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struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is unforgiving but compounded by corruption it's a wet season months lives that are claiming most lives i don't remember even the wall when if i think would be one thousand people died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if there's a north already failed to act the mountain will fall at this time on al jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian figure this is live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes sixty six people dead in a radian passenger plane crash in the mountainous province. two palestinians are
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found dead this tension escalates after an explosion along the gaza border that injured four israeli soldiers plus. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants. do not test israel's resolve israel's prime minister calls iran the bracers threat to the world as he addresses a global security conference in munich and i'm far as have all the latest from the winter olympics n.p.r. chang as norway's voice and writing in the freestyle skiing man loped valid and putting norway on top of the medal stand. we begin though with breaking news out of iran at least sixty six people are feared dead after a plane crash a passenger aircraft. disappeared from radar to leaving the capitol teheran the
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assa man airlines flight was traveling to. in the southwest emergency services have been deployed to the mountainous province. phase has more now from tough from. no i'm not at the cassette how. it's starting to become clear about the plane that crashed the latest came from a statement by the spokesperson of the ottoman airlines the plane's owner who said that the plane collided with a mountain peak in the range is due to the foggy conditions however this is still early information as neither the black box parts of the plane or the remains of the passengers have been recovered yet old board of the plane have been killed including sixty passengers and the crew of four the plane had previously suffered from a technical problem but that had been sorted out and the plane was approved to fly the plane was an eighty or type manufactured in italy but this plane in particular was not included in the new purchase deal signed between iran and italy last year while the cause of the crash hasn't yet been confirmed international sanctions of
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ham put iran's ability to maintain a modern fleet accidents occur regularly in recent years thirty nine people were killed in two thousand and fourteen after a separate passenger plane crashed after takeoff from tehran seventy seven people were killed when an iran air plane crashed in bad weather in two thousand and eleven analysts say that iran's relied on smuggled or improvised parts to keep fleets operational before sanctions were lifted iran haven't directly bought a western built aircraft in nearly four c. is iran a little more than two hundred planes to sanctions were lifted in return for curbs on its nuclear activities the first delivery of an airbus a three twenty one arrives in teheran in january at last here aviation safety specialist david lee amounts that the aircraft are exposed to even more risk because iran's mountainous terrain. leave whether in the mountains where the air crash was pretty bad and.
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it looks as if when the aircraft was carrying out its initial descent to the war the toward its destination it was in the wrong position and and it hit mountains that looks like. the aircraft is a modern aircraft the aircraft height has been around for well it was initially manuf faction nine hundred eighty s. but this is a more recent version of it it operates all over the world it's a very good airplane side it's manufactured people going to a combination of italian and french design and manufacture so it's a very well tested airplane the. iran asmer on the domestic airline of iran well it flies a lot in iran is a very mountainous country it tries
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a lot in difficult terrain so it is more exposed to risk just by virtue of the kind of country that iran is is what the. the authorities in iran have to do is to find the black boxes the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder which will probably be working despite the fact that this crash was obviously quite. quite an impact. two palestinians have been found dead after an escalation in tension on the gaza israeli border it follows an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers in the area israel launched a series of ground of ass trikes on a number of sites in the southern gaza strip its military blames hamas for saturday's explosion several palestinians were injured in the israeli raids israel says that the dead palestinians were shot trying to cross the border. i think you
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are today's incident on the gaza strip border was severe we were responding appropriately i send my wishes for a quick recovery to the wounded let's go live now to our series but its worth is in west jerusalem but at the start by trying to clear up what exactly happened to these two palestinians who were killed aging we understand senator on the garza side that they were near the border for the fence the israelis say they were trying to cross now it's not unusual sometimes young man because of the desperate circumstances in gaza where there's hardly any work sometimes some of them try to cross over into israeli territory invariably they're caught by the israelis and often usually then eventually sent back to garza these young men it seems happened to be near the border at a time when there's been an incident earlier on this explosion on the border fence further down the border fence is injuring these israeli soldiers so because of that
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incident it made the whole area very tense and we understand that these book probably two civilian young men because if they had been members of any of the fighting groups in gaza those groups would have claimed them as their own while they haven't been claimed by any of the groups meaning they were civilians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time essentially because of the increased tension further down the board a train and there was some sort of projectile fired from gaza into israeli territory and that's what prompted the airstrikes what are we to make of the response. well it's been a very tense sort of period overnight there's been a large israeli assault on about eighteen different targets in gaza and there was this explosion on the border fence injuring those israeli soldiers they israel says there was a palestinian flag. stuck in the ground on the border fence and when the soldiers went to remove it removing that flag detonated an explosive and neat now
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israel later in the night hit eighteen different targets within gaza this is a very significant number of targets but hamas is let it be known via its egyptian mediators as let the israelis know that they do not want to see an escalation of violence in israel has said it does not want to see an escalation so while that's formally the positions of the two sides there is this always this risk of an accidental escalation that has been increased confrontations on the garda border border since donald trump declared a jerusalem recognized as a state capital of israel that have been increased confrontation since then there is the risk that if the constant if there's a major casualty number from the confrontation on either side then that could prompt an unintended escalation a tree or a bullet many thanks. in the western stuff barghouti is secretary general of the
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palestinian national initiative a former palestinian information minister he says that international pressure needs to be put on israel to end the violence. the only dissolution is to end occupation on the resolution is to end the system of apartheid and allow palestinians to finally be free let me remind you that during the last three months since mr trump declared his had already been position about jerusalem we had peaceful demonstrations taking place in the west bank and as a but these peaceful demonstrations were met with severe israeli violence no less than twelve people have been killed in gaza by israeli soldiers who were shooting at them while they were peaceful to be mistreating the same happened in the west bank we lost also more than twenty people so far with the israeli military gunfire and more than five thousand people have been injured during peaceful demonstrations so israel is attacking peaceful demonstrations the world does not do anything they do not pressure israel to stop using this terrible violence and then it is skillets
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and my word is that unless there is immediate international pressure to on israel to stop the use of violence and to end the siege on gaza we could see another horrible attack on gaza another horrible war that could take the lives of thousands of people including hundreds of good well it speaks against israel and who is a former israeli negotiator the oslo peace accords the former deputy foreign minister he joins us now live from tel aviv thanks for being with us what you make of what stuff stuff but good he was saying that. well the situation is very far from being stable and the last thing that i would like to do is to exchange accusations with my friend. most of the about who begins and whether it is in use or interest to kill palestinians out of the blue over there under the auspices or the umbrella of the demonstrations or for
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the fridays there was an attempt to kill some israeli soldiers that the bottom line the bottom line i believe is the need to hamas know the current israeli government. which i will pose but i can understand the picture in which to place its rule do not want to to have now and either round of violence because everybody understands that nobody will be happy at the end of this of the next round and the main question is how can one stab belies the current situation it should be if the hamas and i believe that hamas is not ready for peace with israel then something like the like. this week with israel could be the solution and there is a need for of the involvement of a third party in order to see to it that we will not be always at the mercy
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of the next trigger to open new violence because anything anything can become the trigger for an needed violin round between israel and hamas or between israel and the palestinians in the gaza and the one i mean the the world has to understand the situation the see the world for situation in gaza is horrible so the desperation move a week demonstrations can create a kind of violence that is when we not be able to dismiss and it will have to evaluate and we are better to this crazy and a needed round of violence on the one hand the current issue the current situation in gaza is being take taken care of and if on the other hand we talk
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seriously about the idea we might put an end to the current situation you heard our correspondent saying that these two young men who died overnight were possibly in the wrong place at the wrong time they were. kids who are looking desperate kids looking for a way out of gaza does israel accept that the conditions within gaza abound to lead to incidents of violence like this aimed at israel out of sheer frustration well this is a main issue in israel and it is the main issue in our media in the last weeks or even months the current situation in gaza a part of it. is tributed to do is when we left gaza are but still is in charge of the passage just part of it is on the shoulders of the palestinian authority which is not too happy to help us in gaza and hamas is the
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rule of gaza and part of it is egypt and the people themselves i mean the question is what the way they are a militant dies in the commodities which went to gaza will be used for the benefit of the people or for the benefit of the military groups them so you have quite many people to be blamed for the current situation but the bottom line is that the population gaza is suffering and the first of you money to early speaking it is something which is intolerable and the world should not tolerate it and on the other hand it is also a kind of excuse over a reason for violence this one is maybe against hamas against israel and against whoever but it may wrap and nobody knows when ok good to talk to somebody thanks to
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your c.p.l. in the. israel's prime minister says that iran is the greatest threats to the world's regiment and yahoo told the munich security conference in germany that iran's nuclear ambitions have brought the biddle east and israel closer together he vowed that israel will continue to prevent iran from establishing a puppet and presence in syria and will take action against it if necessary israel will not allow iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our neck. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves. and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that oratorical us but against iran. five out of munich al jazeera is there pretty strong words from this that you know who the russian what else did he have to say. he delivered a warning. to the international community and to the iranians that if the situation
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continues to escalate and that if the iranians continue to expand their influence by expanding their so-called land coleridge all form to hell and all the way to the border with israel then these rallies will have to retaliate targeting iran itself there was this moment of drama when he held a piece of the drone that was destroyed by the israeli army which is believed to be an iranian a drone saying headdress the rain saying that come and take it and there's this moment when he described the iranian foreign minister as the man who lies with eloquence saying that the iranians in fact will be given a golden opportunity during the two thousand and fifteen nuclear agreement to buy time and that ultimately they will assemble the acquired develop and assemble the key components of a nuclear bomb is just a matter of time before they can use it as saying that the israelis when not tolerate that there was this final moment when he showed a map with a very tiny little bit sparse and highlighted black saying that isolates being
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defeated by the same time we're facing a new danger which is what he described the radical shiite ideology this is a sentiment that many are concerned about because the international community over the last few years has been saying that we need to uphold the iranian nuclear deal it's crucial for stability it's crucial for the international community of france italy the e.u. many countries said this is something that needs to be meant taint if it collapses that could pave the. way for more instability and more violence in the region we will hear in a while ago. shortly from the iranian foreign minister zarif and he'll definitely hit back at the israeli prime minister and we will also hear from the saudi foreign minister adolescence away and later today question for the moment many thanks did national help out of the security conference in munich let's get some analysis now from the troops wearing who is associate professor in contemporary history at the
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middle east of the middle east at castle university he's with me here in the studio what is it with netanyahu that iran is the man obsessed. i think it's very interesting to see that but a minute in your home in every gathering. international gathering even even in inside israel you always defeat the serious threat to the region is iran not for get is bush. for the united nation last year and the before i think he has a major problem with iran simply. because of his is his character as the prime minister. he is the he is the prime minister who has done nothing actually to secure israeli comparing whether prime minister israelis were always engaged in wars and they are defending the state of israel he is the only prime minister who has no wars actually or or did not actually with any war in any kind of time and i think you strive to present iran as does it is through to mobilize
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international community towards iran investing on the moment where the. administration in washington actually playing the same game against iran this is all about the nuclear deal it is about to do through deal it is about a nuclear deal and i think we know that israel from the day one summer of two thousand and fifteen was against the deed and now as we know that time but mr nation is actually considering this as the worst deal ever and been a minute in you know who is capitalizing on. the moment by saying ok america again is the deal it's work with i'm with united states so we can do whatever is possible to in the outcome of the deal so this speech was aimed primarily at the trumpet ministration absolutely says that it iran is the greatest threat to the world face is he right is there anyone who disagrees with him yes of course see europeans i mean germany he was hosting this conference against what's been the military now
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saying france again if you care game is that most of you to be a nation again is the european nations european states that generally they consider the deal is a historical deal and they don't want to mess up with that deep maybe the only the only suggestion being presented by the french. president when he said you know there should be a revision to the deal where we can negotiate. a missile of iran and they try to see we know where this can go but part of this european states they are with the dean and they don't want to maintain the deal because they consider this deal so if so many people disagree with the israeli prime minister's point of view at what point does it become an embarrassment as to does he become a he had embarrassment i mean i mean does he care what other people i think i think he doesn't care he wants to do to deliver the message he wants to say to the public to the public in israel that he's delivering the message that iran is the main threat but he doesn't care i think one of the important point in that context that
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he's also scaping from what's happening inside israel he himself facing a lot of allegation of corruption i think he's trying to escape a bit of that by focusing on iran and other issues related to the foreign policy good to talk to you but you need pressure swearing. even the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program an emotional homecoming somali refugees once held captive in libya arrived back in mogadishu. the death of a politician and how it's putting kossovo on edge as the country marks ten years of independence. and the n.b.a. all-star weekend heats up with a contest of the league's best slam dunk. thirty five refugees are heading for the u.s. after leaving at a stray and run prison camp on the pacific island nation of nauru it's part of a controversial resettlement deal reached between australia's governments of the
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obama administration the man a mostly afghan pakistani all right prompting rights groups to ask questions about whether somali added brainy and refugees are being excluded from the rue prison camp is part of the story is hardline policy of blocking refugees entering by boat david man is the executive director of refugee legal it provides legal assistance to refugees in the rue adam an a silent on the australians offshore processing arrangements he's with us now live via skype from melbourne david so you've got another thirty five refugees taking the number up to what eighty five now have gone to the us the original agreement was for for well over one thousand why is it taking so long. well that's very difficult to know really what the deal that was struck every year ago. of. the us. twelve hundred fifty refugees from.
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one one thousand two hundred fifty. people. to these offshore processing arrangements the resettlement so far has been very slow going it's certainly welcome the thirty five refugees i've just now. reached are to around about one hundred ninety seven but the reality is that even in the processing becomes swifter to the us even if there is more race that it's not going to cover everyone stritch and. the other option resettlement of those refugees the army of the russian president. which was put into place by the obama administration the worst deal is he right. well the deal itself is one which is essentially a refugee swap deal where the u.s. says it is refugees who are ultimately really first and foremost responsibility
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because there is a people who originally sought asylum minestrone and they were put on the remember stalin but look the reality is under these bilateral deal it reminds that you know the u.s. banking refugees and the question really is one of what how quickly will that happen so that pretty jason bay rates the. really great deal their lives in the suffering in the terrible ordeal for over five years that they have endured but the other question is what will you do it because ultimately they even if this deal reached the full number of twelve hundred fifty there will be still be many people left marooned and suffering are you say these refugees are a strain is responsibility what will it take then to get a straight to what to stand up to its responsibility. it's absolutely critical that a strategy work on moving toward the most bright for adoption and that is raised
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over much of the rest of the refugees and. ultimately a vacuum as soon as possible anyone lift. the us typing so along. the fundamental problem the sticking point remains is hard on border protection policies which to deice have essentially enforced a no chance policy that is that there be no chance of resettlement in australia for those refugees i mean directing our energies and resources together with others to work on. the ministry happen but it is fundamental because what we now use these refugees cannot stay on and on an assignment you differently what we also know is that the profound suffering in humanity that people have been subject to and we know now that it is destroyed ultimately a strategy is legal and moral responsibility to ensure that those refugees are
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brought to safety and the fact is that a strategy reminds the aren't we option for most if not all of those people. in melbourne. eleven somali refugees held captive in libya for years many of them were tortured and some was sold as slaves. reports. levin is relieved to be back home in somalia three years ago he tried to migrate to europe he never made it instead he was kidnapped by smugglers in libya and sold as a slave. like an animal i was sold four times in open markets in libya the last time i was sold for ten thousand dollars i was tortured every day vivan story isn't unique annecy international released a report recently describing how somali refugees were being tortured in libyan detention camps it said they were held against their will by armed groups in exchange for money hundreds were reportedly sold for as little as four hundred
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dollars of far cry from the journey these migrants had hoped for. for two years i was in a libyan prison i spent fifteen thousand dollars and i still wasn't able to reach europe now i'm just happy to be back in country and see my family human rights groups say the european union strategy to stop refugees from traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stranded in libya the somali government has been successful in returning small groups of refugees home but how much the government of somalia is committed to bring back its people who are in prisons around the globe we've been able to repatriate some somalis who are in libyan prison a month ago we released migrants from india and ethiopia prisons and brought them back to the country we will continue to do so but it's not going to be easy it took more than two years of negotiations to release libya and many more just like him are waiting to be given the opportunity to get back home the tail opus of
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a young al-jazeera whether staff scott update for us next tale that is out then. condemned to a life of poverty the push to lift the minimum wage in mexico plus. not such a cracking if somehow china is trying to clear the air. as for what federal the. put sort of top of the world performance in rotterdam the details coming up it's. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there australians we all strain has been hit by a tropical cycling we can see what broome looks like at the moment looks incredibly wet they're difficult to get about most likely in a four by four and it's all thanks to the sheer amount of rain that the systems
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brought us there that swirling massive cloud there it actually hit sixty one hundred sixty five kilometers to the south southwest of broome but it certainly brought a lot of rain to the city in fact brought the february total amount of rain to five hundred fifty two a lot of that just in the last three days and that brought it the second wettest february month on record and of course we're all finished in february yet there's still plenty more days till to come plenty more wet weather still to come as well so this is what we're expecting to have in that storm gradually working its way over land and of course now that it's over land it's lost its energy source that's the sea it's no longer over the sea so it's just going to gradually fizzle out but while it does say it's going to dump all the moisture that it's sucked up and it's going to do that over many parts of western australia so across the desert region there is the risk that we could see quite a bit of flooding as we head through the next few days perth should stay just to the west of that stay out of the way if we look at new zealand we're bracing for
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all storm is this one edging its way towards us called peter is going to give us some flooding here. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. five countries. four days. three thousand kilometer ends. to generations. one by. syrian refugees on assume real jannie to see me. on the bright side. a witness documentary at this time on how dizzy. and monday put it was on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians
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still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. and i get this is that he was out from al-jazeera a very unfair to get here in doha top stories this hour at least sixty six people are dead after a plane crash in iran the past and passenger aircraft disappeared from radar some fifty minutes after leaving the capitol to the ask the man airlines plane went out of a mountainous area near the town of summit all. two palestinians have been found dead after an escalation of tension on the gaza israeli border follows that explosion
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that injured four israeli soldiers. in the area palestinian authority is calling his rail's actions a serious escalation that israel is blaming the armed groups hamas and israel's prime minister says that iran is the greatest threat to the world at the munich security summit edge of netanyahu has warned that iran one iran other than israel is prepared to act if it continues with its nuclear ambitions. kosovo is confronting increasing lawlessness in a serb dominated regions ten years after independence a political leader was killed last month in the town of attributes of al-jazeera is andrew symonds a spoken to journalists and politicians who say they now face constant intimidation it's a daily ritual lighting candles and paying respect to a politician murdered a month ago in this lawless city all over event of a leader of a minority cause of all serb party spoke albanian and have been trying to foster
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better relations with the government in pristina he was shot dead and no one seems to know who did it. organized crime is rampant here and there are suspicions there could have been a political motivation the darkness people get out in the movie you can see in people how unsafe they fail and they are if you talk about it but what concerns me the most is that many of all of his friends and my friends have left much of ether and more considering it. this journalist whose office still bears the evidence of intimidation nearly three years ago also believes things are getting worse that. i've been a victim of theft and burglary i've been attacked but those are things that happen to people he every day in savannah beaches met up people species have definitely increased it's because he was so well respected. on the south side of me tributes the majority kosovar albanian population has been celebrating ten years of
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independence it's in contrast to the north where the serbian flag flies kosovo's government ministers accuse their serbian counterparts in belgrade of meddling in the affairs of this city making its dysfunctional. this bridge taking you are from the southern side has been renovated it feels new but ten years after independence was announced there is still division here this is a gesture of defiance before we even get into the north building work comes to an end here because of disputes with the kosovar serb local authorities that have cause months of delays because of those prime minister knowledge is there are big difficulties but he says the crime problem is being tackled we are in process of integrating north of role of law we respect the special effects of the community and we integrate the community in this is my approach but that approach
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is met with cynicism there's no mention here of independence or integration andrew simmons al-jazeera the cause of it has been a fire at one of tibet's most sacred temples videos been posted on social media showing the blaze at the jokhang monastery in the capital lhasa on saturday china's state media says that no historical relics have been damaged or ministry is more than a thousand years old and is listed as a unesco world heritage site russia has dismissed u.s. allegations that thirteen of its nationals ran a secret operation to sway the twenty sixteen presidential election in donald trump's favor the russian foreign minister is denial was immediately challenged by u.s. national security adviser has mcmaster but shortly after trying tweeted the master had forgotten to say the election results were not changed by the russians also in jordan reports. the munich security conference often focuses on weapons of mass
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destruction regional war and the threat from rogue nations and groups but at this year's meeting the conflict is between russia and the us which has now and died thirteen russian citizens for allegedly interfering in the two thousand and sixteen presidential race the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov called the indictments irrelevant they said. so until we hear the facts everything else is just blather the indictment says otherwise the defendants allegedly were promoting donald trump's candidacy and undermining that of his democratic rival hillary clinton. one example an anti trump protest march in new york shortly after his election allegedly organized by the defendants and not by ordinary americans the allegation is that the russians were using the anti trump protest to cover their tracks in supporting him the special counsel robert muller has indicted thirteen russian
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citizens and three companies for allegedly interfering in the two thousand and sixteen elections according to the unsealed indictment the accused allegedly conspired from two thousand and fourteen until now to interfere with the u.s. political and electoral processes including the two thousand and sixteen election the special counsel alleges that the group posed as americans and controlled social media accounts focusing on divisive social and political issues one important point the indictment does not allege that anyone in the donald trump campaign colluded actively with the russians the u.s. national security advisor h r mcmaster told conference delegates the rumors of russian interference are now fact the united states will expose and act against those who use cyberspace social media and other means to advance campaigns of the. formation subversion and espionage the former russian ambassador to the united
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states long accused of using his post to interfere in u.s. affairs told delegates the indictments are nothing more than fear mongering and whatever. he wanted the us. simply fantasy is the being used for political reasons inside the militant states rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington's the us president as blaming the f.b.i. for the gun attack at a florida school which killed seventeen people total trump has tweeted very sad that the f.b.i. missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shoes that this is not acceptable spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign there is no collusion then trump adds get back to the basics of make us all proud of trump's comments come after it was revealed the f.b.i. received a tip off last month that the suspect the suspect had
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a desire to kill and access to guns the agency admitted on friday that the agents failed to investigate the nineteen year old charged with the murders had been expelled from the school he was also known to local police were students from the school targeted when the state shootings have rallied for tighter gun control that angry that the suspect nicholas cruz could buy an automatic weapon legally despite his troubling behavior a survivor of the shooting had this message for u.s. politicians if you think about that from tommy thompson said thank you occurred. was that there was no down and really he was here on. this he was taking donations from the n.r.a. shame on you. and the national security correspondent for newsweek magazine says the focus on possible f.b.i. errors isn't helpful. i think that the attention to what the f.b.i.
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did or didn't do is really misplaced here the local police were very familiar with mr cruz and many answered many calls and complaints to where he was living the f.b.i. investigates federal crimes was mr cruz committing a federal crime or plotting to create a federal crime no he was not so although the f.b.i. screwed up big time absolutely i think that focusing on ed and especially the partisan attacks on f.b.i. director ray are really misplaced he's not going to resign over this these attacks are designed to undermine further undermine the f.b.i. which is a lead investigating agency connection connections between the trump administration and russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen elections and that's where these complaints are coming from they're all coming from republicans want to further undermine the authority of the f.b.i. that's what this is all about the f.b.i. did not have a jurisdiction in the school shootings that's
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a local police matter furthermore it seems to me the question should be raised about why teenagers are able to buy assault weapons or anyone able to buy an assault weapon generals have been held for the thirteen people who were killed when a military helicopter crash landed in southern mexico the helicopter serving damage after friday's seven point two magnitude earthquake when it flipped during an emergency landing crushing a van the governor who was on board the helicopter but wasn't in just offered his condolences to victims' families. pressure is growing on mexico's government to raise the minimum wage advocates told last america's human rights watchdog that the current rate condemns millions to a life of poverty john heilemann reports from mexico city. million has always tried to work with a smile on her face but like many mexicans she lives almost on the breadline the
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job buying and selling clothes in the local market often doesn't pay enough to feed her family or cannot call me that it was the same point that i mean here costs just under three dollars and i just ate half of it and save the other part for the next day to save on costs. the new official start show that four out of ten minutes can see don't earn enough even to buy basic food stuffs last year's record inflation combined with the country's long stagnant salaries have left many families unable to cope with the unexpected learned in a bit over the oh my goodness forbid in from getting sick because it costs money i have to have a special diet for my diabetes which costs even more. mexicans buying power began to nosedive more than a decade ago and has never recovered the mits can government posted this month that the economy's enjoyed five years of constant growth but that doesn't seem to have filtered down independent statistics show that the ten richest mexicans have the
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same amount of money as the sixty million poorest. countries on course to have the second lowest minimum wage in latin america and your firm says that less than five dollars a day it's so low it's unconstitutional it's urging the intermarriage conclude of human rights to rule in favor of an increase but oxfam's head of research says that the roots of the problem also have to be addressed why weight is so low the strategy of the government. has been to maintain low wages in order to continue to attract foreign investment we need to stop competing with order markets by offering low wages we need to change that mindset in order to. cascade. the fruits of globalization. that's a steep challenge for a country which has struggled to balance creating jobs with ensuring they pay
1:44 pm
enough for people to enjoy a decent life on. john holden now does it a coup city members of britain's anti immigration posse have voted to remove their leader after racist messages sent by his partner aimed at future royalty henry bolton led ukip for less than five months as girlfriend sent disparaging messages about meghan markle the fiancé of prince harry bolton was the fourth person to lead ukip in eighteen months following the resignation of longtime leader. ok areas foreign ministry has condemned a march by hundreds of far right supporters in honor of a pro nazi world war two general the rally went ahead despite calls from the government the us embassy and several jewish organizations for it to be scrapped the foreign ministry says that anything glorifying the nazi way of thinking is absolutely unacceptable. india's government is under pressure over a bank fraud that sent shock waves through the financial system the opposition says
1:45 pm
the government was warned about the one point seven billion dollar scam at punjab national bank the bank has lost a fifth of its value since announcing the fraud which sold the homes and offices of diamond jewelry modi and his business partner raided on saturday both fled the country three of the bank's employees have been arrested. the killer of a six year old girl has received four death sentences from a course in pakistan the rape and murder triggered protests across the country with claims of government in action and police incompetence m.p.'s tab reports. captured on security cameras walking hand in hand with the man who would kill her these are the last known moments of little zaineb and sari's life her body would later be found on a rubber stamp in cars sure the town where she lived with her family near the eastern city of lahore investigators say she was raped and strangled twenty four year old in run ali was convicted of her kidnap rape and murder and anti-terrorism
1:46 pm
court handed him four separate death sentences and are biased on the law crimes that are considered to have spread terror in society can be charged as acts of terrorism the opportunity that this case was sent to or better child protection or a more honest and a sort of. debate and reflection within society about stature of it and easy it is or like. to prey on young all of those opportunities if you want to and. will essentially close the chapter on this instance but not close the chapter on. an abuse of children and i think that's a missed opportunity it's been won there in january thousands of people across pakistan protested to demand justice for zaineb her family said police took no action during the five days from when she was reported missing and her body was
1:47 pm
found there were demonstrations at police stations and politicians homes were set on fire the authorities were accused of being different and incompetent design absurd or also brought to light eleven other similar cases in the consumer area in two years prosecutors say ali has confessed to eight of the killings including saying the fact that this it happened levon times if you sleep and. it was an audi of young children did not stir the auctions of already. once or and only only because your reaction across was just said. ali has fifteen days to appeal the verdict is in its parents are demanding his execution be carried out in public at the same rubbish dump their daughter's body was found in p.s. diab al-jazeera. just ahead here on the news out manchester united give their
1:48 pm
pursuit of the trophy double a big boost the details coming up in sports. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have the brain a good logical rational person the crazy months and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not go over well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks when people need to be heard. like it a good to me is. my brain and this story needs to be
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to be just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on an. hour again chinese new year celebrations have been muted in a growing number of cities after a battle fireworks was expired that it's affecting a tradition that's lasted a thousand years a shell of bullets reports. an assembly line of fireworks illegal young province each read roll of guns. harder is distant to mark the start of
1:50 pm
a new year in the chinese calendar leo young is the fireworks capital of the world it all started some fourteen hundred years ago during the ten dynasty. but threatens to employers with a decision by the chinese government to ban fireworks because of pollution. fireworks are a cherished tradition during the chinese new year but they push hundreds of cities above the recommended equality levels this was small in beijing a year ago it's scenes like this that have pushed the government to ban fireworks and four hundred forty four cities that's now being expanded to include beijing tianjin and provincial capitals who farai and changsha violators will face fines of up to fifteen thousand dollars. and you. this shouldn't be a ban on fireworks because first of all pollution isn't caused by fireworks sitting
1:51 pm
off fireworks has been a tradition for more than one thousand years so i don't quite understand why it is a ban china's firework industry employs three million people and has sales of more than fourteen billion dollars the new regulations of her profits and lower demand has shrunk the industry. lou young's fire crackers and fireworks management pure susan to use the number of companies that have to around five hundred high. if you look around the market you can only see a few shops remain open we don't see many customers anymore. that's because many have swaps to legal options in cities like beijing this substituting gunpowder with electricity. electronic by crackers can substitute regular firecrackers because they a bright and colorful chinese say it's all fireworks for the noice it's believed to scare away bad spirits and bring in more successful new yeah manufacturers and
1:52 pm
retailers a looking for an early start shallop bellus zero zero. zero to the in. time to support his foreign agent thank you sell launch austria's marcel her share has reinforced his status as being the world's best skier he won his second gold medal at the winter olympic games in the men's giant slalom six time overall world cup champion blew away the competition and the first run by more then six tenths of a second or sure again crushed the field in the second run by more than one point two seven seconds to take gold kristofferson of norway one still world why france alexius penalosa clinched bronze. norway's oyston bratton claimed gold
1:53 pm
in the olympic freestyle skiing men's slope style event on sunday brighton put in a brilliant first run routine that was good enough to hold on to top spot through all three rounds american nick go for it took silver while canada's alex vogel marshall claimed the bronze other words. it's so it's crazy. my first. didn't know it was going to hold up and my second. but it held up. super super happy has been a big dream for me and a goal for a long time so i can believe. and known as hall's float picked up another gold medal for no way in the men's cross-country relay to take them to the top of the medal standings norway are tied with germany on nine golds the netherlands are in third with canada in the united states rounding off the top five of the best
1:54 pm
players in the n.b.a. will collide later in the all-star game this year there is a new format instead of the best of the east and west facing off it will be a contest between teams picked by the n.b.a.'s two biggest stars team le bron will face team steph curry in l.a. of these are the starters curry's gone for this season's two best offensive players houston's james harden and janice and tito the box is also picks toronto's de mar de rosen an all star debutant joel embiid of the sunday sixers lining out for le bron is one of korea's golden state teammates kevin durant's he's also picked new orleans duo apne davis and de marcus cousins and unsurprisingly he's gone for former teammate boston's kyrie irving he says he can't wait to get a court. this is for me. katie. and the braun and i'm probably one of the best father you know best father
1:55 pm
ever been on the court with. you know just the talents as well and you see. how big of fans we are of one another in the world of florida go is pretty awesome and i think that lineup is something that you know you can envision in a video game for me to actually you know be part of is almost. as exciting very you get an opportunity you know for a mixture of guys who play the most on the same team as joe. you know we're trying to win those competitive obviously all-star game there's a lot of highlights but. when we started we were going to go there and prove that we're gonna win. and one of the most highly anticipated parts of the all-star weekend is the slam dunk contest comedian kevin hart got an up close taste of the action as you time job as a bookie donovan mitchell pulled off some spectacular moves to win it to star studded power including d.j. khalid and mark wahlberg giving mitchell the nod he joins the likes of n.b.a.
1:56 pm
legends michael jordan and kobe bryant to also run. a new world number one roger federer has reached the final of the rotterdam open the thirty six year old beat andreas seppi in straight sets six three seven six to advance the two time champion who has just become the oldest player in history to top things i could see grigor dimitrov vogue area in sunday's final. patrick a bit of us down world number one caroline wozniacki to reach the final the catarrh open the chart came from a sat down to be fussy arche three six seven six seven five two about shopping scar being a group of span next. manchester united have booked their place in the quarter finals of the f.a. cup romelu lukaku scored twice as they beat huddersfield town to nail united are in contention for a trophy double this season chasing both the f.a. cup and the champions league the last won the f.a. cup in two thousand and sixteen and will face brightened next. i'm happy that we
1:57 pm
had in the course of fun i'm happy that we won the match especially after the fit was the kind of game that it's a draw wouldn't be a drama to take the match to two old trafford wouldn't be a drama for us but the game was difficult tottenham are chasing the same double as man united and face thirty or rochdale later but the spurs boss marine to change now is concerned about his players' motivation levels they needed a great play to beat fourth tier newport's in the last round tufted to play new board i think this would have something and if you know land of the new player is because you're not giving enough to understand that if you want to win the. title if we want to compete for be one of the best team in the on europe. is this the game is it is important to induce a was just a you need to leave
1:58 pm
a new border. and that's all your support for now i'll be back with more later but for now hand you back to enter in for many thanks indeed to just about to for this news out. here to update you on his top stories in just a couple but i'll be back in about two hours time so you. was always telling you how famous he was going to make that's how he presented hello my name and body without consciousness it is northwest representatives kind of. teacher couldn't fall. asleep jordi member that we had the special meeting
1:59 pm
about the nail and he said no. that's not how thick and hear me gently this is a cover up in a piece on the mail man city yet al-jazeera investigation footholds wall of silence this time we're here to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of internet we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of this story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters. more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can draw him. by to want to where the last thing a facts of this agreement there's
2:00 pm
a regional set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people who have to live with the. psych speak lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i know. that you. know some of the like. sixty six people are feared dead after an iranian passenger plane crashed in the mountainous profits. but i'm chained up and this is al jazeera live from doha succumbing to palace.


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