement for democratic change which he founded is facing power struggles with three deputies vying to replace him. the us ambassador
12:40 am
to kosovo says the country must allow a new war crimes court to investigate alleged atrocities carried out by the cost of a liberation army from one thousand nine hundred eight to two thousand he's been speaking to al-jazeera of kosovo prepares to mark ten years since declaring itself independent anderson as reports now from the kosovo town of grandson. silvano marinko of each has vivid memories of her husband and there's no end to her grief he's been missing for nearly twenty years silvana says it was tough bringing up their two daughters alone but of think put it out of all the difficulties they face the hardest thing is when my daughters ask where their father is. silvana is convinced that kosovo albanian fighters abducted her husband along with hundreds of other people she's put much of her energy campaigning for a non-government organization that's demanding justice for relatives of those who've gone missing goren disappeared in june one thousand nine hundred nine
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according to n.g.o.s he's among an estimated five hundred cause of all serbs still missing and according to the government the figure of kosovar albanians stands at twelve hundred naturally the word missing still has a project resonance right across council and still after all this time there's a clamoring for some form of justice or closure because of the liberation army stands accused of abductions and atrocities a special court was set up to investigate but casillas leadership many of them kalay veterans have spent the past six months trying to get rid of it although now they've agreed to it again not even the brand then everything how do you feel personally about your position of a possible indictment i'm very confident i am very proud on that what we did on our freedom fighting i don't know who's going to be prosecuted most of the pressure on
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kosovars leaders has come from the united states what i do know is the special corps important because of the future both in domestic rule of law terms but also to demonstrate to the international community the cause of our can keep its word none of this diplomacy about a special court impresses silvana magic of each. if they really wanted to do something they could have done it a long time ago the un in place had testimony that was still fresh but they wanted to hide the truth. and silvana as distrust is shared by many of those still waiting for any word on the fate of their loved ones andrew symonds al-jazeera gretchen in kosovo. the new superhero movie black panther is out with an initial box office taking suggesting it will be a huge international hit it's also a film with major cultural significance here and maybe featuring a black character but none has had black panthers lavish production and marketing
12:43 am
african-american audiences are embracing the film as chaper tennessee reports. says the six. city. black panther was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty six for marvel comics the superhero pinafore comedown technologically colored eyes african culture the film adaptation is being widely praised for its inclusive and racial empowerment the fact it is a african superhero and people get a chance look at themselves in positions of power and feel that it is important disney is marketed the film to black schools and communities ahead of the film's release these children have just been informed they're going to a screening. there is joy at a mainstream black superhero even as there is realism at best its value could be used to sort of capitalize may be used as a teachable moment to get into some broader more concrete ways that we can talk
12:44 am
about black liberation which might mean introducing a younger generation to trying to overthrow disney and. well certainly this is the bit that holds you know what i mean. it hasn't gone unnoticed but the film's promo use a song called the revolution will not be televised. it's a song by the late leftwing black singer gil scold her but explicitly warns that empowerment will never come promoting national corporations who run the media as a petition pointing out that since disney is specifically targeting black dollars black audiences should boycott the film until the studio agrees to to donate. five percent of worldwide profits from the film black education you have the ability to not only go see a film about a fictitious country in africa with advanced technology but the opportunity to invest in programs which focus on the fields science technology engineering and
12:45 am
mathematics that make such advancements possible in real life it says the marketing of black power is playing a machine madly with its coincidental namesake the black panthers the racial and economic justice group co-founded in the late sixty's by huey newton already martin luther king's message of radical anti-capitalist change has been solid size for a mainstream white audience. most recently by a truck manufacturer a black panther and they get follow a similar model of white america usually adopting black cultural figures but having more difficulty with the black political struggle they represent she abrahams the al-jazeera washington. joining me now in the studio is film critic and historian. aluna de i who has i should add that you have now seen the film i have in it was a long time in the making just understand the level of emotion and anticipation
12:46 am
surrounding its release well as you've been indicating the character first appeared in marvel comics back in one nine hundred sixty six prior to that show formation of the black panther party. and it's something that has been talked about going back to two thousand and fourteen i did a presentation. looking at black representation in comic books and even at that point the discussion around black panther was beginning to bubble. cups in america civil war came out and we saw the first taste of. in the actual film then it's built up again and so. this is the real kind of event in terms of the marks not just the presentation of a film and you say it's much more than just a movie in itself and you look at the makeup and the costumes and the production work and the detail and that going into it i mean just looking at three hundred
12:47 am
million dollars at all it's just a drop in the ocean but i mean just looking at the pictures here. it's just. it's so kind of it's a visual beautiful to see why how is it that all these different strands came together i think that marvel comics. made sure that they got their right director they got the right set designers and in terms of the screenwriting from ryan coogler and the direction everything comes together even the kendrick lamar soundtrack you know fits and is of its time but so this is a an old comic book character has been revamped really for the twenty first century so what might the box office figures be like will it on enough to be in the same league is batman superman fight i think it way will exceed those in fact in terms of pre-sales actually it is the biggest selling marvel comic book film so it's
12:48 am
already broken records. so are we interested to see something like what the figures are is this a turning point for hollywood for cinema in general i think it's growing by the quality of the film it's more than just about representation is actually the whole package and. i have to say again marvel and disney disney who are distributing it have managed to touch all the right bases and the audiences are loving it you know it's it's cutting across all age groups and you know in south london there's a and after party tonight you know when i was coming on here i was telling people i can get a hold of anybody they're all at the cinema you don't want to be here but we were obviously rather huge you'd rather be there and if you are saying that this is it they've done a great job with the production in the marketing how likely is it that we might see
12:49 am
more films like this or is this sort of magic just stand year i'm often too difficult to recreate it's an interesting thing. i think that the last time this happened was probably would be. cop character shaft back in one thousand nine hundred eighty one which was the pre curser to blacksploitation and a whole slew of movies aimed targeted at black audiences we may well see that again but i hopefully their production values are going to be a lot higher all right well thanks very much colonel a loon a day you might still have time to make off to thank you. with the new. catch of the day provides a big but for this quick thinking of cricket fan will have that story and more. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
12:50 am
business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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than fashion week is getting underway an expected to and it's expected to draw thousands of visitors as a big focus on social issues with diversity featuring as one of this yes james wood has. under the watch. showcase the opening. this. really no place quite like it anything goes here fashion has no boundaries and everything is documented diversity is one of the themes at this season's event along with trying to push the industry to better protect the women and men working in it so it's about really working to create safe environments to make sure there are safe places them to be that that was being photographed and you know it's a whole new to see the so many aspects of it but it's something we take very
12:52 am
seriously fashion the times they can seem purpose but the designers on the show know they're part of a growth industry one which employs nearly nine hundred thousand people in the u.k. alone away from the bright lights from way in the real focus of actually because of course. the passion industry is worth nearly forty two billion dollars to the quantity so it's big business little wonder then that the u.k.'s decision to leave the european union is being closely watched in the west that trace playfully where said that really enjoys the freedom of movement in the freedom of people between hairpiece when and where incredibly and intensive what those hands breaks like but now the london splash nubile people pushing the best put food striding ahead and trying to stand out from the crowd and the hayward al-jazeera in london. with joe.
12:53 am
thank you for the first time in more than five years roger federer will return to the top of the world rankings and at the age of thirty six he'll be the oldest number one in a.t.p. tour history it's after he beat robin has a full six six one six one to reach the semifinals of the rotterdam open meaning he'll replace rafael nadal in the top spot when the new rankings are released on monday federer first became number one back in two thousand and four but this will be the first time he's been at the top it's october. twelfth. the women's world number one ranking was also on the line on friday but caroline was lucky did enough to ensure she retained her place in the top as she reached the semifinals of the qatar open the dane beat angelica seven six six one six three show now played petrak fits of us for a place in the final if was lucky had last summer and how it would have returned to number one despite earlier pulling out of the tournament with that injury. how its
12:54 am
withdrawal means that wimbledon champion got been immigrant that receives a buy into the final the fourth seed came from a set down to be caroline garcia two sets to one in the last eight it's. something. that in the beginning. seven gold medals were won on day seven of the winter olympics in pyongyang but there was an upset on the flights as american mckayla difference bits to become the first alpine skier to win four golds at a single olympics came to an end to stem and has more. after winning gold in foos day's giant slalom mckayla schifrin was favored to defend her slalom title but the twenty two year old could only manage fourth and said afterwards that she'd been
12:55 am
sick before her first run the gold medal instead winter sweden's food hunts daughter was it was easy said think i'm still anything like a lace a really talented girl so sure should be for the for me it's bound to be there today but i don't see that bit there with me the k.l.a. i was the best when they were live it doesn't matter which girl who was it was secular and there were. there was also a surprise in the women snowboard cross as the sport's most decorated rider lindsey gecko bellus finished but italy's mackellar more usually got the gold elsewhere on the slopes beller a suspect up their first medal. winning the women's aerial skiing austria's matthias meyer won the main super g. going one better than his father helmut who claimed silver in the same event in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight while switzerland's danio colonia made history as the first cross-country skier to win the same individual event three times in
12:56 am
a row in the men's fifteen kilometer race. they want to be no food straight title for chick speed skater martina subway kolber as may first won the women's five thousand meter title. the netherlands six speed skating gold and there was plenty for the host nation to celebrate twenty three year old. when the moon's skeleton by a record one point six three seconds. al-jazeera. now to oppose that has everyone talking in japan at least year zero new he's a superstar in figure skating and the defending olympic gold medalists year zero seven lim picked record in the first leg of the men's competition in pyongyang on friday he can secure gold on saturday with a strong performance in the free skate there is a bit of a strange fun phenomenon when it comes to using involves throwing winnie the pooh toys dozens rained down on to the ice after his performance on friday it started in
12:57 am
two thousand and ten when he carried around a tissue box featuring the a book character and it just kind of stuck well the end of day seven it's germany who can do easily the medal table they have nine gold that's three better the norway and netherlands in second and third the united states and canada round out the top five. telzey have secured a place in the quarter finals the english f.a. cup they comfortably beat hull city four nil a live issue or actually scored his first goal in a chelsea shirt after his transfer from all small also into the last eight unless the jamie volatile with the only goal in their one no victory of the second to sheffield united now straight to have completed the highest ever run chase in twenty twenty cricket history they scored two hundred forty five runs to beat new zealand in oakland but the happiest man at eden park on friday was a kiwi student he went home thirty seven thousand dollars richer off to snaring a one handed catch on the boundary easy then back to ross taylor only got six runs
12:58 am
for his. and that is all the sport for now but to marry him in london thanks very much joe that's it for the news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you a full round up the top stories coming up a bit. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is
12:59 am
activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself he had a story on the talk to al-jazeera at this time. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to real people. five countries. four days. three thousand konami tends. to generations. one by. syrian refugees on a surreal jannie to sweden. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how dizzy you. are was always telling you how famous he was going to make that how he presented hello my name and body without consciousness it is
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northwest representatives kind of. teacher put it. aside jordan member that we had the special meeting about five a nail and he said no. that's not the how thick a near major this is a cover up in a piece on the mainland city yet al-jazeera investigation footholds wall of silence at this time. bad of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the us presidential election announces the indictment of thirteen russians. hello i'm maryanne demasi and al-jazeera.


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