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tv   Fighters To Bikers  Al Jazeera  February 19, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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limitless possibilities. more than a century ago britain and france made a secret deal to divide the middle east between them now we can dora. but what were the last thing effects of this agreement there's a original set to sites because it's at those borders were drawn without consulting the people after that with the. psych speak out lines in the sand at this time on al-jazeera. i robot is and the hub of the top stories on al jazeera kurdish officials say they've reached a deal to allow syrian troops to into offering to help protect the city the move means syrian forces may confront turkish troops who've been carrying out an operation against kurdish fighters since last month syrian soldiers could enter the
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region in the next two days some of it is following the story from istanbul. when it comes to fruition this deal would not be a surprise because kurdish fighters the people's production units or y p g have been in negotiations with the bashar al assad government for a number of days now sources have been telling us that there are sticking points including the man in reconstruction of kurdish fighters to the syrian government forces there giving up of heavy weapons by these kurdish fighters and giving up all of their military bases and manipulations going to one of those was some of those points that they were agreeing to as were being asked by the syrian government the details of disagreement have not been made public or clear is yet but goodish tried to say that they've asked the syrian government to come in and help them to secure these areas against the turkish advances if invent syrian forces enter that border area between syria and turkey called affray in where the fighting is continuing
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where turkey has launched the operation on a ranch to try and clear it from the these kurdish fighters if it is to be seen that how will turkey respond because turkey has been stating that the whole purpose of this operation is to clear its border areas of fight as richard calls terrorists and when and if syrian forces take over control of these areas and allow turkey and promise to a key that they will secure these areas against any of what it calls terrorist activities what will be turkey's response then will it continue to carry out its offensive or will it agreed to the terms that will be offered by the syrian government. max abrams is an assistant professor of political science at northeastern university he says it's hard to predict how tookie will react to the alliance over the past few days turkey has been ramping up its military operations and now sets and in that sense it's hard to imagine church you know standing by especially because erdogan has really been emphasizing the importance
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the critical importance of taking out the y.p. teeth which are described in turkey as really just an offshoot of the p.k. k. that said oh ok if you know that this european their army were to go in there and basically rescue control from the y.p. . then the main sort of turkish just became should the counterterrorism justification of being there when sort of soft there are a lot of wildcards in terms of what's going to happen for example what is russia going to do you russia stood aside and essentially allow the turkish often soon after however were there to be some sort of direct confrontation between the turkish military in the syrian military one would expect russia to side with the sox so how exactly russia will relate to the church remains very
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much a cup what he did in blue in an important aspect of this. israel's prime minister has taken aim at a run at a key international security conference accusing it of being the biggest threat to the middle east benjamin netanyahu has held up a component from what he says is an iranian drone that had been shot down by his forces near syria is one to her and not to test israel's resolve and iran has responded by accusing israel of being the main aggressive in the region. i don't run for president husain rouhani has ordered an investigation into a plane crash in which sixty five people died the assman airlines flight crashed in a mountainous region and its destination in southwestern iran the french built plane had taken off from the capital to run heavy fog has hindered rescue efforts so far donald trump has gone on the attack over the indictment of a group of russians accused of meddling in the us twenty sixteen presidential election he's again taking to twitter to writing accusations his campaign colluded
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with the russian government and has criticized his national security adviser those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera investigations life into. after a dramatic trial a british football coach has been convicted of multiple charges of raping and abusing young players his name is barry been el. al jazeera investigates why one of the worst scandals to hit the game was ignored for decades we find new evidence on house silence from clubs protected ben l. and your major league this isn't covered on. your allies bastard.
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previously unseen police video shows how bin l. groomed potential victims. we reveal new evidence about four have been als players who've died including gary speed who killed himself in twenty eleven. and the tape exclusive to al-jazeera have been l. talking about his deadly abuse. in february two thousand and six mark hazeltine drove the short distance from his
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home to manchester airport. booked in at the radisson told the people at the hotel he was wanting to get away for a few days to so it is head out. those were his words it was at the end of his tether. mark was that he six from childhood he had one burning ambition. was going to play football and it was going to buy me or a little cottage in a ward. when he was famous. i used to sing him sell a song and that was one of them and not to gin no war a little old man of the window stood thought i'll rub it running by knocking out the door. absolutely football crazy from being a small child. age twelve the dream
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was on track playing for barry ben now parents and boys revered the now as a stomachache because he ran feeder teams for the world famous manchester city in l invited mark going to footballing trip to spain. coupler days before they were due to goal i just found out it was only mongoloid him out with all cane to go eat up flown to the moon david thought he could have played football on. it when the holiday inn came back a totally different blow. my it was my best friend. i was best man is where they. were just and separable really from day one. it was never bully and then obviously he's come back
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off all day and got quiet aggressive traits just so it changed like a flick of a switch overnight. as he grew older turned to drink use drugs and had violent outbursts of temper. did you ever think this something troubled inside him cost me mind a few times while can quite put my finger on what the problem was i always thought it was because he didn't quite make it as a footballer. joined burnley but a knee injury quickly ended his playing days by two thousand and six personally and professionally he was struggling. always get off work while starting on the phone one and it was march where our. staff went into the wind checked the box. and he was so. punish me.
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for mates or start. it on himself. for a decade the grief was compounded by not knowing why mark killed himself until november twenty sixth. that day i saw it go across the screen barry been l. is arrested it came right to me had straight away. went away with him. and at something. i'm curious i just. mold no whole. being just. want to believe now. i believe not was probably repay shift away appears on. someone as layer not now today we're here to moyes don't.
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it's been eleven years of hell i've not known why mock me it's serious i saw it makes can make closure. of rather you know that but. for myself. if it didn't happen. and people are suffering. so it's about holding been electrum to the yes it's old in not only pain l. i am angry at these people in the club. i am so angry at ben for letting that go on. well the scams of abuse of footballers x. racial abuse in football scandal has snow going to develop and it shocks the sport
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the face of a self-confessed monster former crew player woodward was the first to speak out and the word got to die on the big ace secret in football several former players have come forward from an england player paul stewart manchester city in england striker david want shall see is the latest football club to open an investigation is the willing to look this issue in the art twenty years ago documentary maker deborah davies uncovered a horrifying stories of abuse of football there were so many warnings as far as i can tell none of them were followed through. twenty years ago i was a reporter on a film about barry the now a story no one else covered at that time the now was in jail in florida in one thousand nine hundred four he took young amateur teams from britain on tour to america and raped a thirteen year old player. we obtained the court file including the boy's statement he turned me over and told me pakistan. pain is from the backside.
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now like it happened. to two or three times. the nationals individual case suggested something much bigger a fundamental failure across football to protect young players that's exactly what's now being exposed. so this is a road i've traveled before but maybe much too early. most victims weren't ready to speak then research now shows men abused as children usually don't reveal it until their forty's. but ells hunting ground was the peak district east of manchester. his power sprang from his personal charisma and dazzling football skills. as a young person he was obsessed with football teams bring you along as a player he was like a magician. but there's no less and seven in particular was
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a trick way when right around the body without dropping the ball. i was mesmerised somebody could do this at the. magnetic effects of the r. r was always telling him how famous he was going to make it big enough to back out plenty of money that's how he presented hello my name's berry but out. much of the city's northwest representatives can't. misses a maze an opportunity professional club. and not just try and reach that goal. so this was a really big day he this is like professional jury. moment moment after the. battle was on the simple. team off in one nine hundred eighty four aged fourteen kerry signed a commitment to manchester city big clubs didn't have their own youth sides then
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instead that authorized scouts like bin l. ron amity teams from which they picked the best. there's been l. cooled special had to show their dedication by staying at his house before matches . the likes of go down the prospect of three or four boys of a coke would come out. no it would be the testing ground see what they could get away with to toss in the heart of. it chuck it all into your pants. when i contacted gary twenty years ago he wouldn't speak to me he told only his wife and close family that from age eleven he and jude four years of abuse from indecent assault to attempted rape gary also witnessed young boys being groomed to
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replace him. somethin of. felt. so. that's an old boy should have said something simple even after the worst nobody spoke about so we kept the secret do you know why he kept the secret anyway you seem to all have been locked into this kind of wall of silence you fail complicite what shift go along. you think you've got a long waltz ties it goes on it goes on and on along in a fair question. it's. been el-haddad open access to city's famous stadium it may read even used to play this entrance what's never been revealed before is the bullies were abused inside the ground. of the grounds were built around the grass cutting a wire. off the page. six parties after it.
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was trashed are in our tracks. just as on the pitch. on the main man city. in the original film xenia city fake is admitted to me they'd heard rumors about the now but never investigated their own says showed why football as a whole seemed blind to sexual abuse. he was luther born as a fellow that wasn't right but there was no further room. complaints would be defined. who have never come across you see in sport because he's a sportsman and he's a masculine thing. well football allowed him to stay in because you produce the goods. cheshire police questioned manchester city staff after bin l.
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was arrested in america that allen says described as if they sit and cagey. getting rid of bin l. for irregularities but wouldn't elaborate police call them a prominent club who wouldn't want media attention. twenty years on city's new and he said they wouldn't comment until after the end of the trial and their own internal inquiry open else links to the club but the lawyer for many victims is concerned that wayne to address the abuse players suffered as this shows that city do not get it they're still thinking about themselves about their liability about their financial interest it's not about us about survivors back to chose to sail the notion of this is historic impacts on you than a man of things ok well actually no it doesn't the blood will thrill for quite a long period of substance abuse you can drink you i've pretty much lived with this
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every single day at the forefront of my mind. if i thought about everything i would collapse to mental breakdown. the rush of anxiety sense of worthlessness a half left of a life or a life you've got to lie about something you're happy and you know. this man never told anyone that the now abused him even his closest family didn't understand why he suddenly became a troubled child. over a life of outbursts i feel the aggression coming from afraid of what is like a like a fever. the only way i could deal with that. was to hurt myself punch walls break my heart. give myself a headache because. that would take the feeling a wife. a wife as always
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wondered what was wrong with. the night. you get use of it i was going to happen. but i'm told. i tried to smother my wife and bad of her over a face. of tried to strangle her. name i was asleep of no recollection of it. he couldn't tell his wife the source of his nightmares until november twenty sixth when first one then dozens have been l's former players finally break this silence. and his picture came on the telly my wife looked up man some of them after. i didn't know what to do was the straw. teenage boy economy was horrible exits are fixed by a ups guy at the office got out of. unsure
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about whether to gauge the police he called the boyhood friend the only person he'd been able to voice what everyone else looked away as a dark secret. and then all types of abuse the masturbation the oral sex from the burglary all continued for me he was the only person who would have the stuff. and maybe he could help me. one kept silent one spoke out they last saw each other as bullies staying at bin l's house where he to be used both on the same night. with a back. up. yeah i know i know it's. i'm
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just really still one of them over. the phone jack there's a reason spoke to one of the we probably will govern this conversation right now. and it just triggered something off. because i have a going to say anything to anybody and i wasn't i wasn't it was going to go to the grave with me. i'm going to didn't. tell you i still struggle when being asked about so we happened to revisit the. you know we comes away. you know where we used to stay and stuff. yeah. but we thought there were special laws to our soil. and now was a as a as an old mom. you know and what it meant and back in the day you'd. come for you
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that this was when we were ten eleven throughout all these and thirty years of age and you're being hailed i'm told you're going to be a superstar you comply for all these this is your future and all you do not julie is chamakh survive as a kid. this was the same pitch way and was first filmed with frank his father frank was convinced abuse in football was a huge issue way beyond the now. said after the president twenty years ago an excited dad went into overdrive and just wrote to everyone he could think of yeah absolutely i mean hey we've got lots of local m.p. is very sporting organization and say. when frank died in his mother was about to throw away his file just has been l's latest arrest made headlines in nov twenty sixth. my mom rescued it the night before it was going to go into the recycling you
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know seventy four year old woman was upside down in a way been rescuing this envelope of documents you know day out late to the f.a. yes absolutely the football association said they couldn't know if coaches were at risk because they didn't have legal powers then to check criminal records to be dismissed with such a short letter. it's just it's just completely unacceptable it's all citizens join us in el didn't have a criminal record until he'd been abusing for at least fifteen years that's because no clubs reported their concerns even though players say it seemed an open secret for many in football across northwest england we would know has been buried boys that's what people used to shelters. close to him and over sure easter called. families ball boy. year old game battles gay year old sleeping together. but
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also friends who previously played for the older age groups and the stories were already out there before we came along you know five years previously. this man also played in one of bin l's youth teams linked to manchester city often staying at the coach's house where play fighting quickly became sexual abuse. i've been coerced so much to a certain point but then all those and that became alarming and remember all the drone running through but it was just even if you know you boys instinctively knew that what was going on was terribly wrong. he was trying to work with. a nine hundred eighty five very banal joint crew alexandra after manchester city
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got rid of him for unspecified reasons. crews manager dario gradi brought him in as a youth coach they'd worked together in the seventy's at wimbledon and chelsea many of been els players also decamped from city to join him at crewe then dispersed to other clubs taking the rooms with them. they would ask me whether it's true that your kitchen. if it. was a truly one party boombox and i'd say yes my experience here to you saying this to the senate to the parents maybe the boy's parents the coaches at the new team complain for anybody to substantiate. in the close and closed world of football would go back to barry banality crew. and i've gotten really close no pay but tell me that we've heard that they may kill occasions about which you don't know i'm doing is out of bitterness because all these of attorneys try to promote my football career. version remember it for because you don't go very far in the
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game. i'm sure the crew of the fucked up situation. what the club did know was that every weekend boy stayed with the now we've seen one of his account sheets he charged crew five pounds per boy a night to stay. twenty years ago a manager daria grotty confirmed to me he knew boys had often stayed overnight with ben l. . he carried on when he when he came here and i have to say that we've never had any reports of any problems. but we've been told that's no true a decade in one thousand nine hundred eight a crew director says a parent from another club approached him. and he said my friend's son was abused by a coach a cruel. and you need to know it now i was stunned.
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stunned into silence so not often stunned into silence that was eight. ready had such a lot of innuendo and gossip and rumor and one thing and another and heidi. up to here at. hamilton smith says he demanded a special meeting those directors who attended decided against sacking been l. instead he says the deputy chairman john bowler told manager gradi no more boys will stay with bin l. and earlier said well at a kid's show i have kids with me. i haven't had any complaints richard i'm never had any complaints from but. della and diarrheal virtually no i didn't just sat down and. looked and so well is that i mean it and all that and that was it. then l stayed at crewe for another four years the club has never said why he left.
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in part to an els linked to gary speed who committed suicide in twenty eleven the speed family have always denied he was a victim but new evidence suggests otherwise. news has never been more of a liberal but the message is a simplistic and misinformation is rife listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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a unique poor trait of a small gulf nation living under siege maybe this friend was they targeted sent their pain to be forced to leave would just be all and their gains let us a little bit has given us the desire to carry on with our lives and be creative maybe other turndowns it's not a marriage bargain business. has become more united. beyond the blockade at this time on al-jazeera. matheson in doha with the headlines and al-jazeera kurdish officials say they've reached a deal to allow syrian troops to enter our freedom to help protect the city the move means syrian forces may confront turkish troops who've been carrying out an operation against kurdish fighters since last month syrian soldiers could enter the
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region in the next two days are some of every it is following the story from istanbul. stickies been stating that the whole purpose of this operation is to clear its border areas of fight does which it calls terrorists and when and if syrian forces take over control of these areas and allowed to keep and promise to that they will secure these areas against any of what it calls terroristic devotees what will be taking a response then will it continue to carry out its offensive or will it agree to the terms that will be offered by the syrian government israel's prime minister has taken aim at araneta key international security conference accusing it of being the biggest threat to the middle east when human netanyahu held up a component from what he says is in a rainy and drone that have been shot down by his forces near syria he want to iran not to test israel's resolve around responded by accusing israel of being the main aggressor in the region iran's president haasan rouhani has ordered an
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investigation into a plane crash in which sixty five people died there are so many airlines flight crashed in a mountainous region near its destination yes in southwestern iran the french plane had taken off from the capital tehran heavy fog has hindered rescue efforts so far donald trump has gone on the attack over the indictment of a group of russians accused of meddling in the u.s. twenty sixteen presidential election he's used twitter to deride accusations his campaign colluded with the russian government and he's criticized his national security adviser. sudan's president omar al bashir has ordered the release of more than eighty political prisoners who were detained last month their family celebrated outside one of the prisons where they've been held the group includes prominent opposition leaders it was arrested after anti-government protests over the rising cost of food turned violent sudan's economy has struggled in recent years in january the government devalue the currency and cut subsidies which is led
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to the rise in prices those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after al-jazeera investigations by finance. all through his career as a football coach arab in el took young teams on tour to spain in america he assigned rooms several boys in each with an l himself sharing one of them. very. often. police interviews from one thousand nine hundred four in el was now coaching an amateur team and a taken them on a summer trip to america. to quote.
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one boy came home and told his parents the nel raped him on that tour after at least fifteen years of rumor but no action arabella was arrested still in florida. who is usually. with an el in an american jail british police dug into his previous activities the crew football club. and the would usually. play. this was after crew director hamilton smith says he warned the club but they didn't stop players staying with canal her. house and three. hours are. critical. they both said they were not abused the police was
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still concerned for. the. shootout and it will affect the rest of the wire. it's faster the volume on the on target are you know usually. where you. are. in one thousand nine hundred five than l. was sentenced to four years in america for rape and indecent assault. a full conviction dozens of players write letters of support even some had been abused by gandy would would he didn't open up to police for three years and steve walters locked in silence for over twenty years both now leading figures in the campaign to
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protect children in sport. crew manager dario gradi said he received no complaints despite how milton smith now claiming he alerted grotty you said wouldn't take action tonight extended edition dispatches reporter deborah davis investigates the paedophile cooks in. the film ad while the nel was in jail in america and yet to face charges in britain for mccree director hamilton smith vividly remembers watching it and demanding to meet john bowler then deputy now chairman. as a georgia member that we had the special meeting about body but nel. and he said no . that's not what happened many strategy tried to weasel cock and bull story. and and here majorly. this is a cover up. generalized bastard. and go
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out. we can't confirm that or establish what crew knew because the club bowler and groggy didn't reply when we put the allegations to them. after prison in america than l. was extradited to stand trial in britain court documents from one thousand nine hundred eight not seen before indicate almost fifty charges against twenty three children but the prosecution let him plead to just half of the crimes against only six boys none of the victims were told the details several like ian actually feel the justice system let them down. i only just. a week or so ago and i've still not got any explanation from anybody what charges were pressed and which ones were allowed to be laid on file of entry are. there and
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would write in your cooper's. that have pretty well. voices all of. it's a voice they thought they'd never hear again. after serving half a sentence been l. was released from prison in two thousand and four nothing was heard of him until he agreed to speak to a journalist eight years later he didn't know he was being recorded the audio has never been made public until now. but to say he had here it is. not of any. internet or compensation after one hundred percent put him back in prison. stahl since long since. distance himself from the. always wins. so i'm not going
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to. complain and it's an absolute. i was and was waiting for five years so i saw. that big. twenty thirty forty i put on a. very crude and the mouth. and no evidence of any book or e. will really because i had four counts of charges against him. a home on. a lawsuit for the men's health and health well for consumers. in a perverse way it's compulsive to listen to it but it's shocking. shocking though soul no conscience.
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it was the trial of a mop in the intro philosophy. that us can make and see how we feel. our voice. i don't want to have an m r. one of the main reasons bad n l's victim states silent sometimes for decades has to protect their parents. i just filled with a really guilty for them because they've just based one hundred mil to a paedophile. my father offered to take lifts over to these to these children. a father. over such a could have done a can there were. i just can't seem to hurt my dogs eyes even for five years later a brooch which at redoubt but it's caused muffet so numerous relations between us both probably the last proper conversation alone he was apologizing to me again.
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and which. you know i. watch him as a guy and i'm not saying you know me to apologise it was nothing nothing to do with the who's night off all. morning what. are our culture change while there is a neighbor to hopefully change the future to trial for those. i am i am. running the manchester marathon is an extraordinary public statement from a man who kept silent fee is. david lean did says because his mother saw the ninety seven dispatches film and confronted him. just meeting anything has happened while i've been in the house. and i said no i asked him is fine and she said she don't show how to cope to hurt. and i decided then about i wasn't ever going to disclose
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until my mom passed away. fifteen years later david's mother was terminally ill. i'm going into loss and garrett is going through wardrobes in my mom's house i was trying to get everything ready to. to go to the police. trophies from the butlins holiday camp web in elko certificates from the training weekend he spent a bit else house where he was sexually abused all became evidence once his mother died she got through the christmas and then when john you're right and i went to my house for a play station. after finally displacing the obese david was hit by a tour of emotion. just so disintegrated in the car for twenty minutes.
4:43 am
and then. realize that. if. you've told the place which is like people you don't know. but you going on to tell last one which is completely different and never an email in yes. text back to hair on my head and. in now everything sort of started to make sense and it i can't describe what it was like because then you know it is things like you hope that she safe haven and show your place a safe day failed to invade it it was just. it was made worse when the prosecution service said they wouldn't challenge but now because he already served time for abusing six boys during the same period another
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charge wasn't justified. david fool that decision and one his father lived to see been l. convicted for a third time in twenty fifteen and jailed for two years for abusing david we saw him go to prison before he passed. i wanted him to see the justice which sided. the prosecutors. towards the end of the marathon david had a shocking encounter with a friend of one of bin l's victims so often i couldn't imagine what. the other was on a bus until enough miles was all the first man i. could kill by i am all of us all . of us we couldn't
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find the runner to verify their story but the fact that abuse can lead to suicide is something we've heard time and again. another of the nels players was recently diagnosed with a kind of permanent mental damage suffered by hostages and torture victims. raped repeatedly for five years as a child it was one of the cases been l. served time for. i suppose that the air kind of denotes. the period. h two to h seven where the can of the actual abuse took place. to diffuse the ever present turmoil in his head he maps it out on paper the ninety eight conviction. but there's no support mechanisms in place. so the base is left to
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rot. with the rest of your life sink or swim. overwhelming guilt. shame. anger. culminated in two thousand and two. a mental breakdown and in fact low self esteem are noir sentient span ational panic attacks sleepwalking trust issues is never straight forward trough peak trough. certain points and signs of the deep trough. twice he's trying to kill himself the last time after a normal night out with friends member walking but. in kind of. a strange kind of firehouse kind of mentality so no. no thoughts about. what damage potentially caused by doing was going to do.
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go to the garbage. can find a rope. that was on the air. why wasn't it because it's not. in the trial has just ended he gave emotional testimony on the impact of the abuse he said he heard four have been als players who died but didn't know the details our investigation has traced those deaths. in twenty sixteen marco installed police in el had abused him as a child before he could give a formal statement he died from long term problems with alcohol. stephen prince died from a drug overdose in one thousand nine hundred one aged twenty. four mittee mates a crew sabin alec used him of stealing money his tactic against boys he tried to
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escape his advances. as we've already reported mark hazeltine killed himself and five years later so did another of those teammates gary speed. where in the thing up on. right now. if there. were as hogan and his columnist stan. a premiership legend a wales international and then manager gary speed's death in twenty eleven stunned the footballing world. the ninety seven film named him as one of the star players banal discovered not one of his. victims but after gary speed's death that led to speculation about why he killed himself the link made headlines again when he was named in court as one of the four players who've died. so my situation.
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again especially. speaking just after gary speed's inquest benelli used the word special horribly familiar to the boys he abused i saw gary coleman go in various life were he was also different he was one showed rick if he was one that was going on different hold ation different tours that scene apart emerging with bar with all the young people. if you ask me i would say that jerry will have suffered abuse at the hands of barry i assure you there would be a link to the abuse in his teenage years to suicide the what of the factors involved which will never know but i think that will of a part played really to. the speed family have always said gary was not abused that's what he told police in the ninety's but his father roger has also said publicly life would be easier if they knew why gary killed himself. we've
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spoken to more than one witness who says there was abuse and that may be a factor because this is so sensitive an actor is voicing one man's words. if they're unable to see reason i could provide some clarity and i could give them the closure they need to get on with the rest of their lives because i was there i was a witness. on a few occasions gary was in the same breath. barry would abuse one of course then turn over and then abuse you know you are absolutely certain that gary speed was abused by bin l. connor person well my nine point nine percent because you're literally both in the bed at the same time. you don't actually witness it sidewise but basically the same process is happening to the other person. so anyone who stayed regularly what were the chances that they were being abused by the now gopichand
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for war seems you could basically go along the line and say yes yes yes yes yes. to me and from them to them i've noticed. that's the closest banality has ever come to expressing remorse. but what about the football authorities how much have they acknowledged their failure to protect players. in a letter the american prosecutor alerted charles hughes the football association to been els conviction in florida their response nothing they never replied. hollow and every day was from the dispatches two years later i tried to get an answer from the same man with mr hughes we wanted to ask about if it is asked for mention sexualise children. instead the f.a.a. said the program ignored the facts and claimed child protection was
4:52 am
a top priority. four years later in two thousand and one x. crew director hamilton smith met the f.a.a. to clarify why they'd never investigated the now. along to the f.a.a. to tell me why their systems. that they had and place had failed some of these what was their intention to do about what was a fit their brief reply the football association has investigated the issues and is satisfied there is no case to answer investigate it further investigated for as little argot for confront and the f.a. i ask you for honest uptick just didn't want to yell. by two thousand and one the f.a.a. was moving forward under chief executive adam cruciate they produced guidelines to prevent all forms of abuse they commissioned a respected academics brackenridge to monitor how well the guidelines were working
4:53 am
over the next five years she kept a diary january two thousand and two i began elated then got depressed and frustrated then became quite angry and upset about the many and various delays. somewhat ups cooperated but not all. one official threw back the researches id card across the table at another refused to return numerous telephone calls and even pretended to be someone else to avoid being interviewed november two thousand and two bang adam cruise he resigned from the f.a.a. last week his departure could signal bad news for the project too soon to say. have fears were justified the f.a.a. scraps the study citing budget cuts june two thousand and three the whole business has drained me and left me feeling even more cynical about their stated intentions to develop welfare initiatives. now the f.a.a.
4:54 am
has been forced to deal with its own past institutionally all organizations in the old used to protect themselves by keeping quiet and closing ranks thus completely on the inappropriate and unacceptable to go with what we've had an independent led inquiry by concerns that this is just going to be a smokescreen is not going to result in anything which is worthwhile and the question mark still remains how they're going to sanction themselves potentially for their own planes. the f.a.a. have said they're inquiry report until at least easter and they won't comment before that. monstrous in iraq say this isn't about football this is about a piece of paper an area of our they need to be held. council. a senate committee realizes that it was petition production line of talent which was announcing three footballs good financially because he's pledged to be passed on to cook loeb's for it always about what it i think is disgusting. how can you possibly poults.
4:55 am
the cam welfare of children to one side for bringing a possible into the game and that's just them purely about green money. they're going to be at. your scratching it's a copy and as long as it is a copy the law would be. a fall off. i think it's disgusting i think this week it. is full. of files or a song up for an umbrella now. we are left to try and comfort one little to all your friends off to dine suicide his older brother rated his mates signed a shirt tributes to
4:56 am
a man who wanted so many failed by the game he loved may be your man patched up you're talking to us now you fall for the biggest game as we do the same. mind will probably win any more you'll remain furbelows. you.
4:57 am
through a. why would they not get it up. they must set up and use up a lot of lists and caught up. on the nineteenth of december twenty sixth mahmoud hussein was detained by the egyptian authorities he remains behind bars without a trial al-jazeera world investigates his case and media repression in egypt journalism is not a crime at this time on al-jazeera. hello
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has recently been quite a bit of flooding on the eastern side of the us lastly from melted an additional range of the rivers of come over the banks you still have a visible system here but it's more or less irrelevant this line is a bit more relevant going back to a lie somewhere around montana sort of area at least don't feel that the real winter is now kept so chicago plus five denver plus sixty so this slice isn't really wintry at all but the cold has produced snow already in the northwest corridors heading south it's heading south with the lower lowering temperatures so with snow for all the desert states and time towards our result and beyond your funk tension in denver subzero by the time we get to tuesday's focus to be minus twelve there's a huge swing twenty degrees celsius at least in the state than lines up through the
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dakotas and beyond this north of illinois chicago sixty in the rain a big fella dolls were in the study so as to fall out of the sky that would be a real late winter dump of snow and then significant rain on the south side down to quad to other yes to trade winds are blowing but the significant showers are confined to nicaragua and honduras. from satellite technology to three d. printing and recycled waste to fill up our classrooms africa is transforming young innovators are propelling change building communities creating employment and solving problems they're challenging systems and shaping new ones it's about creative thinkers shaping their continents future innovate africa at this time on al-jazeera. winning these breaks when people need to be heard
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in the stock market a good thing is. my brain and this story needs to be tuned asia's largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on and. this is al-jazeera. alarm about this and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes kurdish fighters in syria say they've struck
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a deal with government forces to.


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