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alex are still. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption it's wet season mudslides that are claiming most lives i don't remember every new wall when for a single day in one thousand wound or died in two minutes people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al-jazeera. this is zero. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes you can take back with you
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a message to the tyrants or. do not just israel which is all. israel's prime minister accuses iran of being the biggest threat to middle east security. funerals for two palestinian teenagers shot by israeli forces in gaza as tension continues on the border. agree a deal to allow the syrian army to enter a free and to repel a turkish offensive. and stars dressed in black in london in support of the campaign against sexual harassment or have the latest from the bastards. in sport austria's moscow hirsch's are going on a limb pick up the skiing great has won his second gold of these games has worn more medal chance to call.
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israel's prime minister delivered a theatrical flourish in a withering attack on iran at the end of a major security conference in munich brandishing part of a drone benjamin netanyahu described to her ron as the biggest threat to middle east security iran's foreign minister for back accusing him of delusional thinking they've a traitor reports from munich. these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu went straight into attack mode against iran as he took to the podium in munich issuing a direct threat to tehran israel will not allow iran's regime to put a noose of terror around our neck. we will act without hesitation to defend ourselves and we will act if necessary not just against iran's proxies that are attacking us but against iran itself he followed up with a dramatic flourish that caught all the delegates by surprise brandishing
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a piece of wreckage from an iranian dran shot down an israel as a base last week. and he had this message for iran's foreign minister mohammad jabot. i bought it here so you can see it for yourself. mr zarif do you recognize this. you should it's yours. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her own. do not use rules involved the man who netanyahu called an eloquent liar iran's foreign minister refused to rise to the israeli bait he preferred instead to outline a new plan to dampen down rising tensions in the region after event more conflict in the middle east. iran believes that our security in the persian gulf requires a french regional security architecture. we believe in and have proposed creating
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what we call a strong region rather than a strong man in the region thank god a question and answer session those are if expressed his frustration at israeli attempts to undermine the deal iran struck with world powers to stop its nuclear arms program can be achieved in spite of him being implemented in spite of him and the world being maintained that the agreement in spite of his delusional attempts the foreign minister of saudi arabia was equally uncompromising about its main power rival in the region we cannot afford to put up with the when the revolution and its principles the reason iran a sanction for terrorism is because it supports terrorism thank you beth said the pressure on iran would continue until there was fundamental change the push against
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them will continue until iran change its behavior david chaytor al-jazeera munich. joining us now to discuss this or of words elsie macko bag senior consulting research fellow at u.k. based think tank chatham house also a professor of international relations at regent university here in london thanks very much for coming to speak to them and so on the face of it nothing very extraordinary about the rhetoric from iran and israel in munich security conference but coming after. perhaps what you might say are unprecedented unprecedented clashes inside syria would you say there has been some shift in the level of tensions between the two countries i think there is a dynamic now which is a very negative very dangerous they now make between all the powers in the region right now and specifically incidence rhetoric which is quite extreme as we saw today can escalate it rather quickly into a clash whether it's by poxy or more directly very monk that for the first time
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that and you know is basically first name very clear on not only. in the region or with any and that both sides both dissipate in the civil war in syria not only did it on hezbollah but if it's getting any worse or with feels more threatened to have a direct or directly attack iran this is this war for it's going to escalate rather quickly if they mean it if it's the terms maybe both sides understand that this is a matter of the terms but deterrence would be shifts wear shoes quickly quickly into action this is dangerous would israel seriously consider in direct in you know lateral attack on iran or you are saying terence i mean it is it just posturing from netanyahu i think think all of this can start dispersing but also use of force quite certain by the presence of iran so close to its border the idea of building
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work in factories in lebanon sitting in the ports in syria. in the fall the is a phrase that is iran is getting closer and closer to it and few threaten on the other hand we split and you know these days that isn't golf if other issues domestically if it happened in the in the past in his story that leaders under siege at home explore the issues when i went into into conflict abodes only as i was just going to ask you about that because very interesting developments. that has been taught that perhaps the tensions within the coalition as corruption allegations mount and it sort of leaves his potential leadership of the country in a very uncertain place to what extent those domestic pressures playing into this. sort of a quest of regional posturing it's possibly only on his mind only last week the
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police earlier this week the police circle mended to charge him with two cases of but i believe taking bribes and breaching trust today the newspapers all the headlines is about the third case of co-option on this case the phil four thousand it must be or news mind and this in this case is nathaniel likes to go aboard and give his statements like what he says himself and more than the chill to the try to save the world form the great for two or four feet on iran is a magical vision is power in the middle one this to look at what the way they behave in syria in lebanon in other places or the i think nathaniel ways of playing discards when he has problems sort of touched on syria and i know that we're going to get back to you to discuss some of the latest developments that have taken place in northern syria say l.c.
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michael back from chatham house and regent university but also want to look at some some other developments for the israeli prime minister telling his polish counterpart that his. arcs on the holocaust were unacceptable and unfounded when questioned by a journalist at the munich security conference prime minister morrow recchi said that there were jewish as well as polish perpetrators of the holocaust relations between israel and poland are already tense olin's senate passed a controversial law last month making it illegal to assign responsibility to the polish state for crimes committed by the german third reich. well funerals have been held for two palestinian teenagers shot dead by israeli forces in gaza their deaths have added to tension on gaza's border with israel following an explosion that injured four israeli soldiers on saturday israel blames her mass for the attack and carried out a series of ground in as strikes on eighteen hummus targets in southern gaza very force it reports. the funeral who two teenagers killed by israeli fire near the
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gaza border on saturday night. salim. who both seventeen. israel says it fired warning shots towards a group acting suspiciously near the border fence witnesses talk to tank being used to palestinian armed group has claimed the boys as members they were laid to rest side by side sometimes father says his son was one of dozens who tried to escape the strip in recent years to look for undocumented work inside israel for her and all the all the youngsters in garza live in tough conditions not just my son and everyone suffers here and they get tired all the hardships. well they're just being marked here in rougher today as a result of just one israeli operation what israel itself is calling a large scale attack on hamas targets here in gaza it's the largest such attack that we've seen since the twenty fourteen war and israel did strike it says eighteen separate hamas linked targets from the air on saturday night.
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israeli military says it targeted a tunnel being dug towards israel weapons making sites and military compounds one rocket was fired from gaza into israel striking a civilian house but injuring no one this latest round of violence the most serious in years began on saturday with the wounding of four israeli soldiers two seriously in an explosion near the border fence israel says that advice was planted during this protest a day before reportedly hidden behind a flag which the israeli troops went to investigate israel's defense minister avigdor lieberman has vowed to eliminate the attackers adding israel views hamas as responsible for everything that happens in gaza hamas says it's israel it bears responsibility for the escalation luminously. that other fighting groups will not allow the israelis to impose new rules on the ground we will keep practicing our rights to defend our people from israeli aggression two things have seen the
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situation grow more fragile in recent months the reaction to donald trump's declaration calling jerusalem israel's capital and the continued deterioration the humanitarian situation which israel's army chief has reportedly warned could lead to further conflict for now the worst of the violence appears over but the conditions that created it remain in place well aware that more could follow are a force that al-jazeera gaza iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali hominine has ordered an investigation after a plane crashed killing all sixty five people on board the aircraft disappeared from radar after leaving the capital tehran they also on airlines flight which was carrying fifty nine passengers including one child and six crew members was traveling to a sewage in the southwest of the country state t.v. says that fog has made it difficult for rescue helicopters to reach the crash site yes and they're on and this across the mountains meanwhile relatives of those on board on board gather that is sujit airport waiting for news of their loved ones.
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so has said i kept calling all morning but they wouldn't answer so i called my brother and he said i'll get he the plane isn't behind schedule yet i told him it's writing he he said don't worry but he called light and said the plane had crashed or the cause of the crash isn't confirmed international sanctions of hampered iran's ability to maintain a modern fleet at accidents of a code regularly in recent years thirty nine people were killed in two thousand and fourteen after a step on air passenger plane crashed after takeoff from to iran seventy seven people were killed when an iran air plane crashed in bad weather and twenty eleven analysts say iran has relied on smuggled or improvised parts to keep feets operational before sanctions were lifted iran had not directly borsa western built plane in nearly forty years iran ordered more than two hundred planes after sanctions were lifted in return for its nuclear activities the first delivery of an
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ab a three to one arrived into iran in january last year. we do not know whether in any sense the sanctions have had any impact on the terrible loss today however there is a direct connection between the sanctions which from the u.s. point of view would be going on since nine hundred seventy nine in the arabian revolution and much more recently of course other western countries have joined in because of the very specific rules on aircraft components and entire aircraft and so therefore you have fleets of aircraft in iran and as a man airlines flies it's the only airline in the world that still flies commercially the boeing seven two seven try jet this is an aircraft which hasn't even been made for over thirty four years and so you've got effectively a block on components of. the new aircraft which is simply left iranian
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aviation pretty much as it was well let's say round about nine hundred eighty and that very sadly has had some effect on safety standards. so the news hour live from london much more still to tell you about growing scrutiny of the f.b.i. following failings that led to the florida school shooting memorial services health zimbabwe's longtime opposition leader morgan tsvangirai and then later in sports a federal is in a hurry at the final of the rotterdam and we will have that story and much more. syrian kurdish fighters say they've reached an agreement with the damascus government for the syrian army to enter the free and region to help repel a turkish offensive turkey launched operation all of branch last month to clear a freeing of kurdish y p g fighters who they regard as terrorist linked to the p.k.
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k. a senior kurdish official told the reuters news agency that syrian government troops will deploy to some border positions within two days al-jazeera spoke to the y. p.g. spokesman nuri mahmud he said we are calling on the syrian army to protect our frame because we'd love to preserve the united unified syria we are saying this because the international community continues to address the syrian leadership as sovereign and we call on this authority to protect its territory. is following the story for us from istanbul. when it comes to fruition this deal would not be a surprise because kurdish fighters the people whose production units are white b.g. have been in negotiations with the bashar al assad government for a number of days now sources have been telling us that there are sticking points including the man with reconstruction of kurdish fighters to the syrian government forces there giving up of heavy weapons by these kurdish fighters and giving up all
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of their military bases and manipulations going to one of those was some of those points that they were agreeing to as were being asked by the syrian government the details of this agreement have not been made public or clear is yet but kurdish fighters say that they've asked the syrian government to come in and help them to secure these areas against the turkish advances if and when syrian forces enter that border area between syria and turkey called our friend where the fighting is continuing where turkey has launched the operation olive branch to try and clear it from the could these kurdish fighters if it is to be seen that how will turkey respond because turkey has been stating that the whole purpose of this operation is to clear its border areas of fighters which it calls terrorists and when and if syrian forces take over control of these areas and allow turkey and promise to a key that they will secure these areas against any of what it calls terrorist activities what will be turkey's response then will it continue to carry out its
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offensive or will it agree to the terms that will be offered by the syrian government so for a closer look at this story and again joined by a senior consulting research fellow at a pace think tank chatham house he's also a professor of international relations at the regent university here in london why has this agreement between the government in damascus and the syrian cuts been made now because the talk in sli weeks into the turkish. code named all advance but there is no much of olive branch now this is a vicious attack only last week if the bulls announce at least to do suspicion or fuser of some chemical weapons that kill the troops there or they wipe e.g. under the thought the they're all under attack so their needs are lies and obviously the turkish military is way stronger more powerful so is everything else that i know it's serious about here and know and it's about the local interests at
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the moment and it can change from a minute to minute according to needs so right now in a frame the reason needs for reinforcement there is need for logistical help and there's a result the kill these troops needs needs the syrian army this can change next week right so that the syrian kurds that are they are struggling in terms of responding to attack is offensive so you can see in the short term why they might help from damascus might be helpful but to what extent is it counterproductive to their long term interests given that this is they're also battling for their autonomy in this region from damascus probably in the long term but the pose that syria this interview that it's almost completely you look at the forces that will become of the between islamists and seculars within russia and the united states between turkey and syria there are so many battles and subplots in this so you can't even afford to look long term the few for the if turkey succeeds in
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establishing this security zone with me by phone for very very long time the same goes for the us of delusion they don't want to see turkey establishing themself in that the syria from the point of view for damascus that is seen in turkey is seen as the more immediate threat than the dads and when one day everyone comes to some sort of peace negotiations and what each of the forces is they're all. the parties of getting there would have to discuss it for no it's fending off the thirty if so that in the long term many theories to one extent or another the kurdish the killed in syria will gain some level of autonomy how wide is going to be the sort order me i think we have a lot to discuss points and you will soon you'll see michael berg from chatham
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house and london's regents university thank you thank you room and now a memorial service has been held for morgan chang a former opposition leader in zimbabwe who died earlier this week after a long battle with cancer era concerns that infighting within his party that the government's main opposition could cause a split just a few months before elections are with us as more from harare. zimbabwe's president in a seminar got what pays his respects to morgan sunken eyes family for years the main opposition leader was assaulted at arrested by police for demanding free and fair elections the ruling zanu p.f. party then led by robert mugabe charged him with treason and called him a puppet of the west the new president says it's time to end old rivalries it is fruitless. search. for men and women as the elections in them are feeling all foreign partners in this country. here because
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they're free. service in the sky and. leave. the careers of reactions this year. when the election is held many believe the opposition must appear united it is to have any chance of winning the m.d.c. tea party has any leader nelson chamisa he'll be president for twelve to either simiar party members talking. about as they say they will make a big announcement after. this speculation the opposition could split if some key officials decide to walk away others hope that doesn't happen but i must admit. i think our leadership. our leadership and focus.
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is. good i died in south africa on wednesday some of his supporters say now his body is home reality is sinking in the man known as the face of zimbabwe's opposition live long enough to see robert mugabe's downfall but it seems not a united opposition rally is expected on monday to honor his life but his final farewell is planned for choose day when he will be buried at his rural home. al-jazeera. seven celebrations in kosovo as capital to mark ten years of independence from serbia security forces marched through prestigious part of a weekend of festivities cost of achieved autonomy in two thousand and eight after years of conflict itself and he is recognized by more than one hundred countries including the us and most of the e.u. is yet to be recognized by serbia russia or china. or kosovo is confronting increasing lawlessness in a serb dominated region a political leader was killed last month in the town of mitrovica al-jazeera as
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andrew symonds spoke to journalists and politicians who say they now face constant intimidation it's a daily ritual lighting candles and paying respect to a politician murdered a month ago in this lawless city all of the event of each leader of a minority cause of all serb party spoke albanian and have been trying to force to better relations with the government in pristina he was shot dead and no one seems to know who did it organized crime is rampant here and there are suspicions there could have been a political motivation. in the movie you can see in people how unsafe they feel and they are if you talk about it but what concerns me the most is that many of all of his friends and my friends have left micha pizza a more considering it. this journalist whose office still bears the evidence of intimidation nearly three years ago also believes things are getting worse that they have the process i've been
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a victim of theft and burglary i've been attacked but those are things that happen to people he every day is in savannah beach is made up people species have definitely increased it's because he was so well respected. on the south side of me tributes the majority culture of our albanian population has been celebrating ten years of independence it's in contrast to the north where the serbian flag flies kosovo's government ministers accuse their serbian counterparts in belgrade of meddling in the affairs of this city making its dysfunctional this bridge taking us from the southern side has been renovated it feels new but ten years after independence was announced there is still division here this is a gesture of defiance before we even get into the north building work comes to an end here because of disputes with the kosovar serb local authorities that have cause months of delays because of his prime minister knowledge is there are big
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difficulties but he says the crime problem is being tackled we are in process of integrating nor of role of law very special effects of the community and we integrate the community in this is my approach but that approach is met with cynicism there's no mention here of independence or integration and to simmons' out jazeera and its of its course of. is still a thing is out much more to come somali refugees who survived enslavement in libya speak of being sold like animals at an open market. with traditional chinese new year firework displays and now running the risk of a fifteen thousand dollars fine. i'm in support and you will rally championship leader and i just from the snow in sweden.
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hello fresh twenty or thirty centimeters of snow in southern germany too glib it too much for one two people start falling not about what was there of course to be cleared off the major roads for thing i won't take long the sun should be out after all once the clouds go inside and day breaks once again the picture we've dugald this is from monday is of sunshine for most jewelry but a closed run down to the north you'll notice three reason of it is not particularly warm any remaining falling out of the sky stuff is maybe down in croatia some of this was rain more likely on the adriatic coast coming in behind a lot of cloud thirty mom with two left and in london dining powers to be three zero course but still snow on the ground here and the be a bit more snow to come i think for the french elves and maybe switzerland as well
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good rain fall or otherwise it's quite looking picture for good part of europe for the time being hasn't been the case so for the centuries to mediterranean now the first storms gone through levant were another one gathering here and it's the tail end of what the rain you saw in the adriatic it will produce increasingly strong winds i think in algeria and tunisia so a drop in temperature thirty analogy is about saving two days more especially the potential for rain returns and i think quite heavy stuff as well. own the benefit of people. so bad they see the importance of. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to solar powered classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new one it's about creative thinkers shaping their continent's future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera.
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i'm back with the news outlets update you on the stories making headlines israel's prime minister has again taken aim at iran saying the nation is the biggest threat to middle east security and human netanyahu is speaking at the end of a major security conference in munich. hundreds of people have attended the funerals of two palestinian teenagers shot and killed by israeli forces in gaza that deaths have added to tension on gaza's border with israel and syrian kodesh fighters say they've reached an agreement with the damascus government for the syrian army to enter the frame region to help propel a turkish offensive. to the us now where wednesday's mass shooting at a school in florida continues to dominate the agenda the blame game extended to the role of the f.b.i. and whether the agency was fit for purpose on friday the f.b.i. admitted agents had failed to investigate a tip off about nineteen year old nicholas cruz who had bought the gun used in the shooting legally that prompted the u.s. president donald trump to tweet that the f.b.i.
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it spent too much time investigating allegations of collusion with russia during the twenty sixteen election campaign and then on sunday the issue of russia collusion of course dominated the weekly talk show circuit. the real issue right now is how do we have a president of the united states not saying what everybody knows to be true russia or interfered into sixteen they're going to interfere in two thousand and eighteen and we have got to do everything we can to make sure that they do not on the buying american democracy truck this is a huge deal and that we don't have a president speaking out on this issue is a horror show and we have got to bring democrats and republicans together despite the president to go forward to protect the integrity of american democracy well it proves there's no question to this point there's no collusion in terms of the facebook ads the other social media activity director mueller made it very clear in the indictment that any participation by anybody with it was in the truck campaign or the sanders campaign which they said was also being assisted by this effort by
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russia that all that was done unwittingly that no one participated in a knowing fashion. so that's good i trust state department correspondent roselyn jordan his in washington d.c. and so rosen it's been the end of another long week that the indictment suggested that the outcome of the election was not affected but necessary but it also revealed the extensive efforts to move the election in the way it does this leave the president now well it has many people on both sides of the political aisle questioning whether the president is in fact taking seriously these allegations that some russian citizens whether or not at the behest of the government in moscow were trying to interfere with the political process here in the united states the running commentary is that the president is much more
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interested in whether his personal reputation is being preserved rather than looking at the larger question of the legitimacy of the political process here in the u.s. . now we've also been hearing and the past couple of days from trump's national security adviser say he was speaking at the munich security conference and he described evidence of russian meddling in the u.s. election as being undeniable what has trump had anything to say about that well the president went on twitter which is of course his favorite medium for communicating with the public late on saturday night on the u.s. time and he basically criticized macmaster for not defending him the president and basically accusing him of overlooking the larger issue which is whether or not the trump election campaign colluded with anyone in russia or with the russian
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government in order to ensure that trump would become president and so of course now beth the other running thing here in washington on a holiday weekend whether h. or mcmaster who has not always been in the highest esteem of the president is now at risk of possibly losing his job as the national security adviser and i thank you very much rosen and jordan in washington. now three billboards outside of being missouri has been named best film at this year's bafta awards and london while its star frances mcdormand has won best actress a number of stars arrived in what sami wang in support of in two and time's up campaigns gary oldman has won best actor for his betrayal of winston churchill in darkest hour while sam rockwell has picked up best supporting actor and allison janney has won the best supporting actress bafta for her role in i tanya so with me now is film critic richard fitzwilliams i'm sure you've been following all the
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twists and turns and certainly getting quite a few announcements but the main one being best film prize for three billboards outside adding this area what was that expected it was indeed but this is a triumph for three billboards being misery because the dot only won best picture but it also outstanding british film which is a truly remarkable triumph added to that frances mcdormand win for best actress as a mother who is absolutely ferocious because she's been brutally bereaved and some rock was a racist cop the best supporting actor and the screenplay award it's done brilliantly in this clearly looks towards the us goes with great conviction for the film in was going to bury close race so you mention that it's a great achievement for british film how would you describe the kind of dynamic between british and american cinema recently is well i think firstly if you look at
12:36 am
the way the sleeving is played out you've got a remarkable collection of films that can be called british and i don't think most people realise the three billboards is actually an anglo american film and it's classed as outstanding british as well what you've got is britain celebrating two films set in may nine hundred forty darkest hour for which of course gary oldman was brilliant performances winston churchill and also. don kirk an evening which was very disappointing for those like myself who felt the dunkirk could have won but also the variety of british from celebrated to such a paddington to the death of stalin the old country really remarkable mix it shows british cinema is alive and well and also of course there was a tremendous show of solidarity which you mentioned earlier for the b. two times up movement which i think is so important yes i mean what is the what what do you hear about the general sentiment on the red carpet this year because
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you know we see with these award ceremonies now the conversation seems to be very much changing the focus of the debate as well and it just seems to be a perhaps a common more somber atmosphere well i think that the cinema is is the catalyst for a pressure group which has enormous global reach this is what is so important words the son of a pretense that it is a dream palace we know that the truth is very often very poor dri underneath that and what we've seen of those in the entertainment industry especially in film attempting from a global point of view are probably universal point of view to make sure that harassment and abuse are punished and sending out messages and this is what has been subsumed perve lead i'm with the way they were wearing black very very dignified way of handling it as it was at the golden globes is it symbolism of a substance if we see such a display of support and solidarity and you know there's much to be admired in that
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d.c. this is being a temporary show of support. rather than being indicative of any kind of substantive change and i think that a lot of well known figures and a great number of the harm up some well known and remember a lot of those who suffered from abuse and harassment of the young on the vulnerable who are the victims i think the absolutely determined to make sure. is truly brings about real change not just in the entertainment industry of course but to those who all but those who are harassed in all industries will have some form of redress and be taken seriously the bit to misery and coverage just because richard fitzwilliams thank you very much for joining us thank you now a fire has broken out at one of tibet's most sacred temples videos posted on social media show the ancient joke and monastery in los and gulf it inflames on saturday
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the monastery is more than a thousand years old and is listed as a unesco world heritage site it's not known how extensive the damage is. eleven somali refugees who were held in militia controlled areas of libya for years have returned home many of them were tortured and even sold as slaves got to lopez or diane has the story. levin is relieved to be back home in somalia three years ago he tried to migrate to europe he never made it instead he was kidnapped by smugglers in libya and sold as a slave. like an animal i was sold four times in open markets in libya the last time i was sold for ten thousand dollars i was tortured every day vivan story isn't unique and misty international released a report recently describing how somali refugees were being tortured in libyan detention camps it said they were held against their will by armed groups in exchange for money hundreds were reportedly sold for as little as four hundred
12:40 am
dollars of far cry from the journey these migrants had hoped for. for two years i was in a libyan prison i spent fifteen thousand dollars and i still wasn't able to reach europe now i'm just happy to be back in country and see my family human rights groups say the european union strategy to stop refugees from traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stranded in libya the somali government has been successful in returning small groups of refugees home but how much the government of somalia is committed to bring back its people who are in prisons around the globe we've been able to repatriate some somalis who are in libyan prison a month ago we released migrants from india and ethiopia prisons and brought them back to the country we will continue to do so but it's not going to be easy it took more than two years of negotiations to release libya and many more just like him are waiting to be given the opportunity to get back home. with a young al-jazeera despite his reputation as
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a haven for refugees canada has been deporting north korean asylum seekers who arrive that through south korea two thousand have been sent away since two thousand and thirteen because the government says they lied on their asylum application forms but activists want the practice to end as daniel lak reports. putting a brave face on pending deportation these north koreans came here through south korea which canada considers a safe country but on their refugee applications they said they'd fled to china. eleven years ago kim came here with his wife daughter and son now they have two more children canadian citizens deportation would be catastrophic. on the who. can all get along and that notice means death to me i came all the way here for a better life and my family is well adjusted to life in canada and if you think
12:42 am
we're going to be separated it breaks my heart it was a turn on the other thing in the. whole of my whole life i live there so i don't have any friends in south korea and all my friends are here. joe family could be broken up too if canada carries out its deportation order two children are canadian born the eldest came with his parents in two thousand and ten the joes admit they lied on their application but say they did it to escape a horrible situation. i feel so desperate. it's our fault. they haven't done anything wrong they have to go through this separation because of us. the north korean refugees say south korea is definitely not safe for them north korea's spies can track them down they say yet canada has been deporting people like them since two thousand and thirteen those who remain have only begun to fight back. or fallen by the.
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they. were. or. they were. the korean community in toronto is rallied behind the refugees their lawyer has met canadian officials in what she says is their last chance to stay here an appeal on compassionate grounds to the minister of immigration there's been no response yet internationally we are recognized as a humanitarian and compassionate country accepting refugees from syria and all over the world and why my question should and the hundred fifty of the many people be. an answer to that question is anxiously awaited by refugees who fled one of the most repressive violent regimes in the world than you like i'll just hear a toronto. india's government is under pressure over
12:44 am
a one point seven billion dollars bank fraud that sent shock waves through the financial sector three employees of the punjab national bank are accused of helping a billionaire diamond jewelry and his business partner accessed millions of dollars in bad loans the bank has lost a fifth of its value since announcing the scam opposition politicians say the government had been warned about sit near of modi and his business partner have fled the country. in china celebrations for the new year have been muted in a growing number of cities after a ban on fireworks was expanded beijing is one of them as it tries to cut pollution but the ban is also affecting a tradition that's lasted a thousand years alice explains. an assembly line of fireworks and leave your young province each red roll of gunpowder is distant to mark the start of a new year in the chinese calendar lou young is the fireworks couple of the world
12:45 am
it all started some fourteen hundred years ago during the ten dynasty. but reasons to employers with the decision by the chinese government to ban fireworks because of pollution. fireworks are a cherished tradition during the chinese new year but they push hundreds of cities above the recommended equality levels this was small in beijing a year ago it's scenes like this that have pushed the government to ban fireworks and four hundred forty four cities that's now being expanded to include beijing tianjin and provincial capitals who farai and chang shark violators will face fines of up to fifteen thousand dollars. this shouldn't be a ban on fireworks because first of all pollution isn't caused by fireworks sitting off fireworks has been a tradition for more than one thousand years so i don't quite understand why these a ban with china's firework industry employs three million people and has sales of
12:46 am
more than fourteen billion dollars the new regulations of her profits and lower demand has shrunk the industry. leo young's firecrackers and fireworks management pure says in two years the number of firework companies have haftorah around five hundred high. if you look around the market you can only see a few shops remain open we don't see many customers anymore. that's because many have swaps to legal options and cities like beijing this substituting gunpowder with electricity. electronic by crackers can substitute for regular fire crackers because they a bright and colorful chinese say it's all fireworks for the noice it's believed to scare away bad spirits and bring in more successful new year manufacturers and retailers a looking for an early start shallop ballasts up to zero and. still account for you on the program the art of topiary we meet the mastermind behind one of the finest
12:47 am
gardens in the world. and in sport we'll hear from the limpy and he may yet add a third gold medal to his collection at the chunky. monitored truck quantified i'm valued data be a new car for weapons your data your identity is a commodity and we have to understand where i'm from or come from our sleep it's time to reclaim our cyber so we have to put in them a something that cannot be sold we are creators we are artists we are geeks give us back our data at this time on a zero. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global and that is when you peel away all of the lists
12:48 am
a covert military in the financial dark and you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when our viewers can identify with the story. nestled in the highlands of costa rica is one of the finest topiary gardens in the world for more than fifty years the man nicknamed senors scissorhands has turned ordinary cypress trees into what's of art and he gallacher reports from.
12:49 am
at the foot of the church of st raphael in costa rica central mountain range stands a testament to one man's vision over the decades the gardens of said i have been sculpted into birds and beasts by evangelist blanco a man known locally as don lister all senor scissorhands. he began work here in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and never stopped. but one of the parks like my family is like my children my wife and my mistress i love it and i care for it i come here at five in the morning to star wiring and i do these little love and it cation. is the gardens matures so has its reputation there are now more than one hundred figures here each beginning life as saplings planted by gardener determined to create something unique many great works of art of being created by individuals but few require the maintenance or dedication that all of this does eventually through spent the best part of his entire adult life on this one project but it
12:50 am
hasn't gone unnoticed these gardens are now a symbol for the city they're tracked thousands of tourists every year and in two thousand and four they named the entire place after him. the city of socio was grown along with its gardens every day the park is full of visitors from around the world it's like a country house named limbs with a type a next thing and i was thinking when i went round it's really good for the children because it's got elephants and soldiers and bulls and carts and stuff and they can kind of identify stuff you have that says arduin a bill less in the end all be less of many time ago it's still the same is really nice i love it. in recognition of his work adventure least it was given a national culture award and continues to inspire those around him as well he going to live out there and yes he's an icon for the people he's inspired the youth to follow his passion to decorate and shape trees he has a lot of patience and passion for doing this. he retired
12:51 am
a few years ago but he's continued to give us new shapes in our park. at the age of seventy nine evangelist isn't quite ready to hang up his shirt is he's looking for someone with the same dedication to take over and ensure his legacy lasts and gallacher al-jazeera pseudo costa rica. up so with all of the chang action and much more his andy. thank you so much mari and wal-mart so hershey has stayed on course for an olympic trouble the austrian winning his second gold of the games and in the giant slalom he made it look all too easy son home ish reports marcel her share began these games with
12:52 am
a point to prove he could finish them up with three gold medals the austrian has continued to work his magic this time in the giant slalom the six time world champion winning his second gold medal in pyong chang her share is now cause for hattrick medals with thursday's land still to come as a more here morning. tomorrow will be less is more and therefore i will take it easy tomorrow i will get some treatment and i will go to the gym and then prepare for the slalom as quickly as possible in order to then hopefully to get decent results in slalom finally. and always in the bulletin came gold in the freestyle slope style event brighton's brilliant first run that was too good for the rest of the field american league groper to silver with canada's alex boyle you must song claiming the bronze super super happy has been a big big dream for me and
12:53 am
a goal for a long time so i can't believe. host south korea just missed out on another gold medal japan's knock wood yetta upset the home crowd by denying a leason quad third straight limpid gold in the women's five hundred meters speed skating final alexander corps has given ukraine its first gold medal at the p.r. lympics twenty nine year old edge zonk younger in the men's aerials finals and it was almost deserve you for frenchmen mocked africa the twenty nine year old had to settle for silver in the fifteen kilometer men's biathlon at the sochi games after losing out in a photo finish fast forward four years and focus was involved in another photo finish but this time his lunge was enough to secure gold with germany's. finishing second this is a fourth career gold medal making him the most successful french olympian of all
12:54 am
time sana all dizzy or no way on germany both have knowing that gold medals at the top of the medals table just three goals on offer on monday in speed skating bumps like ski jumping roger federer has just won his ninety seventh career title he lost only for going in a straight sets win over their goal to make the world holdings in rotterdam federer has also returned to number one in the world rankings and at thirty six he's the oldest player to do so the twenty ton grand slam champion winning that final in less than an hour. i can't believe it i know but ninety seven is tied. back to world number one after all these years. stuff and one of those weeks i will never forget in my life so very very special. patrick events of a has one of the cats are going to move back into the world's top ten which are coming from
12:55 am
a set down separate binyamin gertha in three sets and extend her winning streets of thirteen matches. ramjet of followed up their three one champions league win over paris sanjay man with a chaotic victory in the spanish league essential scoring twice in a five three win over real betis despite this result royal still fourth in the table seventeen points behind leaders bassano thirty side rochdale more than held their own against tottenham in the english f.a. cup at rochdale scoring a late late a call eyes are against the premier league team to grab a two two draw steve davis with the injury time goal the fifth round saw i will now be decided in a replay at wembley on the annual showcase for the world's best basketball plyers has got political the build up to the n.b.a. all-star game has become an unlikely focal point for debate on gun control the all-star weekend is meant to look and sound a bit like this saturday's slam dunk contest is part of an event that brings
12:56 am
together the top players from the world's best professionally but some leading names including kevin durant's and lebron james have used this global platform to talk about their desire for it's hard to gun control to follow as the shooting at a school in florida last wednesday that resulted in seventeen deaths. we have a kid who. was an illegal. legally but able to go to to get a beer at a bar book or go buy. a car fourteen or bahari are big things like that how it doesn't it doesn't make sense. it doesn't mean i honestly agree with anything everything that's said at any given moment but the fact that these players. are not just basketball players they're multi-dimensional they care about their communities and they care about what's happening in their country almost american sport is also seen top and f.l.
12:57 am
players making on failed political protests for the last couple of years n.b.a. writer jonathan so that's i think most fans now accept sports occasional collision with politics i think that there is a small part of the fan base that definitely had sympathy to the protests but this whole stick to sports movement you know it looks to be shrinking by the day because the protests were getting louder and they are more supported by these athletes in these sports. some fans also understand that you know these two worlds of politics and sports are essentially colliding right so i mean you had the president of united states used profane language to refer to these n.f.l. coach testers and he also publicly with jewelled white house in fights at the chappie in golden state warriors even after they had said they didn't want to go so even when these athletes don't want to be involved in the political landscape you know they just kind of and the involved sierra novell mass to the snow of sweden to
12:58 am
take the overall lead in the world rally championship the belgium becoming only the third known nordic drive it's a win this race is now ten points clear of five time defending champion sebastian. ok let's get back to marry him in london thanks very much andy that wraps up the nice al but i want him back in a couple of minutes with much martha days but he's fully stay with us. the way we communicate is what defines us as it always has been.
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as innovation in technology continues to shape our lives. pioneering content creation and distribution utilizing cloud technologies and artificial intelligence . the future that's never seemed closer than it does today. and what lies beyond the horizon. to take us to our new frontiers the future of media leaders summit. limitless possibilities. struggling with the effects of climate change sierra leone's dry season is on forgiving but compounded by corruption and its wet season months lives that are claiming most lives i don't remember even the wall when one thing would be one thousand one hundred people died in too many people in power investigates the effects of deforestation and illegal building and asks what the future holds if those in authority fail to act the mountain will fall at this time on al-jazeera.
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is always telling me how famous he was going to make that how he presented hello my name without manchester city's northwest representatives kind of. teacher put it all. as a jury member that we had the special meeting about and he said no. that's not the heart of the near me gently this is a cover up in a piece on the mainland city al-jazeera investigation. of silence this time. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of her arm do not trust israel's resolve. israel's prime minister accuses iran of being the biggest threat to middle east security.


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